Thursday, April 9, 2020


    Well, we're now mid-way through Week 5 of the Great Pandemic Panic.  The Corporate Media and the Swamp Creatures are working desperately to keep up the fear levels; but their efforts are being handicapped by their own experts and pundits (most of whom are connected with Big Pharma and/or the Academic Establishment) consistently turn out to be wrong. Instead of Facts Not Fear; we should have had Think Before You Act as a motto for this so-called 'crisis.' But thinking doesn't drive up Media ratings. 

   And sadly, too many Americans let Big Pharma do their thinking for them already.

  One of the most noteworthy things about local governments seizing this inordinate power has been the complete lack of any discussion or debate on the matter. The culmination of a social ideology steeped in Political Correctness and Cancel Culture really bore its fruit. Deference to hired 'experts' and silencing anyone who questions the 'narrative' is bad enough on its own, but when actual policy is being conducted on this basis, we're in a lot worse trouble than just from an influenza outbreak. 


   The same 'experts' who've been feeding the Corporate Media with COVID baloney are the same Academic Establishment con-artists who've been telling us that gender is unrelated to biology; that American drivers cause Global Warming; that gun control reduces crime; that family structure has no influence on Child Psychology; that Reason and Faith are myths; that Deficit Spending and increasing money supplies don't cause Inflation (and that Inflation doesn't cause poverty). 

  Now these same geniuses are telling us to make our own face-masks and stop shaking hands. It doesn't seem to have occurred to anybody that there have been 69 COVID-related deaths combined in the five US States which are not on lockdown. It's alleged that there have been 14,000 deaths in the US (far short of the millions predicted by the 'experts'). Half of these are in the NYC to Boston Corridor which is heavily locked down. 

  No, Carl, it's no joke. "Oh, seriously?!? CNN and the New York Times are saying medical workers are the new front-line heroes! And they say that anybody who doubts it are tin-foil-hat, pants-on-fire conspiracy kooks who fail fact-checks!"

  Well, let's have a look at some of the News Releases relating to the Medical Establishment since the COVID 'crisis' hit the US. These didn't appear in the MSM; but on the US Department of Justice's website:

   1.Tenet Healthcare and Affiliated California Hospital to Pay $1.41 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations for Implanting Unnecessary Cardiac Monitors
  2.Former Generic Pharmaceutical Executive Pleads Guilty for Role in Criminal Antitrust Conspiracy---Fourth Executive to Be Charged in Ongoing Investigation

  3.Guardian Elder Care Holdings and Related Entities Agree to Pay $15.4 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations for Billing for Medically Unnecessary Rehabilitation Therapy 

4.Diversicare Health Services Inc. Agrees to Pay $9.5 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations Relating to the Provision of Medically Unnecessary Rehabilitation Therapy

  5. University Medical Researchers Arrested for Wire Fraud and Disclosing Technological Secrets to China.

6. Two Los Angeles Pharmacy Owners Sentenced for Multimillion-Dollar Scheme that Billed Medicare, Cigna $11.8 Million in Fraudulent Medicare Claims

  7. False Claims Act Lawsuit Initiated Against Drug Maker Mallinckrodt Alleging Company Knowingly Avoided Paying Medicare Rebates

  8. Sandoz Pharmaceutical Admits to Antitrust Violations

  9. Operator of VA Outpatient Clinics Agree to $1.85 Million False Claims Act Settlement

10. MiMedx Group Inc. Agrees to Pay $6.5 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations

11. Pentax Medical Company Agrees to Pay $43 Million to Resolve Criminal Investigation Concerning Misbranded Endoscopes. 

   Now, why would anybody doubt that Big Pharma would lie about a situation that had potential profit for them? Just because they get caught lying to the Government on an average of twice a week doesn't mean that we shouldn't trust them, right? And just because Big Pharma is one of the Media's biggest advertising clients doesn't mean that the press might be biased, does it? 

  Sorry, Snowflakes---the Orange Man is our last line of defense against power-junkie local officials right now. And so far, he's the only political leader talking about restoring order after this nonsense runs its course. And glasses don't make smart. However, they do make cute, I noticed:

   Thus, if this particular protester is reading, I hereby offer to prove to her in person that things like social proximity, holding hands, and kissing are not only perfectly safe, but quite good for soul and body indeed. 



  1. Yep, good post. I noticed President Trump was getting some flack for advocating for hydroxychloroquine, accusations that he had money invested in it or something. What most people don't realize is that it's been around since forever, it's really cheap, safe when used properly, and we prescribe it all the time for people with things like lupus. It's not a "designer drug" or a "wonder drug" that one could actually make big money off of.

    Back in the day, 1800's I think, sailors used to drink some nasty tonic water for medicinal purposes that was packed with quinine. They started adding gin to it to make it more tolerable. That's how we got our "gin and tonic" of today. Hydroxychloroquine is a distant cousin of quinine and probably much safer.

    According to the CDC, some 90% of those hospitalized have major underlying conditions. I'm actually starting to wonder if we aren't exaggerating the death toll. Pretty much everybody who tests positive for the virus and then dies is said to have died of covid 19.

    1. Another commenter mentioned on another post that the Governor of Nevada (who's also ruling by decree now) banned Hydroxychloroquine. He's never done any tests on it, of course; but 'Orange Man Bad', so it gets banned by Democrats.

      You're also right: it does take a lot to make Quinine taste palatable. I've been in foreign countries where it's available over-the-counter and is even in an ingredient in some local soft drinks. Even as a soda, the taste is there---but people abroad drink it because they believe it keeps them healthy.

      There's been lots of allegations of fudging the numbers. Check out this video: