Thursday, December 12, 2019


    The NFL's politically-correct commisar Roger Goodell awoke today to receive the cheerful news that ten former players had been indicted on federal Fraud charges and warrants were issued for two others. Apparently, these millionaires weren't content with their bloated salaries and pensions, so they plunged their larcenous hands into the NFL Players' Union till. 

   "The alleged fraud targeted the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Reimbursement Account Plan (the Plan), which was established pursuant to the 2006 collective bargaining agreement and provided for tax-free reimbursement of out-of-pocket medical care expenses that were not covered by insurance and that were incurred by former players, their wives and their dependents – up to a maximum of $350,000 per player.  According to the charging documents, over $3.9 million in false and fraudulent claims were submitted to the Plan, and the Plan paid out over $3.4 million on those claims between June 2017 and December 2018." read the Department of Justice Press Release. 

    Of course, the players could always argue that they merely were carrying out some of the shady practices of the player for whom the Plan was named; but it's doubtful that the FBI will listen to such excuses.

    Besides being raised by Trash Culture to the status of national heroes, let us not forget that these worthies were all graduates of our wonderful university system. Let's review which institutions of higher learning prepared these fine gentlemen and scholars for their future contributions to society:

Clinton Portis: University of Miami
Robert McCune: University of Louisville
John Eubanks: University of Southern Mississippi
Tamarick Vanover: Florida State University
Ceandris Brown: University of Louisiana
James Butler: Georgia Tech
Fred Bennett: University of South Carolina
Etric Pruitt: University of Southern Mississippi
Carlos Rogers: Auburn University
Correll Buckhalter: University of Nebraska
Joe Horn: Itawamba Junior College
Reche Caldwell: University of Florida

   I wonder how long as a society that we're going to go on pretending that most of modern Academia is really accomplishing anything positive. It's interesting to note that four of the colleges mentioned above were caught in a major NCAA Basketball scandal just last year. Considering that the NCAA generates over $10 billion in annual revenue for these academic leeches, though, it's doubtful that reform will be considered very seriously. Some of these schools listed above rank among the Top 10 in revenue from college sports: Auburn University rakes in $147.5 million and the University of Florida, $149.2 million. 

   The Academic Mafia gets away with this scam because there are no NCAA rules against academic fraud. The universities set up fake classes and programs to ensure that college athletes maintain high enough grades to remain eligible for sports---while allowing school administrators to line their own pockets while posing as intellectual elites. And it's also fairly well known that the schools employ an unknown number of lawyers and other 'fixers' to keep the scandalous behavior of their star players off the headlines. In the cesspool of corruption and graft that college sports has become, is it any wonder that men schooled in such a system go on to become criminals? College did exactly what it's designed to do: it educated younger men to follow the ways of experts. 

   This is altogether an evil system, but on how to reform it, there's no simple answer. Hopefully the FBI will follow up and after enough of these crooks wind up in jail, it will force the respective agencies to change from within. But the fact remains that the root of the problem is in Academia; and that's also a ripe area for reform during Trump's Second Term in and of itself. 




Wednesday, December 11, 2019


   Following up on last week's orgy of urban violence, a pair of dirtbags in Jersey City, New Jersey turned a Jewish enclave in town into a battle-zone. Surprised by a policeman who was slain during the affair, the duo launched a half-aborted attack on a Jewish delicatessen. Besides the police detective, three other innocent people were killed and many injured. It could have been worse, the suspects also possessed a bomb which was recovered and safely disarmed. 

   As usual, the Corporate Media spent the afternoon making complete fools of themselves  and the NPC Left flooded comments' sections all over social media blaming Trump and the NRA. This morning however when the facts were in, we learned that the killers were actually radicalized Black Supremacists. 

   The killers were members of a fringe cult called the Black Hebrew Israelites. It's small wonder that the MSM has been slinking away from the shooting story; astute readers might recall that this particular group were the instigators of last January's Covington High School hoax. The MSM ended up eating crow after that humiliating debacle---just like they are today. "Say no to Antisemitism and watch the Impeachment Hearings" seems to be the common theme. 

