Friday, September 30, 2016


     Both during the current election cycle and throughout this entire year of cities and campuses marked by riots, we've heard a lot of talk about law and order. Our Postmodern dystopia holds simultaneously two very contradictory views on lawlessness: extreme permissiveness coupled with draconian punishment. We as a society hold that torture of suspects is justifiable while at the same time allow violent mobs to assault police with impunity.

      For this weekend's entertainment feature we are offering a series about four criminals who turned into heroes: Garrison's Gorillas. Set during WW2, Garrison's Gorillas is based on the exploits of Lt. Craig Garrison, a West Point graduate who is given special assignments behind enemy lines. For the purpose, the Army offers parole and pardon to four inmates at Sing Sing, who were known in the series by their prison names. 'Actor' was a con-man and international jewel thief; 'Goniff' a British immigrant and roof-top burglar; 'Casino' a safecracker; and 'Chief' an American Indian and smuggler.

     Garrison's Gorillas aired on ABC from 1967-1968, at the end of television's Golden Era. The premise was a popular one in the late 1960s to early 1970s and was portrayed in such famous films as the WW2 drama The Dirty Dozen and the Western A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die. As an interesting note of trivia, actor Telly Savalas played in both films, and had a guest appearance in the first episode of Garrison's Gorillas.

     The reason this premise is because earlier generations of Americans had an entirely different outlook on human nature than our Postmoderns hold today. Influenced heavily by Christianity, Americans once took the general attitude that we are all guilty sinners in Eyes of God and deserving of punishment, but were redeemed by Christ. Our attitudes towards crime and punishment reflected that belief. As the terms penitentiary and reformatory suggest; the purpose of punishment was intended to perform penance and effect reform. The ideal is a uniquely American one; begun in New England by the Pilgrim Fathers a century before American Independence.

     This cultural shift in attitudes also explains the paradox we alluded to at the beginning of this review. Many of us erroneously believe that our Cultural Elites behave the way they do because they deny man's sinful nature. On the contrary, both the Left and Right acknowledge this; but what they both deny are Christian concepts like Redemption and Atonement. When we understand this aspect of their outlook; it becomes crystal-clear why our so-called Criminal Justice System is rife with double-standards and is characterized by both brutality towards some and laxity towards others. In a culture where every one sins and no one is saved, virtue is political correctness and there can be no salvation to those who violate it. This describes our cultural attitudes; regardless of whether we are describing the PC Left or the equally PC Right.

      Garrison's Gorillas, though, gives a refreshing portrait of a different mindset. The men of Garrison's squad are fallible---but otherwise typical---men. In one episode, the squad discusses a risky plan to save Garrison's life, when Actor addresses them: "Men, we are all gamblers. We gambled that we wouldn't get caught. We're gambling our lives for our freedom. Our plan is a gamble, but we risk for what we value. Isn't the Lieutenant's life worth the risk?" A statement that well sums up the essence of what it means to be a man: to take risks for what one values, then acting upon that risk.

       The series is 26 hour-long episodes, and there is no shortage of hard-core WW2 cloak-and-dagger action interspersed with the show's high ideals. It's also available for free viewing on Youtube, as well as on DVD.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


      One of the main legacies of the Obama Administration---which judged by less partisan intellects---will be the record of chaos and civil unrest fomented both here and abroad. All of this destruction is carried out to further the interests of organized crime, sexual perverts, religious cults, and ideological fanatics---all of whom dominate the US Cultural Elites.

      Mexico has been at the receiving end of much of this abuse. The disclosures connected to Operation Fast and Furious showed that our government---the same calling for gun control here---was operating criminal gun-running syndicates to arm the Mexican Drug Cartels. It's also been further known since the Mena Airport Scandal of the Clinton Administration that these cartels have been trafficking narcotics into the United States, with the complicity of our government for years.

      Basically what is happening in Mexico is the same general operation as is happening in Syria and Afghanistan. Drugs, weapons, sex-slaves, and other contraband are facilitated by criminal gangs connected to religious cults abroad for the profit and power of degenerates here. Of course, foreign patriots have to eliminated and moderate elements suppressed; which these gangs can be relied upon to do. In Syria, the Wahhabi Jihadists act as proxies, while in Mexico, Satanists do the job.

      This week alone in Mexico, the Satanists killed five more Catholic priests; bringing the total of assassinated clerics there to around 50 since Fast and Furious was put into operation late in the Bush Junior Administration. The Catholic Church has been fighting an uphill battle against the drug cartels which---thanks again to our corrupt government---is often better armed and equipped than the Mexican Army.

      Few Americans actually stop to consider that there has always been an historical association between narcotics traffic and the occult. In a country like ours---where drug addiction is rampant---Ameroboobs still pride themselves on their exceptionalism and supposed moral superiority to others. Narcotics, however, are known to have depressing effects on the human conscience and intelligence, when consumed in sufficient dosages. This makes the consumers easy prey for the fanatic, the criminal, and the pervert. Occult doctrines added into the mix can produce a human devil, literally capable of any atrocity. The methamphetamine use proliferated among the Nazi SS, ISIS, and the Mexican Drug Cartels show exactly what kinds of fiends are produced under the influence of that drug.

      The Mexican Satanists---who were largely influenced by foreign provocateurs---adopted as their object of worship a character from indigenous Mexican peasant culture called La Santissima Muerte. This being---probably a Christianized relic of the Aztec Culture---is depicted as a human skeleton in a black dress such of the type worn by the Madonna. The high festival of this cult is on Halloween, where its image is venerated in makeshift shrines where money, food, candles and other offerings are presented to it along with many blasphemous prayers and tributes. Marijuana is lit for La Santissima Muerte instead of incense.

        Father Francisco Bautista of Mexico City told the BBC recently that "From approximately eight years ago we have seen Santa Muerte having a big presence with drug cartel members from their bosses on down. Why? Because these people say that Jesus or the Virgin Mary won't provide them with what they ask for: protection from the military, police, and their other enemies. In exchange, they offer Santa Muerte human sacrifices. And this has increased the violence in Mexico."

       Father Bautista noted that, in addition to the murders of priests and desecrations of churches, the Satanists have committed numerous ritual murders---including the sacrifices of virgin girls and babies---all of which have been well-documented by the Mexican Federal Police. The former President Felipe Calderon had given the military orders to destroy shrines to La Santa Muerte, but the current president---who is supported by Obama---has since rescinded the order.

