Friday, March 17, 2017


  Three weeks ago, some Congressmen began an initiative to investigate international arch-criminal George Soros and potential connections with Obama Administration officials. The latest scandal surrounding Soros broke in the small Balkan country, Macedonia. Macedonian officials investigating Soros discovered evidence linking him to the US Embassy. This first proof of conclusive ties between Soros and Obama put Soros' activities under Congressional jurisdiction for the first time.

    On Tuesday, Senator Mike Lee of Utah organized an open letter endorsed by Senators Ted Cruz, James Inhofe, David Perdue, Thom Tillis, and Bill Cassidy to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The letter demanded that Tillerson audit USAID, which is under State Department authority, and allegedly the conduit for funding to Soros' Open Society Foundation.

    Interestingly enough, the letter not only mentions Macedonia, but includes the neighboring country Albania---where Soros is wanted by authorities in connection with a currency-manipulation scheme that caused an economic crisis there.

    Senator Lee told the press that "We have credible reports of diplomats playing political favorites, USAID funds being used to support extreme and sometimes violent political activists; and that the US government is working to marginalize Moderates and Conservatives in leadership roles. This behavior is unacceptable and must be halted immediately."

    In an interview with Sputnik News, History Professor Robert Waters noted that this was a significant move on Congressional Republicans' part to terminate once and for all the use of Federal tax dollars to support Left-Wing causes abroad.

    "These NGOs quickly morphed into Socialist one-world organizations that sought to take America's Social Justice wars to Central and Eastern Europe. Obama, Clinton, and Kerry followed Soros' path, the funding put these organizations in sync with one another."

     Waters also stated that the Senate is expanding the original investigation to include similar criminal activity from the Justice Department. "A couple of weeks ago, the Senate began to investigate how the Justice Department would file lawsuits against cities, counties, and private businesses for Civil Rights' violations, and allow these entities to settle by paying millions of dollars to Leftist social organizations. It became clear that Holder, Lynch, and the DOJ's Civil Rights Division that these suits were an easy way to shake down these entities and pay the organizations to drop the suits."

      And note that there has been practically no Corporate Media coverage of any of this. If this involved private citizens, it would be called Extortion, Criminal Conspiracy, and Racketeering. Not to mention extensive misappropriations of tax funds.

      Finally, though, the Senate is stepping up to the plate. GOP activists should contact the Senators listed above and encourage them to continue forward in bringing down Soros' criminal cartel.


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