Friday, April 19, 2024


    Last night around 8-9 PM on the West Coast, newsfeeds suddenly were blazing with stories about an Israeli attack on Iran. CNN apparently started this with the usual unnamed sources and questionable websites providing footage. The Controlled Opposition's news-sites and blogs were screaming with headlines like "Israel Strikes Terrorist Iran!" and salivating eagerly over the prospect of another major war in the Middle East. 

    As it turns out, none of this was true. Iran's Media itself wasn't reporting any such attack and actually neither was Israel's. This morning, Iranian authorities said that some drones of unknown origin were sighted in a restricted airspace and shot down and the Biden/Harris Junta's Foreign Office said that nothing had happened (though they were 'monitoring the situation.') There were, though, last night video clips and reporters from who-knows-where saying that attacks were going on. However, on Social Media actual people in Iran were saying that there were a number of military jets aloft but nothing else out of the ordinary was happening. 

   The Media Hyenas seem to be slinking away from the story and pretending that they never reported anything. What very likely happened was that they were primed by their Corporate Masters to have stories and coverage prepared for an Israeli attack and somebody jumped the gun. 

  This isn't the first time that this has happened. In 2016 with tensions in the South China Sea mounting, the Media mistook a US military flight for an outbreak of war between China and the Philippines. Facebook and other media outlets posted Stand With the Philippines memes (amazing how they had these prepared and all ready to go) which they quickly had to remove. It has happened repeatedly during the Ukraine conflict: most notoriously circulated photos supposedly of displaced Ukrainians which turned out to be pictures of Seattle and Portland bum jungles. 

   Once again, this goes to show how controlled Western Media really is, and how little credibility their stories or opinion-pieces really have. Always check anything they say---not with equally fake fact-checkers---but with sources from abroad as well.

Thursday, April 18, 2024


    The Corporate Media and their RINO-run satellite networks are gnashing their teeth after fiscal reports proved once again that the expert's prognostications were completely wrong---in fact, so wrong that even fudging the numbers didn't help. The imminent collapse of the Chinese economy---which the Elite Media Punditocracy has been predicting since the Obama Administration---again failed to materialize and China reported a First Quarter growth-rate nearly double what the United States could accomplish. Our anemic 2.7% increase itself was offset by mass-layoffs and skyrocketing price inflation. The layoffs have been reflected in the rising numbers of industrial fires, explosions, accidents, broken supply-chains etc. in the US while Corporate Robber Barons and their stakeholders are raking in higher profit-margins. 

   The Administration previous to Xi Jinping's Presidency embarked on a program to invest in building the Chinese economy by turning high profit-margins back into infrastructure and economic development (like we did in this country through most of the 20th Century). Such a plan would be unthinkable in America today where the sense of both betterment of the nation and concern for the future are inconsequential. In fact, in America today, the only class actually planning for the future are the very Financial and Commercial Oligarchs: and their future plans revolve around how they can perpetuate their own wealth and power. 

   Since the American public by and large has become a downtrodden and dispirited race which seethes with envy, those in power need to divert attention from their own crimes and failures onto a convenient scapegoat. China's economic success makes a perfect foil. Instead of seeing our society for what we really are---the despised subjects of a smug, self-appointed Elite---American egotism and narcissism finds it easier to believe that they are being cheated by some external forces over which they have no direct control. Thus, the Official Narrative is that, no matter what happens, it's all China's fault. 

   For example, the US Congress---which seems these days to have little else to do other than hold Hearings---interviewed US airline executives who were complaining of 'unfair competition' from China. In 2022, to virtue-signal that they stood with Ukraine, US airlines stopped flying over Russian airspace. China still does; ergo their Trans-Pacific flights are less expensive and quicker (not to mention having far better travel accommodations). It's all China's fault for offering a better service at a better price. 

   Likewise, in Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds, who is angling for the GOP Vice-Presidential nomination (because it has to go to a woman or 'person of color') signed a bill aimed at seizing Chinese-owned farmland and prohibiting China from buying any more. Now it's true that China owned only about 265 acres in Iowa, and Governor Reynolds discreetly grandfathered in the 200,000 acres of Canadian-owned farmland and is pushing a Bill to protect German-owned Bayer AG (parent company of Monsanto and WEF Strategic Partner) from liability for using pesticides banned in the EU. But China, not Big Ag, is the real national security threat, or so we're told. 


       The list could go on. Congress' 'China Threat of the Week' is the surge in Fentanyl deaths. Highly reliable sources with absolutely no vested interest and decades of intensive and objective research into China are the types feeding information to the Congressional Committee which is co-chaired by Mike Gallagher, an anti-China fanatic, and Raja Krishnamoorthi, a protege of Obama who was notoriously hostile to China. 

    Opioid deaths were going down for the first three years of the Trump Administration. Trump had a joint Opioid Task Force working in cooperation with the Chinese Government. But Americans chose instead to panic over an influenza outbreak and Trump's policies have since been scrapped. Opioid deaths have begun to skyrocket again and, of course, this is all China's fault too

   "The fentanyl crisis in the US is entirely self-inflicted, stemming from a prevalent domestic culture of prescription painkiller abuse. Americans, representing only 5 percent of the global population, consume a staggering 80 percent of the world's opiates. Various factors, such as pharmaceutical companies' aggressive marketing tactics, doctors' excessive prescribing practices and the negative impact of marijuana legalization have all fueled the relentless growth of the drug market and ultimately led to the crisis of abuse.

   "Behind the US fentanyl crisis are deep-seated problems with drug regulation, the healthcare system and health education. Yet, in the face of the escalating abuse of fentanyl, US politicians have chosen to shift blame to China, instead of doing something that can be really helpful, such as decreasing domestic drug demand, enhancing prescription drug controls and improving drug education. The current approach not only fails to address the problem, but it may also divert domestic attention away from the issue, and that may be the real purpose of those politicians," said an editorial in the Chinese Media.

   In an election year, of course, no American politician is going to say anything like that. Demanding that the American public take responsibility for its own actions and exposing Big Pharma's and the Prison-Industrial Complex' cynical involvement in the Opioid Crisis would be political (if not literal) suicide for any public figure to state the truth so openly. 

     The Opioid Crisis---and for that matter everything else currently blamed on China---is completely of our own making. If America completely decoupled from China tomorrow, it wouldn't change the Opioid Crisis one iota---any more than shooting down derelict weather balloons had the slightest effect on national security. Experience from the 9/11 Attacks to the Scamdemic have shown (or should have shown us) that our liberties are in extreme danger whenever a national Panic Attack is underway. 




Monday, April 15, 2024


     After the Iranian Military's show-of-force this weekend, Neocon warhawks mostly have been slinking away from their previous hardline rhetoric and trying to shift public attention back to other issues. People might start asking embarrassing questions about the pathetic state of our own military and especially the continual failures of our over-priced privatized military equipment and incompetent intelligence services. Also noticeably absent were any stories about taxes---today being the April 15th IRS Filing Deadline. With the GOP in control of Congress and fighting to borrow another trillion or so from BlackRock to fund expanding Domestic Espionage and Corporate Welfare, the Establishment Republicans evidently thought that this too would be sensitive issue.

  Today, most of the stories from the Controlled Opposition focused on one of the kangaroo courts investigating the President-in-Exile and promoting the GOP's new woke position on Abortion. Of the Trump Trials little need be said. The Republicans have done nothing to address these abuses of the Legal System, other than to encourage more billionaires to donate to Legal Defense Funds. Besides, with Americans' obsession with sex scandals, these trials are good free publicity and drives up media revenue. Only a decade or so ago, Tort Reform was actually a major Conservative campaign issue. Tort Reform was about instituting badly-needed reforms to bring our wholly dysfunctional Legal System under some kind of control and restore its original intents and purposes. Conservatives soon found that they too could profit from the System, and it has been a long time since I've heard any political figures seriously discussing Tort Reform during a campaign or anywhere else. 

    The Trump Inquisitions coincide this week with the recent death of former NFL star, O.J. Simpson. Simpson was a national icon, who like many American men of achievement, ended up dying in poverty and opprobrium. In 1994, Simpson was accused---on rather slender evidence---of murdering his wife who'd cuckolded him and was living with her bad-boy lover. The Media Scum billed this as The Trial of the Century. The commercialization, sensationalism, and exploitation of that trial hasn't been equaled since, though certainly not for lack of effort on the Media's part. 

   Thinking back thirty years ago brought up some painful memories. That whole affair was a display of Trash Culture written in bold letters. One literally couldn't escape it. It was the subject of every headline, every talk-radio and TV newscast, and gossip anywhere one went. Judges, lawyers, witnesses all became overnight celebrities. Not having an opinion on the Simpson Case was greeted with as much social horror as not wearing a mask during the Scamdemic---arguably even moreso. There were even a few local talk-shows which billed themselves as O.J.-Free Zones so that people could talk about actual issues. 

  The big day finally came when the Jury had to make a decision. At the time, the Media Rats were actually lobbying the State of California to repeal certain laws so that they could film Simpson's execution on live TV (pay-per-view, no doubt). To the Media's dismay, the Jury took a half an hour to acquit Simpson of all charges. The Media's fury over this decision was milked for cash selling outrage over the supposed 'Miscarriage of Justice' for several more months. 

  As for O.J. Simpson, he was put in Double Jeopardy and bankrupted at a sham Civil Trial, was blacklisted everywhere, and ended up in prison after being reduced to burglary before finally dying in obscurity. Meanwhile, the Media Moguls and the Lawyers got rich, famous, and lived lives of luxury. 


    O.J. Simpson's fate is a metaphor for the state of Postmodern American Society. Simpson was an example of what happens to American men who take the whole mythos of lifting yourself by your bootstraps, and being the best you can be too seriously. In many ways, the Trump Trials are part of the same train set in motion with the Simpson Trial. America today is a Mediocrity and not a Meritocracy and so men and women who actually achieve things have to be cut down to size occasionally as human sacrifices so that everyone can feel secure in their illusions that nobody is really better than they are. Trash Culture justifies all of this with the lie that no one is above the Law; what they actually mean by that statement is that nobody is above the gutter-level of Postmodern Society and its representatives posing as defenders of some solemn principle of Justice. 

   Thankfully, God has spared me much personal interaction with the Court System and even though any cases I was involved in were over soon and resolved in my favor, I always felt like taking a bath afterwards. The sight of these judges in their black robes on their thrones with their gavels and armed guards; forcing people to rise for them and bow to them and address them with fawning titles like Your Honor all the while holding people's actual interests dependent upon their arbitrary wills and the supposedly learned arguments of bullying and belligerent attorneys never struck me as especially compatible with a democratic society. Even in criminal cases where the guilty party deserves punishment, the ceremonies, the pomposity, and the showmanship of the whole procedure is simply appalling.

  It's doubtful that in today's political and social climate that Tort Reform is going to make any kind of a comeback anytime soon. These legal farces make too much money and create too many useful distractions for the ruling Elite. Legal Reform wouldn't help anybody in actual power, since controlling the System works for their benefit. 



