Wednesday, May 25, 2022


       So we've experienced yet another mass-shooting in the United States, with the usual hypocritical thoughts and prayers being extended to the victims while in the immediate aftermath both sides of the partisan divide begin pointing fingers. Nobody of course wants to be insensitive and point out that drug overdoses, traffic fatalities, and suicides are more often the cause of American deaths than mass-shootings or terrorist attacks. To admit that would mean admitting that policies like the drug war, mandatory seat-belts and alienating men have been failures. Besides, as we've seen recently, Ameroboobs thrive on hysteria and drama: witness shutting down the entire Constitution over a flu outbreak with a 99.75% survival rate. 

     The nominal Head-of-State was pounding his shoe on the podium shortly after the shooting, which naturally was reverberated by his parrots in the Corporate Media. "We have to stand up to the Gun Lobby!" Biden roared; ironically after two months of flooding Ukraine with weapons and mercenaries. This was pounced upon quickly by the Controlled Opposition, who assured us that these incidents only happen when Democrats are in power. Despite the narrative, they've been happening fairly frequently since the mid-1990s. Even though the US doesn't come close to the murder rates of other countries, mass-shootings grab headlines, which in turn generates mass-hysteria.

    There are a lot of things about these incidents that nobody wants to discuss, for example:

    1. That Media Sensationalism seems to generate more of these events. 

    2. That a fairly high percentage of these perpetrators were using psychoactive drugs of some kind.

    3. That many of these perpetrators were well-known to the authorities who never seem to notice that they might pose a threat. 

   Since knee-jerk reactions are the New Normal in America any kind of reason employed in debating these issues are always glossed over. And certainly no one would dare to suggest or even entertain the thought that our own government might have a hand in these actions. Relative to point 3; it is rather strange however that these attacks always seem to coincide with a big media push against the 2nd Amendment, or for foreign intervention, or against 'extremism', etc. It's also quite peculiar that these killings are always of innocent, ordinary citizens and somehow prominent leaders are rarely ever included among the casualties. 

    Awkwardly enough for the knee-jerk crowd though, our government has not only engaged in such activities abroad, but actually admitted to it. This was a Psyop program based on the concept of Strategy of Tension; which even Wikipedia---not exactly a bastion of Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories---defines as follows:

  "strategy of tension is a policy wherein violent struggle is encouraged rather than suppressed. The purpose is to create a general feeling of insecurity in the population and make people seek security in a strong government. This is supposed to pave the way for a more authoritarian, or even a neo-fascist government."

   Italy, which experienced a surge in violent crime during the 1970s to early 80s, was apparently the proving ground for this operation. These were known as the Years of Lead in Italy, and exposure of US involvement in these crimes nearly caused a break between Italian and American relations. (It is actually an Act of War under International Law). The violence suddenly stopped after President Reagan issued an Executive Order forbidding US agencies to stage false flags and criminal activity abroad in 1982; but since his time such restrictions have been widely ignored.

    Given the character of the upstanding gentlemen behind America's Psyop programs, nobody would imagine that they would ever use such tactics against American nationals. 

   It is a remarkable coincidence too, that crime in America today bears such a striking resemblance to Italy's of the 1970s: Left-Wing and Right-Wing gangs running amok with impunity; mass-killings which only target civilians, all interspersed with a few terrorist attacks. During the trials which followed in Italy, a Fascist operative testified that:

  “You were not supposed to attack the State or its representatives. You were supposed to attack civilians, women, children, innocent people from outside the political arena. For one simple reason: To force the Italian public to turn to the State turn to the regime and ask for greater security. This was precisely our role in Italy. It placed itself at the service of the State which created a strategy aptly called the "Strategy of Tension" in so far as they had to get ordinary people to accept that at any moment a State of Emergency could be declared. So, people would willingly trade part of their freedom for the security of being able to walk the streets, go on trains or enter a bank." 

    It is likewise a remarkable coincidence that so much of the Strategy of Tension seems to be playing out again in postmodern America: with the Right demanding expansions of Police powers and the Left calling for further restrictions of our rights. It's also an amazing coincidence that so much of the Strategy of Tension's basic techniques are also employed by cults (for example, Satanic ones) to bind adherents psychologically to the cult leader. 

    Sadly, though, it's very doubtful that the American people will follow their Italian counterparts and demand any accountability. This is why nothing will happen to curb any of this violence until the dumbed-down doped-up populace begs for the Great Reset Oligarchs to come and save them. The fake inflationary cycle of today, the hyped-up threats of war, and the Scamdemic are part of the same Strategy of Tension. 

