Tuesday, April 28, 2020


   President Trump said a few weeks ago that the country should 'reopen' by May 1st: which happens to be this Friday. As we enter Week 8 of the 'Crisis', some of the Insurgent Governors have seen the handwriting on the wall and are beginning to back down. After a meeting with Trump, the starch seems to have melted from RINO Florida Governor DeSantis' blood veins and that State is suddenly loosening its hostile policy. In Ohio, the Arch-RINO Mike Dewine passively-aggressively opened retail with a mandate for wearing masks and gloves. Today, in a red-faced press conference, Dewine said that wearing masks was only a recommendation. Meanwhile, though, several other of the Occupiers have doubled down; extending their measures deep into May. 

  I think that some of this is out of fear of a showdown with the President, who has taken some concrete steps to back up his words. Speaking today, he announced his intention to sign an Emergency Executive Order blocking the States from closing meat processing plants and overriding closure orders already given. 18 plants have been closed so far, threatening the national food supply. Several of the Bolshevik leaders---like California's Gavin Newsom---were pushing for governmental seizure of the food supply and these closures were instrumental in their plans.

  Trump not only has been blocking the Elites' schemes: he's begun taking proactive measures. The Detroit News reported today, that Federal Attorney Matthew Schneider has been appointed by the Administration to begin a official inquiry into the actions of State autocrats.


  In announcing the appointment, Attorney-General Barr stated that 
 "Many policies that would be unthinkable in regular times have become commonplace in recent weeks, and we do not want to unduly interfere with the important efforts of state and local officials to protect the public, But the Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis. We must, therefore, be vigilant to ensure its protections are preserved, at the same time that the public is protected. If a state or local ordinance crosses the line from an appropriate exercise of authority to stop the spread of COVID-19 into an overbearing infringement of constitutional and statutory protections, the Department of Justice may have an obligation to address that overreach in federal court.”  Michigan would be a great place to start cleaning house, since the Governor just extended authoritarian rule there until June. 

  In Illinois, Bolshevist Governor Pritzker received a major setback in his hopes to extend his power. A State judge ruled in favor today of a constituent from Xenia, Illinois saying that the Governor's actions were in violation of State Law. Predictably, Pritzker exploded with rage: holding a Press Conference vowing an appeal, asserting that his Orders still had legal force, and denouncing the decision, the Plaintiff, and spreading all sorts of pseudoscience pertaining to the COVID virus. 

   The President also earmarked another $320 billion for programs to save businesses closed by the Occupiers. All of these successes have brought down a chorus of contempt from the jackals in the Media. Besides all of their phony coverage of the virus during the last two months, they continue to make complete asses of themselves at every Press Conference. As the President has said, they truly are a national disgrace. 

  Word is getting out though about the Media cover-ups. If anyone is interested, vlogger Davey Crocko has a video clip on one of his recent podcasts of a healthcare worker leaking information about the real conditions in NYC hospitals. The clip starts at 43 minutes into the video. In less than 48 hours, this video has been scrubbed off most of the Internet, and Crocko is the only one that I know of who still has a copy of it posted. 

  The Elites have suffered some setbacks this week; and we're seeing our first rays of hope. Many have questioned President Trump throughout this 'Crisis', but he's acted within the Constitutional scope during this whole time. The insurgents are not finished yet, but there are definite cracks in their formerly united front against Freedom. We've still got an uphill fight on our hands, but we can still win if we stay the Right Course. 


Sunday, April 26, 2020


   As we enter now in Week 8 of the COVID-19 Hysteria, I doubt that many Americans haven't noticed a major display of Evil. On the Social Macro-level, an unknown number of fatalities have occurred related to the Influenza Outbreak; followed by the heartlessness of petty local dictatorships banning funerals. We're seeing a coup against the Constitution being waged by these same despots---the outcome of which is still to be determined. The scum in the Media and their masters in Corporate Media have been raking in the profits as fast as the political elite can grab power. 