Sunday, April 14, 2024


      On Saturday, the American Media found itself briefly distracted by the news that hundreds of Iranian ballistic warheads were raining down upon Israel. Iran launched the attack after continued provocations from the Zionist Regime---the last being bombing Iranian officials in a diplomatic compound in a neutral country. Iran is a country that hasn't embraced the End of History and the Pax Americana and still believes in quaint ideals like International Law and National Sovereignty, and doesn't even accept highly evolved Western principles like gay marriage, abortion-on-demand or legal marijuana; and so both ours and the Israeli Deep States envisioned that some kind of response was forthcoming. 

   So the response came last night, with a swarm of drones and a series of ballistic missiles directed at key Zionist military and strategic installations from all four points of the compass. Within around 20 minutes of the attack's end, the Pentagon and the servile Corporate Media was reporting that "99% of the incoming weapons were destroyed." They somehow knew this despite Israeli Secret Police rounding up reporters and isolating them in press-pools away from the scenes; and of course, fact-checkers were deployed immediately to dismiss Iranian claims to the contrary and to 'debunk' (or censor) on-the-scene videos that were leaked showing actual damage. As usual, the Media let such claims go with no further comment or questioning and moved on to the Top Five major news stories for Sunday:

   The Controlled Opposition has promoted the same narrative, although crafting the message to portray Biden as an impotent weenie who secretly sympathizes with Iran. The President-in-Exile even proclaimed on Social Media that Iran would never have dared do such a thing if he were president---in spite of the fact that they actually did

   So what's wrong with the Official Narrative? First, it seems rather peculiar that only seven months ago an Arab Militia with home-made rockets was able to break through Israel's 'Iron Dome' and inflict what the Media called "Israel's 9/11" while a sophisticated missile system launched from a developed country had a 99% failure rate; and that only minor damage was caused. And of course, the only casualty was a child who just happened to be near a strategic military installation at night while none of the targeted military personnel were even inconvenienced. 

  Secondly, the US Media is utterly subservient to the Military-Industrial Complex and has been ever since they allowed themselves to be corralled like sheep and spoon-fed official Pentagon Press Releases during Bush Sr.'s phony Gulf War in the early 1990s. Today, many---if not most---American Media outlets are owned outright by conglomerates who have extensive US Government contracts, including many with the Pentagon. Almost all of these major netwoks---including so-called 'Conservative' outlets routinely hire Corporate lobbyists, marketing experts, and other Deep State insiders whom they palm off on a credulous public as "defense analysts" or "security experts." 

   To be honest, despite its tendency to peacocking and exaggeration, I tend to believe that the Iranian Media is a lot more credible. At least they probably actually believe what they're writing and aren't simply hirelings who'll say anything for the right price. For example, when President Ibraham Raisi stated in a Press Release that:

   "Following the instructions of Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and with the support of the proud nation and the powerful armed forces of Islamic Iran, I emphasize that any new adventure against the interests of the Iranian nation will be responded with a heavier and regrettable response from the Islamic Republic of Iran... if the Zionist regime or its supporters show perverse behavior, they will receive a decisive and far more violent response,"

   we are not reading the words of someone who believes that a recent military operation was a stupendous failure. President Raisi can say this because he knows that Iran succeeded and that both the Biden and Netanyahu Regime's slinking away from Saturday Night's attack is only further proof that it did, in fact, succeed. The same goes for all of the Neocon warhawks who seem uncharacteristically subdued and eager to move on to the next distraction. It probably should be noted that Iran's current ruling party dominated the 2024 Parliamentary Elections (yes, contrary to popular belief, they do have elections in Iran and women and religious minorities have a right to vote). This is in stark contrast to Exceptional America where current Congressional approval ratings are barely breaking double-digits

   What will be the long-term effects of Iran's operation? In the short run, it probably will be swept under the rug. In the long-term, it's likely to keep the Zionist fanatics in Israel and the International Bully in the Beltway from goading the Iranians even further. Bullies and hoodlums get their way by instilling fear in their victims, and when their victims display courage, they back away. 





Friday, April 12, 2024


     Since the Putsch of November 2020, the Republican Party is increasingly shedding all pretense of being representative of Conservative, traditional, or working-class Americans and coming out of the closet, so to speak, and openly embracing what it really has been ever since the Neocons hijacked the Reagan Revolution in 1988. They are really only the Reactionary Left: a Big Government, Pro-Corporate, anti-populist cabal who laugh at all of the American Ideals that they pretend to espouse.

    The Trump Campaign followed up with it's solid commitment to the Abortion Racketeers yesterday, vowing to veto any Legislation (as if it actually would happen) banning abortion nationwide, and roundly criticized what he called 'hardliners' on the issue saying: "They should study the 10th Amendment and States’ Rights. When they do, they should proudly get on with helping Republicans to WIN ELECTIONS, rather than making it impossible for them to do so!”

   I would guess that if the Republicans called for a Federal Government program like Food Stamps for buying marijuana, that would win a lot of votes for Republicans. The Democrats won a lot of votes in cities by offering free cellphones---maybe our side should try that too. Winning and owning those Libtards is all that matters, right?

  To no one's great surprise, the Controlled Opposition wing of the Corporate Media has been fawning all over the new direction of the Party and mocking all of us losers who just don't want to win. The swine at Breitbart, whose shady billionaire owner Robert Mercer was one of the attendees at the April 6th Mar-a-Lago fundraiser, published an interview with arch-Neocon Chris Sununu claiming that Trump's brilliant strategy is going to be a "bigger issue for the Democrats" on the rather convoluted logic that Biden will have to defend his enshrinement of abortion as national right whereas, supposedly Trump's 'States' Rights' approach is going to win support. It doesn't seem to have dawned on dopes like Sununu or Mercer that the pro-abortion gang would be perfectly happy with Biden's position and would like to see it imposed on States. Does anybody remember how well that 'States' Rights' position worked out with homo 'equality?'

