Tuesday, May 11, 2021


      There's some good news from the old country this week. The Acadamie Francais, France's ministry of education, has weighed in and vetoed a move by 'woke' educrats (many of whom incidentally are supported by US interests) to create a gender neutral version of the acceptable French language. The Ministry not only condemned the politically-correct trend, they took the next step and banned its teaching in French schools altogether. Natalie Elimas, of the Acadamie, told the press that, "the drive to make French 'gender-neutral' will not increase its popularity, but will instead drive more people to learn English, which does not gender its nouns...With the spread of inclusive writing, the English language - already quasi-hegemonic across the world - would certainly and perhaps forever defeat the French language." 

  France's public school system has been putting ours to shame for the last fifty years at least. It's noteworthy that 78% of French public school employees are actually teachers; compared to 48% in American schools. This shows once again that the truly better-educated in the world reject this gender-neutrality nonsense with contempt. 

  Meanwhile, here in the Prozac Nation the recent Mothers' Day holiday reminded us all that we have some severe debilities regarding gender in our own culture. Most of what passes for Mothers' Day is Madison Avenue advertising schmaltz to begin with. The marketing shylocks once a year dust off their 'June Cleaver' portfolios and play on the Oedipal Complexes that currently run rampant among contemporary American men. We never see the other side of postmodern American Motherhood: the Welfare Queens with 15 illegitimate kids; the heroic single moms who've fathered offspring for assorted dirtbags; the drugged-out soccer moms turning out a whole generation of neurotics; the harridans who dominate 'traditional' families nominally presided over by a milquetoast husband; or the multitudes of supposed 'stay-at-home' moms who cuck their husbands who are working 80 hours a week to maintain their million-dollar homes. Public Schools, social workers, the mass-media and day-cares raise most of America's kids today anyway. 

  Some pinhead in Congress came under fire for suggesting that we rename this holiday as "Birthing Peoples' Day". The suggestion drew down considerable criticism from Conservatives; but while I oppose the change too, it somehow seems fitting. If American women of child-bearing age want to explain exactly how they are much more than incubators, I think they'd have a fairly tough sell. 

   Regular readers are aware that we've spent a lot of time here verbally trying to beat some sense into whatever slender threads of manhood still remain in America. But let's be candid, the postmodern era hasn't been especially kind to the fair sex either. It's going to get even worse for girls and young women fairly soon. While Leftist Whackos have pursued a policy of marginalizing masculinity and idolizing women; the current Junta and their masters in the Great Reset Oligarchy are pretty clearly shifting policy to marginalizing femininity and idolizing the homosexual. For four years, American women were screeching Orange Man Bad and howling about the President's alleged misogyny; now it's starting to dawn on a few women that Feminism wasn't so empowering after all and that decades of pushing American men down to the level of a gaggle of slobbering idiots has left them defenseless. 

   The younger generation of American females is about as weak and degenerate as their male counterparts. Insanity Bytes recently had a poignant article about an encounter with a young medical professional which illustrates how alienated young women really are from reality. In response to a comment I left there, IB said: 

   "I have a kid who was a baby during 9/11 and I often try to speak of life pre 9/11 without realizing she wasn’t even there, she has no point of reference. Spying on Americans, government over reach, and walking around with a muzzle on 24/7 is how it’s always been. It’s all normal for her. And yes, we often sent them to government schools, put them in front of televisions, and let the culture raise them." 

     Any single man who hasn't bought into the zeitgeist already realizes that the number of his female contemporaries who are serious material for a future wife and mother are fairly scarce. The type of under-30 American woman that IB encountered is about par for the course. 

     Tucker Carlson did a short piece awhile back profiling a pair of thots whose videos went viral on the internet because of their hysterical outbursts over George-whats-his-name even though neither were Black or lived in Minneapolis. It's important to note too that these young viragoes were---by their own admission---the products of Conservative households. Not to mention what a typical weekend looks like when such ladies wish to display their wokeness. Let's all hope that scenes like these are female empowerment enough!

    Contrary to what Feminist bubbleheads imagine, deconstructing masculinity in a society does not create a world where the higher qualities of feminine nature rise to predominate. What actually happens in the absence of masculinity is that women begin to take on more masculine characteristics---and typically they affect the more negative ones. Instead of pontificating from their tenured affirmative-action positions in American universities, all of these blowhards would have had to have done is visited any State Penitentiary for Women and seen their philosophy in actual practice. 

