Wednesday, May 31, 2017


     Paul Elam, of the Red Pill blog A Voice for Men has weighed in on the Portland PDX attack. Unlike the others in the cult, he doesn't defend the killer, but opines thus on Twitter:

     "Two more good men killed by Chivalry. Let this be a lesson to your sons. Challenging a madman for being verbally abusive is not heroics, it is stupidity. Glorifying this kind of death is insane...People want men who are willing to die for them. That's why they think mindless Chivalry, stupidity, is heroics. How sad."

      Elam has criticized this kind of behavior before. His basic argument is the same one adopted by Radical Feminists: that what we call 'chivalry' is an artificial social construct, although the Red Pills and Feminists assign different causes for why it came into being. Either way, the idea is flawed. What Western Culture traditionally defines as chivalric or heroic behavior is simply codified social norms of masculine instinct. We see this instinct played out even in the most primitive peoples. Our earliest literature of the Homeric Poems was centered on the idea of men protecting our common heritage. Thus in The Iliad, the Greek nation rightly saw the rape of one man's wife as an affront to the entire nation. In The Odyssey, the same principle applied on the family level. Through his literary skills, Homer elevated instinctual---yet logical---behavior into civilized conduct.

       After centuries of religious, philosophical, and legal speculation the ideals of ancestors still hold valid force. The heroes on the PDX did not act from instinct, but from a common heritage based on varying degrees upon reflection and acted accordingly. They saw what was a threat to two young women---part of our greater community---and put themselves at risk to defend against the antisocial element. What they did was no more stupid than some of the military heroes' actions referenced in an earlier post.

      The thing that makes these three men heroic is that they believed in an ideal strongly enough to risk life for it. For Civilization is based on Ideals. Our ancient forefathers who saw through a glass darkly unillumined by Revelation or Reason, nonetheless knew in their hearts---as St. Paul writes---no greater love than one who lays down his life for another. This is a far deeper concept than the gloomy Materialism which ascribes the men's actions to sexual desire or faulty education.

      When Elam argues that "People want men who are willing to die for them," he betrays both the vulgar cynicism and crass Materialism that characterizes the Red Pill movement. He supposes that men who sacrifice for others are chumps and that Society cynically hopes to protect itself by sacrificing men. There's also a strange implication here that men who do sacrifice their lives somehow desired that outcome. In reality, very few heroes especially want to die, they usually are involved in kill-or-be-killed situations; or at least in situations where another party is in danger from a stronger opponent.

      Elam is basically just regurgitating the old "better a live coward than a dead hero" nonsense. People like this fail to realize that ultimately we all die. People still remember heroes---even ancient ones---cowards and the smart boys, not so much.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


    If anyone is still feeling sorry that Clinton lost the election, this story should disillusion them. An inventory audit of the US Department of Veterans' Affair uncovered information that massive quantities of prescription narcotics have been stolen during the entire Obama Administration.

     The audit revealed that in 2016 alone, there were nearly 3,000 reported cases of stolen drugs at VA dispensaries, compared to less than 300 during President Bush's final year, 2008. A shamefaced VA spokesman told the Corporate Media today that 108 VA personnel have been referred to the Inspector General for criminal investigations. In February, the Trump Administration ordered mandatory drug testing for VA employees, but the negative results are leading investigators to suspect that the drugs were probably sold on the Black Market.

     The majority of missing drugs were Opioids. According to one source, the number of Opioid prescriptions in the VA increased about 600% during Obama's tenure. The VA did not disclose what quantity of drugs were actually missing.

     In 2015, the Obama Administration banned federal agencies from requiring that prospective employees disclose prior felony convictions. Prior to the ban, he'd ordered agencies not to discriminate against ex-felons. The VA became notorious for hiring ex-convicts. In 2016, for example, VA employee and ex-convict Jorge Camacho was gunned down by drug-dealers on a city street, a case which led Senator Jeff Flake to propose legislation to purge the VA of convicted criminals.

     In February of this year, three employees at the Little Rock VA Facility were arrested for stealing Oxycodone and Opioids for sale on the street during a sting operation. The current investigation was triggered after five Miami-area hospitals discovered in April that so much Fentanyl had been stolen that veterans were unable to fill prescriptions.

     And in the midst of all of this, Media perverts like fake-comedian Kathy Griffin are getting applause from other Liberal degenerates making sick photos of guillotining President Trump. That's the big story in the American news today: not the fact that Trump is trying to stop drug-traffickers within the Federal Government from preying on veterans. We suppose it can be deduced from that, what kind of people the Corporate Media prefers in positions of authority.


Monday, May 29, 2017


   Today is Memorial Day in the US, which looks back to an era when war was still considered a last resort of policy. Ordinary men were called upon to defend their country and often rose to incredible acts of heroism. Our effete era is inclined to look upon such deeds with a cynical sneer, though recent events in Portland show that the flame may not be totally extinguished.

     During the US Civil War, the Government established the Congressional Medal of Honor as the highest military award in the country. Literally thousands of American men have earned this honor, often posthumously, and include some of the most incredible deeds. There are stories of a WW2 medic who saved 75 wounded men under Japanese fire. A WW1 sailor trying to untangle deadly depth-charges from his ship's lines used his body to block an oncoming torpedo and saved his crew. During the Sioux Indian War, a soldier retrieved a mule loaded with ammunition back from behind enemy lines under 20 minutes of sustained fire and saved his regiment from the same fate as General Custer. And so on.

      This is not to say there were no decorated heroes in previous wars. The Military Medal of Merit was awarded to heroes of the Revolutionary War and subsequent conflicts. The first recipient of America's highest honor was leading a reconnaissance patrol of 12 men to investigate reports of a British outpost in the area. On his own initiative, he attacked and destroyed the camp. Learning from the prisoners of a second camp, he attacked it too and returned to his unit with 54 prisoners.

     There were a small group of veterans who actually won the Congressional Medal of Honor twice.

     Lt. Frank Baldwin was decorated for a daring and successful counterattack during the Civil War. In 1874, on his own initiative and heavily outnumbered, he led a raid on an Indian camp to rescue two girls who were being held hostage.

      Maj. Smedley Butler won the award in 1914 and 1915, first for rescuing Americans trapped in Veracruz, Mexico and then for a hand-to-hand battle against Haitian guerrillas that ended in the capture of a fort.

