Monday, June 5, 2023


     The Northshore School District in SE Snohomish County, Washington announced this weekend that two of its elementary school principals, Michael and Meghan Griffin (husband and wife) were put paid administrative leave after a rather embarrassing incident at a local QFC Supermarket. The incident happened on April 30th; but apparently just now leaked to the press, causing the School District to admit that Michael Griffin had been suspended since May 9th and his wife since May 30th. 

    So, according to the police report, Michael Griffin began flipping out at the Redmond QFC, screaming at patrons and making threatening gestures. Police subdued him after a brief scuffle where Griffin allegedly accused the other patrons of being spies who were planning to kill him and kidnap his wife while disguised as Amazon employees. He even indicated an Amazon delivery truck outside; but unfortunately for him, the police didn't believe his story---especially after a search revealed that Griffin was in possession of Cocaine and a loaded Glock-19 semi-automatic handgun. The school administrator unceremoniously was dragged out of the store, making obscene gestures and screaming accusations at the shocked crowd before being hauled to the Psych Ward. 

   Police also located Mrs. Griffin in the store. She told them that Michael "was paranoid she was having an affair with an old college friend and had become increasingly aggressive over the last month." She admitted to the police that they both were regular Cocaine users.

    Oh well. At they represent diversity. The Griffins draw down a combined $360,000 from the bloated Northshore academic bureaucracy; a District which recently complained about having to make drastic budget cuts after a $21 million shortfall. About 22,000 children and teenagers are sent by their parents to that rathole---frankly, though if I were one, I might ask why so much money is wasted on parasites like these who contribute nothing to the school actually functioning. Another might be who hired these two dorks, and why did the school take so long to admit to taking action against the Griffins? Recall that the incident happened on April 30th, and Meghan Griffin admitted that Michael had been acting 'paranoid' for months; and his brother later told police that he had been worried about Michael's "deteriorating mental state." 

   The inference here is that the School knew about this for some time, but didn't act until they feared exposure; or more likely feared legal liability in case Michael had another such episode with Coke and a Glock around small children. American parents typically will tolerate a lot; but their attitudes can change quickly when a fat lawsuit looks promising.

   I suspect that the Administration's attitude is simply 'The Birds of a Feather' Syndrome. Given the known characters of most public school administrators, such behavior probably didn't seem to them as all that unusual; but they had to take necessary precautions to protect their own interests. The question of why parents would turn their kids over to the care of such degenerates: well, that's another matter. It's an even more interesting question considering that Bothell, Washington---where the Northshore District is located---is about a 50% 'Red' voting area

   The Griffins were suspended for the 'rest of the school year' which ends on June 23rd anyway. The Summer Break will give apathetic parents time to forget the whole thing and go back into denial, while the School Administration goes on just being themselves. 



Sunday, June 4, 2023


   Just as we predicted here about two months ago, these widespread consumer boycotts of corporations like Bud Light and Target have had little to no effect in slowing down the Oligarchy's push to mainstream the gender fluid/transhumanist agenda. If the daily news-feed that we're seeing is any indication; companies pushing the agenda with troon spokes-xhes (including Dylan Mulvaney) are sprouting up across the commercial landscape like toxic mushrooms do in a dying ecosystem.

   This reason that this is happening can be illustrated best by talking to some of the well-meaning folks engaged in these boycotts. They'll tell you that Bud Light has lost billions of dollars: I point out to them that the brand they've switched to is made by the same company. Or, others who've gone completely out of the Budweiser conglomerate's reach, I point out to them that the same financial cartels dominating Bud stock dominates these other breweries as well. When literally trillions of dollars are in the hands of criminals and fanatics, a billion here or there is not a great loss. 

  As an further example, take the recent 'Budget Deal' between the nominal Head-of-State and his Rump Congress. $1.3 trillion US dollars is what they want to spend. Now Bud Light and Target have lost a combined total of around $25 billion. Does anyone suppose that, if $25 billion of that budget was 'misappropriated', either Biden or McCarthy would raise any fuss over that? $25 billion is chump change to these people. And in the case of the supranational globalist Oligarchy, we're talking a lot more than a mere $1.3 trillion as well. 


      We've also been treated to the ridiculous spectacle of seeing the Gay Mafia engaging in counter-boycotts: going after 'woke' businesses who succumb to pressure from pro-family protests. It's made that whole Theater of the Absurd that Beatniks used to promote back in the 50s sound quite sensible and rational. The Mid-Century too, among more mainstream society, held June as the Wedding Month. A lot of young women then finished High School or College in May and were on their way to starting new careers as homemakers. Today, the 2020s have seen record bankruptcies in the wedding industry; and of course multiple lawsuits against any caterer who dares hold the quaint belief that marriage is something that only happens between opposite sexes. June is now designated Pride Month with all of the disgraceful spectacles accompanying that designation. Colonies of the WEF Nations further along in implementing the New World Order than the US have even criminalized defense of marriage to a greater extent than we have. 

   Pundits have tried to blame the lack of normal sexual interest on the Scamdemic. Of course, aggressive propaganda, unequal discrimination laws, and a depopulation agenda couldn't possibly be responsible for any of it. 

       We should consider that long ago, that when men who were away from women for a long time (e.g. soldiers on leave from the fort, sailors coming back from extended sea duties, cowboys finishing a long cattle-drive, etc.) were on their way to town, local officials used to pass along an informal "hide your daughters" warning to the residents. (A few daughters also figured out ways to sneak out of the house, too, but we digress 😇). The point here being that even if the Scamdemic had any actual impact on marriage numbers, it should have driven them up instead of down once Martial Law the restrictions had been lifted. 

    The whole 'homo equality' nonsense gets a lot of publicity; but the Oligarchs are driving agendas besides that one and imposing them with little or no resistance. And, as the boycotts and the earlier anti-Scamdemic protests show, they are proceeding with them with no regard to public opinion. This leads us to have to contemplate an even bigger problem.

   The United States Government, at all levels, is premised upon popular sovereignty. Inalienable Rights are specifically mentioned in our Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights amended to our Constitution spells out the what these inalienable Rights are. Our laws are premised upon the ideal of self-government to varying degrees within a system of Checks-and-Balances. 

   As we look at our history, it has been one largely marked by defending Liberty against Tyranny (despite what postmodern revisionists say). We had the pro-British Tories to deal with from the War of Independence to the War of 1812; an anti-Free Market slaveholding aristocracy to deal with until 1865; a powerful Corporatocracy to contend with until 1933; and Globalist totalitarian movements throughout WW2 and the Cold War. 

   For some reason, though, it seems that at the end of the Cold War Americans had simply given up. One by one, our freedoms evaporated and along with them our Quality of Life and character. Popular culture has reflected this. Since the 1990s, the media has been one constant stream of pessimism: apocalypses, dystopias, Nihilism, transhumanism, Narcissism, senseless violence, cynicism, moral relativism, atheism and Scientism run rife through the cultural venues---liberally punctuated with appeals to escapism through drugs or cults; while the so-called news media feeds us a steady diet of paranoia, propaganda, and disaster. Our political class rides the same bandwagon; telling us outright lies like having only a decade to fix Climate Change; doubling-down for the next Scamdemic; or how our nation won't survive another term of whichever Party is the incumbent one; etc., etc. 

  With these facts in mind, we have to start facing the uncomfortable question as to whether or not Self-Government is actually viable any longer. That, of course, immediately adduces the follow-up question: What would replace it? There are a lot of answers to that question: none of which sound especially appealing. 

   Evading the issue though isn't going to make it go away. It's a serious issue now that needs to be faced throughout the English-speaking world. 


Tuesday, May 30, 2023


        Today in the newsfeed, there was an article in the National Review stating that the GOP State Legislature in Montana actually did something right for a change and passed a comprehensive ban on so-called Drag Queen Story Hours. I realize that it should have been done about ten years ago, but the Legislature's sudden surprising spasm of Manhood deserves some recognition.

     The bizarre phenomenon known as 'Drag Queen Story Hours' began in the mid-2010s along with the Deep State's Obama Administration's push for homo 'equality.' Some medical doctors warned that normalizing such behavior could lead to a rise in Sexually-Transmitted diseases. They were run out of the system and the AIDS Epidemic suddenly disappeared from the front pages, and has become something of a Third Rail Topic in that it's considered "unsuitable for any kind of public or academic debate and where offenders are at risk of (usually unspecified) serious adverse consequences." 

    Psychological theories which opposed the New Normal (on the grounds of decades of actual scientific and clinical research) were cancelled and blacklisted too. What's now known as the 'LGBTQ Orientation' was found to be a curable mental illness up until Scientism and NGO dollars changed the definition. The illness itself is characterized by antisocial behavior, the inability to form healthy relationships with the opposite sex, and proclivities towards violence, depression, addiction, and suicide. 

   What's happened during the decade or so since we've embraced the New Normal? Well, among people under 25 (who were brought up under the new attitudes) we have skyrocketing rates of novel STDs, gender dysphoria, violence, depression, addiction, suicides, and a high percentage who have no interest in starting or raising families. The reaction of the Whacko Left Wing has been to double-down and call for more of the same, hoping for a different result. 

   Whenever the Left is confronted with the uncomfortable truth that their settled science isn't working out so well, their knee-jerk reaction is to blame Religious people---Christians in particular. I have to keep from bursting out laughing whenever that gets mentioned. In the Cultural Wars, American churches are about as intimidating as beachfront sand-castles would be to a modern army. It's been said that all churches have three flags: an American flag, a denominational flag, and a White flag that they keep in case of surrender. 

   A case in point came from Pastor Stephen Underwood, leader of the flock at Central Christian Church in Great Falls, Montana. Reverend Underwood wrote a furious editorial in the Daily Montanan defending Drag Queen Story Hours (yes you read that correctly). He actually claims that the prophets of the Old Testament would approve of such spectacles if they were alive today.

       Let's examine some of Underwood's reasoning on this topic. He says: "When I asked my senator if he had ever attended a drag show, he told me that he had not, which I imagine is true of most of the people backing the bill." Typically, that's about as deep an argument as most on the Left need to hear. It's about like a few knee-jerk types on the Right who claim that one can't criticize the Military unless they've 'served.' Fortunately, he does go into some deeper discussion:

     "These bills mischaracterize drag as inherently sexual in nature, 'appealing to prurient interest.'" and then goes on to note that if the Legislators would enlighten themselves by attending Drag events, "they might realize that nine times out of 10, particularly in the case of all-ages shows, drag performers have more in common with clowns and ballerinas than with actual adult entertainment performers."