   Wading through about five pages on Google's Search Engine, it appears that the New York Times is the only MSM outlet mentioning Black Supremacists in their headlines (as of this writing). They point out that the Black Hebrew Israelites are on the SPLC list of hate groups. What the SPLC had to say on their webpage was quite telling:

   "The black nationalist movement is a reaction to centuries of institutionalized white supremacy in America. Black nationalists believe the answer to white racism is to form separate institutions — or even a separate nation — for black people. Most forms of black nationalism are strongly anti-white and anti-Semitic. Some religious versions assert that black people are the biblical "chosen people" of God...Existing black nationalist groups have grown in size and new groups have formed. This growth is a response to the current climate of racial divisiveness, specifically police violence and Donald Trump’s derisive remarks about African Americans, including journalists and NFL players, and majority-black countries". 

    The part about Trump's derisive comments are of course fake news; and so is the sweeping statement about police violence. And I seem to recall a lot of race-riots happening under Obama; but they've been conspicuously absent in the Trump Era. And there's good reason for that. Support for President Trump has been growing among Blacks; fueled largely by increases in employment; Trump's initiatives to improve schools in minority communities; and his crackdown on violent gangs and drug proliferation. And contrary to what the MSM says, the Trump Administration has been aggressively addressing police violence as well as actually enforcing anti-discrimination laws. 

   The particular sect to which the shooters belonged is headquartered in Harlem. Their leader was arrested by the FBI last April and indicted for fraud. As might be expected, it turns out that David Anderson---one of the shooting suspects---had an extensive criminal history himself. His confederate in the killing spree seems to have been a fanatic recently converted to the cult. The general feeling in Harlem seems to be that the cult is a blot on society; a belief that's probably shared by most Blacks in America.

   Radicalization of American Blacks has always been a problem in the US, but it's largely the result of Left-Wing agitation that teaches vulnerable members of the community that they are the victims of other groups; and this makes them ripe prey for cultists and provocateurs. But this is changing among Blacks, as it is universally across the country. Christian leaders have been a big part of this change. As Vice-President Pence noted in a recent speech before religious leaders in southern Michigan:
   "I believe that the effective and fervent prayer of a righteous nation availeth much.  And I believe that if His people, who are called by His name, will humble themselves and pray, He’ll do like He’s always done in the long and storied history of this country.  In these too divided of times, He’ll hear from Heaven and He’ll heal this land.  
  "So I encourage you — I encourage you to let your voice be heard.  Tell people what they’re not hearing on most of their major cable television stations every day, okay?  Tell them about the ways America is more secure and more prosperous.
  "But I’d just encourage you to keep telling your congregations to pray for America, pray for all the people of America, because it’ll make a difference.  It’ll make a difference in the life of this nation, and it’ll see us through these challenging times."


Monday, December 9, 2019


  In our dysfunctional postmodernist culture, it's become fashionable to bash men and masculinity in general. Swabs like Colin Kaepernick and Stephen Colbert are held up by the effete Corporate Media as role models. Feminists depreciate men regularly; and the cretinous Red Pills in the Manosphere encourage men to live down to all of those negative stereotypes. 

   But often the measure of a real man is not what he says, but what he does. The time of crisis---which put his values to the test---is what separates the men from the boys, so to speak. In Northern California recently, four young men (ages 15 and 16) pulled off a daring rescue of two inexperienced swimmers caught in an undertow in frigid waters. 

   Most readers unfamiliar with the California Coast assume that all of the beaches are like those depicted on reruns of Baywatch. However, once one starts north of Santa Barbara, the ocean becomes a little tougher. Trinity State Beach---where this rescue happened---is only a few miles from the Oregon Border; and the climate and character of the beach is much closer to Oregon's beaches than what one thinks of California's. 

    Trinity is a very rocky and windy inlet. It's known for its curious rock formations and also a popular spot for catching sea anemone and starfish. A lot of locals also hunt sand crabs there.

  Needless to say, guys who actually get out in the water for sports like surfing have to be a fairly robust lot. The heroes of our story: Adrian York, Spenser Stratton, Taj O. Beck, and Narayan Weibel are all surfers---and tough ones at that. 

   The waters were a horrible 51 degrees with an unusually dense fog cover that November afternoon. But these guys go surfing every afternoon after High School practice. On this particular day, they'd been surfing for two hours when they decided to take a break. They heard shouting and saw two other men floundering in the fog. These two were caught in a dangerous undertow, and dressed only in a shirt and shorts they were not protected from the cold waters. Likewise, they were blinded by the fog cover; and their family on the beach had lost sight of them. 