      Sailor John Cooper won two in 1864 and 1865. During a naval battle, he singlehandedly captured a Confederate monitor. The following year, he was decorated for entering a burning explosives' shack under heavy fire to rescue a wounded sailor.

    Gunnery Sgt. Dan Daly won his first medal in 1900 for heroism during the 55-day embassy siege in Beijing, China. His second came in 1915, when ambushed and heavily outnumbered by Haitian guerrillas, he fought his way to a redoubt and held off the attack for three days.

     Sgt. Henry Hogan was awarded the Medal in 1876 for holding off a superior number of Sioux Indians, allowing his men to escape. In 1877, he risked his life again to save a wounded officer, carrying him back to safety under heavy fire.

      Sailor John McCloy won his first Medal on the 1900 Chinese Expedition which freed the embassy hostages. In 1914, though severely wounded, McCloy drew enemy fire in Veracruz, allowing the rescued American citizens to escape from another point.

     The criterion for receiving a CMH is conduct "above and beyond the call of duty." This is the high standard men set for themselves. A good man does his duty, and a hero goes beyond that. In a society where virtually every portrayal of masculinity is negative; it's good to reflect upon what men are capable of doing.



Sunday, May 28, 2017


     Occasionally, there are stories that restore one's faith in humanity. Many negative things have happened in Portland, Oregon recently. The knife attack on the PDX made global headlines and, at last report, the FBI has gotten involved. Certainly, there will be some updates forthcoming.

      The BBC reported today that the citizens of Portland have come together this Memorial Day weekend to honor the three men who defended two girls against violent Red Pill thug Jeremy Christian. Two of the men died and a third remains in the hospital. Christian pulled a knife on the three and cut their throats before briefly escaping and leading the police on a pursuit.

      The citizens of Portland have already raised $600,000 at various community events for the families of the three victims.

       Ricky Best, 54 years old, was married with three sons and a 12 year-old daughter. Best served in the US Army from 1987-2012, including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Best was a military equipment technician, and after his retirement, worked for the City of Portland in the Bureau of Development Services (the agency responsible for issuing building permits and enforcing codes). In 2014, he ran unsuccessfully for Clackamas County Commissioner. Best was killed at the scene of the attack.

       Talesin Meche, 23 years old, was a recent graduate of Reed College with a degree in Economics. He worked as intern at the Cadmus Group, a consulting firm. Meche was very popular and the subject of several memorials. He was a large, muscular fellow with a heavy beard, and friends stated to the press that Meche's heroism was not at all out of character for him. He was taken to the hospital after the attack, but died en route.

       Micah Fletcher, 21 years old, is the lone survivor of the attack, though the extent of his injuries are unknown. In spite of his age, Fletcher is already a published and award-winning poet. Fletcher attends Portland State University and works part-time at local pizza parlor. Fletcher is a small, sensitive-looking man, but his acquaintances say that he was known to be fearless in the defense of others.

       Three very different men, but real men nonetheless. Unlike the endless exhortations to be manly Alpha leaders (like Jeremiah Christian); no one had to tell Best, Meche, or Fletcher how to be men: they simply were. Good men doing good things, that is what we advocate. Sometimes doing the right thing ends like this, but men we understand that doing nothing is worse.

       Some of the Red Pills have suggested that these three were virtue-signaling busybodies who didn't realize the consequences of their actions. Anybody who's spent much time in Portland and seen the types of violent psychos wandering the city streets knows this to be a lie. Confronting one of these nuts could and often does carry the potential of violent results.

        And Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, whom we referenced yesterday, denounced the three heroes as "Dead White Knights for Islam." He claims that Christian was the real hero who only acted in self-defense and was guilty of nothing more than "disturbing the peace."

      It's refreshing though to see this in Portland. It's proof that civilization isn't dead, even there.




      The Corporate Media didn't bother reporting this story, but on Friday, the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces issued a landmark ruling, freeing a wrongly-imprisoned US serviceman and chastising Obama Administration officials. Airman Rodney Boyce, sentenced in 2014 to four years' imprisonment on a false sexual battery charge, saw the conviction overturned in the military's highest court.

        In 2013, Boyce was accused of rape and assault of his ex-wife, who had filed no charges against him. The case came to the attention of investigators via third parties who pressured the woman into filing a complaint. As most of us are aware, the Obama Administration was aggressively stamping out any remaining vestiges of male heterosexual behavior in the Military, and cases of this kind were encouraged.

      The important thing about this ruling is that the Court recognized the political extortion behind Boyce's conviction in its decision. According to the Court, Boyce's case "had been compromised by apparent unlawful command influence." This is a very rare grounds for dismissal in the Military Courts, and may signal a significant shift in how these cases are handled.

       The Court stated that USAF Lt. General Craig Franklin, Boyce's commander, had been told by Obama's Air Force Secretary Deborah James and USAF Chief-of-Staff General Mark Welsh to "retire or be fired" because of his perceived leniency in pursuing sexual assault allegations.

      "If the Secretary had come to believe that Lt. General Franklin was 'obstinately' refusing to refer 'another' meritorious case to a General Court-Martial, she could have removed him immediately from his command, which likely would have created adverse public attention and post-military career opportunities." the Court said, "James and Welsh failed to take the necessary prophylactic steps to ensure that Franklin's handling of subsequent sexual assault cases did not lead to the appearance of a conflict of interest. After losing confidence in him, James and Welsh failed to direct Franklin not to take any further action in regards to Court-Martial matters pending before him; or to refer them to another authority, as they should have done."

      The Military Tribunal was saying---in the most diplomatic language possible---that it appeared that General Franklin was being extorted into getting sexual assault cases railroaded through the system. Franklin actually did resign shortly after referring Boyce's case for prosecution; his conscience apparently suffering under the strain. The thug Welsh resigned in 2016 after a 40-year career of such injustices.

       Boyce's exoneration opens legal channels now for other servicemen wrongfully convicted on politically-motivated grounds. Better still, it will lead hopefully to an internal investigation of Pentagon political corruption which has both wrongly convicted the innocent and covered up for the guilty. This type of extortion was apparently not uncommon during the Obama Administration. Attorney-General Jeff Sessions has been probing similar allegations in the Justice Department.

        Not a bad start to the Memorial Day weekend, eh?

