Saturday, November 27, 2021

COVID 21 AND 2022

     Thanksgiving festivities went off fairly well in these parts. Media bogeymen and the the Thought Police didn't derail a fun dinner, some vintage movies, and other general non-PC mayhem though the bad weather did cause an informal football game among us to be cancelled. Maybe we're getting a little older after all? Not.

   Unfortunately, the Elites were apparently working over the holiday: not surprising since Thanksgiving is a day they'd like to strike from our calendars. Friday morning, most of us awoke to the news that some new global pandemic was supposedly fanning across the planet; just coincidentally after Bill Gates had warned of bioterror attacks at COP26 only a few days before. Statistics aren't in yet; but between so-called Black Friday and Ameroboob panic-buying, no doubt the Corporate Elites reaped another massive windfall. This new "super-virus" was dubbed COVID-21 by the Great Reset stooge running Belgium; but the medical hirelings in their employ decided to call it the Omicron Strain instead. That may have been a poor choice, since more than a few commenters have noted that Omicron is an anagram of moronic. Given the postmodern English-speaking world's low functional literacy rates and its proclivity to mass-hysteria, however, that oversight probably won't make a difference. 

   With 2021 winding down, a new Scamdemic, mass-layoffs, fake shortages and price inflation are shaping up to look like 2022 is going to be a very tough year. In the US, the Elites are still in the process of consolidating their power, but they've made a lot of progress. Americans, for the most part, are still clinging to the delusion that we're somehow going back to normal in spite of repeated statements from the Regime that we are not 

   Blogger Insanity Bytes had a good article up yesterday on the subject of Parallel Economy, which is also an idea we've been promoting here. The term was coined by Czechoslovakian dissident Vaclav Havel during the mid-20th Century. Essentially, it's what the Left used to call a counterculture; people who have come together to operate as best they can outside of the mainstream. This is really the best option here in the US right now. 

   Many people believe---and not without good reason---that we're facing a future where dissidents will find themselves in Concentration Camps. That's already underway in Canada and Australia and will probably happen here to some extent. But that tactic is probably going to be employed against a few whom the Regime wishes to hold up as examples to instill fear in their subjects. Remember that the Oligarchs behind the Great Reset are all big believers in efficiency. The Second World War demonstrated that mass-incarcerations and executions put a tremendous strain on resources. The model that more scientific totalitarians strive for doesn't require 100% compliance: it only requires a supermajority of support while the minority is simply locked out of social, political, and economic participation. The New Model is based on the concept of so-called Smart Cities---which are essentially Concentration Camps, but ones in which people throw themselves in voluntarily. As one of the advocates for the program remarked, "a key enabler of sustainable smart cities is that all participants in the complex ecosystem share information and combine it with contextual data analyzed in real-time." 

     None of the traditional ways of resistance are going to work at this point, because the infrastructure to support them no longer exists. Elections, relocating, armed resistance, etc. are futile options. Elections will not succeed: that ought to be obvious in the wake of three consecutive stolen election cycles: and Virginia is a prime example that any further voter activism will result in nothing but Collaborationist Governments. The President-in-Exile is not going to come back, whether he believes he can or not; and none of his younger followers are going to be allowed anywhere near a nomination. 

    Relocating may be a necessity in some circumstances, but it's not really a good option any longer. For one thing, the Regime is making travel increasingly difficult, and the areas to where one might flee are becoming increasingly restricted. There's no guarantee either that certain States which may look 'free' now will remain that way. The Governments of Texas and Florida, for example, are even more under the Bush Family's thumb than Virginia and they could turn easily. The other argument against relocating is that one has to rebuild his support networks in a new area---which will consume time and resources better spent building in one's existing community. 

   So-called 'Civil War 2.0'---the fantasy of most of the 'Red Pilled' types will also not happen anytime soon. Dissidents against this Regime have no established leadership (despite the Red Pills volunteering themselves for that position). We're also outnumbered, outgunned, underfinanced, and not organized. Currently, the State, the Economic Oligarchs, the Schools, the Media, the Courts, the Churches, and the Military are nearly 100% behind the Great Reset. Not to mention that well over half (probably closer to 4/5) of the American public is also either behind it or at least willing to submit to it. Che Guevara himself admitted that there's no possibility of a successful insurgency anywhere without popular support---and we don't have it.

