Monday, June 28, 2021


   Well, this weekend has seen a heatwave strike the north Pacific Coast. No matter where you live in the country, you've probably heard about it. Sort of like the Texas coldwave last Winter; every six months or so Americans need a new 'climate emergency' to chimp out about. One would think that terms like "record-breaking temperatures" or "record rainfalls" would suggest that these weather events were uncommon and temporary. But remember the real record lows we're dealing with are American scientific literacy. 

   In the upper atmosphere, there exist wind currents. That's where clouds form and move about. There are pockets of stagnant air between these currents and these pockets of trapped air get superheated by the sun. When the pocket passes over an area, a heatwave occurs. At any given point during the world's history, there was a heatwave happening someplace. Up until a few years ago, nobody thought much about weather phenomena in terms of apocalyptic portents. Our Civilization had more or less outgrown superstitious fears of the weather about the time of the Renaissance. But until a few years ago, Science wasn't an industry. Scientists explained and informed people about things like bad weather and advised people on ways they could help themselves. Fear sells; and scientists are natural salesmen for that kind of product.

     Younger people can scarcely imagine that there was actually a time when bad weather was something nobody even talked about much. People who constantly complained about the weather were considered a little 'off' in fact. I spent my childhood in a part of the U.S. where Arctic Cold Fronts in Winter and tornadoes in Summer happened. We just accepted that the weather was something that we couldn't control and it was best to prepare for it. 

    Since the 1990s, however, Ameroboobs have been bombarded with endless Fear-Porn about the weather. It's worked too. Just like there was propaganda flooding the country that every new influenza strain would wipe us all out---the NPCs were all chanting that "we're overdue for a pandemic!"---until finally COVID-19 caused  a national panic attack that cost us more than the virus itself did. The 'Climate Change' hysteria likewise is building up to an unpleasant crescendo. Right now, in my small town, there is no water, juice, cola, drink mixes, iced tea on the shelves: all of the ice machines are empty. The duration of this Climate Apocalypse justifying all of this hoarding? According to NWS, it's over by 9 P.M. Monday night. 

   A populace as ignorant of science as the American people have become was a civic danger already. It's much worse now because these ignorant ideals are shared by both the Beltway Regime and the Corporate Elites. They have both the power and the money to impose their fanaticism on the entire nation. It's also very likely that the Elites don't actually believe a word of this Climate Change Hoax; but it wouldn't matter because the end result---from our standpoint---is the same either way. Climate Change, the Scam-demic, the Woke Racism, the November Putsch: all of these are mechanisms by which the Elites hope to bring about a 'great reset'.' That 'reset' actually means 'resetting' Western Civilization back to the Feudal Era. 

    As for the hoarding: it is a national disgrace. Sometimes it's really hard to blame the Elites because they're no more than a reflection of our own cultural degeneracy. Aside from the fact that people who actually need Goods and Services can't obtain them and their 'neighbors' don't care: much of these goods are socked away with the intention of extorting from their neighbors the highest possible price. 

   In the early part of the Scam-demic, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bottled water, and various soaps vanished from our store shelves. I talked to some store managers here in our small town, did the math, and proved to a City Council member that it was mathematically impossible that locals could have bought out this much stuff. My suspicion was that people from the cities who'd swept their own stores were sweeping ours, which led to the Council recommending that certain goods be limited from bulk sales so that locals could get things if they needed them. I'm not blowing my own horn here: I actually felt ashamed that we had to do that because, apparently, nobody especially cares whether you have soap and toilet paper or not. 

  Maybe we should rethink our attitudes about science and weather. In the past, people believed that natural phenomena were messages from their gods. Maybe that dynamic still works. Maybe God allows things like a few days of uncomfortable weather to make us pause and reflect on our collective stupidity and selfishness. I don't mean superstitious myths like 'carbon footprints' but the very real disregard displayed for our neighbors' welfare. Behind all this facade of Virtue Signalling and Social Justice, Americans are really a nation of narcissists, opportunists, and hypocrites. The Corporate Media has been carrying on about 'Climate Change' and 'New Normals' and not a peep out of them about doing things like say, checking on an elderly neighbor. Or like a fellow at our local church did the other day and gave his old air conditioner to a neighboring family who couldn't afford one. Things like that are how we should react. Prepare yourself, then help your neighbor. That's how Americans used to behave. 

Saturday, June 26, 2021


    While America's Conservative leadership has been busy whooping it up this month with their Leftist colleagues---celebrating 'Pride Month' and our new Memorial and Independence days---the social termites behind the Great Reset were busy on the job. Friend of the blog Elle1978 reported that the World Health Organization issued a manifesto listing meat consumption as a "proven cause of cancer." The once-venerable international organization has been toying with the classification since 2014, and apparently now feels that the payoffs were high enough the science was settled on this most important issue. The fact that almost half of WHO's annual budget is funded by WEF-connected organizations and governments is probably only a coincidence, right?

