Thursday, February 25, 2021


      There were a couple of noteworthy news items today. One concerned beleaguered New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is an example of what happens to postmodern Establishment politicians when they get big heads and believe themselves too big to fail. For months, Cuomo played the tyrant; bullied and persecuted his constituents, and received nothing but praise and adulation for it from the media jackals. There was even talk of a brokered Democrat Convention where Cuomo would be drafted for a presidential run. Hated throughout his State, he feared nothing from the people who allegedly elected him. 

     Then, one day, Cuomo thought that he was big enough to challenge the Oligarchs. Then Biden was "elected" and ignored him as a candidate for Cabinet posts. The effusive praise from the Press suddenly stopped. The hundreds who died from Cuomo's repressive policies suddenly moved from tin-foil hat conspiracy theory to a national scandal. It's always a policy among gangsters that one should never forget at whose good pleasure he actually owes his power and position. 

    So, within the last few days, the godfathers of High Finance gave 'Andy Boy' the kiss of death. Cuomo was accused of the only thing that Ameroboobs consider worse than treason, tyranny, and murder: sexual misconduct. Cuomo was accused of doing something heterosexual and now women are coming forward with accusations. It's all over for a public figure when it gets to this point. One has to be at least at Clinton/Bush or Royal Family levels before one can get away with that. 

   Is Cuomo actually guilty of violating our cultural Rules against men acting upon sexual impulses? I neither know nor care. He was part of a system of corruption which used the same tactics on others; in fact, he employed it himself upon people whose positions he coveted. So: so long, Andy Boy. "Those who live by the sword, die by the sword;" you should have listened to the nuns back in Parochial School instead of listening to your crooked dad. 


   Meanwhile, the Gallup Polls released some deeply disturbing statistics about Ameroboob sexuality. While it's now being openly admitted by specialists that Testosterone levels are in a severe state of decline among American males, and it may be further exacerbated by the recent flu outbreak, an anomalously high number of Ameroboobs are identifying with the so-called Gay Lifestyle. 

   "The Gallup Poll released Wednesday, found that 5.6 percent of Americans classify themselves as LGBTQ – up from 4.5 percent in 2017. That was the last time Gallup carried out polling on the issue. Gallup surveyed 15,000 Americans above 18 years of age and found that of those who identified themselves as LGBTQ, 54.6 percent said they were bisexual, 24.5 percent said they were gay, and 11.7 percent said they were lesbians. Another 11.3 percent identified themselves as transgender while 3.3 percent said they preferred to use another term such as ‘queer’ or ‘same-gender loving’ to describe their sexual identity."

  Back when Sociology was a real science, it was estimated that a healthy society could sustain about 2 to 3 percent of such perverts. 5.6% is nearly twice that level. If that doesn't seem like a high number, consider that it's nearly 1 in 19 Americans who currently embrace this sickness. Not surprisingly, the poll showed that 13% of Liberals identify with one of these perversions. That observation is worthy of a whole essay by itself. 

  But especially disturbing was this discovery: "One in six adults in Generation Z, people born between 1997 and 2002, identify as L.G.B.T., the poll found. The growth in Americans who identify as L.G.B.T.Q. is likely to continue to increase, Gallup’s senior editor, Jeffrey Jones, wrote in announcing the results. That is because those in younger generations are more likely than those in older generations to to consider themselves L.G.B.T., he said." This is 18-23 year-olds, it would be interesting (but probably horrifying) to know the 13-17 year-old numbers.

   I would like to pause briefly here and let it sink into everybody's minds that nearly 1 out of every 5 of American youth are into this sick, sterile lifestyle and consider it normal and healthy. 

   Now how do you suppose this would happen?

   Let's start by acknowledging that we don't live in a perfect world. The Sociologists mentioned above recognized that a certain small percentage of social pariahs would take on this peculiar lifestyle. The best thing that leaders in a free country could do is contain its spread, like Russia wisely does today. When you start seeing numbers much above 4-5%, your culture has a problem. When it starts seeing numbers like 18-20%, your culture is facing disaster. I must admit that I know of no historical precedent for numbers that high. Ancient cultures in decline like Greece and Rome had estimates of 5-7%, and that was mostly among the effete aristocratic classes. In modern times, Weimar Germany is touted as the first nation to tolerate the so-called Gay Lifestyle. The percentage of homosexuals in Weimar isn't known, but judging by the numbers of clubs catering to these types, it was probably about the same in 1920s Berlin as 2020 Los Angeles (about 7%). 

   So, American youth must be learning this behavior from somewhere. The Public Schools, the Mass Media, and Corporate America are the most likely suspects. Now looking back at the poll numbers, we find that these high figures start with people born around 1997. When did the Leftist takeover of our public schools really get underway? Answer, the 1990s. When did the Media really start pushing homo acceptance? They'd been broaching the subject since the 1970s, but really started mainstreaming it in the 2000s. Obama and his Corporate Masters, began a push for legal legitimization 'equality' in the 2010s. 

  The question which comes into mind here is---where were Conservatives during these three decades? Especially: where were parents, and community leaders? 

  Didn't the fact that Radicals were hijacking your schools make any difference? Did you show up at School Boards to contest any of this? Did you stand up for your brothers and sisters who were systematically purged from faculty positions? Or did you roll your eyes and tell yourselves that School was irrelevant to the real world? 

  No: parents continued sending their children to these places to have their minds poisoned. "Get good grades! Get into a big-name school! Get along means going along!" Well, it looks like the kids followed that advice. 

  Was there any pressure on universities to bring them to heel? Nope. 'Conservative' politicians keep voting to fund these criminal enterprises and don't even challenge their continually rising costs. 'Conservative' alumni keep dumping cash into their coffers: after all, "We have to go to a Bowl Game this year! We have a tradition to keep up!"

  Right now, the Left is sweeping down Conservative media with their Cancel Culture. Where were the protests when homosexual propaganda was being shoved into children's faces even in Disney cartoons? A handful of Leftists can shut down sites on Youtube. You mean that those 70 or so million who voted for Trump couldn't back down Disney if they wanted to? I've seen articles in publications catering to young people. I recently came across some articles in Teen Vogue, a publication aimed at 12-15 year-old girls which praised Marxism and promoted the homo agenda. Aren't parents paying any attention to this? No, again. Conservative parents are too busy dropping their dope, surfing Ashley Madison, and getting outraged over something happening in Iraq or somewhere other than their own homes.

  When Corporations began forcing the homo agenda on the public, how many 'Conservatives' retaliated by withdrawing their investments and dumping their stocks? 

  The Dow Jones Industrial Average set 72 record highs during Obama's push for 'equality' in 2014-2016. Try to tell us now that was all Liberal investors doing that. 

    If Conservatives now are bothered that their offspring have grown up to tear down national monuments with Antifa, and are hanging out in homo bars and supporting the Great Reset: you have no one to blame but yourselves. Some of us tried to warn you it would come to this; we had a leaders like Reagan and Trump trying to fix it, but it was 'A New World Order' and 'Orange Man Bad' and 'Every Man for Himself'. You've sown the wind, now you're reaping the whirlwind. 

  Both the cases of Andy-Boy Cuomo and the Gallup Poll numbers show that appeasement, self-righteous hubris, and imagining that one can play along with the Left and beat them at their own game doesn't work. These strategies never succeed against fanatics. 



Tuesday, February 23, 2021


     Yesterday, the 22nd of February, was the former Federal holiday celebrating the birth of George Washington, who was also formerly known as the Father of his Country. During my school years, this was a day off from regular school; we had presentations and usually the high school had a stage play depicting some incident from Washington's life. I remember we had a traditional American/Colonial food for lunch that day and each got a cherry pie to take home. 😍 Today, in our more enlightened age, Washington is rarely mentioned in schools, except in passing as just another Dead White Male; and Drag Queen Story Hours are considered far more healthy and inspiring than celebrating anything our Founding Fathers might have accomplished. 

     Washington was born on a Virginia Plantation which, like most others of the time, kept chattel-slaves. To the Whacko Left Wing, that negates every positive thing Washington ever did---like winning the War of Independence and unifying the country by supporting the U.S. Constitution; or having a character which made him a role model for American men for nearly two centuries. After a Summer where monuments to Washington were made a special target of Leftist vandalism, the Junta's figurehead had nothing to say in honor of Washington's legacy yesterday and instead focused on fanning Scam-demic hysteria.


      George Washington was probably at the top of our national heroes, and the whole concept of heroism is anathema to the Left. They can't stand great men and women. To a normal, healthy mind greatness and excellence are qualities to be admired. Many even try to emulate qualities in those they admire. Religion goes a step further and teaches that we should emulate the character of God to the best of our abilities. It's no accident that most of our greatest leaders were also men and women of faith. 

     However, to diseased minds like most on the Left have, a heroic figure is an object of envy. The greatness and popularity of others makes them feel their own inferiority more keenly. But instead of improving themselves, they work like social termites to tear down, find fault, criticize, and belittle those they wish to cut down to size. In reality, the true object of their hatred is the evil within themselves; so the more they attack just and innocent persons the more their self-hatred grows, and the more obsessive they become; all the way down to the point where we are today and Liberals are trying to efface all traces of greatness from our society. Envy leads inevitably to this kind of psychological death-spiral; and most Liberal 'activists' have become neurotic to the degree that they can never escape this cycle of hatred and destroy innocent people by compulsive impulses instead of for actual reasons. The Church understood this before Science did; and listed Envy as one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Envy, left unchecked, has the same corrosive effect on the soul as upon the mind. 

    In its most morbid state, this unslaked Envy takes on a spiritual aspect. A person can actually degenerate to the point where he challenges the Goodness of God. In Christian tradition, this was the Original Sin of Lucifer and those under this delusion of their own greatness begin emulating the qualities of the Devil. They start to believe that they have Godlike powers---minus the Godlike qualities of love, mercy, and compassion for the individual. We see this type of mental/spiritual psychosis running rampant among both the leaders of the Junta and among the Great Reset and New World Order kooks. If their policies seem insane to normal persons, it's because they in fact, are. 

    Consciously or otherwise, these oligarchs and their political satraps are only superficially working for worldly power and material gain. What they are actually doing is fighting God for control of the Earth and its inhabitants. This is an important distinction that Conservatives---and people of faith in general---must keep in mind. The Elites respect neither God nor Reason and are going to wage this battle accordingly. 

    By the same token, as gloomy as the sociopolitical situation looks in 2021, the Elites are doomed to fail. They're not going to defeat God---nobody ever has---and to be honest, I think that many of us will see their downfall within our lifetimes. 

      That doesn't mean that we should become complacent and 'let God handle it.' That kind of turning a blind eye to Evil is largely responsible for enabling the Junta to come to power. Old George Washington was fond of repeating the proverb from Poor Richard's Almanac that 'God helps those who help themselves.' The wise course of action for people of faith now is not only to pray, but to pray for guidance on what to do. If we keep sitting on our hands and 'going with the flow' as we have done; the New Order will still fall, but with a devastating crash. Better that friends of freedom still in government start standing up, saying no to the Regime and taking legitimate power back before it becomes too late. 