      And the situation is not likely to change. Considering that Hilary Clinton carried out most of Obama's policies in Mexico, and that many of Trump's advisors and endorsees participated in Fast and Furious---and the fact half of Americans can't find Mexico on a map and couldn't care less about what our leaders do there---we'll probably go on getting our dope from the Satanists at the cost of several hundred Mexican lives.

        Fortunately, though, many Mexicans have started fighting back: forming local militias and networking with the authorities. The pro-Obama party is up for re-election in 2018 and their poll numbers are in the tank against two parties who take a more aggressive stand.




Wednesday, September 28, 2016


        Radio talk-show host Michael Savage has been complaining loudly for the last two days that he was 'sabotaged' by New York radio station WABC. Savage was in the middle of pontificating on Hilary Clinton's health issues when WABC pre-empted his program for coverage of the slightly more important presidential debate. Savage, who has a medical background, was explaining how Clinton suffers from Parkinson's Disease---for which has about as much credibility as this doctor, who claimed that Clinton was poisoned by Russian agents. (As a side note: Savage has claimed that the Zika Virus and other epidemics are spread by illegal immigrants. He has also claimed that fruits and vegetables grown in Mexico cause dysentery.)

       To an ego like Savage's, the pre-emption could only mean one thing:

        "I've been sabotaged on-air. To destroy support for Trump." he tweeted, giving out WABC's phone number in the process, "I spent 30 minutes talking about Hilary's health problems. I read you every fact about it. I then read the pharmacology of Levodopa which is used to treat Parkinson's Disease, and right in the middle of that discussion of Levodopa and its side effects, I was cut off across the country. Pure sabotage! No advance notice from me or my producers..."

       Awkwardly enough, though, Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby---whose show pre-empted Savage's also tweeted this, early that same Monday morning:

       "Curtis and Kuby are live from Hofstra University today from 12 noon to 5 pm! Listen today on WABC Radio."

       Savage frequently complains that he is a victim of media bias. This in spite of being a multimillionaire with the 6th-largest talk show in the US; a multiple-time best-selling author; and a recent inductee into the Talk Radio Hall of Fame. He also writes regularly for World Net Daily, along with Manosphere Game Cult leader, Vox Day.

       Michael Savage is something of an icon among the Alt-Right Manosphere. Like them, he believes in Evolutionary Psychology, the Alpha Male, and has a general distrust for traditional religion---Catholicism in particular. His rhetorical style is very similar to theirs: inflammatory, stereotyped, extremely narcissistic, and conspiratorial. Savage has a particular dislike for immigrants---although he himself is one of the few media figures barred from entry into the United Kingdom as an undesirable alien in 2009.

        Savage claimed at that time that Left-Wing Media was behind the ban. The British Home Office stated that Savage "falls into the category of fomenting hatred, of such extremist views and expressing them in such a way as to cause inter-community tension or even violence if that person were let into the country." It is worthy to note that other Americans banned with Savage were the Rev. Fred Phelps of Westboro Church infamy and former Ku Klux Klan chief, Stephen Black. Savage's ban was upheld by British authorities in 2011.

       Nonetheless, Alt-Right pundits are running with the story that Savage was censored, even though his show was broadcast as normally since. Savage said today that:

        "This is just a taste of what's coming. I have told you that if Hilary wins, there will be censorship of talk radio and other aspects of the media. Everyone knows that. We all know that she is a monster. She does not believe in freedom of speech. She has an enemies list---I'm on it. The people behind her are some of the worst people in American history---maybe in human history---who will stop at nothing to destroy their enemies."

        We certainly concede that the Clintons are an evil and vindictive gang who oppose freedom; but suggesting that WABC censored a broadcast for arguing that she has Parkinson's Disease just displays what types of egomaniacs lead the Alt-Right. We also concede that the Corporate Media does dishonest and disreputable things on a regular basis. But pre-empting a talk show to cover a presidential debate hardly rises to the level of media malfeasance. Incompetence, maybe, for not notifying Savage of the pre-emption---but nothing more.

          This type of hysterical narcissism is another way that the Alt-Right demonstrates its temperamental similarities with the Far Left. The Corporate Media and the Clinton Machine are guilty of many crimes. Concentrate on those; not some personal grievance from another member of the Corporate Media.




Tuesday, September 27, 2016


       A major story came out of the Middle East today, after German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer returned from a trip behind enemy lines and released a report, including an interview with Al-Qaeda commander Abu Al-Ezz. According to the terrorist leader:

      "Yes, the US supports the opposition in Syria, but not directly. They support the countries that support us. But we are not yet satisfied with that support." he added that "these weapons are being supplied by these countries and American advisors have been providing instruction on how to use them."

     This revelation has long been suspected by many; the friendly countries to whom Al-Ezz refers are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait. These states are controlled by the Wahhabi Cult of Islam, and Al-Qaeda and ISIS are both Wahhabi movements. Obama himself attended a Wahhabi madrassa in Indonesia and his CIA Director, John Brennan is a convert to Wahhabi Islam. Both employ as advisors the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whose leaders are also Wahhabis. Thus, it is unsurprising that Todenhofer should report:

     "The CIA is coordinating delivery of weapons from Turkey and they bring the weapons to the border. These weapons are taken by terrorist groups, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and others. This is well-known among these groups. It is very clear that the Americans know that their weapons ultimately will end up in the hands of the terrorists."

      The LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon was quick to deny Todenhofer's allegations, although Todenhofer noted that he had witnessed US-made TOW missiles among the Al-Qaeda arsenals. State Department spokesman Mark Toner blamed the Syrian Government, whom he claimed was forcing the moderate rebels to align with Al-Qaeda.

      Todenhofer dismisses these claims, and pointed out that the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency itself released a memo in 2012 that the Beltway intended to employ such proxies to destabilize the Shiite Islamic states of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. All of which not coincidentally ban Wahhabism.

     "In a certain way, the commander is repeating what the Pentagon said four years ago." Todenhofer stated. "They are trying overthrow Assad with the help of the Jihadists."

      Naturally, this was not brought up during the presidential debates; nor will it likely be in any future debates. Who was Secretary of State in 2012? Hilary Clinton. And who was the head of the DIA in 2012? General Michael Flynn, Donald Trump's National Security Advisor.

      Does anyone still believe that either candidate is going to anything to fight terrorism? Flynn---who promoted Obama's homosexual agenda in the DIA and is outspokenly in favor of abortion would enjoy seeing a Rainbow Flag over Damascus just as much as Clinton would. That is, after their Jihadist proxies ethnically cleanse any opposition.