   The World Economic Forum has made no secret of its plans for denying meat to the peasantry. Minimizing meat consumption (for us non-Elites) is part of their expressed goals to achieve by 2030. The WHO proclamation is a pseudo-scientific pretext for governments to impose the Elites' agenda. If anyone doubts that this could happen, just think back to what WHO's declaration that an influenza outbreak was a global pandemic accomplished.

   In spite of the fact that meat products are becoming increasingly scarce and more costly, the average Ameroboob---including those on the Right---are in denial that the Great Reset is real; and that these WEF scum intend to do exactly what they say. The California Supreme Court ruled (coincidentally on the same day that the WHO pronouncement came out) that activists' efforts to mandate meat products be given warning labels can proceed. This follows another California decision mandating restrictions on pork farmers. Oregon and Colorado have initiatives underway to ban slaughterhouses and processing plants. 

    In case anyone believes that the average American is too intelligent to fall for these scams consider the findings of several polls:

"An online survey commissioned by the Innovation Center of U.S. Dairy last year found a frighteningly low level of agricultural literacy among Americans: 16 million people thought that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, 40% of California 4th, 5th and 6th graders didn't know that hamburgers come from cows, orange juice was the nation's most popular "fruit," and french fries and potato chips were the nation's most popular "vegetables.”

"The 2017 Michigan State University Food Literacy Poll also exposed an overwhelming disconnect between Americans and their food. The question, “How often do you seek information about where your food was grown and how it was produced?” exposed that 35% of the people surveyed rarely look into where their food comes from, and 13% never do."

Although probably unsurprisingly, a survey conducted by the Center for Food Integrity also found that 59% of Ameroboobs imagine that they "have all the information necessary to make informed decisions." That same study found that only 30% believe that farmers take care of the environment and "80% moderately or strongly agree that they are more concerned about global warming and climate change than they were a year ago."

Actual farmers, however, who are probably in the best position to know state:

"In 2011,two national surveys by the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance’s (USFRA) Foods Dialogues Project collected data on opinions, attitudes and questions consumers and farmers and ranchers have about the current and future state of how food is grown and raised in the U.S.; the results revealed that “lack of access to information, as well as no interest or passion for the topic, have divided consumer opinion on the direction of agriculture.”When asked about their impressions of consumers, 86% of farmers and ranchers responded that “the average consumer has little to no knowledge about modern farming and ranching,” and 58% felt that “consumers have a completely inaccurate perception of farming and ranching.” Their top priorities for what they want consumers to better understand are: 1) the effect of pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics on food, 2) where food comes from in general, 3) proper care of livestock and poultry, 4) the effect of government regulations on farming and ranching, and 5) the economic value of agriculture."

Somehow I have a feeling that consumers of marijuana are much more knowledgeable when it comes to that particular agricultural product, but I digress.

How did America reach this level of stupidity? Jeff Bezos' own news outlet, The Washington Post actually gave us a clue following one of the studies mentioned above:

"The United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA, did a study in the early 1990s. They found that nearly 1 in 5 adults did not know that hamburgers are made from beef. Many more were not familiar with the basic facts about farming. Kids aren't learning about where food comes from, and experts in agricultural education do not think much has changed since the 1990s. "At the end of the day, it's an exposure issue," said Cecily Upton. Upton is the co-founder of the nonprofit FoodCorps. The group brings agricultural and nutrition education into elementary schools. Upton says kids don't learn in school where food comes from before it gets to the store. "A team of researchers interviewed fourth-fifth- and sixth-graders at a school in a California city. More than half of those students didn't know pickles were cucumbers. They did not know that onions and lettuce were plants. About 4 in 10 students didn't know that hamburgers came from cows. And 3 in 10 didn't know that cheese is made from milk."

So...we've known about this problem since the 1990s? The USDA Study that Bezos' outfit cites was conducted in 1993. A child entering Kindergarten that year would be 33 years old now---and the public schools were failing even back then. Let that thought sink in, and let the Conservatives who are now clutching their bow-ties in pious horror over shifting cultural attitudes explain to all of us where they've been all those years.

The Junta, meanwhile, has outlined its intention to seize 18% of private land by 2030. That this is intended to be agricultural lands---primarily ranch lands---is evident from the fact that the USDA is in charge of the program. From the USDA website (April 21st):

   "Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today that USDA will open enrollment in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) with higher payment rates, new incentives, and a more targeted focus on the program’s role in climate change mitigation...In 2021, CRP is capped at 25 million acres, and currently 20.8 million acres are enrolled. Furthermore, the cap will gradually increase to 27 million acres by 2023. To help increase producer interest and enrollment, FSA is:

  • Adjusting soil rental rates. This enables additional flexibility for rate adjustments, including a possible increase in rates where appropriate.
  • Increasing payments for Practice Incentives from 20% to 50%. This incentive for continuous CRP practices is based on the cost of establishment and is in addition to cost share payments.
  • Increasing payments for water quality practices. Rates are increasing from 10% to 20% for certain water quality benefiting practices available through the CRP continuous signup, such as grassed waterways, riparian buffers, and filter strips.
  • Establishing a CRP Grassland minimum rental rate. This benefits more than 1,300 counties with rates currently below the minimum."