    The health of a civilization can be gauged by the state of its women, since it is women who maintain the home and raise the next generation. What does ours look like? About 1 in 135 pregnancies end in abortion. American women have a 40% rate of morbid obesity; over half are functionally or wholly illiterate; nearly 1 in 6 are on prescription psychiatric dope at any given moment. About 1/3 with children are either single mothers or live with a stepfather. Female infertility rates are rising, with nearly 1 in 8 unable now to bear children; the U.S. currently ranks 33rd of the 36 members of the OECD in infant mortality. 

    Thirty years have passed since the Clinton Co-Presidency kicked off the gender wars; it appears that the war is now over and that both sides lost. 


   What both genders need to do is stop pointing the fingers, put down the dope, and pull their collective heads out of their a---s and start facing reality because as things stand right now, we are culturally only a few steps away from going back to the jungle. Hubris, wishful thinking, and 'controlling the narrative' isn't going to save us from the Laws of Nature and Nature's God taking their course. That's not only true of Generation Snowflake. The Boomers and the Xers---through our negligence and apathy---let "our land of spacious skies and amber waves of grain" turn into a fetid swamp from which we may not be able to extricate ourselves. All of us need to recognize that we're in some deep trouble and that all of us bear some responsibility both in getting us to this point and in getting us out of it. Unless that happens, we are going to join many other dead civilizations in future histories. 

Thursday, May 6, 2021


       One of the things I truly miss about the Trump Administration was being able to write posts about the Justice Department's latest foray into the Swamp and watching them haul in some loathsome Swamp Creature. That's all come to a screeching halt since the Junta seized power; with the corporate and political scum now either seeing charges dropped or getting light punishments. It's as though the swamp-draining stopped and now the sewer is backing up. 

       A recent case involving transnational corporate conglomerate and leading Government contractor, the Honeywell Corporation is a good example. Honeywell has had a long history of corruption as well as being a major source of environmental pollution all across America. None of this has stopped politicians from doing business with Honeywell, though. Last year alone, Honeywell spent millions on 37 Beltway lobbyists, 29 of whom are revolving-door former federal bureaucrats. Several members of both House and Senate own Honeywell stock. Among other things, Honeywell is a strong proponent of the Mask Mandates; especially considering that they are the leading manufacturer of M-95 masks in the United States. Hardcore mask fanatics like Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti even entered into exclusive contracts with Honeywell to provide masks for the city. CNBC---for whatever their words are worth---reported that Honeywell controls a whopping 25% of the world's non-residential buildings. 

     During Trump's term, Honeywell got caught by the FBI selling sensitive military technologies to China. The investigation started after a whistleblower alerted the DOJ late in Obama's term of possible security breaches. During Trump's time, breaches of this kind ended in substantial prison sentences for liable parties. But it was Orange Man Bad and the Junta's Ministry of Justice literally let Honeywell off the hook with a light fine and promises not to do it again. 

     Among the data that the Chinese People's Liberation Army received from Honeywell included operational systems for the F-35, F-22, and F-18 fighter jets, the B-1 Stealth Bomber, the M-1 Abrams battle tank and the Tomahawk Cruise Missile; as well as the upgraded engine systems on older defense weapons like the A-10 Warthog ground-support aircraft, the C-130 gunship, and the Apache attack helicopter. No big deal, right? It must not be: there hasn't been a peep out of the MSM about what should be a major scandal. Nor is there a word from the Republican leadership, which seems to be dealing with a rather embarrassing scandal of its own at the moment.


     The lack of outcry is probably not too surprising given the number of revolving-door political, corporate, and media scum running the corporation. Darius Adamczyk, its CEO, grew up in an Iron Curtain country and for the last two years has been a regular attendee at the World Economic Forum. Many of Honeywell's recent statements and policy positions show a lot of sympathy with the Great Reset goals. Adamczyk was recently recognized by the Deep State think-tank The Foreign Policy Association. He is also a high-ranking official of the shady Business Roundtable; to which the Washington Post once referred as "President Obama's closest ally in the business community." In 2019, Adamczyk participated in revising the Roundtable's Charter to reflect Klaus Schwab's Fourth Industrial Revolution philosophy. According to the New York Times:  "the group updated its decades-old definition of the purpose of a corporation, doing away with its bedrock principle that shareholder interests must be placed above all else. The statement, signed by nearly 200 chief executive officers from major U.S. corporations, makes a fundamental commitment to all of our stakeholders*, including customers, employees, suppliers and local communities."