   Above all, don't fall for another lie being circulated by many on the Right: namely that the best strategy is"going along to get along" while looking for opportunities to beat the system. That attitude among Conservatives is responsible more than any other cause for bringing us to the place we are now. If we'd taken a stand against the Clintons in the 1990s and rejected the slimy Bushmen---instead of trying to look for angles and profit margins---none of this would have happened. It didn't work then and it won't work now. We saw throughout the whole Deep State Era that every compromise led to the Elites taking more for themselves and leaving everybody else with less.  

   There is really no 'blueprint' for building Parallel Societies. They really operate more in a spirit: a belief in Human Rights and Human Dignity and a willingness to do something to put those beliefs into practice for a change. 


Wednesday, November 24, 2021


    Thanksgiving is tomorrow, as we all know. In the spirit of White Boy Summer (now going into extra innings, so to speak) I went on a turkey hunt this week. No luck, but it's going to be ham tomorrow and anyone is invited as long as they don't wear a Mask in my home. For the second straight year, the Revolutionaries are trying to cancel both Thanksgiving and Christmas, as part of their program to instill new national holidays. Last year they employed fake lockdowns, this year, they're employing fake shortages and engineered price inflation. Just to spite these scum, I'm going to share the recipe for a delicious high-calorie glazed ham:

    1 (5-lb.) ham

    2 c. of Root Beer (note: try to use root beers made with real sugar, it works better)

    1 c. of dark brown sugar 

    1/2 c. good tomato catsup

    2 Tbsps. of Dijon Mustard

     Combine last four ingredients and simmer over medium heat until reduced by half. Then score the fat layer of the ham and place in a baking dish. Baste with 1/4 of the glaze, then cover and bake at 325F. Every 15 minutes, baste again with one 1/4 of the ham glaze. When the glaze is finished, baste one more time with the pan drippings (abt. 1 hour total cooking time). Let cool and slice up. 


    Now that we're one year in since the Putsch of 2020, most Ameroboobs still want to live in a state of Denial that a Color Revolution and Regime Change has actually taken place. This week was full of real turkeys, as the great Bill Cosby referred to chumps and this country is full of them. Just a reminder to invite your actual friends to these upcoming celebrations and let the boobs wallow in their gloom somewhere else. Here's a specimen of the week's biggest bozos:

   1. Virginia Republicans: who, only a few weeks after duping themselves into believing that elections still make a difference are frustrated because they voted into office people whose only qualification was having an 'R' after their name. After caving in immediately on Educational Reform, and the Loyalty Vaxx Mandate, the harbingers of the upcoming Great Red Wave appointed Radical Left-Wing activists to their Transition Team. Now if any of these GOP voters had bothered to do even an hour's research on Glenn Youngkin before blindly rushing out to support him, they would have seen that he never was anything but a RINO. Virginia's fate is a sad reminder that the Left has no monopoly on NPCs.


   2. Google/Alphabet Employees: After years of promoting fake news, online censorship, and all the rest of Alphabet's shady dealings and promotion of the Great Reset, 'hundreds' of Google employees are outraged to learn that the Regime's policies also apply to them. Incidentally, they're all about to learn that they are expendable too. "While a US federal mandate for employers is currently tied up in litigation, Google has taken President Joe Biden’s advice on board and is implementing the requirement anyway. The company asked over 150,000 employees in the US to upload their vaccination status to an internal system by December 3, while any medical or religious exemptions must be filed earlier." Their fate is a sad reminder that attitudes of "go-along-to-get-along" and "I got mine, sux to be you!" come back to bite in the end.

   3. The City of New York: another group whom many on the Right saw indications of a Red Wave following the last election, kicked off their new order by tearing down a statue of Thomas Jefferson. Granted, Thomas Jefferson would probably be ashamed to be seen anywhere near NYC governmental offices of today; but the symbolism of the act is quite telling. Politicians of the past liked to compare themselves to Jefferson however far they were from his ideals in actual practice. Today, political leaders are more overt about displaying their hatred for self-government and human rights. 

     New York has never quite recovered from the administration of Republican mayor and WEF/Great Reset supporter, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is still running the city, regardless of what anyone believes; the same way that Bill Gates actually runs Seattle and Portland; or Google runs San Francisco.

      4. Catholic University of America: As part of the Church's ongoing efforts to recruit Christians into the Great Reset and drive Catholics to Sedevacantism, CUA has decided that the late lamented George Floyd is not only worthy of martyrdom, but veneration as a saint, if not a new messiah. To underscore this point, they are now displaying a portrait of the deceased career criminal and his baby-momma depicted as Christ and the Virgin Mary, respectively. Below this abominable portrait is a plaque which reads: "Following the violent death of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020, Lattimore created this icon in June of that year. The image is evocative of the 'Mother of Sorrows.' May Mary, the Mirror of Justice, hear the cry of all who have known the sorrow of losing a loved one to violence and injustice." Apparently the State of Minnesota and thousands of gullible dupes heard the cry; Floyd's family---most of whom were probably delighted that the old bastard was dead---reaped millions of dollars off the whole scam. Not much sympathy from the Church for wrongfully convicted Derrick Chauvin, however, who was bankrupted, disgraced, and thrown into a dungeon for 10 years.

     It's quite telling that one report of this story had this to say: “There are many students, faculty, and staff who are concerned about this, but there is nothing we can do,” added the student, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of reprisal from the university administration. “And if we sound the alarm, we will be labeled racists.” See the note after point 2. If you stay in this environment, you're "only feeding the crocodile hoping you'll be eaten last." Fear of reprisals is a huge red flag that you're in the wrong place.

   5. The Junta: The last and worst-tasting turkey of them all came out this week to remind us that the Orange Man is still bad and that the economic recovery and energy independence we had just two years ago was rejected soundly by Ameroboobs upset over mean Tweets in favor of concentrating wealth and power in the hands of WEF Oligarchs. And Junta also reminded us that these 'shortages' and inflation are actually good things, a 'New Normal,' and that the rest of the world is struggling too. This is in spite of the fact that China is experiencing no import problems whatsoever; in fact, the first rail-line in the Great Silk Road Project recently logged its 8000th trip. Trump had a plan to build a similar system in the US, but RINOs Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell blocked funding for the project. As for fuel shortages, Russia and Iran both are producing record surpluses; but the Regime has chosen to embargo those two nations. 

     The great thing about our remaining Holiday Season is that we get time to enjoy ourselves and be away from idiots like these. A year from now may be altogether a different story; but part of building Parallel Communities is defying these rats and keeping our traditional celebrations alive in spite of their efforts. The last two years have really separated the metaphorical sheep from the goats, and we need to work with our own and disregard the others. We're really past the point in our history when we were thinking that winning through the system or converting others to our point of view was a viable strategy. We have to save ourselves now, and that's simply the reality of the situation. 

    In the meantime, I'm enjoying some hunting, snowmobiling, and some good dinners. 


Sunday, November 21, 2021


    Well, that didn't take long. The first two predictions we made about the Rittenhouse Trial in the last have already come true. A few cities burned---notably Portland---burned, and today 20+ people were injured when a car rammed a Christmas Parade. We don't know all the details of the car attack yet; but considering that happened not far from Kenosha and has been traced to a local university, I think that we can guess the motive involved here.

    As we stated before, the Rittenhouse Verdict was pre-arranged and not a rare act of Justice at all. The Elites hastily chose a jury, put an utterly incompetent prosecutor in charge so that this result would happen. The end game of all of this was to incite further riots, and---more importantly---to demand 'reforms.' Specifically, they want to do away with jury trials altogether; as well as suspending the Right to Self-Defense. The fact that Rittenhouse was charged at all is proof that this trial was orchestrated for another purpose; just as the subsequent riots and other mayhem was planned.

    This fact needs to be stressed because too many on the Right still want to cling to the belief that some great 'turning of the tide' is underway. We've been hearing that refrain since the GOP won control of Congress in 1994. The Rittenhouse Verdict was a good thing; but it doesn't mean that somehow our badly compromised Legal System suddenly has found its way and will dispense fair and impartial justice from now on. 

    Consider that the nation's top two legal agents are John Roberts and Merrick Garland, and that tells us about all we need to know about the who pulls the strings on the Legal Establishment. 

    Roberts, of course, is an arch-RINO, whose most recent crime was turning over the country to the Junta by refusing to challenge the 2020 Election Fraud. He previously overthrew American marriage laws in 2014 as well as upholding Obamacare. His RINO credentials and contempt for law was well-established when he was appointed by fellow-RINO George Bush to the Chief Justice's position. According to Wikipedia; "He worked pro bono for gay rights advocates, reviewing filings and preparing arguments for the 1996 Supreme Court case Romer vs. Evans, which was described in 2005 as 'the movement's most important legal victory'... He also argued on behalf of the homeless,and represented, pro bono, a man who was sentenced to death for killing eight people in Florida. During the late 1990s, while working for Hogan & Hartson. In 2000, Roberts advised Jeb Bush concerning Bush's actions in the Florida Election Recount." 

