Sunday, December 31, 2023


     2023 is concluding and a new year beginning. Everyone is making past year reflections and new years predictions. Personally, I don't think that we will see a lot of major differences in 2024 like we saw in 2020, at least not in our sphere of the world. The events that happened four years and the Long March building up to it for 30+ years have become so ingrained in Western psychology that expecting wholesale changes in our sociopolitical trajectory is not likely to happen. As we were saying back in 2020-21, what we experienced was a Color Revolution, not some temporary interruption in our normal routines like previous crises were. The Color Revolution was the culmination of the first phase of the hostile takeover and phase two, the Great Reset, is well underway. 

    In domestic and foreign affairs, the trajectory that we seem to following in 2024 therefore looks much like 2022 and 2023. In domestic issues, the biggest non-issue, the Election, is going to be presented as the most critical issue. The outcome of the Elections---which probably has already been decided---isn't the important thing. The purpose of holding them at all is to give the public the illusion that whatever the Oligarchy plans to do in 2025 and beyond has a 'popular mandate.' We will probably see some political violence: in fact, some of it is starting already and being carried out on both sides. There have been several more incidents recently of Leftist harassment of Republican politicians and Right-Wing harassment of Democrat operatives. This is part of the Strategy of Tension employed to keep the nation divided and fearful, the final purpose being to impose a strongman who will 'restore order.' 

   It could very well happen in 2024 that the Oligarchs play this card. Voter dissatisfaction both with the Junta and the President-in-Exile is very high; and the tensions have been exacerbated by extreme actions and rhetoric on both sides. It's not clear at this point whether or not the Oligarchy will insert a strongman into this year's race to 'unify the country,' but the possibility exists. At this point, there isn't such a unifying figure---at least that we know of. 

  In any event, other than the possible insertion of a candidate, I don't forsee any major 2020-level disruptions domestically. The Great Reset forces are going to go on; instituting many of the changes they hope to put into full effect after the next year. We'll see more of what we saw in 2023: gradual phasing-in of Technofascist control over the currency, erosion of civil liberties, further concentrations of wealth, etc. 

  There are many on the political Right who are clinging desperately to some great turnaround in our direction: but the only turning around going on is the Republicans moving further and further Left. The Republicans are a lot closer to imploding than they are of winning, despite all of the grandstanding and cheerleading going on inside of their Media echo-chambers. All of the loose talk, too, on Social Media of a 'Civil War 2.0' is just as much of a fantasy. The Right has no leadership, no organization, no plan or purpose---not to mention neither the courage nor the character---to do anything like that. 

   Foreign Policy is unlikely to change in substance much since both Parties are wholly aligned with the Deep State's objectives in the world: maintaining Beltway hegemony at all hazards. The situation abroad might change rather radically, however. 

   Ukraine: is on the verge of complete collapse. There's really nothing holding that Regime together any more---and really never was, outside of foreign support. However, Ukraine could still spiral into dangerous escalation. Our Deep State is obsessed with Ukraine because it seems to have become symbolic of what the pundits call our national resolve. 'National Resolve' is the political version of 'street cred' in the ghettoes and hoods of American Trash Culture, but it is also our defining political philosophy these days. 

   Despite Ukraine's complete irrelevance to any issues facing American society, both wings of the American Deep State are calling for greater and greater involvement. The general consensus among the Russian leadership currently is that the US is already involved in the war in everything but name. Outside of the mentally lethargic American public, the Junta hasn't fooled anybody as to what they were doing; and the only 'Conservative' response has been to stop being weenies and go kick some Russian butt. What they are going to kick with, no one knows: but it makes a good political talking point.  

   The Junta's position itself is unpredictable: the Deep State actually seems flummoxed on what to do about Ukraine. All of their 'experts' and paid flatterers greatly overestimated our own capabilities and vastly underestimated Russia. Some seem willing to negotiate some face-saving withdrawal---but Russia clearly has the upper hand and isn't going to make any concessions just to save Biden's electoral chances. Others want direct military involvement which would mean a showdown with Russia which we don't have the ability to back up. Ever since the Deep State's hostile takeover of Ukraine in 2014, the Oligarchs have consistently mistaken Russian patience for weakness, at the cost of many lives and the squandering of our national resources.

     Palestine: as in Ukraine, the 'experts' proved wrong again in Palestine. The Left-Wing Technofascist Zionist Regime---praised as a model state by the WEF and a model of Western military superiority by our 'defense analysts'--- is 90 days into a Civil War which is protracting in the face of stubborn resistance. Also like Ukraine, the Israeli Military is showing the effects of relying on the Pentagon: while they have managed to kill a lot of civilians, their military gains have been nothing to brag about. The Corporate Media here dubbed the Palestinian Revolt "Israel's 9/11" and as we saw with Bush's War on Terror, the reaction has cost more lives and resources than the initial attacks did, to no benefit.

    The Zionists have been trying desperately to goad Iran into the conflict, in the hope that the US Deep State will respond militarily and bail them out. So far, Iran hasn't taken the bait. Nonetheless, this is posing a major problem for the NWO crowd, as the Middle East is rapidly slipping from their intended grasp. Egypt, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran are all eligible next year for BRICS membership and all are major players in the region.

    Argentina:  a Color Revolution in Argentina which installed an outright Deep-State backed nutjob in power who has already nullified Argentina's inclusion into the BRICS economic bloc, effectively banned protests, and is on track to tie Argentina into utter dependency on the Corporate Oligarchy. Javier Milei may cause a lot of problems in the region, to be sure. The worrisome thing is that he's become something of a role model for our new, evolved Conservative movement.