   On the Social Micro-Level, we've seen about the worst in humanity brought out. Homicides and looting on a wide scale; people eagerly informing on their own neighbors and relatives; unbridled selfishness as small businesses crash, and so forth. 

  In the midst of all of this chaos, there have been some unmanufactured tragedies too, although nobody profits off reporting them. There's been a bad storm season in the American Southeast and many have been killed, injured, and seen property destroyed. I read of one recently at Adrienne's blog. A blogger she knows named LindaG, lost her family's home during a tornado touchdown in Louisiana.

   Now, America's wonderful Insurance Cartels---which have been raking in billions off the recent 'Stimulus Package'---won't pay for damages to the house. Adrienne set up a crowfunding page for Linda and her family; which as of this writing has reached about 2/5 of its initial goal. I don't know Linda other than through some comments I've seen at Adrienne's blog: but as you can see, this is a family in great distress. 

   Linda said of the incident: "Want to know how I know God is real; how wonderful He is and how He watched over us Wednesday night? Our son was in his room at his computer. He got up to get a drink. Just moments before he had been sitting where all those chimney bricks are now. And the ceiling and roof. We were blessed that night.God answers prayer. We were blessed that night."

  What Linda said reminded me of something I'd heard on the radio and meant to write about after the Tennessee storms earlier this year, but the COVID panic came up. Some angry Atheist was quoting some people expressing their Thanksgiving in a similar way, when he suddenly blew a fuse and shouted, "Well, what about all those people who died? Don't you think they prayed to Gawwwwwd too?!?" Let it never be said that Atheists aren't without compassion and empathy, right? 

  To answer his question, "Probably the deceased did pray too, but all true Christians understand that the answers to our prayers are contingent upon God's Will; and since we have the Hope of Heaven, no Christian need fear death. This part of a concept called Providence, though many churches and most of society has long forgotten what it means.

   Providence is, simply stated, a belief that life is a part of a Divine Plan. Though we live in a fallen world, God is in ultimate control of human destiny and what evils that the Good experience here is temporal. The Problem of Evil, as modern thinkers call it, was never much of an issue discussed anywhere in the West (including among the Jews and Moslems) until the 18th Century Enlightenment. The so-called higher critics then---and now too since Academia hasn't changed its arguments on the subject in 300 years--- posit:"How could a God who is infinitely Good and infinitely Just allow Evil to exist?" The very question is, of course, premised on the idea that God---if He exists at all---is neither Good nor Just. 


   Actually, only indirectly in most Evil circumstances. There are categories of Evil which exist in this world. 

   1. Accidents. We are created as Spiritual beings, but since we live in a Natural World, we are still subject to physical laws. The tornadoes are an example of the Evils which simply arise because our planet is subject to storms; and storms are sometimes fatal. 

   2.Human Wickedness: This doesn't need much explanation, but as creatures endowed with Reason and Free Will it happens that some abuse those gifts by preying on others. Much of what we've seen during the COVID crisis is a prime example of this kind of Evil in action. 

  3. Demonic Attack: This involves the direct action of demons, and the instances of possession is much more uncommon than Hollywood makes it out to be. However, humans who are especially steeped in evil---especially on a spiritual plane---are inspired by demons to commit evil acts the same way that Christians are inspired by the Holy Spirit to engage in good works. 

   Yes, it does. For even though Evil is indiscriminate against whom it strikes, God permits us to experience evils for reasons which align with His Will.

   1. To call us to repentance. When those, especially unbelievers, experience Evil they can come to reflect upon Powers and Causes greater than themselves. Recognizing God's Providence in a time of Evil can be effected through prayer. An example of this happening are the astounding number of conversions we're seeing in the Middle East since the downfall of the ISIS Caliphate. 

  2. To test our Faith: testing in the sense here of strengthening faith. A good example of that is the recovery efforts from those recent storms; or some of the brave officials here who've stood up to the power-grabs during the COVID-19 panic. 

   While we live in an imperfect world, God (and those who serve Him) bring Good out of Evil circumstances. As one scholar eloquently wrote recently:

   "Creating opposites such as good and evil is from the perfection of God’s Wisdom, and making them observable to us is from His Graciousness. Creating the night and day, the sweet and the sour, the hot and the cold, pain and pleasure, death and life, sickness and health, also reflect His Greatness and Perfection. Though the attributes of God are inherently perfect, not seeing them manifest in our world would render us less capable of recognizing God’s Greatness. Were it not for the creation, recognizing God’s quality of being a Creator would be more difficult. Were it not for God creating people who exhibit evil, recognizing God’s qualities of Forbearance and Pardon, and even His qualities of Justice and Dominance, would be that much harder to recognize. If a king were to limit himself to just one of the many actions he is capable of performing, this king would either be unaware of his own abilities, or unaware of the great benefit these actions would entail for others. As for the One with perfect Knowledge and perfect Ability, He does not restrict Himself to a single action or type of action, for that would be a flaw in His Sovereignty. It is from God’s perfect ability that He both gives and withholds, rewards and punishes, uplifts and debases, honors and humiliates, empowers and vanquishes, accelerates and delays, benefits and harms. At the same time, it is due to His Wisdom that, because humans are not identical, they are not treated identically, for that would be contrary to His perfect Justice."

   In other words, this whole question of the Problem of Evil revolves around a premise that Life has no meaning or purpose. It shouldn't be any surprise, therefore that the ones who hold to that premise are the ones responsible for generating much of the Evil and human suffering that happens in this world. When one rejects God's Providence, it's only a small leap of twisted logic to make plans of their own. That's how we get 'leaders' like George Soros, Hitler, Lenin, Robespierre, Pol Pot, etc. In the grand scheme of things, they represent nothing more than the social equivalent of those tornadoes we mentioned. They sweep through, with darkness and destruction; but one day, the homes are rebuilt, the forests grow again, the lawns are green and they are eventually forgotten. 


Friday, April 24, 2020


   While the Media Jackals are busy celebrating the trillions in Corporate Welfare of the Stimulus Package (mostly by highlighting the few crumbs tossed to Americans huddling in their Safe Spaces), the US Justice Department announced a $378 million disbursement---the fifth in an ongoing series---to victims of Wall Street Robber Baron Bernard Madoff. 

  “It is entirely fitting during this Crime Victims’ Rights Week that the department is able to make the latest distribution from the Madoff Victims Fund,” said Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski,“With the $378 million distributed today, the department has now returned $2.7 billion to Madoff’s victims, allowing them to recover almost 74 percent of their losses.  All of this has been made possible by the department’s steadfast commitment to the pursuit of the proceeds of fraud through civil forfeiture.” 

  Of course, we never heard about any of this in the MSM, which has been touting our 'real' national heroes---

  ---but after the Trump Administration came into office, former Attorney-General Sessions began returning the billions collected by the Government in Madoff-related seizures back to the innocent people he and his shysters had fleeced. The Obama Administration, which had previously handled the case, held up the payments for years as the wily former Commander-in-Chief tied escrow up in Court hoping to carve a slice of the pie for hedge-fund managers like George Soros. 

   I wonder what would have happened to all of that boodle if Hillary had been elected?

   If any of our readers were themselves (or know of people who were) scammed by Madoff and his Merry Men and didn't know (because of Media negligence about reporting on this program), it's not too late to file a claim. The DOJ has a dedicated website for this purpose. 

  Good Men Doing Good Things: they're the ones to count on in a crisis. 



   So on yesterday's post, we mentioned the fakery the Mainstream Media was stooping to. Last weekend this photo went viral on the Internet:

  This protest took place in Colorado, denouncing the State's Bolshevik Governor Jared Polis and his absurd policies. Polis has a long (and terrible) reputation as one of the most loathsome Deep State Swamp Creatures. When he served in Congress, he was the 3rd wealthiest member with a net worth of around $385 million. Polis used his wealth and influence to become a major 'bundler' for Hillary Clinton in 2016

  Anyway, some people purporting to be hospital workers showed up to block protesters. Vlogger Davey Crocko became suspicious of this and found that there wasn't a hospital within 2-3 miles of the protest. It seemed suspect to me too: there were no media interviews of these people; and after much searching online, there was no information on who they were. Like ghosts they simply manifested then dissipated into the Aether. 