    Hogan & Harston is a shady Corporate Legal firm, now known as Hogan Lovells. Hogan Lovells is a Corporate sponsor of the Center for Disease Control Foundation, and was among the Top Five Beltway Lobbying firms, representing 68 Corporate interests this year alone. Over half of their lobbyists are revolving-door former federal bureaucrats, including former US Senator, Norm Coleman. 

    Garland likewise has a history as a Corporate lawyer, working several years with Arnold & Porter. This law firm is another global legal enterprise; and also a major Beltway lobbyist. At last report, they represented 38 Corporate interests and employed 20 lobbyists---14 of whom are revolving-door bureaucrats including former Congressman Jim Turner. Garland was probably best remembered as Obama's Supreme Court nominee following the highly suspicious death of Judge Antonin Scalia. The Senate never acted on this recommendation, but five years later several RINOs joined the Democrats to elevate Garland to the rank of Attorney-General within the Junta. Garland was previously known for his botched handling of DC Mayor Marion Berry's prosecution and his very questionable handling of the Oklahoma City Bombing Case. 


    It should be obvious that whatever court victories Conservatives 'win,' there is no chance of any long-term gains when the Legal Establishment is in the hands of characters like these. For decades, they have been utterly subservient to the Corporate Agenda, and this situation is bound to get worse as the Regime consolidates its power. We shouldn't allow ourselves to put any faith in litigation or court decisions anymore than we should put any trust in treasonous RINOs to save us through elections.

   The System has failed us repeatedly but the Elites count on us to keep believing in it. This way we stay distracted instead of organizing and building communities and networks outside the Regime's grasp. We should make it a point to avoid, not engage with, the Legal System as it currently stands. 


Friday, November 19, 2021


      To cut through all of the media hype---both from MSM outrage and Controlled Opposition celebrations---the Kyle Rittenhouse Case was a judicial farce from start to finish. This man never would have been charged or brought to trial if we had anything like a Rule of Law in the United States anymore. The Elites always stage these spectacles with a purpose---and they always get the outcome they want. It's a mistake to believe that acquittals like these were in the interests of Justice; they're in the interests of serving a purpose. 

     If upcoming events follow their usual pattern, we will soon see the following happen:

    1. So-called 'race-riots' occur and/or a False Flag involving a similar incident under similar circumstances:

    2. Outrage from the MSM and useless debate over "our broken Legal System."

    3. Paid legislators will propose "reforms" already drawn up by Corporate think-tanks and rubber-stamped by the Bar Association. 

    4. The Elites will circumvent the Constitution, place Rittenhouse in Double Jeopardy, and convict him on some other fake charge.

    5. The new 'reforms' will subvert Due Process even more than it's already subverted.

    6. Ameroboobs will pat themselves on the back thinking they've really accomplished something when all they've done is surrender even more of their Rights.

   Why do we think this? Because it's been the same story after every high-profile acquittal since the Rodney King set the precedent in 1992. The only difference this time is that then we had a failing but still functional Constitutional Republic. Since the Color Revolution we've had a failed Republic and a State dedicated to obliterating any vestiges of Democratic rule. The changes which come in the wake of this show-trial will be much deeper and more far-reaching than any that preceded them. 

   If anyone is inclined to doubt this, let's hear it from the Elites' own statements. From The Nation: "No doubt, some people will express shock at the verdict over the next few days. But Rittenhouse’s freedom is not a 'miscarriage' of justice—it is our white justice system working as intended. This system is designed to free people like Rittenhouse: white vigilantes who kill to maintain the best interests of whiteness."

From the DNC mouthpiece The New Republic: "And let’s reform white-privileged 'self-defense' that arises from both racial fear of Black people and animosity against people of all races who call for police and justice system reforms. Let’s take on the major policing reforms we need and ensure we have more diverse district attorneys and judges."

From the ACLU of Wisconsin: “Rittenhouse’s trial highlights an urgent need for reform for both police and the criminal legal system. The system is broken, and it desperately needs to be fixed."

From Wisconsin's Lt.Governor Mandela Barnes: "Over the last few weeks, many dreaded the outcome we just witnessed. We have seen so many black and brown youth killed, only to be put on trial posthumously, while the innocence of Kyle Rittenhouse was virtually demanded by the judge. This is just another example of the difficult road to justice in America, and while we can easily view this as a setback, we have to turn this into a moment to push even harder by staying engaged, by organizing for justice."

