Wednesday, July 31, 2019


   So it was reported today on RT News that some Hollywood figure named Mario Lopez visited a Conservative talk-show recently and made some remark to the effect that toddler-age children shouldn't be making decisions about gender identity. This, of course, is just common sense; but the Rainbow Troll Army went on a social media blitzkrieg followed by a barrage of NPC and Ameroboob outrage. Lopez summarily slid down on his knees and begged forgiveness on NBC calling his own words "ignorant and insensitive." 


   Trash Culture has really reached another nadir. I actually don't know which is worse: forcing Lopez to apologize for speaking the truth or the fact that he actually apologized for it. Either way, this is a shameful episode on our already bleak cultural landscape.

   I don't feel much sympathy for Hollywood yo-hos; but I really do feel for medical and psychiatric professionals who have to bite their tongues and play along with this PC-imposed quackery when it goes against all of their scientific training and their ethical codes to do so. 

  Just think about it for a few moments. The Sexual Anarchists tell us that gender identity is something that we are born with and is independent of our actual biology. So why are over 99% of transgenders going from biologically male to female? Shouldn't the percentages be equal if gender identity is inborn?

   Let's assume for a moment that gender identity is unrelated to biology. Where does it come from then? From psychology?
  NPC: "No, that would be Gender Essentialism. and we know that male and female psychologies are the same."

 NW: "Then where does gender identity come from?"

 NPC: "Gender is an artificial social construct."

 NW: "If that's so, then aren't people who choose a different gender actually being programmed by society, too?"


   If someone decides to change their gender, they do so through surgery and Hormone Replacement Treatment. Doesn't that involve biology? They also have to go through specialized counseling. Doesn't that involve psychology? The Sexual Anarchists say that so-called 'gender identity disorder' isn't a 'disease which can be cured'; yet they employ medical and psychiatric science to effect a gender transition. Yet they won't allow Medicine or Psychiatry to treat it by helping a patient adjust to his biological gender. This in spite of the fact that in the 1960s,  psychiatrists documented that so-called 'LGTBQ' patients were cured and restored to normal heterosexual lives in about 4 out of 5 cases.

   Then there is the question about how safe these medical procedures really are---especially when quacks are talking about giving them to children. One of the rare recent studies done on the subject indicates that hormone replacement so-called 'therapy' increases the risk of cardiovascular complications. Consider that there is already considerable debate about whether hormones introduced into agricultural products are safe for human consumption: yet we're to believe that the hormones of one gender can be transplanted safely and effectively into another human body? 

   The suicide rates among LGBTQ's are high; the life expectancy rates are low---and yet medical professionals are prevented from curing them and Media jugheads are promoting more 'acceptance' of the disorder. 

   So who's being ignorant and insensitive here? Some food for thought...



Tuesday, July 30, 2019


     Just shortly after another high-profile murder of a woman who paid for a poor relationship choice with her life, we're learning the details of a second. Ally Kostial, a 21-year old from St. Louis and a student at the University of Mississippi was found murdered in a remote area not far from Oxford, Mississippi. 

    Police have arrested another student, a dirtbag named Brandon Theesfeld, and charged him with Ally's murder. As it turns out, Theesfeld was Ally's boyfriend. The University announced that it had suspended Theesfeld; obviously can't pay tuition while in jail (which is about the only reason that any American university ever suspends anybody these days). Local news affiliates KMOV and WLBT interviewed some students who knew the suspect and here are some interesting observations that they shared:

   “I truly believe that he manipulated her emotionally to have her believe that he loved her the same way she did, and I think he had her on the hook until the very last second. He was known around campus as a misogynist and he led her on A LOT, enough to where it could be considered emotional abuse.” 

  “Ally would talk about how crazy aggressive he was. I don’t know how many times she called me about him. About how he was treating her and about how he acted when they were together. We all told her to end it with him, but she always said she saw the good in him.”

  "He harassed her for years, took advantage of her for years, I spent countless nights holding Ally close drying her tears about this monster for years." 

  Another girl who briefly dated Theesfeld described him as: "odd, very sketchy, like shady, as well as creepily persistent. It freaked me out." 

