Thursday, October 31, 2019


   Not long after the last article on cult-leader Owen Benjamin, it was announced that he was named keynote speaker at the annual Flat Earth Society Conference. 

    Not to be outdone, Benjamin's evil spirit Teddy Spaghetti (aka Vox Day) rushed to post an article questioning the 'narrative' about the Earth's form and shape. "Notice that ALL of the hemisphere photography we think we've seen has turned out to be nonexistent." the Supreme Dark Lord assures his followers: "It's becoming clear that from the evolution fairy tale to the Blue Marble fraud to the dinosaur fraud and the satellite myth, the world is very, very different than we have been told it is."

   This outlines a problem I've often experienced in writing critiques. How does critique these kinds of things rationally? It's not that these clowns come up with such iron-clad, unassailable arguments. It's that what they're saying is so unbelievably stupid that one instinctively realizes that saying much of anything would be useless. That's what hopelessness looks like. 

  That there are people out there who really believe theories that have been disproved for the last seven or so centuries is bad enough; but the excuse Vox gives for this disbelief is the really terrible part: 

   "What is the point? To deceive you into serving Satan rather than God."

  Can there be any clearer admission that Vox Day and Owen Benjamin are leading a cult than this? Which major religion teaches that Science is the work of the Devil? Of course, Vox answers in a subsequent post that the modern Church is in apostasy:

   "Matt muses over what I would call "churchianity" rather than "Middle Class Christianity", but the point is essentially the same:
'A lot of what is called Christian morality today is not necessarily Christian, but more accurately described as Middle Class Christianity. It is the Christianity influenced by the Victorian era politeness and the rather quiet in door working spaces of many Christians, who tend heavily towards the middle class.'"
  Which also shows once again that the Red Pill is not any 'Alternative Right' but simply the Reactionary Left. If one merely substitutes the term bourgeois for middle class in the above statement, the Leftist undertones are obvious. Here is what Comrade Stalin had to say about Science and Religion:

  Vox and Benjamin simply reverse Stalin's false dichotomy into another false one. This is the nature of all Reactionaries. And the only proof that the Red Pills ever produce to support their cockamamie theories is that they are intellectually superior to the rest of us. As Vox himself says: "It's always amusing when midwits attempt to question their intellectual superiors...If this loser had any idea how much success I have had over the years by flat-out ignoring the advice and the opinions of the subject-matter experts who know vastly more about their subjects than I do, he simply would not believe it. "

  I don't believe it either, Vox. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


    It's now been confirmed by Allied Intelligence---including our original source---that Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the Supreme Leader of ISIS---was killed in a Coalition Operation inside Syria last weekend. Our CIA and Turkish Intelligence desire considerable credit, considering that the general consensus among the Allies was that he was already dead. 

  OK, so we all make mistakes...

  What isn't any mistake though, is that the world is a safer and better place without people like Al-Baghdadi. The rumor floating around the Middle East right now is that the Caliph faked his earlier death and went into hiding---planning to 'rise from the dead' at some future point and rally ISIS again under a 'resurrected' leader. 

   The Syrian Army has since confirmed that a few other lesser-known---but just as vicious---ISIS war criminals were killed in the same raid. I'm happy that Trump finally decided to end US intervention in Syria---which was completely illegal in the first place---and go out by destroying the terrorist infrastructure that his predecessor largely helped to create.

   Syrian President Bashir Assad boasted once that "Historically, Syria is the rock upon which empires are broken." While Assad didn't actually break the United States, his resolution and bravery did irrevocably damage the Imperialist factions within the US political structure; to wit, the Neocons and the DNC. The GOP Neocons, I think, are pretty much finished as a political force; while the Whacko Left is gnawing its collective tongues in rage as Trump is steadily emerging as the real advocate for World Peace (relatively speaking) in the US Government. 

   When the ISIS Caliphate was at the zenith of its power, it was engaged in all kinds of criminal activities: notably narcotics trafficking, White Slavery, organ harvesting, and Black Marketing commodities like weapons, oil, and gold. There's considerable suspicion among many of us that certain American Deep-State 'Elites' were involved with ISIS in these activities---both as enablers and consumers. 