    Bear in mind that Zelensky, Netanyahu, and Milei are the sorts of leaders that the WEF Oligarchs and their flying monkeys in the Neocon Right think that the bottom 80% of the world's population deserves. We can't, for this reason, entirely rule out the possibility that the Oligarchy may a substitute a nominally Right-Wing strongman for the Biden/Harris Junta. They did this with the Bush Machine in 2000, and the Neocons do have representation on the WEF Board of Trustees. The important thing here is not to fall for any fake 'populist' who might surface during the 2024 Elections.

    Taiwan: This is going to be the first foreign policy distraction of next year since the Taiwanese Elections are coming up next month. The Beltway Deep State has been interfering to considerable extent in these proceedings; as well as stirring up problems in the South China Sea and with North Korea. Again, however, it comes down to the same problem. The 'China experts' have again flopped: the Deep State is in no position to impose its will on China---in fact, China has grown more economically powerful and politically stable despite sabotage from the West. 

   These foreign affairs are going to be important in 2024 for two reasons: the first is that Oligarchy has depended upon Western Military abilities to defend and expand its interests; the second is that the Military has become something of a popular symbol of the last shred of actual American strength. This is one reason why the Controlled Opposition has been playing up the "Biden's weakened military" trope so strongly even though our military decline started largely under Republican leadership. 

   We've really reached a point where our Foreign Policy has declined to the level of our domestic policy. The sociopolitical and moral bankruptcy of our system has become apparent in 2023 because of the obvious and egregious failures of our foreign policy alongside the complete inability to solve any of these problems. 

   Alongside the failures abroad, the failures at home have also become more glaring. The Junta has been obliged to shift resources away from our own infrastructure to support mercenary military activities elsewhere for no other reason than to uphold 'American prestige' and transfer wealth into the pockets of vested interests. The Right isn't offering any actual solutions except to double-down on the same policies.

   Thus, our major prediction for 2024 is that---not unlike 2023---it will be characterized by distraction and political in-fighting, although probably to a more elevated degree. The level of decline and degeneration in our culture is something that the great masses of the American public are still utterly oblivious to and in hopeless denial about. That too is likely not to change. For the rest of us, 2024 should be a year of expanding our networks and preparing for greater independence and resistance. 

Friday, December 29, 2023


    So, I suppose that we've heard that Maine became the second State to disqualify the President-in-Exile from running as a Presidential Candidate. What the Controlled Opposition Media discreetly left out of the story is that, like Colorado, members of their own Party were involved in colluding with the Democrats who currently run Maine's Executive Branch. Kimberley Rosen and Tom Saviello---two Republican former State Senators issued a statement praising the disqualification, saying that “Secretary Bellows showed great courage in her ruling, and we look forward to helping her defend her judicious and correct decision in court. No elected official is above the law or our constitution, and today’s ruling reaffirms this most important of American principles.” 

   In a not-unrelated story, Ohio's Republican Governor Mike DeWine vetoed a Bill protecting children and legal minors from being preyed upon by perverts in the medical establishment and their dysfunctional parents and schools. DeWine was re-elected in 2022 despite being the first Governor to suspend the Legislature, impose Mask Mandates, and order (selective) lockdowns during the Scamdemic. Good thing a Democrat didn't win.

   Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham gave an unhinged psychopathic outburst impassioned speech on Fox News yesterday, encouraging the Junta to stop being a bunch of weenies and use up what's left of our munitions stockpiles upon Iran and Yemen. This sentiment was echoed by Deep State shills in the Controlled Opposition

   "U.S. security interests in the Middle East have also been gravely undermined by President Biden’s weak leadership and foreign policy and are likely to further deteriorate in 2024!" Pundit Fred Fleitz screeches. "The consequences of Biden’s feckless Middle East policy have been demonstrated by the surge in attacks on U.S. bases in Iraq and Syria over the past two months by Iranian-backed militias and attacks on Israel and Red Sea shipping by Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi rebels! The U.S. response to these attacks has been weak, causing such attacks to grow in number! Neither Iran nor its terrorist proxies are worried the U.S. will make them pay a price for these provocations that are endangering U.S. troops and global shipping!" 

   It doesn't seem to have occurred to either Fleitz or Graham that US troops are being attacked because they are stationed illegally in both Iraq and Syria; or that bombing Iran and Yemen would probably not only close the Red Sea but the Persian Gulf as well and make oil exports from the Gulf Region nearly impossible. There would be enormous pressure on the Arab States and OPEC to engage in an oil embargo too. But that's not important: in the ethos of gangsta-rap ghetto gangland which the GOP seems to have adopted, not losing street cred is the all-important thing.

    Though one would never know it from reading the Corporate Media, there actually are candidates in the race besides Trump, Biden, and the quartet of GOP also-rans. It's rather amazing that, despite polls showing that Americans desire a third candidate, no one is giving attention to a high-profile name like Robert Kennedy. Now Kennedy isn't going to be permitted to win any more than Trump will; probably much of the Media blackout comes from his organization doing things like exposing Bill Gates and Big Ag's marketing of potentially dangerous food products with no regulatory oversight.

   "Recent testing revealed 92 unknown molecules — and a fungicide — in “synthetic” milk now sold in common grocery chains, according to the Health Research Institute (HRI). The product, sold by Bored Cow uses a fake whey protein called ProFerm made by biotech company and partner Perfect Day. Perfect Day uses genetically modified microflora to produce the synthetic milk protein...Synthetic milk has never before been consumed by humans and has not undergone safety testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to HRI’s Chief Scientist and CEO John Fagen."

   Not only is Gates doing this with no oversight; other Agribusiness Cartels are adding to their product to their own compounds and formulas. It's unlikely that there will be much public outcry, however, since Microsoft alone retains 90 Federal lobbyists---65 of whom are Revolving-Door former Beltway bureaucrats, including two former Congressmen

   Gates' NGO, besides being a massive government contractor, is a highly-placed WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner, along with his good buddy Warren Buffet's Berkshire-Hathaway. These two worthies have been buying up American farmland at a rate far higher than the much-hyped less than 1% owned by Chinese-affiliated firms. The WEF actually has three executives from the world's largest Agribusiness Cartel, the Nestle Corporation, whose CEO has advocated turning the world's water supply over to Big Ag as well. Nestle has been caught using outright slave labor in various countries. Despite being headquartered in a foreign country, Nestle has a fairly substantial lobbying base in Washington of its own. Contrary to what might be believed, Microsoft's PAC actually donated most heavily to Republican candidates during the last election cycle. Since he received a dishonorable mention in our last post, check out which prominent politician is most heavily invested in Nestle. 

   Yes---but Iran, Hamas, and Yemen: those are the real threats according to the paid experts. However, we don't see any of them deliberately adulterating our food supplies with dangerous chemicals or openly calling for a Fascist takeover of American farmland. I couldn't find on Open Secrets any lobbying profile for the Iranian Government, or Hamas, Yemen, or Hezbollah. 

  But what about the shipping lanes in the Red Sea being closed? Someone might ask. Well, we can look at China---which carries on shipping throughout the Middle East including Israel. In fact, China has even greater problem since the Government of Malaysia---which has ports a lot closer to China---closed its ports to all Israeli shipping. What is China's reaction? China is doing what we should be doing: shipping by alternative routes. 

  But that position wouldn't answer the purposes of our Corporate Overlords anymore than taking action against their depredations on our agricultural system would. Meanwhile, the Ameroboobs will sink further into poor health, lower life expectancy,  more addictions, while transferring more national wealth to the Military-Industrial-Complex and Big Ag; blissfully believing that holding their noses and voting for a Neocon will solve everything. 



Thursday, December 28, 2023


    Last week, the Junta's Generalissimo Lloyd Austin cobbled together a 'coalition' to deal with Yemen, the only nation so far which has formally entered the Palestinian Civil War. That Coalition has already collapsed. Earlier this year, another US-trained, equipped, and financed Coalition met with a humiliating defeat at Yemeni hands. This followed a string of losses for the Military-Industrial Complex in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Ukraine is probably going to be the next loss within a few months; and the Zionists are nearly 90 days into a battle with an Arab Militia occupying a territory about the size of Cook County, Illinois and are taking heavy losses despite terrorizing the civilian population. 

   It's becoming apparent even to the US Deep State that our threats of imposing American Exceptionalism everywhere else on the planet through force is falling on deaf ears. Decades of selling off military functions to Corporate looters have left us with bloated defense budgets combined with shortages of critical material. Decades of ignoring civil infrastructure and outsourcing agriculture and industry have left us unable to sustain a protracted conflict. Decades of no investment in the education or welfare of our youth---along with our culture's obsession with deconstructing toxic masculinity---has left us with a shortage of manpower. Decades of military promotions based upon Political Correctness instead of merit have left us with incompetent leadership. And no---for all of the Neocons reading---it didn't all just start under Biden. 

   This isn't to say that Republican leadership isn't right on top of the military problems. Montana Senator Steve Daines reacted sharply to another expose by that paragon of Journalistic Integrity, NBC News. NBC reported that the Biden/Harris Junta "initially hoped to conceal the Chinese balloon incident earlier this year from the public and even the Congress. Officials feared that the story could spark public outcry and damage relations with China." In fairness, Biden actually turned out to be right for once in his life, because his fears were precisely what happened

    “As if it wasn’t enough that the Chinese spy balloon flew over Montana’s nuclear missile fields unabated, now we find out that the admin intended to hide it from Congress & the American people!" Daines thundered on social media,"The Biden administration must be held accountable!” 

    Daines, who is a multimillionaire, actually made a considerable fortune living and working in China, outsourcing thousands of American jobs as an executive with WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner, Procter & Gamble. Daines later went to found Right Now Technologies with his good pal current Montana Governor Greg Gianforte. The company sold in 2011 for $1.8 billion to Big Tech powerhouse, Oracle Corporation. Oracle is a major US Defense Contractor and also has sold technology to China. This probably will be passed over quietly, since among the 464 Beltway lobbyists contributing to Daines, his top donor, Kirk Blalock, is also a lobbyist for Oracle as well as tech companies invested in Taiwan

    Beltway antics aside, the lack of military readiness is a serious problem. Like Daines, however, the Conservative punditocracy seems to be in a state of mental paralysis and go about talking as though nothing changed since the mid-20th Century. They seem to be under some delusion that the US is capable of fighting a World War II-level conflict, and worse still, they actually seem to desire it

    "The U.S. must defend its national interests by going on the offense against the threat from the Houthis and Iranian presence in Yemen to ensure freedom of navigation! By so doing, it will convey to the PRC that the U.S. will not tolerate interdiction of freedom of navigation in any waters, including the East and South China Seas, and so prevent America’s Suez Moment!” So say these yo-yo's, as if the world's oceans belonged exclusively to the United States. They've apparently forgotten what happened the last time our brave xhes in uniform clashed with the Iranians

     The underlying irrationality and outright hysteria coming from the GOP leadership has nothing to do with the concrete facts of the situation. It's all about projecting an image with these people. They have to prove themselves manly Alpha leaders; the fact that our military is about as tough as security guards at local middle schools doesn't factor into their thinking. If things go wrong, they can always change the narrative and blame it all on the Left. 