   Like all our other problems, mass-violence is one completely of our own making. Americans are too preoccupied with sticking it to those gun nuts or owning those Libtards (and making a profit on the side) to come together and deal with the root causes. Our problems are not political nor economic; this is essentially a spiritual problem. We've become a culture without a soul: a culture where it's everyone for himself. Is it any surprise that we're now under the thumb of a soulless and ruthless Oligarchy? These people are simply playing by the rules we've set up for them. 

   Don't get caught up in the hysteria or political posturing. The Elites are peddling fear. Avoid the fearful and hold fast to the faithful, and one's way will be truly be secure.






Wednesday, May 18, 2022


     The blog Vigilant Citizen had an interesting article up this week, where he went into some detail (with links) on occult practices within the Pentagon's Psychological Warfare Unit. Of course, most Ameroboobs don't know (or even believe in or care about) the Military's involvement in a program which is of dubious ethics; this even though the Unit issued a recruiting ad just within the last few weeks. 

    VC points out that the PSYOPS Unit has been infiltrated by Satanic Cults, and has been for a long time. Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, who also founded the Satanic Temple of Set and was a regular contributor to the cult's newsletter The Cloven Hoof, 'served' for several years in Army Intelligence until rising to prominence in organizing the PSYOPS unit under that great humanitarian and Christian, Jimmy Carter. 

     President Reagan ejected Aquino from the Military after the Colonel's cultish activities came to light; most especially allegations of his involvement in the Presidio Child Abuse Scandal, and the Franklin Sex Ring: neither of which have ever been satisfactorily officially explained. 

    Satanic Cult activities are nothing new to the Beltway Establishment; in fact, people much higher in the Swamp than Aquino also admit to their practice. Even the World Economic Forum has invited occult groups to help them along with their Great Reset agenda at Davos this year. To be honest, though, at this point I'm not certain which is worse: the fact that our self-appointed Elites are doing these things or that---despite all of the personal testimony about---most Americans don't see it as any big deal. It seems a simple matter of common sense that seeing a lot of open devil-worshippers congregating somewhere can't possibly be indicative of anything good going on. Even more obviously, putting them in charge of Psychological Operations should be of especial concern. But here in postmodern America, where today's top-trending news headlines are about the NBA Championships and a new round of free COVID shots, there's little concern about top political officials and economic kingpins running around in black robes and praying to the devil.

    Naturally a society disinterested in cults infiltrating the Pentagon are going to have even less interest in whether or not the Federal Government should be involved in Psychological Operations in the first place. The Pentagon of course says that these programs aren't directed at US Nationals, but given that the program seems to be under the thumb of people who have a professed disregard for the Ten Commandments, one might be a bit disinclined to respect their honesty in such matters. As Aquino himself wrote during the Carter years:
  “In its strategic context, MindWar must reach out to friends, enemies and neutrals alike across the globe – neither through primitive “battlefield” leaflets and loudspeakers of PSYOP nor through the weak, imprecise, and narrow effort of psychotronics – but through the media possessed by the United States which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people on the face of the Earth. These media are, of course, the electronic media – television and radio. State of the art developments in satellite communication, video recording techniques, and laser and optical transmission of broadcasts make possible a penetration of the minds of the world such as would have been inconceivable just a few years ago.”

   Of course, we can trust Satanists not to abuse powers on that level. They would likewise never stoop to deceptions, even though Aquino says:

  “For the mind to believe in its own decisions, it must feel that it made those decisions without coercion. Coercive measures used by the operative, consequently, must not be detectable by ordinary means. There is no need to resort to mind-weakening drugs such as those explored by the CIA; in fact the exposure of a single such method would do unacceptable damage to MindWar’s reputation for truth.”

   Probably a major reason why the ethics surrounding the use of Psychological Operations is never questioned is because Aquino himself wrote the official position on the morality of its use. Personally, I hold that it is never a moral policy whether used domestically or against real or perceived enemies abroad. The obvious problem with its employment on a domestic populace is that there is no accountability from its organizers---nor can there be in actuality since the same entities controlling public opinion are the ones influencing it to suit an agenda. As Everett Dean Martin stated of these methods even a century ago; "An enterprise so uncontrollable, so susceptible to abuse, and so constantly under the temptation to abuse is a public menace." If such an organization arose in the United States, he predicted that: "One effect of propagandistic methods is to greatly increase the susceptibility of the public to slogans, catch-words, and vulgarly stated half-truths. Every real educator and political philosopher in history has noted the danger of this popular tendency. Now the 'knowing ones' are urged to see this mob psychology, not as a social menace, but as a Natural Resource to be exploited for private gain."

    To complete Martin's reasoning after a century of experience, Psychological Operations also tend to form a vicious circle. This actually happened to some extent in Hitler Germany, at least at the Nazi Party level. The Operators have to keep feeding the populace disinformation in increasing doses, which, in turn, dumbs-down and stokes public aggression even more, causing the leadership ultimately to become dependent on the very mob that it created to hold its power. 