   {Nota bene: the term 'Stakeholder Capitalism' was coined by Klaus Schwab to define his economic model. Much of the new charter repeats statements from The Fourth Industrial Revolution almost verbatim. This isn't surprising since a look at the Charter's signatories reveals that the Business Roundtable is packed with WEF members.}

    But their futuristic plans aside, for the present the Chinese are in possession of some our most advanced military secrets thanks to Honeywell. Honeywell is not only getting away with this, they didn't even lose any defense contracts or security clearances over this unfortunate incident. All of the Ameroboobs who couldn't wait to get rid of Trump and return to normal---recall that this is what 'normal' looked like during the Bush/Clinton/Obama years. Corporate cartels like Honeywell could commit crimes that once sent guilty parties to the electric chair and walk away scot-free. Meanwhile, you could get a stiff fine and possibly jail time for not wearing one of Honeywell's masks in public. Once again, the Ameroboob shot himself in the foot and the Oligarch laughs all the way to the bank. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


    This story was largely ignored by most of the MSM this week; but a lesser-known case of a political purge occurred at Chapman University. Law Professor John Eastman---despite being a tenured member of Chapman's faculty unceremoniously found himself cashiered after a petition from 159 fellow-faculty demanded his resignation. His crime? Eastman was one of the legal team challenging the November putsch in the Supreme Court. Eastman had been sidelined from teaching after the faculty made their demands public in January.

   Conservatives being purged from Liberal Academia isn't exactly news---it should be, but the Right is too busy worrying about Biden forgetting his mask or something stupid that some NBA doofus said on Twitter to care too much. But in Eastman's case, Chapman University---a school affiliated with the Disciples of Christ and located in the heart of one of the most Conservative counties in California---things like this just don't happen, do they?

   Yes they do. In fact, Chapman's faculty include a few prominent names in the Conservative Movement. One is Mark Skousen, a famous Libertarian economist, another, on the legal faculty is Tom Campbell, former Republican Congressman and former Speaker of the California Assembly. Also on the Law faculty is Celestine McConville, a former law clerk under Justice William Rehnquist. Another famous Law faculty member there is Vernon L. Smith---who is on the board of the Cato Institute. Finally, there is noted Conservative pundit, Hugh Hewitt. Hewitt's an especially interesting case. Although Eastman was a frequent guest on Hewitt's program, it doesn't appear that Hewitt has done a single broadcast in Eastman's defense.

    Hewitt and his fellow scum at Chapman and the Disciples of Christ Church are representative of what is killing the Conservative Movement. Conservatism isn't being killed by the Left (at least not yet). It is committing suicide. Too many Conservatives want to fancy themselves 'realists'. At one of the scale are the Alt-Right idiots of the Vox Day stripe; at the other are the Mitt Romney go-along-to-get-along types. Actually, they are the same thing; they only differ in their approaches. Both essentially believe in co-opting Liberalism because they believe that Conservatism has failed and socioeconomic policy is simply a matter of beating the Left at their own game. What these losers fail to understand is that there's already a party of Realpolitik and those are the Liberals. Play the same game and we're no better than they are. At that point, one might as well support the Democrats: at least they have an actual plan; Republicans get elected and they spend their entire terms doing nothing for anybody.

    This sort of phony 'realism' started growing during the Clinton Era and has defined the Conservative character more or less ever since. Somewhere along the line, Conservatives developed a sort of philosophical dualism that holds vaguely 'Conservative Values' as an ideal; but outside of the voting booth and online chatrooms has no practical application. It's sort of like the political manifestation of spiritual Churchianity where someone professes the Creed on Sunday morning, but the actual teachings of Christ are irrelevant every other hour of the week. When a group of academics at Chapman University, for example, see a colleague getting railroaded out of a job, they can forget everything about The Rights of Man, because 'that's an administrative decision, not my problem' and 'it's his own fault, he made some bad choices.' When an entire national election gets hijacked, the Senate Majority Leader shrugs his shoulders and says, 'It's for the Court to decide; not my responsibility.'

    The sophists can call such behavior practical and realistic all they want to, but the operating force behind these attitudes is Narcissism. In a broader social sense, Narcissism is morbid preoccupation with self-interest with corresponding contempt for, and general disinterest in, anything and everyone outside of one's immediate Ego Field. In clinical practice, psychiatrists cataloged symptoms of a Narcissist: just see how many of these apply to the typical fake Conservatives and Churchians you know from your own observations.