    Before these idiots manage to talk us into another global conflict that we can't possibly win, Americans on the Right need to start asking themselves a few hard questions. Questions like: If the loss of Taiwan threatens our computer-chip supply, why aren't we building them here in the first place? Or, What really are our national interests in the Middle East? Or, Why doesn't our military guard our own borders instead of guarding Corporate interests abroad? And so on...and so on.

   Unfortunately, such questions are unlikely to be asked or even raised. Most Americans' idea of the military comes out of Hollywood and convincing anybody that we shouldn't simply blast some country off the map for daring to flaunt our tough-guy image is met with incredulity. As a culture, we've largely assimilated the ethos (as well as the character) of the inner-city ghettos and our leadership---whether Left or Right---is a reflection of that.






Monday, December 25, 2023


    It's Christmas Afternoon in the Prozac Nation; between the now 42 Corporate-sponsored College Bowl games and the obligatory visit to the Megachurch, many American Conservatives have the opportunity to check out the Excel Spreadsheets on their defense stocks since Wall Street will be open for business tomorrow. More and more Corporations are compelling their serfs employees to work on Christmas Day---that may be a good investment for stakeholders in our new, realistic brand of Conservatism too. As far as defense stocks go, the Israeli Government carried out its most ferocious bombing campaign to date on the Gaza Strip, killing almost 1,000 civilians. 

   The Netanyahu Regime, while taking cash and unwavering support from American Churchians seems to take an almost sadistic delight in committing high-profile crimes against Christians in response. Today, on the anniversary of Christ's birth, IDF thugs carried out a series of brutal raids in Bethlehem, smashing down doors and dragging residents off without charges to indefinite detention. Despite what Neocon propaganda tells us, only the Chosen People have rights to anything like Due Process in the Holy Land. 

   Biblical cities of Nablus and Jericho were also targeted. 

     I'm certain that the Churchian Right will find endless excuses and justifications for supporting these outrages---nothing else that the Zionists have done has swayed them so far. Persecuting Christians is only wrong when ISIS does it, I guess. The new breed of Christian Conservative has to flexible about such matters.

    The Civil War in Palestine has presented us with an interesting psychological problem. The mentality of Christian Conservatives who stand with Israel genuinely is difficult to fathom of explain. The Israelis are easier to comprehend. They live under a government controlled by homicidal maniacs who believe themselves a Master Race; and the Israeli people---despite their pretensions to superior intelligence---are just as susceptible to mob psychology as anybody else.

   The ego-investment that American Conservatives have defending Israel is more complicated. It reminds me in many ways of families of criminals whom I've encountered over the years. Invariably when talking to a suspect's family, one hears that there's no way that their precious little angel really shot a cashier five times while robbing a liquor store to pay off his drug dealers. Why does everyone keep picking on him, another asks: just like in High School when they tried to blame him for raping that girl at knife-point and setting her hair on fire! Why he never did anything violent in his whole life, etc. etc. We see stories like this in the news all the time: the serial killers whom the neighbors insist were gentle giants who taught Sunday School, voted regularly, and nobody had any idea what was going on in that soundproof shed in his backyard or why he was burying large plastic bags in the garden at midnight on a regular basis.

    I suspect that much of the same dynamic is going with many Western Christian Conservatives. In certain sects of Evangelical Protestantism especially, there is a strain of thought which looks backwards to the Old Testament instead of forward to the New, though the Fathers of the Church condemned such an outlook. Thus they've largely incorporated Judaism into their own theology. Add into the mix the influence of Neoconservatism---a movement largely begun by militant Zionists---which aggressively promotes the myth of America's Judeo-Christian Heritage, as if the Jews had even the slightest thing to do with founding the United States; and it becomes clear why so many on the contemporary Right are willing to excuse or disbelieve anything that Israel does in the name of the Jewish people.

    Unable to separate in their minds the Zionist Regime from the Jewish Faith, accusations against Israel are met with the same incredulous horror that family members of an accused criminal exhibit. They imagine that God's Chosen People could possibly do things like forcing its citizens to carry Vaxx Passports, or turning Christian holy sites into gay hotspots, or sanction raping women of inferior races. They couldn't possibly be engaged in ethnic cleansing, or fire-bombing hospitals, or letting children die from starvation and dehydration. Even when they admit such things themselves, they must have a good reason for doing them: such special people are naturally the targets of bigotry and envy. 

    Reality, for people in these states of mind, is simply too hard to face. No amount of evidence is going to convince them that those whom they've invested so much of their own pride and ego-identity are anything other than spotless saints and noble heroes victimized by others' malice. The dangerous thing is that there enough of such deluded people that they can influence political decisions and social attitudes. We have to be on our guard against them---especially since they come wrapped in the colors of Christians and Conservatives. 

