Thursday, February 27, 2020


   So yesterday there was a mass-shooting in Milwaukee. The now-deceased shooter apparently killed some operatives at the Miller Brewing Company (a subsidiary of transnational conglomerate Molson-Coors) after being fired from his job. The Corporate Media has been suspiciously quiet about who the killer was. This phenomenon usually translates that the suspect wasn't a White male and/or had never expressed support for Trump or Christianity anywhere on the Internet.

   This hasn't stopped the MSM from pouncing on an opportunity to push for more Gun Control, however. This is an election year and Pocahontas Warren (the MSM favorite) and Mike Bloomberg (a Corporate Media owner himself) are big proponents of these policies. There have been a few Op-Eds and articles calling gun violence The Uniquely American Problem.

   The United Nations did a study on homicide rates in cities over 300,000 population worldwide and ranked the Top 50. This number didn't include war zones. The top cities in the US for homicide were:

1. St. Louis
2. Baltimore
3. San Juan
4. Detroit
5. New Orleans

  Globally, these cities ranked:

15. St. Louis
23. Baltimore
40. San Juan
46. Detroit
50. New Orleans

   Interestingly enough, St. Louis ranked lower than Cancun---a popular destination for US tourists. 

   The UN also did a study on homicides by firearm annually (excluding countries at war) and found that the US actually ranks 16th worldwide. That's hardly a 'uniquely American' problem. It's also telling that most of the 15 countries ahead of us have far more restrictive gun laws than even the most rabidly Left-Wing US States and Cities.

    However, one statistic relating to firearms deaths worldwide is that the US is by far the world per capita leader in Suicide by gunshot. Now why would the Media ignore this very serious social problem and focus instead on fake news from the anti-gun lobby? Well, let's look at some more statistics:
   "The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reported that in 2016 suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., imposing a cost of $69 billion to the US annually.[8][17] Other statistics reported are:[8]
  1. The annual age-adjusted suicide rate is 13.42 per 100,000 individuals.
  2. Men die by suicide 3.53x more often than women.
  3. On average, there are 123 suicides per day.
  4. White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2016.
  5. A firearm is used in almost 50% of all suicides.
  6. The rate of suicide is highest in middle age—white men in particular."

  Well, so it seems that White Males account for the overwhelming number of Suicides in America. When was the last time we heard anyone in the MSM concerning itself with this 'uniquely American problem?' Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death among White Males in the US and the 7th leading cause of death among American men of all races.

  Before the Liberal trolls start snorting that these numbers have nothing to do with the Misandryist culture they've created---or that suicide rates have always been higher among men--- let's note this chart from the CDC:

 Male suicide rates have skyrocketed consistently throughout the 21st Century. As recently as 1998, suicide wasn't even in the Top Ten causes of male deaths in the US. "Surging death rates from suicide, drug overdoses and alcoholism, what researchers refer to as "deaths of despair", are largely responsible for a consecutive three year decline of life expectancy in the U.S This constitutes the first three-year drop in life expectancy in the U.S. since the years 1915–1918," the agency noted. I tend to believe that the actual suicide rate among men is much higher---there are probably several intentional deaths that appeared to be accidental. Incidentally, there were over 47,000 suicides in 2017---far more than the number of headline-grabbing mass-shootings. But none of this fits the PC Party Line about supposed White Male Privilege. 

  Now obviously, gun control laws wouldn't deter suicide any more than they deter homicide. The Whacko Left Wing in fact discreetly omits the subject of suicide in their anti-gun propaganda because people would soon see through the absurdity of their arguments. 

  Maybe our so-called Elites ought to look a little more carefully at factors causing so much disruption among the White Male demographic. Maybe they should realize that treating a whole demographic as utterly expendable is a bad idea. But I don't think we should hold our breaths waiting for that to happen. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


   When a deadly new virus emerged in Wuhan, China last month, the Chinese Government mobilized all its considerable resources to defeat a potential pandemic. In contrast, the American Media and many politicians flew into a panic. Media ratings---along with power-grabbing and the potential of profiteering---always thrive on disasters and catastrophes. 

   Meanwhile, Dr. Zhong Nanshan---one of China's leading experts on Respiratory Epidemiology---stated that within two weeks the contagion would peak. Nobody in the American Corporate Media paid any attention to Zhong, of course. Instead, they embarked on an orgy of China-bashing and fanning fake news. Awkwardly enough for the Elites, Zhong's prediction has turned out to be true. Recent statistics from the Chinese Ministry of Health show that the outbreak reached its peak around February 12th. 

  "The daily number of new confirmed cases nationwide dropped from the peak of 15,152 on Feb. 12 to less than 900 on Thursday. The number of new confirmed cases outside Hubei was 258 on Thursday, down from the peak of 890 on Feb. 3.The daily number of newly recovered patients has been rising rapidly to 2,109 on Thursday, surpassing that of new confirmed infections for the third consecutive day...Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China has reported zero new confirmed cases since Jan. 30 and Qinghai Province Three provinces - Liaoning, Guizhou, Gansu - and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have reported zero new cases for four consecutive days and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps has reported no new cases for three consecutive days."

   This was confirmed yesterday by World Health Organization Director Bruce Aylward, who praised China's efforts during a visit there this week. 

   These events were all swept under the rug by the American Media---which still ridiculously proclaims itself less biased, controlled, and more factual than the Chinese Media. It's a national disgrace, of course, that news organs controlled by the Communist Party of China are more credible than our supposedly free MSM, but there it is. During the weekend, the Media Hyenas carefully combed the International Press for word of cases discovered far and wide. Then they blamed China again and starting bashing Trump for supposedly being 'unprepared for the crisis.' Wall Street plunged over these stories---although how selling off stocks is supposed to do anything to ward off a potential pandemic nobody has explained.

   So far there have been 17 confirmed cases in the US; not counting 40 more on a quarantined cruise ship. To put this in perspective, consider that drug overdoses kill an average of 193 people per day in the United States---but the media doesn't consider that figure anything to get too excited about. But in some localities, 'prepper' stores are doing a thriving business. And supplies of things like surgical masks and bottled water have been flying off the shelves---with the profiteers and price-gougers padding their bank accounts. 

  There are even books and manuals sprouting up like toadstools on surviving the epidemic; with the usual nitwits leading the charge.

  Ah, what a grand LARPing adventure. And nota bene that Vox made his first and most important priority to stock up on dope supplies. Today he even expressed hope that the 'crisis' would lead to Martial Law: what a fake Conservative. 

  Of course, these characters along with the MSM keep saying the cliches that "we're overdue for a global pandemic", and evoke images from the Black Plague during the 14th Century, the Smallpox Epidemic among American Indians during the 18th Century, and the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918-1920. What they all fail to realize is that Medical Technology has substantially improved since 1921. We know more about viruses and how they work; we have vaccines---several deadly epidemic diseases have been wiped out just since the end of World War II. 

  On top of this, emergency responses to outbreaks have also improved thanks to more rapid and efficient transportation and computer communications which can send information around the world faster than a virus can spread. The reason that we haven't had a global pandemic in a century is because organizations like WHO have been working out strategies to contain pandemics for the last 60 or so years. 

  The one thing that annoys me the most about all of this is reading how the Chinese people have come together to fight the threat in their own country; and then contrasting this with Christian America---where we ought to be reading about relief efforts and working on finding a cure. Instead, everybody's grabbing whatever they can as fast as they can grab it; and then going online and blogging about serenely drinking Margaritas with their wives while the rest of the world dies a horrible death from Pneumonia. 

   As for myself, I'm going to have a steak dinner this weekend and catch the XFL; while silently chuckling over the knotheads down in their cold, smelly bomb-shelters eating canned Beans & Weenies. Somehow, I think they just deserve that. 