   Where have we heard this before? Reading these quotes is like reading what nearly any Game/PUA site tells men to do in their relationships with women. It's not known whether Theesfeld read such blogs and websites; but his behavior---the manipulation, the good guy/bad boy schtick; having other 'options'; keeping her 'on the hook'---is textbook Game. The now-defunct blog Chateau Heartiste even had such tactics listed in the form of religious commandments. 

  Game is designed to exploit vulnerabilities in female psychology for purposes of cynical sexual and other manipulations. It's often portrayed by its proponents as a male defense against Feminism. Actually, it's not---and never has been---the opposite of Feminism, but its concomitant. And Feminism is just as much to blame for Ally's death as the Red Pill. 

  Ally was no doubt taught by her 'progressive' teachers and professors that the notion that men and women have different psychologies was a myth; hence she had no idea that she had the kinds of vulnerability which Theesfeld so expertly exploited. And like many other younger women today, she was no doubt inculcated with a plethora of other mythologies which led her to overestimate radically her own abilities while underestimating male capacities for good and for evil. Thus, she ignored all the really good men around her and fell for a scumbag in whom "she saw the good."

   In male psychology, the capacity for good and evil runs far more to extremes than in women (contrary to feminists and Hollywood idiots say). This is why History is so heavily dominated by men. The spectrum of male character runs from the Bayard Knight to Charles Manson. This is also why an earlier generation of girls were carefully taught by their female mentors to choose men who had the respect of and a good reputation among other men. The Feminist misandryists teach women to the opposite; and like Ally Kostial the women who do so not infrequently meet with disaster. 

   On the night that she was killed, Ally left alone sometime after Midnight and was last seen near a bar in Oxford. She didn't even take rudimentary common-sense precautions for her own safety---and this again is a result of Feminist miseducation. Feminists will no doubt snort that "well, if she wants to be out at any hour without fear of molestation, that's her right as a woman!" Yes, I agree. It should be safe for women to be out alone anywhere anytime. But the facts are simply different than the ideal. 

   Let's educate our Feminist readers with a few bits of actual reality:

1. Running around in pink hats screaming and going on 'Slutwalks' do not deter psychopathic and predatory men from being psychopathic and predatory.

2. Despite what Hollywood says, the average woman cannot physically defend herself against a man half her size---let alone men who are two or three times bigger. If the attacker is fueled by narcotics, her chances of successful self-defense are even lower.

3. University propaganda that the safety of women is their 'highest priority' is a lie. 

4. Also contrary to Hollywood, the number of women victimized by random strangers and serial killers is fairly low. The vast majority are victims of men whom they know or at least of men who know of them. 

5. I know of only one case during the last half-century of a group of women who were successfully attacked and abducted. All others, they were off by themselves when the attacker saw his opportunity and struck.

   The case of Ally Kostial is a tragic example of how the Gender Wars---fomented by the likes of Hillary Clinton during the 1990s and kept brewing by Feminist misandryists and Red Pill misogynists---is not only crippling real relationships but destroying real lives. We as a society need to take a hard look at how we're simultaneously radicalizing men and dumbing-down women. Because that is the real reason behind this supposed 'crisis' in relationship-related killings. 


Monday, July 29, 2019


    As regular readers know, we here at this blog are ardent foes of false cults. Most cults are truly dangerous for a variety of reasons. At bottom, they are all enemies of Civilization. Western Civilization is predicated on Christianity, which in turn has cultural roots in many ancient societies. This is why we often say here that Western Liberalism and Cults are the two greatest threats to Western Civilization. 

   Since it's been a slow news week, with nothing much really happening other than the Left trying vainly to resuscitate the 'Russiagate' Hoax; and Neocons getting humiliated by Iran; and of course the now-regular mass-shooting or two---all of which have become fairly commonplace---we spent the week researching a couple of new cultish movements which our readers have brought to our attention. The first is a homegrown 'Bear Cult' apparently so-called after its founder's totem-animal. The second---we kid you not---is a 'Bleach Cult'. Seriously: the followers of the second group drink bleach as a religious rite. That's also a cult which originated in America, but it's been causing a lot of problems in Africa recently. We're going to write about the first one today: anyone interested in learning more about the second can check out our friend Myles Power's vlog on Youtube. Power has done an excellent and comprehensive series exposing the Bleach Cult and some of their truly dangerous practices.