Which essentially means that the Regime intends to phase out water and grazing rights while driving enough ranchers into bankruptcy to be able to seize their land. Vilsack pursued a similar policy when he worked for the Obama Administration---but in spite of this, 44 of 50 Republican Senators voted for Vilsack's confirmation as USDA head. With the exception of Ted Cruz, not one Republican Senator from the major ranching States in the West voted against Vilsack's nomination.

It probably wouldn't have mattered anyway. Once the Regime really starts ramping up its restrictions on meat, a plurality of Americans will be stupid enough to believe it's for their own good and the majority hasn't either the moral will or enough self-respect left to resist. The rest of us expect a new normal of meat shortages, price inflation, and considerable shaming for questioning the settled science. We're going back to those wonderful days of Feudalism when a roast chicken was a holiday meal for the peasants. The Elites in their castles, however, will have steak and filet mignon as a regular course.

But there are things that the rest of us can do. Disengage, disunite, disconnect from the box-store supermarkets as much as possible. Now is the time to research independent and local farmers who can effect deliveries, if possible. Some in the rural areas may be inclined to learn some hunting and fishing skills; as well as processing fresh meats. It's a fairly safe bet that shortages of meat will also lead to scarcity of meat by-products like eggs and dairy foods, so knowing your local farmer is a really good plan. There are plenty (for now) forums on the Web serving the farming community which would be a good place to start.

Friday, June 25, 2021


   In difficult times like ours, there seems there seems to be a human tendency on the part of some to become either 'Rearview' or 'Telescope' People. The first fears all change and looks back to the past as some Golden Age; the second believes in a future Utopia that depends upon changing everything. This is normal human behavior, but sometimes goes to extremes. Thus we see people like Owen Benjamin and his ridiculous 'Bear' Cult roleplaying pioneer in the Idaho woods. They've rejected the present to the point where they've socially regressed to Mediaeval views on subjects like science and medicine. At the other pole are kooks of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter stripe who think that burning it all to the ground will magically 'reset' human nature into something more virtuous and pure. 

     It's been awhile since we've had occasion to visit the antics of the Red Pill Cult, because right now a far more dangerous cult-like ideology has seized control of the national government---a condition which the Red Pills played no small part in helping to bring about. But that notorious social gadfly Vox Day is at it again. Not content with having sown division and discord in every aspect of society he's ever come in contact with, he's lately jumped on board with the Leftist 'anti-Boomer' campaign. 

        For new readers not familiar with Vox, he is a prominent voice in the Men's Rights Movement---one of the many causes that he invaded an co-opted. In his cult, they divide men (but not women who are all the same) into categories of superiority which they've assigned Greek letters---like a bunch of frat boys---where everyone falls in the male hierarchy. (It's not exactly clear whether this hierarchy exists among non-Whites or not). At any rate, the Elites, according to Vox are 'Alphas'; the majority are inferior 'Betas' and the lowest rung are 'Omegas' with a passive-aggressive weakling type (i.e. loosely defined as any of Vox' enemies) called 'Gammas.' Vox was shrewd enough to realize that creating a cult of Alphas would logically eliminate the need for top leaders, so he created the 'Sigma' category to apply to himself and top cult figures.

      Politically and socially, Vox and his circle claim to be 'Alt-Right' but are actually just the Reactionary Left. He admires the structure of government in the People's Republic of China and favors a 'Great Reset' in the West (although with himself and and a different set of Elites running things---he's sort of a low-budget version of Klaus Schwab in many ways). He supports Critical Race Theory (albeit with Whites as the superior class); Feminism (albeit in terms of Male Supremacy); he loathes the U.S. Constitution. He opposes Christianity in favor of a Gnostic intuitivism like the Left does and embraces a form of counter-culture Scientism which denies things like the Law of Gravity, etc. His constant caricaturing of the Right gave much ammunition to President Trump's enemies who publicized Vox a lot as a foil for their propaganda. 

    So it's not surprising that Vox plunges into the Politics of Social Division whenever he can; and his latest foray is sowing strife between the generations. Now, while it is true that all social subgroups have certain general characteristics (falsely called 'stereotypes' by the Left), Conservatives and Christians believe in Equality before the Law and before God. There have been plenty of great men and women---as well as a number of complete scumbags---in every generation since America's founding. The same generation which produced George Washington and Thomas Jefferson also produced Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr and we should remember this before condemning entire generations of people. 

   Inciting strife between the generations is not even a new tactic among the Left. During the 1970s through the 1990s, the Whacko Left Wing of Boomer vintage themselves used to sneer at the WW2 Generation the same way. The WW2 Generation was invariably played in sitcoms as ignorant bigots, uncritical of authority, hypocritical, etc; the young, hip, and cool characters were always Liberal. Let's see if anybody remembers this from the 1992 Elections:

   "It was past midnight by the time Bill Clinton and Al Gore arrived, like elated and tardy rock stars, at the final concert of a grueling national tour. They were puffy around the eyes, and raspy around the vocal cords. But if, as Paul Simon once wrote, every generation throws a hero on the pop charts, this was their moment. The baby boomers bus tour was, finally, headed for Pennsylvania Avenue...At that hour and in that place, it was possible to see and hear one era ending and another beginning. At the end of this exhausting election, George Bush, a 68-year-old World War II veteran, the last Cold War president, has been replaced by Bill Clinton, a 46-year-old baby boomer and veteran of the war over the war in Vietnam." 