Monday, February 24, 2020


   Blogger Insanity Bytes left a very insightful comment on our last post about the horrors of living with mentally deranged Alphas. She's referencing here the situation with Owen Benjamin:

   This is why I like having women comments here; they often catch these feminine nuances that we men tend to miss. Going back over a few more video clips, IB is right; Amy does look like she's scared.  

   From what I've read about Owen, he was always a little eccentric, which I suppose one has to be to be an actor. He first really gained notoriety by speaking out against Hollywood's promotion of the homosexual agenda---which was a good thing. Though his stand cost him a work in Hollywood, he was popular with the Conservative Media and was promoted by Joe Rogan and a few others. The original 'Bears' were Owen's fans from that time. But since about the time he started associating with Vox Day, he took a real turn for the worse. He became paranoid and shunned a lot of the people who were trying to help; and surrounded himself with some really nasty scum like Nathaniel Slattery and Coddington Bear. He absorbed all of Vox' conspiracy theories and false philosophies and run with them. 

   More importantly for the welfare of Amy and the children is that Owen's mental state has shown unmistakable signs of deterioration. Even people who've followed him for awhile have mentioned that there's a definite difference between his current state and just a few months ago. Now, personally I don't care much for psychoanalyzing at a distance---I'm not an expert, just a layman who's read a lot of Freud and Koffka---but I will comment that Owen's behavior is consistent with what I've observed with drug addicts---specifically with Amphetamine addictions. Just FYI, Owen's been complaining of throat and breathing problems: mixing Amphetamines with Alcohol or Turpentine (from which toxic 'wood alcohol' is extracted) can cause these very symptoms and can lead in fact to Respiratory Collapse. 

  Regardless, though, Amy is in a position now that---whatever her feelings for Owen are---that she needs to fall back on the First Law of Survival and get herself and her kids out of there before something really horrible happens. As George Santayana said, "Those who begin by burning books will end by burning men:" and a guy who burns his toddler-age kids' books in public is capable of about anything. 

  We also had occasion yesterday to mention another girl in trouble: Allison Slattery, wife of Nasty Nate. Nate admitted recently that they were having "marital issues" and several dissident Bears have been saying that she's escaped. But something disturbing was posted today on Vox' echo-chamber Social  Galactic: 

   What's troubling here is that I don't believe that Allison actually posted this. Nasty Nate has made it fairly clear that he doesn't allow her this kind of Internet access and said himself lately that Allison wasn't in the mood for social networking. What's even more concerning is that he looks in this picture like he's splattered with blood. 

Then it also occurred to me that none of the ex-Bears who've claimed that she's left have actually verified that. True she might have gone into hiding: but nobody's actually seen her for a few weeks now. 

   I hope that some actual news of Allison turns up soon. Nasty Nate is not exactly known for being forgiving towards women; or tolerant of those who suggest he's abusive; or being reluctant about expressing his violent tendencies. Just as we're concerned for Amy, it probably wouldn't hurt if somebody sent authorities around to check on Allison .

  IB is right: the Red Pills are immediate dangers to the innocent people caught within their orbits. 


Friday, February 21, 2020


   What we refer to here as the 'Red Pill' is a cultish movement which began infiltrating the Manosphere and Men's Rights Movement earlier in the decade. It grew out of the pseudoscience of Game and so-called 'Pick-up Artistry' (PUA). Essentially, it takes various aspects of feminine psychology and weaponizes them to control women through psychological manipulation. The males involved in this cult strive to be 'Alpha' supermen and dehumanize women and depreciate traits and values associated with femininity. They teach men that Chivalry is for losers; and that higher masculine traits like compassion, mercy, and empathy are signs of weaknesses. They're basically bullies who've latched onto a false philosophy which justifies their behavior.

