Monday, May 20, 2024


     After a weekend of gloating over the death of Iranian President Ibraham Raisi, Congress---under the nominal control of a political party---the 'Conservative' element was up in fighting form again. Not, of course, fighting for the Constitution or against government over-reach, or rebuilding our collapsing infrastructure; but a full-fledged scapegoat hunt was launched as the Election Season grows nearer. 

   The activists running around in diapers at campaign rallies are no doubt pleased, despite none of the Republicans' recent legislative endeavors making the slightest bit of sense. For example, after a top GOP Senator called for deploying atomic weapons on Gaza and Congress pushed a Bill to force the Junta to send Israel more weapons, the same Republicans embargoed Chinese cotton on the fake news story that China was committing Genocide against Moslems. Speaker Mike Johnson, who has been busy combing the countryside for cattle to send to Israel for a ritual sacrifice, and who hears voices in his head telling him that Ukro-Nazi mercenaries are an Army of God, gave the GOP a pep-talk on the need to support our NATO proxies allies, which this week conducted military parades showing off NATO's commitment to Western values


      Sadly, these things weren't the only displays of the Conservative-Industrial Complex' increasing disconnection from reality. Some pinhead on the Fox News Channel commented on the recent meeting between the Russian and Chinese Presidents that “This would never happen under Trump. This was one of Trump’s goals never to allow this to happen!” even though Putin and Xi met seven times during Trump's Presidency

     The real meltdown happened this morning, though, after the International Criminal Court indicted Zionist strongman Benjamin Netanyahu for Crimes Against Humanity. They also indicted three leaders of Hamas (no outrage over that, of course). Their terroristic threats against the ICC apparently went unheeded: maybe after witnessing Texas Governor Greg Abbott's leniency toward convicted killers on political grounds, the judges assumed that there would be no pushback if they threw in a few Hamas leaders for good measure. 

    The ICC has an interesting history. It was actually promoted by American Neocons until the other signatories to the ICC Treaty made it clear that American leaders wouldn't run it to enforce their New World Order. George "you're for us or against us" Bush---who supported the Treaty until then, withdrew from it in 2002. 

    Congressional Republicans---who haven't lifted a finger to stop any of the egregious abuses of the Legal System against President Trump or any other Americans illegally being persecuted---were quick to defend the Zionist leadership with threats of consequences that they would never dream of bringing against American judges who violate any of our Rights with impunity. 

   Aside from the sheer foolishness of attacking a legal entity whom the United States doesn't even recognize, such rhetoric illustrates once again that all of this blustering is yet another cheap publicity stunt. If all of these arm-flapping Alphas in the GOP want to start talking about keeping trouble-makers out of the country, maybe they should start with foreign NGOs, lobbyists, and some of the WEF scumbags who are actually a threat to the United States. 

  This whole disgraceful episode also further illustrates that the GOP Establishment is not in control of its own Party's policies. Madison Avenue shylocks hired by vested financial interests manufacture and market the GOP's positions and promote shady politicians who'll generate publicity for their causes. 







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