Friday, January 21, 2022


    There are probably a few who wonder why we write articles on and link to sites where issues like gender and relationships get discussed. With the Anglosphere firmly in the grasp of Jacobin psychopaths one might reasonably question why such things still matter. The answer is very simple: it's been neglect of these issues that set us up for where we've found ourselves. Essentially, the men of Anglosphere countries immolated themselves; hence it should be no surprise that an effete and sterile Technocracy would rise in our midst as leaders proclaiming a New Order. 

    When the Junta seized power last January and announced its commitment to the Great Reset, I predicted then (and still believe) that it will ultimately fail. The reason for this is because too many peoples outside of the U.S. still believe in the family as the basis for society. Even the Communists gave up on schemes to change traditional gender roles a long time ago. In Europe, where the population hasn't been completely cowed like we have, the Great Reset crowd is having some real problems. The Czech Republic recently voted out its pro-Reset government; Denmark is on the verge of doing the same. The Netherlands is teetering on the edge of outright Civil War and Bulgaria came very close to that actually happening last week. It has been widely reported that parts of Austria, Greece, Romania, Italy, and France are unable to enforce Scamdemic restrictions because of local resistance. Even the rats at Davos had to postpone the WEF's annual meeting this month because of unrest in Switzerland. There are even signs that the Regime's hold over Britain may be cracking.

     Here on this side of the Atlantic, some Tech Oligarchs caused a controversy this week by suggesting that artificial wombs would be a worthwhile technology for society to invest in. Sahil Lavingia, of the E-Commerce site Gumroad, made the suggestion which was supported by Vitalek Buterin who heads the Ethereum Corporation, a software company deeply interested in Cryptocurrency. "Disparities in economic success between men and women are far larger once marriage + children enter the picture. Synthetic wombs would remove the high burden of pregnancy, significantly reducing the inequality." Buterin opined.

Actually, just looking at a photo of these two worthies really tells us all that we need to know about why they would be in favor of such an idea.

   About what we'd expect: a pair of anemic, low-T perpetual Incels who think that sex, love, and family interfere too much with efficient economic productivity. It's also no surprise that the top-level banksters and Tech Lords at the World Economic Forum use the products of these two companies heavily since they essentially share the same ideology. Klaus Schwab has been a grand proponent of transhumanism and replacing the subhumans workers with machines since The Fourth Reich Industrial Revolution was published; and only a few years ago set 2025 as a goal for automatons to perform most of human labor.

On social media sites, the reviews were mixed with a few Feminist nitwits applauding the idea. This was rather ironic because the Red Pill cultists were the first ones who really began pushing Artificial Wombs about a decade ago. Manosphere sites during the 2010s were loaded with fantasies about transhumanist futures where women would be replaced with realistic sexbots and instilled with artificial wombs. If anyone is inclined to laugh these ideas off as fantasy, consider how these infernal devices have advanced during the last century. They've already begun to integrate them with Artificial Intelligence and the cost is roughly the same as a medium-priced new car. Add to this that mad scientists are also nearly on the verge of fully-functional womb transplants for transgendered males. The Red Pill cultists are still cheering on all of these developments. This is yet another example of why cults are dangerous. Despite what Lavingia and Buterin say, it's obvious that what the Red Pills say is actually true: that so far from empowering women, translating their sexual and maternal functions to machines effectively eliminates any need for them at all.

This idea isn't going to go away; in fact the Media Moguls have planned to release a feature film this year called The Pod Generation in which a married couple (inter-racial of course) where artificial wombs are a central plot theme. The film is slated to start production in March; which means that Elites are starting to disseminate the concept already through propaganda. Will Americans really accept this as the New Normal in the not-so-distant future? Of course. If recent history is any indication, Ameroboobs will swallow just about anything provided that what they're hearing isn't the truth.

An editorialist named Brendan Heard actually summed up the situation best: "Just how far science in the West today is willing to go to facilitate the whims of gender theory enthusiasts currently seems boundless. If they can frame their argument as an end to some form of ‘oppression,’ then billions will be spent investing in it. Already they are willing to ‘change the gender’ of children too young to understand what that means, so if you think they will show the slightest hesitation ‘for the sake of the children,’ you are mistaken. Nothing will stand in the way of explorative science, in order to give our spoiled post-gen-x generations something that nature has denied them." 

   All of which is 100% true. None of this has anything whatsoever to do with making child-rearing easier. If it were, these tech oligarchs would propose a sensible social program like Vladimir Putin initiated in Russia a few years ago. Putin extended the social safety net for single mothers to all stay-at-home mothers---and Russia's declining birthrate has reversed. The numbers of divorces and abortions in Russia have radically declined. Instead, what the Western Elites are doing is pandering to our modern aversion towards responsibility; as well as pandering to selfishness and egocentricity. It's totally in keeping with our cultural attitudes towards everything. One can go to a factory, custom-build a partner and pretend it's love. Then create kids in a synthetic womb, dump it in a public school and pretend it's parenting. In a synthetic society we can make synthetic people: we already live in a culture where surgery can change your gender, drugs can change your moods, history can be revised, facts and reality can be whatever you want them to be. 