    Under the cunning tutelage of Vox Day, Owen Benjamin---the now clearly insane leader of the Bear Cult---has grafted onto his already warped teachings these false philosophies and disseminating them among his thousands of followers. The danger here is that Owen is drifting deeper and deeper into outright Psychosis. 

    Aside from his usual whacked-out conspiracies, within the last few weeks alone, Owen has become convinced that the Jews have infected him with internal parasites and that drinking Pine-Sol not only kills them but suppresses homosexual urges and raises his IQ. Just this week, he claimed that people's Pineal Glands are being 'closed' by Fluoride and chemical sprays dropped at high altitude into water and crops by Israeli pilots. 

   So yesterday Owen spiraled badly. His wife Amy took their small children to a dinner with her family---to which Owen was not invited because he keeps flaking out and ruining the gathering. He retaliated like a true Alpha and---this is a new low even for him---confiscated his children's books and burned them on livestream. 

  This is being a bully with a vengeance. Apparently, his badly abused and chronically depressed wife, Amy, and he had a disagreement over reading books about dinosaurs to the kids. He waited until the wife and kids left and destroyed the children's books. What a rotten thing to do; but it's typical for Alpha bullies. 

  As for Amy, she appeared in public with a black eye, which occasioned a welfare check. She recently appeared again with a mysterious injury.  He's publicly threatened Amy in public on numerous occasions. It's rumored that she's taking antidepressants---and when a woman trapped in a cult reaches this stage, her family needs to intervene for her own safety.

  Women trapped in cults go through a progression that inevitably ends badly for them. They either become hopelessly depressed and disappear into the ether like the tragic case of Shelly Miscavige. Or else in the worst cases, they internalize the cult's brutality and end up like Lori Daybell or Suzan Carson. If Amy is so far gone that this last episode doesn't make her leave, she's in deep trouble and her family has to step in.

  The other Bear-bully in the news lately is Nathaniel Slattery Bear, a.k.a. Nasty Nate.

 Nasty Nate's wife Allison is known as Singalong Bear because she plays a ukulele and has a podcast of her music. She married Nasty Nate last Summer, and the story of their courtship and subsequent life together has been almost a textbook level case study of Dark Triad PUA on Nate's part. Slattery is a deeply repressed homosexual and openly discusses his violent fantasies. He recently admitted to "having marital problems," ---these PUA tactics never work long-term---and it's widely believed that Allison has managed to escape. Let's hope so; because Nasty Nate is a human time-bomb. 

  These are the kinds of scum that the Red Pill cultivates. I really feel sorry for the women lured into this spiral. Like vampires, cultists suck the life energy out of anybody near them---and eventually they consume themselves. 



Monday, February 17, 2020


   Reed Sanders and his wife Cheryl---both principals in the Hollywood stunt industry---are dead of multiple gunshot wounds after ambushing a couple in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Unfortunately for the Sanders', Lindsey Duncan---CEO of a health-services company and Cheryl's ex-husband---was a Concealed Carry Permit holder and armed at the time. Duncan wasn't charged; the Greene County Sheriff declaring the shooting a clear act of self-defense. 

  Duncan told the Dayton Daily News that he and his wife Molly were out for a breakfast together at a local diner and returned home. They parked in the driveway; Lindsey went to get the mail, when he heard shots. He turned to see two masked figures coming from the bushes and one (later identified Reed Sanders) pointing a gun at Molly. His instincts as a husband took over; he drew and fired, riddling the thug with bullets. He then exchanged shots with the second attacker (later identified as Cheryl Sanders), who was killed as well. 


   The Greene County Sheriff's Office confirmed that the Sanders' had erected a camera on the property so that they could livestream and record the attack. Their car had fake license plates. He also noted that Duncan divorced Cheryl in 2009 because of her increasingly unbalanced behavior fueled by a drug addiction. She refused treatment and returned to Hollywood. The Sheriff stated that Duncan's home had been subject to extra surveillance because of repeated threats from Cheryl.