  Well, it turns out that a Twitter user filmed these dorks setting up and staging the whole photo-op. Check it out:

Here we can see the camera-man and one of Polis' jackboots at the crosswalk with the actor, looking for the opportune moment to spring into traffic.

   The policeman stops traffic at the intersection and the cameraman gets into position.

  Then a second cameraman appears. This actually shows some professionalism, since the MSM frequently uses another camera to film various angles before editing the film for a broadcast. In other words, it's not something a typical Youtuber or amateur activists would do.

   We should point out, relative to the last photo that these cameras are not Walmart specials. Though it's hard to make it out from the photos, these are the the types of cameras used by professional cameramen. We found a similar one for sale online. They go for about $12,000. 

    And it's all set up for the Nightly News:

    I wish that we knew which media outlet was behind this, because it appears to have been a production of some organization with media skills. It doesn't really matter, I suppose, since most of the MSM repeated the fraud---a fraud so transparent that even a few vloggers were able to pick it apart even before this Twitter video came out. 

   Once again, the MSM proves what a bunch of scumbags they really are. This is as bad as CNN's revolting phony coverage of their stooge, Chris Cuomo, who was clearly lying about having COVID-19. Cuomo pretended to be in quarantine since March 31st, even though just three days ago, a police report was filed against him after he got into a public altercation with a 65 year-old cyclist. 

  The report stated that Cuomo screamed at the cyclist---who asked him why he wasn't in quarantine---"'Who the hell are you?! I can do what I want!' 'I’ll find out who you are!’
‘This is not the end of this. You’ll deal with this later. We will meet again!’" 
  What can we say? It's just the Liberal Media Elite being themselves. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


    It's hard to believe this, we're already midway through the 7th week of the Pandemic Panic. It's a real testimony to popular credulity and herd mentality that it's been able to go on for so long. Amidst the crashing businesses and government/corporate power-grabs, two brave governors, Brian Kemp of Georgia and Bill Lee of Tennessee have seen through the lies and begun lifting State-imposed restrictions. And another patriotic Sheriff---Adam Fortney of Snohomish County, Washington--- has joined the growing ranks of local law enforcement standing up to State thugs. The reaction from the Elites was swift and sure. The rhetoric coming from Big Media went wild while Big Government in the Occupied States cracked down even harder. 

   While researching this story, I came across this photo of Governor Lee posted prominently on MSM sites:

  This photo was taken months ago when Lee attended a trade conference with investors from China. But the MSM---which is engaged in a China-bashing campaign---dug it up and posted it to make it appear as though Lee was working with China on his COVID policy. 

  We're not alone noticing this slimy Media behavior. Tucker Carlson of Fox News has been one of the few pundits fighting for Free America. On Monday, Carlson exposed many of their shams in an excellent commentary. Mark Zuckerberg, the anemic CEO of Facebook, announced that misinformation about the Crisis would be deleted from his site; and the even more egregious biases on MSNBC and CNN were highlighted. And it's not simply the work of the Media, the political bosses have been fomenting lies as well. As we've shown before, they're inflating the death tolls; but not only that, the Supreme Leader of the People's Democratic Republic of Arizona admitted that the State doesn't even bother recording recovery rates. 

   In this same State, the political police Winslow Police Department recently roughed up and arrested a 71 year-old business owner who had the manhood to assert his Rights. The MSM has been very quiet about small and midsize businesses which are collapsing during this fake 'emergency', but local news stories have been following them. KLTX-19 reported the downfall of Home Team BBQ---which until January was a fast-growing chain---and is now closing down its five locations in two states. This equates to a loss of 400+ jobs. 

