Wednesday, February 8, 2023


    If the first six weeks of 2023 is any bell-weather of how this year is going go, then we Americans are in for a rough time. Just a few weeks ago, I get accused of spreading misinformation about the Loyalty Vaxx for citing the government's own casualty statistics and a Pfizer executive's own confessions. That labelled me a Right-Wing Whacko. Then, the country collectively chimps out over an aerostat that accidently blew over North America: I end up spending now four posts in a row countering misinformation about how physics and balloons actually work. That has labelled me a Left-Wing Whacko. 

   To use a postmodern term, I identify as a Conservative. I'm not actually certain anymore that the term means anything. Increasingly, Conservatism is taking on the aspect of the Alt-Right/Red Pilled Cult---which is nothing 'Conservative' but is really the Reactionary Left. I wish that Republican Leaders would get it through their heads that pouncing on every issue and distraction brought up by the Left and making it worse is not a winning strategy.

   The Weather Balloon Panic of 2023 is a great example. The Right has managed to outdo the Left in anti-China posturing and outright paranoia. This is going to end up backfiring on them. What likely began as the Junta exploiting the incident for a cheap anti-China publicity stunt is going to end with the Controlled Opposition Republicans looking like a collection of complete kooks. Just before the Balloon Hysteria broke, a story from a Beltway think-tank postulated that China is implanting espionage devices in Chinese-manufactured appliances to spy on us in our homes. This is all coming from the same people who defend domestic espionage as necessary for National Security.

    Sean Callaghan---a former petty official in the Obama Administration---evidently another Liberal Mugged by Reality, wrote an exceptionally hysterical article on an allegedly Conservative website today. Callaghan has bought into an idea which for some inexplicable reason has gained a lot of traction on the Right: that somehow the Biden/Harris Junta and the Communist Party of China are in collusion. It's about as ridiculous an idea as the Left's Conspiracy Theories about Trump colluding with Russia. One would think that the Junta reintroducing the 'Pivot to Asia', arming Taiwan, and supporting Soros-backed uprisings in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, that the alleged 'partnership' isn't going so well.

   Callaghan, has gone even further than most paranoiacs and suggests that the Junta actually worked with China to stage the whole incident. It's noteworthy in this context that the story about the second Spy Balloon has been dropped like a hot potato from the MSM. That object floated further downstream and is believed to be passing over Colombia, Colombia's a nice place with a lot of decent people, but it doesn't really factor as much of a source of global Intel focus.

   But if anyone seriously thought about the implications of China invading Colombian airspace with a spy balloon, it would make us all stop and think: which neither the DNC, nor the RNC, nor the WEF wants. Panic sells these days, not reason.

  Callaghan begins his article citing historical precedent: "It’s usually called an invasion when a military aircraft breaches national airspace without permission. America was in a world war the last known time foreign military aircraft invaded airspace over America’s homeland. Imperial Japan sent thousands of bombs on balloons over the westerly Pacific winds into the continental United States. One killed six Sunday school picnickers in Oregon."  Yes, and the campaign was such a resounding success for the Japanese Military that China has apparently been plotting the same strategy for the last 80 years. Luckily, the Junta shot it down on a Saturday before it got an American Sunday-School this time. Interestingly, Callaghan discreetly omits mention of more recent attacks committed by US drones violating airspaces and bombing out weddings, schools, funerals, aspirin factories, etc.

   "Yet that was not the last time foreign military aircraft flew over the United States. Before last week’s military balloon from China, it had happened dozens of times before—with America’s permission." Heck, it's not even the first balloon hoax hyped for military purposes. In 1896, a State Senator from Arkansas is said to have spoken with the pilot of a UFO during a wave of airship sightings. According to him, the balloon was armed with a Hotchkiss Machine Gun and bound for Cuba, which was then engaged in a revolt against Spain. (In the late 1890s, anti-Spanish sentiment was about as rife in the Media as anti-China propaganda is today). 

   "Take the Pentagon’s response," Callaghan continues, "there was none...The military refused to say when, exactly, it started tracking the balloon, but admitted that it had a track on it by the time it neared American airspace over the remote Aleutian Islands off the southern tip of Alaska. Yet, the administration kept the balloon secret for days and planned to keep it secret forever." On the contrary: it was the Pentagon that hyped up the 'spy balloon' narrative to begin with. Have Americans become so addled they can't even remember what the 'narrative' was just five days ago?

