Friday, March 31, 2017


    There was a time in our cultural history when being called an 'elite' was actually a compliment. In the past, it was a status that had to be earned and therefore was respected. That all changed when symbolism over substance and the personal is political became the new normal. Under today's political correctness, elite status is only an entitlement conferred upon those with the right connections.

      Our military hasn't been exempt from this toxic tendency. As we were painfully reminded once again this week, military personnel standards today are at shamefully low levels.

       This week's feature takes us back to the day when the military turned boys into men and men into elite fighting units. In 1968, The Green Berets told the story of a commando unit and its exploits during the Vietnam War and the film made that name a household word.

      The Green Berets is the story of Col. Mike Kirby (played by John Wayne) who agrees to embed cynical, anti-war reporter George Beckworth (played by David Janssen) into his commando unit and show him the true nature of the Vietnam War. The film was a resounding success in spite of anti-war Leftists---like Hilary Clinton and John Kerry---who were trying desperately to get the film suppressed. The Green Berets had some very graphic depictions of Communist atrocities; along with the sacrifices and sufferings of the Vietnamese people in their struggle for freedom.

       It's fairly safe to say that if a top-ten list of films most hated by the Hollywood Left were ever compiled, The Green Berets would be a shoo-in to make the cut. This film became something of a rallying-point for Americans who favored US intervention in Vietnam. The theme song became a #1 hit and the book based on the film was a bestseller.  As we noted above, the actual Green Berets were not well-known to the American public until this film was released. The Pentagon previously were somewhat adverse to realistic portrayals of US Special Forces (for security reasons). The political climate of the Vietnam War changed their minds---especially since Left-Wing propagandists were suggesting that military secrecy was concealing war crimes. John Wayne actually got special permission directly from President Lyndon Johnson to gain military assistance in The Green Berets' production.

      In spite of the negative press---almost all of which is politically motivated---in our opinion The Green Berets is probably the best Vietnam War movie ever made. The overall storyline is fairly standard for war movies; other than as commandoes, there is more asymmetrical-type warfare depicted than in WW2 epics like Battleground or Korean War epics like Pork Chop Hill. This film is more concentrated on Special Operations carried out behind enemy-lines or close-support with frontline troops. Despite the tense political climate in which the film was made, there is very little political dialogue. One of the producers' great innovations was to debunk Beckworth's anti-war prejudices simply by bringing him face-to-face with what the realities were on the ground.

     It wouldn't hurt the Pentagon Pajama-Boys to watch this film though; so they can see what real soldiers used to look like.

      Many Vietnam veterans---those who actually served on the frontlines---agree that The Green Berets is really one of the more accurate portrayals of the realities of actual life on the front. The best way to enjoy this movie is probably by DVD since it's not offered on free sites currently. 



     Would-be Manly Alpha Leader Vox Day suffered another humiliating week. Science Fiction author John Scalzi, of whose success Vox is bitterly jealous, announced that his new book The Collapsing Empire ended the week at #1 best-selling science fiction and #17 in overall best-selling fiction. Additionally, it was his highest-debuting book on the USA Today Top 25; the #2 best-selling Audiobook; and a pending television contract.

     As Scalzi mentioned on his website: "Because I know people here will ask: The disinformation campaign of a certain sadly envious individual and his pals...appear to have had no real impact at all on sales or the overall critical reception of the book."

     In other words, Vox' latest pathetic smear-campaign against Scalzi and Tor Books has gone down in flames. In spite of this, Vox' bully-boy disciples have been stalking and harassing Scalzi at book-signings and have started a 'Johan Kalsi' Youtube channel. Vox himself has been squawking at Vox Populi that "I am not butt-hurt!" and "Scalzi cheated!"  All of this from author who works actually get less votes than 'None of the Above' at the Hugo Awards. It takes some serious effort to finish 6th on a ballot of 5; but I'm certain that Scalzi is laughing all the way to the bank.

      Vox Day is quickly becoming to the literary world what Lyndon LaRouche was to the political one. Don't be that guy. Better to be a real success than an international laughing-stock whose attempts at petty revenge even end in abject failure.



Thursday, March 30, 2017


    President Trump on Tuesday issued an Executive Order repealing Obama's 2015 Order that closed hundreds of coal plants, frozen construction of new plants---and even banned wood-burning stoves. The Clean Power Plan, as Obama called it, killed thousands of US jobs and rewarded with subsidies Wall Street cartels invested in wind and solar power schemes.

     The Order also repealed six other Obama mandates dating back to 2013 which dealt mostly with increased bureaucratic compliance regulations.

     Matt McGrath, an environmental analyst with the BBC noted that Trump's action is "both a practical and philosophical attempt to change the US narrative on climate change... President Trump is signaling a significant change in the philosophy that Carbon Dioxide is the main driver of climate change."

     McGrath pointed out that there will less restrictive rules on methane emissions and the freedom to lease federal lands again to mining interests. Trump, and many others hold that lifting these restrictions will create new jobs and help the US move towards more energy independence. Last month, Trump also lifted restrictions on the long-stalled Keystone and Dakota pipeline projects.

      Currently, 66% of American electricity is generated by coal and natural gas plants. About 20% is nuclear-powered---a number far behind most developed countries---which projects have also been stalled by bureaucratic and legal obstructionism. America's obsolescent and failing hydropower systems---once the masterpiece of Federal infrastructure projects---now account for only 6% of our domestic energy production.

       The Radical Left and their Corporate Media trolls immediately lashed out at President Trump for 'over-reaching' with Executive Orders, though they didn't raise a peep in protest when Obama signed the Orders into law that Trump simply repealed. Leading the charge is New York Attorney-General Eric Schneiderman who is threatening a lawsuit to stop the repeal. It should be noted that Schneiderman is a recipient of payoffs (or donations, if one prefers) from interests tied to the alternative energy industry. These included law firms suing oil companies over climate change; the Rockefeller-owned energy cartels, and George Soros. Schneiderman himself was also a donor to the DNC and to Hilary Clinton's Campaign.