  The National Review likewise touted the issue as a great campaign strategy and urged the GOP of Arizona to come up with a slick marketing idea to sell to voters: “This is a big problem for Republicans in that we know that a law like this is profoundly unpopular,” NR's Senior Editorial Writer Michael Dougherty said. “We know that the ballot-initiative strategy that pro-choicers have been deploying has been very successful.And they’ve usually been very successful at doing, in a sense, what Roe v. Wade did, which is providing legal abortion in many more circumstances than popular opinion probably would do explicitly, but underneath, you know, a kind of euphemistic slogan or set of rules that people can agree to. . . .” Dougherty went on to say that "What Republicans need is a real alternative. They need to rally behind an alternative and argue for an alternative. And they need to unite around it as a party {nota bene} and talk about it and why it’s preferable to what Democrats are going to put on the statewide ballot.”

    National Review is published by E. Garrett Bewkes IV, a flaming homosexual and major donor to the pro-'homo equality' Log Cabin Republicans. The Trumps are holding another fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans at Mar-a-Lago next week: so think that we all can guess what the next issue they intend to sell us out will be. 

      In retrospect, this shift in 'Conservative' positions was probably only a matter of time. A political movement which has been cheering on the mass-murder of children in Palestine for the last seven months was bound to have no issue with the murder of American children either---provided that it only happens in Blue States. 

    Americans like to virtue-signal about how we care more about the welfare of children than any other people on the planet: which is a hoax like most other virtue-signalling. In reality, America probably treats its children worse than any other developed country. Children are considered property---or commodities---in our culture. This underlies the whole premise behind the Abortion Racket: that an foetus is the property of its mother to dispose of as she wishes. That it is a nascent human life is not even considered. That is the calculus that goes into the whole 'abortion debate' summarized.

   If a child manages to be born, his status as property doesn't change. In the larger social scheme, children are worth nothing to the Corporate State, since they produce nothing. Many families only see them as a drain on their resources as well; but we have day-cares, public schools, a welfare-industrial complex, and many other industries to whom children represent a statistical income. Most more stable societies have social means to begin transitioning children to adulthood during their mid-teens, the predatory American system drags out the exploitation to milk every dime they can out of childhood well into a person's mid-20s. 

   None of the institutions listed above exist for the welfare of children at all. To schools, for example, they simply represent numbers for how much a School District is going to get paid for warehousing children and young adults for 6-8 hours a day. It always comes down cost-effectiveness with these Corporate Elites. For those among them who, unlike the aforementioned Mr. Bewkes actually reproduce offspring, those children are groomed, cultivated, and educated to take over The System in the future. The spawn of us, the Great Unwashed, simply represent a potential future labor-pool of human capital or cannon-fodder for their endless wars or police actions. 

   What we have adduced here is not some tin-foil hat Conspiracy Theory, it's common knowledge. For the last several decades, American parents were well aware of these abuses---many of them experienced them themselves---but chose to put their own selfish interests above the needs of those children who were dependent on them. This is a problem that we've brought upon ourselves. The recent Republican sell-outs simply are putting into National Policy what so-called 'Conservatives' and so-called 'Christians' have been practicing in their private lives all along. The fact that human life, both in Gaza and in the Abortion Issue, are simply considered tools to be exploited cynically in campaign issues speaks for itself. 

   All of this underscores two important points: first, that people themselves currently over their government; and secondly, that their own selfishness and apathy are the reason why we haven't. There is no 'political solution' to our declining nation: owning the Libtards in November isn't going to accomplish anything. At root, our problems are spiritual: not political, economic, or social. We need to return to the character that made America a great nation once; but as long as we persist in Denial, nothing will change. 



Thursday, April 11, 2024


     The billionaires who met at Mar-a-Lago last weekend certainly have been getting their money's worth. After nearly five decades of promising to repeal Roe v. Wade and doing absolutely nothing, the US Supreme Court shocked everyone by suffering a sudden and involuntary spasm of Humanity and actually did it. Republican State Governors, who just a few months before had no problem imposing Mask Mandates and illegal curfews and quarantines, couldn't muster more than a half-dozen or so of their numbers to ban the deliberate killing of unborn children. There's been no effort from Christian Conservatives in our Red Wave Congress to ban the safe, legal procedure although they have found sufficient initiative to attempt to expand domestic espionage and seize Tik-Tok for the benefit Wall Street Media Overlords. We shouldn't be surprised. The Bush Machine has a long history of crushing Pro-Life candidates within in its ranks, and was the first Administration to fund Big Pharma in fetal research trafficking with American tax dollars. AstraZeneca, a WEF Strategic Partner, is the largest Corporation currently involved in this trade, as well as Uniparty lobbying. The GOP has found Big Pharma in general to be a lucrative source of funding, and we can rest assured that stakeholders in such enterprises will be well protected.

    Most Republican leaders probably never really believed that Roe would be overturned, and so for public consumption, many left in place State laws banning abortion enacted during more rational eras which would be reinstated if the Court overturned the decision. The State of Arizona was one of these and by default banned abortion. The Pro-Abortion crowd sprung into action and challenged the law in Arizona's Supreme Court which, in another surprising move actually upheld it. 