  Now York, at age 16, is already a certified lifeguard, while Stratton and Weibel had studied lifeguarding at a Summer program. York went back to the beach to alert authorities while the other three went for the stranded men. It wasn't easy. One of the drowning men was morbidly obese and both were panicking. 

   Stratton and Weibel managed to take the heavier one; their experience as surfers helped considerably, as they had to take turns with him. Beck pulled the younger and smaller man on to his surfboard. York returned and assisted him by that time. 

   The young men were already taking emergency measures when the EMTs, led by Ranger Dillon Cleavenger arrived and took over. “There’s no doubt in my mind those guys would have drowned without their quick intervention,” Cleavenger told the MSM, “When we get a call like this one, it's usually too late by the time we get there. People can get hypothermia and drown out here in seconds. I can't say enough about what these boys did. They were willing and prepared to risk their lives."

   It would seem that the efforts of Liberal Academia and Media to end our culture of toxic masculinity and replace men with Snowflakes haven't been entirely successful. Good men are still doing good things. And there's no report that they needed the Red Pills to teach them how to be men either. 

   Nope. These guys were the products of good old-fashioned parenting. As Jacqueline Stratton---Spenser Stratton's mom said:  "All of the boys’ parents are proud of their sons. We have all raised our sons to be respectful and mindful of the ocean and are glad that they were at the right place at the right time."

Saturday, December 7, 2019


    The Election of 2020 is now less than one year away; and the Democrats are still trying to steal the 2016 Election. Hopefully, President Trump is preparing his priorities for his second term. One priority needs to be overhauling the Pentagon. Trump inherited a Military that his last three predecessors turned into a fetid Beltway Swamp. The RINO, James Mattis, did little or nothing to reform the system. 

   This week alone, there were three incidents at domestic military bases where people were killed. This is on top of the daily military mayhem: the drug abuse; and the homicides;  and the suicides; the rapes---both heterosexual and the 'non-violent, harmless' homosexual variety;  the gangsterism; the scams; and the corruption. And, the same week, three Guardsmen were killed in a helicopter crash; nine sailors were injured when a Coast Guard ship and a Navy ship collided; Marines set fire to the Okinawan countryside with flares during a routine training session; and an F-16 was lost when the pilot panicked and baled out during a patrol. Except for the three on-base attacks; this was very much an average week in today's oh-so-Politically-Correct military social milieu. 

   An interesting thing about all three bases attacks was that our brave men and women in uniform ended up having to be rescued by the local police. The first incident happened in Virginia at Joint Base Little Creek-Fort Story. Some dirtbag drove wildly onto the base and killed a military policeman. WHSV-3 reported as follows:

 "Nathaniel Lee Campbell has been charged in the death of 23-year-old Petty Officer 3rd Class Oscar Jesus Temores. Virginia Beach police said Campbell was driving a 2004 Chevrolet pickup north along Atlantic Avenue on Saturday when, as he approached Gate 8 of the JEB Little Creek - Fort Story base, he traveled into the oncoming traffic lane and drove onto the base at a high rate of speed. Police said gate security forces notified their units of a vehicle that passed the gate on the wrong side of the road, and security responded to the scene with emergency equipment activated. Near the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Leyte Street, police said Campbell struck a Navy patrol car Temores was driving. Both drivers were taken to a local hospital, where Temores died of his injuries."

  We follow the news from the Middle East a lot; and attacks like these happen occasionally at UN Relief Centers. Those attacks rarely result in casualties however; because the Russian and Iranian troops guarding these bases stop charging vehicles with machine-guns and grenades. Apparently, our Snowflake Military's protocols are to go on lockdown and call the Virginia City Police. And they wonder why people get killed? 

  Our Politically-Correct modern military abhors violence, and has recently taken up the issue of gun violence. The US Naval Academy's football team---already under criticism because their Midshipmen team name is considered 'gender insensitive'---recently was forced to drop its motto 'Load the Clip' in deference to complaints from Gun Control activists. And this is working as well as other 'gun-free zone' type policies, as seen last week in Pearl Harbor.