   So it was that some Hollywood big shot named Jamie Lee Curtis was spouting off yesterday about Trump's accomplishment.

   Oh, really? Let me ask this of Jamie Lee Curtis: how did you feel about Obama's and Clinton's assassination of Libyan President Qaddafi? That actually was a deliberate, cold-blooded murder---committed by 'anti-war activists' Clinton and Obama. What about the brutality of sending a proxy army of international mercenaries into Libya and turning them loose on the population? Any outrage over that? As far as the qualities of dogs go; Qaddafi was no angel, but unlike Baghdadi, he was no coward, but a patriot who died fighting for Libya. And it should be noted that Qaddafi engaged in numerous humanitarian works during his lifetime and still has a loyal following in Libya; unlike Baghdadi who hasn't a single noble deed to his credit and left behind him nothing but a vastation of death and destruction.

   Apparently there was no outrage, because just a few months later, Jamie Lee Curtis was dumping thousands in campaign cash to Obama's 2012 Campaign.

 Then, John Oliver, another Hollywood hyena, chimed in: “And the thing is: It gets even worse here. Because when you give a green light to an authoritarian, terrible things can happen—and terrible things very much did.” 

 What an idiot.

    Let's talk about giving green lights to authoritarians for a moment. Does anybody recall that, when ISIS militias were first forming, that Obama ordered James Mattis to pull out of Iraq? Oliver talks a great deal about the Kurds; but Kurdistan was the first region to fall to ISIS after American forces ran away. Kurdistan was also the scene of some of ISIS' worst atrocities. Obama didn't even get re-involved in Iraq until ISIS had over-run 2/3 of the country. Or how about Obama (illegally) ordering a 'no-fly zone' over Syria? The Syrian Army's lack of air support allowed ISIS to drive them all the way back to Damascus. Or how about John Kerry's refusal to recognize Christians as a 'persecuted minority' in terms of refugee status? After that proclamation, ISIS massacred Christians all over Syria and Iraq. You won't hear this from the likes of John Oliver, but before the Civil War, the Syrian city of Raqqa had one of the largest Christian populations in the Middle East. When Raqqa was liberated, only about 100 or so Christians were found there still alive. 

   Trevor Noah, who hosts The Daily Show gave this brilliant analysis: “Now, whether you like Trump or not, you have to admit this is a big win in the fight against ISIS. But Trump is the only person who can turn a unifying occasion into a dick-measuring contest.”  

  Whatever their motives, I think it's fairly clear that the Hollywood Elite hates President Trump even more than they hate ISIS (presuming that they hate ISIS at all). I hope that some entrepreneur in the future will start a competing Hollywood---maybe even importing material from foreign studios and reproducing them in English. Hollywood is like meat that's not only past its expiration date, but gone rotten and unfit consumption as well. 

Friday, October 25, 2019


   So we're all told by the Far-Out Whacko Left Wing in Big Media, Big Academia, and Big Government that embracing Western Liberalism is the compassionate choice. This despite the fact that they support vicious abortion mills that Conservatives are working hard to close. Or that they start military disasters in places like Korea, Vietnam, and Syria: from which Conservatives have to bail us out and save lives. 

   The 'Environmentalist' or, 'Green' faction of the Left have to be about the worst of all. Again, this is despite the fact that the Trump Administration has had to spend billions reclaiming national wildlands that Liberal policies have nearly ruined; as well as cracking down on Corporate polluters like Starkist, and Tyson and Volkswagen ---all of which went largely ignored by the Obama Administration. And these same hypocrites always tell us that their environmental policies are for the benefit of mankind. 