         President Trump stated that it is entirely possible to become energy-independent while protecting the environment; a fact proven by several countries which have already surpassed us in the energy sector. Our energy infrastructure has been in deep decline because of decades of neglect. Tuesday's Executive Order was yet another small, but vital step towards reclaiming our energy independence.






     Andrew Anglin, MGTOW/Red Pill blogger at The Daily Stormer, is frustrated that so many voices---from across the political spectrum---are daring to blame him for inciting racial violence and violence against women. This came after revelations that terrorist James Jackson was an avid disciple of Anglin's; as well as Anglin's fellow-Manosphereans Paul Ray Ramsey (ramzpaul); Stephan Molyneux; Matt Forney; and Richard Spencer. In Anglin's case, Jackson is his second known disciple tied to a murder. Dylan Roof, currently awaiting execution in South Carolina, was also part of The Daily Stormer family.

      So Anglin was waving his arms today, especially after the Jewish publication Forward dared mention his name with Jackson's in an article. Anglin assured his followers that this was part of some Jewish-orchestrated smear campaign; and the fact that Jackson did what Anglin advocates was no reflection on his teachings.

      "That's why we don't advocate violence here. It's bad propaganda." Anglin noted.

       Anglin then goes on to list several cases of White victims of Black crimes; as though he's exasperated that anybody should get excited over the murder of some elderly Black guy. But I was thinking: is there a parallel case in American history to Anglin's---a cultist who gets his disciples to carry out his plans? Oh yeah, this guy:

        Charles Manson, though, preferred female disciples; but his tactics and goals were fairly similar to Anglin's and his fellow-Red Pills. He hoped that the crimes that he encouraged would get blamed on Blacks, which in turn would start a Race War. He too hid behind plausible deniability for a long time, but eventually he tripped up and would have gone to the Gas Chamber years ago if California hadn't unwisely suspended the death penalty.

        A word to the wise among the Manosphere: They got Manson eventually and they'll get you too, eventually. Manson's "Game" ran out; and so will yours.

        And that may happen sooner than you think. The difference between the Jackson and Roof cases is that Jackson's also falls under the Terrorism Laws. That gives the prosecutors more latitude to investigate organizations with which the killer was affiliated. Just because Obama blocked enforcement of these laws against radical mosques doesn't mean that Trump won't turn the FBI loose. Recall that he caught two guys making terrorist threats against Jews already. So we may not have heard the end of this saga yet.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


    President Trump announced today the formation of a new joint Federal Task Force to fight America's spiraling drug-addiction crisis, Opioid addiction specifically. The new commission will be headed by Attorney-General Jeff Sessions and former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.

    "Drug cartels have spread their deadly industry across our nation and the availability of cheap narcotics has devastated entire communities." Trump said to the press, "It is really one of the biggest problems our country faces, but nobody wants to talk about it."

    The fact that the President is talking about it already demonstrates a radical departure from the Obama Administration, which was in complete denial about it. The US Center for Disease Control reported last December that deaths from Opioid narcotics surpassed deaths from firearms last year. And even more importantly, fully 1/3 of these deaths were traceable to prescription Opioids.

     It's no secret to anyone who's studied this issue that Wall Street Pharmaceutical Cartels are pushing narcotics on the American public that they are fully aware are dangerously addictive. Many other countries---most recently China---have banned Opioid derivatives which are freely prescribed here.

     This is one reason why the issue is not discussed. Democrat politicians and the Corporate Media---who take bribes from Big Pharma under the guise of campaign contributions and advertising revenue---immediately hooted Trump's announcement. The worst rates of addiction, of course, are in ultra-Leftist controlled areas. The situation in some cities is so bad that the drug pushers even have political lobbies. 

      The fact that Opioid addiction is highest in these areas ought to indicate that most of the coastal cities are the likely transit points for drug shipments from abroad. Most Opiates are coming from the so-called 'Golden Triangle' with Afghanistan and Burma as the two main culprits. China, which borders these countries, has had the same problem and recently sent military advisors and commandoes to Burma to help deal with the traffickers there. Afghanistan, though, remains a threat and Trump will have to address this at some point.

     When we consider the involvement of international political criminals in Afghanistan, any efforts that Trump takes there will bring him into collision again with the so-called 'Deep State'. I think there is at least strong circumstantial evidence to conclude that America's drug problem is being coordinated, or at least condoned, by high-level officials inside the United States. But in reality, there is no reason why Trump cannot do what Nixon did in Vietnam: send some B-52s with napalm-bombs to Afghanistan and take out the Opium fields. They can't sell it if they can't grow it; and no doubt China is already doing similar things on the ground in Burma.

     Still, this is another step in the right direction. Christie and Sessions have indicated that the new program will also focus more heavily on drug treatment and prevention than earlier attempts. We'll see how effective this will be, but some states like Utah have had good results with similar programs.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017


    Shortly after Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer jokingly brushed off the murder of a Black man committed by one of his disciples, the 'Manly Alpha Leaders' at that blog threw a verbal party of sorts over the murder of a young Irish woman in Goa, India. The article was titled Leftist Whore Murdered by Indian Boyfriend.

     Danielle McLaughlin was visiting Goa; a former Portuguese colony now administered by India, and popular European tourist destination. Goa is a cosmopolitan city somewhat like Hong Kong or Singapore, but typically attracts a younger crowd. Danielle was assaulted, raped and strangled; and a suspect well-known to local police was indicted for the crime. He seems by all accounts to have been a casual acquaintance of Danielle's---not a 'boyfriend' as Anglin states.

       For these Red Pill MGTOW types, the thought that attractive women might be having romantic episodes with men other than themselves sends them into paroxysms of jealous rage. This especially true when non-White men are involved. Now in reality tragic cases like Danielle McLaughlin's---a girl away from home stalked and killed by a thug---is not something that only happens in India. But not letting a good crisis go to waste, Anglin says:

      "For young White women in Goa, aside from the hazard of being ankle-deep in human feces, the prospect of being raped and killed is alarmingly high."