   One would think that a Pro-Life victory of this magnitude would encourage the American Right, but sadly, the reverse happened. In the appropriately-nicknamed Land of the Setting Sun, GOP gadfly Kari Lake, currently running for US Senate, has denounced Arizona's stand for life. Not only that: Ms. Kari has criticized the Democrat leaders of the State for being weenies and too soft on a woman's right to choose. 

s the only woman and mother in this race, I oppose today’s ruling and call on Katie Hobbs and the State Legislature to come up with an immediate common sense solution that Arizonans can support. Ultimately, Arizona voters will make the decision on the ballot come November,” she opined. The President-in-Exile and the RNC---which was supposedly turning in a more Conservative direction---wholeheartedly embraced Kari Lake's woke positions.  

   Like many other so-called Tradcon women, Kari Lake is probably suffering from Penis Envy, which sometimes manifests itself in status-driven females as they approach middle-age. It's somewhat analogous to the so-called mid-life crisis experienced by some males. Former celebrities like Kari Lake are especially vulnerable to it: when younger they sublimated their hatred for men by seeking constant attention from them, and this not infrequently re-emerges as political activism later on. This isn't meant to be a diagnosis, simply an observation of a general tendency. In our culture of very weak and passive men, such dominant types appeal to males raised in fatherless homes and under strict and often sadistic female teachers, social workers etc. Conservative men fawn over these frustrated 'Supermom' types, while Liberals and Male Feminists prefer the disciplinarian, frustrated 'school marm' types. In either case, American men are eager to submit to whatever their surrogate mother-figures demand, and most of them simply need to grow up and start thinking like adults.

   Unfortunately, because Abortion Racketeers have far more cash to spread around than Pro-Life activists, many children never get a chance to be born let alone to become adults. That little detail is rarely discussed in any of the high-brow debates among our expert class. The very fact that there's even any debate about what 'defines a human life' alone proves that we are a culture made up of arrant ignoramuses about even the most fundamental issues. 

   The Right to Life is not debatable. Either people have a Right to Live or they haven't. It's much like the controversy over chattel slavery in the United States. Back then, though, it was Republicans and Libertarians who stood against the settled science which then taught that Blacks were inferior and needed to be put to work and treated like livestock. That generation rightly argued that either humans were born free or they weren't. Today, however, our Postmodern Right sides with both the enemies of life and of freedom in general.



Wednesday, April 10, 2024


       The ever-dwindling numbers of Americans who actually can remember as far back as 2021 might recall an infographic widely circulated by the Whacko Left Wing designed to equate anyone who criticized the Corporate Deep State as an anti-Semitic Conspiracy Kook. Here's what the graph looked like:

       Apparently, this particular outlook isn't exclusive to the Left any longer: the New Right (i.e. Neocons) is embracing it too. Rainer Zitelmann, a German 'intellectual' who formerly managed a consulting firm catering to globalist real-estate cartels, has authored an article making the rounds in the Controlled Opposition Media telling us all that anti-Corporatism and anti-Zionism are related concepts. Those who oppose Crony Capitalism are just jealous, and those who oppose Zionist crimes are racist meanies. Citing a rather dubious survey which he paid to have conducted, Zitelmann concluded:

     "Anti-Semitic stereotypes are based on conspiracy theories. It is the rich and super-rich—people like the Rothschilds or the investor George Soros—who, according to conspiracy theorists, are behind all the mischief in the world. Anti-capitalism and conspiracy theories are closely linked...This {survey} clearly proves the connection between anti-capitalism and conspiracy thinking."

    Well, that is owning the Libtards with a vengeance! Zitelmann has managed to take away talking-points from Left-Wing pundits like Thom Hartmann and Keith Olbermann. Evidently in today's brand of Conservatism criticizing George Soros is coded anti-Semitism. Zitelmann is the author of several books, fawning over the Oligarchy and arguing that those not of that class are motivated solely by envy. In other words, he's somewhat like the Right-Wing antipode to Yuval Hariri

    Just as he conflates Global Corporatism with Capitalism and the Zionist Cult with Judaism, Zitelmann also doesn't comprehend the concept of envy. No rational person begrudges anyone for being wealthy: what we object to is when the wealthy form combinations and cabals for the sole purpose of keeping us in both political and economic subjection. Despite what Zitelmann seems to think, more wealth doesn't make one an Alpha Superman and it certainly doesn't entitle anybody to be the lord and master of anybody else. 

    However, Zitelmann evidently believes that these types of confederations among the Oligarchy don't really exist, sneering that "The super-rich and lobbyists secretly guide and control the whole world. Anyone who believes this is only one step away from anti-Semitic conspiracy theories." Given the power of the Zionist lobby and their connections to groups like the World Economic Forum, it is understandable why he would connect (what he calls) 'anti-Capitalism' to (what he calls) 'anti-Semitism.' 

   Since we're discussing conspiracies, isn't it an amazing coincidence that these kinds of arguments are appearing just days after around 100 billionaires met at Mar-a-Lago and raised over $50 million for the Neocon cause? John Paulson, a billionaire hedge-fund manager who made a fortune when Bush plunged America into the 2007 housing-market crash, and who organized the event proclaimed: “Tonight, we raised an historic $50.5 million for the re-election of President Trump, This sold-out event has raised the most in a single political fundraiser in history. This overwhelming support demonstrates the enthusiasm for President Trump and his policies.” The Trump Campaign officially threw the Pro-Life movement under the bus the next day---in accordance with the depopulation goals of the Financial Elite---and now we have pundits apologizing for the Oligarchy and the WEF's 'model democracy' in Israel.

   It's become sadly clear where the so-called Conservative Movement is heading. The Republican Party has neither issues nor accomplishments to appeal to the general public, so they are courting the support of Corporate Elite---a strategy that worked well for the Bush Dynasty but not so well for the nation at large. Their grassroots appeal is geared towards the Christian Nationalist Megachurches with its Prosperity Gospel and the Alt-Right with its fetishism of wealth and power as the primary goals of life---the natural constituency for an authoritarian economic Elite.