   So, a sad story emerged this week of an Arkansas man who died in a freak hunting accident and began circulating on the Internet. For those who missed it, here is the report from WNEP-16:

  "YELLVILLE, A.R. — An experienced Arkansas hunter was found severely injured in the woods Tuesday night, his body riddled with antler puncture wounds. He later died. The 66-year-old man from Yellville had shot a deer and made plans with his nephew to field dress the deer’s body together, police told CNN. When his nephew found him, the hunter was alert and talking and was even able to call his wife. But he stopped breathing by the time paramedics could get him to the hospital, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said. Officials are not certain that the antler wounds are the official cause of his death, the commission said in a statement. He may have died from other medical issues such as a heart attack, the statement said, but there will be no autopsy."

   So, naturally there was an outpouring of sympathy from the compassionate humanitarian Left, wasn't there? Well, here are some of their comments; judge for yourself:

"Karma. I feel sorry for his family but NOT HIM. He got what he deserved for hunting innocent animals. I don’t blame the deer for being angry just minding its own business and then some idiot comes and shoots it."

"I wish that this would happen more often to these sadistic killers! Well done, Deer! You did not die in vain."

"And his redneck friends and family will go hunting next week, or the week after in honor of the good ole boy."

"Kismet for the b8stard. Bambi strikes back."
"well... when the dear found out he was being hunted... he made it a real hunt. hows it feel now... too bad."
"A very sad day for this family, but just think.....what if the man had NOT hunted that day? Perhaps, the deer wanted to live. I have a very hard time showing sympathy at cruelty to animals. In this day and age, there is ZERO reason to hunt, other than for selfish pleasure." 
Those statements should be a reminder to all of us of the type of mentality that populated places like the EPA, the Interior Department, and many State Fish and Wildlife Services prior to the Trump Administration. And it's the type of mentality which will return with a vengeance should these Scum ever return to power.
This being said, it's also a good time to remind outdoorsmen not to fall into a common misconception that apparently resulted in this hunter's fatal accident. There is a human tendency---among men in particular---to believe that experience equals immunity from danger. This hunter had been hunting for decades, and just by the description of things, made a few blunders that would have drawn down the ire of a Hunter Safety Instructor. A spokesman for the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission noted:
"On occasion, hunters may approach a deer thinking it is dead when it is only stunned or injured. Usually, they jump up and run away, sometimes injuring hunters in the process. It is generally good hunting practice to wait 15 to 30 minutes before approaching a shot deer to make sure it is dead."
   I would add that it's also good practice---when hunting big game---to carry a pistol because you never know when you'll need a backup. That's especially good advice for Black Powder and Archery hunters who may not have time to reload their main weapon in an emergency. 
  Although overconfidence can be a killer in the woods, Liberal arrogance can be a threat to human civilization, as well as to the environment. Their actions speak for themselves.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


   Owen Benjamin, the Great Pooh-Bah of the Bear Cult, launched into a really sick tirade the other day against Jordan Peterson's daughter, Mikhalia. Like his evil genius, Vox Day, Benjamin has an envious hatred of Dr. Peterson. However, Peterson has a reasonably attractive (if a bit flaky) daughter and Owen Benjamin apparently desires her.

   Benjamin started an attack on Instagram and after Mikhalia responded, the Bear Chief goes off on vlog; calling Mikhalia a 'whore' with a 'thousand-yard stare' and out of nowhere states that "the way she was interacting with me and craving attention from me---it's obvious that she's attracted to me." He also claims that Mikhalia has "a craving for a stronger male {meaning himself}". And, after posting a half-naked picture of the girl, he brags that "I will not be giving her any sexual attention because I'm a happily-married man!"

  Anyone who knows the Game/PUA slop that forms the basis of the Red Pill recognizes negging in all of this. 'Negging' is basically offending and insulting a woman to get her attention. Most men outgrow the tendency to do this around 3rd or 4th Grade; but the Red Pills recommend doing this into adulthood. We saw Dalrock doing the same the thing just a few posts ago hoping to catch Greta Thunberg's eye. Being happily married doesn't matter much to would-be 'Alphas' like Owen and Dalrock, though. One of the main tenets of Game is always to have 'options'. They both give their real intentions away by claiming that both these women have 'beta orbiters'---allegedly lesser men who'll rise to their defense by attacking the 'superior' Alpha.

  Game/PUA is often criticized for being misogynist; but in reality it is a deeply anti-male, misandryist system as well. Rollo Tomassi---another leader of the Red Pill Cult---has stated that "80% of men are Beta chumps." It doesn't get much more anti-male than that. But this isn't surprising, since Game is essentially Reactionary Feminism; the same way that the Red Pill is just Reactionary Bolshevism. The type of men these theories attract are the marginalized. Now, while it's true that men in general are marginalized in our dysfunctional culture; with the Red Pills it's a different matter. They are the types of men who would be marginalized in nearly any culture. 

  Owen Benjamin is no exception here. A failed actor/comedian, Benjamin lives in a dark world surrounded by 'wizards' and 'sodomites' and 'gammas' and of course, the Eternal Jew. All of which are scapegoats for his own failures: by his own admission, he can't even operate a lawn mower. Yet (in his own mind) he's an Alpha Superman: idol of millions of adoring women, religious reformer, scientific genius, medical expert, et cetera. Losers like this surround themselves with sycophants who seek an ego boost and/or excuses for failing to become real men.

   Real Men don't behave like these guys. These self-appointed manly Alpha leaders only lead other men to further failures. It's better to work on becoming a better man than simply posing as one, which is all the Red Pill really has to offer.







Sunday, October 20, 2019


   There was a sad story out of California this week. Last Wednesday night, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call in Hope Ranch suburb of the city. This area is an upscale neighborhood, where in the olden days, many Hollywood and other celebrities went to retire. Some might recall that President Reagan's home, Rancho de Cielo, was about 20 miles away. The Emergency Call was from a man claiming that his father was attacking his mother with a knife and then hung up. 

   The deputies arrived and found that the home belonged to 1960's actor, Ron Ely. His wife Vanessa lay dead, from multiple stab wounds: but Ely himself (at 81 years old) was invalided and suffering from Aphasia. The broken old man managed to communicate that his only son, Cameron Ely, had killed his wife and fled the scene. The police tracked down Cameron Ely after a 90-minute manhunt. Ely rather stupidly decided to shoot it out with the Sheriff's men---with predictable results. Four deputies opened fire at once and left Cameron Ely's mortal remains for the Haz-Mat Team to clean up; while his immortal aspect hurled itself into Tartarus. 

   It must be especially difficult for Ron Ely now. Ely is a product of the era when Hollywood actually had some social relevance and celebrities were people who were actually worth looking up to. Ron Ely was raised around Amarillo, Texas and brought those values of the Western Hero to Hollywood with him. He mostly played heroic parts: a co-star in the 1960's TV series, The Aquanauts; and the lead role in the mid-60's series, Tarzan.  The latter was his most famous series, even spawning several comic books.

  Ely did his own stunts for the series and was occasionally sidelined due to injuries, including two broken shoulders and being bitten by a lion. In 1975, he starred in the film The Man of Bronze where he played pulp-action hero Doc Savage. In the early 1980s, he substituted as host of the Miss America Pageant and walked away with a prize of his own: his future wife, Miss Florida Vanessa Lundeen. The couple had three children and stayed married for 35 years until Vanessa's murder last week.

   Ely more or less retired from acting after his marriage; by his own admission, to become close to his family. His daughter Kiki even posted several blog articles dedicated to things she learned from her dad. "My dad is wise." she says in the taglines, "And every girl deserves some solid daddy advice." In the 1990s, Ely published two crime novels and intended to be a series. True to his character, he dropped the project after the Media Cartels tried to cheat him out his royalties. His last major public appearance before his recent illness was at the 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego, which marked the centennial of the Tarzan Series. 

  His son Cameron was sent to one of the best private schools in the country and went to graduate from and play football for Harvard University. After Cameron Ely's graduation, he falls completely off the radar-screen: to the point where even the meticulous had difficulty finding their standard 'Five Facts' about him. At the age of 30, he was still living at home; and apparently hadn't had a place of his own since leaving Harvard. He never held a steady job and only briefly worked as a security guard and an Uber driver: not exactly positions corresponding to his qualifications. It's also rather telling that no news story that I've seen so far mentions friends, girlfriends, or any other associates who knew Cameron Ely. The man was a nobody and died like one. 