  • Having an exaggerated sense of self-worth and personal achievements
  • Possessing self-superiority without supporting achievements
  • Having a self-superior nature and only willing to associate with equally superior people
  • Expecting special favors and submission of others to their expectations
  • Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
  • Being envious of others, while believing all others envy them
  • Exhibiting arrogance or haughty behavior, also appearing conceited, boastful, and pretentious

    It's actually gotten so bad that terms like 'altruism' and 'social justice' have become pejorative terms among the political Right. Where exactly did Jesus teach that "looking out for #1" was mankind's highest duty in life? Or that looking the other way at injustice was the mark of a good Christian? I think that if the events of the last 18 months have proven anything, it's that the Conservative Majority is a paper tiger, and that God doesn't seem very pleased with our stewardship of the nation right now. One day, Conservatives woke up and suddenly seemed to realize that evil men had the minds of the young, that our cities were cesspools of addiction and crime, that our economic rights had been sold to an irresponsible Oligarchy, and that most people were ignorant enough to be frightened for their lives at an influenza outbreak. Conservatives looked around and saw that the Enemy was at the Gate and then they looked around and saw locked-down churches and their neighbors hoarding bathroom tissue in response. That's about as strong a wake-up call as a nation could get, but judging by recent events like the Eastman and Chauvin cases, Conservatives haven't learned a d----d thing. 

      It's not like our own cultural leaders haven't warned us time and time and time again that our combined greed, selfishness, and hubris were sending us on the way to disaster. It isn't as though our spiritual leaders didn't spell out the wrong course that we were following. But Conservatives chose instead to go "every man for himself!" 

      It's the old, old, story. The realists think that they can cheat Reality, and end up caught like fish in a net. The Conservative leadership is going to go on selling out until they run out of things to sell out on and find themselves face-to-face with an enemy who wants it all. That's the trajectory that the political Right is currently running on; and if attitudes don't change---and soon---I can only say that I hope to be a safe distance away when 'our side' has to reap what it's sown. 





Monday, May 3, 2021


     Well, among other things, there has been a spate of recent sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects and a few whistleblowers coming out discussing what these phenomena of (officially) unknown origin are. Tucker Carlson even had a segment on it this Friday. Only a few weeks ago, Lloyd Austin, the Junta's Minister of Defense, took time out from 'purging the ranks of extremists' to confess that some leaked UFO photos were indeed taken by military personnel. In June there is supposed to be a report on these phenomena which was authorized by President Trump last year. 


     There are three main groups who are debating the issue right now. One are the self-appointed 'skeptics' whose open minds never question settled science. They claim that 100% of these sightings have a rational explanation, no matter how absurd and irrational their explanations are. The second is a group known as 'Ufologists' who believe that many of these are extraterrestrial in origin and the government has gone to extraordinary lengths to cover up the truth about this. The third, like Tucker Carlson, express concern that whatever their origins, the fact that they are able to penetrate our air defenses at will is a serious matter. 

    I don't dismiss the idea of extraterrestrial visitations out-of-hand. Certainly the universe is big enough to contain other humanoid species, just like Earth is large enough to accommodate diverse nations and races. The Catechism of the Church tells us that the diversity of races and cultures on this planet are part of God's Will that we should cooperate and learn from one another. I see no reason why this Divine Plan couldn't extend to a planetary level as well. Also, let us not forget that planets capable of self-sustaining life seem to be rare in the universe. That fact alone would give any race with the technological abilities to conduct long-range deep-space travel a motive to come by Earth and do some exploring. 

      Although there have been sightings of strange aerial phenomena throughout history, the modern era really opened up simultaneously with the Second World War. During the war, these sightings were generally assumed to be something war-related; but they increased rapidly even after the war ended. President Truman tasked the U.S. Air Force with investigating these occurrences including a famous sighting over the District of Columbia in 1952. This program was known as Project Blue Book and led to a television series of the late 1970s, which Hollywood ripped-off a few years ago and rebroadcast under new PC and dumbed-down standards.

    1957 saw the most recorded sightings in history. During the 1960s, the number of sightings and the reported incidences continued. The project was nonetheless closed in 1970, mainly by Congress who saw it as a cost-cutting measure. The Democrats who then (as now) had little interest in either National Security or space exploration did so over the objections of President Nixon. This was a huge mistake, since it removed a layer of transparency between the U.S. Government and our citizenry. 

   By the 1990s, when the Deep State Era came into full bloom, a sharp antagonism had grown between Ufologists and an increasingly detached and arrogant bureaucracy no longer interested in much of anything the public cared about. Unlike the 50s and 60s, where public sightings were treated seriously and professionally, witnesses were routinely dismissed as cranks by public servants and ridiculed throughout the media. This has led to allegations of government cover-ups which in turn has led to Ufologists being labelled Conspiracy Theorists by the smug Elite.

    None of the speculations or ridicule however can belittle Tucker Carlson's point that the government owes the people a serious explanation. Just because the Air Force in 1969 had concluded that none of these sightings represented a serious threat to American Security doesn't mean that nothing that has happened since is just as innocuous. Technology has expanded immensely during the last 50 years; and---American hubris notwithstanding---other countries which may not like us very much are certainly capable of having secret research projects with technologies that we are unaware of.