    Contrast that disastrous scenario with a well-informed electorate like we used to have in the United States. We've always had corruption and machine politics in our Government, but up until recently it was getting rooted out and destroyed on a regular basis. 

    There is likewise no strategic justification for Psychological Operations in Intelligence or Military communities, except to a limited extent. During WW1, Sigmund Freud discovered the causes and treatment of shell-shock. As a humanitarian gesture, the Austrian Government shared that information with the Allied Powers. In WW2, American psychoanalysts were active predicting the behavior of enemy leaders so that we might anticipate their moves. These were a proper use of psychological methods because they were employed to constructive ends like healing the sick and ending the war. 

    But the way these operations are carried out today are immoral because of their inherent ruthlessness and amorality. A soldier might be wounded in battle and physically harmed for life; a victim of psychological warfare may be damaged at a mental level from which he may not even know exists. It's a dirty form of warfare since it often depends for its success on turning the better---not the worst side---of an opponent's nature against him. Those kinds of actions are not easily forgotten because it brings the fight down to a personal level and certainly is counter-productive to any future peacetime policies.

    Another reason against using these tactics is because (regardless of what they may think of themselves), the operators are not infallible. Psychological Operations can, and do, backfire. In fact, when recently employed against Russia, China, Syria, and Iran the tactics backfire on a regular basis. 

    The road ahead is not going to be an easy one. This is why it is vital that we educate ourselves---while we still can---and know the nature of the foes of freedom and humanity. Knowledge is the best defense against Psychological Operations of any kind. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022


     Back in the days of my youth, a family friend told me of a visit to Germany, circa 1946. We were discussing his adventures during WW2, and he went back on some errand related to the War Crimes Trials. Of the German people he stated that he learned two things: none of them had ever been Nazis, and none of them knew about any of the atrocities that the Third Reich was involved in. He mentioned a conversation he had with a German businessman:

   German: "I don't know, you see I was never...

   Adventurer: "...Yes, I know: you were never a Nazi."

   German: "You don't believe me?"

   Adventurer: "Oh I believe you. If I sound surprised, it's because I'm amazed at how much damage Adolf was able to do all by himself."

   This conversation keeps coming back to mind reading both articles and comments on Republican/Conservative websites. It's truly astounding how so few on the Right knew that our schools, media, military, and healthcare system had been co-opted by Leftist special interests until just last year. Before 2021, we weren't seeing increasing monopolization, or an Opioid crisis, or legal abortion, or the break down of the family, or the need for immigration reform, or an expanding police state... I seem to recall that in 2016, Trump ran on a platform of Making America Great Again: a slogan that would seem to imply that we were in a state of decline and needed reformation. But we don't seem to remember any of that.

  One of things that is really destroying the Conservative Movement is their continued refusal---like the Postwar Germans---to acknowledge that the vast majority of our national problems are entirely of our own making. The Right's continual refusal to address electoral corruption, or remove Neocons from key Party positions, or lack of any Platform or relevant issues except to proclaim that they aren't Democrats is proof that they've learned nothing since from the cultural and economic debacles of the last 30 years.

   The real crisis that the Right faces is a spiritual one. It's becoming increasingly obvious that they don't give a hoot about about any of the issues that effect all of us as Americans: the majority on the Right are perfectly happy with the status quo and their only real complaint is that the Left is grabbing too big a share of the pie. Blogger InsanityBytes addressed this in a good article yesterday. She was speaking about a recent scandal in a church, and how focused the critics were on how the scandal effected themselves: their reputations, their profit margins, their place in the narrative, etc.

   "That is what lurks at the heart of our cultural divide, a tone deaf church that just doesn't care. It's really not about abortion or skin color or wokeness, or whether we should believe all women. It's about not even existing, not being seen, being rendered completely invisible. It's really just about how all animals are equal except that some are clearly more equal than others. The thing is, if you genuinely want life to matter in this country, then the suffering of others has to matter, and it has to matter more than your hurt feelings, or your status, or your alleged reputation."

   This was brought once again today by a flurry of bowtie clutching and outrage in the Controlled Opposition Conservative Press. It's seems there's supposedly a shortage of baby formula in the United States right now. I have doubts that the story is even true, considering that just a few months again, the Corporate Oligarchy got caught red-handed withholding shipments of imported goods to drive up inflationary costs, and to create artificial shortages. The stories have since fallen from the Corporate Media, and everybody is blaming the conflict in Eastern Europe---despite the fact that we import practically nothing from Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine. 

