Sunday, November 21, 2021


    Well, that didn't take long. The first two predictions we made about the Rittenhouse Trial in the last have already come true. A few cities burned---notably Portland---burned, and today 20+ people were injured when a car rammed a Christmas Parade. We don't know all the details of the car attack yet; but considering that happened not far from Kenosha and has been traced to a local university, I think that we can guess the motive involved here.

    As we stated before, the Rittenhouse Verdict was pre-arranged and not a rare act of Justice at all. The Elites hastily chose a jury, put an utterly incompetent prosecutor in charge so that this result would happen. The end game of all of this was to incite further riots, and---more importantly---to demand 'reforms.' Specifically, they want to do away with jury trials altogether; as well as suspending the Right to Self-Defense. The fact that Rittenhouse was charged at all is proof that this trial was orchestrated for another purpose; just as the subsequent riots and other mayhem was planned.

    This fact needs to be stressed because too many on the Right still want to cling to the belief that some great 'turning of the tide' is underway. We've been hearing that refrain since the GOP won control of Congress in 1994. The Rittenhouse Verdict was a good thing; but it doesn't mean that somehow our badly compromised Legal System suddenly has found its way and will dispense fair and impartial justice from now on. 

    Consider that the nation's top two legal agents are John Roberts and Merrick Garland, and that tells us about all we need to know about the who pulls the strings on the Legal Establishment. 

    Roberts, of course, is an arch-RINO, whose most recent crime was turning over the country to the Junta by refusing to challenge the 2020 Election Fraud. He previously overthrew American marriage laws in 2014 as well as upholding Obamacare. His RINO credentials and contempt for law was well-established when he was appointed by fellow-RINO George Bush to the Chief Justice's position. According to Wikipedia; "He worked pro bono for gay rights advocates, reviewing filings and preparing arguments for the 1996 Supreme Court case Romer vs. Evans, which was described in 2005 as 'the movement's most important legal victory'... He also argued on behalf of the homeless,and represented, pro bono, a man who was sentenced to death for killing eight people in Florida. During the late 1990s, while working for Hogan & Hartson. In 2000, Roberts advised Jeb Bush concerning Bush's actions in the Florida Election Recount." 

    Hogan & Harston is a shady Corporate Legal firm, now known as Hogan Lovells. Hogan Lovells is a Corporate sponsor of the Center for Disease Control Foundation, and was among the Top Five Beltway Lobbying firms, representing 68 Corporate interests this year alone. Over half of their lobbyists are revolving-door former federal bureaucrats, including former US Senator, Norm Coleman. 

    Garland likewise has a history as a Corporate lawyer, working several years with Arnold & Porter. This law firm is another global legal enterprise; and also a major Beltway lobbyist. At last report, they represented 38 Corporate interests and employed 20 lobbyists---14 of whom are revolving-door bureaucrats including former Congressman Jim Turner. Garland was probably best remembered as Obama's Supreme Court nominee following the highly suspicious death of Judge Antonin Scalia. The Senate never acted on this recommendation, but five years later several RINOs joined the Democrats to elevate Garland to the rank of Attorney-General within the Junta. Garland was previously known for his botched handling of DC Mayor Marion Berry's prosecution and his very questionable handling of the Oklahoma City Bombing Case. 


    It should be obvious that whatever court victories Conservatives 'win,' there is no chance of any long-term gains when the Legal Establishment is in the hands of characters like these. For decades, they have been utterly subservient to the Corporate Agenda, and this situation is bound to get worse as the Regime consolidates its power. We shouldn't allow ourselves to put any faith in litigation or court decisions anymore than we should put any trust in treasonous RINOs to save us through elections.

   The System has failed us repeatedly but the Elites count on us to keep believing in it. This way we stay distracted instead of organizing and building communities and networks outside the Regime's grasp. We should make it a point to avoid, not engage with, the Legal System as it currently stands. 


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