      Fortunately, though the schemes of the Far Left and the Alt-Right are proving no match for the Allies. The Syrian Defense Ministry reported today that units of their army had breached Al-Qaeda defensive lines in Downtown Aleppo and liberated the central districts of the city. Al-Qaeda's fate may be decided before the next president is sworn in.  

Monday, September 26, 2016


     So the first presidential debate of 2016 is now history. What we learned from it is what most of us suspected: that both candidates are personally corrupt and neither has any idea what to do about solving our national problems. There was some mudslinging, some soundbites thrown around; and the American moved on to Monday Night Football.

       Probably the best commentary on the debate came last weekend from Syrian President Dr. Bashir Assad. When AP reporter asked him which candidate he favored, Assad replied: "We never pay attention to US presidential elections. What the candidates say during campaigns is always different than what they do once they're elected." Having Assad in the debate would have made it much more interesting.

       What most Americans fail to grasp is that presidents these days are not actually leaders. They are followers of party machines and vested interests. Trump is somewhat unique in that he's a vested interest and a political machine of his own; but the principle still holds true. What too many Americans really want is somebody to do their thinking and acting for them, while avoiding any responsibility. Hence, we have two candidates who do exactly that.

       Lester Holt, who earns a $4.5 million salary from NBC hosted the debate. NBC is a subsidiary of Comcast. From those two facts, it would be predictable that the questions raised would be fairly generic ones, and certain issues would be swept under the rugs. For example Holt asked Trump about his tax returns while not asking about the near $28 million that Comcast has spent so far in campaign contributions, PAC contributions and lobbying during the current election cycle was problematic. Hilary Clinton has received $125,000 from Comcast.

      Trump would not have mentioned this however, since the Republican Senatorial and Congressional Election Committees have received around $337,000 from Comcast, combined.

       Comcast also has 112 paid lobbyists---94 of whom formerly held government positions; including 4 ex-Congressmen. Not surprisingly, Comcast is a major government contractor---so much so that the corporation even has a separate division for government contracts and affairs. Under Obama, Comcast was awarded the contract for the General Accounting Office's internet---which was hacked by the Chinese earlier this year.

      Holt did ask a question about cybersecurity---discreetly of course omitting reference to the GAO attack, which put personal data on every federal government employee into the hands of Chinese Intelligence. Both candidates agreed that it was a problem, without specifying what they would do to address it however.

       The Corporate Media will be spending all week arguing over who won the debate. The winner of the debate was Wall Street and Big Government, as usual.



Sunday, September 25, 2016


    The recent controversy between Game Cult blogger Dalrock and Christian Pastor Sam Powell brought to light many of the cultish tactics of this Manosphere movement. Among the almost 300 comments from Dalrock's followers---both at his blog and Powell's---another interesting item emerged. As a rule, we here don't typically give much credence to the ravings of commenters on Game blogs, but one merits special attention because it outlines a fairly detailed picture of how the Gamers pervert Christianity to serve their own ideologies.

    A commenter calling himself Sipcode wrote something of a homily which received hearty applause from other commenters and was not challenged or repudiated by Dalrock. Sipcode takes exception to the notion that hatred is not a Christian virtue. He draws on a Biblical reference of Jacob and Esau and says the following:

    "First we have to learn the language of God and drop the language of man. There are only two kinds of hate: righteous/godly vs. unrighteous ungodly. One is God's way, the other is any other way but God's. A loving God hates some things. God hated Esau righteously. Esau hated unrighteously by hating Jacob for the special blessing from his father and thereafter plotting to kill Jacob for that blessing and birthright. That is what has and is happening with women. They hate God for giving the birthright to men and have been killing and plotting to kill men across all time, starting with Eve killing Adam."

    This is complete nonsense; and has never been taught by any Christian denomination at any time. Not one part of Sipcode's argument is either doctrinally or historically correct. From his ill-definition of hatred, to his misreading of Scripture, to the ridiculous notion that men are the victims of some eternal feminist plot---nothing in this passage makes sense.

    In the 25th Chapter of the Enchiridion, St. Augustine explains for us the passage in St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans to which Sipcode is alluding. Augustine demonstrates that both Jacob and Esau merited God's wrath because of Original Sin; but that Jacob found unmerited Grace whereas Esau drew further from God. The conclusion is the polar opposite of what Sipcode alleges: neither gender is free from sin and must repent and find Grace for Salvation. And besides this nobody ever taught anywhere that Eve murdered Adam.

      Sipcode goes on to attempt to dazzle his readers with a display of his linguistic skills---which are not very high. After misinterpreting some Hebrew phrases and taking a passage from the prophet Hosea out of context, he comes to this astonishing statement:

     "Now this is very heavy for a Church that has bought and sold Christ as Savior, not as Lord, and that His Grace has dropped the Law and the Prophets...and if this is still irritating you: women will come to the level of men at the Resurrection 'when there is neither Jew nor Greek, nor male or female.' But only then."

      So, according to the Gamers, Christ is not Savior, we are not living under Grace, and women cannot be redeemed until the Resurrection. Can anyone doubt seriously after reading this that the Game/Red Pill movement is not an anti-Christian cult?

     Before any angry Gamers who troll this blog regularly start scoffing: ask yourselves one question: At what point in history did the Church adopt all of these supposedly false teachings? When and how did they---erroneously according to you---start believing that Christ was a Savior? Or that the Old Covenant did not end? There is no answer to these questions because these things were taught from the New Testament onwards. Nor are there any grounds for believing that women become like men at the Resurrection. The idea is absurd even by Gamer logic since, according to them, women were created as inferior to men.

      Sipcode then gives us seven points for spiritual reformation. They are as follows:

       " 1. Scripture never says that Adam transgressed in the Garden or that he knowingly ate of the fruit.

          (A straight-out lie. According to Genesis, God cursed Adam for eating the fruit. Additionally, the New Testament tells us repeatedly that Christ removed the sin of Adam---i.e. was, a Savior.)

        "2. Scripture never says that woman was made in the image of God."

         (Other than of course being made from Adam, who was made in God's Image. And it would be interesting to hear the Gamers explain why Christ incarnated in the Womb of the Virgin, or the various references to ''sisters in Christ").

         "3. Scripture was written for men to exhort, reprove, etc. themselves, wives and children."