   This isn't progress, however much the paid propagandists and mad scientists say it is; because Nature is always going to take its course. In primitive times, science tried to defeat Nature. It was believed that certain spells and formulas could change the forces of Nature. Our greatest scientific achievements came when Man realized that by working with Nature, he could use its power to his advantage. Nobody ever flew because they wished it; but by learning the Laws of Gravity and Relativity, they can land astronauts on the Moon and bring them home again. 

   It's the same way with relationships. Accepting that men are one way and women are another and that both are needed to create and sustain life makes a happier and more stable society that fantasizing and wishing ever could. This is why learning how to be men and women is actually still important. Those grounded in Reality are the ones who will survive. If anyone is inclined to disbelieve this just consider that about a half-dozen Atomic bombs could take out America's power grid, and with it satellite communications; and so in less than one hour all of your AI-driven sexbots and artificial wombs will cease functioning. Those with a self-preservation instinct, who've learned to care for and to depend upon others will get through a disaster like that. And the way many of these same nutjobs have been spouting off about Atomic War lately, don't assume for an instant that it can't happen. Whatever happens, we will need strong men and women to rebuild the future.



Monday, January 17, 2022


      One longstanding position we've taken here from the beginning is that the two greatest threats to Western Civilization are Neoliberalism and cultish movements. Since the Putsch of November 2020, the first of these threats has been coalescing into authoritarian Technocracy---which in many ways has cult-like features of its own. 

     Cults have always existed and always been sources of trouble everywhere they rise up. They cause enormous damage either by misleading the vulnerable and alienated who are often failed by weak or incompetent existing institutions; or, as we saw in the previous article, they give focus and direction to unstable and dangerous elements. The so-called 'Red Pill' cult of the 'Alpha Male' has apparently arisen again and begun attracting a new following of disillusioned men with the same failed formulas as their predecessors. The fact the last group of would-be influencers and Manly Alpha leaders have more or less faded into varying degrees of oblivion should be a warning to anyone playing footsie with these jokers.

   Just this weekend one of Vox Day's notorious cronies, Baked Alaska---a character whom we've spoken of here before---got 30 days in the Clink for pepper-spraying a bar-bouncer after being ejected for being a public nuisance. According to the Alaska Daily News, Baked Alaska already had a warrant outstanding for vandalizing a Hanukkah Display; and apparently, he's been booted out of various retail establishments for causing disturbances over Mask policies as well as having a part in the January 6th Protests. And James Robert Clark, whom we mentioned in the previous article, also had a rough weekend. Apparently, Clark got caught engaging in online stalking again---this time involving legal minors---and he's been spiralling---evidently without sleep---for the last 72 hours howling at his detractors and playing the Victim-Card. Real role models for men there.

   This also brings up another reason why I despise these people. They're not only counterfeits of Masculinity who give all men a bad name; they graft themselves onto social issues and become foils for our opponents. I oppose Mask Mandates, and support the Jan. 6th Protesters and Age-of-Consent reforms too; but weirdos like these interjecting themselves into the debate make things worse. During the Trump Administration, they were a continual thorn in everybody's side. Characters like Vox Day with his endless droning about "god-emperors on their cherry-blossom thrones" and continually attempting to graft their White Supremacist and Dark Triad Game nonsense onto Trump's policies fed mountains of disinformation into Leftist hands. On top of that, their social media spamming, doxxing, harassment, and continual abuse of platforms led directly to the type of censorship we're experiencing today. 

     As many commenters have pointed out during the whole James Clark Saga, that people like these Red Pills are also ruining online dating for normal single men. Online Dating is already bad enough given the lopsided numerical advantage women already have. I don't know of any actual research that's been done on this subject, but I strongly suspect that the scarcity of women on these sites has a correlation to the number (or intensity) of these Red Pilled nitwits who cause no end of trouble for them. Baked Alaska himself doesn't mind practicing his Game on livestream either: as the Phoenix New Times noted: "In a turn of events that's uncomfortable to watch, he seems to have begun a romantic relationship with a woman he met on the stream, all while his racist and antisemitic viewers egg him on and speculate about her character." Red Pills of the 2020's seem to have added Voyeurism to their repertoire: the ones of the 2010's only used to brag about their conquests without showing any real proof.