  Gabriel Romero, a sailor on the submarine USS Columbia, was apparently armed and standing guard-duty while the sub was dry-docked for maintenance. In less than a minute, Romero suddenly snapped and gunned down three civilians before committing suicide. 

  Hawaiian State Police arrived to save the Pacific Fleet. According to Hawaii News Now, it turns out that Romero was in 'Anger Management' training and was scheduled for an unspecified disciplinary hearing. The Medical Examiner noted that Romero's hands were bruised; the Navy confirmed that Romero had recently punched some lockers during an outburst of rage. So, what idiot thought that giving this guy weapons was a good idea? Romero shouldn't have been on Submarine Duty at all, let alone walking around with a service rifle. 

  But in today's PC, we mustn't discriminate against mental illness. This shocking report from Very Well Mind gives us some insight:
  "While currently having certain mental health conditions or having a history of a serious mental disorder technically prohibits a person from being in the military, research data suggests that many are skirting the rules.
  "A major study published in 2014 in JAMA Psychiatry found that some 25% of non-deployed U.S. military members had some sort of mental disorder, including panic disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and depression, and two-thirds of these had their conditions prior to enlisting.
  "The study also found that more than 11% of U.S. military enlistees had more than one disorder. Interestingly, the intermittent explosive disorder was the most common condition found, affecting approximately 8% of the enlistees.
  "How are people getting around the rules? It's not entirely clear, but people find ways to circumvent the regulations, most in the vein of, 'Don't ask, don't tell.'"
  Intermittent Explosive Disorder is the trendy terminology for what used to be called Passive-Aggressive Neurosis. This study shows what kind of recruiting standards we had under Obama; but unfortunately it hasn't changed under Trump. In 2017, RINO Mattis ordered the 2009 Army ban on mental illness waivers revoked; it's gotten so bad that the Military is actually embedding mental healthcare workers among soldiers and sailors.  
  And finally this week, we saw a mass-shooting at Pensacola. A Saudi national who'd been training with US forces went on a shooting rampage. The base went on lockdown and someone called 9-1-1. Our brave heroes were rescued by the Escambia County Sheriff's Department, who sent the gunman to Tartarus during a brief shootout. The FBI has since discovered that the shooter had been posting anti-American propaganda all over social media recently. Given the character of today's military's personnel, the Base Commanders probably didn't see anything out of the ordinary in any of that.
   Florida Senator Rick Scott told News4Jax that it is "clear that we need to take steps to ensure that any and all foreign nationals are scrutinized and vetted extensively before being embedded with our American men and women in uniform.'' Well, no kidding. You mean that nobody thought of that before?
   And another question is: where is military security? Base Commander Capt. Tim Kinsella told the Corporate Media that "Weapons are not allowed on the base," and, in response to a question about how many foreign nationals were on base, Kinsella replied that he didn't know. 
   Now common sense should tell anybody that if three lone nutcases can attack military bases; then we have a real security problem. Understand that these bases have been rendered defenseless by decades of PC policy. If lone shooters can penetrate a military base and kill people, imagine what kind of damage a well-trained and well-armed foreign Commando Team could do during an actual war.  
   President Reagan was able to take a demoralized military and turn it into the world's best military during the 1980s. But he did this by confronting the problems and taking decisive actions. Three decades of Clintons, Bushmen, and Obamunists have squandered that entire legacy. Trump is admirer of Reagan's and needs to follow the same decisive approach.


Tuesday, December 3, 2019


   This is a strange story; but unfortunately increasingly a common one. It turns out that, while on a tour of Israel, Cornelius Tilton---an ordained minister, President of the Christian Bible College of Louisiana, and CEO of the tour company---became amorously smitten with a comely young lad who later had the misfortune of being seated next to him on the return flight. Tilton couldn't restrain his impulses any longer---the lurid details can be found in the DOJ Press Release. The situation came within a hair's breadth of forcible rape in public until Tilton was restrained by the flight crew. He's currently sitting in the slammer in Newark. 

    Since Tilton isn't White, a Catholic priest, or heterosexual, it's doubtful that the MSM will give the story much attention. However, given the number of youth programs, outreach programs, charities, etc. which Tilton's been involved in for a long time, it would really be a good idea for his Church to conduct a very thorough investigation. I have my doubts that this was the first such incident in Tilton's life---he just snapped and got caught this time. 