    Leaving aside for the moment that the promoters of these events openly admit that grooming and sexualizing children are among their stated goals; this pastor is clearly very ignorant of how children develop sexually. Despite what Postmodern Scientism teaches, boys and girls are born with instinctual sexual drives that in normal development first attaches itself the parent of the opposite sex. With their underdeveloped sense of Reason, they go through a period as toddlers where they act out aggressions against the same-sex parent (e.g. 'The Terrible Twos'). They soon realize around the time they begin interacting with other children that, unlike wild beasts, they can't simply kill their mother or father and have the object of their desire to themselves. In normal development, they soon notice other males and females among their peers and develop 'crushes.' 

    These 'crushes' seldom end in a glorious romance; and this second disappointment the child faces typically results in bonding with peers of the same sex. This is time before the onset of puberty, and is the time when children are most vulnerable to predatory homosexual grooming. We're talking roughly 3rd-6th grade age here. Most homosexuals, it has been found, never progressed psychologically beyond this stage. Clinical studies show (and most of us can actually observe) that most homosexual patients have the emotional maturity of a typical 9 or 10 year-old. 

   Transgenderism typically follows a different trajectory, using manifesting itself in puberty. Without going into too much detail here, the major cause of transgenderism comes from a dysfunctional familial or social dynamic where masculinity is depreciated and femininity unduly celebrated. It really has a closer relationship to OCD than to sexual dysfunction and actually had about a 90+% cure rate when psychiatrists were still allowed to treat it. 

  Comparing drag-queens to clowns and ballerinas is absurd on the face of it. Children are not shocked and confused by seeing such costumes. While they're trying to make sense of their own gender identity, contact with a gender acting completely out of character makes them doubt their own reason because it's obvious---even to children---that males and females are different. 

 Underwood continues: "The real reason they want to ban drag performances from the public sphere is because drag, emblematic of queerness itself, is a threat to entrenched systems of power...Drag is dangerous for that very reason. It points out the farce of rigid black-and-white—or rather, pink-and-blue—thinking and imagines a rainbow of possibility for God’s beloveds. We really are all born naked, and the rest—as Mama Ru says—is drag."

  Thus, after comparing drag queens to clowns, Underwood asserts that gender really isn't defined by much more than what clothes we wear, and then deduces from that premise that God doesn't worry about such things. While I don't think that God considers dressing in a clown suit---or, for that matter a man wearing an expensive suit or a girl in a sleeveless summer dress---as sin; I do believe that God strongly disapproves of wearing disguises to lure impressionable young people and children away from their responsibilities to the opposite sex. In a more enlightened age, such people were known as 'traps'---and with good reason.

  Though I'm not quite sure what Underwood means about "threatening entrenched systems of power" the only logical inference that I can draw from this is that he means the traditional, nuclear family. If so, he shows not only an ignorance of how societies actually function but shows an extremely dangerous train of thought. Threats to the family structure are an uncontroverted threat to society itself. This is why legislators have not only the Right, but the Duty, to suppress threats to the family and to encourage their growth and stability. "Public Safety is the First Law" is the ancient maxim upon which all of our laws---including our Constitution---are premised upon. True, in this century that principle has been abused a lot in the name of 'National Security'---even Montana recently banned TikTok on that pretext---but the idea of 'Free Speech' doesn't apply to the case of Drag Queen Story Hours or Pride Parades. This was decided in 1973, in fact, by the United States Supreme Court:

   “Whether the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest; whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law; and whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value...It is neither realistic nor constitutionally sound to read the First Amendment as requiring that the people of Maine or Mississippi accept public depiction of conduct found tolerable in Las Vegas, or New York City.” 

   Underwood is apparently aware of this difficulty and tries to squirm through it with the sophistry of claiming that drag shows are not only 'works of art' but Biblically-sanctioned as well. "The intersection of artistic expression and social critique terrifies those with vested interests in maintaining authoritarian control." he spouts, "As Bible scholar Walter Brueggemann says in The Prophetic Imagination: 'Every totalitarian regime is frightened of the artist. It is the vocation of the prophet to keep alive the ministry of imagination, to keep on conjuring and proposing futures alternative to the single one the king wants to urge as the only thinkable one.'”

   All of which proves that he is as ignorant of Art as he is of Theology. Aside from his ridiculous interpretation of Hebrew Prophets as "performance artists" he fails to grasp that Art is a product of the Imagination. As R.G. Collingwood (a real philosopher) wrote: "A work of art, like any work of the spirit, must be a complete and coherent whole, systematic through and through, and built upon one consistent principle of unity; but the unity is not the same as that of a philosophical theory or an historical narrative, but is the principle of imagination. A philosophical theory must be capable of being conceived as a whole; an historical narrative of being narrated as a whole---that is, being narrated as true---a work of art, of being imagined as a whole." It's not surprising that someone who thinks that gender is only a matter of clothing would fail to grasp the meaning of Art, or of prophecy for that matter. 