     There are plenty of able men willing to take back the State and restore Constitutional Law, such as happened in North Dakota today. We still have leaders like George Washington among us; but they can't act alone. What we can do is give them our support and encouragement. The American people have been called the last line in the defense of liberty; but the last year has shown that we're mostly a Paper Tiger. If we want real leaders again, we'll have to be worthy to follow them. 

Friday, February 19, 2021


       As we've probably all heard by now, a record cold-front has been sweeping the Central United States, and---if we believe the Corporate Media---Texas has been especially hard-hit. Power outages, water and food shortages, etc. The Global Elites who've assumed control of the United States, meanwhile, are jetting off in their private planes to Climate Change Conferences (i.e. cutting business deals and making plans for how to pounce on the ruins). Instead of sending any of the loot they've made off of the Scam-demic to help their struggling fellow-citizens, they've instead sent their toadies in the MSM to fan even more apocalyptic hysteria. 

      Unlike the Trump Administration's responses to natural disasters, the Junta doesn't seem overly eager to rush in and make federal resources available either. Never let a good crisis go to waste; is the motto of such people, and a good deal of suffering might make their 'Green New Deal' more acceptable to the scientifically illiterate Ameroboob. 

      This disaster was wholly predictable. American Energy systems have been in a state of collapse for a long time; as has our infrastructure in general. In fact, back in the early days of this blog, we did a whole series on infrastructure failures. Some experts, mostly civil engineers, were warning then that we were in for some serious problems if we didn't start addressing these issues. President Trump led the first administration since Reagan to begin a real infrastructure policy. But most of his plans were blocked by the Radical Left and their RINO Confederates in Congress; and it was all Orange Man Bad for four years---now Americans are freezing instead of having cheap and reliable energy again. 

     With the limited powers he had, Trump did make some significant improvements, even setting us on track to energy independence again. The Junta as reversed or suspended nearly all of these in less than one month. Oh well. I guess that Americans can stay warm by building indoor igloos with all the toilet paper and face-masks they've been hoarding for the last year. 

    Meanwhile, from their well-heated studios, the millionaires who pose as newscasters are criticizing Senator Ted Cruz for leaving the country for a tropical vacation during the 'crisis.' My only criticism of Cruz at this point is that he actually apologized for doing it. 

      I wish that Cruz had flatly said, "Look you idiots: we tried to prevent this from happening. We got censured and impeached for our trouble. Now you think I should freeze my butt off for you besides? Look: if you have some batteries, turn on your radio and listen to Biden's next speech about 'sustainability' on NPR. That's what you wanted, so stop complaining. Now, I'm off to grab a couple of Margaritas and head down to the beach." 

     All fun and frolic aside, the one thing that we can predict with certainty is that these kinds of situations will increase in the future---and on wider and wider levels. It's not because of 'man-made global warming' or any other such schmaltz. It's because our power grids, water supply systems, dams and levees, gas and sewer lines, etc., are long past their expiration dates and no longer equipped to handle even routine natural occurrences. That's why fires, floods, violent storms, and other weather phenomena having been wreaking such devastation across the country for the last 30 or so years. It's not that weather has gotten worse; it's that our will to prepare for emergencies has gotten worse. Ameroboobs with their culture of passive living, contempt for learning, and grabbing the fast buck at the neighbors' expense doesn't fit well in a world which still operates according to the Law of Nature. And all of this malarkey about carbon footprints isn't going to change that fact. 

     The reason that Civilization has made such strides is because Man learned to understand how Nature works and how to harness that power. A tribe of savages sees a storm approaching and sends the witch-doctor out to do spells to appease the wrath of the storm-god. A civilized man comes along, builds a dam, and the tribe no longer fears floods and further learns that water's power can be used to their benefit in other ways. But the Left has come along since and told us that Civilization is the product of dead White males; that witch-doctors are the real scientists; and that Life is really better when it doesn't involve thinking or working. Cold fronts like the one in Texas happen because the Earth is mad at us; and building energy grids that actually work will only make the Earth madder, according to the logic of the Left. 

     In less degenerated, less effete, times the disaster in Texas would have served as a 'wake-up call.' People would actually start to question why just a few decades ago, electricity was inexpensive, almost always reliable, and outages were rare and of short duration. Why, they would ask, with all the technology available since have things gotten more expensive, less reliable, and generally no better and mostly worse? But the recent number of outages and natural disasters haven't woken up the Ameroboobs so far, so it's highly doubtful that this event will either. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


    Across the Atlantic, the Dutch Republic has been undergoing some political turmoil. Their arrogant Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been forced out of office over a corruption scandal, so in retaliation he's used the Scam-demic to impose the first nationwide curfew since the country was occupied by the Nazis in the 1940s. This has led to riots and today the Dutch Supreme Court (which is also the Hague) ruled that curfew was unconstitutional. Coming from the World Court, this was a particular sting to Rutte, who is also a person of standing at the United Nations in his spare time. Judge Gert Smelt said: 

     "A special act, the Extraordinary Powers of Civil Authority Act has been used to introduce the curfew. This act offers the cabinet the option of imposing a curfew in very urgent and exceptional circumstances, without first having to go through a legislative process - involving the Senate and the House of Representatives in advance...The Act was to be implemented for a situation for which the law is intended, as is the case, for example, with a dike breach. Therefore, the use of this law to impose curfew is not legitimate. The curfew is a far-reaching violation of the right to freedom of movement and privacy and (indirectly) limits, among other things, the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration...Therefore it is ruled that the curfew be lifted immediately."

    This is how Dutchmen deal with these Great Reset freaks: by not allowing themselves to get pushed around. Here in the Prozac Nation however, where soft living, pill-popping, and passive-aggressiveness defines the American male, it's a different story. Vlogger Davey Crocko, for example, led his podcast today with a revolting story of a government thug celebrating after closing down a Los Angeles brewery. That of course won't lead to riots or governments resigning here. We're Exceptional Americans, after all. 

    As if we needed any further proof of how far we've degenerated as a society, the news also came out today that Manhattan educrat Mark Federman is at it again. Some might recall that Federman is the same whacko who in 2007 ended up in jail for fighting with police officers who'd responded to an assault call at his school. But Federman has the proper politically-correct attitude for a modern school administrator, and neither lost his job over that incident, nor was he disciplined in any way. 

    So in 2021, he's back in the news, this time for issuing an encyclical to parents and students to "reflect on their whiteness"---whatever that means. He included a diagram composed by some other academic nitwit. This is what it all looks like:

   The explanation for this ridiculous diagram starts by stating that "there is a regime of whiteness," which is already a falsehood. Apparently it's been already forgotten that we recently had a Black president. For the record, we also have a Black Justice on the US Supreme Court; three Black U.S. Senators, 57 Black Congressmen; and 34 Black mayors of major cities. And did you know that 8% of American millionaires are Black? It doesn't sound too much like any kind of White Regime to me. 

  The main problem with this diagram and the explanations which follow is that it is all simply assertions. It's nothing but psychobabble, but since its purpose is to appeal to demoralized and degenerated White people who already hate themselves, nobody pushing it really need fear rational analysis. There are eight levels of 'white identity' according to these brilliant scholars, whom bye-the-way, can't offer a shred of proof for any of this.

      What this chart describes sounds more like South Africa circa 1955 than anything happening in the United States today. Honestly, I've read through this screed a half dozen times and still have no idea what this writer is talking about. The one point that is actually troubling is the Eighth; which presumably Federman and his gang believes is the optimal level for White Americans to strive. It sounds ominously like coded language for genocide. At the very least, he's arguing for racial suicide at a voluntary level. 

     Real Racism---which is what this document advocates if we take it literally---is a social atavism. It has its actual origins in the superstitions of (some) primitive peoples who associated different skin, hair, or eye colors with the marks of evil spirits, etc. It obviously functions on an extremely low level of social development. In fact, what this writer says about Whites here is reminiscent of some the Japanese propaganda put out during WW2. The Japanese leaders claimed that their Emperor was a god; and that his chosen people looked like him. Hence, White people with round eyes were cursed from birth; and, of course, it was even worse to be born Black. Their German allies, for obvious reasons, had to modify their Racial theories and install a Fuhrer who was like a god. The Germans set up leaders of Academia who proclaimed that the science was settled regarding their own theories of Racial Purity. 

    The author of this document---who is a professor of Political Science at Northwestern University---is basically stating the same thing. He's actually a Racist himself, and is projecting all of the hatred that inwardly consumes him outwardly upon an entire people. This is the psychological point where all of this nonsense about 'White Guilt' originates. Subconsciously people like this are trying to wipe out their own guilt and self-hatred by projecting it on others and sacrificing them by proxy. They wrap these excuses in historical events in which some White people behaved cruelly or unjustly toward minorities, while ignoring every good thing that White people ever did or accomplished. 

    The smug Elites running the NYC School System---who are just as much a collection of nutcases as Federman and Hesse---naturally supported sending out this document. “Anti-racism and the celebration of diversity is at the core of our work on behalf of the young people of New York City, and the East Side Community School’s students, parents, and staff partner together to advance equity in their community,” a spokesman bloviated, “The document in question was shared with the school by parents as a part of ongoing anti-racist work in the school community and is one of many resources the schools utilizes.” Then, just as predictably, they played the Victim Card: “Our staff are now being targeted with vile racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic slurs and degrading language from people outside of their school and nothing justifies the abuse directed at our educators!"

   This all brings up two further questions. The first is: why would anyone allow their offspring to be taught by jackasses like these? Absolutely no good can come out of subjecting impressionable minds to this kind of torture. If you sent your children off to live with some primitive tribe in New Guinea, they'd come out of it better educated than this. American parents really have a lot to answer for at the Bar of Civilization. 

   The second is: how did screwballs like these get into such positions in the first place? That one, too, sadly is not difficult to answer. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s decades, the Radical Left began and successfully completed a planned takeover of our schools at all levels. Conservatives in Teaching or in Administrative positions were forced out; either through early retirement or by quasi-legal and often illegal means. Newcomers were turned away from employment and blacklisted. At the University level, where future educators are trained, Admissions Departments routinely now screen for people whose social media and backgrounds represent thought patterns acceptable to the New Order. All of this came about because Conservatives did nothing whatsoever to prevent it from happening.

    A few voices like David Horowitz, Walter Williams, and Robert Bly tried in vain to warn the American Right of what was happening. It fell on deaf ears. Conservative politicians and Conservative alumni kept sending the cash to these rat's-nests. Conservative parents kept paying high taxes and inflated tuition and sending off their offspring to have their minds poisoned in these gulags. None of them were unaware of what was going on. The American Right has a lot to answer for too.