Saturday, May 27, 2017


     After a week of celebrating mass-murderers Anders Breivik and Eliot Roger, the Red Pill Cult seem to have inspired another multiple homicide in Oregon. Jeremy Christian, a thug with a lengthy and violent criminal record, killed two people on the Portland PDX and injured a third.

     Like many other Manosphere 'heroes', Christian was terrorizing a pair of young Moslem women when three real men intervened. Christian pulled a knife and cut the throats of two of the men and stabbing the other. The suspect is a notorious local White Supremacist and has attended rallies of such types headed by Joey Gibson (bosom-buddy of Red Pills Nathan Damigo and Kyle 'Based Stickman' Chapman) and Red Pill Jack Donovan.

     Red Pill leader Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer justified the murder saying of the victims, "Maybe they should have minded their own business, huh? The type of person who would white-knight for a haji woman is probably the worst type of person of all."

     Yeah, like the thousands of Syrian men who've died defending their women from Jihadi thugs, we suppose. Anglin goes on to lament:

      "We are being slaughtered by these people and it's surprising that this kind of thing doesn't happen more often."

      Readers are free to add contradictory research, but so far we've failed to find one case of a Jihadi attack on American soil carried out by teenaged Moslem girls. Most American Jihadis are young men radicalized in the American Public School system---not unlike the average Red Pill.

      Note though the innuendo in Anglin's phrasing: he's again baiting his disciples to emulate Christian's example. Like some Feminist complaining "Where have the real men gone," Anglin is trolling for 'heroes' to step up to the plate. For emphasis he adds: "No time in history have we ever seen a situation like we have now: a situation where we are told that we have to be kind to an invading army that is slaughtering us in the streets!"

      More accurately, it would the first time in history that an "invading army" have arrived with Immigrant and Refugee Visas and fought a war mostly by starting small businesses and ethnic community centers. And as far as slaughtering us in the streets let us gain some perspective here. According to FBI statistics, 0.03% of US homicides are committed by Jihadi terrorists. And as of last year, more Americans died of narcotic overdoses than by homicide.

        So who's slaughtering who in the streets? One of Anglin's disciples just killed two in Portland. So far, readers of his site have been tied to 13 murders.

        Despite his surname, Jeremy Christian shares the Red Pill contempt for traditional religion. He recently posted: "I hate Monotheists who are destroying the world over their interpretation of some Semitic fake Christians preach hate."

        And here are a few specimens of the Red Pill Cult's moral code, commenting on the murders:

Steelpalm: "Excellent. Maybe more of these SJW do-gooders will think twice before throwing in their lot with the Moslems. I love how the descriptor 'racist' is the most damaging thing they can write about the guy."

Pugkommander: "About the idiot men who 'defended' the women: did you expect a sex reward? You got rewarded with the grave. For very White Knight, there will be a White Trooper."

Dax: "Two collaborators down and one injured: what's not to like?"

Anonymous: "Jeremy Joseph Christian, an anti-Mudslime, killed two cucks and injured another for trying to stifle his free speech."

Oreg: "Free Speech activist attacked by multiple assailants and defends himself---and is arrested? Jeremy Christian is a hero. If only we had 10,000 more just like him."

     If we Conservatives don't want scum like these running our cause, we need to start seeing a few of our leaders speaking out.    

Friday, May 26, 2017


    Eric Clanton, Professor of Philosophy at Diablo Valley College, was arrested in Oakland this morning and is being held on $200,000 bond for a series of attacks carried out during the Berkeley riots last April. According to police sources, Professor Clanton is charged with three counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon and one count of Assault with Injury.

     Clanton was seen on video and social media as a masked Antifa thug wielding a home-made sap and hitting Trump supporters during the riot. The police say that Clanton was behind "several violent attacks" that left three people injured.

     If there ever was a poster-boy for draining the swamp that is American Academia, Professor Eric Clanton is him. Diablo Valley College takes tuition at $1200 a head (in-state) and rakes in millions in taxpayer largesse so that Anarchist thugs like Clanton can teach "Ethics, Critical Thinking, and Comparative Philosophy" and generate new radicals like himself.

       As for Diablo Valley College itself; Californians may well remember another scandal in which this institution of higher learning was involved. In 2007, the school was nearly shut down after 84 people there were arrested in connection with a grade-fixing scandal. Personnel inside the Admissions Office were caught altering transcripts in exchange for cash and sex. However, in spite of over 400 known false transcripts produced during a six-year period and 49 students and bureaucrats sent to jail, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges ruled that none of this was a sufficient level of corruption to cause DVC to lose accreditation.

      The question that should be being asked is: what purpose does an institution like DVC actually serve? Aside from a former congressman who graduated in the 1960s, DVC hasn't produced any alumni of any distinction in a field outside sports or celebrity venues.

      What we really need in the United States is a system for colleges and universities like the base-closure system in the military. There are a number of schools---like Diablo Valley College---that ought to be closed down for no other reason than that they are waste of taxpayer resources. The money wasted on a cesspool like this could be applied to much more deserving causes---and California has plenty such causes right now.

       As for Clanton himself, he is a product of UC-Bakersfield and San Francisco State: two other 'schools' that we might be better off without. Some Conservative activists claim that Clanton was also present during a 2016 Sacramento riot where seven people were stabbed.

         There's no hope for Making America Great Again without an educated public; and that will be impossible with scum like Clanton educating them. We need collectively to reform this system before it's too late.


Thursday, May 25, 2017


    So polls are closing in a Montana Special Election to replace Ryan Zinke, who became US Secretary of the Interior in March. The Corporate Media is supporting the Democrat, of course: an aging hippie named Rob Quist who recently did a photo-op with Senator Sanders. The Media has been framing this election as 'a referendum on Trump'; but the election is actually rather meaningless in the overall scheme of things. Montana voters typically vote the man rather than the party.

     Also, the Republican candidate is Greg Gianforte, a RINO who was a 'Never-Trumper' in 2016, but has picked up a few of Trump's memes and sound-bites to repackage himself. About the only thing this election really means for 2018 is which party will lose the seat that year.

     But things turned interesting yesterday when Gianforte lost it in front of the press and beat a reporter from the British press, one Ben Jacobs of The Guardian. Alicia Acuna, of Fox News witnessed the outburst and stated that Gianforte began screaming at Jacobs, took him by the neck, threw him to the ground; punching and kicking as well. Shamefully, Jacobs did nothing to defend himself (the British Press just isn't what it used to be).