     The Red Pill/Game Cult even has infiltrated churches, thanks largely to the activity of the now-defunct Dalrock blog. Dalrock was considered a leading proponent of this New Wave Christianity until he was publically humiliated in a 2019 interview with Warhorn Media. Dalrock's massive ego received an irreparable blow and declining audiences led to him fold in early 2020. Pastor Doug Wilson---one of Dalrock's arch-rivals---has picked up the slack and apparently has been positioning himself as some wise old owl dispensing (mostly bad) advice to young men. He's been running a series purporting to give advice to a presumably younger fellow named Dawson: it's all Red Pill Game without some of the more lurid commentary. It could probably be called Gateway Game, because anybody following Wilson's theories could easily transition into any of the Red Pilled sites out there with little effort.  

     Wilson's latest post, also churned out before the weekend, was titled A Matter of Rank, and is a prime example of everything wrong with Alpha/Red Pill philosophy as far as interpersonal relationships go. Literally, if one took Wilson's article, merely switched the gender references and substituted Marxist propaganda for the out-of-context Biblical references, it would be a Radical Feminist article.

    For example, Wilson writes: "The desire that a woman has to usurp the rule of her husband is a desire that goes back to the third chapter of Genesis. This is the source of the running tension between the sexes." How is this the slightest bit different from the Feminist claims that the first caveman who carried an unwilling female back to his hut instilled in all men desire to commit rape? 

    Again:  "But husbands will rule over their wives. The woman wants to usurp the authority of the man, and he reacts, sometimes unkindly, and rules over her."  This is nothing by role-reversed Marxist-Feminist theory which extends class struggle to gender relations. Wilson further asserts that "complementarianism is simply an invertebrate form of the patriarchy, and feminists hate it just as much as they do the patriarchy;" Red Pills also hate it, and Wilson completely misses the irony in what he just wrote.

  Like the Feminists, the Red Pills are also great historical revisionists. Wilson actually says: "Up until very recently, men and women both understood the natural order of things. The man was the head of the home, and there you go." This has been repeated so often by Feminist influencers that most people believe that it is true. Men were never the head of the home. The home has always traditionally been the wives' responsibility. The man's responsibility in the natural order of things is to the community. He is to provide for his home by contributing to the economic production, the civil governance, and common defense that makes home and family possible. In Ancient Rome, we have records of those large aristocratic estates. The men owned them; but it was the women who maintained them down to hiring employees, keeping the budgets and financial accounts in addition to raising the children. It wasn't any different in Plebeian homes except that the wives did more of the manual labor themselves. That's what it was really like "up until very recently". The Feminist lie that women were kept "barefoot, pregnant, and dumb" would have been hooted down by our great-grandmothers and the silly Red Pills who preached it as an ideal probably would have fared worse at their hands. 

    In a real 'Patriarchy' men like Wilson, Clark, and Baked Alaska would be just as much on the fringes as the Male Feminists they condemn would be. There's no real difference between what they are both trying to do. Male Feminists want to 'deconstruct' Masculinity to bring the standards of manhood down to their level. The Red Pill, would-be Alphas want to 'redefine' Masculinity to bring the standards of Manhood down to their levels. Neither approach works out well for anybody. 


Wednesday, January 12, 2022


   In recent years, we've seen the disgrace and downfall of several top characters who had corrupted the Men's Movement and built personality cults around phony Evo-Psych and pop-psychology theories purportedly with the goal of building better men. They call this "taking the Red Pill" and "becoming more Alpha." Alpha, being rather loosely defined; but in actual practice, it did little more than elevate all of the negative Feminist stereotypes about Toxic Masculinity into a Masculine Ideal. As these cults always do, they began fizzling out as their Magic Bullets and Keys to Power and Success didn't translate into real-life successes. Vox Day was really one of the last of this group: today he's a pathetic character, drifting about Europe preaching his grandiose schemes to dwindling audiences. 

  Apparently, in the vacuum left behind, some of the pygmies who followed these cultists have sprouted up again and begun preying upon vulnerable men left drifting in a culture which admittedly holds Masculinity in contempt. What makes the Red Pill so dangerous is that what it offers is not Masculinity, but a counterfeit of it. The recent scandal surrounding Manosphere vlogger Jack Murphy is a prime example of that fact. Norwegian author Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen summed up the situation succinctly. Hansen is absolutely correct in his assessment that these cultists are preaching a superficial and immature caricature of manhood; and that their Manly Alpha Leaders are mostly a pack of ignoramuses and charlatans. 

  Hansen has interesting backstory. Several years ago, he was severely injured in a skiing accident. His doctors believed that he would never regain full use of his extremities. Not only did he recover, during the time of his convalescence he learned and studied Viking Culture and Lore. Today, he's a recognized authority on the Viking Age, has published several books and has since married and supports a family with his work. That is part of what being a man is all about. One can't simply become a man by looking like one---any more than a man can become a woman simply putting on a wig and a dress. "It's all smoke, mirrors, and Revlon" as one female impersonator used to say to fans who got carried away. 