   What we called the Bear Cult centers around a character from the Tacoma area named Owen Benjamin. Of course, Benjamin denies that he leads a cult, but all of the unmistakable signs are present. I'd heard of Owen Benjamin before in connection with the Red Pills; especially via Vox Day and Roosh Valizadeh. He shares many common beliefs with the Red Pills---especially in his hatred for Jews and women and his promulgation of some very far-out Conspiracy Theories. He's a firm believer in the whole Game/PUA male-archetype theories and, like Vox Day, has carved out a special niche for himself in the male hierarchy: i.e. that of 'Sigma', which apparently is the top/uber Alpha. 

   In many ways, Owen Benjamin seems to be a younger version of Vox Day. Both were mediocre media figures who built up fanatically loyal followings by leaving the mainstream and playing the Victim Card. Both clearly believe that they were entitled to greater fame and have a deep envy of those more successful. In fact, they even envy some of the same people: Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and Ben Shapiro, for example. They both also apparently share the same proclivity for getting kicked out of respectable communities. Even Alex Jones recently banned Benjamin from his show for being too extremist. Among his other vices, Benjamin is a bully who mistreats his wife, is a drunken sot, beats dogs, and viciously attacks anyone who even slightly disagrees with him. He justifies all of this behavior with a veneer of fake Christianity. 

   Some may say that Owen Benjamin sounds like a fairly typical Red Pill; but there is a darker side yet to this man. He doesn't advocate violence in a tongue-and-cheek, plausibly-deniable sort of way that other Red Pills do. His rage, as it comes across on his videos is visceral and there are recurring themes referencing death, killing, and general violence. He recently did a video talking about his recent fantasies of killing his father. In another video, that's since been pulled, he (falsely) accused one his critics of stalking him and threatened him with violent death. And worse still, he encourages his fanatical disciples to dox and go after his enemies. On one video which has since been deleted from Youtube, Benjamin talks about "weeding out the weak" and considering "who needs to die." Someone brought up the question as to whether or not he was calling for violence, to which Benjamin replied "Not yet, but I you might want to gear up." 

    It's also quite troubling that Benjamin frequently accuses his enemies of being wizards, or Satanists. Granted, in some cases it may be that they are; but his obvious intent and purpose here is to dehumanize them metaphorically so that killing one would not be seen as actual murder. Of the Jews, incidentally, Benjamin said: “Finally, you have a tribe of people that goes from dog to dog just getting blood. I didn’t just compare them to fleas. Yes, I did.”

   His cultish followers apparently have taken up the idea of starting up their own town. And if anyone doubts that these fanatics worship Owen Benjamin, just look at a few reviews of one of his recent podcasts:



       Owen Benjamin's Christianity, I think can be well summed up by one of his drunken, profanity-laced outbursts against the Church in which he accuses Pope Francis and the Jesuit Order of running some Homosexual Glee-Club. {Warning: this link might not be suitable for all audience members}. So much for another fraud undermining the efforts of good Christians and Conservatives everywhere. 


Sunday, July 21, 2019


   Seventy-five years ago today, Americans across the country retrieved their morning newspapers and were greeted with headlines similar to this one:

   After about a year's planning and a few aborted attempts, elements within the German Military nearly succeeded bringing off a coup against the Nazi Regime. Hitler and several German officers were conducting a strategy meeting in a bunker in Poland. One of these officers, Col. Count von Stauffenberg, smuggled in a briefcase containing a time-bomb; which he planted next to Hitler's position. Von Stauffenberg left the meeting on a pretext and the charge exploded. Hitler, however, was not killed because someone had moved the deadly briefcase, unaware of its contents during the intervening moments. 

   The coup ultimately failed and sadly the heroes involved in this noble mission largely have been forgotten in the West. Attempts by the Alt-RINOs/Red Pills to rehabilitate the Third Reich and the disdain of Whacko Left-Wing Academia for dead white males have caused this anniversary to pass all but unnoticed outside of Germany. 