    Instead of explaining to the few stay-at-home mothers left in the United States that they can get around the 'shortage' by simply doing what our grandmothers did: heat some milk on the stove and put it in a baby-bottle, the punditocracy is squawking because some RINO discovered that Immigration Detention Centers were stocked with baby formula.

   Now, aside from the fact that these centers usually stockpile such goods a year or so in advance, and that infants probably don't have much say as to whether they enter the country illegally or not; the compassionate Conservatives are infuriated by all of this. Some are even suggesting that we seize these stockpiles and distribute them to American citizens---the fact there probably isn't enough there to feed all of the babies in America for two days at most to the contrary notwithstanding. Nobody also seems to wonder what these babies are supposed to eat once their stockpiles of formula are seized, but none of this is important so long as "I got mine!" and the little ones presumably can crawl back to Mexico and get their feedings there for all that anybody cares.

   Of course, the Government could choose to force the Agribusiness Cartels to release their stockpiles of baby formula and punish them for creating an economic crisis: but no, that would be government overreach and interfering with the free market. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Ted Turner and all of the other WEF kingpins buying up American farmland wouldn't like that; neither would all of the Conservatives who have money tied up in Agribusiness stocks.


   We can't have a functional Democracy based on the idea of every man for himself. Enlightened Self-Interest is one thing; blind greed and Narcissism is another. Enlightened Self-Interest underpins both Democracy and the Free Enterprise System, but it is at its core, an honor system. It cannot realistically function unless it has a generally agreed upon code based in accountability both to God and to one's neighbor. Conservatism has failed in the West because it largely abandoned accountability to all but the official Conservative narrative: which ultimately has made our movement no better than the Left. 

   Conservatism (the real kind) is an ideology and a way of life---not a product to be packaged and marketed; nor a 'narrative' to be controlled. It's completely laughable watching the Right celebrate people like Elon Musk and Bruce Jenner while they criticize Jeff Bezos and Rachel Levine for doing the same things. Or when they applaud applying Cancel Culture to Disneyland Florida but object when the Left boycotts Hobby Lobby or Chick-Fil-A. Then they wonder why nobody takes them seriously. 

   Some actually have objected to the kinds of arguments made here: saying that idealism is different from reality, and that ideals are for a few chumps, but the realistic political approach is to do what works. Fine. Feel free to explain what good the 1994 and 2010 GOP Congressional takeovers or either Bush Administration did to advance the Conservative cause. From 1992 to 2016, every national GOP campaign has been centered on a win-at-all-costs Realpolitik strategy; and for all the good they've done we may as well have elected Democrats. The secret to Trump's successes was that he reached to Americans and cared about solving problems for everyone---not just a select few. That was real Conservatism. But Orange Man Bad and the Right jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon just as fast when they saw their own special interests threatened. The bottom line though is, that we are going keep losing the Culture War as long as we keep using the means of the enemy.





Tuesday, May 10, 2022


      The other day I came across a social media post of a person---I think it was once a female---who was bitterly lamenting the fact that they were put up for adoption instead of being aborted. According to what this creature said, it was dehumanizing to take infants and warehouse them in orphanages to be given away like dogs in a rescue shelter; and growing up with resentment of being a kept child, to use her terminology. 

     As I said before, it's got to be the drugs. People's minds simply can't operate like this unless they've been chemically altered. As someone whose family tree has its roots in more than a few orphanages, I'm rather happy that high-potency marijuana and prescription psych-dope hadn't addled the human mind to the point where they actually believed that Infanticide was a symbol of human progress. An ex-girlfriend of mine was actually a foundling. She was about as pro-life as they get in her views. 

    The Whacko Left Wing has gone so far off the rails that there have been at least ten documented acts of terrorism against churches and adoption centers as of 4 P.M. Pacific Coast Time today. No doubt that this only the beginning. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has been removed to a Secure Location---likely to be joined by Clarence Thomas in the near future. These are the same nutjobs incidentally who invent horror-stories of Russian soldiers killing babies and terrorizing political opponents in Ukraine. 

    Meanwhile, the Republican Party has noticed suddenly that Roe vs. Wade is still a law, and that despite it's repeal being on the GOP Platform since 1974, nobody has bothered to do anything about it since. 

   In 2004, the GOP unanimously endorsed the Neocon Bush for President---with one exception. That was former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith. Smith said that he would run against Bush and admitted that he was trying to draw attention to the inactivity of the Party in addressing the abortion issue. He was interviewed by Bush toady Michael Medved who flatly sneered, "You're a Senator. Why don't you propose some legislation banning abortion?" 

   "I have proposed some Bills." Smith replied. "I can't even get a co-sponsor to get them to Committee." This was at a time when Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. Instead of addressing Smith's concerns, Bush---in an act of petty revenge---delegated Neocon John Sununu to challenge Smith for Senate and unseat him. Smith has been completely blacklisted from the Party ever since. 