   The real danger of the Red Pill Cult is that has real-life effects that we often don't see until they become real-life casualties. Insanity Bytes had a good article up explaining some of the dynamics of this. There is a more concrete example in the saga that's been hugely covered in various Internet forums over the last 2-3 months. The character involved in this drama is a Red-Pilled loser from Philadelphia named James Robert Clark III. 

    Clark is exactly the sort of male to whom the Red Pill would appeal. No history whatsoever of any achievements---including productive work---admittedly sexually dysfunctional; but with an enormous ego and sense of entitlement. Despite his constant boasting of his superior intellect, Clark has done at least one stint in a Psych Ward and made multiple trips to the local jail. Charges in his background include multiple counts of Conspiracy to Receive Stolen Property; Theft by Taking Movable Property; Harassment; Loitering and Prowling at Nighttime (i.e., being a Peeping Tom); and multiple Trespassing charges. 

  To my knowledge, Clark hasn't cited any Red Pill authors, but I didn't have to see much of him to see the influence---both in his character and what he did to gain himself notoriety. He admittedly has hung around Alt-Right sites for about a decade, when characters like Vox Day and Chateau Heartiste were in their heyday. These cultists tend to mimic their leaders, and Clark uses the same expressions, and has the same pompous and condescending attitudes towards those as he perceives as his 'inferiors' as Vox does. He also has exactly same proclivity for blaming these same 'inferiors' for his failures, always claiming victory in the humiliating defeats, etc. At one point, he even sported a Vox Day haircut.

    Like other Red Pills, Clark also shares the same low opinion of women; considering them 'accessories' useful only for 'breeding purposes' and the 'necessity' of breaking their spirit and keeping them in subjection. This is and always has been the essence of what the Red Pills call Game. Sadly, men who take this kind of advice usually find a target to work their infallible system upon, and the unfortunate female whom Clark sought out was a young and beautiful Argentine mathematics student named Eliana Morales. 

   For nearly seven years, Clark relentlessly stalked and harassed Eliana online. Anyone familiar with the kind of tactics advocated on these Game sites can see the systematic procedures these people employ. Clark was intentionally doxxing her, creating sock-accounts to spread false information about her, attacking her family, doxxing male friends of her's and spreading lies---all the while making daily videos positioning himself as her only true friend and the only man who understood her and could save her. Eliana's family was deeply concerned about her over this. It was effecting her life adversely in this digital age. Despite her attempts to block him, he continued his gaslighting---including sending Eliana pornographic and generally very weird photos of himself.

Clark's plan unravelled last Fall when ROTC Media---the same group who triggered Vox Day's downfall incidentally---picked up the story. The exposure of Clark's activities gave Eliana the legal proof that she needed to contact the Argentine authorities with a Restraining Order---which because of International Treaty has probably been forwarded to Interpol and landed Clark on various watch-lists. Eliana appeared on Daywave to give her account of what happened and how she'd suffered at this creep's hands.

     Eliana recovered her reputation, has since finished her education, and gotten engaged to be married. Clark is no longer a threat to her or anybody else for that matter. He's become such an Internet laughing-stock and his crimes so widely discussed that any woman over the age of 12 has ample warning to beware of him. Eliana's story had a happy ending, but sadly other females targeted by Red Pills haven't fared so well. I know personally of at least one driven to suicide by a scum just like James Clark. 

   As for Clark himself, he's since spiralled, just like Vox Day, into impotent rage. Blaming everyone but himself, threatening lawsuits, challenging his detractors to fights, boasting of his superiority that no one appreciates, etc. 

   A lot of our men who are feeling lost and alienated these days can draw a lesson from this saga too. You can take the Red Pill and end up like James Robert Clark, Jack Murphy, and Vox Day; or look up to actual men like Bjorn Bull-Hansen, Royce Lopez of Daywave (who is also a successful entrepreneur and family man), or Eliana's fiancee---whose name is Daniel and has a bright future ahead of him. There's no magic pill that makes one a man and everyone who takes the Red Pill ends in disaster. 



Sunday, January 9, 2022


    This week, we entered Year II of the New Order amidst surging inflation, RINO shiftiness, and threats of global conflict. There were also several weather-related problems, notably a major traffic backup on Interstate 95. Such things are not all that uncommon any more; in 2010, Interstate 5 marooned traffic for over ten hours too. Last year, we saw Texas' energy grid fail during bad weather. The Trump Administration had proposed new infrastructure upgrades: Orange Man Bad, and Ameroboobs decided to squander this advantage to have a panic attack over an ordinary influenza outbreak. 