  WVTM-13 in Alabama interviewed some Birmingham-area businessmen which highlights the desperation small businesses are experiencing now. David Koonce, who runs a small ad agency servicing small business, told the press that "many of my clients are running out of time. We know if they don't open, they're going to fold."  The reporters also interviewed Ted Zane, the owner of Flex Fitness in Irondale, Alabama. The RINO Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey, recently extended the house arrest 'stay-at-home-order' until April 30th and Zane---who's watching the 12 years of work he put into his business sliding down the drain---is fearing the worst. "I've got a $3,000 electric bill and no idea how it will be paid," Zane said, pointing to a stack of bills on his table, "I've got no money and none of these are getting paid." 

   The Whacko Left Wing celebrates at such news, as do the Robber Barons in Corporate America who hope to swoop down like vultures upon the carcasses of their competitors and grab their market share. This is why the nutcases on the Left are allied now with Swamp RINOs like Ducey and Ivey. Both hate free enterprise and both want monopolist control of the economy. It is vital to understand this fact. True, the Left wants State Control and the RINOs want Corporate Control, but the end result is the same. The only difference is that the Fascist Right believes that Corporatism is the end product of Social Evolution, and the Marxist Left sees Corporatism as the last evolutionary step before the Proletariat takes over and establishes a final Communist Utopia. For the average person it means either Wage-Slavery or Welfare-Slavery; and Common Sense should tell anyone that neither of these options is an advance in civilization---evolutionary or otherwise. 

   As proof of this, Week 7  has also seen both police crackdowns and Media promotion of collaborators. We've all seen these obviously faked photos in the news of our frontline heroes of the New Normal appearing at protests. 

   Vlogger Davey Crocko exposed this one as a fake. He pointed out that there's not a hospital within two miles of where this goofball in the mask and his confederates appeared. The photo-op is obviously evocative of the award-winning 1989 photo of the Tiananmen Square Protests in China. 

   Except, of course, that the position of the Communists in the first photo is reversed. But it's another sleazy attempt by the MSM to connect through imagery the Constitutionalists with supposed Chinese intrigue. China apparently has taken Russia's place in the current narrative as the Evil Genius behind Conservative policy. 

   Another story which has gone viral has been the story about a mother who was arrested at a playground by Idaho's secret police thugs. KTVB-7 did an interview with the insipid mayor of Meridan, Idaho who comes across as an almost stereotypical Apparatchik official of whom there were once hundreds behind the Iron Curtain. Everybody is just following orders, according to Mayor Robert Simison. In his case, the Orders issued from Idaho Comintern Chairman Governor Brad Little. 

   These are not the only arrests which have happened this week. Tucker Carlson mentioned the case of New Jersey Protester Kim Pagan. As it turns out, the Regime in New Jersey has been quite aggressively locking dissidents up. State Attorney-General Gurbir Grewal and State Police Chief Patrick Callahan---a pair of vicious fanatics---are enforcing Governor Phil Murphy's iron-handed rule. 

  Some readers might recall that Murphy, a former Goldman-Sachs executive, previously was employed as Obama's Ambassador to Germany when Julian Assange exposed Deep State intrigues there and Edward Snowden blew the whistle on domestic spying on the German people.  He's a character well-suited for this type of Martial Law. 

  This week and the next two are likely to be critical ones for the survival of our Republic. The Elites are already trying to stoke fears of a 'second outbreak' and other falsehoods. But the Occupiers are having an increasingly difficult time hiding their real intentions. This is why we're seeing a shift from Deception to Force in their tactics. As Tucker Carlson pointed out in his speech, the Media is trying to ratchet up the rhetoric and portray the protesters and critics of the Occupation as dangerous, bigoted, and of the fringe. That would, in the minds of many of their dupes, justify police repression. We must continue on with the fight as well. 


Monday, April 20, 2020


   A sad story came from Fort Worth, Texas this week. It was reported that 3 year-old Amari Boone died in a Dallas children's hospital of what appears to have been Traumatic Shock on Easter Morning. The boy's aunt told WFAA News that Amari suffered from "fractured ribs, two broken arms, bleeding in his brain and bruises." Some other sources state that all 10 of his fingers were broken as well. 