   Here we have it again: Reed and Cheryl Sanders---the Hollywood crowd that is just oh-so-much-better-than-the-rest-of-you. But the hicks and hillbillies out in Flyover Country are, in this case, still alive. “Those gates don’t protect you, and neither does the money,” Duncan afterwards remarked. Too bad those Hollywood nitwits didn't think of that first. 

   Molly Duncan said in a Press Conference that "Lindsey is my absolute hero and I am lucky to be alive. God orchestrated everything perfectly so we would survive. I am a mother and I still get to see my kids grow up. I am thankful and that’s it. … I would just ask everybody to pray for us.”




   Gareth Pursehouse---a Hollywood photographer, society leech, and boy-toy for wealthy, aging celebrities---is in the Los Angeles County Jail on $2 million bond tonight. Pursehouse is accused of breaking into the apartment of Amie Harwick, in defiance of a Restraining Order, and throwing her from a third-story window, resulting in her death. 

  In strange turn of events, reported that during the hours before and after the murder, Pursehouse was on Twitter, engaging in anti-Trump frothing: "He also tweeted about politics on Friday, writing, 'I can’t figure out why gerrymandering isn’t a federal crime,' and commenting on Attorney General Bill Barr’s ABC interview about President Trump’s tweets interfering with his job by saying, 'Then why isn’t Barr prosecuting Trump for impeding justice?'He tweeted anti-Trump comments frequently in the weeks before his arrest, including a February 12 tweet saying, 'Reminder… Once Trump is not president, the FBI can prosecute him for all the Mueller report findings…'"

  On the surface, this murder certainly has the appearance of a deadly TDS attack. Pursehouse was clearly driven insane with anti-Trump rage before completely losing his marbles and attacking Miss Harwick, whom he had previously been dating. I was unable to learn what Amie Harwick's political opinions were, however. 

  Amie Harwick was a celebrity and Hollywood "relationship expert." Unmarried at nearly 40 and dating unhinged men with no visible means of support---Harwick obtained her credentials from a college closed by the State of California for corruption. The president of that school was a real fruitcake in his own right; and thus it's best to regard Amie Harwick's legacy with a healthy dose of scepticism. She was, however, a former Playboy centerfold, a guest on Dr. Phil, dated Drew Carey, and wrote a book on 'sexting.' By Hollywood standards, those are the most impeccable of credentials to pontificate upon interpersonal relationships. 

   But just remember everybody: these are the Elite, those who tell us little people what to do and how to think. 

Saturday, February 15, 2020


    There is an ongoing case in Idaho concerning a young woman and a boy who went missing months ago. Joshua Vallow, age 7, and Tylee Ryan, age 17. Joshua is the adopted son of Charles and Lori Vallow and Tylee is daughter of her third husband, Joseph Ryan. Tylee and Joshua were last confirmed alive on September 23rd, 2019---although it was sometime in December before the police got around to issuing an alert. In November, Lori Vallow married Chad Daybell, finally divorcing him after cucking Mr. Vallow for months; and Daybell's wife Tammy had died under mysterious circumstances. 

   All of the principals involved in this case are members of the Mormon Cult, and the LDS Church and the media firm for which Daybell published are basically denying that they know anything about any of this---despite the fact that Daybell was a Mormon for at least 20 years and written quite publicly about Spiritualistic visions and other delusions. He claims that he had visions telling him to move to Idaho and be with Lori (one may suppose that these visions were displayed on discreet Internet chatrooms). Lori Vallow is not much better, as KTVB-7 in Idaho quoted divorce papers filed by Charles Vallow that  "Lori called herself 'God' and said she was assigned to help with Christ's second coming and that if Charles got in the way of her mission she would murder him. In the documents, Charles made several references to Lori threatening him. Including allegedly telling him, 'she could and had an angel there to help her dispose of the body,'" and that "Lori had recently become infatuated and at times obsessive about near death experiences and spiritual visions." During her marriage to Charles Vallow, she once disappeared for two months. 