   From McCall's Magazine, July, 1992: "Bill Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for president on a night calculated to convince America he's its best hope for tomorrow...Then he joined a raucous Madison Square Garden throng in dancing to a Fleetwood Mac rock-and-roll song with the refrain, "don't stop thinking about tomorrow." The extraordinary scene dramatically underscored the youth of the first Baby Boomer ticket...Sen. Harris Wofford  said, 'Now we pass the torch to a new generation of Democrats...'"


      Vox is appropriating the same tactic, just as he mimics everything else the Left does. Although we tend to identify 'Boomers' as the entitled incubators of Radical Leftist politics, the reality is that a lot of them took Communism head-on in Vietnam and came back from that fiasco to elect Ronald Reagan and win the Cold War. Judging the Boomers by a few scum within their ranks is like defining the WW1 and WW2 Generations by the slackers, draft-dodgers, and war-profiteers of their day. The culture of the 1960s was a lot closer to traditional than how it is portrayed today by Vox Day and other vested interests. 

     The problems we face today are not generational ones. Somewhere between the U.S. Civil War and 2021, the fringes of society went from nuisances to movements, to a plurality, until the last three decades when degeneracy has become mainstream and permeates our entire culture. Faith has become Spiritualism; Reason has become Scientism; the Rule of Law replaced by Ritualism; Equality by Tribalism and Hero-Worship; Individualism by Narcissism; Self-Confidence with Arrogance; Free Enterprise by Crony-Capitalism; and Democracy with Mob-Rule. 

    There are a lot of theories about how we got to this place. One suggests our severe gene-pool deletion from fighting six major wars between 1861 and 1975. We lost 1 1/4 million of our best men in one century. Losses of this magnitude are bound to have a cumulative negative effect no matter how many immigrants come in as replacements. Becoming an 'Alpha' isn't going to solve any of this: it fact, it makes things worse. 

    We need a reasonable rejection of such nonsense. Acknowledging that the past generations weren't perfect but they built a lot of good things that we take for granted is the proper attitude. But we also shouldn't idolize the future as if we're about to undergo some great cleansing that will make us all virtuous. It's an old story and an old tendency. Some of the ancient Roman writers envisioned a future world that would look like a beehive---everybody doing their assigned duties with one Queen Bee telling them all what to do. Those thinkers---just like the ones today---couldn't see that what they described was actually a throwback to the primal herd and that Civilization grows with greater self-government and self-rule. As James Monroe famously said, "if men were angels there would be no need of government," and it logically follows that the more freedom men have---when coupled with responsibility---the less need of earthly rulers we have. 

    But freedom doesn't suit the purposes of characters like Vox Day or Klaus Schwab; and if we had a real society based upon law and reason they'd both be in jail themselves instead of leading companies of dupes around by the nose. 


Sunday, June 20, 2021


   Today in the Prozac Nation we have a holiday of sorts, Fathers' Day. Once upon a time, being a husband and a father was actually an honorable thing. American men managed to degenerate to such a level that today fatherhood is an object of ridicule or contempt. The best-known head-of-household in the United States until recently was Bruce Jenner; and that fact alone illustrates what a hypocritical joke things like Fathers' Day have actually become. The fact that Fathers' Day falls in the middle of so-called 'Gay Pride Month' makes it even more of a pointless farce.

   We might be inclined to laugh at Jenner, but actually his life is a metaphor for the decline and fall of the American male. Jenner grew up in an upstate New York town where his own father had a job as a successful arborist. Young Bruce worked to become a star athlete and was a promising football player until sidelined with a knee injury. Like men were once taught to do---adapt, improvise, and overcome---Jenner switched to Track & Field and eventually qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team. He went on to win 12 of 13 competitions and set 10 world records. At the time of the Cold War and the national malaise of the mid-1970s, Jenner was a national hero in a country that badly needed one. 

   As America drifted into cynical postmodernism and heroes became just another marketing commodity, Jenner drifted into relative obscurity and through a series of broken marriages and hybrid families until Hollywood decided that it could profit off his decline and gave him a role in a reality-TV series. From national hero to a failed father in a home dominated by out-of-control females, Jenner finally suffered a nervous breakdown and renounced his masculinity altogether. Today, Jenner is a rising star again---this time in a political movement known for its masochistic males and its hypocrisy about standing for traditional family values. 

   Back when Psychology was still a legitimate science, Jenner would have been a case-study---and likely cured. Men who have a high need for achievement and significance but who find themselves in a family or social dynamic that treats them like has-beens and losers (wrongly) often see themselves as complete failures. When, in that same dynamic, women are idolized and preferred, that overwhelming sense of failure is sometimes transferred to gender identity. In other words, the man in this situation cannot stand the stress of feeling like a failure as a man, and feels a compulsion to be a success as the opposite sex. That situation parallels both contemporary familial and social norms, and it's small wonder that such a situation is producing Gender Identity Disorder on the scale that it is. The 'Red Pills' who make up the so-called 'Manosphere' are a variant of the same thing: feminized men who feel inferior but who try to cloak their Inferiority Complexes by affecting cartoonish 'Alpha Male' identities. 