     Gianforte claims that the incident was blown out of proportion; and that he was being set up by the Liberal Media---although Alicia Acuna is hardly a Liberal and the Gallatin County Sheriff, who donated to Gianforte's campaign, saw enough evidence to file assault charges. The altercation probably won't change the outcome of the election, since Montana has early voting and about 70% of votes were cast before this happened. Quist has always trailed in the polls by significant margins.

       The whole affair speaks very ill of Gianforte's character, especially his attitude towards a free press. It is one thing for President Trump to choose alternative means of informing the public and physically attacking or intimidating reporters. Trump's way still respects  Freedom of the Press, Gianforte's does not. In fact, Gianforte has had a history of this kind of hostility. In withdrawing its endorsement of Gianforte, The Helena Independent Record noted:

       "In the past he has encouraged his supporters to boycott certain newspapers, singled out a certain reporter in a room to intimidate him, and even made a joke about choking a news writer. These are not things that we can continue to brush off."

       Our Founding Fathers had issues with the Media in their own day, but President Thomas Jefferson once famously said that "newspapers without government are preferable to a government without newspapers." We don't want to live in any kind of society where the press fears the government. The problem with our Corporate Media in recent years has been its servility to the Deep State, not its fear of challenging it. Thus we can't criticize Trump for identifying the press as part of the problem; Trump's issue with the Media is that it lacks freedom and objectivity.

       But as to Gianforte, The Billings Gazette said it best: "We hope that this incident will cause us all to look in the mirror and take a few deep breaths. This incident is not Montana. It is not America. It's not who we are and attacking---literally---those with whom we disagree cannot be justified nor explained away."

       Exactly. But the Republican Party has a bigger problem of its own with kooks on its fringes who are applauding Gianforte. Vox Day, for example, praised the beating and denounced Republicans who criticized it as Cuckservatives.

      "We're not Conservatives. We're not Republicans," Vox said truthfully for a change, "We are the Alt-Right and both the Left and the Cucks are terrified of us, because unlike the Cucks and Cons, we are trash that not only punches back, but punches back twice as hard."

      Trash Culture defines Greg Gianforte and Vox Day perfectly. What a future the Far Right and the Radical Left offer: the privilege of being kicked with the left or right jackboot while pretending that getting to choose makes us free.

       Conservatives are not weak because they don't beat up opponents. That's for our enemies to do. Take a lesson from Trump and just say 'no' to the Corporate Media. Who looks stronger? Trump, who doesn't fear standing up to the Media, or Gianforte, who jumps on a guy half his size and beats him while he's down? If people can't see the difference, we've lost our way as a culture for certain.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


    President Trump and his family arrived in the Vatican today for some much-needed spiritual refreshment after a week in the sewers of Riyadh and Tel Aviv. Melania again shone, wowing the European Press. The First Lady was truly in her element here---as a daughter of Europe she related to the public well. Pope Francis was so charmed that he had the Vatican chefs prepare a traditional dinner from Melania's native Slovenia and presented her with a specially-blessed Rosary. Melania also made a pilgrimage to the Vatican's most famous children's hospital.

     The meeting between President and Pope went well. Francis released a press communique afterwards stating that the Pope felt "satisfied that good, bilateral relations exist between the Holy See and the United States of America; and that we have a joint commitment in favor of life, and freedom of worship and conscience." The exact nature of the discussions were not revealed, but in an especially poignant moment, the President shook hands with Francis while departing and was overheard saying, "Thank you, and thank you again. I shall never forget what you said."

      It was really a picture of how many of us have longed to see the White House again. But then the Reality struck. The fake Conservatives and Red Pill Cultists on the Alt-Right showed their true colors again; and were as busy as termites undermining the values for which the Holy See and America stand.

      First, there was this.  Red Pill Cultist Vox Day writing paeans of praise to Anders Breivik; and inciting (from the safety of his villa in Italy) his disciples to commit violence on American streets in a similar fashion. Then there was this. The day before Trump's meeting and the day after the Manchester bombing, the Red Pill Cults commemorated the anniversary of the Isla Vista Mass Murders; blasphemously calling Elliot Roger a saint and a martyr.

      The commenters had some salient remarks about the Manchester Bombing. These are typical of the sentiments of the fringe-Right whom Conservative and Christian leaders prefer to deny exist.

      The Red Pill blog The Daily Stormer had a headline lamenting "Trump Meets the Evil Pope Queer." Catholic-hating radio host John B. Wells repeated slanders against the Church in general; accusing them of idolatry and inability to assimilate into American Culture.

      Our enemies are not all on the Left. One real Conservative Christian leader knows this and addressed this subject last week at a graduation ceremony for prospective priests at St. Charles Borremeo Seminary. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito told seminarians:

      "What should we then do? My faith gives me an answer. It would be terrible to think that life has no meaning, that we are going nowhere, and that what we do until we die is a matter of indifference. That is what tortures so many today.

       "Faith is instilled by the family, and there is nothing more important to us than families. Religious freedom is one of the most fundamental rights in the United States. Our Founding Fathers saw a vital connection between faith and the character needed for republican self-government. What the Founders understood more than 200 years ago is just as true today; though there is much cause for concern at the present time."

      The Neo-Pagan, New-Age cultish Alt-Right denies faith, family, and freedom and makes heroes out of common street-thugs and mass-killers. Justice Alito is right: without the values that the Far Right seeks to destroy, we become no better than a Leftist, atheistic society without any meaning other than destruction for its own sake.



Tuesday, May 23, 2017


     Rex Tillerson and H.R. McMaster---the duo responsible for flooding both the Boy Scouts and US Military with homos---are feathering the nests of the terrorist Bahraini regime with taxpayer dollars. In March, Rainbow Rex waived an arms embargo and released billions of military hardware to the regime. Today, the Pentagon announced a $90 million upgrade to the US Naval base on the island, awarded to shady defense contractor Kellogg, Brown, and Root.