   That episode tells us all we need to know about the GOP's "commitment" to overturning Roe vs. Wade. It's not going to happen. 

   What is more likely to happen is that the leaked SCOTUS document was a signal from the Regime to turn its thugs loose on American cities again, like they did in 2020. One of the objectives then was to purge defund local police and turn law enforcement over to greater federal control. The Regime has made an especial target of organizations like Oath Keepers---which was prominent in refusing to take part in the illegal Scamdemic tyranny--- as part of this takeover. This leaked SCOTUS and the oncoming violence due to surround is a similar move to take over the Judiciary. The Regime wins either way. If SCOTUS overturns Roe, they will have an excuse to purge "extremist" judges; if they vote to keep Roe, it will be easy to stage a False-Flag allegedly perpetrated by a 'Right-Wing Extremist' and provide an excuse for a subsequent crackdown. As we said here in 2020, Chief Justice Roberts' capitulation to the Junta was only going to buy the Judicial Branch time until their turn came. 

    It has been 49 years since Roe vs. Wade was decided. Think about that. A teenager then is a Senior Citizen now. The majority of Americans have never lived when abortion wasn't considered a "Right." Republican fantasies aside, it's not even realistic to believe that the dumbed-down, doped-up populace of today has the slightest conception of why the Right to Life is important. A large percentage of Americans can't even define gender, let alone how babies are created or when Life begins in the womb. 

    Another matter which these hypocrites prudently avoid is the fact that many Republicans are themselves invested in the Abortion Racket (both financially and ideologically). The most recent reliable polling data shows that nearly 2 in 5 Republicans oppose repealing Roe vs. Wade. It's probable that most of these are personally against the act itself; but the prevalent "I-got-mine-screw-you" attitude of many on today's Right again manifests itself. 

   It ought to serve as a reminder to the Right how many of these 'throwaway children' became prominent contributors to American Society. Of course, they are all dead White males as far as contemporary culture is concerned: but they include former presidents George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and Herbert Hoover. The list also includes Statesmen Alexander Hamilton and John Hancock; military leaders William Sherman and Admiral Robert Peary; businessmen Henry Ford, William Boeing, and Colonel Harlan Sanders; scientists Linus Pauling and Blake Van Leer; writers Herman Melville, Edgar Allan Poe, and James Michener; as well as baseball legend Babe Ruth and football legend Jim Thorpe. How many people of this stature were potentially among the millions of dead who ended up getting parted out like old machinery?

   The status quo is not going to change regardless of what SCOTUS says or does. The Left is fanatically devoted to the absurd notion that babies deserve to be executed because their conception somehow violates women's rights. The Right could care less so long as it's other people's babies getting aborted and Big Pharma keeps paying dividends. Stopping abortion is going to require a fundamental change in attitudes---back to one that respects human life, That, sadly, isn't likely to happen any time soon either. 




Sunday, May 8, 2022


     While the American public has spent Mother's Day weekend in a drug-and-media induced outrage because they might see their precious rights to abortion and fetal-tissue trafficking curtailed, most of the rest of the world has focused on actual significant issues. On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Minister---the third most-powerful figure in the Chinese Government---issued a statement exposing the criminal activities of the National Endowment for Democracy, a shady taxpayer-funded NGO which serves the interests of Deep State by fomenting color revolutions like the 2014 Maidan Uprising in Ukraine. 

   The Corporate Media here has either responded by prudently ignoring the Foreign Minister's accusations---all of which incidentally are verifiable by NED's own admissions---or by fanning hoaxes like that of the Shanghai Lockdown. It's reminiscent of the early stages of the Scamdemic, when imaginary media 'sources' were concocting tall-tales of Chinese COVID atrocities like chaining people to lamp-posts and burning quarantine camps with people inside, etc. 

   Which is not surprising: ever since our last Red Tsunami bowed to Obama and Biden and repealed the Anti-Propaganda Act of 1948, organizations like NED are free to feed information to the Corporate Media, which of course dutifully repeats it without bothering to investigate. 

   NED was set up in 1983, after considerable lobbying from then Vice-President Bush. The 1970s saw a massive public reaction against the Deep State and several of its members saw the need for a nominally-private organization to carry out questionably legal national security-related tasks that the (then) independent media was watching too closely. President Reagan agreed on the condition that it's Board be bipartisan and its budget subject to Congressional oversight: but the growth of the Uniparty and the enshrinement of Government secrecy laws post 9/11 since negated all of those precautions. 