       This shows that Anglin doesn't live in San Francisco, where women can also stand in human crap and actually have a better chance of being raped and murdered than in Goa. But that detail aside, the Red Pills note that such tragedies are women's own fault:

        "Obviously rape and murder are detestable crimes, but so is being a rootless anti-White feminist." (as a side note, I've seen no evidence anywhere that Danielle was either a Liberal or a Feminist or anti-White) "In a sense I don't blame some of these Indians for being angry at some trust-fund babies coming to their country to fetishize it and turn their country into a novelty for virtue-signaling about what non-racist global citizens they are. If you don't want to get raped and killed, don't get drunk and high around non-White men."

         And, predictably, International Jewry is to blame too:

      "According to E. Michael Jones (an anti-Jewish ideologue) the explosion in cellphone-streamed Jewish pornography to India has caused the national rate of sexual violence to skyrocket. This is especially true when they see White women like the ones in their movies, which turns them feral."

       Actually what is turning young men feral---men like Dylann Roof and James Jackson---are false teachers like Anglin who incite them to unnatural acts of violence and hatred. Then, the Red Pill leaders throw such men under the bus and laugh up their sleeves, gaining profit and notoriety from the actions of other men who are sacrificed for it.

       This isn't even the first time we've seen such behavior from Anglin. In December, he not only applauded a woman getting attacked with acid, he doxxed her and encouraged his trolls to attack her too.

       As disgusting and dangerous as Anglin is, we don't need censorship of such sites as some are suggesting. What we need are leaders among Conservatives to stand up and expose them for what they are.


     Prosecutors in New York City indicted James Jackson on terrorism charges after last week's murder of a 66 year-old Black man. Jackson was interviewed at Riker's Island by a reporter from The New York Daily News. What we learn that Jackson was a subscriber to the Red Pill Philosophy---like Dylann Roof, George Sodini, Eliot Roger and various others radicalized to violent behavior.

      Jackson stabbed his victim with a gladiator-type sword and told interviewers that he hoped that the incident would "deter White women from dating Black men." He told interviewers that he was a regular reader of MGTOW blogger Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer; and authorities have since revealed that Jackson subscribed to other Red Pill videos on Youtube such as Stephen Molyneaux and various names common around the Manosphere.

       "I didn't know he was elderly" Jackson informed the reporter, "I'd rather have killed a young thug or a successful older Black man with you see in Manhattan. These younger guys are the ones who put White girls on the wrong path."

        And what of women who reject the Red Pill Philosophy? "They're part of the problem." Jackson replied.

        Now where have we heard sentiments like these before? Just about regularly on Red Pill sites like The Daily Stormer; Chateau Heartiste; Vox Populi; The Rational Male; Return of Kings; Dalrock, etc. Some excerpts from Jackson's interview are sufficient to reveal their sources. Jackson even admits to voting for Obama to keep women (i.e. Sarah Palin) away from power.

         For his part, Anglin published a satirical piece warning of a 'backlash' against Whites, calling White Supremacy 'a religion of peace' and offering a 'safe space' hastag for Neo-Nazis who feel threatened. The same day, Anglin also published an article exulting over a "Leftist White whore" who was murdered by her Indian boyfriend. Such are the sentiments of this warped man who is praised by most Red Pills as a Christian thinker.

         More importantly, though, when are real Christian and Conservative leaders going to recognize the serious problem of radicalization of American men?



Monday, March 27, 2017


     It seems that every few months or so, the effete American Elites and the Rainbow Mafia feel a need to pool their resources and attack the Church with some stupid media or pseudo-artistic display. They get accolades for pulling these publicity stunts from other degenerates who think that sophistication means appreciating and celebrating the kind of gutter-level productions that were once considered beneath even pornographers to publish.

      So the latest controversy surrounds a play titled The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told which has the ingenious storyline of portraying the Garden of Eden story with two homosexual men and featuring the Virgin Mary as a lesbian.

    "I wanted the Garden of Eden in Central Park and the Virgin Mary as a lesbian mother," the author Paul Rudnicks chortled to the fake-news outlet, The New York Times, "It would certainly help me comprehend the Immaculate Conception!"

     I suppose in a Media climate where homosexuals make out in children's Disney cartoons, this might make some sense. But to a normal, drug-free mind it just sounds stupid.

     The play is produced and marketed by the Out Front Theater Company based in Atlanta. The CEO of this enterprise is Kerri Sauer, one of the fruitcakes behind the so-called 'Women's March'. Its founder and producer is Paul Conroy, a self-described "liberal atheist vegetarian" who told the local media in 2016, "People have blinders on to what is appropriate and what is not...I hate the term 'family-friendly.'"

     On an official press release at, Out Front actually refers to the play as 'alternative Biblical history':

     "Inspired by the fundamentalist remark that 'God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve', 'The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told' is another version of Biblical history. Act 1 recounts the major episodes of the Old Testament, only with a twist---instead of Adam and Eve, our main characters are Adam and Steve; along with Jane and Mabel, a lesbian couple with whom they decide to start civilization. Procreation proves to be a provocative challenge!"

      This is sophisticated, deeply-intellectual material?

      Once again, we get a glimpse into the warped psychological state of the American Cultural Elite. And a reminder of what kind of swamp these 'community leaders' have created during the last three decades.

        There's an online petition to encourage local theaters to boycott this garbage, for those interested.




     Vice-President Mike Pence gave the opening speech at this year's American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The speech was well received by world leaders, despite attempts by violent Anarchists to disrupt the proceedings outside.

     Pence reaffirmed President Trump's commitment to Israel's security, calling it 'non-negotiable.' He likewise stated that Trump's proposal to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital was still on the table. This marks a radical departure from previous Administration's policies relative to Israel; and Trump is clearly serious. Pence noted that this week he would certify David Friedman as Israeli Ambassador---a man long committed to Israeli nationalism.

      Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital would essentially end any hopes of anti-Zionist movements in the Middle East, but is not without its geopolitical risks. The move will not be popular in the Islamic World; but Pence pledged to resist any international attempts to oppose it. However, it may in the long run prove a prudent decision.

       Israel and Syria share a common border and Russia is committed to Syrian sovereignty. A similar American commitment to Israel would give both superpowers a base and ally for combatting Wahhabi terrorism. The problem is going to be the reaction in Iran and Turkey; who are in hegemonic competition in the region. Iran is a Russian ally and Turkey an American ally by treaty. Neither country is especially stable, although Iran has been consistent fighting the scourge of Jihadi movements. China is also invested in both Israel and Syria economically.