      Bahrain is an oil-rich island in the Persian Gulf which was once an exotic tourist destination. The country gained its independence about the time the US did, in the 1770s. It's been ruled by the Al-Khalifa Dynasty ever since. The Al-Khalifa are Sunni Moslems and the majority of Bahrainis are Shiites, but the two co-existed peacefully until the Bush Junior Administration established a major naval base there. Under Saudi, Emirati, and Qatari pressure, the Al-Khalifa came to embrace the radical Wahhabi Cult. The Wahhabis regard Shiites as heretics and Bahrain's human-rights record went from one of the better Middle Eastern states to one of the world's worst in a very short period of time.

       During the Arab Spring, Bahraini Shiites began demanding reform, and Hillary Clinton responded by turning her back as the Al-Khalifa imported Wahhabi mercenaries to butcher the opposition. The situation has gone from bad to worse since 2011; and by 2016 had gotten so bad that the Obama Administration was forced to put a temporary weapons embargo on Bahrain. DNC polls actually showed that Clinton was losing Moslem votes because of her support for the Al-Khalifa Regime.

       That was the embargo that Tillerson recently lifted, and the grateful Bahraini government responded by putting the city of Diraz under martial law. They dispersed Shiites holding a vigil with riot shotguns and armored vehicles, killing at least one person and critically wounding several others. Troops have laid siege to the home of Ayatollah Qassem, Bahrain's top Shiite cleric.

      The sad part of this story is that the Bahraini people actually welcomed Trump's election. Despite their naturally affinity to Iran, the Bahrainis are not inherently anti-American. They saw Trump's victory as a potential change from the treacherous Obama Administration and looked to America with hope of liberation. Trump's victory emboldened the Shiite Opposition which has led indirectly to the current crackdown. Thanks to Trump's Neocon advisors, the Bahrainis' hopes were dashed.

      The Al-Khalifa Regime---which represents profit to oil barons like Tillerson---supports ISIS and other militants. Their rule is just about as brutal as any other Wahhabi-run area. Like other Wahhabi governments they traffic in white slavery, narcotics, and other criminal enterprises.

       This is not the kind of policy we elected Trump to perform. Trump needs to abandon these evil advisors and conduct foreign policy as he does on domestic issues---doing what he thinks is right.



      The BBC is reporting that the suspect in the Manchester Arena bombing is named Salman Abedi. Abedi was 22 years old, was born and raised in Manchester. His parents according the BBC were "of Libyan descent." Abedi is believed to have had connections to ISIS.

        The day before the bombing, Maryland police arrested 22 year-old Sean Urbanski for the racially-motivated murder of Army 2nd Lt. Richard Collins. Urbanski was from the Baltimore area and his parents are bureaucrats. Urbanski was a frequent visitor and contributor to Red Pill and Neo-Nazi blogs and websites.

        Last Thursday, 26 year-old Richard Rojas went berserk and drove his car at over 100 MPH into a crowd at New York's Times Square, killing one and injuring 22 others. Rojas was born in the Bronx and served time in the US Navy. Rojas was involved in the Scientology Cult and held several anti-Government conspiracy theories. By some reports, he was present at various anti-Trump demonstrations in New York and had previously been in jail for threatening to kill police.

         All of the suspects in these cases fit the same pattern we have observed in nearly all outbreaks of mass-violence. Alienated young males who have convinced themselves that Western Civilization has failed; and that by striking a violent blow against it, they may redeem their otherwise meaningless lives. They fall into extremist movements where their views are validated and reinforced until---in too many cases---it all ends in innocent people being harmed.

         Effete Postmodernism marginalizes men and denigrates masculinity. Abedi, Urbanski, and Rojas all had their characters formed in a social context wherein men are regarded as useless and expendable at best and as subhumans at worst. While men by their instinctual nature strive for significance through protecting and providing for society and family; they are rebuffed and rejected by a perverse Cultural Marxist Elite striving for androgyny and a debased version of social equality. 

        Into this vulnerable void of isolation and exclusion steps the Jihadi, the Red Pill/Alt-Right demagogue, the Communist, or the Anarchist. They tell the alienated young man that Western Civilization---faith, family, and freedom---have failed. But the man can be part of a new and better society that these visionaries are building. "There's a place for you here," they say. And the young man follows; because for probably the first time in his life, he is among others who accept him and who recognize his potential.

         What these men fail to understand is that all of these extremist movements advocate ideologies that play into the hands of his enemies. Most of these converts don't see this because the extremists give him a whole new batch of enemies: the Jew, the female nature, White Patriarchy, the Capitalist, the Infidel, and so on. And they add into the mix a strong sexual component: the Jihadists and the Red Pills believe in forcible rape and enslavement of women; the Communists and Anarchists offer no-strings-attached sexual libertinism. Unrestrained power and easy access to sex are antidotes---these men are told---to the false conventions of Civilized society where problems are solved through political processes, teamwork, and social responsibility.

        Western Civilization does not fail men: men built and maintained it for millennia. The failure has come about because apathy has enabled unscrupulous criminals and pathological neurotics to become cultural elites. Western Civilization doesn't need to be overthrown; it needs capable men to operate it again. That's how male radicalization will be stopped---when men take back their natural places in society---work to make it better, and stop seeking instant gratification and change without effort.



Monday, May 22, 2017


     Today we witnessed the kickoff of this year's Summer of Rage with a suicide bomb attack on Manchester Arena in England. Ariana Grande, one of our country's most beautiful celebrities, had just finished a performance when a massive explosion killed 22 people and seriously wounded an unknown number of others. There are also many people reported missing. Ariana escaped the carnage, and issued only a brief statement saying that she "was heartbroken" and was in shock like the others.

     Ariana's fan-base is mostly tween and early-teenaged girls and that demographic was the majority of the crowd at Manchester today. The British authorities are calling it a terrorist attack and indications seem to point to a shrapnel-bomb detonated outside the auditorium as the fans were leaving. Prime Minister Teresa May activated high-terror alert procedures.

     At this point we know nothing of the attacker or motive; or whether May's actions are precautionary or based on actual information. Shrapnel-bombs are especially hideous weapons because they tend to cause even more permanent injuries than fatalities. This was the type of device employed during the Boston Marathon Bombing. The explosion sends projectiles at hundreds of miles per hour through a crowd like Grapeshot.

     The American Corporate Media has been keeping its audience of drug addicts amused while we await details. "Multiple confirmed fatalities at Manchester Arena." 'reported' CBS' David Leavitt, "The last time I listened to Ariana Grande, I almost died too!"