   The troubling thing here vis-a-vis American churches is realizing that Underwood is not some theologian who got his credentials from a shady diploma mill---he holds an M.A. in Divinity from Vanderbilt University, one of America's supposedly 'elite' universities. A specimen of the Theology he apparently learned there reads: "The same people concerned about the psychological damage a child might experience witnessing a man in a colorful dress read a storybook about being kind to people have no problem telling the same child that unless they pledge their eternal servitude to an invisible being who watches their every moment and knows their every thought, they will be tortured for all eternity—out of love." This kind of stupidity hardly needs comment except to say that the Protestants really need to start evaluating the quality of their Divinity schools. Suffice it to say, if this is coming out of Vanderbilt, your churches have a real leadership problem. 

    The State of Montana---at least on this issue---has taken the correct approach. Hopefully, other States will follow suit and enact sensible legislation 


Monday, May 29, 2023


    Today is Memorial Day, which once upon a time was a day to honor US Military veterans and was also a time when Americans launched a sort of unofficial start to the Summer holidays. As the Corporate Media and politicians have been reminding us, only three years ago, the only 'cookouts' going on were waves of rioters burning down retail stores and homes (many of whom have never been compensated); and the only 'honoring' we saw were the soon-to-be-defunded police kneeling in shame in front of the rioters. Even the 'deadly' Coronavirus stopped spreading temporarily to lend its voice to popular wrath. 

    As for our brave xhes in uniform, President Trump could barely scrape together enough such 'heroes' to defend the District of Columbia. Shortly before the crisis, he'd ordered US troops out of Syria---who also defied him and are still there; illegally 'guarding' Syria's oilfields and forcing locals to work them at gunpoint. Where this oil is going, nobody knows. A few months later, the Pentagon went into full mutiny with the Chief of Staff phoning world leaders and telling them not to panic in case he had to overthrow the Commander-in-Chief by force. This was all followed by sham trials where the policemen involved in the incident touching off the riot were convicted in show-trials and are still rotting in prison. The nominal Head-of-State reminded us on Thursday that we should not forget such things. I agree that we shouldn't: albeit for different reasons. 

   The average Ameroboob probably has memory-holed most of it by now, despite it happening less than 36 months ago. But for those inclined to have cookouts, there are plenty of recipes online for Cannabis-infused barbecue sauce and Memorial Day blowout sales for the holidays. As interesting side-note, the unofficial American holiday of April 20th now is the top-selling retail day, surpassing Christmas, Easter, and Valentine's Day. Coincidentally or otherwise, April 20th is also Adolf Hitler's birthday, and Der Fuhrer was a known drug-addict, sexual deviant, vegan, and deeply into New-Age mysticism and enforcing Cancel Culture. Nothing better symbolizes the state of Postmodern America than that. 

   As for actual Memorial Day itself, I confess to having mixed feelings. When we speak of honoring our military veterans, from roughly the time of the War of Independence to the end of the Cold War I can agree that they should be appreciated. Many forefathers served in the wars of those bygone days. When we're talking forward from the 1st Bush Administration, respect for the US Military becomes a little more problematic. 

   When the Soviet Union collapsed, then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney systematically began eliminating military offices and farming them out to no-bid private contractors---a policy that he later greatly accelerated as Vice-President. The Clinton Co-Presidency began a systematic purge of officers to fight "the culture of toxic masculinity"---a policy that was amplified radically under Obama. Trump's 'swamp draining' unfortunately left most of the Pentagon untouched: in fact, under James Mattis, the Pentagon Swamp became more deeply entrenched. Since the Junta assumed power, the general direction of the Military seems to be more ideologically concentrated and bent even further towards a merger between National Defense and as both a global and domestic policing agency.

   The First Bush Administration also set the new direction of the Military---focusing less and less upon actually defending the United States and more and more about the interests of the Deep State and globalist financial and economic cartels. Bush began this transformation even before his infamous New World Order speech on September 11th, 1990. In 1989, Bush executed the invasion of Panama after a failed attempt by the CIA to overthrow the government there. Bush ignored a UN Resolution against the Panama Invasion, illegally deported President Manuel Noriega and tried him before a US kangaroo-court, and blatantly committed numerous war crimes which went unpunished and unreported by the servile Corporate Media.

    This action was basically the template for every other US Military action which has followed since. With the exception of the invasion of Afghanistan in 2002, it's doubtful that a single US military operation since that time had the slightest justification and all of them---including the 20-year Afghan Occupation have been rife with corruption, blatant disregard of International Law, and Crimes Against Humanity. 

    Lest we wish to imagine that the Pentagon has confined its crimes to foreign soil, consider their own admission to using Psyops on Americans, their admission to feeding propaganda into the Mainstream Media, and their use against American citizens during Hurricane Katrina and elsewhere. During the Scamdemic, Governors even deployed National Guardsmen to enforce the curfews and lockdowns. It doesn't seem as though the Postmodern Military is especially disposed to uphold their oaths about "defending the Constitution" very much. 