   Such stories as we're likely to hear is how everyone was 'shocked' by the incident. In saner and less politically-correct times it would have been met with anger. Why? Because then everyone over the age of 12 or so knew and understood that undesirable elements of society tended to infiltrate positions of public trust to throw suspicion off of themselves. It's also well-known today, but too many men won't watch out for younger men for fear of being persecuted as 'homophobic' or being accused of some other ridiculous term. The unwillingness of American men to stand up for themselves is what enables degenerates like Tilton to get away with their crimes for so long. I would wager that any subsequent investigation will reveal that others knew about Tilton and kept discreet silence the whole time.

   It's gotten so bad that anyone who so much as questions the homosexual lifestyle can find themselves labelled a 'hate group' alongside of Anti-Semites and White Supremacists. This in spite of the fact that Homosexuality is not a race, religion, nor a cultural ethnicity. It is in fact a mental disorder, and was long recognized and treated as such. Only recently a handful of activists and their sympathizers in Government, Media, and Academia have said otherwise; and this they've enforced as infallible truth despite having absolutely no scientific basis for doing so. 

  Instead what has long been recognized is that the homosexual lifestyle is dysfunctional, antisocial, and often dangerous. It not only rots any society from the inside out, it has a similar effect on its individual practitioners. So far from the glamour portrayed by the Media, homosexuals rarely live happy, fulfilling lives. The levels of drug addiction, depression, mental illness, and suicide among the 'LGBTQ' population is disproportionately high. So are sex crimes like Mr. Tilton is accused of committing. I recall psychology textbooks from a few years ago stating that the median life expectancy for this demographic is 43 years---and I doubt that's changed much in spite of all of this phony tolerance. 

  Another statistic from the older textbooks also showed that Psychoanalysis had about an 85% cure-rate for homosexuals. Any doctor who dared try and cure one today---even if the patient desired it---would probably lose his license, or at least be subject to all sorts of persecution. But this is where change is going to have to start. 

   Men of Science and Medicine are going to have start pulling their heads out of the sand and calling a spade a spade. As strong as religious or philosophical arguments may be, they carry very little weight in secular and pluralistic societies like ours. Science carries authority that's needed to combat these frauds and to defeat them. 


Monday, December 2, 2019


  In mid-November, Youtube announced an update to its 'Terms of Service'; scheduled to go into effect on December 10th. This has been causing an accelerating panic across the Internet. It's been described as a great purge with an massive number of accounts deleted, demonetized, or 'deplatformed', as Youtube's critics say. 

  All of this is beginning to remind me a lot of Y2K. For our younger readers who might not remember this: this was an Internet panic which began in the mid-1990s. The theory was that the entire Internet was going to collapse on January 1st, 2000 because computer databases couldn't recognize the date code change from prefix 19- to prefix 20-. Since the US was already computer-dependent back then, there were supposed to be mass riots, banks crashing, the government paralyzed, etc. 

   Not being especially tech-savvy Y2K was a concern for me too back then. But 1998, I was interviewing some surviving WW1 veterans on the 80th Anniversary of the Armistice. I asked one old soldier about Y2K and, after explaining it to him, the Nestor declared without batting an eye, 'It's a hoax.' I asked him why he thought so, and he laughed and said, 'Computers won't recognize the 21st Century? Son, I was born in the 19th Century! Never missed a government check yet!" I never worried about Y2K after that.

  It's a shame that our culture despises the elderly so much. We often learn a lot of common sense from them.

  The Youtube update crisis sounds quite similar. The user forum on their parent company's (Google's) site explains: "Starting from December 10, 2019, our Terms of Service are updated globally. (If you live in the European Economic Area or Switzerland, your terms were updated on July 22.) These updates are to make the Terms of Service easier to read and understand. There’s no change to your experience on YouTube, the features you have access to, or, if you’re a monetizing creator, how you’re paid." 

  So the updates have already been in effect for 5 months in Europe with no adverse effects? Granted, EU laws already are more restrictive on content than the US. But their laws have no authority over US domestic content. All of that aside, however, people seem to have forgotten that Youtube is a private company; and that the American economy is premised upon free enterprise. 