    Americans ought to stop and reflect that we once actually had a government guided by the very same principles.

     In George III's America, rulers held their positions by the Grace of God, the wealthiest held monopolies on 90% of our trade, land , and people's lives in general; and Redcoats strictly enforced the Rules-Based Order. The Media monopolies routinely denounced any critics of His Royal Highness as 'conspiracy theorists' too. There were two political parties in existence then as well: both argued over details but agreed upon the necessity of upholding the Majesty of the British Monarchy at all hazards. Our Founding Fathers ejected these parasites from our shores and maybe we should follow their example. 



Tuesday, April 9, 2024


    So, only two days after the Bush-Machine funded Billionaires' Bash at Mar-a-Lago,---where a total of 117 attendees raised over $50 million for Republican electoral efforts---President-in-Exile Trump decided to 'clarify' his position on Abortion.

  “My view is now that we have abortion where everybody wanted it from a legal standpoint, the states will determine by vote or legislation or perhaps both." Trump said.  “And whatever they decide must be the law of the land. In this case, the law of the state. Many states will be different, many will have a different number of weeks, or some will have more conservative than others, and that’s what they will be.”

  That's generally the position of the Neocon Right. Predictably, the Controlled Opposition has been spinning the narrative assuring us all once again that we dutifully should hold our noses and vote Republican because the Democrats are so much worse. That, and the lives of the unborn in 'Blue States' don't matter since they'd just grow up and vote for Democrats anyway. As we all know, only Liberals ever get abortions and never based and Red-Pilled Conservatives, right? Not to mention the many GOP stakeholders in woke 'pro-Choice' Corporations whose commitment to profit is much higher than to principle.

  Not to be outdone, Melania Trump is hosting another gala fundraiser in Florida for the pro-homo 'equality' group the Log Cabin Republicans next week. As we predicted, the Republican campaign strategy in 2024 is an exact copy of what it was in 2000: "We can't win on social issues---the important thing is to vote out the Democrats who are weenies on National Security and the Economy!" Which translates now, as it did then, that the Military-Industrial Complex, the Police/Surveillance State, Corporate Control over the Economy can expand, while Americans can continue on in hedonism without being questioned about their assumed moral superiority. 

    Small donations to both parties (less than $200) are down in 2024 compared to 2016 and 2020 and polls show that voters dislike both candidates, but both parties are already raising record numbers of campaign cash: $192 billion for the DNC and about $93 billion for the RNC, which tells all that we need to know about whose interests are really at stake and whose aren't. The Abortion Industry itself is a multi-billion dollar enterprise---not counting the substantial rake-offs from trafficking in human fetal tissue and organ-harvesting. The Gay Mafia, too, is loaded with money. The Neocons aren't really concerned with all of this cash translating into votes: what it translates into electorally is the degree of support that the ruling Corporate Elites favor their candidates and see them as suitable for managing the United States for the benefit of the Corporate Agenda. The amount of cash both parties have heavily favors the Democrats right now; hence the urgency of the RNC to abandon populism and throw its support wholeheartedly behind the Corporate Autocracy.

   Sadly, though, the true believers are going to go on willfully blind to all of this, just as they did in 2000 and nearly every election since. It's equally sad that we have to keep reminding Christian Conservatives of this little detail here: but we are talking about the murder of children and warping the minds of the living ones with gender dysphoria. Neither even should be a debatable issue: but we're talking too about a constituency---and a culture generally---which values winning at all costs and padding that bottom line far more than it concerns itself with the value of a human life. Whatever the results of the 2024 Elections are, that attitude won't change, and we'll be ruled according to that attitude. 


Monday, April 8, 2024


       Since 2021, it has been a long-standing stock-and-trade of the Controlled Opposition's official counter-narrative to accuse the Biden/Harris Junta of collusion with China. Of course, all of this is a marketing angle, basically cut-and-pasted from the Democrats' discredited 'Russia-gate' propaganda. The Republicans have no issues to promote in 2024, so they've adopted the Vox Day-strategy of selling a narrative: i.e. marketing a message with no regard to its truth or utility. Politics in America today is wholly centered on salesmanship and marketing. 'Fake It Till You Make It' is really the credo of both political parties, and describes our cultural zeitgeist in general.

    Common Sense would tell anybody outside of the GOP echo-chambers that the Junta's resuscitation of Obama's failed Pivot to Asia is probably not welcomed by China. The Communist Party of China probably dislikes the idea of being bossed around by Wall Street plutocrats and, being a nation of nearly two billion people, is not likely warm to said plutocrats' depopulation agendas. China also appears to be somewhat unhappy with the US building military coalitions to contain China; fomenting separatism in Taiwan, Tibet, Sinkiang, and Hong Kong; seizing Chinese assets like Tik-Tok and Chinese-owned farms; official harassment of Chinese nationals in the US; being scapegoated for the Scamdemic; being subjected to various embargoes; etc. Pointing out these obvious problems with GOP talking-points however brings down righteous wrath from the true believers. 

    Thus the Controlled Opposition's Media outlets have been downplaying Chinese reaction to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's trip to China. Biden dispatched Yellen to Beijing to complain about declining Chinese investment in the United States. The trip apparently has been planned for some time, with China not agreeing to it until recently. Thus far, Yellen has been snubbed by President Xi Jinping but has met with Party functionaries who scolded the Treasury Secretary publicly for abandoning America's Free Market principles in favor of Crony Capitalism.

   “It is hoped that the United States will abide by the basic norms of market economy including fair competition and open cooperation, refrain from turning economic and trade issues into political or security issues, and view the issue of production capacity objectively and dialectically from a market-oriented and global perspective,” Premier Li Qiang rather laconically stated after the meeting. 