   Thus Memorial Day---like many other holidays---has become something of a meaningless anachronism. It celebrates an America that was, not what American service-xhes represent in the present zeitgeist. In a nation which has become as divided as ours, a Military packed mostly with public-school products chosen for their ability to follow orders and led by a thoroughly politically-corrected officer corps is not something that one can muster much respect for. The Pentagon essentially is nothing but another captured Federal bureaucracy and not really worthy of much more respect than the SEC, the FDA, the IRS, or any other agency of the Deep State.

  I think that we would better served on day like today that, instead of reflecting on the sacrifices of our forefathers, we instead reflected upon what our Military once was versus what it has become. The Military didn't become a crime-ridden collection of 'woke' goose-steppers overnight. Again, it is another problem of our own making. We've had decades of warnings that our Armed Forces were hotbeds of corruption, that Political Correctness and Wokeness were forcing down recruiting standards, and that wars were being fought with little or no justification. Yet, as usual, we turned a blind-eye to all of it then as we disregard it all now. 



Saturday, May 27, 2023


       Once upon a time here in the Prozac Nation, Memorial Day weekend was the unofficial start of the Summer Season which we all looked forward to with fun activities. These days of course Summers are best known for urban riots over whatever the Outrage of the Week happens to be. Since Memorial Day 2020, the holiday has been altered to the glorious memory of St. George Fentanyl Floyd, the martyrdom of whom to this date have left innocent men rotting in prison and property owners who've never been compensated for the riots which were orchestrated spontaneously broke out. Floyd, it might be recalled, performed the miraculous event of dying three times---according to the Coroner of a Fentanyl overdose and according to the Kangaroo Court trying Derrick Chauvin of both 2nd and 3rd Degree homicide. And some say that postmodern Scientism doesn't perform miracles...

     This Summer is shaping up to be a hot one too: with the Election Cycle farce getting underway; the Media egging on homo violence; and a fake 'Budget Impasse' over how many more trillions of National Debt is going to sell to the Global Financial Elite. June---formerly the month of weddings---is now Pride Month; and Independence Day has been moved to Juneteenth in honor of Critical Race Theory.  Any one of these is a potential flash-point for another False Flag. 

   Some Americans, however, still want to get out in Nature this Summer. To that end, the brilliant staff of Science Editors at the Huffington Post have informed those of us who might venture out onto the seas the most shocking and ground-breaking revelation in Biology since we all learned that gender doesn't really exist. Yes, believe it or not, Orcas are actually dangerous animals which overturn boats and eat people. Apparently, there is a major difference between the actual Ocean and SeaWorld. 

    The problem of Orcas doing these things apparently has Academia, Incorporated stumped, although one might be tempted to attribute it to the high levels of narcotics in the water within their natural habitats. After all, some salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest had to be closed a few years ago because of that very problem. And, in the North Atlantic, where the attacks have been increasing, we have seagulls apparently imitating American city-dwellers and assaulting innocent people to get their fix. There are many of us who also believe in a correlation between mass-violence in the United States and narcotic use; but these same scientists dismiss such notions as conspiracy theories. 

    Be that as it may, in 1965 G.L. Herter, now a Dead White Male and CEO of a now-defunct sporting-goods company, published a manual for professional hunters and guides. The following article appeared under the title The Most Dangerous Big Game Animal in the World:

     "The Killer Whale, or Orca, is considered by those who know not only the hardest big game trophy to get but by far is the most dangerous. The trophy on this animal is the lower jawbone with teeth in it. To take out a small boat from 14-16 feet long and go kill an Orca with a rifle really separates men from boys. The Killer Whale just naturally has a bad disposition and is afraid of nothing. He will attack much larger whales with no fear at all and will literally tear them to pieces. They attack sharks, swordfish, and walruses whenever they feel like it. They will attack a small boat, tip out its occupants and eat them with relish. Harpooners in small boats keep away from them entirely."

     In the latter part of the 20th Century, that category of activists whom the late Rush Limbaugh accurately described as environmentalist whackos undertook a campaign to polish the Orca's image. God only knows how many people's deaths they've been responsible for by luring them out into the midst of such dangerous creatures. 

    The City of Seattle adopted the Orca as an unofficial mascot. For those familiar with the kinds of people inhabiting Seattle, the choice of totem that "naturally has a bad disposition," randomly attacks others for no reason at all, and is avoided by productive working people actually seems appropriate. Orcas and Seattlites seem in many ways to be kindred spirits---down to, and including, playing the victim card for PR firms. 

    When it comes to understanding how Nature actually works, it is truly a wonder that more Americans don't become casualties when coming in contact with it. Our postmodern schools and media manufactures morons. Back in the time when organizations like the Boy Scouts meant something different than scouting for boys, young men were exposed to the forces of Nature and learned some respect for it. Over the years, I've seen videos on Youtube---invariably produced by someone of the Millennial or Zoomer age-range--- that contain some of the most stupidly suicidal activities in the environment imaginable. 

   I've seen videos of people getting out of their cars---with their kids no less---because they spotted a family of bears off in the distance. There they are swooning and taking snapchats: blissfully ignorant of the fact that bears are completely unpredictable and that they automatically go into 'flight or fight' mode if even slightly spooked. In the case of mother bears with cubs, 99% of the time, fight-mode comes up and she can cover the length of a football field in about 5-6 seconds when really pressed. 