    Consider that for the last 3 decades, we have invested practically nothing in deep-space technology. Our Intelligence services have been occupied with overthrowing governments (including our own) on behalf of Corporate interests and building elaborate systems of domestic espionage. Meanwhile, our brave men and women in uniform have spent more effort on staging pride parades and ending the military's culture of toxic masculinity than keeping tabs on what foreign military forces might be up to. Given what our military has sunk down to, it shouldn't even be surprising if our airspace is routinely being compromised. Recall that 20 years ago, our vaunted Air Force couldn't stop a hijacked jetliner from attacking the Pentagon, while our supposedly sophisticated Intel services couldn't identify all of the leaders of the Taliban Government in Afghanistan. Today both Military and Intelligence services in the U.S. are an even bigger collection of buffoons and poltroons than they were then. 


    Ufologists, too, have spoken much about disclosure which means the Government admitting to knowledge of extraterrestrial existence and visitation. But both their hopes and Tucker Carlson's concerns raise one serious concern: How much faith are we going to put in the current Junta to tell the truth?

    This is a serious issue on a serious subject. We're talking about a group of outright lunatics and opportunists who fake pandemics, distribute toxic vaccines, and tell us that gender is merely a state of mind; and that ordinary weather changes forecast global catastrophes. We are living in a zeitgeist where Science is for sale, and mad billionaires believe they are entitled to do things like seeding the atmosphere and re-engineering both humanity and the environment. Technology is being aimed at reducing food supplies while proliferating narcotics. While at this point I wouldn't necessarily be adverse to interplanetary or foreign intervention, I wouldn't take this Regime's word for what these UFO phenomena are, regardless of what they say they are. Extraterrestrials, military experiments, or explainable events: no matter what we're going to be told, we should assume that it is a lie until proven otherwise. 

    In a nutshell, all of this 'chatter' from media and government sources is deeply unsettling. They aren't releasing this information out into the public for no reason; and coming along with all of the Scientism they've been promoting tends to make me doubly doubtful that anything good is about to come out of any of this. Assuming this site doesn't get cancelled for questioning the settled science too much between now June, we'll be keeping a close eye on both this story and the skies. 


Friday, April 30, 2021


      Today the Ameroboobs are busy arguing over the Republican Party's latest embracing of Affirmative Action. A Black Senator from South Carolina read the prepared script to respond to the Head-of-State's recent speech and has been proclaimed by such great Conservatives as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham as the "future of the Republican Party. Meanwhile, another great statesman on the Right, Arnold Schwarznegger has thrown his steroid-ridden weight behind Bruce Jenner. Could we be seeing a Scott-Jenner ticket in 2024? That would sure take the narrative from those Libtards! Ooooh, ride that Red Wave! Not a peep out of these great statesmen yet about the political persecution of Derrick Chauvin, the DC Protesters, or the Trump legal team. The situation is so egregiously a violation of human rights that even Pocahontas Warren was blushing with shame; and it took an Obama-appointed federal judge to intervene on behalf of a protester who'd been held illegally incarcerated for nearly three months. 

    While the MSM was busy with these GOP-fueled distractions, the Junta quietly announced reinstating new travel restrictions against India. India has been experiencing a massive so-called "second wave" of COVID-19 cases. According to the Times of India, today's numbers showed "a record daily rise of over 3.86 lakh \{i.e. 386,000} new Covid-19 cases and continued to post over 3,000 deaths for the third consecutive day, as per Union Health Ministry data updated at 8 A.M. With 386,452 new cases recorded on Friday, India's tally of total Covid-19 cases now stands at 18,762,976, the highest since the pandemic started in 2019. The death toll jumped 3,498 over the last 24 hours, taking the total death toll to 208,330, according to the Health Ministry."

   The Corporate Media was praising India just a few months ago after it the country's somewhat mentally-suspect president Narendra Modi was announcing the greatest vaccine push in history. Modi's friends at the World Economic Forum even made him a keynote speaker at their Great Reset Forum this year. Modi has become a WEF hero recently as model world leader despite doing a few questionable things like trying to force the country to adopt cyber-currency, nearly provoking atomic war with China and Pakistan; as well as supporting the Soros-backed 'Rohingya Crisis' and fomenting other unrest in neighboring Burma. 

   India's two 'approved' vaccines are Astrazeneca's  'Covishield' brand and domestically-produced 'Covaxin'. A number of real scientists have offered the possibility that taking unproven vaccines like these could infect healthy people and cause side effects like blood clotting, while doing nothing which actually fight the flu. In fact, India's survival-rate from contracting COVID has dropped to 82% since the miracle drugs got rolled out by Big Pharma 'our frontline heroes'.  