   Well, cults will be cults; but what is more to the point here is the way that Idaho officials have handled this case. They deem Chad and Lori Daybell as 'persons of interest' but that's about all. This is despite the following circumstances:

   1. In April 2018, Lori's third ex-husband Joseph Ryan and Tylee's father, died of an alleged heart attack.

   2. In July 2019, Lori's fourth ex-husband Charles Vallow and Joshua's father is shot down by Alexander Cox---who is Lori's brother. Cox claimed self-defense: although how he happened to be an ex-felon in possession of a firearm is not explained.

   3. In September 2019, Lori came to Rexburg Elementary School and disenrolled Joshua, saying that he would be homeschooled. That was the last independent sighting of Joshua.

  4. In  October 2019, Brandon Bourdeaux, ex-husband of Lori's niece who divorced her after she converted to the cult was shot at and nearly killed. He was shot at from a vehicle and the surveillance videos show that the license plates were registered to the late Charles Vallow.

  5. Also in October, Tammy Daybell---then Chad Daybell's wife---was shot at as well and made a 911 call.

  6. Two weeks later Tammy Daybell died in Salem, Idaho under unknown circumstances.

  7. In November 2019, The Daybells fled Idaho and went to Hawaii after a Search Warrant was executed at their home in Rexburg, Idaho. This followed a welfare check from Social Workers the week before looking for Tylee and Joshua.

 8. Also in November, police searched a storage unit belonging to Daybell and found Tylee's and Joshua's belongings there.

 9. In December 2019, Alexander Cox---Lori's trigger-happy brother---died. Officials have never released the Cause of Death. Cox was a convicted felon multiple times, mostly for violent crimes.

 Finally, in January of this year, an Idaho Judge issued a warrant at the home the Daybells no longer even lived to produce the children within five days. The couple, now in Hawaii, was notified of this by their attorney, one Sean Bartholick of Rexburg, Idaho. They never responded to the warrant. Idaho Attorney-General Lawrence Wasden---a Mormon himself---has done nothing to enforce the Court Order. In an interview with KTVB-7, former Idaho AG David Leroy stated that under Idaho Law there's not enough probable cause to extradite the Daybells. 

  Sure, there's not enough probable cause. Just because two people think that they're hearing Divine commands and four of their immediate relatives have died suspiciously in a short time and their kids have disappeared and they've fled the state and refuse to cooperate with the police: let's not jump to conclusions everybody. It's similar to what Sam Penrod, a Mormon Church spokesman said when asked about Chad Daybell's standing in the cult. "It is a personal matter that is left to him to discuss if he wishes."  And Daybell's attorney, Mr. Sean Bartholick, Esq, stated: “Chad Daybell was a loving husband and has the support of his children in this matter. Lori (Vallow) Daybell is a devoted mother and resents assertions to the contrary. We look forward to addressing the allegations once they have moved beyond speculation and rumor."

   And finally we have the opinion of Gary Hagen, the Assistant Chief of Police in Rexburg, who told the Rexburg Standard Journal that “No charges are pending. We are working with their prosecutor to determine what can be done right now. Rumors have circulated about the parents’ possible involvement with a cult.There is a ton of speculation and a lot of rumors, but nothing that we have determined of classified as a cult."

   Everyone seems to have forgotten that four people are dead; two are missing; and one nearly killed---and all are fighting more to ensure that the sterling reputation of Mormonism is protected at all costs. This isn't surprising considering that 23% of Idaho's population are Mormons; at that Rexburg's population is 95% Mormon. Anybody wonder why nobody at the official level cares much about solving this case? Any wonder why nobody in Rexburg is coming forth with information? Dead men tell no tales when it comes to cults.

