Thursday, May 16, 2024


     While the verminous American Media was distracting public attention with the usual daily dose of celebrity scandals and political theater, Slovakian President Robert Fico was gunned down by a Whacko Left activist. The President is in critical but stable condition after several hours of intensive surgery. The Slovakian Federal Police have stated that the shooter confessed to political motivations---he was alleged by some sources to have worked for media subsidized by Western NGOs---and shot Fico because of the President's decision to suspend arms shipments to Ukraine

Slovakia won its independence in 1992 after the fall of the Iron Curtain and Fico was one of the nation's founders. Because of its strategic location, Slovakia was heavily pursued as an ally by Deep State interests. Fico, a patriot, increasingly became concerned at foreign political and economic interests imposing upon Slovakian National Sovereignty. His predictions were coming true: Slovakia eventually slid down the path of American Exceptionalism, plagued by cultural erosion, soaring crime and addiction rates, and widespread wealth inequality. Despite considerable Western interference in the election, Fico was elected to Prime Minister in 2023, a position he had held briefly twice before despite heavy foreign pressure against him. 

    Fico is hated by Western Deep State interests not only because of his opposition to sacrificing Slovakian interests for Ukraine; he has also gained popularity for his 'Euro-skepticism' and opposition to the Great Reset. Fico opposed the restrictions of the Scamdemic and one of his first official acts was open investigations into Corporate profiteering and abuses of governmental power during the so-called 'crisis.' Last week, his government rejected the Gates-backed WHO Pandemic Treaty; earlier this year, his government re-joined a cultural reform pact led by Russia and Belarus to curb Western Cultural Imperialism. Slovakian Minister of Culture Martina Simkovicova stated in January that “The innocent are being punished and that is sick, ideology should not interfere with culture. Non-governmental organizations related to LGBT  will no longer parasitize on the money from the culture department. Such practices have come to an end, we are returning to normality.”

    Fico's latest initiative was an attempt to pry foreign corporate interests out of Slovakian Media. Reporters Without Borders, itself heavily funded by shady Western NGOs, flew into a predictable rage over the proposal. These NGOs have---like their American counterparts---been fanning as much hatred, division, and violence in Slovakia as they do here, among other attempts to undermine social stability. Fico himself ominously predicted recently that "Some Slovaks are denouncing supporters of political forces they do not like as 'misguided blind folk' that they are ashamed to have as their neighbors. Politicians face obscenities in the streets. I expect this frustration to turn so intense that it could lead to the murder of one of the leading government officials," which sounds very similar to the situation that the Corporate Media has created in the United States.

   Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is visiting China, issued a joint statement with Chinese President Xi Jinping condemning the assassination attempt. The Russian Government issued a statement saying that "Fico is not afraid to speak his mind, even if it often goes against the mainstream narrative of the collective West. We condemn the heinous rhetoric of hate that has surrounded the assassination attempt in Western Media; this rhetoric has flooded a media space that is already dominated by pro-Ukrainian narratives. The West has “cultivated” a similar “rhetoric of hate” for years." Cui Heng, a scholar at China's National Institute for SCO International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation told the Chinese Media that "Such extreme actions, influenced by internal and external crises, indicates that the political and social landscape across Europe is showing signs of radicalization, with individuals on both sides of the political spectrum becoming increasingly extreme in their actions." 

   The extremist rhetoric in European Media is merely a reflection of the kind of cultural debasement that has been imported there by American Media Cartels. Contrary to popular belief, Big Media is the largest American export. The effects on societies where this cultural rot has proliferated is unmistakably damaging and nowhere moreso than its Country of Origin. 

   The Uniparty in the United States---which caused this problem in the first place by repealing laws against media concentration---is demanding various degrees of censorship against so-called hate speech defined by whichever interest group is promoting it. The real answer to the problem is not censorship or State-Controlled Media (which we have de facto because a few hundred Corporate Boards already control over 90% of its content). What we need is to reinstate sensible laws ensuring competition among media outlets again. The Free Market of Ideas would drown out the voices of extremism and dissension with truth and reason. 

   But such a return wouldn't suit the policy of the Globalist Cartels which thrive on instilling paranoia in populations whom they desire to control. Foreign Governments like the aforementioned China, Russia, and Slovakia have no choice but to embargo this dangerous propaganda from abroad and encourage the growth of domestic media outlets. This policy wouldn't work in the United States because the same vested interests promoting the Corporate Media control the governmental agencies which would be charge of regulating it. 

   Any long-term hope of actual Media reform is probably forlorn at this point. The best that we can do is expose these criminal enterprises for what they are and denounce extremism in all its forms in the few venues that we still have left to do it in. Foreign Governments maybe to protect their citizenry from outsourcing their minds to the Media Establishment, but here in the US, we have to start to taking the responsibility of thinking for ourselves and rejecting the 'narratives' more proactively. 



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