   What is interesting to me is how many of the conspirators were motivated by respect for a Higher Authority than that of the State. Major-General Henning von Tresckow, who was the leader of the coup attempt was an officer on the Russian Front. Like many others, he revolted against the regime when he learned first-hand of Nazi atrocities in the East. The day after the plot failed, von Tresckow killed himself with a grenade, fearing that Gestapo torture would lead him to expose other conspirators. He said before his death to an aide:

   "The whole world will vilify us now, but I am still totally convinced that we did the right thing. Hitler is the archenemy not only of Germany but of the world. When, in few hours' time, I go before God to account for what I have done and left undone, I know I will be able to justify what I did in the struggle against Hitler. God promised Abraham that He would not destroy Sodom if only ten righteous men could be found in the city, and so I hope for our sake God will not destroy Germany. No one among us can complain about dying, for whoever joined our ranks put on the shirt of Nessus. A man's moral worth is established only at the point where he is ready to give his life in defense of his convictions."


   Hitler learned of von Tresckow's involvement in the coup a few months later; and in a rage, ordered his remains exhumed and thrown to the dogs.  "I cannot understand how people can still call themselves Christians and not be furious adversaries of Hitler's regime,"  the General said in 1943. 

   Count Claus von Stauffenberg came from an aristocratic family in the former German Province of Suabia. Stauffenberg at first supported the Nazis, but according to his biographers, began a growing disillusion with the regime through a crisis of faith. Stauffenberg was a devout Catholic and the horrors of Kristalnacht woke him to the government's true aims and intentions. By 1943, he was convinced of his duty to humanity and introduced to the another anti-Nazi, General Friedrich Olbricht (of whom we will say more presently). Stauffenberg is credited by all as the dynamic force within the movement; as witnessed by his willingness to carry out the assassination personally. Baron Axel von dem Bussche, a conspirator who survived the war, stated that Stauffenberg told him plainly just before the coup that: "I am committing high treason with all means at my disposal. I am justified by the right under natural law to defend millions of people's lives from the criminal aggression of Hitler."

   Stauffenberg was captured in Berlin when the coup collapsed and was shot without a trial. The Nazis exacted cruel revenge on his family. A word here should be said about Stauffenberg's friend and aide, Lt. Werner von Haeften, also a Suabian aristocrat, who assisted Stauffenberg in his undertakings against Hitler.

    Von Haeften was captured with Stauffenberg and put before the same firing-squad. When the orders were given to fire, von Haeften jumped in front of von Stauffenberg taking the bullets meant for his friend. Such was the caliber of men who stood up to the Nazis.

   The aforementioned Major-General Friederich Olbricht was also a man of deep principle and personal courage, although little is known of his personal life. General Olbricht however was known to be a republican on principle. Unlike many of his fellow-conspirators, General Olbricht was not from the aristocracy, but the son of a fairly distinguished professor of Mathematics. He was also one of the few military officers who politically supported the Weimar Republic and were retained during the Third Reich.

  What we do know of Olbricht's character can be deduced by a few anecdotes about him. In 1934, he refused to take the Loyalty Oath to Adolf Hitler on the grounds that his duty was to the German People as a whole and not to one man as an individual. For some reason, this act of insubordination was overlooked. When Hitler was purging the military leadership in 1938, Olbricht again defied Hitler by testifying in the defense of Baron von Fritsch, who was falsely accused of homosexual rape. Olbricht was shot at the same time as von Stauffenberg and von Haeften and his family buried him in a church. It's unknown what his religious convictions were; but General Olbricht seemed strongly motivated by a desire for human liberty and human rights. 

  During the subsequent investigations to the coup, it was learned that Olbricht intended to arrest Gestapo Chief Heinrich Himmler and put him on trial. Following Hitler's example with von Tresckow, the furious Himmler had Olbricht's remains exhumed and thrown into a crematorium. 

  When Olbricht was commanding the 24th Infantry Division on the Russian Front, he received a Chief-of-Staff named Col. Albrecht Mertz von Quirnheim. Von Quirnheim was of the Bavarian aristocracy and his family were connected socially to the von Stauffenberg family. When Olbricht was sent back to Berlin to command the Reserve Army, von Quirnheim was sent back with him. Ordinarily, von Quirnheim would have taken command of the Division; but he had offended Nazi Governors Alfred Rosenberg and Erich Koch by publicly denouncing their inhumane treatment of civilians. 