  Dr. Jin Canrong of China's Renmin University gave what probably was the most realistic view of the Yellen trip in a statement to the Global Times:

  "According to this, we can have a conclusion that the US is asking for something urgent. Washington's national debt problem could be the top of the agenda. Yellen might ask help from China in the field of monetary policy. The Congressional Budget Office warned in its latest projections that US federal government debt is on a path from 97 percent of GDP last year to 116 percent by 2034, which is higher even than in World War II. The actual outlook is likely worse, Bloomberg reported on April 2. CNBC reported on March 1 that the debt load of the US is growing at a quicker clip in recent months, increasing about $1 trillion nearly every 100 days."

   Given that the GOP-controlled Congress signed off on the recent Biden Budget Deal, it's hardly surprising that the National Debt is discreetly being ignored by Republican politicians: likely too because many of the holders of said debt are also signing Republican campaign checks. High Finance is aggressively lobbying both parties for a transition to Central Bank Digital Currency after the Election, and would welcome a huge infusion of Chinese cash which they can pocket and leave China holding an empty bag after the transition. 

    The Chinese apparently aren't taking the bait. Liu Xiang of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the Chinese Media that "this is indecent for a US Secretary of Treasury to blame and contain China's development in advanced areas to protect US' backward productive capacity...the Biden administration should understand that, if they are coming to China to ask for help and cooperation, they need to adjust their arrogant attitude and speak nicely, and don't ask for unfair competition to confront and contain China, who will never submit to pressure based on hegemonic logic." 

   Xinhua News editorialized that "Talking of fair play in business and trade, America should wean itself off the practice of abusing the national security pretext to elbow aside leading Chinese high-tech and clean energy companies. They attempt to manage US-China relations from a position of strength, aligning everything with its own interests while disregarding the perspectives and concerns of others."

    So much for the propaganda about Democrat/China collusion. The fact is that the Financial Oligarchs covet Chinese resources and industry and the same interests fund both American political parties. The Commercial Cartels were delighted when the Bush and Clinton dynasties opened the floodgates for them to outsource American production to China, calculating wrongly that all of their money would give them leverage over the Chinese Government. Instead, Chinese law has prohibited foreign Financial Octopuses like BlackRock from holding shares in Chinese financial firms ever since George Soros attempted to crash the Chinese Yuan a few years ago. There is a strong suspicion in China---not held without good reason---that the Scamdemic was intentionally introduced into China to cripple China's economy. 

   The Financial Interests behind the Great Reset and its New World Order represent a fair greater threat to America and the World than Chinese economic prosperity does. All of the political propaganda about Chinese or Russian collusion is simply a diversion from the reality that organizations like the World Economic Forum has operatives in both parties, lobby and fund many Federal and State policies, and dominate the US economy for their own benefit. 

Saturday, April 6, 2024


     So the news today---especially from the Churchian side of the Prozac Nation---is abuzz with end-of-the-world happenings: earthquakes, solar eclipses, the US Treasury Secretary getting snubbed in China, and a strange story concerning ginger-colored cattle of which we will have more to say below. These happenings are coincidental with the holiday formerly known in America as Easter and a star-studded celebrity billionaire bash at the Wonderful World of Disney Mar-a-Lago. 

    Churchians hold many mysterious positions. One is that they seem convinced of an imminent apocalypse where they'll be whisked away to Heaven; while at the same time they seem obsessed with amassing as much temporal power and wealth as possible. They seem to hold this conception of God as the Great CEO of the Universe and that we are all stakeholders in His Corporation. Presumably, at the Last Judgement---which they formulate as some sort of Universal Assize---their stock-shares in the whole enterprise can be redeemed and they can all retire to some kind of Eternal Suburbia. 

   So, to speed up this process, a fanatic in Texas has been combing America's ranches to assemble a herd of perfectly red heifers (those are female cattle, for those who went to public schools) which he intends to ship to Israel so that the Zionist Cult can make a blood sacrifice. The ostensible purpose of this is to bring about Christ's Return or the advent of Antichrist: it's not clear which is supposed to be the outcome of this event. 

   Speaking for myself, I would presume that a more Christian thing to do would be to send badly needed beef to the starving population of Gaza just a few miles away; but these people are convinced that Jesus responds to blood sacrifices; human suffering, not so much. 

   This whole 'red heifer' idea is about as gross a specimen of paganism as possible. The very idea that sacrificing a particular kind of animal at a specific shrine to influence God's actions is a practice straight out of pagan idolatry. Since these Churchian Zionists and Nationalists all seem to revere the Old Testament moreso than the New, they should examine the Old Testament a little more closely.

  The Canaanites, who were the people living in Ancient Palestine before the Hebrews settled there had a religion not unlike today's Prosperity Gospel. The Canaanites were primarily an agricultural and maritime people, and such cultures typically tie God and Nature together. Very early on, the Canaanites worshiped the sun, but over time cunning rulers and hired priests learned that they control the populace by imposing upon them abominable rituals that supposedly guaranteed them the favor of their god, Baal, whose favors resulted in prosperity. 

  We learn from the Old Testament that God didn't entertain a very high opinion of such a perversion of religion. The Hebrews were to worship God by imitating His attributes which brought religious devotion to the individual level without the force and fraud of priests and kings. The Hebrews, however, were going over to the Canaanite beliefs continually, and these practices were denounced by the Prophets. 

  As a specimen of the theological depth of the people organizing this project:

   "Many American evangelicals believe the red heifers will usher the second coming of Christ. 'We're going to accept the Messiah, and we need the Messiah to come,' Byron Stinson, a Texan who helped bring the cows to Israel, said at the gathering. 'For me, the red heifer is red for the blood of Jesus Christ. That's why it's red.'"