          (Christ had a mortal mother, performed His first miracle for her, his first convert was a Samaritan woman, and women first witnessed His Resurrection. The 2nd Epistle of John was addressed to a deaconess. Christ took little children on to His lap and taught them. Where are we informed that women and children are not to study the Bible?)

         "4. Marriage is fundamentally about the man just like it is with Christ and the Church; it is fundamentally about Christ.

           5. Men glorify God, women glorify men."

         (This is, simply put, idolatry. And worse it seems to be some pagan form of phallic-worship. Men are not to usurp the place of Christ.)

           Finally, Sipcode crowns all his blasphemies by exhorting men to desert the Church and follow the Game Cult instead:

          "6. The church with the steeple is history; it is dead and effectively over.

            7. The church is now individual men studying and meditating on God's Word for themselves, then being sharpened by the Holy Spirit and other men seeking God, all to build up their individual families to withstand the coming persecution. The day of the traditional pastor is over."

            This last point of course reflects the typically cultish practice of isolating its followers from others, and preaching an impending apocalypse.

             All of these points and the preceding quotes reflect not Christianity, but idolatry. We can see plainly that all of this equates the Alpha who has taken the Red Pill with Christ Himself in the eyes of all unenlightened men, all women, and all children. Christ is really nothing in their scheme of things other than a Divine Alpha---like Jupiter or Ahura Mazda. This is not Christianity, but paganism in its most vulgar and revolting aspects. At least the pagans had female deities, representing women's spiritual equality: the Game Cult can't even boast that much.

            Christians of whatever denomination need to become more aware of this insidious movement. Hatred as virtue; man in the place of God; redemption as mythology; secession from the Church; and the enslavement of women---this is what the Game Cult offers as an alternative to corrupted Christianity, which preaches love, fellowship, service, and gender polarity. Too many men (and a few women) are falling for it. It's time they were challenged.


Saturday, September 24, 2016


   In Charlotte, NC this week, the police shot a suspect and---before there was even an official inquest into the matter---thugs turned out into the city streets, burning, looting, attacking people with one fatality (so far). We don't know at this point whether the shooting was justified or not, but Ameroboob outrage will have its pound of flesh regardless.

     So yesterday in Burlington, Washington a thug armed with a rifle walked into Cascade Mall and shot and killed five people. The police apprehended him today in nearby Oak Harbor, Washington and identified him as one Arcan Cetin. The Skagit County Sheriff has not---as of this writing---released a motive for the attack. However, KIRO News interviewed some of Mr. Cetin's neighbors and acquaintances whose opinion of his character was not exactly high. One was quoted as saying "that the neighborhood will be better off without him."

     It happens though, that Cetin's family were immigrants from Turkey---a predominantly Moslem country. Just as the Charlotte Anarchists have pounced on the police incident to run wild, Alt-Right pundits and bloggers are already running with anti-Moslem speeches and posts, claiming that Cetin is a Jihadist and the Burlington Mall shooting was a terrorist attack. Again, we have no knowledge to what motivated Cetin, but the fact that he was born in Turkey seems to sufficient for these writers to draw conclusions.

      One fact that we cannot overlook easily, though, is that Cetin---like most of these other mass-killers and street rioters---was a young man educated in a US public school. Cetin graduated from Oak Harbor High School in 2015.

      Neither the Corporate Politicians nor the Corporate Media want attention drawn to this fact. They would rather scream about gun control from one faction, and about deporting Moslems from the other, than to face the truth that our culture is radically failing young men. The fact that, for two centuries, American schools produced American citizens and today produces Anarchists and Terrorists should indicate that our problems have less to do with guns or immigration than with education.

       The unpleasant truth is that our public schools are characterized by high-level corruption, incompetent teachers, political correctness run wild, and widespread drug abuse. The National Assessment of Adult Literacy showed that 1 in 5 high school graduates cannot even read. Add into this mix the hostility toward masculinity in our culture generally and an Arcan Cetin becomes inevitable.

       It does not change matters in the slightest as to what Cetin's supposed motivations were---whatever they are, they no more rational than the Charlotte Anarchists' are. It's past time that we took a hard look at both our system of public education and our society's attitudes towards men and boys. Because both are failing young men---and the longer we ignore the problem the more that Charlotte and Burlington will be repeated elsewhere.

       But given the American public's indifference, and cultural elites like these shylocks at CNN who consider this violence mere political capital, things are unlikely to change. It's far more expedient for the Alt-Right to cast all Blacks as potential criminals and all Moslems as potential terrorists---just as it is for the Cultural Marxists to cast all men as potential rapists and all Whites as potential racists. And so the bloodshed will likely continue, while Ameroboobs settle for another tranquilized New Normal.

                                                           "Go Get Those Moslems!"


    Speaking before a group of journalists yesterday in Italy, Pope Francis addressed the lack of integrity characterizing contemporary the Western news media and stressed the need for reporters to exercise personal responsibility. The Pontiff received the audience in the Hall of St. Clement in the Vatican.

     "All throughout history, dictatorships of any orientation or 'color' have always tried not only to undermine the media, but also to impose new rules on the profession." Francis stated. "I understand that in modern journalism with an uninterrupted flow of facts and events, it not easy to get at the truth, or even close to it. However, it is necessary in journalism to discern between the shades of grey of the events being reported."

     The Pope joins a growing number of world leaders disgusted with the inferior quality of the Western news media, and the damage it often does to people's lives. There have been conferences held in Russia, China, and other countries during 2016 to build reliable alternatives to the Corporate Media. The Pope may also have had in mind proposals in the United States to limit foreign media access to US markets; or the recent revelations of corporate manipulation of news.

     "Living with professionalism means, first and foremost, living beyond what we find written in codes of ethics. It means understanding and internalizing the deep sense of one's own work. This gives rise to the need not to submit one's profession to the persuasions of partisan interests, whether they be political or economic."

      It is no wonder that the US Corporate Media gave the Pope's speech almost no coverage. Journalists in the United States routinely do the polar opposite of what the Pontiff recommends. Witness today, for example, that the media ignored the report from the Charlotte Police that 70% of the rioters arrested there this week were from outside North Carolina. That doesn't fit the political narrative of Charlotte being a spontaneous local uprising instead of being conducted by a gang of criminals shipped in by George Soros---as it very likely is.

      The Pontiff spoke of an earlier homily he had given on the Epistle of St. James, which has relevance for editorialists and online bloggers as well:

      "I have often spoken of rumors as 'terrorism', of how you can kill a person with the tongue. If this is valid for an individual person, in the family or at work, so much more it's valid for journalists because their voices can reach everyone. And this is a very powerful weapon. Denunciation of evil must not come at the cost of disrespect for others, because the unjustly defamed can be destroyed forever."