     This guy is almost as hilarious as Stephen Colbert.

      "Honestly for a year, I thought an Ariana Grande was something you ordered at Starbucks!" Leavitt further quipped.

      In fairness to Leavitt, most males employed by the US Media aren't the types who are attracted to lovely young women, so they may not have noticed Ariana. Also, CBS News' audience is mostly made up of morons even stupider than Leavitt.

      While American 'journalists' are making fools of themselves, the BBC has set up hotlines to locate the missing and organize blood donor stations. Area hotels are donating space for shelters and triage centers. The Bishop of Manchester has called on the people to pray and stand firm. Manchester's Chief Constable Ian Hopkins cautioned the press not to jump to conclusions but to wait for facts from the investigation. Which would be a wise policy for us to follow as well.

      Remember that very recently in the United States there was a wave of anti-Semitic threats---that turned out not even to be politically motivated, but the handiwork of two nutcases. Mass-shootings are always blamed on Conservatives---usually it turns out that the shooter was anything but Conservative. Immigrants have been blamed for violence at Trump rallies when White native-born Liberals are responsible. And so on.

       Right now we should be debating how best to help the people of Britain, instead of hunting scapegoats like the many on the Web are doing---or yukking it up like the Corporate Media is doing. But coming to the aid of friends was something we used to do as a culture. Screaming, pointing fingers, and vulgar snark---that's the new normal in the Prozac Nation.






     Southwest of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area lies the village of Belle Plaine. The town has about 6,500 residents and is really distinguished for absolutely nothing other than some interesting geological features from the Ice Age. That is, until recently.

     Belle Plaine last year faced an attempt by militant Atheists to remove a Cross from the Veterans' War Memorial. Frustrated in that attempt, the Town Council has now approved a plan to erect a Satanic monument on the site.

      The new monument is called the Baphometic Bowl of Wisdom and is a jet-black steel cube with inverted Satanic pentagrams etched into the sides and a black upside-down soldier's helmet planted on top. Nothing like High Art in the Prozac Nation.

     As it happens, the US is in the middle of some iconoclasm. Memorials dedicated to the Confederacy are being pulled down all over the South. A statue of General Lee is offensive, whereas statues of Satan are considered enlightened and progressive. Regardless of what one thinks of the former Confederacy, it wasn't exactly wholly demonic and did reconcile with the United States after the Civil War. The Devil has never stopped trying to destroy America.

       These kinds of contradictions though don't occur to the postmodern Ameroboob. Currently, for example, the President is visiting a State Sponsor of Terrorism after bombing a country which has given more fighting the Jihad than other. Trump and Tillerson spoke in Riyadh of religious toleration before a government which two days before had destroyed two Shiite mosques.

        It's illegal in Saudi Arabia to practice Christianity; in fact Saudi forces have ethnically cleansed Christians in parts of Yemen, as well as in Syria and Iraq via proxies. The President also stated that countries like Saudi Arabia are partners in fighting terrorism in spite of the fact that every Jihadist terror attack against the US since 1993 has been connected to Saudi Arabia. Iran was denounced as a world threat although Iran hasn't attacked the US, protects religious minorities like Christians, and has been recognized by the UN as a leader in fighting terrorism and organized crime.

       In such a cultural milieu, it's unsurprising that Satan should become an object of public worship. This is a country after all where the nation's most famous Catholic school stages a disgraceful protest during a commencement address by the Catholic Vice-President of the United States. Trash Culture has affected even Notre Dame.

      Luckily for most Americans though, Saudi Arabia is also a major exporter of illegal Methamphetamines. While it may still be a downer to have a statue of Satan in the town square, after a few pills nobody really cares.

Saturday, May 20, 2017


     As the Syrian Army today buried six more soldiers murdered in cold blood by the US military, some interesting discussions arose on various discussions about Allied reaction (or lack thereof) to this latest affront. Specifically Russian response. Foreign Minister Lavrov denounced the attack, as per usual; but the Kremlin has announced no action so far.

      Russia is the dominant power in the Alliance by far. The world is looking to Putin for leadership, which---while effective against ISIS---is increasingly being seen as weak in the face of Western aggression. This was made even more clear today as Washington signed a nine-figure arms deal with the Saudis; in spite of the fact that Saudi Arabia is State Sponsor of Terrorism that ethnically cleanses Christians in Yemen. The Saudi Deep State is intertwined with our own and made up of the same kinds of people.

      Putin has stood tall as the defender of Christians in the Middle East---a position that the West forfeited long ago. In fact, Western Liberalism is as great a threat to the Middle East as Wahhabi Jihadi movements. This is why perverts like John Kerry and Rex Tillerson can work so well with Wahhabi fanatics like the Saudi Royal family. Their mutual hatred of faith, family, and freedom, and their mutually degenerate characters make them natural confederates.

      The issue here is though whether or not Russia's pacifistic policy is enabling the Deep State thugs to continue undermining world peace. The US was in a similar situation a century ago. President Wilson was a Christian gentleman, opposed to military intervention, but supporting the victims of Imperial aggression in Europe. The German Kaiser and the Central Powers took Wilson as a weakling and provoked the US with numerous outrages---violating the Monroe Doctrine; sinking and detaining American civilian ships; intriguing with Mexico; planting spies and fomenting dissent inside the US. Wilson responded as Putin is now doing---launching formal protests, assisting the Allies, etc. The Central Powers were only emboldened to provoke the Americans even more until, in 1917, Wilson backed up his words with actions and our military chastised the arrogant Kaiser with a blow from which his government never recovered.

       Putin needs to consider Wilson's example. The US didn't want to enter WW1, the Germans drove us to it. We also tolerated Japanese aggression until they finally bombed Pearl Harbor, and so we entered WW2. Since 1945, global geopolitics has shifted and today it is the American Deep State waging aggressive wars and Russia among the countries standing for Civilization. Russia must act.

       It is understandable that Russia should attempt to avoid WW3. What the Russian Government seems unwilling to recognize is that the war is already on. Their Allies are being bombed, shot, and occupied. The West is planting troops on the Russian border and ships near Russian waters. A Russian show of force might start WW3. But Western aggression is going to continue regardless of whether Russia reacts or not.