   The Tarrant County Medical Examiner ruled the case a homicide. The boy's mother, Ariana George, voluntarily turned Amari and his brothers in to CPS after economic conditions made it impossible for her to care for them. The boys' aunt took them in briefly, but CPS and a Family Law Judge decided to place them with whom the Media parrots have termed "friends of the family."  Ariana reported to CPS on multiple occasions that she feared Amari was being abused. But the authorities ignored her complaints. 

  The Media stories about this case are suspiciously unanimous in their "nothing to see here folks" narratives. CPS officials are throwing up their hands and protesting that they followed all of the proper protocols---it wasn't their fault. And the same script is telling people words to the effect 'oh well, the COVID lockdown could lead to more child abuse anyway." It's quite suspicious too that the custodians---though suspected of murder---haven't been publicly identified or even interviewed. Anyone doing a Google Search for Amari Boone will find every article sounds just like that.

   Well, in the WFAA interview, Amari's aunt Chasatie Boozer let the cat out of the bag. She flatly told the interviewers that the adoptive family were Amari's foster parents and they had a parental relationship to the boy. And Ariana, speaking to NBC-5 stated that "a judge ordered him to live with two men who were friends of his parents."

   So the truth comes out. The boy was placed with a homosexual couple and the Media doesn't want that fact advertised. The American Media has had a long history of covering up for the Gay Mafia---many media figures, of course, are homosexuals themselves.In this era of New Normals, Cancel Culture, and Political Correctness has made gathering any kind of reliable statistics difficult: but as nearly as I can come to a number, about 18% ---that's nearly 1/5---of all Child Abuse cases were perpetrated by a member of the so-called 'LGBTQ Community' in 2017. 

  About the most recent government study I could find---which is 22 years old--- showed nearly half of Lesbians and a third of 'gay' men were victims of Domestic Violence.  Comparing them to studies even older than that one indicates a consistent trend that probably continues down to this day, but is being wholly ignored by the cultural 'Elites.' Another unknown factor are the numbers of homosexual rapes which are committed, but indications from past psychiatric research indicates that it's very high. And we've noted many occasions here homosexual involvement in mass murders and serial killings. 

   I seriously wonder how many more children have to die or end up physically brutalized and psychologically turned into basket-cases before people start waking up to what a dangerous fraud this whole 'New Normal' really is. Given the fact that most Ameroboobs are entrenched in their Safe Spaces right now, watching porn, taking drugs, and collecting welfare---it's sadly probably going to be a long time before they do. 


   So we're now entering Week 7 of the so-called 'Crisis'. There have been a few positive signs. President Trump has spoken publicly about liberating the States currently under occupation. And in Kansas, Federal Judge John Broomes (another Trump appointee) crushed the attempts of the Bolshevik Governor to suppress religious freedom. In Michigan, a popular movement is growing against the Whitmer Regime, with at least 365,000 members and four sheriffs supporting it. And we'd like to give a special applause to Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling, who stood up to pusillanimous Wisconsin Governor Tony Evars. 

   "Wisconsin law gives the Governor and the Wisconsin DHS the authority to develop emergency measures and enforce rules and orders to protect the public during a health crisis. However, state law does not have the power to supersede or suspend the Constitutional rights of American citizens,"the Sheriff said on Friday. "The overreaching measures taken by State government will have dire lifetime consequences for businesses, homeowners, and families. I took an oath to uphold the constitutional rights of our citizens and I can not in good faith participate in the destruction of Racine County businesses or interfere in the freedoms granted to all of us by our Constitution." 

   I'm happy to see Sheriff Schmaling taking a stand for Freedom, because he's done many other good deeds. His office cracked the 20 year-old Racine County Jane Doe Case  and locked up the disgusting Swamp Creature who was responsible for it. He's also been among the leaders in fighting the Opioid Epidemic; especially in some innovative diversion programs. 