      And we would add to the Pope's words, not only those defamed, but those incited to violence by irresponsible use of the tongue (or pen). We've seen this week alone attacks on mosques---as well as Christian bloggers---incited by hostile and extreme rhetoric. Not to mention the tensions building on the Korean Peninsula right now, thanks to the disinterested reporting of the Moonie Cult.

      The Pope is bringing to mind again the Biblical maxim 'by their fruits you shall know them.' And the fruits of Western journalism today hardly resemble the fruits of the Spirit."  It more closely resembles jungle witch-doctors leading cannibals dancing around a stewpot than anything remotely Christian.

       Francis' own words are more likely to bring down further media opprobrium on his head. When wicked men like our media moguls have their consciences stung in this way, they typically react with fury. Nonetheless, it is to be hoped that many independent writers and reporters will take the Pope's words to heart and effect some positive change. That change---as Christianity teaches us---begins with acknowledging and accepting the truth.


Friday, September 23, 2016


      In our Postmodern dystopia, probably the least appreciated and most disrespected of all masculine occupations is fatherhood. This should not be overly surprising since so few Americans today grow up in the same household with their biological fathers. The results of this negligence is being well-displayed on our city streets.

      Fathers are seen as largely unnecessary for child-rearing both by Feminists and Manospherians. They both see the father essentially a sperm donor, with little other value to the family structure. However, it was not always so. There were actually a significant number of dramatic productions set around the single father. One such character was Lucas McCain, the main character in the ABC television series, The Rifleman.

     The Rifleman aired from 1958-1963 and was one of the most popular Westerns of the era. McCain gets his nickname from his service as a sharpshooter in the Civil War, and for his modified Winchester rifle which he can fire as quickly and as accurately as any gunfighter can with a pistol. As an interesting side note, Chuck Connors---the actor who played McCain---was also a gunsmith who built the rifle used in the series.

     McCain moves West after the Civil War, married with a son, and hopes to begin the peaceful life of a rancher. His wife dies, however, leaving McCain to raise their son, Mark, on his own. And McCain doesn't find much peace as a rancher, either. His reputation with a rifle comes to the attention of Marshal Micah Torrance, who enlists McCain's services in dealing with the lawless elements of the West.

     The program is a wonderful contrast to the negativity surrounding fatherhood today. What is portrayed by the contemporary Manosphere as a fatherly image is that of a controlling bully who rules a household without love. We get from them a picture of selfishness---where might means right and the ends always justify the means. We see in McCain a defender of the weak, a stern but loving father who teaches Mark from the Bible and, most importantly, always leads by example.

     Small boys always look up to a father as a hero, and in McCain's case, he actually was one. It's telling to note how many Western aficionados remark that they admired McCain as a hero while watching the series, and now---as grown men and fathers themselves---still look up to McCain's character as a father. That's one of the significant differences between past and present in the entertainment media. The past presented us with an idealism that depicted eternal values. Now, ABC---the same network which ran The Rifleman, offers garbage like this as examples of supposedly excellent parenting. 

     The Rifleman gives us a picture of masculine dedication to duty in the face of adversity. It's excellent to watch McCain bring justice to the Old West then sit at the table at the end with son to a dinner, like any other hard days' work. That scenario sums up what being a complete man really looks like---a far cry from the phony and superficial Alphas presented to us in the contemporary Manosphere.

      The Rifleman is a series with compelling storylines, plenty of action, and even better, always a high moral code. It is available on DVD and some episodes on Youtube and other sites.



Thursday, September 22, 2016


    Blogger and frequent commenter Insanitybytes wrote an article yesterday critiquing yet another of the Game Cult's justifications for domestic violence and attacks on a Christian blogger. The Game blogger who goes under the name of Dalrock attacked the Rev. Sam Powell, in much the same way that he previously attacked Mary Kassian.

      Dalrock's argument essentially boils down to the dishonest claim that Christian bloggers who write on the topic of gender roles are covertly relying on the Duluth Model of Abuse. The Duluth Model was constructed by Feminists; hence he argues that those who employ it are likewise corrupted by Feminism. The dishonesty in his arguments comes in because he defines following the Duluth Model as essentially whatever contradicts the Game Model. It's a circular argument designed to discredit anyone as Feminist who doesn't subscribe to the Game Cult.

      Here is an excerpt from Powell's article, which Dalrock claims represents the Duluth Model:

      "The husband does not rule by power and control. He governs his home by service and love...Why do so many who claim the Name of Christ believe that women are to be controlled by entitlement and power? The husband isn't the boss, the commander, the chief or the king. All of that belongs to Christ."

      To which Dalrock rejoins: "Hierarchy, leading, believing you are the head of the household (in any non-feminist sense) is abuse and Satanic, according to Powell."

       Actually Rev. Powell said nothing of the kind. It is especially telling, though that the Gamers consider a husband 'governing his home by service and love' to be an unholy act of apostasy. What exactly then, do the Gamers advocate as the proper paradigm? Hierarchy is the answer claimed here.

       A Christian then might naturally wonder how, in such an arrangement, the two become one flesh. The Game Cult sees this a metaphysical impossibility. Dalrock derides Powell for arguing this very point, as Powell says here: "The goal of marriage is the one flesh relationship, rather than the antagonistic and abusive relationship that characterizes the kingdom of the Devil."

         One does not have to read very far in Game literature to comprehend that it is entirely premised in mutual gender antagonism, along with abuse and control. This is why Game preaches a hierarchal relationship, though often called by them Biblical Headship. Like the earlier attack on Mary Kassian, the purpose of the attack on Powell was to set up a false dichotomy under which the Game Cult appears to represent the true and uncorrupted faith.

        Powell says in his article the following: "The husband's job is not to rule over his wife, enforce the rules, or be the commander and king of his home in the castle, for it is not his castle. The home belongs to Christ. He is not to usurp Christ's role as King of Kings, but he is to emulate Christ in only one way, according to the Scriptures. He is to love her."

        And that, according to the Game Cult, is Feminism co-opting the Church.

        What it is in reality, is the Church teaching what it always has. The Game Cult is not anti-Feminist at all, it is anti-Christian. It is in fact, much closer to Feminism than it is to Christianity. Fortunately, there a few clerics like Powell who see it for what it is.