    So while Federman and his ideology disgust me personally, I can't say that I feel much sympathy for those in his School District who are objecting to his policy. You people brought this on yourselves. You've had since at least 2007 to know what kind of a man Federman is, and you turned your own kids over to him to be taught that they deserve to die for being born White. Are you satisfied with your handiwork? Were all those things that were more important than your children's education really worth it? Think about that. 



Monday, February 15, 2021


     So we had a good snowstorm here in Flyover Country the last few days. Unlike our more sophisticated and better educated urban fellow Americans, we still have fun on snow days. I well remember the hysteria that would erupt among those people. Grocery stores would get cleaned out, traffic jams everywhere, and these same smart folks returned to their over-priced dwellings duly traumatized and outraged. Remember when cities were actually decent places to live?

     Conservatives this weekend were celebrating some good news too. Treasonous RINOs failed to bring about a show-trial for our actual President; the slimy anti-Trump Lincoln Project collapsed; Time Magazine published more or less an admission that the Election was stolen; and 'America's Governor' Andrew Cuomo is finally being investigated for his crimes against the elderly during the Scam-demic. 

    To be honest, I'm not particularly optimistic that these events signify any kind of 'turning of the tide' against the Junta. The Elites have not stopped scheming and orchestrating events simply because they've seized control of the government. One of their goals before 2024 is the establishment of a one-party state; and they certainly have no interest in doing the GOP any favors. Except for the Cuomo Affair, the other three victories are calculated to split the Republican Party. 

    In Cuomo's case, the esteemed governor is part of an internal purge. Cuomo's popularity among the servile media went to his head and he got above himself. Snubbed for a position in the Provisional Government after all of this effusive praise ought to have tipped him off that he was quickly becoming expendable. No politician today is in a position to cross the Corporate Oligarchy. Prince Zuckerburg isn't a type to let his authority be challenged, however useful a political tool may have been in the past. Greed, willful ignorance, and a willingness to sell out your neighbor to line one's own pockets: such is the spirit of the New America.

       The Impeachment Trial really had no chance of success; despite seven fake Conservatives switching sides, it would have taken at least nine more to sell out and obtain the requisite votes. While the known character of most Senate Republicans certainly didn't preclude that possibility, a few are still feeling pressure from their constituents (as though our opinions actually still matter). 

     The Impeachment actually served its purpose, both by marginalizing President Trump and exposing the RINOs, leaving them with no base of support. Already there are moves within the GOP to censure or remove these traitors---which isn't necessarily a bad thing---but the RINOs have been painted by the press as the more 'reasonable' political opposition. The Elites apparently going to let the RINO wing get taken down by the 'extremist' pro-Trump wing, giving the Elites a more focused target. The Liberal Republicans have served their purpose, and are headed under the bus with Andrew Cuomo and the Lincoln Project scum. 

    This is why I likewise put little faith in the Time Magazine 'expose.' Consider that Time is wholly owned by Marc Benioff, a die-hard 'Great Reset' kook. His leanings can be seen from his recent donations to political campaigns:

     Part of the reason that Benioff published this story was to stir up pro-Trump forces---notice that nobody else in the MSM is making much of an issue of it---and to boost sagging sales with some controversy. The other reason, I believe is just sheer Liberal arrogance. The article really comes across as though Benioff and his confederates are bragging about how they stole the election moreso than exposing Election Fraud. At this point, the Elites could care less whether anybody knows whether they've stolen the Election or not. How many times has the Scam-demic been proven a fraud with no consequences? Benioff and his pals at the World Economic Forum are laughing in their sleeves, throwing it in our faces and chortling over America's inability/unwillingness to resist. 

       What's worse is that I strongly suspect that all of this is probably a build-up to a False Flag of some sort. The Junta is still hanging on to the fake 'January 6th Insurrection' baloney. They announced recently that the Department of Homeland Security has elevated the threat of domestic terrorism to its highest level; that military occupation of the District of Columbia will continue throughout the year; and social media silencing of opposition to the Regime is continuing unabated. Once the RINOs are out of the way, the Elites will have us all set up as dangerous extremists and a staged event will give them all the excuse they need for a final crackdown. Don't expect any great epiphany has come to our enemies just because they're letting up on some pressure. We are dealing here with fanatics who won't be satisfied with less than total control. 

Thursday, February 11, 2021


      After writing on Sunday about ignoring the Super-Farce, I should have remembered from past experience, that the Corporate Media wasn't going to let anybody ignore it. From what I've gathered from the news-feeds, this year managed to sink even lower into Political Correctness and Trash Culture. Apparently, spectators this year were treated to another ground-breaking first, with the Super Bowl featuring female referees. Actually, the sight of American men getting orders from a strong independent woman more likely was something that Ameroboobs could relate to quite easily. The story that really raised my interest was a viral tweet from former NFL running-back Larry Johnson. According to him, the halftime show seemed Satanic. 

     It seemed Satanic? I'm really not certain how they could get more blatant than that. It is true that they've been pushing the envelope now for the last few years with this overtly occult imagery. One positive sign was that this year's Sewer Bowl had the lowest televised rating since 1969, and the fewest viewers since 2007. 

   2007 is an interesting sort of watermark for the NFL. Three idiots involved in this year's PC/Devil Worship spectacle have been directly involved with the event's degeneration since that year. 

    Ricky Kirshner has produced every Super Bowl Halftime Spectacle since 2007. He's also produced every Democrat National Convention since 1992 as well as Obama's Inauguration ceremonies. Indra Nooyi was the former CEO of Pepsico which has sponsored the Halftime Event since 2007. Nooyi was the first non-American, non-male to head Pepsi's Agribusiness empire. She quickly wrecked Pepsi's long-standing tradition of being one of America's most conservative companies to one of the most 'progressive'. Not surprisingly, she's a member of the WEF. Nooyi resigned in 2018 and currently heads the illegal commission managing Connecticut's repressive lockdown policies. Goodell became NFL Commissioner in 2007. A colorless swab, he owes his position mostly to his family's political and media connections. His father was a RINO Republican who changed his stripes after Conservatism fell out of favor. Goodell became allied with Kirshner through his homo brother whose partner is another prominent Hollywood liberal producer. Goodell's brother Tim is an executive with the Hess Corporation. 

    Isn't it interesting how it seems that every close examination of sociopolitical problems these days nearly always finds a Left-Wing activist and/or a WEF member lurking somewhere in the background? 

   A more important---though no less demonic spectacle---was announced this week by the Junta. Six RINOs joined hands with their new-found confederates in the Democratic Party to put President Trump on trial. 

       This so-called 'impeachment' is a show trial; a kangaroo court. Radical Revolutions always put on these farces to disgrace their enemies. And that is what this 'trial' of the legitimate president is really all about. First it will be President Trump, then Senators and Congressmen, then down the Conservative line until they've brought all of us up on charges of some kind. Where this ultimately is going is toward the establishment of a one-party state. 

      What does all of this have to do with a football game? For starts, the same scum who orchestrate these diversions also orchestrate these stupid political shams. The same trash that appeals to our low level of culture is reflected in the 'government' that now allegedly represents us. The first great event of 2021 featured a game that was probably rigged just like the Election was and featured a demon descending upon the world just like the Great Reset is descending upon us. 

     If I were in President Trump's place, I would not give this trial the slightest legitimacy. I wouldn't mount a defense or appear at it. The only statement I would give is that I don't recognize the outcome of it, whatever it is. That should be our attitude too. Ignore the 'impeachment' like we ignored the Super Bowl. Disconnect, disengage, disunite. Nothing that this Junta does has the slightest legitimacy. Every word coming from their mouths is a lie; and every action they take is a fraud. 

Sunday, February 7, 2021


     Today is an unofficial holiday here in the Prozac Nation. Once again, it's time for that annual orgy of our dedication to the worship of Mammon, Political Correctness, and Trash Culture---all under the banner of supposedly reflecting America's traditional values. No, we're not talking about Christmas or Independence Day, although the description fits them too in Postmodern America. It's Super Bowl Sunday once again! 


       Basically what we have here is a 3-4 hour extravaganza where a bunch of millionaires who work for billionaires pretending to represent the highest and best of American athletics; although the outcome of the game probably has been decided already by the gambling syndicates. Hollywood and Madison Avenue will get to stage multi-million dollar productions and everyone will give homage to the latest Politically-Correct New Normal. Are sportscasters 'masked-up' this year? I have no idea. 

    Roughly 80 million people---about the same number as allegedly voted for Biden are going to watch the game, although inflated ticket prices and Scam-demic restrictions have reduced actual attendance to 25,000. And, just like the Election, the Ameroboobs will go away imagining that everything that happens today is fair, transparent, and totally in the public interest.

    Now, I'm not against sports, nor even against paying players high salaries for what they do. I played football in high school and college and believe it was a positive thing. What I despise is what football---and sports in general---have become.  

    The first Super Bowl was played in 1967. It was the brainchild of then-NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. Rozelle was strictly a hustler who saw the economic potential of combining pro football with Mass Media and Mass Marketing. That, by its very nature, was going to mean pandering to the lowest common societal denominators. That, in turn, was at variance with the purpose of sports; striving for excellence, promoting fair competition, and elevating a sense of community. We all see which side won; and the quality gets lower and lower every year. 

   There are so many more important things to do today. Work on projects, or run errands while there are no crowds. Visit some family member or friend you haven't seen in awhile. Go out and enjoy nature. Me? The only bowl I'm thinking about is one full of ice cream that going to have on the sunny porch-front after I'm done writing today. 😇 Just about anything will make you feel a lot better than wasting time on this ridiculous Big Media spectacle. 


Friday, February 5, 2021


      Insanity Bytes has written a trio of good articles lately; one on fake Conservatism;  one on the consequences of MSM fake news; and today touched on how false guilt works works against us in relationships. She makes a point in today's article which dovetails into our article yesterday, where we spoke of the weaponizing of science; psychology in particular. I'd like to expand upon this idea a bit more. IB writes:

   "I’m still going to just say one thing, Toby says, “The fundamental thing that makes women weak is guilt.” Yes and the same is really true for men, what makes men weak is that same guilt/shame paradigm. We might wear it differently, have different expressions of it, but it is the same affliction. So repent, be forgiven, be free, and be strong in the Lord!"

  When it comes to the 'Social Sciences' many Conservatives tend to roll their eyes and think there's nothing substantive to them. But these things can be weaponized for sociopolitical ends, just like 'hard sciences' can. Psychology in particular has been converted into a tool by the Neo-Marxists; and it has been very effective in its applications. 

  The reason that many on the Right discount Psychology is because the majority of what they're exposed to today is the pop-psychology which is fed to the masses for popular consumption. This sort of junk-science is also promoted by stupid Red Pills like Vox Day and Rollo Tomassi; as well as occasionally trotted out in the MSM to explain away why people do things like believing in God or refusing to wear masks. The Elites who control both Media and Academia in the U.S. don't want the masses doing much critical thinking on the mechanics of thought and behavior. 