   More to the point, are pundits like Callaghan arguing that we should take anything coming out of the mouths of Lloyd Austin and Mike Milley seriously? Or his, for that matter, when he makes idiotic statements like: "That slow, simple balloon could have been the perfect way to deliver a nuclear bomb over American soil to detonate in the atmosphere before America knew it was under attack: a floating Trojan Horse that would cause an electromagnetic pulse, destroying the electrical grid and frying electronics across swaths of the American continent!"  A bomb that size would roughly be 12 feet long, about 3 feet wide, and weigh around 750 lbs. (You know, the kind that the Media 'experts' assure us can be carried in a suitcase and hidden inconspicuously)---quite a payload for a zero-pressure high-altitude balloon that can't even be steered reliably! Especially since it would unlikely cause much damage outside of a 2-3 mile radius.

   Nobody seems to want to ask one of the most obvious questions: why would China want to do blow up our power grid in the first place? Wouldn't Chinese assets in America be destroyed too? Not to mention the economic damage from the cutting off of trade relations that China would bring upon itself. These same pundits have been howling and complaining that China is buying US farmland (though substantially less than Oligarchs like Gates, Buffett, Bezos, and Ted Turner). Most of the produce of that farmland is intended to be exported back to China: why would they cause a major breakdown in their own food supply? 

   This whole narrative coming out of so-called Conservatives makes about as much sense as their anti-immigrant posturing or their pouring billions down the drain supporting Ukraine. Callaghan's prose breaks into the typical contextless, nonsensical, bowtie-clutching refrains from a Party now so bankrupt of ideas that all they can do is find boogie-men and scapegoats to chase all over the planet. "So, how would Biden and his administration have reacted if Xi asked to fly spy balloons over America’s military bases? Biden and his drippingly pro-China administration, Milley included, probably would have said “welcome to our open skies!” And, they probably would have thought that they could open the door to China, in secret, without asking Congress! No American should ever have to wonder whose side the president or the Pentagon is on! Congress and the press must get real answers explaining why China’s balloon made it over the American homeland! If Joe Biden committed or abetted a crime or a crime-like act to aid a Chinese military mission, he must be impeached and removed from office!" Blah, blah, blah, blah.

    You'd think that with millions of Americans dying from the side-effects of an unsafe (and often mandated vaccine); a few thousand more dying from Opioid addictions (which often started as prescribed medication); record numbers of psychos involved in mass-shootings (nearly all of whom were on FDA-approved psychological drugs)----Maybe Big Pharma might be a bigger threat? So far, Chinese weather balloons haven't caused any American deaths. 

   Since we're talking about bombed-out cities: anybody seen their own downtowns lately? China didn't do any of that; although American robber-barons outsourcing our economy to places like that did.

   Wars also typically displace families and create orphans. Is China responsible for our staggering number of fatherless homes, double-digit divorce rates, escalating suicide rates among children; crashing fertility rates, rising stillbirths and defective children? Did China make us kill 1 in 5 babies before birth? Were they the ones who dumbed down our schools and put Academia up for sale?

   If China occupied us militarily, they'd put us under Martial Law and take over communications. But were they the ones who concentrated 90% of the Media in the hands of an irresponsible monopoly? Did China shred our Constitution and lock us down for two years? Did they set up domestic espionage here? Did they weaponize our healthcare system?

  And, as mentioned in the previous articles on this subject: China noticeably doesn't have celebrities dancing around in Satan costumes and praised by their media. China doesn't have perverts reading nursery-rhymes to 5-year olds. They don't have criminal gangs taking over whole city blocks, burning down police stations and calling it a Summer of Love. But a weather balloon blows off course and Americans have panic attacks over that. 

   How about if we started hearing the so-called Right start coming up with a few solutions instead of trying to outdo the Left in their extremism? And how about if some of the so-called Christian Conservatives started standing up for human rights instead of looking down their noses at their so-called 'inferiors' for a change? 

  Last but not least: another thing that needs to be done is draining the Beltway Swamp known as the Pentagon. The Chinese have known not only our (obsolete) missile silo positions and layouts at least since the Clinton years. Clinton, Bush, and Obama all allowed corrupt defense contractors to outsource sensitive military equipment to China and other countries. A Chinese spy or two have been caught at such bases. A few years ago, an analyst at Janes Defense Weekly alleged that foreign satellites could scramble our launch codes and detonate our missiles on the ground---Russia's proven that they can control our drones in both Ukraine and Syria. 