Sunday, December 24, 2023


   Probably not since 2020, have we seen a time when such a deep gloom hung over the Christmas holidays. The Junta had just seized power, announced the implementation of the Great Reset, Big Tech and Cancel Culture were suppressing dissent, and the nation was still mostly under the de facto Martial Law of the Scamdemic. Many were trying to seek solace in Faith at that time.

   Three years later, we've seen the progress of the Great Reset. Their brand of Materialist Dictatorship---which had then seized control of our Government, today seems to have seized control of our Churches as well. The Vatican, which has been teetering delicately on the balance between its eternal values and succumbing to the general decay of the West for some time, finally plunged into complete apostasy last week and, for all intents and purposes, nullified the Sacrament of Marriage. The Vatican, like the Government of the United States, is headed by an octogenarian in poor health who is really little more than putty in the hands of unscrupulous cabals who are entrenching themselves in permanent power. 

  The main difference between the Christmas malaise of 2020 and that of 2023 reflects the degree to which the sociopolitical rot which has spread throughout the Anglosphere has accelerated. In 2020, this degeneracy hadn't yet reached the point where it became a New Normal in the public conscientiousness although the seeds of it were clearly present. Then, people were turning to Faith, as they frequently do during times of stress: today, the representatives of Faith have become so corrupted that to speak of the Message of Hope has lost any meaning. The sheer hypocrisy of seeing the Holy Family depicted in a Nativity Scene within a Church that makes a mockery of the family is revolting to both Faith and Reason

  In Bethlehem, the traditional birthplace of Christ, the Christians have agreed not to hold Christmas ceremonies in solidarity with others in their nation who are being massacred by their own Government. Here, however, in Western nations, churches have made themselves conspicuous by standing with the Zionist Regime and even cheering on their atrocities. The Israeli Government---which openly imposes a Left-Wing ethno-State headed by the descendants of the very people who crucified Christ, and has made no secret of its goal of ethnically cleansing the Holy Land---are praised as the leaders of some kind of moral crusade defending Civilization. 

    This year, I don't plan to observe Christmas, not only in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers, but because the meaning of the holiday has ceased to exist. This isn't to say that Christ's Advent wasn't real: but it's become like the 4th of July with an unfree people celebrating their Independence won by men whose ideals Americans largely no longer believe in. I don't believe at this point that Jesus Himself would endorse the Christmas Holiday. The New Testament certainly doesn't advocate the go-along-to-get-along approach of the Vatican, nor would it sanction support of a Technofascist Police State in the Holy Land which draws its spiritual inspiration from the Pharisees, as the Churchian Right is doing. 

   Consider that the first miracle that Jesus performed was at a wedding, and His first act entering Jerusalem was driving crooked money-changers from the Temple, and compare those examples to what Christianity looks like in December 2023. I realize that thinking has become a lost art in Postmodern America, and that AI and fact-checkers might dispute the conclusions that one could draw using actual logic; but at least we should stop pretending that this holiday really means anything anymore.


    Americans are going to approach Christmas this year with the same spirit they approach ecclesiastical and political corruption: by downing enough dope and sitting stupefied in front of the Big Screen absorbing a few 30-second soundbites of the Official Narrative along the way. Here in my very Red county, there were---as usual around every holiday---lines down the sidewalk at all Marijuana Dispensaries. Between that and post-Thanksgiving Black Friday scenes at the malls, it tells us all that we really need to know about the cultural and spiritual levels of the average American. 

    But if we followed the example of our friends in Bethlehem and flatly boycotted Christmas, it might have the same effect that we refuseniks had by standing up to the Mask Mandates. It might cause a few to start thinking about what they're doing and questioning what they're being told as opposed to the reality of the situation. Lines simply have to be drawn somewhere, and maybe it's time that we started saying no a little more often.




Saturday, December 23, 2023


     So, tomorrow is Christmas Eve here in the Prozac Nation, and Churchians will be filling the pews high-fiving one another over news that the death-toll in the Gaza Strip has topped 20,000 (known) civilians and defense stocks are going up again. Doubtless too there will be a surge of our rainbow-hued friends rushing to the altar now that the Pope has given his blessings for such things

    With the Trump disqualification in Colorado, the Neocons are starting to become a little more aggressive. The once-Conservative but today wholly Neocon National Review is, predictably, ratcheting up the whole hold-your-nose and vote for a Neocon narrative. Expect this trend to continue next year; it's the same strategy they used in 2000 all over again when the Establishment coronated Bush Junior. 


     To insert another element of fear-mongering into their campaign strategies, the Conservative-Industrial Complex is back to playing the China Card. Despite the Junta's recent threat to engage in atomic warfare on the Korean Peninsula, the official narrative among the Controlled Opposition press is that the Democrats are being kissypoo appeasing weenies when it comes to confronting China. The new round of anti-China hysteria is based upon a report from that utterly objective and wholly disinterested media outlet, ABC News. As if the Chinese Government has said absolutely nothing about reunifying with Taiwan until last month, the ABC expose gave us the revelation that this subject was disclosed behind the scenes at the recent APEC Summit. 

    Basically, all that Xi Jinping actually said was that reunification with Taiwan was a non-negotiable issue. One might naturally assume that statements that the Junta's made about America's commitment to imposing the Great Reset on our population would be a little more concerning; but for some reason Americans are more terrified of potential foreign conflicts than they are of globalist corporate Fascists seizing control of all of our major institutions. 