From Hollywood pundit George Takei: "Justice denied is a body blow to our national psyche. On trial was not only a killer, but a system that continues to kill. Today that system defeated true justice, once again. But mark these words: We will never stop fighting for what is right and just."

This is just the tip of the iceberg; as we're only a few hours from the verdict. While our nominal Head-of-State stated that the Junta intends to "abide by the jury verdict" that position may well change depending upon the will of his Corporate overlords. The Justice System didn't 'win' today: but it didn't die either. The Justice System was already dead. If the Justice System was functioning, there wouldn't have been a trial to begin with. The fact that it occurred at all is a positive demonstration that Justice is dead.

In an actual Justice System---as we formerly had---we would have had an Inquest, which would have come to the same conclusion and Rittenhouse would have gone home. But a Legal System based on actual Justice doesn't serve the purposes of those who actually control it today. While Rittenhouse gaining his freedom is good news, it's not the whole picture.


Monday, November 15, 2021


      It's difficult to imagine that only a little more than a century ago, Austria was major world power: economically, militarily, culturally. This is the country that turned out some of the world's best-known philosophers, scientists, writers, musicians, and clerics. Militarily, the Austrians were responsible for pushing back a Moslem takeover of Eastern Europe and ultimately for the independence of Greece and the Balkan States. 

     Only a few years ago, the Austrians were poised to regain their stature. Before there was Brexit or the rise of Trump, the people of Austria in January 2016 elected Norbert Hofer as Chancellor along with a majority-Conservative Parliament. The Obama Administration, the EU, and other globalist gangs moved quickly; and it wasn't long before Austrian Elites found pretexts for stealing invalidating the Election and installing people more acceptable to these foreign interests. Obama even went so far as to send his sister to Vienna to keep an eye on things, and the country since has degenerated into one of the worst specimens of the Great Reset's new order. In light of recent events in both Britain and the US, we see that Austria was precursor of things to come. 

   As of this morning, and despite a weekend of mass-protests, Austria is again about to serve as a model for where the West is being taken. Alexander Schallenberg, the leader of the Regime now controlling the Republic, announced the first nationwide lockdown of those who refuse the Loyalty Vaxx. This is about 1/3 of the Austrian population now subject to this discrimination and tyranny.

     “One cannot leave one's home unless one is going to work, shopping (for essentials), stretching one's legs – namely exactly what we all had to suffer through in 2020," Schallenberg gleefully chortled at a weekend press conference, also announcing heavy fines to imposed on those ignoring his arbitrary dictates. His Masters in Davos are no doubt pleased as well. Schallenberg's father was the former ambassador to Switzerland and a close associate of Klaus Schwab; his mother was an heiress to the UBS Swiss Bank fortune; UBS, incidentally, is currently one of the World Economic Forum's 100 Strategic Partners. 

     The sad fate of this once-great country should give us all pause for reflection because Austria's present may shortly become our future. The will of the Electorate was overturned and replaced by a Junta---a Junta installed by the same interests who orchestrated the Putsch of November 2020 here. Our own Regime is taking steps in the same direction, by ordering purges of dissidents from any positions of power or responsibility. What's even worse in the United States is that so many of our major Corporations are fully behind the Davos Agenda and are greasing the skids toward Proscription by simply mandating 'policies' within their own spheres of influence. 

    Let's not deceive ourselves into believing this an aberration. The Cabal running New Zealand admitted in October to have underway "construction of a two-tier society between the vaccinated and unvaccinated." The psychopaths who've seized power in neighboring Australia have hinted that the Concentration Camps they are openly constructing might have future uses beyond medical quarantine purposes. Canada has taken a major step down the same path; recently imposing travel prohibitions on those refusing the Loyalty Vaxx. 

    Unfortunately, in America, self-deception is deeply embedded in contemporary Conservative psychology. Even at this late stage of our collapse into Totalitarianism, Conservatives still mostly cling to the delusion that the RINOs are coming to the rescue in future elections. Look how well that worked out in Canada, chumps. Another faction believes the even more absurd fantasy that Civil War 2.0 is coming; in spite of the fact that the Regime has the entire Military, armed auxiliaries, most police agencies, foreign mercenaries, and stormtroopers like Antifa and BLM at their disposal. Even if these were realistic possibilities, the numbers aren't there to carry them out. Because the RINOs win one local election in the last four years or a few thousand out of several million resign their positions rather than submit to the Vaxx is no proof of an incoming Red Wave. 