  The Left-Wing MSM outlet, Slate, snorts about 'deplorable Capitalism': 

  "According to economist Milton Friedman, the primary role of a business is to maximize profits for its owners. It seems YouTube has doubled-down to commit to this. But YouTube is not just any business. YouTube holds a monopoly over the video-sharing industry, and although it has been challenged by smaller apps such as Vine and TikTok, it still holds a great hegemony in video-hosting. What further solidifies YouTube as the supreme video-sharing program is that it is owned and backed by Google, an internet behemoth in of itself.
  "When a single business holds a monopoly over an industry, it means alternatives cannot easily challenge it. When that happens, it is easily able to determine its own ethics in the free market because users won’t be able to flock to alternatives for video content. However, the very conditions that allow YouTube to maintain hegemony are those that also call for ethical restraint and protection for the masses against abuse. And when one entity holds disproportionate power over others, it becomes more and more plausible to invite regulation — in this case, by the government."

  First of all, Youtube is not a monopoly---the dominant company in its industry, yes---but not a monopoly. Alexa Rankings show that Youtube is the 2nd most visited website in the world; but Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Twitch all rank in the Top 200; Twitch at #41. It also seems a bit hypocritical that Slate---which is a subsidiary of international conglomerate Graham Holdings Corporation and an Amazon 'partner---should be complaining about monopolies. Incidentally, Slate's Alexa Ranking is #1,348. 

   If the writers at Slate had spent more time reading Milton Friedman, they would have learned that industries typically become dominant during times of technological innovation. Entrepreneurs in a free market quickly move in and try to compete with better services. That's actually how Youtube came about. Fifty years ago, in 1969, nobody believed that anyone could compete with Network Television---and CBS was dominant then. By 1979, Cable TV became available and by 1989 Cable was more profitable than the networks. By 1999, we had the Internet and technology for live video streaming. Youtube was founded in 2005. In 2019, we have cellphones capable of recording and sharing videos. 

  Friedman also pointed out that dominant companies which fail to practice "ethical restraint and protection from abuse" tend not to stay dominant very long. That is unless they have "invited regulation from the Government" which usually protects them from competition. 

  The Alt-RINOs like Vox Day, Owen Benjamin, and Gavin McInnes have subscription services and naturally are fanning the flames to boost subscriptions. 

    Vox Day and Owen Benjamin both have interest in Unauthorized TV, another of Vox' shady affiliates, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. Unauthorized's Terms of Use are even more restrictive than Youtube's. With Youtube, you can appeal a suspension. Unauthorized's terms tell you to appeal to the EU bureaucracy. Not only that, but they have a dubious legal clause which reads: "We are not obligated to participate in an arbitration process and are unable to offer you the opportunity to participate in such a process." If that isn't clear enough, another clause reads:

    TERM AND TERMINATION. "This TOU and Your right to use the unauthorized.TV Site will take effect at the moment You click “I AGREE TO THE TERMS OF SERVICE”, and access, or use the unauthorized.TV Site. In addition, unauthorized.TV reserves the right at any time if You violate any term or condition of this TOU, to deny Your access to the unauthorized.TV Site or to any portion thereof in order to protect its name and goodwill, its business, and/or other Authorized Users. Termination will be effective without notice. You may also terminate this TOU at any time by ceasing to use the unauthorized.TV Site or inactivating Your unauthorized.TV account, but all applicable provisions of this TOU will survive termination. Upon termination, You must destroy all copies of any aspect of the unauthorized.TV Site in Your possession. The provisions concerning unauthorized.TV’s proprietary rights, feedback, indemnity, disclaimers of warranty, limitation of liability, and governing law will survive the termination of this TOU for any reason."
   And these guys complain that Youtube is heavy-handed? 

   This 'purge' is very likely not to happen and Youtube will still be standing after next week. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019


   Out here on the Pacific Coast, our holiday celebrations are usually starting about the same time that they're winding up back East. Thus, before dinner we get hammered the usual Trump-bashing newsfeeds. Holidays are especially miserable times for White Liberals. They are by nature ingrates; so Thanksgiving doesn't mean anything to them. They hate America and Dead White Males, so Independence Day likewise frustrates them. Of course, Easter and Christmas commemorate events that they don't believe in; and even MLK Day has gotten boring because no Black people ever show up for their virtue-signalling put-ons. To make it worse, they have to attend politically-correct parties with people they don't especially like; and everyone spends the evening trying not to offend everyone else. 