       The Corporate Media, of course, scoffed at Pence's speech---especially laughing over the frequent references Pence made to shared Judeo-Christian traditions. Yet this, too, maybe a common ground for Middle East peace. While Syrian President Assad is not especially friendly to Israel, he is very supportive of Arab Christians and has stated on many occasions that the future of the Middle East must include Christian participation.

       Egypt is also poised to become a key player in such a new paradigm. Cairo is more closely allied with Russia, but President Sisi is a personal friend of Trump. Since coming to power, Sisi has stabilized Egypt and joined the Allies in Syria against the Jihad.

       Trump's new approach to Israel has exactly what previous administrations lacked; and that is decisiveness. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem and declaring Israeli sovereignty non-negotiable is the strongest position that the US has taken in Israel since the Eisenhower Administration. It's a position of either peace or war that Israel's enemies must now take. If they are prudent, they will choose the former.

      Pence also praised President Trump's commitment to stamp out anti-Semitism in the US and recent successful joint FBI/Israel Police efforts to those ends.

       Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to speak via satellite on Monday morning.




Sunday, March 26, 2017


     The American Left has had a rather tough weekend, despite a temporary setback in Trump's plan to reform healthcare. If Conservatives are feeling a little discouraged now, there's always some good news.


       Anarchist thugs made the mistake of trying to a attack a pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach. This was an especially bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, because the black-masked bullies tried usual violent tactics against a group that outnumbered them by as much as 100-1, according to some estimates. Six Anarchists were jailed; some witnesses have reported that they begged the police to save them from the crowd.



         An obvious typical Liberal voter, this unfortunate thug was caught trying to break into Miles Elementary School---for who knows what purpose. Chased by authorities, he tried unsuccessfully to hurdle a spiked security fence. So far, he's been charged with Unlawful Entry---no word on whether Indecent Exposure will be added.


        We can go back to Starbuck's again; and hopefully save some American jobs. Starbuck's has announced that it's vile CEO, Howard Schultz, has been given the Pink Slip and is out on his butt effective next Sunday. No doubt the Liberal Seattle Establishment will employ him somewhere where he continue to be a menace to liberty; but at least he's out of the private sector.

         So it hasn't been a bad weekend after all...

Saturday, March 25, 2017


    John Sopko, Special Inspector-General for Afghan Reconstruction, announced in a speech on Thursday that his office has broken up over $1 billion worth of Pentagon scams since President Trump took office. And about $1 billion more are under investigation.

    Sopko also noted that 144 indictments have already been handed down---thus far 109 convictions have resulted. The last case involved rounding a dozen of our so-called 'Elite Special Forces' at Fort Bragg on charges of bribery, conspiracy, theft of government property, and smuggling. What our brave men and women in uniform were doing was submitting false fuel requisitions, then selling the government-supplied oil on the Black Market.

    SIGAR, incidentally, only investigates corruption related to US Occupation in Afghanistan. As we've noted many times, the Military is a vast swamp in serious need of serious draining. Thirty years of Liberal/Neocon policies have turned Reagan's World-Class fighting forces into a morass of political correctness and criminality. As if to underscore the crisis within the Pentagon, a former Afghan War 'hero' was arrested in New York after going berserk and killing a poor, 66 year-old Black man because he "hated niggers."

    Dumbing-down and politically-correcting our recruiting standards---combined with the blind hero-worship most Americans pay the Military---has led to this problem. Trump has an even bigger problem than Reagan faced in 1981. In Reagan's case it was mostly a leadership issue: restoring flagging morale and restoring public confidence in the Military during the post-Vietnam Era. Trump has inherited a Military that has rotted from the inside-out.

     The US has an advantage in that our military technology is still pretty good, though it is falling behind Russian, Chinese, and Indian technology rapidly. The Trump Administration has taken some positive steps in this direction already by cutting wasteful projects and funding upgrades and seeking out new suppliers.

     But the most serious problem in the Pentagon today is a personnel issue. Lowered recruiting standards and dumbed-down schools---along with a lot of shady outsourcing---doesn't give the Trump Administration the same level of human capital that Reagan had to work with. Defense Secretary Mattis has yet to address these issues; which may be understandable for various political reasons.

     However, Mattis' moves to root out corruption may be a way effecting these needed changes quietly. What our Military needs is a long-term program training a new generation of both leaders and fighting men. Part of Reagan's strategy was restoring pride in the military by weeding out the drug-pushers and troublemakers who'd plagued our Military during Vietnam. They were replaced by men who took pride in what service and the uniform stood for.

     Another indication that things may be changing is last week's Pentagon announcement that nine Navy officials had been convicted in connection with the 'Fat Leonard' scandal. This is, commendably, the first time that the Pentagon has spoken about this case publically at all. Though the 'Fat Leonard' investigation began during the Obama Administration, the Pentagon, Media, and Clinton Machine were colluding in keeping the whole affair well out of public notice.

     Trump and Mattis are off to a good start; but it's going to take much more in the long run to reform the Pentagon than wiping out criminal enterprises and upgrading technology. We're going to have to elevate recruiting standards and rid the Military of its current crop of thugs, feminists, radical Jihadis, homosexuals, and social workers in uniform now infesting it. We've had past examples of leaders---Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan---who've had to rebuild militaries to counter threats. The difference is that the enemy is within this time; while Trump and Mattis can rebuild our Armed Forces, it is going to be a long, slow process.

We don't want a Military that looks like this


Friday, March 24, 2017


    In a week that's seen plenty of poltroonery from the Manosphere, hate-hoaxers, and the RINOs in Congress, this weekend would be a good time to restore our collective faith in masculinity. Our entertainment recommendation for the week, therefore, is going to be an industrial-strength dose of salutary manhood---and a really good film too.

     Our feature for this week is from 1966 and is titled Target for Killing. It stars the venerable Stuart Granger as FBI Special Agent James Vine.

     Vine, a mature, pipe-smoking gentleman with greying temples and an active mind is sent on a special assignment to Montenegro. His mission is locate a criminal mastermind called The Giant who is working on a brainwashing experiment. On the flight he meets and flirts with a lovely young girl, Sandra, (played by the beautiful Karen Dor). In the process, he sees the plane's crew bail out---and lands the plane with Sandra at his side.

      While looking for The Giant's hideout, somebody attempts to kill Sandra, so she seeks out Vine's help. As it turns out, she is about to inherit a fortune as soon as her next birthday. Vine realizes that the attempted airline sabotage was meant for Sandra. As the plot progresses, we learn that the attacks on Sandra and the Giant's activities are connected.

      Will Vine save Sandra and foil the Giant's plot? Check it out and see.

      Target for Killing is something of an underrated and relatively unknown film among the Crime/Espionage genre, mostly because the characters and plot don't exactly fit the standard 007 archetype. And that's not a bad thing at all. As bloggers like Bob Wallace have pointed out, the playboy-type faux-Alpha male of that genre was an overall negative role as far as its portrayals of the male nature. James Vine, in contrast, is a character one can actually admire. No special tricks; just good with his gun, his fists, and his wits. 

      There's also an atypical romantic angle in this story that is admirable. Vine is not an amoral player; he develops a real love for Sandra and wins her heart as well as saving her life. And he is always a gentleman. In one scene, The Giant cynically asks Vine if he is really in love with Sandra. He replies: "That's none of your business." Vine's character exudes a confidence and courage---borne of experience---that is genuinely likable. That's a point that the poseurs of the Manosphere completely miss. It's not manly to lead by force and fear but by attitude and action.

       Fighting an evil criminal organization alone while winning a pretty girl half his age and never losing his composure---what is there not to like about Agent James Vine? We're certain that our readers will agree; Target for Killing has a strong group of partisans among fans of Eurospy films. To all those feeling discouraged about how some males have behaved lately; this is a strong dose of brain-bleach.

       The film is available for free on Youtube; also for purchase on video outlets. 



    In our last article about the most recent Red Pill implosion, blogger Insanity Bytes commented about the passive-aggressive nature of these self-styled Manly Alpha Leaders. Less than 48 hours later, Vox Day is already in trouble again with Amazon Books, this time for doxxing negative reviewers. 

    The Manosphereans doxxing people and trolling reviews and comments sections? Who would have imagined it...

    There have been some complaints appearing at Sci-Fi sites that those who've panned Vox' latest smear-attempt on writer John Scalzi have received threatening phone calls and communications from Vox' front-group Castalia House Publishing. Now those of us who've taken on the Red Pill Cult before know that this is not at all out of character for this group.  It has to be borne in mind always that these people are fanatics and capable of just about anything that fanatics are wont to do.

    Vox tried at first to disguise these activities by claiming---of all things---that this behavior is Quality Customer Service, following up on dissatisfied customers. OK---no reputable business ever does this. Customer Service Departments send out satisfaction surveys to customers and analyze the data. As further proof of Vox' dishonesty, he then began accusing his critics of planting 'fake reviews'. He even claims that Castalia House has identified fakes---of course, all of these alleged fakes were negative reviews.

    Realizing now that his proverbial butt is in a wringer, Vox is desperately trying to play the victim now and pretend that these are all part of some orchestrated scheme against him and that everybody other than himself is in violation of Amazon rules. All of his denials might impress his deluded disciples but he's been reported to Amazon again; let's hope they put their foot down this time.

     On a side note, while reading through various blogs today, we came across this article on David Futrelle's blog. Apparently, Futrelle got spammed by some Manosphere doofus calling himself 'Red Pill Guard'. Futrelle is a Male Feminist and anti-Trump activist. And there's the whole point.

      Judging by the comments at Amazon, various sci-fi sites, and Futrelle's blog, the only thing that Red Pills like Vox Day and Red Pill Guard are accomplishing is driving people as far away from traditionalism, conservatism, and Christianity as much as possible. With both their disgusting activities and their false representations of the Political Right, they are reinforcing every negative stereotype in the popular mind that the Cultural Marxists portray us. That's why they need to be called out and exposed by Conservative leaders.

     And for male readers, again we repeat: Don't Be That Guy. The Red Pills are a caricature of masculinity; Vox' behavior during this whole micro-scandal is illustrative of how a real man does not behave. Don't end up like Vox and Red Pill Guard: they aren't leaders and aren't respected; but only a couple of punks making things harder for everyone.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


    The Corporate Media once again got humiliated after spreading rumors and innuendoes about the recent threats against American Jewish communities. According to the official narrative, this is all the handiwork of 'conservatives'. We see this kind of thing whenever there is some such incident; and it rarely ever happens to be the case.

     The Media Elites could get away with this kind of chicanery before we had access to alternative and foreign sources. Thus, when the FBI recently arrested Juan Thompson, a Liberal Black media employee, last month for some of the anti-Semitic threats the Media Cartels could do little but snap back that Thompson was only responsible for a few of the crimes.

      Matters got worse for the Media---though better for American Jews---when Israeli authorities announced this morning that they had apprehended the suspect responsible for most of the threats---an Israeli Jew with an alleged history of mental problems. The Media was doubly shamed when it was revealed that the Trump Administration had collaborated with the Israeli Government to catch the perpetrator.

      Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement to the humiliated press: "Today's arrest in Israel is the culmination of a large-scale investigation spanning several continents for hate-crimes against Jewish communities in our country. The Department of Justice is committed to protecting the civil rights of all Americans, and we will not tolerate the targeting of any community in this country on the basis of their religious beliefs."

      Contrary to what the Corporate Media said, it appears that President Trump was serious when he promised last month to put a stop to these threats and attacks.

        Israeli officials have not released the suspect's name due to an ongoing investigation; but have told the Israeli media that he is a 19 year-old Israeli-American Jew who was allegedly bitter about being disqualified for service in the Israeli Defense Force. Thompson was a similar case: his threats were linked to cyberstalking a woman he'd once dated.

       In a way, it's too bad that the Manosphere is racist and anti-Semitic; both these guys sound like they would make ideal 'Red Pills'.