   NED's Board of Directors include/have included so many revolving-door politicians, Neocon pundits, and pseudo-Liberals tied to defense contractors that any pretense of this organization being anything other than a collection of paid corporate mercenaries who operate on anything but the interests of national security. Among the people connected with NED are Hillary Clinton's VP nominee Tim Kaine, and Mitt Romney's campaign advisor, Vin Weber. Also are several prominent RINOs including Ben Sasse, Norm Coleman, John Kyl, Bill Frist, Bob Graham, and Mel Martinez; and a host of shady DNC bureaucrats like Richard Gephardt, Wesley Clark, Morton Abrahamson, and Victoria Nuland. The current CEO is one Damon Wilson, a former Bush/Clinton State Department Bureaucrat.

   It should come as no surprise that Wilson is deeply connected with Klaus Schwab and his merry-men at the World Economic Forum. Prior to joining NED, Wilson was a top executive in the Deep-State connected Atlantic Council. The Atlantic Council is heavily funded by WEF-connected interests, including the British, Saudi, and Emirati Royal Families, Soros' Open Society Foundation, Lockheed-Martin, and Bank of America. They also receive funding from the US Departments of State and Defense, as well as from NATO. During Wilson's tenure, WEF-member Facebook signed a partnership agreement with the Atlantic Council "to combat election-related propaganda and misinformation from proliferating on its service." In 2019, Wilson was one of the sponsors of the WEF-organized A New Initiative for Poland: A Future Leader in Securing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The only other American participant was Gen. Keith Alexander, who headed Obama's domestic espionage operations in the NSA which were subsequently exposed by Edward Snowden after Alexander's repeated lies and denials before Congress that such a program existed. Alexander, incidentally, has since gone on to found IronNet Cybersecurity, which is heavily funded by High Finance and Big Tech. Shortly before his 'resignation' Jeff Bezos appointed Alexander to the Board of Amazon.

  According to Wikipedia: "From 2009 to 2011, Wilson directed the International Security program at the Atlantic Council think tank, transforming it into the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security. In 2011, he was promoted to the role of Executive Vice President.  At the Atlantic Council, Wilson championed American leadership, a strong NATO, continued NATO enlargement, support for democratic reforms in Ukraine and the Balkans, positioning US and NATO forces in the Baltic States, and efforts to counter 'authoritarian powers' Russia and China. He also defended global LGBTQ rights, hosting global leaders for Pride and launching several diversity and inclusion programs within the organization." As one might have guessed from that last 'contribution', Wilson is an open homosexual

   In 2018, President Trump made an effort to abolish NED, which was frustrated by Democrats and their Neocon enablers. His attempts were met with howls of blind rage from the Corporate Media; which isn't surprising because Media interests are well-funded by NED, along with the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates. 

   Among the organizations which NED 'sponsors' are: the Poynter Institute, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Coda Media, Freedom House, the International Center for Journalists, Index for Censorship, Reporters Without Borders, Detector Media, Internews, and Open Democracy. Poynter, Detector, and Internews all run 'fact-checking services for the Corporate Media. Freedom House and the Index for Censorship supposedly monitor and report on press freedom around the world. Open Democracy is a news aggregator which feeds stories from nobody-knows-what sources to MSM outlets. RWB, Coda Media, and IWPR are provocateurs that feed propaganda (IWPR ran the Syrian Observatory, for example). The International Center for Journals vetts and trains future members of the Media.  

    This is an example of the kinds of people who are both advising our government and controlling information to the people on Foreign Policy issues. Probably only 100 or so of these cretins are literally dominating the foreign policy discourse in the United States right now. And we want to point the finger at China? Actually, China is more respectable: they at least are a one-party state and admit to that fact---and they're actually run by Chinese nationals who state that they work in Chinese interests. We have a pretend democracy where both parties claim to work in our interests while submitting to the will of unelected multinational oligarchs who laugh in their sleeves at us because we actually believe that we're somehow in control of our own government. 


Friday, May 6, 2022


    Recently, on a 'Conservative' site, I criticized Republican cowardice in the face of 2020 Scamdemic 'Emergency Measures.' This drew the attention of a Left-Wing whacko who couldn't resist pouncing on it. I wanted to share the brief exchange that we had because it's a such a perfect specimen of Leftist mental processes (I won't dignify it by terming it thinking). 


   And they wonder why we compare them to NPCs. Seriously, this commenter is such an intellectual cripple that he won't even acknowledge that the Scamdemic Restrictions---which he could plainly see with his own eyes and actually experienced---violated his Constitutional Rights in any way unless that opinion is 'validated' by an accepted source.

   It's got to be the drugs. People simply can't be functioning otherwise at this level no matter how corrupted our schools and media are. 

   Sadly this is not an isolated example. It's fairly typical of Leftist mindsets and those of Americans in general. It's been only a month since the Scamdemic restrictions were eased somewhat in my home State, and already the local blockheads are starting to don the Mask of Shame again, and even one local diner has closed to all but take-out orders after two weeks because of the alleged "COVID threat."