       The gauntlet has been thrown and Russia can't pretend it didn't happen. Either Russia is the defender of Syria or it's not. It's time for deeds and not words. 



     President Trump headed off to his first foreign visit, with Rainbow Rex in tow. But a few hours before leaving, Pentagon forces launched an airstrike on a Syrian Army convoy destroying several tanks and trucks and damaging a missile launcher. Eight patriots were killed in the wanton slaughter and about an equal number were reported wounded.

      The perverts in the Pentagon admitted to the strike, claiming that the Syrians were operating in an area occupied by their own forces. The Corporate Media barely noticed the story: preferring instead to talk about Anthony Weiner. Weiner was romantically involved with a 15 year-old woman---this is worse than War Crimes in the Prozac Nation, even though many of our grandmothers were married and raising families at her age. The other important story was Bradley Manning showing off his/her new look. Nothing symbolizes the state of modern American more than Bradley Manning and Bruce Jenner.

       Attacking Syrian soldiers has become as passé as attacking Syrian civilians. 'Kill 'em all; let God sort 'em out' has become the American motto.

       To remind people of a few basic facts: One of Trump's Campaign promises was to end the illegal war in Syria and co-operate with the Allies in defeating Jihadist forces. And yes, this is an illegal war and both the previous Administration and the current Pentagon leadership are guilty of War Crimes.

        When a sovereign nation is attacked without provocation, this is an Act of War under International Law. When a sovereign nation places troops on another sovereign nation's soil against the legitimate government's will; this is an invasion and an Act of War. It is an Act of War to fire on troops of a legal government. It is an Act of War to embargo and blockade a sovereign nation militarily. It is an Act of War to support and materially aid guerrillas and irregular militias operating against a sovereign government.

         Whether the Ameroboobs want to acknowledge it or not, the US is at war with the Republic of Syria. More importantly, our own Constitution does not give the President authority to wage war without a Declaration of War. No such Declaration exists regarding Syria. And there is absolutely no Constitutional authority for gangsters-turned-generals like CENTCOM commander Joseph Votel to commit acts of war on his own authority.

          In 1946, the United Nations War Crimes Commission established four criteria establishing criminal conduct: Conspiracy to Wage Aggressive War; Waging Aggressive War; intentionally committing acts in violation of the Articles of War (War Crimes); intentionally inflicting harm on civilian populations (Crimes Against Humanity). American leaders have been guilty of all four in Syria.

         To the beer-swilling, pill-popping Ameroboob, all of this irrelevant. War has become a spectator sport in today's Trash Culture, which is why both Democrats and Republicans support it. That's why there is rarely any strategy for post-war policy. The whole idea is to win and then move on to the next opponent. Just like the concept of Sportsmanship long ago disappeared from American sport, so the concept of Professionalism has vanished from the military.

          The Trump Administration---and Conservatives in general---need to abandon this blind trust in the Pentagon and suspend any further military actions abroad until these thugs held over from Clinton-Bush-Obama can be removed. An earlier generation would have had scum like Votel court-martialed and shot and he still should be; so should several others.

         Geopolitics is not a game. The consequences of treating it like one can be horrendous and cultivating a thirst for revenge in (now) defenseless nations is like building a time-bomb that can go off when and where least expected (e.g. the 9-11 attacks). But Trash Culture is the credo of the Street Gang; bullying, arrogant, unrefined, uncivilized. Just remember, though, to what kind of end gangsters typically come and ask if this where America really wants to go.

Friday, May 19, 2017


     The Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources announced yesterday that engineers in the South China Sea had concluded successful experiments on an extraction process turning a naturally-occurring hydrate into combustible gas. This is the first successful test of a technology that scientists have been pursuing for decades.

      Minister Jiang Daming told the Chinese Media that the discovery that "may lead to a global energy revolution." He explained that the hydrate compound is typically found in deep-sea beds and permafrost tundra. Scientists have learned that the extracted gas burns 40% cleaner than coal and 20% cleaner than petroleum. The efficiency of the extracted gas is much higher as well. But even more importantly, the global supply is practically inexhaustible.

      The Chinese plan two more mining and extraction experiments. Their goal is energy independence by 2030 and this will be proposed at the upcoming Party Congress. The implications for the Chinese economy are incalculable if this goal is achieved.

      So why isn't the US working on a similar technology? We once were, but Obama scrapped the plan in 2013 over environmental concerns. What then about our supposedly superior university system? They've been spending the billions of tax dollars shoveled their way on important things like studying micro-aggressions; expanding their athletic programs; organizing anti-Trump 'resistance'. Important things like that. Thus in five years, China has unlocked the Holy Grail of energy independence while American 'scholars' have been busy staging violent political riots. 

      Oh well, China can always sell us their used bicycles when they can afford to drive cars and we can't. But we'll still be exceptional because China doesn't have safe spaces.

       Americans need to start getting their collective heads out their drug-induced stupors; put down the Budweiser, turn off the MSM, and start waking up to the fact that China---and Russia and India as well---are running the table on us in technology and infrastructure. Because if we don't get some kind of control over Academia---and yes, that means more than building championship football teams---we're going to end up another banana republic.

China's Academic Torchbearers

Ameroboob Academic Torchbearers

Thursday, May 18, 2017


       Turkish President Erdogan was in Washington DC on Wednesday for a high-level meeting with President Trump. Erdogan is certainly isn't a leader without a few issues; and the meeting between him and Trump wasn't altogether smooth by most reliable accounts. Nonetheless, a lot of Turks support their president and several went to the Turkish Embassy to show their solidarity. Things were fairly peaceful until the 'Resistance' showed up.

        And then things turned rather violent rather quickly. After engaging in shouting matches with the pro-Erdogan demonstrators, the Liberals began marching on the Turkish Embassy, shouting insults and vandalizing property. The Embassy Guards called on the DC Police to act---and as usual they did nothing.

          So the Turkish Embassy Guards gave everyone a lesson on how such protesters get treated in Turkey. When the melee was over, 12 radicals were sent to the hospital and the DC Police managed to catch two of the fleeing rioters and hauled them off to jail.

           The whole episode should give these professional protesters pause to think (as unaccustomed to thinking as they might be). For months now they've been terrorizing American streets calling Trump a dictator who has no respect for the Constitution. Well, Erdogan gave them all a sample of how a real autocrat who recognizes no law above himself behaves.