       In addition to the American threats, the Israeli suspect is believed responsible for threatening Jewish centers in Europe and Australia and a false bomb-threat against a Delta Airlines flight in 2015.

       This is one more troublemaker taken off the streets and American Jews can thank President Trump, AG Sessions, and Prime Minister Netanyahu on a job well done. Don't expect any plaudits from the Corporate Media, though. According to them, the major story today are allegations that Donald and Melania sleep in separate beds.



Wednesday, March 22, 2017


    Red Pill cult guru and general social gadfly Vox Day is in some hot water with Amazon Books. His front company, Castalia House Publishing, released a new book which has since been blocked by several Amazon reviewers for numerous violations of company policy. Science Fiction writers and readers across the country reacted with glee, until the humiliated Vox agreed sheepishly to Amazon's conditions.

     The background to this story is that Vox has a long-standing feud with renowned author John Scalzi, whose success Vox clearly envies. Like a mean-spirited adolescent, Vox finally crowned all of his attacks on Scalzi by publishing a pseudo-parody of Scalzi's latest work, The Collapsing Empire. But this time Vox went too far---even copying the cover of Scalzi's work, repackaging the title as The Corroding Empire and the author as 'Johan Kalsi'. Many believed this was done intentionally as way of spamming Scalzi, who recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with Tor Books---a legitimate publishing company based in the US (unlike Castalia House which is based in Finland).

    After he was caught red-handed in this shameful ploy, Vox tried to claim that his book was intended to be satire; although he earlier wrote at the Vox Populi blog:

    "After all what would be more amusing than for 'The Corroding Empire' to outsell and outrank 'The Collapsing Empire'? This isn't a lame parody; it is, quite to the contrary, a 'Foundation'-style novel that effectively demonstrates how hapless Tor's latest imitative mediocrity is by comparison."

     So much for being a satire. And Vox---who's spent the last three days complaining that he was the target of some nefarious conspiracy within the Amazon corporate infrastructure, is now howling that the Castalia copy is getting panned by reviewers (whom Vox suspects are all stooges of Scalzi's).

     It should be noted that, among the Science Fiction community, Vox' reputation as a writer seems to be somewhere near the absolute bottom and his character is regarded even lower. His nominated works for the prestigious Hugo Award have scored lower than 'None of the Above' for the past three straight years---in spite of numerous allegations that Vox and his Red Pill disciples were manipulating the ballots. In 2013, he was unanimously expelled from the Science Fiction Writers Association for using their official Twitter feed to make personal attacks against other SFWA members. This was shortly after he lost the election as head of the SFWA to noted author Stephen Gould by a 90-point margin. Vox has held a grudge against Twitter, Gould, and the SFWA ever since.

     The lesson from this latest fiasco instigated by the Red Pills is that they are hardly the 'masculine archetypes' that they represent themselves to be. Are there problems in the publishing industry? Certainly. But as men---and as Conservatives---we need to hold ourselves to more mature standards of behavior. Ask yourselves whether or not Vox and others like him are what you'd want your sons to be. The kind of narcissistic and spiteful behavior that the Red Pills engage in shows again that they aren't part of anything that represents real Conservatism.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017


    The Corporate Media is still sulking over Secretary of State Tillerson's 'snub'---i.e. telling fake news operatives that they'd have to pay for their own trips from now on. In a fit of petty spite, they've been spewing a lot of negativity about the Trump Administration's first major diplomatic visit. Fortunately, in the Information Age, we have access to foreign media sources which not only report real news, but give us a perspective apart from the Corporate Media's biases.

     For example, when we read in the Chinese media---which equivocally reflects the attitudes of the Chinese government---positive commentary on Tillerson's trip, we can be sure that our own media's spin is just that: spin.

     The bulk of the Tillerson trip was spent in Beijing where the Secretary of State met with high-ranking officials, including President Xi Jinping. Xi was reportedly officially invited to visit President Trump in Mar-a-Lago next month. We think it may safely be assumed that Xi is anticipating this visit much more than the dreary séances he held with Obama.

     One of the more remarkable moments of Tillerson's visit was his use of the phrase "Sino-US relations must be built on non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation" which is phrase that Xi himself often employs in political speeches. Trump's detractors have snuffed about this claiming that Trump is caving in to China, but nothing could be further from the truth.

      The reason that China has been so successful in expanding its global hegemony and influence recently is not simply because of American weakness. Xi Jinping is following a new model, which that phrase expresses aptly. It's really a policy of bilateralism. For example, China offers a certain country an equal exchange of resources that both countries need. This has been especially effective in developing countries where China builds infrastructure and creates jobs in exchange for economic and military benefits.

       Trump's foreign policy has yet to take concrete shape, yet the president seems inclined to follow the Chinese model and applying it to American interests. The model followed by the previous administrations have been abject failures as the collapse of our policies in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe abundantly testify.

       For either America or China to take a hardline at this point---either economically or militarily in the Pacific---would be a suicidal course of Mutually-Assured Destruction. Even worse, such a power vacuum would likely be filled by a resurgent Fascist Japan: and that truly would be a disaster. The US and China need to resume their historic friendship and work together our mutual benefit and as the dominant powers in the Pacific.

        Chinese political pundits overall are expressing a cautious optimism towards Tillerson's remarks. Cautious optimism is also a proper approach for own leaders to take; though we can't expect that from our DNC-dominated punditocracy; which would prefer WW3 to a Trump diplomatic success. The upcoming Trump-Xi Summit will be extremely important for the course both countries will follow; but for now things are looking quite positive.

Monday, March 20, 2017


     The Red Pill Cult blogger Dalrock and several of his disciples in the Manosphere have been waging a recent battle against romance; which they claim is corrupting. In their usual roundabout methods of reasoning, they claim that romantic love is unbiblical and that, because romantic love features in Ancient Roman and Mediaeval literature, that the Church has been corrupted for centuries.

     It's a common tactic of certain cults to claim that the existing religion is corrupt and the cultists are leaders in 'purifying' it. The worst contemporary example of this are the Wahhabi and Salafist Cults in Islam---which have spawned ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other such groups. A word to the wise, though: with all the recent talk on Red Pill blogs about 'coming civil war' and 'white genocide' we shouldn't rest on our laurels and assume that fake Christians aren't capable of doing what fake Moslems do.