  I watched another with two dorks who were going to search an abandoned building at night. This place was in bayou country and the area around it had recently flooded. These two dorks waded over a mile in the dark, totally oblivious to the sinkholes and fallen objects underwater which they couldn't see. That, and the fact that alligators often visit these flooded areas to feed at night, as do poisonous snakes. 

  Another pair of geniuses decided to go into a cave which someone had posted a warning sign near. They first thing they saw upon entering was a pile of animal bones: which is a sure sign that one should make a beeline in the opposite direction. The inhabitant of such a cave is highly unlikely to be friendly-disposed to intruders. Nonetheless, Millennial-Man and Zoomer-Boy were undeterred. As they went deeper inside, they heard 'rustling' and 'what sounded like growls'. Their cameras picked up a shadow moving further back and they decided to leave. The shadow looked to me like that of a very large bobcat---if they'd pressed on and cornered that with its back to the wall, they would have gotten a serious reality-check. 

   On a more humorous note, I did watch one video where these campers at night kept finding these mysterious brown pellets around and were picking them up and showing them to the camera. Apparently, they'd never seen deer manure before. 

      It's wise to be prepared when out in Nature, but when ignorance and hubris are brought into the picture, such people are a danger to themselves and others. It never bothered me to take an inexperienced girlfriend or young boy outdoors; they had a natural and healthy fear of the unknown. The know-it-alls, the show-offs, the types who've had 'green' ideology stuffed into their heads: these types should be avoided because they're disasters looking for a place to happen. 

    In other words, Nature is for those who have some elementary connection with Reality. Being out in Nature is a rewarding experience; but don't go swimming with Orcas or wading through swamps at night. Such things might make for viral Youtube videos, but the last in the series is likely to feature some creature's bared teeth before everything goes blank. In this world, lions don't lie down with lambs just yet. 


Thursday, May 25, 2023


     Well, yesterday we all heard that Jeb Bush's hand-picked successor to the Florida Governorship announced a run for the White House. I had deja vu all day, remembering the RNC coronation-parties of 1992 and 2000. Those farces were designed to keep Reaganite populists out of the running; just like DeSantis is being propped up to marginalize Trumpian populism. To anybody who remembers the Bush Machine's policies and electoral tactics, I don't know why this actually needs explaining; but to the pot-soaked attention-spans of 21st Century Americans---to whom anything that happened before 2020 is about as ancient as what happened before Noah's Flood---apparently, it does. 

    The 2000 GOP Primaries fielded a wide range of Conservative candidates: Pat Buchanan, Jack Kemp, Dan Quayle, Alan Keyes, Steve Forbes, and John McCain. The Clinton Co-Presidency was term limited that year, and GOP voters were disgusted with the "Cave-In Congress" that our first modern 'Red Wave' brought us in 1994. It was widely believed that we needed an Executive committed to the Constitution who would at least motivate Congress to fight for the Reagan Legacy and policies, which Bush and Clinton had done their best to unravel.

   The Controlled Opposition Media and the Bush Machine went to work. Squawking that "we can't win on social issues" and that we had "to stop the Clinton Agenda at all costs," (despite slavishly going along with that Agenda for six years), they began beating the drums to draft then Texas Governor George Bush Jr. Astroturf campaigns came out---we know how the story ends. 2024 is being primed the same way. 

   By now, anybody should understand that US Elections on the national level are merely staged events to sow division and create the illusion of choice. Occasionally, the Oligarchy miscalculates like it did in 2016. But overall it's really a matter of indifference to the US Deep State which candidate wins because they own both Parties and look upon things like US Presidents in the same light that Corporate Boards look upon middle-managers. Ron DeSantis is cut from exactly that same mold. Besides being a product of the Bush Machine, DeSantis' background saw his rise to power come from Harvard Law School and the US Navy's Judge Advocate General's Department: both notorious Deep State recruiting grounds. In Congress, DeSantis was closely allied with Establishment obstructionist Paul Ryan---who is rumored to be among DeSantis' Presidential campaign managers.


      It ought to be telling that DeSantis announced his candidacy with the blessings of two globalist billionaires: Elon Musk and David O. Sacks. Musk, we've exposed here and on several other occasions. Musk's most recent move of course was appointing a WEF official to head Twitter. Sacks was one of the co-founders of PayPal---one of the WEF's Top 100 Strategic Partners. In 2017, Sacks founded 'angel investment' fund Craft Ventures. Some recipients of Craft Ventures' cash include Facebook (WEF); Uber (WEF); Palantir Technologies (WEF); AirBNB (WEF); and SpaceX. Like Musk, Sacks is part of the shady Silicon Valley circle hovering around billionaire Peter Thiel. DeSantis' largest (known) private donor is billionaire real-estate and aerospace mogul Bob Bigelow, who is an even bigger crackpot than Musk or Sacks. 

    It's no argument to claim that much of what DeSantis has said and done is (at least superficially) at variance with the Deep State/Globalist goals. Most of what he has said and done hasn't accomplished much of anything except to own the Libtards in the public spotlight while maintaining the Status Quo. Before he shifted on the Scamdemic, DeSantis was a brutal lockdown tyrant who abused his 'Emergency Powers' to include things like padlocking churches and arresting ministers. DeSantis even threatened to send the State military to seal the border with Georgia after Governor Kemp lifted the restrictions. Since DeSantis' 180 on COVID, not one of his 'reforms' has dismantled the Emergency Powers provisions. In fact, DeSantis declared another 'State of Emergency' over immigration. He's since threatened to close churches and arrest ministers who help immigrants, and has deployed the military to guard Florida's borders. 