  But the Enemies of Freedom have been doubling down---and this in spite of their empty platitudes about gradual reopenings. The Commissars don't mean a word of any of this. Anthony Fauci---the Trojan Horse who, by his own admission, has been experimenting with COVID-infected bats in Wuhan, China since the Obama Administration---has been egging on the Occupiers to commit further unconstitutional crimes. One of his innovations has been suggesting (likely at the instigation of Bill Gates and George Soros) that American should be forced to carry or wear some certificate of ideological purity clean health. 

  Valley County, Montana issued an edict last week---the first of its type that I know of---ordering businesses to refuse service to American citizens who don't display a pink armband.



      This egregious act drew such a backlash that the Commissars were obliged to walk back their original intentions. This is a typical maneuver we've seen multiple times during the Deep State Administrations. They back down temporarily if the public really fears some initiative of theirs. But it's only to regroup and figure out a way to circumvent the Popular Will. The pink (a telling choice of colors) armbands didn't work---maybe a card or other emblem will have to be introduced. 

    Montana is currently under the jurisdiction of a real swine named Steve Bullock. A Neo-Marxist graduate of Columbia Law School, Bullock's top contributors include Beltway legal firms, Microsoft, Amazon, and other profiteers and parties with a vested interest in perpetuating and extending the 'Crisis'. 

   This week, I believe, will be a pivotal one in the Fight for Freedom. The Occupiers are facing some Resistance; but they are determined not to give up power. The solidarity of those who oppose them will make the difference. 

Friday, April 17, 2020


    Heroism is a concept which is utterly loathed in the Postmodern Left and they've done their best to undermine and redefine the term. Envy drives part of this animosity: most heroes (though not all) are men, and Liberal men rarely possess the qualities to make a hero. The other side of the coin is the Neo-Marxism embedded within their thought-processes. Heroes are respected, and people who are respected aren't considered 'equal'. The problem that all Marxists have faced historically---and never solved---is that Mankind is hard-wired psychologically to seek out heroes: both as role-models and leaders. 

    The American Left---and Western Liberals in general---have dealt with the problem by denigrating historical heroes; but they can't eradicate the human tendency to find new ones so the Left dumbs-down the term. This started with the Media and Academia during the Vietnam War when draft-dodgers and rioters were held up as the real heroes while soldiers and police were hooted and their sacrifices ignored. The postwar years saw cheap celebrities and cheating athletes with bad-boy attitudes elevated. Now, during the fake 'crisis' the so-called heroes are the essential workers who support all the rest of society in true Communist fashion. 

    Of course, the reality is just a little different 

...as most of our 'essential workers' are going to learn to their sorrow once they discover that too big to fail implies guaranteed labor just as much as it does guaranteed capital. But, as the Media tells you, those sitting at home in their Safe Spaces collecting all of this welfare stimulus money truly appreciate your sacrifices. 

   The MSM has been telling us that healthcare workers, food service workers, and (some) first responders are the Heroes of the New Normal. Some of the silliest 'tributes' imaginable have been organized and promoted by the Press. It basically boils down to cheering on anyone who's in lockstep with the lockdown and the Bolshevik dream of mostly minimum-wage drones supporting the whole society is coming to fruition in many states. 


    It's been something of a difficult week for those heroes on the healthcare front. For one thing, exposes are coming out that COVID death tolls are being faked on a widespread scale. This news is getting covered up by the MSM although it's being leaked from medical professionals all across the country. To divert attention from these baseless rumors as the Media calls actual news, they've been accusing China of lying about COVID deaths. Whatever one's opinion about China's actual numbers are, the fact is that our MSM really has no idea what happened over there. The Chinese authorities actually threw the American press out of Wuhan early on because they got caught leaking information to Soros-funded entities working against the Chinese Government. Challenging our own Government's lies right now is a higher priority than worrying about anything that China is doing. 