   Revolutionaries typically have a distinct fondness for creating new anniversaries and holidays. January 6th was bound to figure highly in their new cultural mythology. The jackals in the Corporate Media "relived the horrors of that day" when a handful of American citizens had the audacity to protest a stolen election. Capitalizing upon their recent success in convincing our rather gullible public into believing that a bad cold was a global pandemic and that Opioid overdose deaths were caused by police procedures, they repackaged the protest as an "insurrection." The Oligarchs in Davos must have been laughing in their sleeves at that one; considering how they had just seized power themselves. 

    The nationwide manhunts, media demonization,  and kangaroo-courts that followed the protest was calculated to send a message to the public; that is, that the New Order has very distinct and definite approach towards both its political opposition and its administration of justice. Political Correctness is now the criterion upon which public behavior will be tolerated; and that this will be enforced by secret police, censorship boards, and sham trials, if necessary. But it also establishes the groundwork for further repressive acts.

   Since the success of the November Putsch, the Elites understood that Electoral System---however rigged they already had it---is too unstable a foundation for establishing a permanent tyranny. Their goal became to establish a one-party State which they could control without inconvenient superstitions like the Right to Self-Government occasionally rising up and interfering with their programs. Their secondary objective beyond making examples of the January 6 Protesters is to create a climate where they can bring the President-in-Exile and other members of his Administration to trial. This is probably going to happen this year. Americans are still naively expecting Elections this year; whether or not the Regime will stage a bipartisan contest or suspend them under some pretext in 2022 remains to be seen; but the open elimination of political opposition clearly points the direction in which the trend is moving.


      The Elites also having been driving forward with further imposing their schemes of Technological control. In a very surprising move, the U.S. Senate failed to ratify the Infrastructure plan---which was heavily backed by the Tech Lords. This setback will no doubt lead them to redouble their efforts to abolish Representative Government. We saw in the wake of the Rittenhouse Verdict their desire to eliminate jury trials. The Tech Lords and High Finance will push harder with a new Infrastructure Plan this year. The whole plan, of course, is centered on the Great Reset's goal of concentrating populations in so-called 'Smart Cities' which they hope will replace the collapsing  existing urban centers. 

    Some technologies have already been implemented. 5G has been opened up after the Tech Lords succeeded in lobbying against Chinese providers operating the West. China is the leader in 5G technology, but there were concerns that their product contains considerable ability for domestic espionage. The Elites don't care especially about spying on the public; their real objection was that they didn't want China to be doing it. The so-called Five Eyes, which is really only the cyber intelligence arm of the Tech Lords, has taken over the small matter of securing domestic privacy. 

    The Junta signed into law another 'smart technology' requiring all US automobiles manufactured from this year on to be equipped with a 'kill switch'; that is a way of being able to lock up a vehicle remotely. This of course will vastly expand the Regime's power to restrict travel and monitor the movements of ordinary Americans. So far, the 'Q Code' and the Loyalty Vaxx Travel Passport haven't been imposed with same ferocity here as in Europe---as usual, enough Ameroboobs are going along with them voluntarily so that Elites haven't yet made mandating them a priority. We'll likely see the efforts to mandate them greatly extended during 2022, however. 

    The biggest tech announcement came with Lord Zuckerberg's unveiling of the so-called Metaverse. This very weird social networking technology combines Virtual Reality with existing instant messaging platforms and allows people to interact as avatars. In normal times, this would be a really intense and fun way of video gaming; but that's certainly not what Zuckerberg is advocating. His stated goal is that this is an advance in social interaction---I can't imagine a single positive benefit that would come out of that approach. Americans already have very little grasp on reality and this can only make matters worse. 

   What the Metaverse's real purpose is is to effect further isolation of individuals, more Escapism, and normalizing the Great Reset's push towards Transhumanism. 

    The Corporate Elites have also been pushing forward with mandating the Loyalty Vaxx; and likely are frustrated with a few scattered defeats that the Junta has suffered in Courts. In spite of the growing casualties associated with the jab, and the number of job losses because of it, the Regime is pressing forward and will continue increasingly repressive measures to enforce it. Economic and literal casualties are mere collateral damage as far as the Oligarchy is concerned. Their attitude is no different toward issues like runaway price inflation or out-of-control urban crime. In fact, from their perspective, the more poverty and chaos the better. These conditions make it easier to sell more authoritarianism to the public. 

    The threat of war is also a possibility. The Oligarchs have at least a long-term plan of wiping out potential competitors. China is at the top of the list as an economic rival with the European Union a close second. Russia is leading a coalition of nations resisting the New Order. The Chinese, however recently sent an Expeditionary Force to the Solomon Islands to put down a Western-backed Color Revolution. The Fascist Australian Government was pushed out of the small but strategically important country after it attempted to send so-called 'peacekeepers' there. More recently, a Russian-led coalition defeated an attempt by NWO interests to seize the oil-rich and strategically important country of Kazakhstan. In recent years, Russia has foiled NWO plots in Georgia, Syria, and Crimea. 