  The Mormon Cult holds considerable political power in Idaho as well as in the United States generally. The Cult believes in a one-world government led by themselves, and hence have little objective loyalty to the US Constitution or laws. Though believed to be Conservative, the Cult actually supports homo equality and opposed President Trump on immigration reform. If anything, Mormons are mostly RINOs as the recent election of Mitt Romney to the Utah Senate seat shows. Regardless, however, their ultimate loyalty is to the Cult. 

   Tylee Ryan and Joshua Vallow are probably not alive and likely will never be found unless some outside agency at the Federal level intervenes. Meanwhile, Chad and Lori Daybell bask in the Hawaiian sunshine and pontificate on the End of the World. Sadly, that end has already come for anybody who's gotten in their way. 

Friday, February 14, 2020


    Leading DNC henchman Michael Avenatti---the scumbag who fomented the fake Stormy Daniels Scandal--- was found guilty on Federal Extortion charges today. A corrupt lawyer of the worst and lowest sort, Avenatti tried to extort $25 million from Nike in exchange for not revealing damaging information about an ongoing investigation into the company's sponsorship activities. He is being held without bail in the Los Angeles County Jail; the Court also found he'd violated conditions of his previous bond agreement. 

   Stormy Daniels, his ex-client, has also preferred charges of Fraud and the IRS is investigating $800,000 in 'Ill-Gotten Gains.' Besides being a DNC apparatchik, Avenatti was also a heavy donor to Liberal candidates and causes. Few people know that he also ran a Beltway PAC. A huge portion of those funds "does not appear to be election-related. Avenatti is the treasurer of the PAC, a position that often pays, but his self-payments were all listed as reimbursements for travel, food and lodging," according to the Center for Responsive Politics. CRP's website, Open Secrets, found no donations from the PAC to a single candidate during the 2016, 2018, or 2020 election cycle.  

  Let's have a look at some of the people who promoted this shyster:

   Nice job of vetting your sources there, Meatheads.

   Michael Avenatti once boasted that he "had the hammer that would take down Trump," but the only hammer he'll be swinging for the foreseeable future is on a rock-pile. Good riddance to a major Swamp-Rat. 


Wednesday, February 12, 2020


  A couple of weeks ago, a Youtube producer and Reddit regular called Inquisitor-Ipse asked to use some of our material in a proposed documentary exposing Vox Day, Owen Benjamin, and their various crimes and cultish follies. Well, yesterday, the project became reality. 

   Diary of a Madman is 45 minutes of fun---which in itself is a real achievement when covering Vox Day. On the other hand, the humor highlights the sheer absurdity of Vox' claims and schemes. The documentary itself was very well researched. For as long as I've followed the Cult, there were facts presented that even I hadn't yet seen and a good deconstruction of the phony Socio-sexual Hierarchy promoted by Vox and other Red Pills. And Ipse has already promised a second part to the video documenting their more recent activities.

   The Cultists responded with predictable outrage. But it wasn't that long ago, was it, Vox, that you were making exposes of your own?

  And, unlike Jordanetics, the documentary produced about you actually was based on facts. 


  What this duo of Alpha wieners is complaining about is a Public Records Request that Ipse filed in connection with the fake claims about Owen Benjamin's house being raided by police last December. In fact, only one police officer showed up for a welfare check. Here is the text of the actual report:

      "Smith" being Owen's actual surname. Interesting that Nasty Nate also comes in for a dishonorable mention. Slattery has been known to post publicly photos of other Bears' children and, by his own admission, engaged in homosexual activities as a teenager with young boys. As for Owen, his proclivities are well-known. Hopefully the authorities will return now that Owen is drinking Turpentine he's at great risk to force the poison onto his children and pregnant wife. 