   Just within the last week, the US Justice Department has caught three of these Big Pharma gangsters involved in other crimes. On April 10th, Encore Rehabilitation Services was forced to pay over $4 million for Medicare Fraud. On April 14th, Saber Healthcare Group coughed up a $10 million settlement for violating the False Claims Act. On Wednesday, a whole batch of thieves associated with Logan Laboratories got tagged for a whopping $41 million for various frauds committed against the US Government. And how many doctors and pharmacists have we seen during the last four years getting locked up for illegally selling Opioids and other narcotics? 

    But despite all of this, there hasn't been a peep out of the Whacko Left about Big Pharma, who've become yesterday's enemy in Liberal propaganda. Now they're American heroes. 

    The food service industry suddenly is also a new class of heroes. Now, the Left doesn't care about small stores and restaurants; or the distributors who serve them. The big guys in Agribusiness---who notoriously have the lowest-paid workers in the country---are coming out on top, like the box-stores in retail. 

  Big Agribusiness has run into a few problems of its own, though their advertising clients in Big Media haven't been reporting the fact. Smithfield Foods---a subsidiary of a Chinese-based conglomerate---is the largest pork processor in the world and has, at this writing, nearly 800 employees in four of their plants who have tested positive for COVID-19. This wasn't interfering with Smithfield's operations. Most of their employees are immigrants, and with unemployment levels soaring, employees have become expendable. 

  The Mayor of Sioux Falls---where the biggest plant is located---closed the plant; one of the rare times where a business really was posing a threat to the community. The CDC---though by what legal authority no one knows---agreed to oversee the plants' re-opening next week. 

   "We have a stark choice as a nation: we are either going to produce food or not, even in the face of COVID-19. Closing such plants is pushing our country perilously close to the edge in terms of our meat supply." Smithfield CEO Kenneth Sullivan protested to the Corporate Media. And what's interesting here is that the MSM has been loudly criticizing South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem for obeying the Constitution and not locking down the State. But they don't seem a bit concerned that practically all of the State's flu cases are coming from a plant that produces 5% of US pork. It seems that the virus panic doesn't apply to essential businesses. Certainly it has nothing to do with Smithfield's considerable clout inside the Beltway. or the millions that the company spends on lobbyists which makes them 'essential.' 

   This isn't the first time that a scandal has overshadowed these brave frontline workers at Smithfield. In 2018, the company was forced to destroy 25 tons of pork after an employee got caught in a rather embarrassing situation on the production line. Paying extra to buy local is always a better plan. 

   It's no secret that the left hates the police even more than Big Pharma and Big Ag; but just like these other two, the Left today is roundly cheering on Law Enforcement's efforts to enforce the illegal edicts of their crackpot governors and mayors. In fact, Left-Wing mouthpieces like DailyKos, Huffington Post, and CNN have practically been begging for outright Martial Law. 

                                             Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

    The Corporate Media has been filled with stories of American police officers bravely arresting American citizens for going to churches, weddings, funerals, or otherwise behaving like they actually have Civil Rights. They've even instituted hotlines for collaborators citizens to denounce their neighbors---which the Press goes out of their way to publicize. The Media, however, scrupulously ignores other incidents which haven't ended very well for the enforcers. 

   There have been some real police heroes---Good Men Doing Good Things---and we'd like to conclude by honoring four Michigan county sheriffs who've openly vowed to defy the draconian orders of Commissar Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Like Washington Governor Inslee and Kentucky Governor Brashear, Governor Whitmer has been descending on a psychological spiral into megalomaniac madness. Manistee County Sheriff Ken Falk, Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel, Leelanau County Sheriff Mike Borkovich, and Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole signed a joint press release yesterday stating that Whitmer's commands had no legitimate authority. 

   "We have all taken an oath to uphold and defend the Michigan Constitution, as well as the U.S. Constitution, and to ensure that your God-given rights are not violated. We believe that we are the last line of defense in protecting your civil liberties...as sheriffs of your community we want you to know we have your back and will continue to serve the people who have entrusted us with your protection. Together, as a community, we will overcome this pandemic, and as Americans, we will persevere and come out even stronger than before.”