     Morton Schapiro, president of Northwestern University lashed out yesterday at critics who oppose his politically-correct policy of creating safe spaces. Safe spaces, along with trigger warnings, and speech codes, are supposedly put in place to protect people from what the Academic Mafia calls microagressions. Microaggressions are what normal people refer to as irritations; but here in the Prozac Nation, minor irritations rise to the level of national emergencies, and so Schapiro---as a Cultural Elite---steps up to his duty.

    One would assume that, with the ability to fleece tuition to the tune of over $70,000 a year per student and a with a fat $1.33 million salary, Schapiro would be living in a very safe space. Not so. What occasioned Schapiro's outburst was that the University of Chicago---in a sudden and involuntary spasm of Common Sense---issued a policy statement renouncing safe spaces and other such nonsense---on the grounds that college students should be treated like adults.

    In the 2016 Northwestern commencement speech, Schapiro exploded into proper Ameroboob outrage.

    "The people who decry safe spaces do it from their segregated housing places, from their jobs without diversity, and from their country clubs!" the Dean thundered, "It just drives me nuts! If those people say that you shouldn't be warned to prepare yourself psychologically for traumatic content---that is somehow 'coddling'---then those people are lunatics!"

    Schapiro then got to the heart of the issue, stating that "I remember every microaggression I've ever experienced. Such incidents cut you to the very core. Those who deny the existence of microaggressions are idiots!"

    Statements like these indicate very clearly that this man is a neurotic. By any respectable theory of psychology, anyone who claims to be traumatized by every perceived slight and sees these slights all around him, is seriously mentally ill. The illness is even more pronounced when such persons project their delusions on society at large and seek to hide in so-called safe spaces. We are not inclined to throw such accusations around lightly here; any of our readers may consult Freud, Koffka, Adler, Menninger or any other psychological authority to confirm this assertion.

     And yet this man not only is the millionaire head of one of America's prestigious universities, he is considered by other degenerates among our Cultural Elite as a great intellect. Schapiro has written allegedly scholarly editorials, such as for the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post, wherein he defended black students' decision to segregate themselves as creating a safe space. In August, he wrote an editorial, co-authored by another PC administrator in the Los Angeles Times (a subsidiary of Tronc Inc.). Here he defended the riots on campuses by stating:

     "As college presidents ourselves, it is our preference that students work with faculty and administrators rather than occupy offices, shut themselves off from others with whom they disagree, or leave school. But we recognize and accept that these students are coming of age in a time of political, social, and economic turbulence unseen in a generation. This year's presidential rhetoric only makes things more volatile."

      Since we're speaking of feelings, how do Americans feel about spending millions of tax dollars keeping people like Morton Schapiro rich and famous? Do you feel better knowing that top educators think of you as idiots and lunatics if you don't agree that their personal traumas are national issues? How does it feel knowing that people educated by people like Morton Schapiro are going to be running the country some day?

      Unfortunately, most Ameroboobs are too full of amphetamines to feel much of anything. Except feeling outraged; which characters like Morton Schapiro are only to happy to accommodate.



    For a second night, outraged citizens here in the Prozac Nation are killing one another in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. Egged on by the Corporate Media and George Soros' Black Lives Matter anarchists, one person is dead and seven more police injured (so far). Property damage has been extensive. For whatever it's worth, NC Governor Pat McCrory declared a State of Emergency

     "Any violence directed towards our citizens or police officers or destruction of property should not be tolerated." McCrory said, after tolerating it for two days. 

      In contrast to this, a wonderful story appeared in SANA News. SANA is the official news agency of Syria, and gave an instructive lesson of how people rise above uncontrolled violence when they still have a sense of humanity left.

      SANA reported that in the city of Lattakia, a town liberated from the terrorists shortly after the Russian Expeditionary Force arrived, a mass-wedding took place involving 120 couples. The grooms were soldiers in the Syrian Army and the brides were women who were widowed or orphaned during the fighting. The ceremony was sponsored by the Syriatel Communications Company, which had arranged two previous mass-weddings.

      Syriatel sponsors these wedding as part of a program launched by the company's directors, called Our Martyrs, Our Responsibility. The program reaches out to assist families whose male providers have been killed in the Civil War---unfortunately a very high number of families in today's Syria.

     The event's theme was "In Good Times and Bad" a phrase from the Islamic wedding ceremony. The event featured a pageant honoring fallen soldiers, along with some traditional Arab dances and a wedding feast in honor of the 120 newlyweds.

     Alaa Salamour, one of the executives of Syriatel told SANA: "Syriatel has a doctrine that we all believe in, that is to stand by the side of the Syrian Arab Army heroes. And being loyal to the martyrs comes through supporting their families. This is an event of national victory, embodying the culture of life and hope."

     "The culture of life and hope." What a stark contrast to the death and destruction wreaked on the streets of Charlotte. Wouldn't it be a better thing if, like the directors of Syriatel, George Soros thought that sponsoring weddings in the black community would be better than sponsoring riots?

        But we no longer have a culture of life and hope. Our martyrs are dead white males and abortion, homosexual unions and adoptions, Feminism, and the Game Cult dominate American family policy. Marriage and children, not so much. This is one reason why the Obama-Clinton-Soros policy towards Syria has failed. They badly underestimated the character of Syrian people---because moral character is something that they do not comprehend.

       So while Charlotte burns, Lattakia lives on, with the promises of new lives and new loves as the horrors of the recent Al-Qaeda occupation recede into memory. There's a lesson to be drawn from this contrast, if we really hope to make America great again.

                                              Good Men and Women Doing Good Things


Wednesday, September 21, 2016


     Once again the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter gang and other assorted Anarchists have broken out in violent outrage, this time in Charlotte, N.C.. The angry mobs exploded into the streets after the Charlotte Police reported shooting a black man brandishing a gun at them. As is typical in these cases, the Ameroboobs went berserk and rampaged through the streets against racial injustice before any official inquest was conducted, or even before learning that the officer involved was, himself, also a black male.

     According to local reports, the rioters rallied on social media with slogans like "We out like the Taliban!" and "This ain't no m----------g game, nigga!" and "This ain't no one-day action. This the first time people standing up!" Which serves clearly to illustrate both the commitment to social justice and the relative intelligence directing the Charlotte Anarchists.

     Twelve police officers have so far been injured during the uprising. The Corporate Media on the scene referred to crowd as "protestors" and "demonstrators" even as the mob engaged in such acts of civil disobedience as burning cars and buildings, blocking I-85, and breaking into a Wal-Mart. The police employed tear gas, but the Corporate Media withdrew after the protesters began stoning them, allegedly knocking out one cameraman with a rock.