    While it's true that the Western Elites desire another World War, they realize that they are not prepared to fight one. The Pentagon and its Corporate contractors are still in the process of final purges in the armed forces. What we will likely see in 2022 is further militarization of domestic Law Enforcement, with these international 'threats' grabbing headlines as well 'domestic terror' bogeymen. 

    Meanwhile, we're seeing a spate of polls indicating that Americans believe that our Nation is decline; that the Junta has negative approval ratings, that we fear for the future, etc. There is some bad news for these S.O.B.'s: we're already there. We see on supposedly Conservative sites incredibly out-of-touch articles; with headlines telling us things like: "In Biden’s America, Citizens Live in Fear." As mentioned in the comments section of that article: I am old enough to remember when the Government swooped in and mandated seat belts, cycle helmets, and national drinking ages because we supposedly had an epidemic of highway deaths. We had to do something---anything---to save our children, even if it meant a little inconvenience and loss of liberty. That's led us to where we are now. During the course of my lifetime, I've seen laws enacted and liberties stripped because Postmodern Americans can't control their proclivity towards Hysteria. At various times, there have been drug pushers, paedophiles, or potential rapists lurking behind every rock and tree. Right-Wing Militias, Islamic Terror Cells, and school shooters could strike anywhere at any moment. Systemic racists are everywhere, plotting against minorities; people are dying by millions by second-smoke, climate change, and the Common Cold, etc. etc.

    We've managed to raise two whole generations who have never known anything other than Surveillance, Security, Political Correctness, declining economic conditions, broken families, and submission to every 'New Normal'---backed up by an all-powerful Legal Establishment if all other coercion isn't sufficient---and our 'Conservatives' want to clutch their collective bowties and pretend that they don't know how it came to this. It came to this when Conservatives somewhere decided that looking the other way and looking out for #1 were traditional American values. Now that more powerful Oligarchs with the same indifferent attitudes consider them expendable, they want to complain.

   Liberals aren't off the hook, either. They turned their backs on traditional Democratic Party positions like Equality Before the Law, protecting jobs, and social security in favor of organizing into narrow special interests seeking advantages and opportunism. They played footsie with 'woke' Oligarchs who funded their activities. Now a lot of these same groups are finding out that they have served their purpose, and are expendable as well. 

   In a sociopolitical system predicated upon self-government, a populace whose primary objectives are instant gratification of greed and selfishness will inevitably bring about tyranny. The majority of Americans need to change from within before they can change anything externally. For the rest of us, knowing and accepting the Reality can better help us prepare to reject and resist the New Order.






Thursday, December 30, 2021


    2021 has been a year of show-trials, just as 2020 was characterized by fake elections. Both Elections and Trials today serve the same purpose: to distract public attention and give the illusion of Self-Government and Justice. A year which began with a Bush-appointed Supreme Court Judge ended when another Bush-appointed Judge upheld the 'legality' of ordering the Loyalty Vaxx. These judicial farces were calculated to solidify the Junta's tightening grip on the population. 

   But there were also a series of other trials designed to establish Political Correctness as the New Normal. It's hardly necessary to summarize them again. The illegal trial and conviction of Derrick Chauvin set the precedent for what is to follow. 

     So the year has concluded with the political show-trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the chosen scapegoat and human sacrifice of the Epstein Affair. She was found 'guilty' of course; though no charges were ever brought against the prison guards' during whose watch Epstein's alleged 'suicide' occurred. And the Junta swiftly suppressed the Trump Administration's investigation into the matter. 

     So far, Norwegian blogger Eivind Berge has written the most sensible---if somewhat blunt---commentary on the Ghislaine Maxwell 'trial.' I don't go quite as far as Berge does in considering Epstein a hero---I think that the facts show that Epstein was a willing participant in the Paedohysteria which Berge justly condemns; and that Epstein freely employed it to blackmail powerful people in furtherance of the Deep State/NWO Agenda. Whichever position one takes however doesn't change the fact that from beginning to end this entire 'scandal' was designed to enshrine Paedohysteria as settled science and enforce it with the power of Law. 

   We've mentioned before that the Regime pointedly picks certain dates to make political and social statements, and the fact that this 'verdict' happened during the Christmas Season wasn't accidental. Our Church has it on ancient testimony that Mary became the Mother of Christ shortly after her 14th birthday; and of course all major Western religions practice some form of Confirmation---that is, acceptance into the Faith as a responsible adult---around the time of puberty. To an Agenda with paid Academics who deny any biological or psychological (let alone theological or philosophical) basis in gender, this is a belief which must be suppressed at all costs. 