     That one, I fear, will have to pass without comment. There are times when one just doesn't know what to say. It should be concerning though that the Speaker of the US House of Representatives was present at the event where this was announced: and we all know about what his moral compass looks like

    Jewish Rabbi Azariah Ariel, who heads the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, and is heavily funded by New York banking tycoons, actually stated that "this ceremony does not activate the requirement to build the Third Temple, and building the temple does not depend on the Red Heifers. We do not do the ritual of the red heifer so that the Messiah will come so that God will do something like this or like that.” That sentiment probably won't deter the likes of Byron Stinson or his followers since most of their knowledge of theology comes from Hollywood, not Biblical scholars. Stinson remarked: "The rabbis are so excited because, like us scattered in the Nations, everyone can feel the approach of a one-world government. You can feel the approach of this time that something has to change; and everyone feels it, and what they desperately are looking for is for the Messiah to come." 

   It shouldn't have to be necessary to remind Christians that our salvation rests upon the Sacrifice of Christ not the sacrifice of cattle; but what Jesus or any of His subsequent followers had to say doesn't carry much weight in American churches these days. This whole project is both a waste of time and a waste of good meat on top of being blasphemous and hypocritical. 


Friday, April 5, 2024


     We're approaching now seven months since the Israeli Regime launched a systematic campaign to exterminate the indigenous population of Palestine. According to latest reports, in Gaza alone about 33,000 are dead---women and children accounting for over 2/3 of the casualties. At least another 8-10,000 are missing; an unknown number of wounded since there are in effect no hospitals left. Gaza has had no water, sewage, fuel, or power services since October. The average Palestinian, according to some estimates, is subsisting on about 245 calories of food per day: to put that in perspective, that's about 3-4 slices of bread, depending on the quality. Food-aid workers are regularly attacked by Israeli Death Squads when they can get through at all; on more than one occasion, civilians were ambushed by troops using food trucks as bait. 

    Meanwhile, the suppression inside of Israel is reaching levels of tyranny not seen since the Scamdemic. Orthodox Jews, who were persecuted then, are being targeted once more, this time as targets of conscription despite being Conscientious Objectors. Saturday, a protest was put down in Jerusalem, and the Government is ready to ban foreign news outlets whom they deem not servile enough. The Zionists have murdered several journalists and regularly scrub reports in the Western Media; but our Corporate Media doesn't have a peep in the way of criticism to say about it. 

   The Corporate Oligarchs in the West, who covet Gaza's Oil Reserves and Israeli properties are pressuring their surrogate governments (including ours) not to intervene. The Biden/Harris Junta has been losing some support among its base over this and has been pushing for very limited humanitarian aid while continuing to send weaponry and money to the Zionists to continue the onslaught. The Controlled Opposition isn't any improvement: if anything their main criticism is that the Junta's been too soft on the Palestinians. Even President-in-Exile Trump gave a most disappointing assessment of the situation. In an interview with Deep State shill Hugh Hewitt, Trump said of the graphic photos released by the Zionists themselves: “People are imagining there’s a lot of people in those buildings … and they don’t like it, and I don’t know why they released, you know, wartime shots like that. I guess it makes them look tough. But to me, it doesn’t make them look tough. They’re losing the PR war. They’re losing it big. But they’ve got to finish what they started, and they’ve got to finish it fast, and we have to get on with life and get back to normalcy. I’m not sure that I’m loving the way they’re doing it, because you’ve got to have victory. You have to have a victory, and it’s taking a long time."

    That's right: the whole problem with the Zionist's policy in Palestine is that it's bad optics. Pundits on the Right predictably have doubled-down on their Stand With Israel propaganda, complaining that "the Left" are a bunch of weenies who "blast Israeli 'disproportionate' responses! Demand that Israel avoid collateral damage! Pressures it to form a wartime bipartisan government! Lobbies to cut it off from American resupply!" The American Right has lost any moral credibility it once had; in fact, it's lost any credibility at all. The Democrats are hardly being soft on Gaza: in fact, at a gala fundraiser last week---attended by former Presidents Clinton and Obama along with a host of celebrities at the Radio City Music Hall in New York---the Head-of-State raised a record $26 million in bribes campaign contributions where it took six figures even to be seen in his presence. “You can’t forget that Israel is in a position where its very existence is at stake," Biden declared. The Controlled Opposition is planning an even bigger blowout event at Mar-a-Lago this weekend, which we've already discussed here

    If Americans were actually capable of critical thought any longer (let alone any sense of moral responsibility) they might start to realize that what we're witnessing is the Great Reset's policies being carried out. The extermination of the Palestinians is how they intend to deal with surplus populations who get in their way. Since the Great Reset was unveiled in 2020, we saw that year supposedly 'democratic' governments building interment camps, imposing martial law, quarantines and curfews and freezing out of society any objectors. They've since not only aggressively promoted unsafe foods, vaccines, and proliferated narcotics among the populace, they've brutally crushed dissent as we saw in Canada, France, and the Netherlands in 2022. What they initiated in Palestine is part of their Final Solution to the Human Problem. 

  I don't know how much more clearly this has to be spelled out. Organizations like the World Economic Forum have declared openly that 80% of the population is of no use to them; their positions and policies are delineated in detail on their own websites and they openly boast about their capture of Western Governments and control over their economies. It's not like this is a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory: they not only tell us what they're doing, they're displaying in Real-Time what they are capable of doing. What's happening in Gaza today will happen elsewhere tomorrow---maybe even your neighborhood.