  So Trump-bashing is something of a safety-relief valve for them; to prevent them from completely going berserk and doing things like these kids from two very Liberal Boston High Schools did. 

  One such story from the fake news went after Melania Trump. Melania visited Baltimore yesterday to give an address to students about the Opioid Crisis. As she walked out on stage, she was briefly booed before a chorus of cheers drown out the hecklers.

  Even though the booing lasted less than a minute, Fake News outlets made it a headline: completely ignoring the Administration's successes in fighting the opium epidemic in Baltimore. It's not known who was orchestrating the booing; probably school officials themselves, or hoodlums they'd had released from Juvy and paid for the photo-op. 

  Maryland Elite Educrats are not happy with the Trump Administration right now. Earlier this week, they were utterly humiliated in Federal Court by a Christian school that refused to bow to their junk-science standards on gender policies. To make matters even worse for the Maryland Left, Bethel Christian Academy---the Plaintiffs in the case---is 85% Black; a fact which seems not to have appeared in MSM coverage of the story. 

  Another story that popped in Yahoo News was manufacturing some fake scandal about the cost of President Trump's vacation trips. No sooner had the Left exhausted their invective in the comments' section then a new story broke: Trump Pays Surprise Visit to Troops in Afghanistan. 

  So while President Trump and US Soldiers dined on turkey, the media clowns were eating crow. 

  Well, it's nearly dinner time out here. I think that we can all be especially thankful for the new direction in which our country is moving. And it might be worthwhile to reflect on what the President had to say today in conclusion:

  "On Thanksgiving Day, we remember with reverence and gratitude the bountiful blessings afforded to us by our Creator, and we recommit to sharing in a spirit of thanksgiving and generosity with our friends, neighbors, and families.
  "Nearly four centuries ago, determined individuals with a hopeful vision of a more prosperous life and an abundance of opportunities made a pilgrimage to a distant land.  These Pilgrims embarked on their journey across the Atlantic at great personal risk, facing unforeseen trials and tribulations, and unforetold hardships during their passage.  After their arrival in the New World, a harsh and deadly winter took the lives of nearly half their population.  Those who survived remained unwavering in their faith and foresight of a future rich with liberty and freedom, enduring every impediment as they established one of our Nation’s first settlements.  Through God’s divine providence, a meaningful relationship was forged with the Wampanoag Tribe, and through their unwavering resolve and resilience, the Pilgrims enjoyed a bountiful harvest the following year.  The celebration of this harvest lasted 3 days and saw Pilgrims and Wampanoag seated together at the table of friendship and unity.  That first Thanksgiving provided an enduring symbol of gratitude that is uniquely sewn into the fabric of our American spirit.
  "More than 150 years later, it was in this same spirit of unity that President George Washington declared a National Day of Thanksgiving following the Revolutionary War and the ratification of our Constitution.  Less than a century later, that hard-won unity came under duress as the United States was engaged in a civil war that threatened the very existence of our Republic.  Following the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, in an effort to unite the country and acknowledge “the gracious gifts of the Most High God,” President Abraham Lincoln asked the American people to come together and “set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next as a Day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens.”  Today, this tradition continues with millions of Americans gathering each year to give their thanks for the same blessings of liberty for which so many brave patriots have laid down their lives to defend during the Revolutionary War and in the years since.
   "Since the first settlers to call our country home landed on American shores, we have always been defined by our resilience and propensity to show gratitude even in the face of great adversity, always remembering the blessings we have been given in spite of the hardships we endure.  This Thanksgiving, we pause and acknowledge those who will have empty seats at their table.  We ask God to watch over our service members, especially those whose selfless commitment to serving our country and defending our sacred liberty has called them to duty overseas during the holiday season.  We also pray for our law enforcement officials and first responders as they carry out their duties to protect and serve our communities.  As a Nation, we owe a debt of gratitude to both those who take an oath to safeguard us and our way of life as well as to their families, and we salute them for their immeasurable sacrifices.
   "As we gather today with those we hold dear, let us give thanks to Almighty God for the many blessings we enjoy.  United together as one people, in gratitude for the freedoms and prosperity that thrive across our land, we acknowledge God as the source of all good gifts.  We ask Him for protection and wisdom and for opportunities this Thanksgiving to share with others some measure of what we have so providentially received."