      Postmodern Academia aside, the facts are that biological adulthood begins in one's early teens, and so does psychological adulthood. This latter fact is proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, Alfred Adler, Erik Eriksen, and others have done exhaustive studies demonstrating that around the age of 12 years, the human mind becomes capable of abstract reasoning. People at these early ages may lack the experience to make informed choices, but they do not lack the ability to do so; and these so-called 'Magic Numbers' denoting the Age of Majority are just that: magical thinking. They are nothing but legal fictions; and if anyone wishes to argue that teenagers are incapable of taking on adult responsibilities, that speaks more to the defective education of young people today than to their actual abilities. In my own family tree, I had a great-grandfather who was running a successful farm at 17 years old; another who immigrated to America and established himself at 16; a great-grandmother who married at 15 and raised a large brood of children---none of whom became delinquents. It's been done before, and could still be done, if we still had a society that thought before it acted. 

    What about the morality of what Ghislaine Maxwell offered these young women to do? Think about this for a moment. Where were all of the Churches or social services offering them an alternative? "But these young women were vulnerable." Vulnerable because Society failed them. They were offered a high lifestyle among powerful people on a tropical island---how many would choose that over being turned over to the tender mercies of so-called 'Child Protective Services' or the so-called 'Juvenile Justice System?' Whatever 'exploitation' they allegedly experienced on Epstein Island was probably mild compared to the abuse that our social workers, courts, and public schools regularly inflict. Thanks also to our 'laws', more legitimate opportunities like marriage or employment were completely closed to them. Those who believe there was some 'justice' in the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict should come forward and explain to us exactly how these young victims would have been better off; or what exactly this verdict actually accomplished. 

    The fact is that convicting Ghislaine Maxwell didn't accomplish anything except Virtue-Signalling and Scapegoating. Hypocritical Society will go on with its Drag Queen Story Hours, its Pride Parades, and other homosexual grooming of children and the young while driving its jackboot into the throats of anyone who dares question that settled science or defies the social dogma that is postmodern paedohysteria. And it will also go forward churning out generations of sexually dysphoric neurotics and the future social price that we will pay for this is going to be a heavy one. 




Tuesday, December 28, 2021


       The situation in Europe right now is becoming increasingly desperate. A few years ago, Soros-backed interests bribed leaders of the European Union to take in more refugees from Africa and Asia than those countries could reasonably care for. Then came the Scamdemic which economically crippled the region. The presidents of several EU countries responded with brutal and inhumane "emergency measures" which have only intensified. The populations of the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, and Greece are on the verge of open revolt, which---if that were to happen---would likely spill over into France, Spain, and Italy where the NWO despots are thoroughly hated. Rigged elections in Norway and Germany have led to the installation of de facto permanent Leftist regimes. 

     Toward the end of this year, NATO countries---mostly the US, Canada, and Britain have been doing their best to push Europe into armed conflict with Russia. There's even considerable reckless talk from Western politicians and pundits about Atomic weapons being deployed. Germany and several other countries have suspended gas purchases from Russia and purchased more American and Canadian shipments despite the higher cost to their already burdened populations. 

    The current crisis has come about because of continual lying from Western Oligarchies which promised not to expand NATO eastward. As can be seen from the map, the promises have been routinely broken. A turning point came late in Obama's term when a Color Revolution in Ukraine split the country. Crimea was annexed to Russia and the Russians have been giving aid to the Freedom Fighters who've established a breakaway region in East Ukraine. The Elites have attempted two Color Revolutions in Belarus which have failed. The NWO Regime is pushing NATO to expand to include Sweden, Finland, and West Ukraine, which would give the NATO Bloc an almost solid militarized line on the Western Russian Border. 

   The Russian Government has drawn a sharp line in the sand concerning these proposals; and we shouldn't forget that they are not adverse to backing up their demands. In 2007 they drove Bush's and Soros' henchmen out of Georgia; they humiliated Obama in Syria---and then a year later foiled the Oligarchs' hegemonic plans in Ukraine. Ukraine is an especially dangerous position right now. The Revolutionaries who took over that country are complete maniacs who believe that Crimea and East Ukraine should be taken back by force. They actually believe that Ukraine will emerge as a superpower if WW3 breaks out. It's obvious that these people are mentally unstable and could easily plunge Europe into the kinds of bloodbaths that spread across the continent during the first half of the 20th Century. 

    It should be obvious that NATO is not going to win a ground war in Europe against the Russian Army. The Governments and populations of several countries are more pro-Russian than they are pro-NATO. Most NATO member states in Europe have antagonized their populations to the point where they will get little support---plus they are teeming with refugees who can't be relied upon. Public support for another World War in Europe is miniscule to say the least. So why is this happening? 