  Though it may sound counter-intuitive, transgenderism---in most cases---is not a sexual disorder. It's real causes are typically rooted in obsessive-compulsive disorders which is why (when it was allowed to be treated), it had an exceptionally high cure-rate. Psychologists should be the ones sounding the loudest alarm against America's deconstruction of masculinity, but like most sciences today, Psychology is also for sale and 'reality' is simply whatever psychologists are paid to make it---which is making our social problems a lot worse instead. Recently, an abstract from the once-prestigious Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association caused some controversy online by fanning false guilt in White Americans. 

  "Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has—a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which “white” people have a particular susceptibility. The condition is foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world. Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse. These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples. Once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate. Effective treatment consists of a combination of psychic and social-historical interventions. Such interventions can reasonably aim only to reshape Whiteness’s infiltrated appetites—to reduce their intensity, redistribute their aims, and occasionally turn those aims toward the work of reparation. When remembered and represented, the ravages wreaked by the chronic condition can function either as warning (“never again”) or as temptation (“great again”). Memorialization alone, therefore, is no guarantee against regression. There is not yet a permanent cure."

    The ignoramus who wrote this thesis---and published it in a scholarly academic publication---has been in a university-level position and published articles in peer-review journals for over 20 years. Here's an reflective question for fathers---especially Conservative dads: how do you feel that you let people like this educate your children? Did you intervene? Did you organize, or stand up for your rights at school board and PTA meetings? Did you close your wallet to fake universities and colleges or did you close your eyes and ears instead and say: "Go along to get along! Academia isn't the real world! Just do what you have to do to get that sheepskin!" Think about that this Fathers' Day. 

   It should also be remarked that---whatever else it might be---the statements in the abstract are in no way grounded in Psychoanalytic Theory. Neither Freud nor any of his followers taught anything this revolting to reason. The APA bears a lot of responsibility too (while not necessarily literal fathers, they have a fatherly duty to society in the sense that they are all medical professionals) for allowing simpletons like this to have a platform and hold positions of influence. Did any of you protest what this man has been promoting, or did you look the other way as he brought in free publicity and fat foundation-grant checks? "Well, after all we have to stay competitive with other schools," "A little dissent doesn't hurt," "We have to be open-minded and tolerant of diverse viewpoints."  Yeah---tolerant to the point now where mental patients are running the therapy sessions and nobody cares as long as they pay the bills and you're protected from malpractice suits. 

     In 2020's America, Fathers' Day has ceased to have any meaning; and for most Americans today there's no actual concept of fatherhood to which they can really relate. This day needs to change: it needs to become a time of reflection on what men need to start doing to turn themselves around. 





Thursday, June 17, 2021


      So today the Junta---again with considerable GOP backing---established a new federal holiday called 'Juneteenth'. At least that's what it's called in the Corporate Media. Its actual title as spelled out in the legislation is Juneteenth National Independence Day. Yes, you've read that correctly. Just as Memorial Day seems to been supplanted by remembrances for our new national martyr, George Whats-His-Name, we now have an 'alternative' to Independence Day, the former name of July 4th. 

   Just in case anybody is interested, 195 of 209 Republican Congressmen (you know, our Conservative leadership) voted in favor of the new holiday. 

       I have an older dictionary written before Woke Culture by a dead White male who entered a definition of the term 'revolution' as: "In politics, a material or entire change in the constitution of government." With that definition in mind, let us consider that since it assumed power the current government has 1) established an alternative ensign to the national flag; 2) set up alternative holidays to the previous national ones; 3) jailed political opponents while clearly discriminating in policy against them; 4) pledging allegiance to foreign agendas (e.g. the UN and WEF) over the American Constitution; 5) repealed laws against desecrating national monuments while promoting alternative histories to be taught in all schools; and 6) expanded the police powers to spy upon and harass opponents.

    The question here is: how much more explicitly can the so-called 'Biden/Harris Administration' spell out that they are engaging in a revolutionary policy? And it ought also to be apparent that there's no real political opposition to any of this. Take, for example, the passage of Senate Bill 1260 last week. Congress' own official summary of 1260 reads:

   "The Office of Science and Technology Policy shall annually develop a strategy for the federal government to improve national competitiveness in science, research, and innovation to support the national security strategy. The Department of Commerce shall (1) establish a supply chain resiliency and crisis response program to address supply chain gaps and vulnerabilities in critical industries, (2) designate regional technology hubs to facilitate activities that support regional economic development that diffuses innovation around the United States, and (3) award grants to facilitate development and implementation of comprehensive regional technology strategies."