     Anyway, be sure to check out Diary of a Madman on Youtube. Great job, Ipse, and we're looking forward to Part II!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


    I don't whether or not anybody noticed, but Hollywood staged the Academy Awards the other day. I just caught a couple of the main features on some vloggers' commentary. Apparently some drug addict went on a tedious anti-Civilization farrago and a pair of the Coneheads from 70's Saturday Night Live praised Karl Marx. Those were about the most interesting points of the whole sideshow.

   The guy in the first picture is named Joaquin Phoenix. His whole speech sounded like a lecture from a postmodern Sociology professor who'd overdosed on Barbiturates while watching The Don Lemon Show the night before and hadn't come around yet. At one point he talked about social oppression of cattle: now that's Liberal White Male Guilt with a vengeance! 

  While reflecting on this disgusting display, I came across a really good blog post from Adrienne. What she has to say about neo-Marxist impositions on gender roles is spot on. 

  The whole notion of obliterating sexual differences in society is not a new one, although it's fairly new in America. The French Jacobin Terrorists and the Russian Bolsheviks tried to enforce 'gender equality' and the results were so disastrous that the dictators who overthrew these regimes---Napoleon and Stalin---rescinded the laws. The wily Stalin even banned Feminism in the Soviet Union although he funded such movements in the West as a way of fomenting social instability in Capitalist nations. In hindsight, it was one of Uncle Joe's most brilliant strategic moves; and we in the West are still feeling the detrimental effects of it to this day. Stalin's successors Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Andropov followed the same policy. 

   The movement really never gained any traction in the US until the 1990's although a big media push during the 1970's brought it to public awareness, it fizzled out during the Reagan years. The Clinton Co-Presidency revived it, and---with political backing---it's continued ever since. This has emboldened some incompetent Academics and Media perverts to declare that we've entered some utopian phase of Social Evolution whereby sexual differences and preferences no longer exist. 

   It can't be stressed enough that this view is pure pseudoscience. It's based upon no evidence whatsoever. So far from being an evolutionary leap forward, it's actually an evolutionary atavism, throwing gender relations back to prehistoric barbarism and beyond. 

   Here is a picture of a chimpanzee, which species Evolutionists claim is Man's nearest relative among the apes:

  Now, can anyone look at this photo and say whether this is a picture of a male or female ape? Probably not. Among apes, there's really no especial gender differentiation within their colonies except during breeding season. In their depictions of Prehistoric Man, we see some gender differentiation of labor, but little else to distinguish the genders.

   At the Dawn of Civilization, men and women began taking on definite and distinct forms. But note that female features appear more masculine than our concepts of beauty today:

    We can see that the Roman woman in the last photo is softer and more feminine than the Egyptian and Greek ones. Rome was on a far higher plane of civilization than any other nation up to that time. And we see the progression to a more distinctly feminine form in these portraits from the 16th, 18th, and 19th Centuries:

   And throughout the 20th Century:

  This observation wasn't lost on Psychologists and other Social Scientists. It was learned through studies of infants and toddlers that---while the young ones are aware of gender differences, they begin to differentiate in social interactions about the age of 5. Thus it became obvious that---in both personal development and social evolution---that gender differentiation widens, not narrows, as man becomes more civilized. 

  Whether one believes this phenomenon occurs through Divine Providence or by Evolutionary Necessity is irrelevant: the results are the same. It stands to reason that, as Civilization grows more complex, the need for interdependence or, complimentarian gender roles grows greater and not more restricted. Thus the fantasies promoted by the Feminists, Red Pills, and Gay Mafia are nothing but a tissue of falsehoods. All of their futuristic schemes are doomed to fail, because Nature is moving in the opposite direction. And these same schemes are actually leading society back to the ape and not to a higher plane of humanity. 

   The Feminists, Manosophereans, Homo Activists, and Hollywood/Beltway idiots typically are sexually dysfunctional themselves and can't compete within Nature's parameters. They envy those who can; and that's why they want to change the paradigm---to their own advantage. Fortunately, more and more Americans are seeing through their charade and are going on to be the best men and best women they can.