   Many people in India have started asking some of the same questions---which has led the Modi Administration to request assistance from the Tech Oligarchs in suppressing social media discussions of the topic. Likely also acting upon advice from American propagandists, Modi decided to embark on a program of enlisting Indian celebrities to promote the vaccine. A popular comedian called Vivek was appointed as the top spokesman for the vax and 'combatting disinformation.'

    The program hit a snag, however, after Vivek---in a well-publicized photo-op--- took the vax on April 15th and died less than 24 hours later, allegedly of a malignant blood clot. Apparently, India hasn't learned to leave the caps on the syringes when they vax celebs like we do over here. At any rate, it certainly didn't do much to combat vaccine skepticism---and especially now that Modi's been rolling out the campaign for the second dose already. Some Indian medical experts are cautiously predicting a 3rd COVID outbreak for this Fall: which may actually be their way of trying to leak information under the radar (i.e. secretly warning that outbreak follows vax). 

   Pascal Soriot, the CEO of Astrazeneca, was also a speaker at Davos this year; in fact, he's led the WEF's program for global vaccinations. Soriot states that the program "is about ensuring that as many people as possible irrespective of their country’s income level will soon be protected against this deadly virus”; i.e., infecting the underclass with permanent side-effects. Considering that the WEF is not exactly reticent about promoting population control it should raise more than a few red flags that the Elites should have such a driving interest to spread these potentially dangerous substances in country like India---home to over a billion people, most of whom happen to be what we would call 'the working poor'. 

   Now, of course, in America's enlightened postmodern culture of highly-educated and sophisticated thinkers, the mere suggestion that the Elites might be up to something sinister (like genocide) meets with sneers of promoting tin-foil hat conspiracy theories. No one should suspect that such 'woke' plutocrats like Klaus Schwab (whose father was a Nazi operative) or Bill Gates (whose father was a eugenicist) could entertain but the purest of motives. 

    And we are, at least in America, not to question the experts' motives either. Like the World Health Organization which refused to declare COVID-19 a pandemic until the day after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation dropped about a $60 million donation on them. Or the unbiased team at Factcheck.org, which is under the thumb of known shills for Big Pharma. We can certainly trust the experts in Academia, too; despite the fact that they rake in billions from Oligarchs as well as from Big Pharma we can't entertain the slightest doubt of any biases or hidden agendas. And we have trustworthy fellows like Dr. Fauci, who had inside information on the COVID vaccine; surely he wouldn't have sold that information to political interests working to overthrow President Trump. True, Fauci grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn where small businesses like his father owned were subservient to the interests of the local Mafia---we can't assume from that experience that Fauci might have picked up a few tricks of the trade. Let's be bit candid: surviving seven presidential administrations in spite of all the gaffes and blunders that Fauci has committed along the way is quite an anomaly in American politics; unless someone has a few very solid connections. 

    Fortunately India is a democratic country with better educated population than the U.S.,so hopefully the people are better equipped to see through the state and corporate-sponsored propaganda and act accordingly. The Modi Regime allegedly has a huge public base of support, but we must recall that approval polls in India are conducted by American firms, and that India's media is even more controlled by vested interests than ours. It remains to be seen whether their government can withstand this latest round of disasters or not; but India has had a long history of foreign interests using the populace as medical guinea-pigs, and the Indian people have long memories.

   We Americans should take a good hard look at India's situation because this is very likely to become our future. We haven't seen the full effects of the vax here yet, but bear in mind that we live in a less crowded and more sanitary environment than most Indians have. After the Junta has lulled us into a false sense of security, the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the snake oil are liable to be packing a real wallop. 




Thursday, April 29, 2021


   Last night, the nominal American Head-of-State addressed the U.S. Congress---which formerly served as the legislative branch of our national government. I didn't watch Biden's farrago or the Republican's so-called 'response.' A few fawning headlines prior to the event indicated that the Premier 'president' would speak on a topic of 'turning peril into opportunity.' That certainly fits with the guiding spirit of today's America; where profiting off of panic has become a way of life. 

   As for the Republicans, hope for that Red Wave in 2022 was greatly buoyed by the announcement that Bruce Jenner has a chance to bring California back into the GOP fold. A Hollywood degenerate who last headed the most dysfunctional family in America; who blew his mind on drugs and decided as a senior citizen that he was born into the wrong gender; who killed people by reckless driving and escaped justice because of his connections---who could better represent Conservative values than that? 