  In 2017, during a confrontation with North Korea, the Trump Administration learned that we had no anti-missile defenses anywhere in the Pacific. Chinese submarines routinely infiltrate our fleets without being detected. Once they sailed an entire task force to Alaska---within missile range of Obama, who was giving a speech there---and weren't detected until some Eskimos reported them to the Coast Guard. And who can forget the time that the Iranians captured ten of our brave zhes in uniform---along with two gunships---and filmed them kneeling, crying for mercy, and throwing tantrums in front of their captors?

   The bottom line here is that the Chinese really don't have to do much to destroy us. We're accomplishing that on our own with very little help from them.  


  1. The news media says the payload on that balloon was over a 2000 ibs. That's no weather balloon.

    Why did the Chinese fly it over our country? They could. We are talking about a totalitarian state. As stupidly and crookedly as we are running this country, we still don't have a lunatic in charge as dangerous and grasping as China's dictator.

    What ambitions does the leader of China have? We only guess, but it is very likely he perceives us an obstacle. I seriously doubt he is worried about destroying his investment if he can safely destroy us. Like as not, however, he thinks us so weak he can destroy us without firing a shot.

    Do we have bigger fish to fry than "weather" or "spy " balloons? Yes, but we must factor in China. There are good reasons to believe China has helped to corrupt our elites, including our president. For example, too many of our policies make no sense, and many of those policies involve China.
    -- Jobs and entire industries shipped to China. At what point does it become obvious that continuing the policies that led to this is national suicide?
    -- Our electric grid and electronics need to protected from EMP and hackers. We are not doing that. Instead, we have China, an openly hostile power, building a large percentage of our electronics, including the computers we use. That isn't crazy?
    -- Our universities are taking gobs of money and huge numbers of students from China. China is buying off these universities to make China look good, and many of those students are helping to steal our technology. Chinese money sent to Penn State was even used to pay Biden and many of his administration hires.
    -- China is manufacturing the fentanyl coming into this country

    I could go on, but I think you already know most of this stuff. However, I think you made a mistake when picked your villain. The problem with people is that lots of us are villainous. and the most villainous among us often realize the advantage of joining forces before the less villainous among us realize the necessity of joining forces in self-defense.

    Most of us are lazy. We just want to do the things we must do and want to do. Politics is complicated and difficult work that we think someone else will do.

    Citizenship requires an education, and we have not gotten that education. So, we are being sent to the school of hard knocks. Pray enough learn soon enough to save our country.

    1. It looks like we may never know. Apparently, our brilliant Pentagon managed to destroy whatever relevant equipment it was carrying:

      I know what you mean about China doing corrupt things over here: in fact I suspect that the real reason behind the balloon hype and the media stirring up anti-China sentiment is so that our politicians and corporate leaders can get bigger bribes. It's like the Drug War of 30 years ago: create a hostile environment and it increases the cost of 'doing business.'

      As for Chinese motives, they want to be a world power. I don't think they want to fight us militarily if they can avoid it; but they also see what most Americans willfully ignore: the power of Western, globalist financial oligarchs. The Chinese haven't forgotten what Western financial combinations did to them in the past. That group is a threat to both the US and China.

      My hope is that we don't sink to the point where the Communist Chinese are going to be welcomed as liberators; but it could happen. We need to return to a place where the world sees us as offering something better than Communism; and 'woke' Neo-Liberalism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution aren't going to give us that.

  2. All very good points, Nightwind. I think that old adage applies, "we have met the enemy and he is us." Just a few years ago Hillary was blaming everything on the Russians. Don't forget all the illegals who are allegedly stealing all our jobs. Currently the bad guy is China. This is a really difficult point to make, but those mindsets actually weaken us. Where the blame goes, the power goes. So who is in charge of America right now? Well, apparently illegals, Russians, Chinese weather balloons, communists, liberals, Bill Gates......just about anyone but us.

    The more hawkish members of the right tend to be really linear thinkers, they like their world tidy and in black and white. Life is simpler, so you can just shoot down the balloon and fix all the worlds problems. Of course, the very same media who hasn't told the truth in a good decade, is more then happy to nurture this completely subjective fantasy. Meanwhile we're all so happy to finally have an actual concrete threat to fight (virtually on our TV's, ) that we get cranky with anyone who even tries to question the narrative.

    1. They really do think like that. This is why I say that Left has no monopoly on NPCs. I think that this is another reason why Alt-RINO/Red Pill Cult beliefs have spread into the political Right: it's all simplistic solutions and beating the Left with its own tactics.