  When Olbricht was captured, von Quirnheim rallied a desperate attempt to free him and bring the coup to a successful conclusion. Unfortunately, he too was captured and shot with the others. Like the Stauffenbergs, the von Quirnheim family suffered terribly from the vengeful Nazis. 

  And Nazi vengeance didn't stop there. The coup attempt's failure convinced Hitler and his fanatical followers of their own invincibility and the aftermath of the attempt was a wholesale orgy of bloodletting wherein the Nazis had free rein over anyone they hated for any reason. 

  Historians can quibble over whether the coup attempt was 'too little, too late' but I'm inclined to be charitable and say 'better late than never.' All of these men had risked themselves more than once in opposing the regime while the majority sat by and said nothing. Given the character and infrastructure of the Nazi Regime, a viable coup attempt was not something which could be organized overnight. The failure of the coup happened not because of principled men like we've described here; but because many of the conspirators were not motivated by the same high principles and saw it as opportunity for political advancement; or to end the war honorably; or, in some cases, to ameliorate their own culpability in the inevitable upcoming war-crimes trials. None of that detracts from the honor of the true heroes of July 20. Let us hope that they will never be forgotten. 


Tuesday, July 16, 2019


    For those who might have missed this story, a young woman named Bianca Devins was horrifically murdered on Sunday. The thug responsible for this crime then posted photos of the scene on Instagram, which went viral. Police apprehended this piece of human garbage as he attempted to commit suicide. Speaking for myself, I would have had a cigarette and watched him finish the job; but police have procedures that they have to follow. 

   These gruesome pictures have since been scrubbed from Instagram, but not before they 'went viral' and American Trash Culture had a field-day with them---like a bunch of cannibals dancing around a stew-pot. In a rare (for them) act of human decency, even some American Mainstream Media outlets refused to post the murder photos, or link to them. 

   Not everyone on the Whacko Left was this cordial, however. Following the long-standing Left-Wing maxim of never letting a good crisis go to waste, disgusting Feminists and their male hangers-on were quick to post comments condemning all men for the crime. Not a peep out of any of them, of course, about the brave male cops who risked their lives to take Bianca's killer (he was reportedly wielding a razor). Nor about the numbers of men who both risk---and give---their lives annually to save women whom they often don't even know. Instead, we get garbage like this:

   “There are SO MANY MEN #onhere that think their harassment & abuse on this website is harmless. They don’t do anything about it &, in fact, many of them encourage it by sharing screenshots of people’s job’s & other personal information like it’s no big deal. IT IS A BIG DEAL.”

  That's true to a point: men online do need to do a better job of policing their own ranks. But did this commenter ever consider that maybe the reason why more men don't do this is because Feminists are continually putting guys who do down as White Knights and Nice Guys Aren't Really Nice, and 'How dare they assume that a woman needs a man for protection'? Maybe women online need to do a little policing of their own and scold a few loud-mouthed Feminists who are making men a bit gun-shy.

   Then there were Feminist politicians like Brianna Wu, who weighed in: “‘It’s just online! Women should ignore the abuse,’ they say. Well, it’s not online anymore. …There’s something deeply wrong with what we’ve built. #ripbianca” This is just political goobly-gook: it doesn't even make coherent sense. Everyone knows abuse is wrong, so what's the point here?

   Hollywood, in the person of a Mr. Jimmy Wong opined, “Christina Grimmie was murdered by an obsessed fan three years ago. Another one broke into Meg Turney/Gavin Free’s home with a shotgun last year. Now, tragically, #ripbianca. Thousands of women die to rejection violence every year. This is a real issue, and we cannot ignore it.”

   I don't know as there are 'thousands' of annual deaths, however; I would say to Mr. Wong that maybe the increase in these incidents are coming from people like you in Hollywood and your cohorts in the Corporate News Media sensationalizing and profiting off these types of crimes. How many unbalanced men out there do you suppose are inspired by the kind of publicity you give people like Bianca's killer? Something to ponder, isn't it. 

  In Russia, after the Beslan School Massacre, President Putin imposed restrictions on how much publicity could be given the perpetrators of such crimes in the press. How many high-profile attacks have happened in Russia vis-a-vis the United States since? I'm not saying that we need censorship here; but a little self-discipline in our own Media would help a lot. 