     While it is certainly true that the American Criminal Justice System is in need of serious reform, shooting police, looting department stores and adopting the Taliban as a role model does not bring reform about. Nor does planting explosive devices in residential areas of New York and blaming it on so-called Islamophobia.

      The Charlotte Riots are yet another example of Narcissism-Run-Wild, as are all of these so-called 'protests' against alleged police violence. There is not the slightest concern among these street rabble for the lives, families, or interests of the people they attack---none of whom had any involvement in the shooting.

        We do not even know whether or not the police were justified at this point. And what is of especial interest here is that there were no protests---peaceful or otherwise---in the US over our government's deliberate murder of 90 Syrian soldiers over the weekend. That---like the hundreds of civilian deaths our government is responsible for in Syria---is sloughed off by the Corporate Media, the Cultural Marxists, and the public in general as an error in judgment.

       Our priorities in the Postmodern US are seriously flawed. A police officer who in the line of duty takes a human life and whose actions will face review by his peers occasions a riot where innocent people are harmed. A government who illegally attacks another country for defending itself against terrorists and murders innocent people by hundreds is not even held accountable in any way, shape, or form.

      It would almost seem as though the only consistent factor in any of these events is that innocents are the ones who suffer the consequences. And that is actually unsurprising. When a society breaks down, is to devolve upon its earlier stages of civilization. What we are witnessing in the Charlotte Riots, the NYC bombings, and the Syrian War Crimes are a reversion to barbaric and primitive societal norms. When a primitive people suffer what they perceive to be an injustice, their first thoughts turn to revenge and to human sacrifice to appease their anger---which they typically project onto some higher power. Among earlier savages, these were offended idols, in modern times the sacrifices are made to more abstract concepts. But the principle is the same.

      Civilized peoples operate under a Rule of Law. As corrupted as our system is, the legal mechanisms for peaceful conflict resolutions still exist. They are not being employed because of our tendencies towards Narcissism and the desire for effortless solutions to complicated problems. It's easier to find and sacrifice a scapegoat and return to narcotic tranquility afterwards than to change things in meaningful and lasting ways. Therein lies a fundamental difference between what our Nation was, and what it has become.



Tuesday, September 20, 2016


     The Game Cult, which has come to dominate much of US Internet blogging, preaches a degenerated philosophy which throughout the course of the current decade has co-opted much of the Men's Rights Movement, a solid portion of the political Alt-Right, and has a fair media presence. Although atheistic in its origins, the Game Cult has taken on an increasingly religious tone; often adopting Christian motifs to justify its positions. Their philosophies are based largely on Evolutionary Psychology and rightist reverse-engineering of already-flawed Cultural Marxist socioeconomic theories. Mostly the Game Cult is characterized by a hatred for women, Jews, and ethnic minorities.

       One of their shamans, Matt Forney, has a blog which recently featured a guest post by one John Saxon titled "Hate is GreatA Philosophical Defense of Misogyny" which mostly features selected quotes from various philosophers and theologians which support Saxon's position.

     His position essentially is the same as the Feminist one: that previous generations were dominated by some ethereal patriarchal conspiracy predicated on misogyny and centered on controlling female sexuality. Saxon basically accepts this as valid; only he argues that this paradigm was based in sound policy. The problem from the very beginning here is that the Feminist Interpretation of History upon which he bases his arguments is, itself, false.

     Instead of taking a few intellectuals out of context, we get a much clearer picture of things by looking at Western popular culture. From the extent Greek and Roman plays and poetry to Mediaeval writers like Chaucer and Boccaccio to Hollywood's Golden Age; what we see is that Western Culture has never bothered to restrain female sexuality very much, if at all. Outside of esoteric theory---in real life---men and women get attracted to one another and things happen. Thus it is a falsehood for Saxon to claim that:

        "Thus in the West, both secular and Christian authorities have proposed positions contrary to Feminism and Women's Rights, based on a philosophical anthropology which sees women not only as innately inferior to men, but having dangerous propensities if left uncontrolled."

       Wrong---the purpose of Western laws in these regards was the recognition that unrestrained human sexuality in general has dangerous social propensities if left uncontrolled. The Postmodern West, with its huge number of fatherless and orphaned children; rampant homosexuality and gender confusion; widespread sexually transmitted diseases---these are all testimonies to what happens when sexual social norms are abandoned. And by both genders, besides.

       Saxon goes on to state that: "The greatest thinkers from antiquity to the modern day have seen that there is a very dark side to women, that if ignored by socially constructed b------t such as romantic love and a misplaced reverence for women, would lead to individual men and society coming undone." Note well the part which we have bolded, because this is also a Feminist argument, imported by the Feminists straight from Marxism.

       These same thinkers that Saxon quotes believed in general that all of humanity has a dark side. Christian writers, especially, speak of original sin, and how such sins could lead to social collapse. And it's also especially worth noting that Christian writers in particular stressed romantic love as an archetype of spiritual love and also preached respect for women. Nowhere in the New Testament is misogyny taught anywhere. It is however taught that by their fruits you shall know them---an important maxim to keep in mind when reading Red Pill treatises.

       Saxon concludes all this by saying: "Therefore even if a position does constitute misogyny, insofar as it expresses a position of strong dislike for women, or makes harsh criticisms of them, it cannot be dismissed for that reason alone."

       Yes, it can: for the simple reason that hatred for women is unnatural to men. Men have to be taught to hate women; either by Red Pill indoctrination, negative experiences with women; or exposure to homosexuality. A general idea of this mindset and its reliance on great thinkers can be gathered by glancing at the sidebar of Forney's blog. Along with Saxon's article, some of the top posts are:

       "Observations on Dating and Banging Girls in the Philippines"

        "How to Crush a Girl's Self-Esteem"

        "How to Beat your Girlfriend or Wife and Get Away With It"

        "Why Fat Girls Don't Deserve to be Loved."

         "If Your Girlfriend Drinks, She's Cheating on You"

      Misogyny is apparently not only a virtue to the Game Cult, but making a virtue of necessity.

       Suffice it to say, there is nothing Christian in any of this. Saxon's Christian sources are largely from some of the more deranged writers of the 15th and 16th Century Witch-Hunts, whom he claims "based most of their cases on classical literature as well as texts from the Old and New Testaments, as did later misogynist writers...if misogyny is a problem, conventional Christianity must go." Of course he fails to mention that the Church condemned the writings of all of the authors he mentioned---even at the time they were published. He also cites Tertullian in connection with the Game Doctrine of the Sin of Eve without noting that Tertullian had left the Church and converted to the Montanist heresy at the time he wrote the treatise which Saxon quoted.