          The battered and humiliated Snowflakes have been complaining to the sympathetic Corporate Media about how violated they feel. No doubt the whole affair was quite traumatizing to them. They came face-to-face with the stark reality that all that stuff they learn about extreme activism only works in the United States. Trying these tactics on Turkish sovereign embassy soil is not a good idea. And in fairness to the Embassy Guards they actually were somewhat restrained, at least in comparison to how they handle unruly crowds in their home country.

        The Corporate Media, too, has been trying to jinn up outrage over these innocent snowflakes

       But overall it seems they got about what they deserved. Some commenters on various blogs have suggested that our police should be more like Turkey's. I don't think we want to go that far, but ours do need to do a better job of maintaining order. The important thing for Liberals to take away from this incident is that all their moaning, tantrums, and demonstrations about oppression in the United States doesn't even get allowed in a country like Turkey. And that should make them all a little more circumspect in their future actions and rhetoric.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


    Robert Fisher, New Hampshire legislator exposed as the leader of the Red Pill Cult forum Red Pill Sub-Reddit agreed to resign from the NH House today. Fisher apparently made a deal with GOP officials because the House Committee voted 8-6 not to censure Fisher and he resigned immediately afterwards.

     Democrats, however, have moved that Fisher's case be reviewed by the State Attorney General for Perjury. So he's not off the hook yet; but at least he's away from the levers of political power.

      Fisher characteristically played the victim-card: "Unfortunately, the falsehoods, the lies, and comments of an overzealous blogger and some of my colleagues have created a situation where I must consider my safety and well-being." he huffed. Which is probably nothing compared to what the Red Pill Cult has done to others.

      While the Republicans did the right thing in forcing Fisher's resignation, they didn't handle this affair as forcefully as they should have. Governor Sununu basically had to push them to do anything at all; and even then the GOP played too many political games here. If they had simply sided with the Democrats and voted for Expulsion it would have achieved the same result and left them less open to criticism. The Republicans also insisted on voting to discipline a Democratic legislator who was nowhere nearly as bad as Fisher.

      Now the Democrats left themselves open to some criticism too; they focused too much on Fisher's offensive speech. What both parties really missed is that Fisher was a recognized leader of an online cult that radicalizes young men; and encourages violence against women and racism and many other anti-American activities. That would be bad enough; but Fisher infiltrated and used both parties to advance the cult's agenda; and then lied about his involvement once caught. This is not a partisan, or free-speech issue; Fisher was using the system to undermine it and possibly committed actual crimes in the process.

      The NH Republicans seemed far too eager simply to sweep the whole affair under the rug. One GOP official even praised Fisher for resigning 'for the good of the party.' This kind of denial is endemic among Conservative and Christian leaders. Democrats and Leftists are already accusing the GOP of being sympathetic to Fisher's views. The reality is that GOP leadership is too afraid to admit that extremists are infiltrating their ranks. But it needs to be done because it's doubtful that Fisher is the only Red Pill infiltrator running around out there.

      But at least Fisher has been exposed and is out of NH politics. And congratulations again to writer Bonnie Bacarisse who brought the activities of this fiend to light.


     As we've all seen today, the jugheads in the Corporate Media have been predicting the eminent downfall of the Trump Administration again. How many times now have fake news outlets made up some scandal that would lead to impeachment?

      Granted there is a need for Alternative News outlets and bloggers to report on and expose the fake news. Much of it though is self-refuting and only a matter of considering the source. We wrote here recently of NBC's Claudio Lavanga shameful antics disrupting the Centennial Papal Pilgrimage to Fatima. And then there was the stupid commentary by ABC's Matthew Dowd about the Conference on Christian Persecution attended by Vice-President Pence. Sources like these can't be believed for much of anything.

      In the past, when journalists actually operated under a professional code of conduct and ethics, everybody understood that a news agency relied on two things: public trust and credible sources. Journalists dealt with facts; not narrative. And old-school journalists would tell you that the difference between reporting concrete facts and reporting political narrative was the difference between a free and a controlled press. That fools like Lavanga and Dowd are the pinnacle of modern American journalism shows that our press is generally not credible.

       The Washington Post thus reported that unnamed sources told them that President Trump revealed unspecified national secrets to Russian officials. Why is this fake news? Simply because we don't know who told this to the press; we don't know what information was supposedly released, and frankly, we never can knowIf it really happened, did it compromise national security? We don't know, and never can know. So what was the point of reporting this story? None. If the story had any validity, the responsibility of a real journalist would be to investigate and build a convincing case---not just print what anybody whispers his ear the next day.

      The worst thing about this kind of fake news that it trips unstable minds, like Keith Olbermann's to go on air and rave about coups and the end of American Democracy. Olbermann has even gone so far as to encourage outright treason: yesterday he called on foreign governments to work with Americans to overthrow Trump.

       "I appeal to the intelligence agencies and governments of what is left of the free world; to them as entities, entireties, bureaucracies making official decisions and to individuals who make decisions of all of them, and to the world's journalists, I make this plea." Olbermann shrieked, "We, the citizens of the United States of America are the victims of a coup. We need your leaks, your information, your intelligence, your videos and recordings, and your conscience. The civilian government and the military is no longer in the hands of the people. Nor in the control of any responsible individual upon whom you can rely."

       Olbermann goes on to give suggestions to these foreign agents and lists Britain, Australia, France, Germany, and Japan as countries that should help facilitate this overthrow. Olbermann of course doesn't seem to realize that any one of those five countries would have (or at least have the legal power to) throw him in jail if he'd said any of that against their governments in their countries.

       Though Olbermann probably won't end up in jail for what he advocates: we should caution any Liberally-leaning readers against acting on his advice. There are two facts of which you should be keenly aware:

         1. The FBI takes an extremely dim view of cavorting with foreign operatives for the purpose of overthrowing the US government---regardless of who the president is. Even Rules for Radicals advises against doing this, it's such a bad idea.

          2. When you get caught by the FBI, federal judges will not take "But Keith Olbermann told me to!" as a legitimate defense. The Federal Prison System is full of people who did what somebody else told them to do. Just ask the Pizzagate Shooter.

          We have a lot bigger problem with our irresponsible media than with presidential appointments or diplomatic meetings. We need to work on reforming that part of society desperately.