Thursday, March 4, 2021


      So, it seems that the Junta's emissaries to China met with a rather embarrassing reception in Beijing last week. Given the sexual orientation of many of the Junta's members, we're not sure at this point how many of them went back for a second test. Ah---the whole incident brings back memories of the Obama days.

   On the subject of swabs, the pirates at the World Economic Forum are at it again. Not satisfied with seizing the United States, Klaus Schwab and his merry-men have set their larcenous sights upon stealing the world's oceans. At Davos recently, they've decided upon a new plan to bring this about. Some academic pinhead associated with the University of California at Santa Barbara and a stooge of Tech/Media Oligarch Marc Benioff,  has given the world a 10-point program. 

1. Freeze the warming. Stopping climate change is the hardest but most important step we can take for ocean health. It is good news to have the US back in the Paris Agreement.

2. Walk the talk. We need to make these carbon neutrality commitments real. This will require massive new investment in renewable energy sources, including some more experimental solutions (such as fusion), plus potentially looking with open minds into making older low-carbon energy solutions safer and more viable (such as traditional nuclear). We need to fast-track the development of sustainable low-emission batteries to store this energy intelligently across our grids. This includes major needs for marine energy infrastructure. A future, for example, with electrified ports and low-emission ships would help eliminate the epidemic of deafening ocean noise, address environmental injustices associated with pollution in ports, make oil spills a thing of the past, and significantly reduce oil spills.

3. Blue revolution. The 'green revolution' – a massive ramping up of food production on land in the 1950s – has belatedly reached the sea...The green revolution was sloppily executed, and the first baby steps of the blue revolution have included similar stumbles: chemical pollution, genetic pollution and habitat destruction. But the blue revolution can still clean up its act. Farming in the right places, with the right species, and the right practices could make aquaculture a win for environmental health.

4. 30 x 30. Parks protect some of our most important chunks of nature on land – our Yellowstones and Serengetis. We are vastly behind setting up parks in the sea. We need to follow through on calls to protect 30% of our oceans by 2030.

5. The other 70%. An ocean industrial revolution is beginning. Human industry is growing at exponential rates in the sea. Even if we succeed in protecting 30% of the ocean, we must still intelligently zone and manage this accelerated anthropogenic growth in the majority of our unprotected ocean. 

6. Big cracks in the sea. Most of the ocean belongs to us all. This includes the two-thirds of the ocean in the high seas that lies beyond all nations’ ocean borders and the marine regions surrounding Antarctica. Protection of biodiversity and equitable sharing of resources has slipped through antiquated governance gaps in these international ocean spaces.

7. End plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is the ocean’s new cancer. We need to ban unnecessary plastics and tax other single use plastics, finally making them valuable materials we want to recover and helping to pay for the full cost of their environmental impacts. We need research and tech to prevent plastics from leaking into the sea, to overhaul our recycling systems, and to design economically viable alternatives to plastics.

8. Land. We can help the ocean by first setting a few things right on land...Precision agriculture that optimizes fertilizer use, coupled with other farming reform practices can help.

9. Wired ocean. We need more ocean data. This includes new tech to detect illegal fishing and connect sustainable fishers to consumers. We need tech to help endangered wildlife co-exist with ocean industry and fleets of environmental sensors above and below the water to better study our rapidly changing ocean.

10. Ocean equity. To build a healthy ocean, we must ensure all people have a fair stake in its success and that they are no longer unevenly harmed by ocean health risks. The fate of the ocean will affect people in all communities. Thus, we need people from all communities in ocean science, management, and policy.

     It needs to be stressed, of course, that nobody elected this dork or his bosses, Schwab and Benioff, to do anything. The arrogance and hubris of these WEF slime is truly amazing. He admits in #9 that the oceans need further research to understand how they operate---and spends nine more paragraphs telling us how experts like himself should be dictators over the seas and how they're used.

    The WEF Oligarchs have been asserting---with no proof whatsoever---that "unless we act now, the oceans could become extinct in x-number of years!" They are especially obsessed with plastic waste, which they imagine will destroy all marine life. All of their predictions of imminent ecological disaster have been proven hoaxes for the last 50 years, but this doesn't stop anybody from falling for the new ones. 

     All of these proposals---just coincidentally we're sure---would redound to great profit for agribusiness and shipping monopolies. Especially the part about blockading 30% of the entire waterways and heavily regulating the other 70%. It should be obvious even to NPC's who believe all of this 'green' nonsense that only the big port controllers and fisheries will be allowed to operate within these zones. Not to mention the smuggling and human-trafficking operations these same Elites are widely believed to conduct on the side. 

     The author of these proposals is one Douglas McCauley, a professor of Marine Biology at UCSB. He was formerly a bureaucrat in Obama's National Fish and Wildlife Service. After only two years there---and barely longer out of graduating with a Ph.D---McCauley suddenly found himself a cause celebre in Academia, Inc.. Within just three years, between 2011-2014, he was on the lecture circuit at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Princeton. In 2014, he landed a professorship at UCSB. Then, in 2016, Tech oligarch Marc Benioff dropped a fat payoff donation in McCauley's lap---which he subsequently used to establish the Benioff Ocean Initiative. 