  On Twitter, some degenerate named Rob Gavagan wrote: “It’s disgusting how much harder women have it in relationships. Dealing with abusers & stalkers affects all genders, but women get the most. They’re almost always the ones who get targeted and brutally murdered due to the absolute horribleness of insane, worthless men. #ripbianca.”

  I think that we all know this type of guy:

   However, there is one important factor in Gavagan's comment which should be addressed. According to the Devins Family, the killer and Bianca were not strangers to one another. In fact, it's rarely the case that victims like Bianca fall to strangers and psychotic serial killers. According to the family, Bianca and this man had an active dating relationship. 

  We're not arguing here that Bianca and other victims like her brought these catastrophes upon themselves; however their poor choices in relationships can't be overlooked as a contributing factor. And this where our culture---and Feminism in particular---is failing girls and young women radically. Our culture has become so reflexively anti-male that it no longer teaches women how to find and cultivate a relationship with a good man; while at the same time fails to teach them how to avoid the dangerous and dysfunctional men. And women are dying---not because of some inherent flaw in male psychology---but because of their own ignorance about male psychology. 

   Again, this is not blaming the victim as many in the Manosphere are wont to do. This is putting the blame squarely where it belongs: upon a dysfunctional culture which has done everything possible to undermine and uproot everything about normal and healthy relationships between men and women. Bianca isn't to blame for dating a rat like that: she simply didn't know any better.

   Tragedies like these should really give us pause to consider where we are as a culture and where we're going. Anyone who looks at this whole story from all angles and thinks that it's the mark of a 'progressive' society is simply delusional. We need to take a step back and stop finger-pointing at the collective genders and start putting the finger on those who are exploiting them. 

Monday, July 15, 2019


   Long-time readers know that we have been following closely a now 39 year-old cold case from Walker County, Texas involving an unidentified woman murdered in Huntsville on November 1st, 1980. General details of the case can be read here. The case has garnered considerable public attention, and largely because of public pressure was reopened in 2015. Witnesses have come forward, theories promoted, and there are several articles about the case throughout the Internet. 

  The problem with ultimately identifying the victim and bringing her killers to justice has been a complete failure of the law enforcement agency (the Walker County Sheriff's Office) responsible for investigating to bring any conclusion to the case. 

   Following our last article on the WCJD Case, ---the 2nd-most widely read and shared article in our blog's history---officials in Walker County scrambled to rush off a bone fragment to a DNA testing lab. It's not clear exactly what they were looking for, since her DNA has been on file for 20 years. 

  It was a moot point anyway, since the Sheriff's Office somehow managed to bungle the evidence and the lab was unable to extract any results. 

  Shortly after this latest fiasco, one of our readers agreed to file a formal request under the Texas Public Records Act to the Walker County Sheriff's Office: the purpose of which was to ascertain exactly how much effort this agency is putting into solving this case. Mostly the Department waived off all of the answers, however one response well summed up the matter. To the question of how many man-hours have actually been spent on this case, the Sheriff's Office replied that "an estimate of more than 100 man-hours have been spent investigating this case since 2015."

  Think of it! Why, that's almost three 40-hour work-weeks in four years! And here we thought that they weren't doing anything... 

  Nonetheless, readers who feel concerned about this rather languorous approach to the case should (respectfully) express their opinions to Texas State Attorney-General Ken Paxton, whose office has a convenient online form for such matters.  Mr. Paxton also has an account on Twitter. The State Attorney-General has the power, for example, to invite the intervention of the Texas Rangers or the FBI into the case.


   Meanwhile, we've been continuing our own research into the matter, and while we still haven't come up with a positive identification for the victim, we have some strong circumstantial evidence now as to her whereabouts in 1980. We believe that she may have been living in the area in and around Trinity, Texas during at least the first half of the year. 

       We also believe that the night that she was killed, the Doe may have come to Huntsville from the Brazoria area: in particular the neighborhood highlighted on the map:

    Anyone reading who recalls seeing a young woman like WCJD in either of these areas should report it either here, or by contacting the National Missing and Unidentified System:

Thursday, July 11, 2019


   Today, we came across a good article from our Blogroll at the site The Lions' Den. An Atheist had asked the author that's been around for a long time, to wit:

   "Question: Can a biblical historian be thoroughly objective as a Christian and retain their integrity?"