    What dissidents the world over need to do is begin to prepare for these two-tiered societies, because the Elites are determined to get them and there's no realistic way that we can stop them at the domestic level anymore. Protests, voting, court challenges, civil resistance---none of these means will accomplish anything because all of them are means to effect changes in a democratic system which no longer exists. We can prepare ourselves best by accepting that reality and building support networks within our communities but outside of the Regime's control. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021


      Despite getting wiped out electorally in all but one State, the Controlled Opposition Republican Party is assuring us for the 20th electoral cycle in a row that the tide is turning. To underscore the point, they've been cheering for the last week that this guy:

is going to clean up Virginia's failing school system and eradicate all the out-of-control Political Correctness. We might recall in 2020, that the Party of "parental rights" and "school choice" was howling the loudest about reopening our public schools. In fact, since the 1980s, the GOP hasn't got a single accomplishment to show for all the years they could have done something. And the unspoken truth behind all of this that nobody really wants to change. The Corporate Elites who run this country want obedient workers; people who are just smart enough to follow orders, but just dumb enough to accept passively their arbitrary rule. And American parents---who at least on paper are responsible for their children's education--- really want Government-subsidized babysitting services with lots of extracurricular activities. The DNC serves the first interest, the RNC serves the other; and nothing will change until public attitudes do. 



   Now recently the show-trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has attracted the same class on the Right who've dusted off another long-forgotten Conservative issue: tort reform. Like our failing schools, Tort Reform hasn't been discussed for so long that the Punditocracy is getting away with pretending that our Legal System just became dysfunctional since the Junta seized power in January. 

   The Legal Establishment began its collapse about the same time the Education Autocracy did: shortly after arch-RINO George Bush Sr announced the inauguration of a New World Order and Agenda 2020 started getting underway. From his administration onwards, a double-sided system based on Political Expediency instead of the Rule of Law began to predominate. Bush and the Democratic-controlled Congress kicked it off with the so-called 'Drug War' which led to an ever-increasing inflation of police and surveillance powers, a blurred distinction between Civil and Criminal Due Process, erasure of the boundaries between poor lifestyle choices and actual crimes, and deeper intrusion of Corporate interests into all aspects of the Criminal Justice System.

   In 1991, Bush's Justice Department---then headed by William Barr (yes, the same Attorney-General who would later look the other way at the Epstein Case and finally sell out the Trump Administration) also set the precedent for future politically-motivated show-trials. That same year, another gentle giant named Rodney King was featured in a heavily-edited video allegedly being beaten by White police officers. The policemen were acquitted of any wrongdoing; which led to race riots. The Bush Administration promptly disregarded Constitutional protections against Double-Jeopardy and sent the officers to prison after a sham trial. The same Administration would later turn a blind eye to the BCCI Scandal, and many former BCCI operatives went on to work for the financial consortium, the Carlyle Group, which the Bush Family more or less controls.

   The Clinton Co-Presidency continued in the same vein. Despite numerous violations of human and constitutional rights in the 1993 Branch Davidian Massacre in Waco, Texas, no government official was ever held accountable for the slaughter. A few of the survivors were rounded up and thrown into prison despite being victims.  

   The King Trial and the Waco Massacre proved to be a ratings bonanza for the Media Cartels, who were just then branching out into Infotainment. In 1994, former football great and actor O.J. Simpson was accused of murdering his ex-wife and her lover. After a disgraceful media circus masquerading as a trial, Simpson was acquitted by a jury after 30 minutes' deliberation. The infuriated Media---who was even then lobbying to film the expected execution---turned on Simpson leaving him bankrupt and blacklisted. The politicians jumped on the bandwagon and passed a plethora of new laws, few of which did more than increasing police powers over civilian life. 

   These events led to even more egregious breakdowns of the system under the jinned-up 'threats' of drugs, paedohysteria, terrorism, so-called 'hate crimes', lurid sexual 'scandals' and finally culminating in a pandemic hysteria. The only thing that's actually changed over the last two years is that the abuses have become more frequent and more flagrant. 

   We've seen, for example, how the prison guards responsible for Jeffrey Epstein's death were never charged while Derrick Chauvin---who provably did not murder George Whats-His-Name was sentenced to 10 years in prison on two counts of murdering one man. We have seen how no one was charged in Seattle last Summer after storming City Hall, burning down a police station and seizing seven city blocks which they declared a secessionist state: but protesters of January 6th have been held in horrid prison conditions and given stiff sentences for committing---at worst---criminal trespass. We've seen the torture of Julian Assange and the persecution of Wikileaks for exposing the Elites and their crimes: while corporations like Honeywell commit blatant acts of treason and are let off with light fines. The mostly Republican-appointed US Supreme Court ignored a petition by 17 State Attorneys-General to contest a blatantly stolen Presidential Election, and so on.