    In a way, it seems like the contrast between father and son is a metaphor for what Hollywood once was and what it's become. One was substance that become a symbol; and the other all symbol and no substance. 

    At any rate, keep Ron Ely in your thoughts. He's a tough guy; but it's got to be hard to see your woman slain and be unable to fight for her because of disability---and worse that your only son committed the crime and died in this disgraceful fashion. Ron Ely's made a lot of comebacks in his life---let's hope he can overcome this challenge.


Thursday, October 17, 2019


  Red Pill crackpot Dalrock has been on a literary rampage lately. His ire apparently has been aroused by the recent publicity surrounding young Swedish climate-change activist, Greta Thunberg. Without seeing the slightest irony in his words, he accuses Miss Greta's handlers of starting a cult. This, from a blogger whose whole ideology revolves around reactionary neo-Marxism and repeatedly attacking Christianity as a de facto "opiod of the masses."

  Since the Red Pills typically only see issues in black-and-white terms; in the interests of full disclosure I'll mention that condemning Dalrock doesn't equate to endorsing Miss Greta's atmospheric and geological theories. If I were interviewing her, I'd ask her two questions:

  1. The US National Weather Service---the most advanced meteorological institution in the world---cannot, by its own admission, accurately forecast weather conditions outside of 10-14 days in the future. How can anyone know the state of the world's climate in 40-50 years?

 2. Geologists and Archaeologists have confirmed that the Earth has undergone extensive and varied climatological changes through the centuries; but none of these scientists agree on what caused any of these changes to happen. How do we know what's causing any climate change today?

 But for Dalrock and his toadies, the issue is not one of science. To the Red Pills, these issues always involve trying to juxtapose the absurdities of their own cult with mainstream religions to appear legitimate. Dalrock thus cites a story floating around the internet that the Church of Sweden has proclaimed Miss Greta a new messiah:  "Social Justice Warriors have been outdoing themselves with Greta Thunberg.  After I wrote A (new) child to save us, I saw in Fabius Maximus’ post Using girls for propoganda that a church in Sweden has declared her a successor to Christ." 

  That story, incidentally, has turned out to be a hoax. But the lie serves Red Pill purposes, so neither Dalrock nor Fabius Maximus have corrected it. 

  To underscore the Red Pills' commitment to Reactionary Left ideology, Dalrock then publishes two subsequent posts The Fruits of Chivalry and The Gospel of the Carousel, in which he attacks both Conservatives and the Church for having the audacity to value women in our culture. Dalrock proclaims that Chivalry is a perversion; again not seeing the irony in that he is preaching that to the Incels and PUAs who make up the Red Pill movement. He claims that: 

  "Part of why this form of virtue signaling flies especially well with conservatives is that it scratches the chivalrous itch.  In the chivalrous worldview a man being humiliated to appease the cruel whims of a woman is the ultimate in masculine virtue."  

   The context of the above quote has to do with an article about some cross-dressing European males, and a comment from one Dalrock's camp-followers who quoted the Leftist myth that males who don't engage in such behaviors are emotionally insecure. How does any of this equate to Chivalry? Well, as the quote above shows, chivalry---to these perverts---is only about appeasing the cruelty of women (whatever that means). It's only an inversion of the Marxist/Feminist theory that Chivalry is demeaning to women. 

  Civilized societies recognize that there a difference between genders; and that the future of civilization depends on the protection and defense of women---for obvious reasons. Christ taught this Himself by befriending and defending even socially disgraced women. The first command that God gave to Adam was "to maintain the Garden and defend it." Dalrock, though, snorts at a popular contemporary Christian writer for drawing a parallel between Christ's Parable of the Pearl. He claims that  "For an even more astounding example of this perversion of the message of the Gospel, see Wendy Griffith’s book for Christian women looking for a husband.  Griffith takes the parable of the Pearl of Great Price and twists it so that she and her readers are the Pearl of Great Price, not salvation!" What Wendy Griffith actually wrote was:

  "Ladies, the Lord wants you to know that you are a pearl of great price, a treasure worth pursuing and protecting. You are worth fighting for and, like the pearl in the parable at the head of this chapter, worth everything it might cost a guy to obtain you. You are worth someone sacrificing his time, his routine, his comfort, his money, his whatever in order to have you. You are worth it! You are a prize to be won."