    Which essentially amounts to is turning what the Corporate Oligarchs were already doing in fields like domestic espionage and control of the national food supply on both land and at sea into national policies. Taxpayers will fund these programs from now on---relieving much of the financial strain on Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Agribusiness. Academia Incorporated will profit too: those same charming folks pushing policies like Project 1619. Incidentally, the Cabinet Minister to whom these 'scientists' report their progress is Gina Raimondo---formerly a governor distinguished for employing the National Guard to go door-to-door enforcing Scamdemic quarantines and setting up military roadblocks to enforce travel restrictions. 35 of 50 Republican Senators voted for her confirmation. 

   The Act also sets up a new directorate which " establishes various programs and activities" meaning a think-tank of sorts which will enforce the agenda. "This bill establishes a Directorate for Technology and Innovation in the National Science Foundation (NSF)...The goals of the directorate shall be, among other things, the strengthening of U.S. leadership in critical technologies through basic research in key technology focus areas, such as artificial intelligence, high performance computing, and advanced manufacturing, and the commercialization of those technologies to businesses in the United States." While such goods can be researched and sold here in the U.S., however, the manufacturing can be outsourced. The final draft of the Bill, released by the U.S. Senate, included other areas subsidized including advanced communication, bioengineering, and advanced energy. 

   What none of our 'Conservative' leadership seem to have noticed---nearly 20 GOP Senators voted for the new law---is that there is nothing in this law that couldn't be accomplished by the private sector---assuming that these technologies were intended to be put to good use. The fact that they are being monopolized by a handful of corrupt academics, arrogant bureaucrats, and fanatical corporate ideologues---with near no public transparency---leads us to suspect that their intentions are less than honorable here. 

    The Elites of course would never do anything as sinister as playing with human hybrids would they? Unfortunately, they not only would, they've already started. Two months before S.1260 was passed, a professional journal for microbiologists wrote: "A team of scientists from the U.S., China, and Spain reported Thursday they have created the first embryos that were part human and part monkey and kept them alive for up to 20 days in laboratory dishes." Although the project is allegedly all for the purpose of promoting human health, the story was first exposed by the Spanish Media after details of the secret experiments were leaked to them---the main secret being that a laboratory in China is handling all of this. 

    "In Spain, this type of research is heavily restricted and limited only to investigation into deadly diseases. 'We are doing the experiments with monkeys in China because, in principle, they cannot be done here because of lack of infrastructure,' explains the vice chancellor, who plays down the fact that her university is Catholic. 'What we want is to make progress for the sake of people who have a disease,' she adds." The Whacko Left can laugh about 'conspiracy theories' all they want to; but it should strike thinking persons as rather peculiar that so many of these projects, ostensibly for the benefit of all humanity, are shrouded in secrecy and generally treated like military weapons-development projects. 

    The Regime has promised to elevate our loosely federated science bureaucracies to a Cabinet-level position, and to that end, elevated Dr. Eric Lander to the post of National Science Advisor. Lander is a long-time Deep-State spook: affiliated with Jeffery Epstein and the latter's donations to bioengineering and transhumanism at MIT's Broad Institute. He formerly served on Obama's staff and was involved with the Human Genome Project. BTW, 45 of 50 Republican Senators voted to confirm Lander, despite knowing who and what he is; and what he's liable to be doing. 

   If one reads through the typical 'conservative' news site, we rarely encounter stories like these. Oh yes, we'll hear much outrage over what those Libtards are doing to our country, but it's not often that it's noted that the Republican Party, for the most part, is wholly going along with all of it. It should have been apparent what this party really stood for when it failed to support our legitimate President and not only allowed, but actively participated in, the Putsch which elevated the Regime to power. This is why I advocate often that we---who actually believe in Conservative values---should disregard any of this talk about upcoming elections and get it through our heads that we are living under an embryonic---but soon to be fully-blown---dictatorship. Forget 2022---it's not going to happen. Not to say that recent Republican majorities did anything anyway; but the Elites simply don't need even a token opposition any more. 






Tuesday, June 15, 2021


       Our last post stirred up some discussion on InsantyBytes' blog, and tangentially over at Pastor Doug Wilson's site. A couple of good questions were raised about the state of society---and what defines 'normal.' 

       IB takes the position that there really hasn't been a 'normal' and says that "most of human history is just dominated by endless greed, perpetual injustice, and random acts of brutal and pointless violence." There's truth in that statement. Consider that Jesus and Socrates---who are considered the most influential figures in Western thought---were both judicially murdered by their own communities. It's quite remarkable that men and women most noted for taking courageous positions rarely die in peaceful, comfortable circumstances. Yet, it brings up another interesting question: why do we remember such people as martyrs and respect them?

     Pastor Wilson says that  "the grievous problem with normals is that they want a stable traditional house with no foundation, which is something that Jesus said they can’t have...all this has happened in a culture that was ostensibly Christian. There has been a falling away, even if some of the individual participants have no Christian background to speak of. The language of the movement, particularly with their twisted appeals to justice, has been an attempt lull a complacent erstwhile Christian culture to sleep." There's truth in this also; or more accurately, there would have been had he written this in say, 1991 as opposed to 2021. The 'Christian Culture' he speaks of marked the now-extinct WW1 Generation and the now nearly-defunct WW2 Generation. In fact, it was the 1970s and 1980s which saw the rise of a 'woke' church and a split with a 'fundamentalist' faction. Among Protestants today we have 'liberal' and 'conservative' denominations; whereas among Catholics the split is internal within the Church but still quite apparent. 