  The answer probably lies in an event mostly ignored by the Western MSM. Shortly after the Junta's sudden surrender withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Austin, and an assortment of other top-level goons met in London with the British Royal Family and the thugs running Australia to agree to a new defense treaty known as AUKUS. This meeting was characterized by Australia scrapping a submarine deal with France in favor of American hardware---as well as some colorful statements by Nancy Pelosi expounding enthusiastically upon the theories of Klaus Schwab, AUKUS should have sent a signal to NATO and the EU that the New World Order doesn't really much room in it for Europe. A war and a massive NATO defeat would bankrupt Europe and throw the continent into chaos---it would also eliminate a lot of competition for British and North American interests. And it would create another 'State of Emergency' here at home; while draining Russia---the NWO's other enemy---of resources. 

    It's also quite noteworthy that a number of European firms in the WEF are headquartered in Switzerland---which is not a NATO member. These Corporations who now run the governments of the English-speaking world like efficiency. A union of the English-speaking world is far more efficient than trying to support cross-cultural economies, and continental Europe is a good start for their depopulation schemes. True, Switzerland is not an English-speaking country, but it's a natural fortress from which the Elites can manage their colonies easily. AUKUS is the new 'Big Three' with other smaller satellites like Canada, New Zealand, and Israel begging for a slice of the confederation.

   In short, NATO and the European Union in general have become expendable. The US, Canada, and Britain are NATO members willing to sacrifice the organization to build a new union excluding the others. At this point, even if NATO backs down to Russia, the Elites can use the excuse of 'NATO weakness' to lobby for its dissolution. 


   Hopefully, the people of Europe see that they are not only being used for the gain of foreign interests; they are considered by these Corporate interests to be only another unprofitable subsidiary (like Afghanistan) and discarded. Here in the United States, we let them get away with this during the 1990s when we watched American workers sacrificed for outsourcing; this trend has grown into sacrificing entire countries as Economic Imperialism expanded. Now they're on to discarding whole economic zones in their quest for world power. French President Emmanuel Macron, whose government was shafted hardest by the AUKUS Treaty saw the handwriting on the wall before the Scamdemic started. "I 
urge Europe to start thinking of itself as a geopolitical power to ensure it remains in control of its destiny...The alliance only works if the guarantor of last resort functions as such. I'd argue that we should reassess the reality of what Nato is in the light of the commitment of the United States". Macron has been under pressure to pull out of NATO largely because of the continued contempt shown French interests led by Anglosphere nations. France, however, is deeply divided country on political issues and its position as a global power has been marginalized for years. Whether France can lead a pushback against AUKUS/NWO imperialism is debatable though there appears to be a growing plurality of Frenchmen supportive of doing so. 

   Europe is basically suffering from the same problem that Anglo-American Conservatives have. For the last several years, the Cultural Marxist Long March has continued unabated because Conservatives here and politicians abroad have chosen to look the other way and to go along to get along for the sake of temporary economic or political advantage. Then one day, they've begun to notice that their enemies are holding all the cards and are about ready to cash in the chips. 




Thursday, December 23, 2021


     While the Mainstream Media is busily instilling in Americans a Yuletide spirit of the cheerless gloom that their Masters behind the Great Reset hope to make the New Normal, we've managed now to make it to a second Christmas since the Putsch. Most Americans have already forgotten the spectacular Christmas pageants held at the White House during the last Administration's term, even though it was less than five years ago. 

     But Americans preferred going back to their lives of drug-fueled drama, mass-hysteria, and internacine hatred and so, the first Christmas of the New Order is marked by relatives turning away family over the Loyalty Vaxx, artificial price inflation, and fake shortages and incessant scoldings from the Intelligentsia. The Junta kicked off the celebration of the most famous Birth in history by approving over-the-counter abortion pills. They've been celebrating the Advent of the Prince of Peace by threatening atomic war. Meanwhile both the nominal Head-of-State and his surrogates have been encouraging further division and segregation based on one's loyalty to the State; and the Pentagon is advocating turning its weaponry on American Nationals. Millions of Americans are facing job loss as the purges begin ramping up. The cities of Chicago, New York, and Washington announced this week even more repressive curfews and home detentions. 

    Not to be outdone, the rest of the Anglosphere and their satraps in the EU have been accelerating their repressive measures. Despite things like bringing back Secret Police Forces to enforce mass-segregation of the Disloyal and unleashing brutal suppression of protests, the EU has sent their official Goodwill Ambassador Riccardo Simonetti to promote the new spirit of the Christmas Season.

    Which is why I say that we who live in so-called 'Western Democracies' should make the most of this year's Christmas Festivities, because at this rate we're unlikely to have too many more future opportunities to do so. 

    Meanwhile, though, it's not all doom and gloom because some countries and cultures still respect Christmas. 





   But let's not forget, we are the 'Exceptional Ones.' 

     Spite all of these jerks: have a mask-free, friendly, and fun celebration with a good dinner and lots of presents and decorations. Christmas stands for Peace and Joy and everything else the Elites hate.