  This all brought to mind an article that was published here two years ago. I hate it when I turn out to be right about such things. There was never any intention that we would ever 'return to normal.' A recent poll by Pew Research shows that only 1/3 Americans consider Scamdemic emergency policies an important issue in 2022; and that number includes Democrats who presumably favor continuing the restrictions. 

   It's noteworthy that the Corporate Media invariably uses the phrase "relaxing the restrictions" as opposed to "ending the restrictions" when they talk of COVID-related issues. That kind of nuanced terminology should never be overlooked. It also shouldn't be overlooked that the apparatus for re-imposing the restrictions has never been rescinded. In fact, most of Corporate America and their satrapies which pose as governments still require Loyalty Vaxxes as conditions of employment. Most hospitals and many schools have not 'relaxed' their policies at all; and the Junta is still working to impose travel restrictions contingent upon one's compliance with the New Order. 

  Outside of the US and Britain, there hasn't been any significant relaxing of restrictions at all. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are still the same repressive police states they have been since the Scamdemic was launched. Israel and many European countries have been introducing gradual reinstatements of their previous policies now that protests have subsided. In France, President Macron introduced a plan to require a variation of Loyalty Vaxx Passports the day after he was 're-elected.' 

     What is actually motivating the current respite are two things---both tactics aimed at achieving the same goal. The first is a proven tactic used by all modern dictatorships. Iron Curtain countries learned that a population can be disciplined more effectively by alternating periods of outright repression with temporary laxness in enforcement. By this technique, the general public gradually becomes accustomed to these suspensions of their freedoms and more compliant. We saw this in America post 9/11, where the Deep State would introduce, then relax, then reintroduce again various invasions of privacy: to the point where only few years later, the Snowden Revelations were openly confessed to by Obama and there was hardly a ripple of public anger over them. Conversely, the Deep State also accustomed the American public to accepting lack of any governmental transparency to the point where Julian Assange is considered a dangerous incendiary for simply informing the public. It's hard to imagine that as recently as 1974, a sitting president was forced to resign merely for having authorized his operatives to spy on a political opponent; and that there were actual Senate Hearings uncovering illegal domestic activities carried out by the FBI, CIA, etc. 

   The secondary issue is that the Elites want a period of relaxing the restrictions so that they can analyze their response and come back twice as effectively during the next crackdown. Before people like Alterego55 jump in with their tin-foil hat talk, let's notice that Willy Gates---one of the architects of the 2020 Scamdemic practically admitted to it last month. 

  “I’ve learned a lot in the process both about this pandemic and how we stop the next one" Gates said of his new plan, which was released on Tuesday, "I  lay out the specific steps we can take to not only stop future pandemics but, in the process, provide better health care for everyone around the world… I outline the lessons we can learn from this pandemic, the innovations we need to save lives, and the new tools we need to stop pathogens early and equitably. I also tell you about my regular conversations with public health leaders like Anthony Fauci and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, my view of the vaccines that are stemming the tide, and what it’s been like to become the subject of conspiracy theories.” 

   Gates is referring to a book with the ominous-sounding title of How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, which suspiciously brings back memories of how coincidentally accurate his Event 201 was in predicting the COVID-19 outbreak just a few weeks before it happened. Gates boasts that he consulted with America's Doctor, Anthony Fauci on the plan despite the fact that Fauci's connections to Wuhan and the US Bioweapons Lab at Fort Detrick have never been satisfactorily explained. 

   Among other things, "Gates is proposing a Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization team (GERM), which would monitor potential health threats all over the world." He said 'I do expect the debate during the next year to take some of my ideas and other people’s ideas and say, governments owe it to their citizens, like they prepare for earthquakes or fires or war, that they need to do this'". It should be noted that Gates recently told the Corporate Media that he himself believes that the COVID-19 Scamdemic is not yet over and done with:

  “We’re still at risk of this pandemic generating a variant that would be even more transmissive and even more fatal...It’s not likely, I don’t want to be a voice of doom and gloom, but it’s way above a 5% risk that this pandemic, we haven’t even seen the worst of it.”

   And further from the ass' own mouth, Gates gives us a breakdown of what his GERM bureaucracy would look like.

   "The GERM team would be made up of people from all over the world who have a wide range of expertise: epidemiology, genetics, data systems, {nota bene} diplomacy, rapid response, {nota bene} logistics, computer modeling, communications, and more. When they aren’t actively working in the field, most of them would call individual countries’ public health agencies home base, though some would sit in the WHO’s regional offices and at its headquarters in Geneva. {nota bene} It's important that GERM have a diverse workforce. The team is going to serve the entire world {nota bene}—it only makes sense that its members reflect the experiences and backgrounds of the people they’re going to work with. Ideally, GERM would have a high number of local experts from countries at a higher risk of outbreak, and outsiders would only show up when necessary and when the in-country team requests help."

