Thursday, September 1, 2016


    Brazil broke out in a series of riots yesterday and the governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia withdrew their ambassadors in protest of a parliamentary coup overthrowing the elected president, Dilma Rousseff. Michel Temer, a politician with a shady past and a 6% approval rating among Brazilian citizens was sworn in as the new president.

     Brazil is a member of the BRIC economic union and during the last decade has moved steadily out of the Beltway/Wall Street's sphere of influence. 

      We have seen the same pattern in the Brazil coup before in Ukraine. An elected pro-Russian government in a country with access to huge oil reserves; followed by foreign provocateurs organizing the largest-ever so-called 'Gay Pride Rallies'; followed but sudden and well media-hyped 'protests' against the current government. And the new 'popular leaders' like Temer---who meet with high-level US political and economic interests before seizing power---suddenly reversing national course in favor of pro-Western democracy. Temer's first speech, predictably, pointed out his commitment to supporting the LGBTQ Agenda.

       "The first day of Temer's Administration made it clear that Neoliberalism is back in Brazilian politics." said Aline Piva, a Rousseff supporter. "Temer's Administration has moved to offset or revoke existing Latin American commitments, the developing world, and with Russia and China in favor of a push towards US-centered trade deregulation."

      Temer himself was under investigation by the Rousseff Administration---as were many of the politicians instigating Rousseff's 'impeachment---after allegations surfaced of corruption and bribery around Brazilian oil company, Petrobras. Audio files have been leaked to the press already of Brazilian officials agreeing to Rousseff's impeachment in exchange for ending the corruption probe.

     The Obama Administration was quick to applaud the coup, of course. Obama's spokesman Josh Kirby stated to the Corporate Media that Obama was satisfied that the coup followed the Brazilian Constitution and that he was "confident that we will continue the strong bilateral relationship existing between the two countries." To put a finer point on the issue, the US Ambassador to Brazil (who coincidentally was formerly ambassador to Paraguay during a coup there) wrote an op-ed for the pro-Temer news outlet O Globo:

     "Brazil is an essential market for US corporations, and a must-play for US business."

     A statement strangely reminiscent of the Soros-engineered press releases following the Ukraine coup in 2014. And Obama's toady in the UN, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon also endorsed Temer. Hardly surprising: the Rousseff Administration was moving Brazil away from the IMF and World Bank and supporting China's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as an alternative. Only a year ago, the current politicians leading the coup met with IMF and World Bank leaders at the time the first anti-Rousseff 'protests' were being organized and orchestrated.

      "Temer has already talked about massive austerity programs" said Peter Koenig, a geopolitical analyst and former World Bank official, in an interview with Sputnik News, "The pattern is well-known. The World Bank will make certain that the debt level is so high that privatization of debt assets becomes unavoidable."

      Koenig also stressed that Brazil, as a member of BRIC has greater security since Russian and Chinese currencies are tied to a Gold Standard, unlike the US.

       It appears that, once again, the freebooters and political criminals in our own government have instigated a regime change, that will probably end in disaster as the previous attempts have. But the average American is too concerned about doing drugs and surfing internet porn to care very much. As long as our Corporate Media focuses on the need for regime change everywhere but here, the Wall Street freebooters will go on looting country after country and keeping the Ameroboob well-insulated from feeling uncomfortable about any of it.

                                           Exporting American Exceptionalism to Brazil

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