  Be it known in Academia, Inc. today, science---and learning in general---works like initiation into an occult secret society does. Prospective students are today routinely vetted by Admissions Departments; and those deemed to have displayed the proper Politically-Correct attitudes (or are least neutral) get admitted. After this, a weeding-out process begins. They're fed some general truths intermixed with ideological garbage. The ones most receptive to the general truths get put on a track that will enable them to work at ordinary levels in their profession. 

  The ones receptive to the ideology get advanced on a different track. They're fed with more ideology and less learning. Here they go on another screening. The 'true believers' get put on a track which enable them to become advisers, consultants, and influencers of different sorts. The remainder who show that they understand that the ideology is all bunkum and useful only for controlling the masses go on to a higher level. There they're taught the real principles of a science like Psychology, and how to turn it from healing mental disorders to proliferating them and making a populace easier to control. Those in this class become professors and administrators themselves; or are placed in executive positions with Media and other Corporations. Some become high-level political advisors, contributors to the WEF, etc. This paradigm is true of practically every subject studied in a postmodern American university today.

   The Marxist Left uses exactly the same techniques on society that abusers use in interpersonal relationships; for the same reasons. The false guilt that IB mentions is one of their most potent and effective weapons. Take for example this abominable 1619 Project that the Bolsheviks are foisting upon schoolchildren. They're instilling for life a false guilt into a generation of boys who'll grow up believing that all of the abuse that their Masters in Big Government and Big Business heap upon them is something they deserve for being born White. 

   Concurrent with this 'guilt/shame' paradigm, abusers mix in a certain amount of forbidden, or guilty pleasures that both relaxes any natural resistance in the victim and bonds them to the abuser. In public schools, an example of that is Drag Queen Story Hour, which has now been enshrined into national policy by the Junta. 

  Children at the Elementary School level have a natural curiosity about sex; which is handled in discreet ways by families and by more heavy-handed 'official' propaganda. Some innocent sexual play happens in childhood; and this is normal although officially the policy is overreaction to it. This dovetails against the Drag Queen Story Hour programs, which (intentionally) brings up perverted sexuality in a less discreet way (but in a way out of the view of parents and others). In these evil and debauched performances, children are often encouraged to express their sexual thoughts in front of a group, which includes adults. With their understanding not fully formed, they are titillated with a forbidden subject (i.e. sexuality) by a gross misrepresentation of it, which in turn often results in a love/hate attitude towards authority. Complimenting the guilt/shame paradigm with the love/hate paradigm completes the circle, and the schools have created a neurotic too afraid to stand up to authority; passive-aggressive to all whom he learns to hate and envy. This individual is on a course to an adulthood of slavish obedience and appeasement to any oppressor he sees as stronger than himself. A few boys grow up to rebel either passively and become drug addicts or petty criminals; or aggressively and become gang members or terrorists. 

    I'm sure that many women reading this recognize the same pattern played out in the cases of abusive relationships. This is why public educators are scrupulous to elevate young girls with a special sort of false 'empowerment' promoted by radical feminists to disguise what is actually happening. The ages of 7-11 years, the Latency Period, when children tend to bond with those of their own sex are the critical target age involved here. What you end up with are weak women with a false sense of entitlement and empowerment who simultaneously are sexually drawn to abusive men and socially drawn to the oppressive Government as a 'protector.'  


    Bear in mind that the methods and science behind what I've just described was originally devised by men and women whose goal was to help people escape or avoid abusive relationships; in fact, in therapy they taught abuse victims how harmful ideas implanted during childhood led to these problems as adults. Just about every institution dominated by the Left has learned variations of this same technique---and how to employ it as a weapon. Just look most pro-Regime propaganda and see the same patterns of shame, guilt, fear mixed with indulgence of the forbidden fruit. The Media, Big Government, and Big Business reinforce all of these lessons learned in childhood. Last year we saw the same pattern played out: the repressive lockdowns, the mask and shaming tactics punctuated with tacit permission to embark on violent rioting and looting sprees. 

    Along with guilt and shame is the subconscious fear of exposure which, in the old days, the therapist would try to make the patient face as a way of a cure. The Marxists instead reinforce this fear by engaging in Cancel Culture and other forms of Political Correctness. These random acts of petty tyranny keep the average person from facing his inner demons---which, by the way, aren't even real---and taking a stand lest he, too, be exposed and shamed. 

    What IB says at the end: "repent, be forgiven, be free, and be strong in the Lord!" explains the irrational hatred and genuine fear that all of these Great Reset/New World Order types hold for the Church. Religious conversion, forgiveness of sin from God Himself breaks this entire cycle of false thinking---because it doesn't matter whether the sense of sin one carries is because of actual crimes or simply perceived because of an evil education. The Cleansing and Redemptive Power of Christ's Blood breaks not only the Devil's grip, but all of those of his lesser minions as well. 

    Just prior to and during the Trump Administration, the Elites made an attempt to co-opt the Church with a new sort of Rainbow Churchianity but Christ foiled them, as He said "My sheep hear My voice." Outside of very Liberal, New-Age communities, this movement gained very little traction; and now the Elites are shifting to outright persecution and are experimenting with Artificial Intelligence schemes. Don't fall for it. They don't own your soul or your mind; and free souls and minds are what they most fear. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


     As we enter the 2nd week of the New Order, the Junta issued a decree which resulted in a de facto change of the national flag. To my mind, doing things like changing flags, building forts around the national capitol, effacing cultural monuments, putting former leaders on trial, imposing curfews and travel restrictions, etc. sounds a lot more like a Revolution than just another new Administration assuming office. The Head-of-State even set up a new social Commissar's office dealing with so-called LGBTQ Affairs. (No it's not a dating service, though the title might suggest that 😇). Obama had first established the position in late 2015, but it was abolished by President Trump before it could do too much damage. 