    The Controlled Opposition, which never lets a good crisis go to waste, were quick to pounce on the story. Politicians were quick to seize the initiative too: GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, most infamously remembered for advocating that the January 6 Protesters be shot, immediately set to work drafting a set of preemptive sanctions against China

    So why is this non-story being fluffed up in the American Media? It likely has to with Presidential Elections in Taiwan, which are coming up next month. The current president---who was installed with considerable support from the Obama Administration---is term-limited and Taiwan, like Israel, is an offshore base for many activities of the Corporate Deep State. Back in 2012, the same 'Conservative' media criticized Obama's electoral meddling; today, of course, they are all in favor of it. Naturally, the 'experts' are lining up to accuse China of doing exactly what the US Deep State is doing


   The US, too, (at least for now) have Elections coming up in 2024. With the recent disqualification of President-in-Exile Trump, both parties subverting the electoral process with Lawfare and Corporate bribery, and the disputed results of every election here so far this century, maybe we ought to focus instead on just how free from manipulation our own elections are. But apparently it's easier to find foreign scapegoats or run to the Legal Establishment instead of honest public debate on real issues. Meanwhile the Great Reset goes on unabated. 

Friday, December 22, 2023


      With defeat impending in Ukraine; the occupiers in Syria and Iraq coming under constant attack; and the Israeli Offensive bogging down, the Deep State is desperate for a distraction. The Junta's Generalissimo, Lloyd Austin, evidently well aware of the fighting capabilities of our brave xhes in uniform, has cobbled together a 'coalition' of proxies to deal with the mayhem that Yemen has been inflicting on shipping companies supplying the Zionist Regime. Yemen recently won a war against US trained, equipped, and financed Saudi and Emiriti militaries so Austin prudently thought it better to have proxies who can blamed instead of the Pentagon this time around. 

    The great distraction this Holiday Season seems to be moves from the Democrats to disqualify the President-in-Exile from the ballot. The Official Narrative is shaping up to frame the controversy as a purely legal issue: today Academic blowhards on both the Left and the Right were weighing in with their less-than-two-cents'-worth. Just as predictably, the GOP Establishment and their sock-puppets are already looking for ways to disqualify Biden. It's only wrong when the Democrats do it; and neither side wants to address the fundamental issue here because both sides want to use these shady tactics against each other. 

    The Colorado decision had nothing to do with the 14th Amendment: the whole argument is absurd on the face of it because Trump hasn't been convicted anywhere (except in the Corporate Media) of engaging in a plot to overthrow the US Government. The issue here is that the Colorado decision was an abuse of judicial powers. That should be what's being debated here. 

     Lawfare has become both a potent political weapon and a big business. Lawfare blurs the Constitutional Separation of Powers and subverts self-government in favor of autocratic judges while enriching corrupt lawyers. Two recent examples of how both parties use it can be seen in both the Colorado decision and in the recent Congressional Hearings on Campus Anti-Semitism.

   The organization which filed the Colorado suit is called Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington. CREW is heavily funded by George Soros, and its founder, Melanie Sloan, was a former Senate Staff member working for then-Senator Biden. Its current president is Noah Bookbinder---a longtime Revolving-Door Deep State spook. At least four of the six Plaintiffs involved in the case were registered Republicans---something which seems to have escaped the notice of the Controlled Opposition Conservative punditocracy. 

   The Legal Team involved in the suit was headed by CREW's Chief Legal Counsel, Donald K. Sherman, another product of the Beltway Revolving-Door. Sherman currently is a Professor at Georgetown University, a Deep State milieu which incidentally has several ties to Neocon organizations and funding. Sherman formerly worked for Beltway lobbying firm, Crowell and Moring LLC.

   It certainly doesn't seem as though the Republicans have such squeaky-clean hands in the Colorado debacle as they seem to want to pretend. Norma Anderson, the former Republican Majority Leader in the Colorado Legislature was one of the Plaintiffs suing to keep Trump off the ballot. Michelle Pirola, another of these worthies is married to a State Senator who switched parties and became a Democrat in 2022. Claudine Schneider is a former Republican Congresswoman whose most recent action was lobbying Congress to pass homo 'equality' protections which ultimately passed in 2022 with the support of 13 GOP Senators. Krista Kafer is a Conservative journalist, government contractor, and member of Neocon think-tanks the Claremont Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the Independent Women's Forum. Left-Wing activists may have been the front-men in the Colorado case, but this was a Neocon, Never-Trump driven effort all the way.


     These same charlatans who are now posing as opponents of Lawfare have no issues with doing it themselves when it's to their own advantage. For example after doing absolutely nothing to address the deplorable conditions on American college campuses since the Reagan Administration, the GOP recently held Congressional Hearings to upbraid university presidents for not showing sufficient loyalty to Israel. That was the last cause celebre among the Neocon punditocracy who portrayed it as some righteous outpouring of legislative principle.

    What the Controlled Opposition forgot to disclose was that, in fact, that entire proceeding was engineered by a single law firm which is registered as a foreign agent of the Israeli GovernmentKasowitz Benson Torres LLC is a massive Corporate law firm whose staff includes former Senator Joseph Lieberman among many other Revolving-Door lobbyists and political operatives. Marc Kasowitz, the head of the firm is associated with Trump but freely plays both sides of the aisle

    The Trump disqualification was a legal travesty, but we're not getting the whole story. It's apparent that the Republican Establishment was part of the whole scam: this way they can get rid of Trump while opening the floodgates to engage in more Lawfare themselves. Don't fall for the 'narrative.' 