  Which statement is not at all at variance with what St. Peter recommends to women in his First Epistle: "Even if such men are disobedient to the Word, by the conduct of women---even without the {preaching of} the Word, they may be won by having witnessed your virtuous conduct carried out with care. Let this conduct not merely be the outward ones... but of those in the hidden heart of mankind; {that is,} in the incorruptible ornamentation of the soft and gentle spirit, which before God is {a jewel of} great price." (I Pet. iii:1-4, translated from Greek text). 

   As for Greta Thunberg, she'd be well-advised to follow the same advice and settle down with a nice man. Now that she's a celebrity, though, she's out of reach for all the frustrated incels who read Dalrock---which will probably only exacerbate their anger and malice even more.


Monday, October 14, 2019


   Today is Columbus Day, of course. Columbus is the last dead white male to have a national holiday named for him; so the Leftist Whackos have been active during the last decade to efface his memory. Columbus also brought Western Civilization and Culture to the Americas, which is another reason he's despised by fake Indians like Pocahontas Warren and other members of the Cigar Store Tribe. 

  One of the greatest innovations that Europeans brought to America was Agricultural Science. As primitive as it was in the late 15th Century, it was still a vast improvement over the hunter-gather systems practiced by the natives. But even today, agriculture is a significant economic pursuit of the American Indians. In fact, agriculture has been expanding quite rapidly over the last decade; and will probably expand even further as the Trump Administration has expanded Indian lands and begun infrastructure reform on Reservations. According to the USDA's last Agricultural Census (2012), American Indians owned nearly 40,000 farms totaling around 51,000,000 acres producing nearly $2 billion in agricultural goods annually.

   Indian farmers---as well as farmers generally---received a huge boon just before the Columbus Day Holiday when President Trump and Chinese Vice-President Liu announced a massive agricultural trade-deal which will expand American exports to China some 500 to 600 percent. According to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, this agricultural deal exceeds the largest one in history by 250%.

   Thus, while the Chinese will be consuming more American beef and pork, the Corporate Media and other Leftist poltroons are eating crow. So much for all their talk about 'Trade Wars' with China---which was never anything but a myth anyway. Just as we predicted too, the threatened tariffs will not happen. Neither side really wants a Trade War; tariffs are something like the economic equivalent of Mutually-Assured Destruction. The fact that both countries can wipe out each others' economies insures negotiations. 

   Stung by all of these developments, the Media Jackals tried to divert attention from them at the Press Conference with questions like:

   "Mr. President, on that point, can you assure that American people that you did not bring up Joe Biden in these negotiations; that you have not brought up that with the Chinese?"
  "Mr. President, how do you assure the American people that this deal, over the next three, four, five weeks, won’t fall apart as it’s being papered?"

 "Did you tell them anything about the impeachment process and how that might affect your ability to complete this deal?"

   Somehow, though, with the Agricultural Sector expanding at an exponential rate, it's doubtful that the media pea-shooting is going to amount to much with American farmers. Or, for that matter with American Indians. With Trump, the Indians get economic boosts, crime and pollution cleaned up on Indian lands, and better infrastructure. With the Liberals, they get 'Indigenous Peoples' Day' on the calendar. There is a difference.


Tuesday, October 8, 2019


   The King County Library System, which serves the Seattle Metro Area, was caught on videotape recently staging a homosexual strip-show at one of their much-ballyhooed Drag Queen Story Hours. As a humanitarian gesture to our readers, we won't post any photos of the obese male in a dress and red wig performing for perverted library patrons---some of whom reportedly brought their kids. The video went viral on social media, so it's easily found online for anyone with a physical constitution strong enough to watch it. Just have your Roll-Aids ready if you do, however.