    Aside from the obvious Conflict of Interest here, anyone familiar with the internal machinations of postmodern Academia has to arch their eyebrows a bit at McCauley's meteoric rise. It's not that unusual for a Ph.D to graduate and get a position with the U.S. Government. It is however a bit phenomenal to climb from there to heading a fully-funded department and getting 85 articles published; along with hobnobbing with high officials at the U.N. and WEF in less than 10 years---especially for a White male these days. Something about McCauley's rapid promotion (in spite of his obvious incompetence) smells fishy; and not just because we're near the ocean. 

   When we look at the Board of Directors of the Benioff Ocean Initiative, whose website somewhat revealingly reads ,"Tell us what’s broken in your ocean. Ideas welcome from anyone, anywhere.We get the best minds in marine biology to solve your problem.We put down a million dollars to make the solution real," we find scattered among the usual crop of academic parasites a few names with financial connections.

   One of these is Lynne Benioff, Marc's domestic partner.

        The Benioff Family has an estimated net worth of around $9 billion. They own Big Media fake-news outlet, Time Magazine, and the Big Tech conglomerate Salesforce. Marc Benioff himself is a fanatical devotee of Klaus Schwab and was a featured star at the WEF's infamous Great Reset Forum. He currently holds a position on the WEF's Board of Trustees. 

     Though born Jewish, the Benioffs claim their spiritual inspiration comes from crackpot Indian guru Mata Amritananamayi. Politically, the Benioffs are solidly with the Whacko Left. Benioff led attempted Big Tech boycotts of states opposing homo 'marriage', and gave millions to fund the anti-2nd Amendment March for Our Lives. According to Open Secrets, the Benioffs are major donors to the DNC. Salesforce spends about $2-3 annually on 22 Beltway lobbyists; 19 of whom are revolving-door former federal officials. 

     Robert Bradley is another name which turns up. 

      According to his online C.V., "Robert Bradley is currently retired. Prior to retirement, Mr. Bradley spent 30 years handling the tax, investment and financial matters for wealthy families." That should almost be enough to raise 'red flags' right there; however we read that, "Most recently, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Ekahi Aloha LLC, a single-family office headquartered in the San Francisco bay area. Prior to his work at Ekahi Aloha LLC, Mr. Bradley was the Chief Operating Officer for Skywalker Properties Ltd LLC, a commercial real estate company based in San Francisco...Mr. Bradley serves on the Advisory Boards for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the Benioff Ocean Initiative." 

    Skywalker Properties manages the 3,000-acre Skywalker Ranch, owned by Hollywood big-shot George Lucas. The property is closed to the public, but according to Wikipedia, "The Ranch contains a barn with animals, vineyards, a garden with fruits and vegetables used in the on-site restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool and fitness center with racquetball courts, the man-made "Ewok Lake", a hilltop observatory, a 300-seat theater called "The Stag" as well as theater screening rooms, and parking that is mostly concealed underground to preserve the natural landscape. The Main House has a company research library under a stained-glass dome. Skywalker Ranch has its own fire station. Skywalker Ranch is intended to be more of a "filmmaker's retreat" than a headquarters for Lucas's business operations." An archetypical Left-Wing Hollywood whacko, Lucas also runs a philanthropic front called The George Lucas Educational Foundation, of which Robert Bradley is a Board Member. Lucas' actual corporate headquarters are at the Letterman Digital Arts Center, a 17-acre campus in San Francisco's Presidio District. Skywalker Properties manages that, too.

    Ekahi Aloha is a financial services company of which the Benioffs are a client. Marc Benioff is said to have an interest in all things Hawaiian, and even bought a five-acre estate there. In 2006, he began construction on a huge mansion on Hawaii's largest island. 

    Wait a second---wasn't Douglas McCauley, the head of the UCSB marine institute a federal official in Hawaii about that time? Isn't it a strange coincidence how all of these people keep turning up in the same places? 

    Though not directly represented on the Marine Institute's Board (that we know of), the once venerable and now disgustingly politically-correct Coca-Cola Company recently dropped another cool $11 million into McCauley's racket institute. 

   With this much Corporate Cash flowing in from Left-Wing donors with both financial and political incentives, does anyone seriously believe that McCauley is conducting unbiased and objective research? The Conflicts of Interest apparent here are so blatant that any attempt to turn over any regulation of the World's seas to this group must be opposed categorically. 

  Unfortunately, the United States has no leadership willing to stand up to the WEF crooks. We did, but it was Orange Man Bad among the Ameroboobs, and now we have a Junta utterly subservient to the WEF agenda. It's going to be up to other world leaders to protect the sovereignty of the world's oceans from now on. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021


   Well, this morning the news was a bit discouraging for the Junta. They were actually forced to withdraw a nomination for OMB Director; and seeing the CPAC events in Florida actually caused the tepid governors of Texas and Mississippi to start granting freedom to the citizens again. But then, this story shows up.

   "Michigan-based Bethany Christian Services announced Monday that it will begin placing children in LGBTQ families nationwide...the international agency will begin training all its employees including those at locations that have not worked with gay couples." 

   Yes, we can always count on the Right to capitulate. At least American Conservatives are fattening Jeff Bezos' wallet hoarding commodities again. Those Seuss books will be as valuable as toilet paper and hand-sanitizer someday. 


     Bethany Christian Services has been surrendering to the homos since 2019, when some Christian-haters brought lawsuits against them. Chris Palusky, Bethany's CEO, wrote an apology explaining the reasons behind their decision. 

“ 'Giving Up.' These words jump off the cover of the November 2019 edition of World Magazine. The white flag image that accompanies the headline isn’t subtle—it’s designed to give readers the impression that Bethany Christian Services capitulated under government pressure to place children in foster care with same-sex couples. It implies that we’ve surrendered our sincerely held convictions that come from our faith in Christ...This magazine cover and accompanying article paint an inaccurate picture of a tough decision Bethany made after a long period of prayer and Christ-centered deliberation. It also undermines Bethany’s 75-year commitment to put vulnerable children first."

At first glance, this sounds about like what every other sellout on the Right says. But then, Palusky goes a little deeper: "When, in Michigan, Bethany’s foster care program faced imminent closure following the settlement agreement reached by the state in Dumont v. Gordon, it would have significantly impacted the thousands of kids in our care. We’d been down this road before. In Philadelphia, the city temporarily stopped Bethany’s ability to place children with foster families. Kids had to go somewhere else than Bethany foster homes, and it broke our hearts."

This incident in Philadelphia occurred in 2018. The thugs running the City of Philadelphia closed both Bethany and Catholic Social Services. CSS sued. Now, instead of joining the suit, Bethany capitulated to the City even before the case was heard in Court. It's gone all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Trump Administration filed a brief on behalf of CSS last November: but it was 'Orange Man Bad' and the Junta has switched sides.The City of Philadelphia agreed to let CSS continue until a court settles the matter.

So, as it turns out, Bethany would have been allowed to operate---at least until Jack Roberts stabs the country in the back again. And who knows? The Supreme Court may even vote in CSS' favor. But it really never should have come to this point. It happens that Pennsylvania has had a Republican Majority in their State Legislature for some time now. Yet there was (and has been) no legislation guaranteeing the rights of conscience to agencies like CSS. In fact, homo adoption has been legal in Pennsylvania since 2002, signed into law by Republican Governor Mark Schweiker.

The Michigan case, Dumont v. Gordon occurred in 2019, at the instigation of two lesbians and Michigan's fanatically anti-Christian Attorney-General, Dana Nessel. According to Heritage:

"Legislatures in several states—including Texas, Virginia, South Dakota, North Dakota, Mississippi, Alabama, and, recently, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Tennessee—have passed laws to exempt faith-based agencies from requirements that would compel them to choose between serving vulnerable children and families and following their faith.

Ibid., p. 2, and Russell Moore, “Newly Passed Adoption Bill a Win for Tennessee’s Children,” The Tennessean, January 16, 2020, (accessed January 16, 2020).

  "Michigan also passed a similar law. However, the current governor is no longer enforcing it and, in March 2019, the state attorney general signed a settlement agreement with the ACLU to stop the state from working with faith-based adoption agencies that place children only with a married mother and father."

  The Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer and AG Dana Nessel have been running Michigan as a de facto dictatorship; especially under the Scam-demic and subsequent election fraud. The spineless Republican-controlled Legislature has done nothing to prevent these abuses. Palusky disingenuously remarks that: "The reality is that the government runs the foster care system, and we cannot serve children in foster care without contracting with the state. So we faced a choice: continue caring for hurting children who need a safe family, or close our foster care program completely because we disagree with government requirements."

But as the Heritage article noted, at least nine U.S. State governments protect organizations like Bethany from being persecuted for their faith. Where in the Bible does it command one to set up corporate headquarters in Michigan? Look at the example of several companies involved in the firearms industry. They are leaving anti-2nd Amendment states and incorporating in jurisdictions which still have some respect for the Constitution. Instead of capitulating to Whitmer's Regime, wouldn't it have made sense to move the firm to a better state? Incidentally, the Dumont case is still on appeal, and Bethany has made no attempt to join in any way.

Herein lies another important point. The cruelty of turning over foster-care to the tender mercies of the Welfare-Industrial Complex has trapped many Christian organizations into situations where they must choose between their mission and their moral convictions. But have we seen any attempts from Conservative politicians to end reliance on the State? Or, have any of these charitable groups taken steps to free themselves? Or is that Government money just too good to pass up?

In fact, Dana Nessel made that very point in her Summary of the Dumont Settlement Agreement: "The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) contracts with agencies for foster care case management and adoption services, for which a significant portion of funding comes from the federal Title IV-E program. As a condition of receiving these federal funds, the United States Department of Health and Human Services requires that states’ Title IV-E funded programs prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. 45 CFR 75.300(c)."

Wait a moment...didn't we have a Conservative Christian Republican in charge of HHS in 2019? Yes, we supposedly did:

    Alex Azar: a long-time Deep State prick; a bosom-buddy of the Bush Family; former head of globalist pharmaceutical cartel, Eli Lilly; Azar was suggested to Trump to head HHS by Azar's good friend, Mike Pence. Like Pence, Azar both sold out on homo rights and betrayed Trump in the interests of the Junta. He was also a major player---along with Fauci, Kushner, and Brix---in crafting the disastrous Operation Warp Speed and advising Trump with disinformation on the Scam-demic. Naturally, Azar wasn't about to offend the Left by siding with Christians.

But Palusky's position---evidently mirroring that of the Conservative leadership around him is radically flawed because the foster-kids forced into homo homes are not going into safe and stable families as he asserts. Bethany is placing damaged kids into damaged homes. Christianity teaches us about the value of a single human life. Bethany, on the other hand, is trying to play the percentages: "A vast majority of foster care families that work with Bethany come from the Church, and more than 99% adhere to a biblical view on marriage," Palusky writes. So what? Doesn't the other 1% matter to God? And let's not delude ourselves into believing that number will stay at 1%. Now that every homo 'couple' in America knows that Bethany doesn't dare say 'no' to them, there will be a solid uptick in applications.

"Faith in Jesus is at the core of our mission," a Bethany spokesman chimed in today, "But we are not claiming a doctrinal position on which Christians of mutual goodwill might disagree...our mission is to find a safe, stable environment for children."

By the Obama Administration's own numbers, domestic violence is far higher in homo relationships than traditional ones. The Center for Disease Control also found a higher than average correlation between homosexuality and child abuse. Studies have shown repeatedly that it is dangerous for young people to engage in this kind of lifestyle. Along with the violence and mental illness, homosexuals are disproportionately prone to substance abuse---even by the low standards of a nation of drug addicts like the modern United States. Homosexuals are twice as likely to die by suicide before the age of 25 than any other demographic. That is a safe and stable lifestyle?

Palusky either hasn't thought this through, or he had already decided on abandoning his Christian Faith for the New Normal of Neo-Marxism. I strongly suspect the latter; but leaving him aside, let us consider the other Christians who work for or support Bethany's policy. These Christians should ask themselves one important question: Do you really believe that capitulating to the Left on this issue will be the last demand they make upon you? Think about that question very carefully. Palusky claims 'Christian love' as his motivation; yet he's making deals with people who are quite open about their hatred for Christ and everything to do with Him.

It's sad, but somewhere along the line, Bethany Christian Services' leadership saw the true state of American Society today: weak, effete, degenerate, decayed. They saw that Conservative Christianity in America is just another marketing angle; and that all that talk about 'Brotherhood' and 'Principle' goes out the window when confronted by Evil. They learned to be realists; observing that Good never pays and that the smart boys get along by going along. If faith in Jesus really was at the core of their mission as they say, they would have put up a fight and trusted God like the Catholic Charities have done. The Church knows full well that---should the traitors on the U.S. Supreme Court side against them---that they will have to cease operations. But the Church also knows Persecution and that it happens for a purpose.

In Ancient Rome, some Barbarians had broken into the country and were putting Christians to death. The orator Tertullian spoke on this subject: 'the Lord says to Peter, Satan asked that he might sift you as grain; but I have prayed for you that your faith fail not; that is, that the devil should not have power granted him sufficient to endanger his faith. Whence it is manifest that both things belong to God, the shaking of faith as well as the shielding of it, when both are sought from Him — the shaking by the devil, the shielding by the Son. And certainly, when the Son of God has faith's protection absolutely committed to Him, beseeching it of the Father, from whom He receives all power in heaven and on earth: how entirely out of the question is it that the devil should have the assailing of it in his own power! But when we say to our Father, Lead us not into temptation we acknowledge that that comes to pass by His Will whom we beseech to exempt us from it. For this is what follows, But deliver us from the evil one, that is, do not lead us into temptation by giving us up to the evil one, for then are we delivered from the power of the devil, when we are not handed over to him to be tempted. Nor would the devil's legion have had power over the herd of swine unless they had got it from God; so far are they from having power over the sheep of God'.

And he says again:

'For if persecution proceeds from God in no way will it be our duty to flee from what has God as its author; for what proceeds from God ought not on the one hand to be avoided, and it cannot be evaded on the other...So, if persecution is in every way a good, we on valid grounds lay it down that what is good ought not to be shunned by us, because it is a sin to refuse what is good. Besides that, what has been looked upon by God can no longer indeed be avoided. Therefore those who think that they should flee,[i.e. capitulate] either reproach God with doing what is evil; or they count themselves stronger than God: so they think, who imagine it possible to escape when it is God's pleasure that such events should occur.'

And again:

    'Besides, he who bids us shine as sons of light, does not bid us hide away out of sight as sons of darkness. He commands us to stand steadfast, certainly not to act an opposite part by fleeing; and to be girt, not to play the fugitive or oppose the Gospel. He points out weapons, too, which persons who intend to run away would not require. And among these he notes the shield too, that you may be able to quench the darts of the devil, when doubtless you resist him, and sustain his assaults in their utmost force. Accordingly John also teaches that we must lay down our lives for the brethren; much more, then, we must do it for the Lord. Finally, mindful of his own Revelation, in which he had heard the doom of the fearful, he warns us that fear must be put away. There is no fear, says he, in love; but perfect love casts out fear; because fear has torment — the fire of the lake, no doubtHe that fears is not perfect in love — to wit, the Love of God. Who will fear, but he who has not loved? Yes; and if you ask counsel of the Spirit, what does He approve more than that utterance of the Spirit? For, indeed, it incites all almost to go and offer themselves in martyrdom, not to flee from it; so that we also make mention of it. If you are exposed to public infamy, says he, it is for your good; for he who is not exposed to dishonor among men is sure to be so before the Lord. Do not be ashamed; righteousness brings you forth into the public gaze. Why should you be ashamed of gaining glory? The opportunity is given you when you are before the eyes of men. So also elsewhere: seek not to die on bridal beds, nor in miscarriages, nor in soft fevers, but to die the martyr's death, that He may be glorified who has suffered for you.'

    And finally with regard to Christians in leadership positions like those at Bethany, he says; 

    'With the leaders turning their backs, who of the common rank will hope to persuade men to stand firm in the battle? Most assuredly a good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep, according to the word of Moses, when the Lord Christ had not as yet been revealed, but was already shadowed forth in himself: If you destroy this people, he says, destroy me also along with it. But Christ, confirming these foreshadowings Himself, adds: The bad shepherd is he who, on seeing the wolf, flees, and leaves the sheep to be torn in pieces... Thus Zechariah threatens: Arise, O sword, against the shepherds, and pluck out the sheep; and I will turn my hand against the shepherds. And against them both Ezekiel and Jeremiah declaim with kindred threatening, for their not only wickedly eating of the Sheep — they feeding themselves rather than those committed to their charge — but also scattering the flock, and giving it over, shepherdless, a prey to all the beasts of the field. And this never happens more than when in persecution the Church is abandoned by the clergy.'

    It certainly wouldn't hurt a lot of our modern Churchians to reflect upon the sacrifices Christians once made to uphold our Faith; or for that matter, the sacrifices American Patriots once made to uphold our Right to worship as we please. The leadership of Bethany Christian Services needs to hang their heads in shame. Surrender to the New Normal is failure spiritually and a betrayal of Christians everywhere. Hiding behind the excuse that it's for the children doesn't make it right. Children are going to suffer under this corrupt and decadent Regime no matter what Bethany does. The only course of action is to call a spade a spade, and refuse to cooperate or collaborate with it. 

Monday, March 1, 2021


      Last night was a major media event across the Prozac Nation. The Whacko Left Wing staged the Golden Globe Awards to keep up the illusion that there is still talent in Hollywood. The last legitimate U.S. President spoke at CPAC to hordes who claim to support him after standing by and letting the Election be stolen. 

     On a more important subject, blogger Insanity Bytes posted a pair of articles detailing the kinds of institutionalized child abuse going in some 'Conservative' parts of the West Coast. Our frontline heroes in the public schools are circulating some further incendiary literature:

      I'm fairly certain that autoeroticism is something that most teenagers can figure out without any input from the perverts at Jefferson County Public Health; but that's beside the point here. There are a few other rather crude sexual practices explicitly being described; and it is noteworthy that the very Politically-Correct authors made certain not to imply that heterosexual acts were not exclusively being done. Whether the scum who produced this circular will admit this or not, this 'public service message' is really designed to introduce young people some of these strange sexual practices, while at the same time implying that they are perfectly normal; and that everybody is doing them. 

   Sexuality is---or is supposed to be---a private matter. It's not civilized behavior for men to behave like cattle and simply jump on the first object of their desire in front of the whole herd. Nor is it civilized to broadcast perverted sexual imagery for everyone to peep at. Things like public indecency and voyeurism were outlawed by dead White males a long time ago. The Romans instituted laws against excessive grooming, which evolved into Statutory Rape laws. In other words, they set the precedent for protecting families as the sole sexual educators of their own offspring. 

   In our Postmodern dystopia, however, our young people are caught between the cross-currents of rampant paedohysteria and encouragement of unbridled licentiousness. In fact, that is reflected in our culture at large. America is simultaneously the most sex-negative and the most sex-obsessed society in the West. Here a man can lose his job for flirting with a co-worker while deviants of the lowest order can stage Pride Parades in front of small children. The impression that these contradictions and hypocrisy imparts upon children's minds is that heterosexuality is something dangerous and predatory; while sexual deviance is true love, or at least a lot of fun. 

  We didn't sink to this level culturally overnight. But at some point in the recent past, Ameroboobs with families decided to abdicate the sexual education of their offspring to the Schools and Social Workers. Americans today hate being stressed with such delicate tasks. And so, they sat on their hands and allowed the Whacko Left Wing take over child-rearing duties. So-called 'Conservatives' know what is happening, but they go along with it anyway. IB writes that: "There was a tiny bit of pushback, a smattering of people have been writing letters, objecting, bringing it up at the commissioners meetings, but they’ve just doubled down, they made statements that they fully support this stuff and have no intention of having any sort of dialog or addressing anyone’s concerns."

     Why should they care? When did any 'Conservative' in Oregon start demanding investigations into radicalization of their public schools? Was there ever any talk from Conservative politicians about why we kept funding these sewers? Seriously: can anyone name one political figure since Reagan who even made educational reform an issue?

Homeschooling is legal in Oregon; in fact the laws are not nearly as repressive as many other states. Conservatives chatter about the 'virtues of home schooling' all the time: yet out of an estimated 600,000 students in Oregon, only about 22,000 are homeschooled (about 3%). 

    So why is anybody surprised by what Jefferson County is doing? What did 'Conservatives' think was going to happen? It's not like Conservatives are a minority in Jefferson County:

    President Trump won the county by a margin of 26% in 2020. Yet, aside from voting for Conservatives, it doesn't appear that the Right takes any other involvement in society; since the Whacko Left Wing freely runs over them. 

    I hate to seem indifferent to such a serious issue; but I've also experienced decades of indifference when warning people that it would come to this (and BTW, it's going to get worse). While I certainly applaud the efforts of bloggers like Insanity Bytes and Citizen Tom for exposing and protesting these crimes against our school-age children; I happen to know that both of these writers are grandparents. It strikes me as very telling that actual parents don't seem to be involved in any of this outcry. While I am in the parental-age bracket, I don't have children; but when I do, the little ones will never darken the door of a public school and that's something I've believed for years. (I've actually told women I've been in relationships with that that point is non-negotiable). But those parents with kids: where are they? 

   Here's a tidbit from the U.S. Census Bureau: "In 1960, the proportion of children living in mother-only families was eight percent, but by 1996 that proportion had tripled, to 24 percent. Since then, it has fluctuated between 22 and 24 percent, and was at 23 percent in 2015. Between 1990 and 2015, the share of children living in father-only families has fluctuated between three and five percent, and was at four percent in 2015." So, in about 30% of families today, one parent is trying to do the work of two.

     Barely one-half of American families are 'traditional.' That's still a majority, however---enough to bring out-of-control schools and social workers to heel. But they haven't done a thing. 

     The bottom line here is that this only going to stop when parents decide to get off the couch and stop it. But sadly, that seems unlikely to happen because most Conservatives simply no longer have the will to resist. 


Thursday, February 25, 2021


      There were a couple of noteworthy news items today. One concerned beleaguered New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is an example of what happens to postmodern Establishment politicians when they get big heads and believe themselves too big to fail. For months, Cuomo played the tyrant; bullied and persecuted his constituents, and received nothing but praise and adulation for it from the media jackals. There was even talk of a brokered Democrat Convention where Cuomo would be drafted for a presidential run. Hated throughout his State, he feared nothing from the people who allegedly elected him. 

     Then, one day, Cuomo thought that he was big enough to challenge the Oligarchs. Then Biden was "elected" and ignored him as a candidate for Cabinet posts. The effusive praise from the Press suddenly stopped. The hundreds who died from Cuomo's repressive policies suddenly moved from tin-foil hat conspiracy theory to a national scandal. It's always a policy among gangsters that one should never forget at whose good pleasure he actually owes his power and position. 

    So, within the last few days, the godfathers of High Finance gave 'Andy Boy' the kiss of death. Cuomo was accused of the only thing that Ameroboobs consider worse than treason, tyranny, and murder: sexual misconduct. Cuomo was accused of doing something heterosexual and now women are coming forward with accusations. It's all over for a public figure when it gets to this point. One has to be at least at Clinton/Bush or Royal Family levels before one can get away with that. 

   Is Cuomo actually guilty of violating our cultural Rules against men acting upon sexual impulses? I neither know nor care. He was part of a system of corruption which used the same tactics on others; in fact, he employed it himself upon people whose positions he coveted. So: so long, Andy Boy. "Those who live by the sword, die by the sword;" you should have listened to the nuns back in Parochial School instead of listening to your crooked dad. 


   Meanwhile, the Gallup Polls released some deeply disturbing statistics about Ameroboob sexuality. While it's now being openly admitted by specialists that Testosterone levels are in a severe state of decline among American males, and it may be further exacerbated by the recent flu outbreak, an anomalously high number of Ameroboobs are identifying with the so-called Gay Lifestyle. 

   "The Gallup Poll released Wednesday, found that 5.6 percent of Americans classify themselves as LGBTQ – up from 4.5 percent in 2017. That was the last time Gallup carried out polling on the issue. Gallup surveyed 15,000 Americans above 18 years of age and found that of those who identified themselves as LGBTQ, 54.6 percent said they were bisexual, 24.5 percent said they were gay, and 11.7 percent said they were lesbians. Another 11.3 percent identified themselves as transgender while 3.3 percent said they preferred to use another term such as ‘queer’ or ‘same-gender loving’ to describe their sexual identity."

  Back when Sociology was a real science, it was estimated that a healthy society could sustain about 2 to 3 percent of such perverts. 5.6% is nearly twice that level. If that doesn't seem like a high number, consider that it's nearly 1 in 19 Americans who currently embrace this sickness. Not surprisingly, the poll showed that 13% of Liberals identify with one of these perversions. That observation is worthy of a whole essay by itself. 

  But especially disturbing was this discovery: "One in six adults in Generation Z, people born between 1997 and 2002, identify as L.G.B.T., the poll found. The growth in Americans who identify as L.G.B.T.Q. is likely to continue to increase, Gallup’s senior editor, Jeffrey Jones, wrote in announcing the results. That is because those in younger generations are more likely than those in older generations to to consider themselves L.G.B.T., he said." This is 18-23 year-olds, it would be interesting (but probably horrifying) to know the 13-17 year-old numbers.

   I would like to pause briefly here and let it sink into everybody's minds that nearly 1 out of every 5 of American youth are into this sick, sterile lifestyle and consider it normal and healthy. 

   Now how do you suppose this would happen?

   Let's start by acknowledging that we don't live in a perfect world. The Sociologists mentioned above recognized that a certain small percentage of social pariahs would take on this peculiar lifestyle. The best thing that leaders in a free country could do is contain its spread, like Russia wisely does today. When you start seeing numbers much above 4-5%, your culture has a problem. When it starts seeing numbers like 18-20%, your culture is facing disaster. I must admit that I know of no historical precedent for numbers that high. Ancient cultures in decline like Greece and Rome had estimates of 5-7%, and that was mostly among the effete aristocratic classes. In modern times, Weimar Germany is touted as the first nation to tolerate the so-called Gay Lifestyle. The percentage of homosexuals in Weimar isn't known, but judging by the numbers of clubs catering to these types, it was probably about the same in 1920s Berlin as 2020 Los Angeles (about 7%). 

   So, American youth must be learning this behavior from somewhere. The Public Schools, the Mass Media, and Corporate America are the most likely suspects. Now looking back at the poll numbers, we find that these high figures start with people born around 1997. When did the Leftist takeover of our public schools really get underway? Answer, the 1990s. When did the Media really start pushing homo acceptance? They'd been broaching the subject since the 1970s, but really started mainstreaming it in the 2000s. Obama and his Corporate Masters, began a push for legal legitimization 'equality' in the 2010s. 

  The question which comes into mind here is---where were Conservatives during these three decades? Especially: where were parents, and community leaders? 

  Didn't the fact that Radicals were hijacking your schools make any difference? Did you show up at School Boards to contest any of this? Did you stand up for your brothers and sisters who were systematically purged from faculty positions? Or did you roll your eyes and tell yourselves that School was irrelevant to the real world? 

  No: parents continued sending their children to these places to have their minds poisoned. "Get good grades! Get into a big-name school! Get along means going along!" Well, it looks like the kids followed that advice. 

  Was there any pressure on universities to bring them to heel? Nope. 'Conservative' politicians keep voting to fund these criminal enterprises and don't even challenge their continually rising costs. 'Conservative' alumni keep dumping cash into their coffers: after all, "We have to go to a Bowl Game this year! We have a tradition to keep up!"

  Right now, the Left is sweeping down Conservative media with their Cancel Culture. Where were the protests when homosexual propaganda was being shoved into children's faces even in Disney cartoons? A handful of Leftists can shut down sites on Youtube. You mean that those 70 or so million who voted for Trump couldn't back down Disney if they wanted to? I've seen articles in publications catering to young people. I recently came across some articles in Teen Vogue, a publication aimed at 12-15 year-old girls which praised Marxism and promoted the homo agenda. Aren't parents paying any attention to this? No, again. Conservative parents are too busy dropping their dope, surfing Ashley Madison, and getting outraged over something happening in Iraq or somewhere other than their own homes.

  When Corporations began forcing the homo agenda on the public, how many 'Conservatives' retaliated by withdrawing their investments and dumping their stocks? 

  The Dow Jones Industrial Average set 72 record highs during Obama's push for 'equality' in 2014-2016. Try to tell us now that was all Liberal investors doing that. 