    So, in attacking Christianity, Dalrock and these others have co-opted the Radical Feminist doctrine that Christian romantic love and monogamous marriage are meant to oppress a certain gender; although the respective camps claim that their own gender is being repressed. Romantic love is, in reality, a high expression of gender polarity often concealing a spiritual truth. But with their purely carnal instincts, both the Feminists and Red Pills believe this attraction is only sexual---an idea derived from Marxism and other 19th Century Communistic 'free love' movements.

    Thus, Dalrock has been publishing a series of absurd articles claiming that the Church's supposed repression of unrestrained male sexuality led men to 'pedestalize' women---and thus feminize the Church from an early date. Awkwardly enough for the Red Pills, though they might separate monogamous love from Christian doctrine, can't separate it from Western Civilization. Civilization itself is predicated on monogamy; and Civilization existed before Christ's Advent.

     The Red Pills, of course, realize this philosophical dilemma, so they often circumvent the difficulty by claiming that marriage and monogamy are pagan importations into the Church and fall back into the heresy of Judaizing; claiming that Jewish marriage customs of the Old Covenant apply to Christians today. The Red Pill blogger Artisanal Toad, whom we spoke of recently, has been writing a series on 'Christian' marriage premised heavily on Old Covenant rules. Mr. Toad is a follower of Dalrock, Vox Day, Rollo Tomassi and other Red Pill spiritual leaders. His essential argument is that male sexuality in its most degraded and barbarous forms are sanctioned by Christian Doctrine. Dalrock actually agrees with this; as he states in about the story of Jacob and Rachel:

     "As Cane Caldo {another Red Pill cultist} pointed out, Jacob's love for Rachel was not the sentimental, purifying true love of modern love tales. Jacob loved Rachel because she was beautiful. He wasn't captivated by her 'inner beauty' He didn't love her 'for who she was'. He wanted her to be his and to have sex with her...Moreover, as Cane also points out, we're never told that Rachel had any romantic or sexual feelings towards Jacob; that he never 'wins her heart'".

      There is nothing holy or Christian about this: Dalrock and Cane Caldo are repeating what the Materialist writers of Communism and Feminism would say. They too deny spirituality in love. And if anyone doubts this, note well what a commenter said on one of Mr. Toad's recent articles, which Toad---who refers to Augustine and Jerome as 'sexual perverts' endorses:

       "It seems to me that a lot of Tradcon Churchians are sex-hating Betas who can't stand the idea of a sexually free and happy man who is not a boring low sex-drive monogamist. A lot of their hostility seems to come from their Puritan hatreds of non-Puritan men: they hate the idea that a man having oral and anal sex with his wife (or wives) has not sinned; they hate the idea that a man can have six wives and that God wholeheartedly approves; they hate the idea that women can have Lesbian relationships and are sinless for doing so; and they hate the idea that men can have all the extramarital sex they want and God sees no sin."

      Which is nothing but Anarchist-Communist 'free love' propaganda painted over with a pseudo-Christian varnish. But to the Red Pills, believers in traditional marriages and families---where men and women have emotional and spiritual bonds---are 'tradcons'; 'cuckservatives'; 'White-Knight Beta Chumps'; and 'churchians'. And yet these all claim that they aren't Leftists.

      Church and Civic leaders need to be more aware and speak out against these abhorrent philosophies which are infiltrating both our religious and social institutions to a great extent. The allure behind these hideous beliefs are based in a culture-wide alienation of men. The Red Pill leaders themselves probably never would have been successful in even a patriarchal society; but in anti-male social milieu their frustrations and bitterness have a measure of plausibility to vulnerable men who've suffered genuine injustices. Our religious and civil leaders need to step forward and recognize the problem; mentoring vulnerable men onto the right path.


Sunday, March 19, 2017


     The Corporate Media, which takes in huge advertising and stock-market revenue from Big Pharma and the Insurance Cartels, has been bashing President Trump's proposals to reform the system. According to the political and media elites, Obamacare is a perfectly-functioning system.

      However, since last November, the US Department of Health and Human Services has been rounding up an unprecedented number of criminal rings operating with the medical system. The latest example comes from the Leftist-controlled bastion of Seattle. Federal authorities last week opened a formal investigation into the Swedish Hospital Neuroscience Institute. Since Obamacare was established, Swedish Neuroscience has raked in the highest number of Medicare reimbursements---far in excess of other area hospitals. Though Swedish denies any illegal activities, CEO Tony Armada and top surgeon John Delashaw have quickly resigned.

       Swedish Neuroscience is hardly an isolated example. Here's a sampling of some of the deep cuts to the poor and needy which have happened since Tom Price was confirmed as Trump's HHS Secretary in February:

        Feb. 28: Dallas---16 charged in $60 million Medicare Fraud Case

        March 1: New York---2 doctors and operatives of City Medical Associates arrested in $50 million fraud scheme

        March 2: Detroit---physician pleads guilty in $5.4 million fraud scheme

        March 3: Baltimore---$1.2 million fraud settlement from corrupt hospital equipment supplier

        March 3: Miami---Two plead guilty in $20 million home-healthcare fraud scheme

        March 6: Newark---Physician arrested for accepting bribes from Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services for test referrals

        March 13: Boston---Charles River Laboratories agrees to pay $1.8 million in fines for falsely billing HHS for services never performed

        March 14: Miami---Florida operator of a home healthcare service provider arrested for a $15 million fraud scheme

         March 16: Spokane---Cardiologist settles for $300,000 fines for filing false Medicare reports.

          Price is evidently on quite a roll; the physicians and administrators at Swedish would probably be well-advised to make a quick trip for an international boundary line. Maybe some of the stories we've been hearing from the Corporate Media about medical professionals leaving the country have another aspect that we're not being told about.

         In other words, since February, the Trump Administration has saved Obamacare almost a quarter-billion dollars without cutting a single program. This is simply from mopping up on criminals operating within the system.

         But another good question is: why haven't we heard a peep from the Corporate Media about any of these successes? Especially when we consider that HHS publically maintains a website with a running tally which is updated daily. 