Wednesday, December 20, 2023


   So, the President-in-Exile has been disqualified (at least for now) from appearing on the Colorado State ballot. Everybody is abuzz over this in the newsfeeds and on social media. The GOP leadership and their paid pundits---who've been behaving for the last three years as though absolutely nothing had changed since 2020---are aghast. 

  We've said here since 2021 that the short-term goal of the Junta was to establish a One-Party State. The Deep State has said so themselves on several occasions. They've admitted that they stole the 2020 Election, and that it was for all intents and purposes a Color Revolution. They've admitted that they oppose self-government. Our nominal Head-of-State said so as recently as six weeks ago. Their operatives have been floating such ideals in public discourse recently. The response from our side is "OMG! The Deep State isn't playing fair!"

     Assuming that we even have Elections in the US next year, it really is of no consequence who the candidates or parties are. A million dollars can invalidate a million votes without too much difficulty. Until we change that dynamic, it's really makes no difference who the Federal officials are since they serve the same interests.

    The real issue with the Trump disqualification isn't so much political as it is a matter of Justice. What's being done to the President-in-Exile is an injustice, pure and simple. Since the Biden/Harris Junta seized power in 2020, we've seen a decided drifting away from the actual Rule-of-Law that pundits talk about so much. It's not enough that Wall Street money nullifies the will of the voters; increasingly legal action and political procedure is being employed to nullify candidates, dissent, and Constitutional procedure. 

   It's actually become so blatant that even the Chinese Media called out the Trump disqualification

   "While the Democrats have condemned Trump in the name of democracy, their own practices are actually also undemocratic in a way. They're making a self-aggrandizing claim about the existing politics of the US as being democratic, when it's not. The attitudes of both parties further reflect the rottenness of American politics, and that the law now seems to be exerted as a political weapon...At present, American politics is in a mess. As the election year approaches and the legal proceedings surrounding Trump unfold further, the division in American politics and society is expected to become even more pronounced, and next year's election is likely to be filled with more quirky possibilities we can't predict right now."

   If Americans still retained the capacity for feeling shame, the fact that China sees what ought to be obvious to everybody would cause us all to blush with mortification instead of listening to chowderheads pretending that the Colorado ruling had the slightest legal basis. American Media and Academia truly are a national disgrace when Communist media and analysts are more reliable than ours. It's difficult to argue though that the majority of Americans are going to care one way or the other about electoral integrity or weaponizing the Judiciary.

     Republicans too should be calling out these abuses of the Courts and procedures. The problem though is that they've used them so frequently themselves that nobody is going to pay attention to their complaints on the subject, because they are just as hypocritical and politically-motivated as the Democrats. When the Republicans have spent the entirety of 2023 engaging in impeachment hearings, censuring people and persecuting their critics it's obvious that their protests about Abuses of Power are going to fall on deaf ears. 

    In fact, the Trump disqualification is a problem really of the Republicans' own making. If they had stood up to the Color Revolution in the first place none of this would be happening. Anybody even remotely politically aware could have seen this coming. Instead, the Conservative politicians, pundits, and influencers have been carrying on for three years talking about candidates, polls, and controlling the narrative oblivious to the fact that nobody outside of their echo-chambers thinks that the Republicans are even relevant.

    2020 showed us that the Corporate Fascists and the US Deep State were ready and willing to burn America to the ground before they allowed Trump another term. What sort of delusion could anyone be living under to imagine that he'll be allowed to come back in 2024? Do these entrenched interests really care so much about the popular will that they'll simply step aside and let their Cabal be dismantled because a majority opposes them? 


    For those who've been taken in by the Conservative scam, it's not too late to begin informing yourselves and preparing for possible outcomes as the Chinese editorial suggested. "More quirky possibilities that we can't predict right now" indeed. In fact, this Holiday Season would be a good opportunity to begin networking with other like-minded people, because a strong network is going to be essential in the future for most of us.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023


     If Americans weren't too drugged-out and dumbed-down to appreciate it, most of the news coming from the now hopelessly out-of-touch remnant of the Conservative Movement would make excellent Satire. Celebrating the Advent Season over news that their candidates have abandoned their pro-Life positions and that the Vatican now embraces homo 'marriage'---along with praising the Chosen People for their ISIS-level atrocities---would be great material for late-night stand-up comedians. That is, except that most such comedians are just as brain-dead and say equally stupid things. 

   An example recently came from a column by Eric Lendrum, who addressed some problems with the Penatgon and concluded with a fantastic punchline. Apparently, some disgruntled among our brave xhes in uniform have taken to social media to complain about conditions in today's military. Lendrum rightly points out that our military today is a cesspool of Political Correctness, incompetence, and corruption, noting: "While the collapse in recruitment figures has often been attributed to disillusionment over the increasing politicization of the military...a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in 2019 found that over 22,000 active-duty troops were using food stamps. Meanwhile, a report by the American Security Project determined that over 60% of active duty service members are either overweight or obese." 

   So what is Lendrum's solution to these problems? "The use of TikTok to spread such sentiment is also further proof of the national security threats presented by the platform, which is owned by a company with direct ties to the Chinese government. There have been increasing efforts to ban TikTok in numerous states, ranging from its use on government devices only to outright bans of the platform."

  That's right: Chinese ownership of Tik-Tok is causing all of the problems in our military. This is another reason why we all need to unite behind a manly Alpha leader who'll have the guts to stand up to the Chinese and deplatform all of these defeatists who criticize our military: just like the Liberals deplatform people who question the Scamdemic or Electoral Fraud. The new 'woke' Right has no problem with deplatforming: it's only that it's being applied to the wrong people. 