   Yes, Bill. We fully trust you when you say that these bureaucrats will only show up when necessary and at the host country's request; much like the US Military or Corporate-sponsored Color Revolution proxies do. 

  "Here’s how a GERM response would work: The team’s disease monitoring experts would look for potential outbreaks. Once it spots one, GERM should have the ability to declare an outbreak and work with national governments and the World Bank to raise money for the response very quickly. Product-development experts would advise governments and companies on the highest-priority drugs and vaccines. People who understand computer modeling would coordinate the work of modelers around the world. And the team would help create and coordinate responses, such as how and when to implement border closures and recommend mask use."

   Indeed! What could possibly go wrong with a scenario like that? Unelected global bureaucrats---by Gates' own admission deeply connected to High Finance, Big Pharma, and Big Tech---could literally quarantine an entire sovereign nation without either that nation's---or even the United Nations'---approval.

  "The team’s most important job is helping to run outbreak response exercises that test whether the world is ready for the next major outbreak. Militaries regularly run war games to evaluate their readiness—we should do the same with disease threats. In most countries, these exercises can be run by local public health and military leaders, with GERM acting as an advisor and reviewer. For some low-income countries, the world should invest in building this capacity and lend resources as needed."

   So, stated explicitly, these supposed 'experts' are going to advise police and military units on things like how and when to implement border closures, and other national lockdown-related tactics. And poor countries will be supplied with foreign mercenaries, no less.  We've seen such a test-run for this kind of 'advice' in Canada just recently. Let's not forget how in many countries---especially Australia---the Concentration Camp is a fully-accepted method of dealing with dissidents today too. Lest we forget, the Military has also been employed to enforce Scamdemic laws in our Land of the Free. Gina Raimondo, the former Governor of Rhode Island and currently the Junta's Secretary of Commerce, was one of the worst of these. In case anybody hopes that a Red Tsunami will save us from these people, note that 35 of 50 Republican Senators supported Raimondo's Confirmation. 

   Meanwhile, Bill Gates complains that he's "become the subject of conspiracy theories," and his fanboys claim that we are "just repeating voices in our own heads." These people need to understand that dictatorships don't need to suspend the Constitution and declare Martial Law formally. They simply have to ignore it and pretend that the Constitution is still in force. None of the Fascist Regimes of Europe during the 20th Century bothered with such formalities. 

   Sadly, trying to explain any of this to the average Ameroboob is met with them stopping their ears and running for the nearest exit. Confessions from the perpetrators of the scam and even the evidence of their own senses won't convince them. 



Tuesday, May 3, 2022


      Last night a major story broke that's been hitting all of the headlines. Allegedly a draft of a decision by the US Supreme Court has been leaked indicating that the infamous Roe vs. Wade Case will be overturned. This is good news if true, because America's abortion industry is a national disgrace and Roe vs. Wade a blot on our once-great legal system. 

    The Court decision isn't expected for a few more weeks. I hope that Roe finally falls, but certain parts of this story sound very suspicious.

     1.) Leaks from the Supreme Court are very rare. The fact that it was also leaked to a rather small Left-leaning Beltway paper called Politico instead of a major news outlet is also rather suspicious.

    2.) That a Supreme Court which has done absolutely nothing other than fawning to the Abortion Industry (and to Leftist interests in general) should suddenly change course after 48 years. 

    3.) A number of the political apparatchiks running pro-Abortion States in less than 24 hours suddenly had plans drawn up to protect so-called reproductive rights, and the Junta ordered a security fence erected around the Palace of Justice Supreme Court Building. Such things do look suspiciously like they may have been coordinated.

   4.) Despite the Head-of-State saying today that "We do not know whether this draft is genuine, or whether it reflects the final decision of the Court," demonstrations are already breaking out---which seem very conveniently timed given our recent history of (orchestrated) civil unrest right after Scamdemic restrictions are relaxed and right before an election cycle. 

   5.) A lot of vested financial interests have a big stake in maintaining the status quo.

   6.) Last, but far from least, is the fact that Chief Justice Jack Roberts is one of the least trustworthy of all of the fake Conservatives in the GOP Establishment. A few moments ago, Roberts said that he was ordering an investigation into the leaked news: it wouldn't surprise me at all if he leaked it himself. 

   As the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." That's my opinion right now towards this leaked news. Something about it all doesn't add up. We'll have to wait and see: let's hope for the best, and it turns out be true, but let's also keep an eye out and see what happens in the meantime.