    If Conservatives now are bothered that their offspring have grown up to tear down national monuments with Antifa, and are hanging out in homo bars and supporting the Great Reset: you have no one to blame but yourselves. Some of us tried to warn you it would come to this; we had a leaders like Reagan and Trump trying to fix it, but it was 'A New World Order' and 'Orange Man Bad' and 'Every Man for Himself'. You've sown the wind, now you're reaping the whirlwind. 

  Both the cases of Andy-Boy Cuomo and the Gallup Poll numbers show that appeasement, self-righteous hubris, and imagining that one can play along with the Left and beat them at their own game doesn't work. These strategies never succeed against fanatics. 



Tuesday, February 23, 2021


     Yesterday, the 22nd of February, was the former Federal holiday celebrating the birth of George Washington, who was also formerly known as the Father of his Country. During my school years, this was a day off from regular school; we had presentations and usually the high school had a stage play depicting some incident from Washington's life. I remember we had a traditional American/Colonial food for lunch that day and each got a cherry pie to take home. 😍 Today, in our more enlightened age, Washington is rarely mentioned in schools, except in passing as just another Dead White Male; and Drag Queen Story Hours are considered far more healthy and inspiring than celebrating anything our Founding Fathers might have accomplished. 

     Washington was born on a Virginia Plantation which, like most others of the time, kept chattel-slaves. To the Whacko Left Wing, that negates every positive thing Washington ever did---like winning the War of Independence and unifying the country by supporting the U.S. Constitution; or having a character which made him a role model for American men for nearly two centuries. After a Summer where monuments to Washington were made a special target of Leftist vandalism, the Junta's figurehead had nothing to say in honor of Washington's legacy yesterday and instead focused on fanning Scam-demic hysteria.


      George Washington was probably at the top of our national heroes, and the whole concept of heroism is anathema to the Left. They can't stand great men and women. To a normal, healthy mind greatness and excellence are qualities to be admired. Many even try to emulate qualities in those they admire. Religion goes a step further and teaches that we should emulate the character of God to the best of our abilities. It's no accident that most of our greatest leaders were also men and women of faith. 

     However, to diseased minds like most on the Left have, a heroic figure is an object of envy. The greatness and popularity of others makes them feel their own inferiority more keenly. But instead of improving themselves, they work like social termites to tear down, find fault, criticize, and belittle those they wish to cut down to size. In reality, the true object of their hatred is the evil within themselves; so the more they attack just and innocent persons the more their self-hatred grows, and the more obsessive they become; all the way down to the point where we are today and Liberals are trying to efface all traces of greatness from our society. Envy leads inevitably to this kind of psychological death-spiral; and most Liberal 'activists' have become neurotic to the degree that they can never escape this cycle of hatred and destroy innocent people by compulsive impulses instead of for actual reasons. The Church understood this before Science did; and listed Envy as one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Envy, left unchecked, has the same corrosive effect on the soul as upon the mind. 

    In its most morbid state, this unslaked Envy takes on a spiritual aspect. A person can actually degenerate to the point where he challenges the Goodness of God. In Christian tradition, this was the Original Sin of Lucifer and those under this delusion of their own greatness begin emulating the qualities of the Devil. They start to believe that they have Godlike powers---minus the Godlike qualities of love, mercy, and compassion for the individual. We see this type of mental/spiritual psychosis running rampant among both the leaders of the Junta and among the Great Reset and New World Order kooks. If their policies seem insane to normal persons, it's because they in fact, are. 

    Consciously or otherwise, these oligarchs and their political satraps are only superficially working for worldly power and material gain. What they are actually doing is fighting God for control of the Earth and its inhabitants. This is an important distinction that Conservatives---and people of faith in general---must keep in mind. The Elites respect neither God nor Reason and are going to wage this battle accordingly. 

    By the same token, as gloomy as the sociopolitical situation looks in 2021, the Elites are doomed to fail. They're not going to defeat God---nobody ever has---and to be honest, I think that many of us will see their downfall within our lifetimes. 

      That doesn't mean that we should become complacent and 'let God handle it.' That kind of turning a blind eye to Evil is largely responsible for enabling the Junta to come to power. Old George Washington was fond of repeating the proverb from Poor Richard's Almanac that 'God helps those who help themselves.' The wise course of action for people of faith now is not only to pray, but to pray for guidance on what to do. If we keep sitting on our hands and 'going with the flow' as we have done; the New Order will still fall, but with a devastating crash. Better that friends of freedom still in government start standing up, saying no to the Regime and taking legitimate power back before it becomes too late. 

     There are plenty of able men willing to take back the State and restore Constitutional Law, such as happened in North Dakota today. We still have leaders like George Washington among us; but they can't act alone. What we can do is give them our support and encouragement. The American people have been called the last line in the defense of liberty; but the last year has shown that we're mostly a Paper Tiger. If we want real leaders again, we'll have to be worthy to follow them.