    Both writers, though, make a point that we alluded to in our last article: that is, that even though we are currently engulfed in a culture where evil and insanity prevails, there's a latent sense that all of this is abnormal. Wilson is correct that the Left is motivated by hatred for the Normal and IB is correct that the Churchian Right is motivated by a desire to go along with it all and pretend it doesn't effect them. But is that how it has always been? 

   All of Western tradition has held that Man is separated from God by sin. The Ancient Pagans taught that, since God alone was Perfect, man was liable to sin and error. Recognizing and imitating the goodness of God was the key to salvation in their system. Christianity taught---via the Jewish theology--- of man's fall through the influence of an evil principle, and the need for a Redeemer, which was fulfilled in Christ. Both the Jews and the Pagans saw that Righteousness came from God and that right living was the normal way of society. However, the prophets of one culture and the philosophers of the other rarely escaped violent deaths for saying so. Yet, that brings us back to our original question---why is righteousness respected (and at least nominally) believed in while at the same time utterly antithetical to the behavior of the culture at large? If humanity were hopelessly deranged it seems that it logically would follow that they would dedicate churches to Joseph Caiaphas, Pontius Pilate, and Judas Iscariot instead of to Christ and His disciples. 

   I think that Insanity Bytes is very near the truth when she says:  "Indeed, the world does not want to change, in fact, it doesn’t even realize it is broken. Much like vampires cannot even see their own reflection, the world cannot see itself in a mirror either." I would say that the truth is closer to the world seeing itself in the mirror alright, it's that they afterwards either claim that mirrors don't really exist (the contemporary Left), or claim that the reflection is of somebody else (the contemporary Right). The one who says, "no, that's really what we look like in reality---we need to change" is the one who gets burned at the stake. 

    What differentiates our postmodern culture from previous times is that our forefathers actually believed in mirrors; they called it conscience. Nota bene: many of those who participated in Christ's Crucifixion later repented and became Christians. A conscience is a thing that many of our contemporaries notably lack. This is why when Wilson hopes to 
"say this to all the current stars in the evangelical firmament—to all the big conference speakers, to the seminary presidents, to the curators of the big blogs, to the leaders of denominations, to the publishers of books and magazines, to the names on dust jackets and to the givers of blurbs—you must repent," ---his hopes are resting upon an illusion. In fact, he actually has a better chance of converting the Left: they at least are dimly aware of a need for atonement, but are running from it. Recall that Jesus told the Pharisees, "If you were blind you would have no sin; but now you say 'we see', and therefore you remain in sin." Past historical periods were either characterized by high morality or rampant immorality; but amorality---complete indifference to right and wrong--- is the prevailing moral position. 

    If anyone doubts this, just look at our society's growing acceptance of/apathy towards transhumanism. Last week, for example, the Junta (with the complicity of 19 'Conservative' Senators), enacted into law a scheme to subsidize the Tech Lords and Academia Incorporated with taxpayer funds to advance the Great Reset's transhumanist agenda. This vastation of human conscience stems from the denial of belief in the human soul; just like the forsaking of human reason comes from denial of the human mind. Take away a man's conscience and he becomes a machine; take away his reason and he becomes an animal. Viewing mankind as robots or livestock can in no way be considered a 'normal' or mentally healthy outlook. 

   A fellow whom we had occasion to reference recently---a gentle giant named Samuel Little---was an example of a soulless, mindless beast.

With the skill of a predatory animal and the compulsive nature of a robot; Little hunted and methodically killed over 90 women (whom we know of); escaping justice several times by playing the 'race card' and relying on public apathy towards his choice of prey. Those degenerated academics who rhapsodize about 'man's place in nature' forget that Nature not only produces sheep; it produces man-eating tigers as well. Likewise, the arrogant Great Reset scum who imagine a world where they rule over the human herd as earthly gods, are likely to discover that a people who've lost their belief in a real God are not going to love, fear, or respect human impostors very much either. 

     While our race has never been perfect, our acknowledgement of our Divine parentage and our relationship to God is the normal state of affairs. It's noteworthy that, throughout the entire history of our civilization that the Pagan philosophers, Jewish priests, or Christian saints offered themselves as representatives of God, and invited all who were willing to come and learn how to serve God. It was corruption in these systems that led to bloodshed which was never in keeping with the spirit of their teachings. The Great Reset and 'New Normal' in contrast, relies upon degrading humanity in body, soul, and mind---by force if necessary---which fact alone proves it a false system. Their schemes ultimately will fail, regardless of the power and money they have at their disposal. We may find fault (from our perspectives) with God's Governance of the world, but God understands how and why the world works and neither we, nor the advocates of 'settled science' do. The Ancient Greeks had a proverb that "the dice of the Gods are always loaded," which, while it doesn't exactly convey a strictly Christian perspective, is pithy statement illustrating that challenging God's Will is a hopeless endeavor. 

