Saturday, February 4, 2023


   After a brief but fairly intensive LARP and subsequent national panic attack, our nominal Head-of-State got tired of being called a weenie by the Alphas in the Controlled Opposition and ordered the Chinese meteorological craft 'spy balloon' to be shot down. Our military was surprisingly successful---no doubt due to their long experience in attacking unarmed positions. Without a doubt, the brave pilot of this venture was someone who represents diversity and will probably receive a promotion and a Congressional Medal of Honor for the heroic deed. Americans can now rest easy until the next National Emergency and it's rumored that local hookah lounges and sports bars will be carrying live 24/7 coverage of the story on Big Screen (masks and vaxx passports required). 

   Fortunately, upon waking up this morning, the supermarket shelves hadn't been stripped of toilet paper, bottled water, or Russian vodka like our last two national panic attacks. Evidently, the either the people in the cities can't afford gas to get here, or the effects of the anti-anxiety meds from last night hadn't worn off yet. Thus, thankfully we've been spared one more international embarrassment; but at least the Pfizer Scandal is off the front page

   On social media and most news pages last night, Americans were seeing Spy Balloons and little green men with Made in China labels on their spacesuits everywhere. No doubt this will continue for the next few days, as the story garnered huge media ratings and made massive political capital for both parties. I don't want to waste too much time going over the hallucinations and paranoia being discussed in these venues. We'll probably be treated to Congressional Hearings and proposed bans on balloons before it's all over. But one commenter on a foreign news site I think brought up a point worth discussing:

    Guys like this should be thankful they don't have to live here and deal with it. I've noticed it for a long time. It's hilarious, though somewhat sad, to see continual polls to the effect that Americans don't trust the government; don't trust the media; think that Wall Street is giving them the shaft---without seeing the irony that the very same cabal practically programs their own minds. The average Ameroboob wouldn't believe that it was raining outside unless he got a verified source from the National Weather Service to tell him so. 

    Decades of intergenerational drug abuse, dumbed-down schools, and servile media have crippled most Americans' capacity for critical thought. Mentioning China in any news story today is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. As if that's not already bad enough, the Oligarchs are already moving to implement the 2023 WEF Agenda and crack down even harder on anybody dissenting from the Official Narrative. I'd think that Americans would be a little more concerned about losing the 1st Amendment than the Chinese finding out that there's traffic congestion in Kansas City. My intuition, however, tells me that they aren't.

   It's gotten to the point now where those of us who don't buy into the Narrative really need to be concerned; because what this latest incident showed us is that not only are we sinking into cultural Barbarism, we're becoming a Barbarian Culture which also has access to advanced technology---including atomic weapons. When I've visited countries in Latin America, a saying I frequently heard about Foreign Policy was: "When you have a man like Castro running Cuba, the whole region has a problem. You put a man like that in charge of the United States and the whole world is going to have a problem." 

   Reflect on how close we are to that. When you read the idiotic reactions to a stray balloon in news comments; combined with a financial despotism of 'woke' fanatics and a dumbed-down, doped-up, and egocentric population demanding Alpha strongmen and pseudo-scientists to lead them---then simple logic ought to tell us that it's only a matter of time before the Doomsday Clock strikes Midnight. As for Chinese spying, don't imagine that they don't read our news media, or listen to American opinions, or hear the plans of politicians and Oligarchs and aren't preparing to defend themselves. Our pundits can sneer all they want to, and carry on like a (now practically inevitable) Sino-American War is going to be like a college homecoming game with a big frat party afterwards. Personally I don't think that underestimating China and mistaking their patience for weakness is a good idea. 





  1. Yes, well said! I have so many questions. Like, who went and sold the top secret, WW1, weather balloon technology to the Chinese? Does anyone in the US realize we have fancy spy satellites now? Google Earth??

    As to something just "being off" with Americans as of late, yes exactly. I can't help but notice we just aren't right in the head. Perhaps that is part of our strength and charm? I mean, you shouldn't mess around with crazy, unpredictable people who not only don't know what they are doing, they don't even care!

    Also, never underestimate the power of good entertainment. It's a great diversion from the things that truly do afflict us. I personally would prefer to forget all about the truth and reality of #Pfertility and just go make some memes about fortune cookies and hot air balloons.

    I sometimes forget to put some blame on the diabolical, too. Yes, we Americans are something else all on our own, but there are also principalities and powers at work, supernatural forces at play, stirring things up and not for the better.

    1. I've tried to figure this out for a long time---why we seem to be 'off'---the only theory that I can come up with so far is that it seems to drug-related. It's only a theory at this point, though---obviously nobody in Academia is going to fund a comprehensive research study on the subject. But we do have a few studies detailing the effects of various narcotics on the mind and the consequences to one's cognitive and reasoning abilities as well as compromised moral sense. And of course we know there is also a correlation between drugs and susceptibility to the occult.

    2. That's a consideration, obesity and lack of healthy fats deprive the brain of oxygen. Another thing about these diets (along with the perpetual state of fear and anger that the Media stirs up) is High Blood Pressure which has an even bigger effect on thinking processes.