   The Ameroboobs have tolerated these injustices for the same reasons they've tolerated a corrupt educational system. Corporate America obviously doesn't want laws enforced that could send CEOs to prison; and most Americans like the drug-fueled drama of sensational trials which feed their insatiable sense of outrage. Besides, it gives the average American a sense of power to be able to call the police or sue anyone they don't like for any reason---as long as their goals align with the party in power. 

   None of this bodes well for Mr. Rittenhouse. The RINOs are hoping that the extraordinary incompetence of the Prosecution will lead to an acquittal. It may happen, but Rittenhouse is a marked man. The Elites want a human sacrifice, and they'll have one. And when that happens, Rittenhouse will have as many 'Conservatives' at his back as all the other human sacrifices had (i.e. none). Rittenhouse only matters to the Right so long as his case is a useful talking-point for them. Beyond that, he's expendable. Guilt or innocence don't make any difference any longer; and neither does Right or Wrong; or Justice or Injustice. Trials today are conducted only to give the illusion of Justice. Most Americans today have no idea what the actual purpose of a Judiciary is and could care less. 

   Regardless of the outcome of this trial nothing will fundamentally change. It's only going to change when Americans begin to remember what Justice is and what it stands for; that's it's not a mere cloak to satisfy individual selfish ends, nor is it an entertainment spectacle for the gratification of effete degenerates. It's purpose is to safeguard the liberties of all concerned from the aggression of those who'd take it from us. We are on a very dangerous path right now, because a legal system open to preying on anybody makes a society unsafe for everybody. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2021


       This morning, KBTX-3 gave a press conference announcing that case we've discussed here on many occasions has been given a major update. Officials from the FBI, the Texas Rangers, a DNA testing lab, and a visibly humbled Walker County Sheriff's Department gave a live conference---the first in 41 years---confirming that the 1980 murder victim known as 'Walker County Jane Doe' has been identified.

     Her name is Sherri Ann Jarvis, born on the 9th of March 1966; and she was from Stillwater, Minnesota. Apparently the reason that the family hadn't released information sooner is because her parents are both deceased and it was a matter of getting her five siblings together to deal with the situation. According to one source, they are in the process of ordering a new headstone, though she will remain at Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville. 

    A statement from the family read at the Press Conference said that Sherri "loved children, animals, and horseback riding." She disappeared at the age of 13; though they didn't provide an exact date, it was likely in the Fall of 1979. At the time she left, she'd been placed in a girl's home for Truancy. According to Sherri's brother, Don, "she ran away from home several times and would skip school a lot also. Of the 6 of us kids at home she was the only one doing this. She hung out with the wrong kids at school; that's what started this." Over the years, her parents hired private investigators to locate her and even kept the same phone number in hopes that she would call. 

   As to why she was in Texas, no one knows at this point---or at least no one has come forward and said. The family has no connections to Texas. The last person to see her alive stated that she was dressed in everyday clothes and the autopsy showed that she had no signs of malnutrition and was well-cared for. There was no mention of narcotics in her system. It's evident that she wasn't living out on the streets. 

  The last witness said that she asked for directions to Ellis Unit of the Huntsville Prison System (located on SR-980). The FBI official stated at the Press Conference that an exhaustive check of former inmates there came up with nothing. Also, I've been informed by people around Huntsville that 980 is heavily patrolled; indicating that she never got that far. I've always believed---and still do---that the crime took place inside Huntsville somewhere. The facts around the murder invariably point back to somebody knowing, but not saying anything. 

  One of the officials at the press conference (the Texas Ranger IIRC), said that the murder was compared to other crimes. Just a hypothesis, but it sounds as though they may suspect a serial killer. 

  Another possibility is that this may have been the work of a Satanic Cult---and there lots of those in that the part of the country. Halloween Night is a high ritual night to these fools; typically they offer an animal sacrifice, but human ones aren't unheard-of. Supposedly a human sacrifice increases their powers, or whatever. Sherri's body was found around 6 A.M. on November 1st; the Coroner estimated that she'd been dead about three hours. 3 A.M. is the hour in which these hideous rituals are usually consummated, and ligature strangulation is the most common way they dispatch their victims. A few years ago, the FBI published a manual on Satanic Cults which states that on the 31st, "Attempts are made to break to the bonds holding the closed door to the Underworld, they are marked by letting of blood (i.e. such as could be occasioned by biting) and sexual association with demons. (hence the use of a blunt object in a sexual assault). This carries into November 1st, 'The High Unholy Day' when human sacrifice is [often] carried out." 