    By the same token, as the current social breakdown is based in abnormality, a close look can see that there are underlying fault lines that could reverse its course. The only thing that stands between social collapse and a revival is as simple as looking in a mirror. 




Saturday, June 12, 2021


     Back in the days when I was a cub, I remember going to a fairly successful old gentleman's small retail store to interview him about some information he had on a case we were working on. When we concluded, he said something in the sort of way that old men give advice to younger ones whom they respect: "Young man, you're out to save the world. The world---it doesn't want to be saved." 


    So, it's been two weeks since the last article and that old informant's words have come back every time I've sat down to write. I have to confess that the levels of disgust that I'm feeling towards our society right now has reached about a saturation point. I actually believed that the previous article would be the last one. A story about a girl whom nobody cares about who was killed by a thug who got away with murder; tossed out in the vain hope that somebody might speak up after nearly half a century and the even more forlorn hope that the authorities would do anything about it even if somebody did---what a fitting metaphor for the state of our cultural situation. But the same question I had after the interview decades ago keeps returning: "If nobody cares, why do you?" 

   I wish that I had an answer to that. I really haven't one. But even in that old cynic's case, if he really believed what he'd told me, he wouldn't have cared enough to give me what he believed was good advice. 

  What I tend to suspect, after a couple of weeks' reflection, is that empathy is a normal reaction to facing a problem. It's the new normal of apathy, hypocrisy, virtue-signalling, and narcissism that isn't a natural condition in the state of man. As psychologists of the Old School taught, the main characteristic of a neurotic is to evade facing an issue and instead doubling-down and reinforcing their aberrant attitudes and behaviors. Observing the sociopolitical American Left, that paradigm is obvious. Among the Right it's present too; but heavily camouflaged by a state of deep denial that looks superficially like concern for our national future. 

   I think that this is a source of the frustration most of us are feeling today. It's no longer a fight in 'the marketplace of ideas' where we can debate public policy. We are behaving like educators when what most of the public actually needs is something closer to a psychoanalyst. The beginning and the end of the Trump Administration taught us much about how serious the situation actually has become. When, at the beginning, Trump started draining the swamp, we learned that much of what we suspected about high-level corruption was not only true---it was even worse and more extensive than even many of us who'd spent decades exposing these parasites realized. Then at the (official) end of the Trump Administration, we discovered that the cultural degeneracy and general moral rot among the American population that we'd also sensed and warned against was more pervasive than we'd realized. Our 'exceptional American' turned out to be a walking corpse. 

   Liberals have always had a 'burn it all down' streak---which is just a psychological projection of their own self-hatred. What's worse though is that Conservatives---the ones who should know better---don't even want to face the reality that the edifice is on fire. (And that in spite of the fact that there have been literal fires in every major city for the past year). What seems to be becoming increasingly apparent is that all those much-despised RINO leadership in the GOP aren't holding their positions and getting re-elected simply through the handiwork of a handful of Party bosses. The past year ought to have impressed anybody that RINOs aren't much more than a reflection of their own constituencies. Reading through both the articles and comments on a typical Conservative website runs about like this: "Rule by decree, fake pandemics, close our businesses and our churches, turn thugs loose on the cities, overthrow the government, and set up a New Order: if you Liberals don't watch out, you're going to make us really mad! It's time we draw the line, and if you dare cross it, we'll draw another one! You'll all be sorry when Bruce Jenner's our next president!"

     So it's no longer even a question of whether or not the world wants to be saved; what we're really dealing with is a society living under the illusion that it doesn't need saving. This has been cultivated in our culture through a careful, scientifically programmed policy of proliferating narcotics and targeted propaganda. As a fail-safe against returning to reason or religion, the Elites built in a 'woke' ideology to substitute for faith and thought. They also tolerate a controlled opposition among the RINOs and the 'based' Red Pills where opponents can flutter off and vent in a harmless (to their interests) way. The worst betrayal I feel with our society is that Conservatives and Christians knew this was happening and let it happen anyway. The Left didn't just hijack the Schools, Media, and Medicine last November: they've been building up to this takeover for a long time. In 1988, there were warnings about how corporate/political interests taking over the media. In 1993, we were already well aware that our schools were being purged. And the first known reference to 'Big Pharma' has been traced to 1994. So 'Conservatives' have had 25-35 years to deal with these problems; and as far as I'm concerned, clutching their bow-ties now is as bad as Left-wing whacko virtue-signalling. 


    The time though is not to withdraw or turn MGTOW or join a stupid Red Pill cult. We have to keep in mind a few important things:

    1. That it is our culture that is out of step with Civilization and not us. We may be a minority, but the majority is corrupt.

   2. Mainstream Americans do not represent what the rest of the world thinks.

   Now is the time when it's most important to network with and support other like-minded people. But disengage, disunite, and disconnect from dependence on the Elites and their system as much as possible. The Elites' plan---at least for now---seems to be marginalization and we need to be prepared to depend upon each other as well as fending for ourselves. It's also important that we learn to distinguish who hasn't sold their minds and souls and who has.