   This hideous spectacle took place at the Renton Branch of the KCLS. Renton is a mostly blue-collar suburb south of Seattle and used to have it's own library system until just recently when it was more or less seized by KCLS. Renton seems to be the epicenter today of KCLS' homosexual-indoctrination efforts. 

   It's bad enough, of course, that these things are allowed to go on in America nowadays, but it raises another question: who pays for this garbage? It's a two-pronged answer. One is, King County taxpayers:

  Anyone unfortunate enough to be paying King County's exorbitant property taxes are seeing a good slice of the pie go to KCLS so that they can put on these kinds of perverted exhibitions. And it's not surprising that KCLS' Directors are all on-board with this. The head of KCLS, one Lisa Rosenblum, was formerly an executive at the Brooklyn Library, which has been holding Drag Queen Story Hours since 2016.

  And her confederate, one Tess Mayer, in charge of Diversity and Outreach Services; Adult, Teen, and Children's Services; Mobile Services; and Online Services. 

  Mayer, and the Director of Staffing, Procedures, and Guidelines, Jenny Engstrom are also veterans of the Metro NYC's Library System. 

   This trio controls a hefty sum of over $125 million per annum, of which salaries slice off about half. That leaves a big jackpot of over six million dollars for Library Programs and Aministrative/Other Expenses to push agendas like 'Drag Queen Story Hour'.

       The dirty hands of Corporate America are present here, too. The non-profit KCLS Foundation has raised about $4 million this year: the biggest donors being Boeing, Google, and a non-profit, The Moccasin Lake Foundation. This latter organization has, incidentally, donated over $1 million to Planned Parenthood. Microsoft, and Morgan-Chase Bank, two other corporations well into activism, are also major donors.

     KCLSF is headed by Kris Kaminishi; who's also a Board Member of the Feminist Washington Women's Foundation. Morgan-Chase, BTW, is a corporate sponsor of that group as well. 

  "She joined the WaWF transformation to connect with like-minded women and is excited about the Foundation’s journey towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion," states her profile. 

    It seems fairly clear that KCLS is less an actual library system and more of an activist network run by out-of-state ideologues and financed partly as a tax shelter for Big Business. The bulk of the financing, though, is coming from taxpayers---who are getting fleeced to support these parasites and their goofy agendas like Drag Queen Story Hour. There are still a lot of Conservatives in Metro King County: they should take back control of their libraries by speaking out and being active in their local governments.  

Monday, October 7, 2019


    As we all know, certain Congressional Radicals along with their confederates in the Mainstream Media and other vested interests are engaged in a major publicity stunt---phony impeachment hearings. And the Swamp RINOs are busy too, trying to incite a war with Iran and by sabotaging the Peace Talks with North Korea. All of this being orchestrated, of course, to divert public attention from the murder of Jeffrey Epstein, DNC activities in Ukraine; as well as other crimes of the Deep State which are daily being exposed. 

   And so yesterday, amidst the various newsfeeds a story floated in about the NFL; another once-great American institution that has sunk completely into utter degeneracy. This particular headline was about another millionaire thug named Richie Incognito. 

  Incognito was being praised criticized for pushing a player half his size's face into the turf. The article also talked about his team-mate and fellow-thug Vontaze Burfict, who's appealing a suspension over a similar dirty play last week. 

   "When you factor in that Burfict was caught punching a Minnesota Vikings player in Week 3 and the fact that he had been suspended for 10 prior games during his career, the veteran linebacker faces an uphill battle the efforts to get his suspension lifted by the league," the article notes---as if these NFL punks ever really face any actual discipline from the League. As proof of this, in three weeks, there have been 99 fines and suspensions already issued by the League. Obviously, not much of a deterrent. 