        This is the kind of healthcare system the so-called Cultural Elites would like to maintain: one which is ostensibly for the poor but actually for the benefit of corrupt medical mandarins. It will be interesting to see how the Trump Administration intends to overhaul the system; but so far, Trump is off to a good start.


Saturday, March 18, 2017


    A couple of recent stories prominently covered by several blogs have demonstrated that the Corporate Media has reached levels of irresponsibility that need to be addressed officially. This is beyond the scope of their usual fake news and propaganda; but are in actual violation of Federal broadcasting guidelines.

     One example making the rounds of the Internet today concerns CNN pundit Fareed Zakaria who---in a spasm of Trump Derangement Syndrome---lost control of himself during an interview with Don Lemon. Zakaria reeled a string of half-dozen profanities in less than one minute.

     While this may be typical behavior for Liberals in public venues, the Federal Communications Commission states on its own website that "Profane content includes 'grossly offensive' language that is considered a public nuisance...Indecent or profane content are prohibited on broadcast television and radio between 6 AM and 10 PM where there is a reasonable risk that children may be watching. Because obscenity is not protected by the First Amendment, it is prohibited on cable, satellite, and broadcast television and radio."

      According to new FCC guidelines, violations of such rules are punishable by monetary fines per profane utterance, rather than a lump sum. Maybe getting CNN to fork over some fines will teach their employees some civilized behavior.

      The other flagrant example last week came from MSNBC where Rachel Maddow brought out President Trump's 2005 tax return. Trump's tax burden is an issue with which the Left is completely obsessed---for no apparent reason. The President released a message later that the tax return was obtained by MSNBC illegally.

     "Violation of the terms of a broadcast license due to technical fault or illegal content may result in fines or revocation of the license." the FCC explains, "The FCC has the authority to issue civil monetary penalties, revoke a license, or deny a renewal application. In addition, violators of the law---if convicted in a Federal Court---are subject to criminal fines and imprisonment for not more than two years."

      Some might object that this is censorship, but it is simple enforcement of the law to ensure civilized and legal behavior from the press. Yes, some will say, but what about whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden? The answer is in the intention. Assange and Snowden broke the law to expose illegal activities by political officials. Zakaria and Maddow acted from a desire to shock and offend---and neither exposed anything of politically or socially redeeming value. It is a matter of whether or not the action was in the public interest.

        It is in the public interest to encourage investigative reporting and transparency; it is not in the public interest to condone profanity-laden diatribes and illegally obtained personal data being broadcast. CNN and MSNBC need to be punished; or this kind of behavior will continue to happen. Zakaria should cough up a substantial part of his $4 million net worth in fines; MSNBC is facing a more serious fate should it happen that Trump's tax returns were in fact illegally obtained.

       At any rate, it's time for the FCC to step up to the plate and smack down some arrogant elites who believe themselves above the law.

Friday, March 17, 2017


    When the Anglosphere was actually a more masculine culture, it was often considerable remarkable by foreigners of how Anglo-American men could maintain a seeming levity even in the face of the most desperate circumstances. It was something of a testimony to that era that men had that kind of courage. In a week where we've seen American men sink to the level of Jon Decker's and Jason Pollock's complete public meltdowns, the 'devil-may-care' attitudes of our tougher ancestors should be highlighted.

      This masculine attitude gave rise in mid-20th Century popular culture to a genre called Dark Comedy. Almost all of this genre came from American and British studios. Typically, the story concerned a serious subject, but was interspersed with typically human and understandable comedic or romantic sidelines. A common theme was a hard-boiled detective who used his wits and found time to romance heroines or deal with personal problems along the way. Their foils were usually types who took everything too seriously: bumbling by-the-book police and/or ruthless criminals constantly frustrated by the hero's clever ruses.

       This weekend's recommendation is a specimen of that genre from 1941 titled No Hands on the Clock. It stars Chester Morris---best known for the Boston Blackie series---as private detective Humphrey Campbell and the beautiful Jean Parker as Louise, his newlywed bride.

      So the storyline begins in Nevada, where Campbell has been sent by his boss Oscar Flack to find a runaway girl named Louise. Campbell not only finds her, but marries her too and they elope together for a romantic honeymoon in Reno. The wily Flack tracks the Campbells down and tries to get him to postpone the vacation until he locates a wealthy rancher's missing son. Flack promises Mrs. Campbell that "it will only take a couple of hours" and throws a new mink coat into the bargain.

     Instead of a few hours, Campbell finds a murder scene for which he's framed; and worse still, his picture is in the newspaper and he finds to his chagrin that he also resembles a gang member upon whom the mob has a contract and for whom the FBI is searching. To complicate matters further, his jealous bride has a habit of finding him just when he's questioning another woman. Campbell has to race against the clock to stay one step ahead of the real killer, the vengeful mob, the FBI, and smooth things over with his wife at the same time.

     One thing that characterizes most of Chester Morris' films: nobody dies of boredom watching them.

      The so-called Snowflake Generation that agonizes over 'micro-aggressions' and 'hurtful words' of course can't even relate any longer to the kind of confidence that laughs at desperate situations or the faith that things will work out in the end. This film genre was born from a generation that lived through WW1 and the Great Depression, and whose immediate relatives had survived the US Civil War and the economic turmoil of the Industrial Revolution. WW2, Korea, and the Cold War were on the horizon. It took the best characters that America could produce to rise above and overcome such circumstances---and enjoy the happy things of life in the process. Character portrayals like these are testimony to the resilience, confidence, and faith that characterized a once-great people.

     And it makes refreshing viewing on a St. Patrick's Day weekend that would otherwise be spent with anti-Trump riots; homosexual intrusions into children's parades; and the annual orgy of Catholic-bashing that today accompanies what was once a day to honor an Irish saint. An hour-and-a-half of adventure, fun, and romance is a lot more productive use of one's time.

     Maybe we need an outlook like Humphrey and Louise Campbell possessed. It would certainly make life a lot easier.

      No Hands on the Clock did fairly well at the box office, though ironically it was released less than a week before the Pearl Harbor attack. It is available currently for free viewing on Youtube and also on DVD.