        Saxon does mention in passing that St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas "believed in a natural subordination of women while believing in their spiritual equality." Although he fails to mention that both writers stressed the duty of men in providing for and protecting women because of this spiritual equality.

        The sad thing about these writings is that, given our culture's lack of formal education and religious training, ideas spread by the Game Cult actually have a significant following. Yet they are patently false ideas, and dangerous ones at that. Given this cult's history of co-opting other ideologies, it is prudent for all of us to be aware of its teachings and its ulterior motives.

Monday, September 19, 2016


     The Washington Post last Sunday ran an editorial demanding that the heroic Edward Snowden be repatriated to the US, and not be issued a presidential pardon. The Post went on to denounce Snowden stating that, if he really believed in the justice of his cause, he would be willing to go to prison for his beliefs. And, of course, that Snowden has no credibility "as an avatar of freedom for seeking asylum in Vladimir Putin's Russia."

     The "Editors"---who are actually neocons Fred Hiatt and Jackson Diehl---asserted that Snowden belonged in jail for the damage he allegedly did to national security. These same editors however had no qualms about the Post publishing Snowden's revelations and then accepting a Pulitzer Prize for it. The Post's CEO, Marty Baron said 2014 when awarded the prize:

     "Disclosing the massive expansion of the NSA's surveillance network was indeed a public service. In constructing a surveillance system of breathtaking scope and intrusiveness, our government also sharply eroded individual privacy. All of this was done in secret, without public debate, and with clear weaknesses in oversight."

     In other words, when The Post could cash in on the Snowden revelations, he was a whistleblower doing a public service. Now that Russia-bashing is where the money's at, Baron and the Smart Boys feel safe throwing Snowden under the bus. And, as we've pointed out here, Baron's boss Jeff Bezos has lucrative government contracts in intelligence, foreign affairs, and defense; so it is unsurprising that his henchmen Hiatt and Diehl would favor practically every interventionist policy the Beltway proposes. Hilary Clinton, who awarded Bezos a $16.5 million State Department contract, has proposed censoring Russian media or setting up agencies to counter it. No doubt Bezos would be among the beneficiaries of a such a policy.

      While it's probably no surprise to anyone that men like Bezos, Baron, Hiatt or Diehl would stoop to this shameful level of duplicity; the real problem with the Post editorial was addressed by British journalist Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald also publishes Snowden's material:

      "In doing so, the Washington Post has achieved an ignominious feat in US media history: the first-ever paper to editorialize explicitly for the criminal prosecution of its own source."

      Greenwald was absolutely correct here pointing out this extremely dangerous precedent. The protection of media sources is a longstanding tradition upon which a free press needs to function. The purpose behind protecting media sources is obvious. If the media is to safeguard the public by passing on information, then a source must be safe from the retaliation from the corrupt elements it is exposing. By betraying Snowden, the Post has established that the media considers its sources as essentially expendable.

      We have spoken before about the dangerous tendencies in the media to excuse outright demagoguery as informative not prescriptive, in that it incites antisocial behaviors then disclaims responsibility for them. The Washington Post has taken this already-low media standard and dropped it even further. They willingly published and profited off of a credible source, then call his revelations a crime and disavow any complicity in it.

     The leadership of the Washington Post can hide behind all the phony prizes and awards they want to, but at the end of the day, Edward Snowden is still a hero while Bezos, Baron, Hiatt, and Diehl are still a collection of degenerates. Yet they are what passes for a Cultural Elite in Postmodern America, while men like Snowden are forced into exile.


     Turkish President Erdogan stated to that country's press today that the US commandoes accompanying his troops in Syria had been withdrawn and returned to Turkey. Erdogan stated that the "attitudes" of our brave men and women in uniform made cooperation with Turkish allies in Northern Syria impossible.

     "The militias do not want the US Special Forces' assistance because of their behavior towards the Syrian opposition." Erdogan announced. "Our troops escorted out 30 US Special Forces troops from the armed conflict zone."

     The decision followed the Special Forces' humiliating retreat from the Syrian village of Al-Rai on Friday. A team of about a half-dozen commandoes entered Al-Rai. A scuffle quickly broke out between the troops and members of the FSA militia in which punches were thrown and the militiamen mobbed the soldiers, who cursed them in Arabic. The commandoes fled the scene, pelted with stones, bottles and invectives from the villagers and back to the Turkish lines.

       A video released by a local militia commander summed up their sentiments: "We and other FSA groups fighting in and around Aleppo say that we remain a free army and refuse to fight on the side of Americans who support the terrorists...We are halting all military operations until US troops leave the region."

       "Such rhetoric is not acceptable." huffed Josh Kirby, spokesman for the LGBTQ-friendly US State Department, "We have to keep in mind the greater goal of the operation."

       The Pentagon decided to embed Special Forces with the Turkish forces operating in Syria largely for diplomatic reasons. Anti-American sentiment is at an all-time high in Turkey today. Many---if not most---Turks believe that the Obama Administration was complicit in last month's coup attempt against Erdogan.

        In a statement given prior to the incident, Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis assured the Corporate Media that the FSA around Al-Rai had "been vetted." No doubt they were vetted by CENTCOM commander Joseph Votel who in May "accidentally" bombed the FSA during a battle with ISIS, much as he "mistakenly" bombed the Syrian yesterday. In Iraq, Votel is best known for 'unintentionally" dropping weapons and supplies on ISIS positions. His vetting skills were made apparent in June when the Jordanian contractors he'd hired were caught selling US weapons on the Black Market.

       With our commandoes in their safe spaces in Turkey now, the Allies reported that they had recovered the positions captured by ISIS after yesterday's US airstrike. The death toll from that attack has reached 90, as ten more Syrian troops have died of their wounds. Syrian President Dr. Bashir Assad addressed the nation today, assuring them that the enemies of Syria ultimately will fail.

     "They are depleting all their energy and resources to maintain the terrorist war in Syria." Assad said. "Whenever the Syrian State achieves tangible progress either on the ground or in national reconciliation, the nations hostile to Syria increase their support for terrorist organizations, and the most flagrant example of this was the US aggression against Syrian Arab Army positions in Deir Ezzur for the benefit of ISIS."