   The real message that the Junta wished to convey was sent before the speech even started. This morning, secret state police federal agents raided the homes and offices of three of the legitimate President's legal team: Rudolph Giuliani, Joseph DiGenova, and Victoria Toensing. My intuition says that the GOP leadership had nothing to say about that. 

   The timing of these raids with the speech---marking 100 days since the Regime seized power---is not a coincidence. Lately they have been relaxing their grip on the collective throat; mostly because doing so is part of their weaponized mass-psychology techniques; and because dictatorships need time to consolidate their power. The politically-motivated attacks this morning was sending the message that the Regime still fully intends to persecute its opposition. I rarely make predictions, but I stand by the belief that the primary short-term goal of the Junta is to create a one-party state; and that the Elections of 2022 will not take place---at least not in any form recognizable as participatory democracy. 

   We saw a similar message sent in the recent show-trial of Derrick Chauvin. The day that Chauvin was illegally convicted, the Regime announced that the stormtrooper who murdered a pro-Trump protester in cold blood would face no charges. The message sent then, and today, is that political thought and activity would become de facto criminalized. This is all ahead of the upcoming mass-trial of over 300 people who've been rounded up in connection with the pro-Trump protest of last January 6th. That trial has a preliminary date of May 10th; though it hasn't been confirmed. Thanks to our 'conservative' former president George Bush Jr., 'domestic terrorists'---which is what these protesters are accused of being---can be held indefinitely and with limited rights to Due Process. 

   All of these farces are leading to another attempt to put President Trump on trial; and by extension criminalizing political support for him and his policies. The Left has also not given up its intentions of creating Truth and Reconciliation Hearings. This will mark the end of any meaningful legal dissent in the United States---and all of this can be accomplished well before November 2022. 

   One of the reasons that I've made and stood by a prediction of this kind is because the warning signs are obvious and the Elites are open about their intentions. But try and explain any of it to the average Ameroboob and you get a blank stare or hoots of laughter. At this point, I think we could have Auschwitz-style labor camps and most prisoners would still argue that this is "the greatest county on God's green earth" and that all we have to do is wait for that next Red Wave at the polls. 

Monday, April 26, 2021


     Sunday was one of America's national holidays, probably the second biggest day next to the Super Bowl. It's was, of course, 'Oscars Night' in Hollywood. Just like the Super Bowl, a bunch of millionaires who work for billionaires participate in a choreographed extravaganza camouflaging a totally rigged awards nomination. The winners praise the trendy 'new normal' of the moment and take home a statue of a naked man; though in the NFL's case, the naked men they take home are usually real ones. 

    Back when Hollywood was still somewhat respectable, the first meeting of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held a dinner in the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles to devise a way to honor outstanding achievements in cinema. This was in 1926. According to Architectural Digest, the first proposed award was something like a certificate designed by an artist working for Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer. It depicted "the figure of a knight gripping a sword, standing in front of a reel of film. The five spokes of the reel stood for the original five branches of the Academy—actors, directors, producers, technicians, and writers—while the sword symbolized protection for the welfare of the industry." It would have been a lot cooler if they'd stayed with that design. Instead, they decided on an avant-garde sculpture that met with mixed reviews. It's said that a girl working in the studio archival library said that the trophy "looked like her Uncle Oscar," and the name stuck. At any rate, going from a knight defending the integrity of the industry to a nude man holding a knife over his genitals seems oddly metaphorical of how Hollywood would change over the next century. 

    But a much more serious farce is of course the COVID-19 Scam, which is now entering its 14th month as a global pandemic. Adrienne had a link on her blog to a much more relevant video to see, an interview with German medical professor Dr. Sucharit Bakhti, one of the world's most renown microbiologists. It's about 40 minutes long and explains the dangers of the vaccines now being pushed by Big Pharma. 

   Dr. Bakhti explains in simple terms the medical quackery involved in hustling the new designer-drug, and the very real effects this will have on the human body. Why people trust Big Pharma---the same guys who push Opioids on the public and Amphetamines on schoolchildren---is a conundrum to begin with; but Ameroboobs are well-known for their proclivity for acting first and thinking later. 

   A question that Dr. Bakhti raised which also needs some exploring is, "American doctors have got to know better, why is there no protest, no outcry?" He speaks of Medical Ethics---which disappeared in the United States a long time ago. I've asked doctors and medical professionals myself why they go along with this vax farce and mask sham when they---of all people---can't help but know what a lie it all is. And they know they can't hide behind propaganda because they know that I've had some medical education. It's interesting to watch their reactions. It's not anger: it's more like shame. Usually, I get an answer like "we have to follow the protocols," or, "it wasn't my decision." 