  Along that same line of thinking, Bush Machine toady Texas Governor Greg Abbott is at it again. Frustrated by the Court ruling against his previous attempt to breach an international treaty, Abbott signed a Bill which is essentially a Nullification Act on Federal Immigration laws. This will be overturned too, and is really nothing more than another publicity stunt. Notwithstanding, the aforementioned Eric Lendrum snorted today in another piece that: "Such legislation is the latest effort by Governor Abbott to ramp up enforcement of border security by state authorities, as the federal government under Joe Biden has completely abandoned any efforts to secure the border. Federal immigration officials, such as ICE and Border Patrol, have been ordered to stand down and not arrest illegals, instead largely acting as escorts to help them enter the country." Sure, the Junta isn't being tough enough on the Border. Just like the talking-point that they are too accommodating to the Palestinians, we suppose. 

   If Texas really desires to free themselves from the Federal Government, there are legal means by which they can declare their independence and become a North American version of Ukraine or Israel. The problem with doing so however becomes apparent simply by looking at a list of the Top Five States receiving Federal tax dollars:

   Well, we all know the old saying, "Never get between a Conservative and his government handouts." It must be a bit disillusioning to discover that Bush Machine run States get more Federal tax dollars than every Blue State except California. We can see from these figures why these loudmouths in Austin and Tallahassee don't really want to assume the expense of running their own national governments. 

   This year, FEMA allocated $368 million to non-governmental entities providing shelter for migrants, Which State do we suppose got most of that money? If anyone guessed 'Texas' they'd be correct: because Texas got more than half of it. However, as we might expect in Bush-controlled territory, Texans are taxed fairly heavily to bolster the Security State

   At some point, one has to begin wondering if the contemporary Right isn't living in an insular echo-chamber just like the Left is. Given that the Right these days seem to copy everything that the Left does, it's probably true. 

  All of this political infighting going on the Media Circus is part of the Strategy of Tension and the Inverted Totalitarianism that the Corporate Oligarchs to keep everyone distracted from real issues and finding real solutions. Two minutes of serious thought would reveal that our weakened and incompetent military isn't going to be fixed by banning Tik-Tok nor is the Border problem going to be solved with publicity stunts. Conservatives are only proving to everyone that they're just as fake as the Liberals are; and they aren't going to solve anything until they stop treating the public like chumps and start standing up for some actual principles again. 


Monday, December 18, 2023


   This Sunday, the Italian Government---under considerable public pressure---issued a rather tepid but at least symbolic statement against the Israeli Regime after news leaked out that two Arab women were gunned down by Zionist death-squads inside a Palestinian church. Unlike American churches, there is a strong pushback in Continental Europe against the atrocities ongoing against the Palestinians. Spain recently severed diplomatic ties with Israel, and expelled two Beltway spies who were fomenting intrigues against the Spanish Government. Pope Francis has been actively calling for a ceasefire and condemning Zionist terrorism; although as typical of recent Vatican policy, Francis managed to undermine his own moral authority shortly thereafter. 

    Although the Israeli Government has turned Bethlehem into a gay travel destination, the few remaining Christians there risked persecution to set up a Nativity Display in solidarity with their brethren in Gaza who have been singled out for especial punishment by the Chosen People in Tel Aviv. 

    The so-called 'terrorists' in Hamas---who actually defend the rights of Arab Christians---are officially routinely accused of (without any actual proof) of using churches as human shields. The idea is laughable, since the Zionists don't even wince from killing their own people in their pious zeal to efface the Sin of Amalek. Thousands of miles away, from the safety of their Megachurch pews, far too many American Churchians turn a blind eye to all of this. I suppose that should be expected, since the same group has a long history of ignoring injustices in our own country. 

   The manly Alpha leaders among American social and religious pundits have been telling us for decades that things like poverty and addiction are the result of poor lifestyle choices and no concern to them or society; just like they now tell us that children born in Palestine choose to support Hamas and it's their own fault if they get firebombed or cut down with machine-guns. The problem with this kind of apathy towards social issues---aside from its obvious contradiction to what Jesus actually taught Christians to do---is that things like poverty, crime, addiction, and lack of healthcare take a huge toll on society in ways that effect all of us. These Churchians will tell us that it's immoral to tax people to subsidize bad lifestyle choices but they can't get it through their thick skulls that they're already subsidizing it by ignoring it. What it would cost in tax dollars, for example, to build treatment centers for drug addicts and the mentally ill is minuscule compared to what it costs us in terms of property crime, financing the Prison-Industrial Complex and Big Pharma, urban blight, etc. 

   But when reads borderline psychopathic rants like those regularly published on supposedly Conservative news sites, blogs, and vlogs, we get the impression that these Christian Conservatives wouldn't be at all unhappy employing a Final Solution a la Gaza to our own Permanent Underclass. It's orientations like these which are rotting the Conservative Movement out from within; and hopefully more will start calling out before it leads to something worse. If we continue on this trajectory, it will only lead to one of two outcomes. Either the Conservative Movement will implode and we will guarantee several decades of Leftist tyranny, or it will gain momentum and we'll be guaranteed several years of Neofascist tyranny. Bolshevik Russia is an example of what historically happened in the first case; the Third Reich is an example of what happened in the other. Neither of those are paths that we want to follow.