   His feuds with Disney and the Florida Education Establishment have been just as hypocritical. All of DeSantis' speeches and policies seem to have that same kind of double-edge to them; he seems perfectly content with the present system but merely wants a different management and focus. This is at complete variance with a real Conservative approach as we saw with Reagan and Trump. Their focus was on 'draining the swamp', making Government accountable to the people. Reagan enforced antitrust laws and Trump fined, sanctioned, and jailed Corporate criminals. 

  DeSantis' character also evinces a troubling streak of fanaticism, with an accompanying ruthlessness. During his pro-lockdown days, he was positively thuggish in his enforcement measures against dissenters; since he switched sides, he's shown no mercy to the very people who followed his own orders but remained 'true believers.' He's also promoted using agencies like Child Protective Services against parents who believe in the whole 'pride business.' While I do believe that many lockdown proponents should be put on trial for their actions during the Scamdemic; and that children and even legal minors should be protected from homo propaganda, using government stormtroopers and secret tribunals to enforce such policies is off the table, as far as I'm concerned.


     As one of DeSantis' opponents summed it up: "Everything he's done as Governor boils down to him being an attention whore. He jumps into every single major culture war topic of the day, like a YouTuber or streamer chasing trends, so he can stay relevant to the news cycle and remind people he still exists. He wants to flex his power as governor, he wants to be the next strongman, and he wants to model his "imperial governorship" for a future imperial presidency."

    We do not need a Right-Wing version of Justin Trudeau or Emmanuel Macron in the United States. What a man like this would do with atomic weapons and the whole US Police/Surveillance State apparatus at his disposal ought to make people pause and think. We're not arguing, of course, that the Biden/Harris Junta doesn't need to be stopped; but think back to 2000. Yes, the Clintons were hostile to Liberty, committed many crimes under the Color of Office, and enacted many unconstitutional and illegal programs. But it's doubtful that anyone will argue that the successor Bush Administration didn't do more damage than the entire decade of the 1990s combined. Sadly, though, it seems that Conservatives learn nothing from history. 


Thursday, May 18, 2023


    During the last three years, and the last 18 or so months especially, I have become increasingly disillusioned with what passes for a 'Conservative' movement in the United States. We're seeing less and less distinction between Right and Left every day, it seems. True, since Bush Sr.'s day, we've had to deal with Neocons and RINOs; but at least there was an actual populist Conservative faction that would stand up to them on occasion---finally this bore some fruit when President Trump was elected. 

   After Trump was overthrown in 2020, we've seen a new movement brewing on the Right. The "New Right", "Christian Nationalism" various other names are applied to it, but it's simply a more mainstreamed version of the "Alt-Right" that was around in the 2010s. The Neocon wing of the GOP has adopted this new way of thinking because they see it as a 'winning strategy.' We've always referred to the Alt-Right as Alt-RINOs, because---like the Neocons---they're simply reactionary Liberals. That is how they've been able to join forces despite their superficial differences. Take an example like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis; who talks and behaves like a stereotypical Alt-Right, Red-Pilled manly Alpha leader while raking in millions in contributions from pro-Establishment jugheads connected with people like the Bush Machine and the Koch Family. 

   Starting with the 2021 Midterms, but really accelerating in 2022, we saw this new philosophy really gaining momentum. It seems like every day there's some new story about some based politician doing something as bad as---or worse than---what we've come to expect from the Whacko Left. This behavior isn't being condemned; it's being praised effusively all across the Internet. Just yesterday, the Republican Governor of Montana signed a Bill banning Tik-Tok statewide. Since when did Cancel Culture, Deplatforming, Censorship, and blatant interference with the Free Market become Conservative values? Of course, Governor Gianforte is an Alt-RINO scumbag from way back; even before he became governor we profiled his attitudes towards free speech and freedom of the press here. Note that back in 2017, we called him part of the 'fringe;' today he's a State Governor, which ought to show us all that this Party has moved in a decidedly unwholesome direction. 

   All throughout 2020/21, we heard the Whacko Left seriously suggesting that those who refuse the Loyalty Vaxx should be frozen out of society; including literally being ejected from it through mass-deportations. Not a few months later, the same targets of this Liberal venom were celebrating governors who stuffed immigrants onto buses and drove them for two days with no provisions and dumped them in snowdrifts. Victor Davis Hanson---one of those who passes on the Postmodern Right as a great intellectual---opined that it was "a teachable moment for pro-immigration Liberals" as if the displacement and maltreatment of a few hundred human beings was something incidental to the whole story. It should also be noted that in 2022, not a single Republican Governor who participated in the aforementioned Scamdemic lockdowns lost his seat as a result. 