  While these answers reveal a lack of any sense of responsibility, they also reveal that the American medical profession really is completely under the thumb of ideologues and no longer in control of Science---let alone ethics. Science is, by itself, morally neutral. The same science that can create a genetic modification to reverse potential birth defects can also make a bioweapon capable of sterilizing entire populations. Ethics are bringing philosophy and even religion into the equation to keep science within the realm of doing good. When Ethics is disregarded and controlled by Ideology, anything can happen and usually it's nothing good---and the two World Wars of the last century should have made that fact abundantly clear to everybody. Anyone old enough to remember the Cold War should recall the phrase Mutually-Assured Destruction and what World War 3 would have meant. 

    Doctors and scientists without ethics made up a whole genre of villains in 20th-Century pop-culture, the mad scientist. In our postmodern dystopia, we've evolved to admire amoral killers as public heroes who are out to save the planet---even if that involves considerable human life to be sacrificed (always provided, of course, that someone else does the sacrificing). 

   In the medical fields, how did we get to this point? Actually, the downfall was both fairly recent and fairly fast. It used to be that States licensed medical professionals and breaches of ethics or malpractice were handled by Medical Review Boards comprised of medical specialists---much like the Bar Association works today. Then, some trial lawyers working in the interests of Insurance Cartels got their larcenous eyes upon opportunities to plunge their greedy hands into doctors' wallets. The Left-Wing Whackos jumped on the bandwagon to promote socialized medicine and the Media routinely portrayed doctors as selfish parasites who needed more government oversight. Although Republicans promised tort and malpractice reform they never delivered, and generally went with the flow. 

   The result of all of this was that healthcare costs accelerated to obscene levels, while the quality of care became more bureaucratized and less affordable. Big Pharma---which was created again by Republicans who allowed these dope-pushers to combine into massive monopolies who slashed American jobs while outsourcing to China---got into the act and began hyping its latest designer-drugs upon a narcotic-overdosed population. After creating the chaos, the Crony-Capitalists and their Leftist allies gave us the rock-bottom solution of all: Obamacare.

     Obama went from campaigning on 'universal access to quality healthcare' to 'universal health insurance coverage' shortly after his election. Although Obamacare did expand access to healthcare, it also institutionalized all of the corruption already rotting out the system. Doctors quickly found out that Big Pharma, the Insurance Cartels, and Beltway bureaucrats with their own agendas were dictating medical policy from now on. Obamacare met some legal challenges along the way, but a Republican-controlled Supreme Court upheld its legality. President Trump tried three times to repeal Obamacare, but was defeated by a Republican-controlled Congress. 

    What wasn't reported widely at the time was that nearly half of American doctors planned to retire after Obamacare's passage. With rising demand for medical professionals, less-qualified personnel were moved into the void. Of course, the new breed of 'professionals' better represented diversity and were more eager to accommodate and adapt themselves to the new order. And so, the Leftist hotheads who were demanding that we stick it to the man, and that we get those greedy doctors ended up with lower-quality doctors who got paid more while enriching Big Pharma, Insurance interests, and mega-hospitals. Ameroboobs always somehow manage to fall into the same traps over and over again. 

   What's happened since? Well, over-prescription of dangerous Opioids has led to more overdose deaths in single recent years than the number of American casualties during the entire Vietnam War years combined. Doctors are well aware of what Opioids can do; but one has to go along to get along these days. When Obama pushed homo 'equality' (another thing we got because of Republicans on the Supreme Court selling out), doctors were forced to say nothing if a person's lifestyle contributed to their health problems. If a male patient comes to the clinic identifying as a female, doctors and psychiatrists have no choice but to play along with these delusions and issue Hormone Replacement Therapy. HRT used to require the testimony of several physicians and psychiatrists that it was medically necessary. But today? Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil DeGrasse Tyson say that gender isn't biological so it must be true.

      So to answer Dr. Bakhti's question: American doctors aren't protesting the vax because they don't care about medical ethics or medical necessity. Doctors in the US today are simply people with degrees who know how to take orders. They're sort of like a higher-status version of fast-food workers; except that when one goes to McDonalds they get something positive in exchange for the service. 

    A doctor in Germany might be puzzled as to how an American counterpart can tell a patient that he's injecting them with a beneficial vaccine when he knows full well that it's useless at best and potentially fatal or permanently crippling at worst. That's because American physicians are no longer actually medical specialists, but customer-service representatives for business and political interests. They knew the damaging effects of Opioids, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, and Hormones and Steroids---but they give them out anyway. They perform abortions and euthanasia on demand. So why is anyone surprised that they'd dispense unsafe vaccinations? The thing to do is survive in the New America; and that means going with the flow if you work in the medical fields today.