   What does this have to do with Congressional Hearings? Someone may ask. Well, I got to thinking about an often-overlooked fact about these NFL hoodlums: nearly all of them are university graduates. Icognito is an alumnus of the University of Oregon; Burfict matriculated from Arizona State University. And note where the most-recently-incarcerated players came from:

Darius Philon (Assault with a Deadly Weapon): University of Arkansas
Patrick Chung (Cocaine Possession): University of Oregon
Tyrel Dodson (Domestic Violence): Texas A & M
Ryan Griffin (Public Intoxication and Property Damage): Univ. of Connecticut
Jalen Mills (Disorderly Conduct): Louisiana State University
Leonard Fournette (Multiple): Louisiana State University
Trevor Bates (Assault and Battery): University of Maine
Montae Nicholson (Assault): Michigan State University
Reuben Foster (Domestic Violence): University of Alabama
Chad Kelly (Breaking and Entering): University of Mississippi

  Now a question nobody ever seems to ask is this: how do such characters manage to get through four years of college and graduate? And add into the equation that the sheer number of suspensions for failing the League's Policy on Narcotics Abuse:

2018: 32 players
2017: 37  players
2016: 50 players
2015: 53 players
2014: 41 players

  All of the players we looked at are also from public universities. Doesn't this start to raise some questions about these taxpayer-funded institutions and why they seem to be graduating such a high number of dysfunctional individuals (who just coincidentally become professional athletes)?

  And another question: what are any of the schools listed above actually noted for? Are any of them actually producing great contributors to science, or research, or---anything---of any importance? 

  Maybe instead of Impeachment Hearings, Congress ought to be holding hearings on where funding for universities is actually going. And hold some hearings on College Athletics, because there's obvious corruption there. But Academia would rather have Impeachment; o that nobody looks at their own crimes too closely. 




Friday, October 4, 2019


    Earlier this week, Sauli Niinisto, the President of Finland, visited the White House for a series of bilateral talks with President Trump. As is typical these days, the Corporate Media gave the meeting little attention. And, as is even more typical, they made fools of themselves in front of the international community once again at the concluding Press Conference. 

   The actual newsworthy events of the meeting were released by the White House News Room. Finland agreed to a major purchase of US military hardware and the Americans agreed to a technology-sharing agreement with Nokia---Finland's largest company. Niinisto mentioned that a Finnish tire manufacturer had opened a new factory in the US. And incidentally, the supposedly 'racist' Trump Administration got Finland to agree to repatriate over 500 Hopi Indian artifacts to the Tribe; which an archaeological team took to Helsinki  1895. 

  So when it came time for press questions, the first one out of the MSM's yapps was: 'What about impeachment, huh? What about impeachment? Blub-blub-blub! Did you hear what Schiff said? Whoo-hoo!"

  Trump calmly made some statements and politely suggested that they ask questions of the Finnish President. But they continued pressing until Trump scolded them for their rudeness and turned over the questions to the Finnish Media, who actually asked relevant questions. One very interesting one about US-Finnish research in the Arctic. 

  Frustrated, one US reporter finally blurted out a 'question' to President Niinisto:  "Mr. President, in your opening remarks, you said to President Trump that you had been to some museums today and that you respected the U.S. democracy and encouraged him to continue it.  Are you concerned that that’s not happening?"

   Niinstro, who behaved during the whole Press Conference as if lowering himself to MSM's level was somewhat humorous---like a public official taking questions from a 1st Grade Class---grew more serious.  "Yes." he said, "First of all, when I referred to your democracy, I just wanted to tell that I’m impressed what American people have gained during these decades — a hundred-so years — building up very impressive democracy.  So, keep it going on."

   What is really telling about this whole incident was reading its coverage in The Helsinki Times. The Finnish Press was clearly disgusted with the amount of distraction during the meeting. And it's noteworthy to observe how much actual news there is in the Finnish Media compared to ours. President Trump seems to have alluded to that in his closing remarks:

   "And please remember the President’s last remarks: that we are a great democracy.  We are a great — the United States is a great democracy.  And I’m airing what I’m airing because we are, in fact, a democracy.  And if the press were straight and honest and forthright and tough, we would be a far greater nation. We would be far greater when we don’t have the CNNs of the world, who are corrupt people."