     To the average Ameroboob, of course, the symbolism of this flag policy is completely lost. 

    What these pinheads fail to understand is that a flag is a little bit more than some national fashion statement. Yes, I realize that some Conservatives in the past---though they were well-intentioned---went overboard with flag-burning laws and such. But that's not what this is about. A national flag is a symbol not only of the nation, but what the nation represents. Now our Old Glory contains 50 stars on a field of blue, representing each State which voluntarily is a part of our Union. The stripes represent the War of Independence, the white being the Faith in a Higher Power and the Justice of our Cause; the red representing the willingness to fight for it. When people see a flag, they understand what kind of nation they are dealing with. 

    I understand that this is a bit traditional and therefore complex to explain to dumbed-down Postmodern America. But the hideous Rainbow Flag that the Junta has adopted symbolizes something too. It symbolizes the fake unity promoted by the Insurgency all last year. Its stripes stand for identity politics and their dominance over the actual Rule of Law. The Junta is sending a clear message through this decree that we've entered a New Order in earnest. It's no argument to pretend that the presence of the old national flag any longer has any meaning. The Third Reich, for example, displayed the German flag next to the Nazi one until well into Hitler's first year in power. Then---as now---nobody seemed to notice that what one flag symbolized completely contradicted what the other flag did. 

    The Rainbow Flag also symbolizes globalism. The homosexual subculture from which it originated has never been known for its commitment to nationalism. Before the Corporate Media began proliferating the perversion into mainstream society, there were formerly certain districts in every large to midsize American city where these types congregated. This was true in other countries as well; and the higher status homos knew the whereabouts of all of these places. Both the CIA and Soviet Secret Police often used such people as informants because the Obsessive-Compulsive nature of their perversion always bound them more closely to their own community and made them more willing to betray their nations at large. That mentality has never changed. No sooner had homo 'equality' been adopted in this country than there was a push to impose it upon every other country. And under the current Regime, those initiatives are going to return with about 12 times as much ferocity. 

     The tie-in between promoting the homosexual lifestyle and the Elites' goals of population control ought to be obvious. True, some of the Elites themselves, like Apple Computers CEO Tim Cook and those scumbags in the Stryker Family, are into such behaviors in their own right. But the Elites' ultimate goal is to break down the family and has been for a long time. B.F. Skinner, one of the early proponents of modern Scientism, published a novel in 1948 called Walden Two which has since become required reading in nearly every School of Education in the U.S.. From the Wikipedia article:

     "In its time, it could have been considered science fiction, since science-based methods for altering people's behavior did not yet exist. Such methods are now known as applied behavior analysis. Walden Two is controversial because its characters speak of a rejection of free will including a rejection of the proposition that human behavior is controlled by a non-corporeal entity, such as a spirit or a soul. Walden Two embraces the proposition that the behavior of organisms, including humans, is determined by environmental variables, and that systematically altering environmental variables can generate a socio-cultural system that very closely approximates utopia."

    By 1995, Christopher Lasch warned in his study Haven in a Heartless World that "much of the past century’s family-related social science views the traditional family’s work of child-bearing and parenthood as authoritarian, repressive, untutored and untrained . . . the last stand of the amateur, and therefore in need of expert oversight. In effect, it functions as a new kind of religion with a new kind of clergy." Despite Lasch's warnings, Hilary Clinton published It Takes a Village to Raise a Child the following year. Clinton's book went to the Bestseller List and was reprinted in 2006. Lasch's is rarely encountered outside of academic circles. 


     Aside from its symbolic representation of Identity Politics, the Rainbow Flag also represents the converse: Collective Guilt. False guilt is a major psychological weapon in the Neo-Marxist's arsenal. What C.C. Peckham recently observed about Klaus Schwab, the ideologue behind the Great Reset fairly describes the general attitude of most of the supporters of the Left: 

    "While he is avowedly 'secular,' Schwab clearly has an almost religious sense that humans have broken something, and that they must now, through extraordinary effort and sacrifice, 'render what is due.' For Schwab, humans themselves are the enemy. Recognizing climate change is never enough. We must recognize that we are the sinister source of degradation. The would-be caliphs of the Great Reset wield salvific power: In the name of science, they promise to save us from ourselves, and to deliver us from our 'broken normalcy' to a new godlikeness, by dint of our own technological ingenuity." 

    Among the general population, this false guilt is the driving force behind the  otherwise inexplicable masochism and obsession many Americans have with sacrificing their own welfare and subjecting themselves to the most degrading humiliations imposed upon them. Traditional depth psychologists have always understood that a guilty conscience frequently seeks punishment as well as a compulsion to confess their guilt. There is also the element of sacrifice as an vicarious atonement for sin. As we can see from its effects, this is weaponization of science at a fiendish level.

       In the case of Klaus Schwab and many other Elites, the (real) guilt caused by their own crimes usually is subconsciously denied and projected outward upon society. These people are, in general, psychopaths. Others, like George Soros, have long repressed any sense of guilt at laugh in their sleeves at the chaos they cause to their own profit. These, in general, are sociopaths. Fanatics, neurotics, and psychos: that is what is in control of the so-called most powerful nation on earth right now. That is why we must resist and pull ourselves out of the orbit of their power as much as possible; because it's obviously no use trying to appease maniacs.