Friday, October 25, 2019


   So we're all told by the Far-Out Whacko Left Wing in Big Media, Big Academia, and Big Government that embracing Western Liberalism is the compassionate choice. This despite the fact that they support vicious abortion mills that Conservatives are working hard to close. Or that they start military disasters in places like Korea, Vietnam, and Syria: from which Conservatives have to bail us out and save lives. 

   The 'Environmentalist' or, 'Green' faction of the Left have to be about the worst of all. Again, this is despite the fact that the Trump Administration has had to spend billions reclaiming national wildlands that Liberal policies have nearly ruined; as well as cracking down on Corporate polluters like Starkist, and Tyson and Volkswagen ---all of which went largely ignored by the Obama Administration. And these same hypocrites always tell us that their environmental policies are for the benefit of mankind. 

   So, a sad story emerged this week of an Arkansas man who died in a freak hunting accident and began circulating on the Internet. For those who missed it, here is the report from WNEP-16:

  "YELLVILLE, A.R. — An experienced Arkansas hunter was found severely injured in the woods Tuesday night, his body riddled with antler puncture wounds. He later died. The 66-year-old man from Yellville had shot a deer and made plans with his nephew to field dress the deer’s body together, police told CNN. When his nephew found him, the hunter was alert and talking and was even able to call his wife. But he stopped breathing by the time paramedics could get him to the hospital, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said. Officials are not certain that the antler wounds are the official cause of his death, the commission said in a statement. He may have died from other medical issues such as a heart attack, the statement said, but there will be no autopsy."

   So, naturally there was an outpouring of sympathy from the compassionate humanitarian Left, wasn't there? Well, here are some of their comments; judge for yourself:

"Karma. I feel sorry for his family but NOT HIM. He got what he deserved for hunting innocent animals. I don’t blame the deer for being angry just minding its own business and then some idiot comes and shoots it."

"I wish that this would happen more often to these sadistic killers! Well done, Deer! You did not die in vain."

"And his redneck friends and family will go hunting next week, or the week after in honor of the good ole boy."

"Kismet for the b8stard. Bambi strikes back."
"well... when the dear found out he was being hunted... he made it a real hunt. hows it feel now... too bad."
"A very sad day for this family, but just think.....what if the man had NOT hunted that day? Perhaps, the deer wanted to live. I have a very hard time showing sympathy at cruelty to animals. In this day and age, there is ZERO reason to hunt, other than for selfish pleasure." 
Those statements should be a reminder to all of us of the type of mentality that populated places like the EPA, the Interior Department, and many State Fish and Wildlife Services prior to the Trump Administration. And it's the type of mentality which will return with a vengeance should these Scum ever return to power.
This being said, it's also a good time to remind outdoorsmen not to fall into a common misconception that apparently resulted in this hunter's fatal accident. There is a human tendency---among men in particular---to believe that experience equals immunity from danger. This hunter had been hunting for decades, and just by the description of things, made a few blunders that would have drawn down the ire of a Hunter Safety Instructor. A spokesman for the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission noted:
"On occasion, hunters may approach a deer thinking it is dead when it is only stunned or injured. Usually, they jump up and run away, sometimes injuring hunters in the process. It is generally good hunting practice to wait 15 to 30 minutes before approaching a shot deer to make sure it is dead."
   I would add that it's also good practice---when hunting big game---to carry a pistol because you never know when you'll need a backup. That's especially good advice for Black Powder and Archery hunters who may not have time to reload their main weapon in an emergency. 
  Although overconfidence can be a killer in the woods, Liberal arrogance can be a threat to human civilization, as well as to the environment. Their actions speak for themselves.

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