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      So this weekend, Social Media Trash Culture and the Churchian Right are engaged a major ratings and clickbait blowout because some sports figure who played in this year's Taylor Swift Bowl (or whatever they call the Super Bowl these days) made some remarks at a college commencement speech. Given the fact that most colleges and universities are basically scam operations selling degrees, expertise, and influence (at very high prices) and that our culture places little to no value on merit that supposedly comes with these commodities, one would think that we'd have higher priorities that what someone says at these fake displays---a relic of a once-great system that today only serves to create the illusion that education is really a national priority


     Harrison Butker, who made the speech, is himself a graduate of Georgia Tech, an institution heavily tied into Big Pharma. A product of the NCAA Money-Machine, another corrupt offshoot of the Academic Mafia which rakes in billions for these institutions. The athletes involved in this scam, like other graduates, typically go from four years of being celebrated and rewarded to being dumped on the streets to sink or swim once they're of no further use to the schools. Also like other graduates, only a small percentage ever go on to any kind of success in their chosen fields. 

    However, the American public would rather not think about any of that. Every year, these phony ceremonies have to have some kind of controversy or scandal around some speaker to divert attention away from seriously thinking about what a fraud and a cheat the whole system is to begin with. 

   Butker apparently said something to the effect that being a home-maker was a noble calling for women. In a culture where abortion is considered a sacred rite and murdering entire families is simply the cost of doing good business, such remarks were bound to be met with contempt. Between the Whacko Left Wing---which thinks that depopulation (i.e. genocide) is a worthy social goal and the Churchian Right---who value women and children slightly less than the the White Slave traffickers of 12th Century Turkey; one can well imagine what the tone of these online firestorms sound like. 

     Rather than descend into the gutter, let's talk about what being a homemaker actually involves. The Old Testament, with its often very succinct way of expressing profound truths describes the creation of Eve and by extension tells us about the Divine origins of complimenatrianism, which is considered on the level of obscenity in our postmodern dystopia though its practice was largely responsible for building civilization. The division of labor, where both genders worked together in the spheres for which they were best suited built societies. In fact, up until recently it was well-understood that genders become more specialized and differentiated as they advance

    Contrary to what Feminist revisionists and Churchian reactionaries teach, as families grew into communities, men produced and provided while women ran domestic affairs in the home. In Classical Times, women had the status of 'property' more because of their recognized value than because of any patriarchal oppression or silliness about the sins of Eve. This continued until our 'enlightened' generations believed that the Corporate State was more valuable than the family. Being a 'homemaker' had women in charge of maintaining everything relating to the household: even in large estates they managed the servants, the accounting, the logistics of supplying the goods and services for the household---it was not a drudgery or slavery as often portrayed by both its modern detractors and promoters. 

   In Ancient Rome, for example, one of the most obscure festivals was held every December exclusively for women. Little is known about this festival, since only women participated and they were sworn to secrecy. Even the name of the actual Goddess honored isn't known: she was simply referred to as the Good Goddess. Even the Caesar had to leave his own home while this event was going on and everyone from his wife to the servant-girls participated. Cicero told a story about how one of his old school-mates disguised himself as a woman to learn its secrets but was discovered and badly beaten by the celebrants. Apparently, the unenlightened Romans didn't realize that men could become women simply by identifying as one.

   With our advances in technology, women have the opportunity today to be both homemakers and to pursue interests outside of the home. The misogynists on the Left, however, don't want them in the home at all; while the misogynists on the Right don't want them out of the home for any reason. 

  While I agree with Butker's sentiments, the whole debate is really a distraction from how little our culture values women's traditional roles and how truly worthless we believe them to be. Consider that the skyrocketing rates of female infertility, gender dysphoria, suicide, and addiction among young women isn't even a topic worthy of discussion. Nor is there much concern about the fact that the US---in less than 20 years---has fallen to the bottom of developed countries in infant mortality rates or the numbers of women who have died in childbirth. 

   The reality is that our culture cares no more about women than it does for children; and this whole debate is only a smokescreen for people to pretend that they do. Access to unrestricted abortion, easy divorce laws, the social criminalization of all but homosexual sexuality, the practical forcing of women into male positions and so-called 'trans-women' into female ones---all of these are symptomatic of a deeply misogynist culture. We mouth platitudes about how we esteem women and motherhood while doing exactly the opposite. But like the Academic shows where Butker appeared; it's all about keeping up the illusion rather than facing the reality. 

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