   We'll probably have more to say of these matters later as more information comes out. For now, though we'll thank everyone who helped give WCJD her name back and bring this case to a conclusion against some very formidable obstacles. 


Wednesday, November 3, 2021


     A year ago today, the US Government was overthrown in a fraudulent election and the Republican Party---led by Mitch McConnell, John Roberts, Mike Pence, and Lindsey "shoot-them-all-down" Graham---sold out their constituencies and adapted themselves to the New Order. And today, a year later, Pence was in Virginia, cheering and carrying on about a "Republican Comeback"  because his masters allowed some of their stooges to campaign as Republicans and win the Virginia Elections.

    This a variation of an old game that Deep State politicos played during the post-Reagan Era. They would appoint Democrats like Clinton and Obama to shove their agendas with an Iron Heel upon Americans' throats; and when they became unpopular as a result, they would inject RINOs like the Bush Family into the mix to continue the same policies. The RINOs have the advantage of being able to fix a 'Conservative' label on unpopular programs and make them look palatable. Make no mistake about it: Virginia means nothing. It's all for show, and probably was permitted to quiet critics who keep claiming that elections are somehow rigged. Like other political pawns, Terry McAuliffe will get reassigned somewhere else.

   As for his successor, Glenn Youngkin, the first sentence of his Wikipedia page tells us everything we need to know: "Prior to entering politics, he spent 25 years at the private-equity firm the Carlyle Group, later becoming its CEO." The Carlyle Group was founded in Washington DC in 1987 by cronies of then Vice-President George Bush Sr and members of the Saudi Royal Family. Bush went on to serve on Carlyle's Board after 1992. David Rubenstein, one of Carlyle's founders, currently sits on the World Economic Forum's Board of Trustees. Another co-founder, William Conway, is connected with major Federal contractors, United Defense Industries. Former Bush apparatchiks Frank Carlucci and James Baker also work at Carlyle. 

   The Carlyle Group, it might also be recalled, had shady connections to the Dubai Ports scandal and alleged involvement in the BCCI scandal. The Saudi Binladen Corporation and Dubai World Ports are two of the assets managed by Carlyle. Carlyle currently has a portfolio value estimated at nearly $15 trillion US Dollars. Among Carlyle's top five shareholders are Morgan Stanley and Blackrock; both major banking consortiums which are among the "100 Strategic Partners" of the World Economic Forum. 

   The Virginia Lieutenant-Governor's race was 'won' by Affirmative-Action appointee Winsome Sears. Yes, the Republicans practice Affirmative Action, too. The RINOs have lately been big supporters of "owning those Libtards" and "stealing the narrative" by promoting as many minorities, women, and LGBTQ's as become available. Besides that, Conservative American men seem to be no different than other postmodern males in that they seem attracted to strong, domineering females. Winsome Sears, who was once one of "our brave men, women, and zhes in uniform, fits the bill perfectly. It's an old trick of Deep State Republicans to pair a colorful or charismatic character with a RINO to stir up their 'base.' We saw it most recently in 2008 by adding Sarah Palin to McCain's ticket and in 2012 when Paul Ryan was posing as an outspoken Libertarian to build enthusiasm for arch-RINO Mitt Romney. 

    What a clown. Quite visually appealing, though, to the Oedipal Complexes running rife among today's men; and it makes for good optics for Republicans to argue on social media about who's the biggest racist, feminist, though. We can see from the following that Sears' top contributor by far was the Republican Establishment:

    And it also includes a fat donation from the never-Trump Koch Brothers and Obama-era government contractor Delta Star. Then there's Corporate lawyer, John S. Darden who defended many of the Corporations that the Trump Administration prosecuted. There's also Howard Willard, CEO of Agribusiness giant the Altira Group. The three largest shareholders of Altira are the Capital Group, Vanguard, and Blackrock---who incidentally are also among the top five shareholders of Youngkin's Carlyle Group.  

   Such is the great 'Conservative Comeback': led by Mike Pence, the Bush Family, and the Koch Brothers. Anybody still want to bet on this upcoming 'Red Wave?'