   Hanson was back in form the other day, howling his usual jeremiads, this time over the controversy surrounding the downfall of GOP Congressman George Santos. The upshot of Hanson's wailings---which is being echoed all throughout the Controlled Opposition media---is that it's so unfair and so outrageous that the Left gets a free pass when they get caught doing scummy things. Maybe a genuine Conservative approach would be to note that Santos came from a local Party machine that previously gave us such sterling figures as Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, and maybe our side should start vetting its candidates a little better instead of giving knee-jerk support to anybody who posts an 'R' after his name. 

   But, of course, that would be the Conservative approach: standing up like men, owning up that we made a mistake, and tossing Santos out of Congress and into jail where he belongs. But that was yesterday's Conservative approach. 


    Paul Gottfried, another product of Conservative, Inc Academia has penned a very pragmatic article warning of The Mad Delusion of Overscrupulous Republicans. According to this self-described "philosopher, historian, and columnist," we shouldn't be too hasty "piling on to their doomed foot soldier," and that "These legislators shouldn’t allow themselves to be diverted from their work by those who urge them to exhibit 'good manners.'" Gottfried argues that, in spite of Santos' "misdeeds and blunders" the Gentleman from New York "is still serving our needs, and the only reason the opposition is screaming against him in hypocritical rage is their hope of reducing the slim Republican majority in the House to the point where it becomes unworkable." 

   So, let's have a look at the 13-Count Federal Indictment to see what a few 'blunders and misdeeds' actually looks like:

  "A 13-count indictment was unsealed today in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York charging George Anthony Devolder Santos, better known as “George Santos,” a United States Congressman representing the Third District of New York, with seven counts of wire fraud, three counts of money laundering, one count of theft of public funds, and two counts of making materially false statements to the House of Representatives...

  "Beginning in September 2022, during his successful campaign for Congress, Santos operated a limited liability company (Company #1) through which he allegedly defrauded prospective political supporters.  Santos enlisted a Queens-based political consultant (Person #1) to communicate with prospective donors on Santos’s behalf.  Santos allegedly directed Person #1 to falsely tell donors that, among other things, their money would be used to help elect Santos to the House, including by purchasing television advertisements. In reliance on these false statements, two donors (Contributor #1 and Contributor #2) each transferred $25,000 to Company #1’s bank account, which Santos controlled. As alleged in the indictment, shortly after the funds were received into Company #1’s bank account, the money was transferred into Santos’s personal bank accounts—in one instance laundered through two of Santos’s personal accounts.  Santos allegedly then used much of that money for personal expenses.  Among other things, Santos allegedly used the funds to make personal purchases (including of designer clothing), to withdraw cash, to discharge personal debts, and to transfer money to his associates...

   "In mid-June 2020, although he was employed and was not eligible for unemployment benefits, Santos applied for government assistance through the New York State Department of Labor, allegedly claiming falsely to have been unemployed since March 2020.  From that point until April 2021—when Santos was working and receiving a salary on a near-continuous basis and during his unsuccessful run for Congress—he falsely affirmed each week that he was eligible for unemployment benefits when he was not.  As a result, Santos allegedly fraudulently received more than $24,000 in unemployment insurance benefits."

   This gives a whole new meaning to the term 'cheap politician.' Santos is facing 20 years in the Pen for swiping about $80,000...still a lot of money, but it averages out to $4,000 a year: about a third of what an SSI recipient gets. And he'll have to pay it all back on top of it. 

   Nevertheless, Gottfried's brilliant solution to all of this is offering the Democrats an exchange: swapping one of their corrupt members for Santos' resignation. (Like that's really going to happen). His hands are thrown up in pious horror that, in case of impeachment, Santos' Seat "would most certainly fall to a very left-leaning Democrat," and rhetorically asks "Do our GOP moralists, including pecksniffian critics in the GOP, believe Santos should resign in favor of this likely successor?"

   The answer is no: Santos should resign and the dunderheads in the RNC should do some productive work for a change and replace him with a better candidate. It's not 'a certainty' that a woke Democrat would win; Santos won it himself after all. It hardly gains the Conservative Movement any credibility to spout off about their commitment to 'The Rule of Law' then start circling the wagons around crooks and playing the Victim Card about how "Democrats do it too!" 

  Doesn't right or wrong mean anything to this Party any more? Or have we become like the Left to the point where political correctness is the lens through which everything is examined? I probably agree with Bruce Jenner politically on most issues: that certainly doesn't mean we should support troons as our representatives and spokesmen. 

    Arguments and evasions like those proposed by Hanson and Gottfried aren't fooling anybody; they make us hypocrites and buffoons. Worse still, politicians like Santos, Gianforte, and DeSantis make us dangerous hypocrites and buffoons. As Vox Day, one of the godfathers of the Alt-RINOs said, "We are the Alt-Right and both the Left and the Cucks are terrified of us, because unlike the Cucks and Cons, we are trash that not only punches back, but punches back twice as hard." It may be so; but very few of us oppose Postmodern Neo-Liberalism because we're not getting hit hard enough. 

    We've got to be better than this. We need to win people with Faith and Reason; offering workable solutions to real problems that will benefit everyone instead of mimeographing Democrat extremism and overreach. We need to drop this ridiculous 'Alpha' posturing and start acting like men instead of a bunch of elementary school boys arguing about whose dad can beat up the other kid's dad. That's not how you run a Government.