   The first thing that I would note is that I haven't seen much objectivity of any kind, on any subject, from historians in a long time. But that aside, the question was specifically about Biblical History: and that has been among the least objective subjects in modern historical research. The two main reasons for this is that (1) ever since the 18th Century or so, there have been a cadre of 'progressives' in Academia who desire a complete split between Biblical morality and Academic research; and (2) in more recent time, Christian controversies are one of the few literary genres which it's still profitable to produce. As proof of this, consider how many 'lost books of the Bible' are supposedly discovered, it seems, every other year. In contrast, there hasn't been a lost writing of a contemporary Graeco-Roman writer discovered in well over a century.

  In most cases, historians are simply repeating what others before them have said, and are playing to audiences who already want to hear what's being said. 

  The Bible itself is a mixture of history, literature, philosophy, and theology; and most historians are so tunnel-visioned that they miss the bigger picture by focusing on minor details. 'Oh come on, now' someone may say, 'You don't really believe that a whale swallowed Jonah and that his preaching converted Nineveh. There's no historical record of that!' To which we'd point out that 150 years ago, it was the consensus of the Academic Elite that no such place as Nineveh ever existed.

     Or, conversely, the story of Joshua commanding the sun to stand still during a battle. That couldn't possibly have happened, right?

    "The silver sun … was seen to whirl and turn in the circle of broken clouds. A cry went up from every mouth and the people fell on their knees on the muddy ground. … The light turned a beautiful blue as if it had come through the stained-glass windows of a cathedral and spread itself over the people who knelt with outstretched hands. The blue faded slowly and then the light seemed to pass through yellow glass. … People wept and prayed with uncovered heads in the presence of the miracle they had awaited. The seconds seemed like hours, so vivid were they."---reported by the Portuguese newspaper O Dia on the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, 1917. This newspaper previously had been deriding the Fatima Apparitions as mass hysteria.

  Prior to WW2, there were many in Academia who argued and wrote books 'proving' that Christ Himself never existed, but was based on various pagan solar myths. Any professor  today who denied an Historical Jesus would get laughed off the podium, even by his fellow-Atheists. 

   The only actual historical inaccuracies I have ever noticed with Biblical History from the traditional side are not with the Bible itself, but with erroneous times and places assigned to these events by fallible men. 

   If a person is connected to a university today and travels to the Levantine Countries, there's no shortage of people with Biblical-Era 'artifacts' for sale. The uniqueness of these artifacts correspond both with the amount of cash and gullibility that the historian can come up with. This is common in most of these kinds of places. During the Mayan Calendar Hoax of 2012, there were old 'shamans' popping up all over Central America who---for a price---would reveal the deep secrets of Mayan Prophecy to foreign researchers. The same is also true in Central Africa. Around Lake Victoria, scientists can buy 'fossils' of all sorts of hitherto-undiscovered specimens of prehistoric man. 

   In other words, Christians shouldn't get too distracted by these kinds of issues. There are many unexplained phenomena in the world---and the Bible which sees the whole scope of human history has many parts that people understood in the past which we cannot fully comprehend today. It works the other way, too. Many of the enigmas in the Revelation of St. John are incomprehensible to us, but Christians of the future times to which they refer will understand their import. Research is always necessary; but Faith and Humility must always play a part. 


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019


    Aaron Clarey, who blogs under the name of Captain Capitalism, is a self-described a-hole and follower of such Manosphere luminaries as Dalrock, Vox Day, Rollo Tomassi, Roosh Valizadeh, Matt Forney---all the usual people. Clarey is also a religious apostate---the son of a minister---a not uncommon specimen among a cult which claims to stand for 'traditional values.' 

   So, the Captain has written a thesis titled Why the Red Pill Will Replace Religion. This is, of course, a de facto admission that the Red Pill---as promoted by the Manosphere and their phony philosophy of 'Game'---is nothing but a cult. Clarey posits that a man's life essentially moves in three phases: pursuit of sex, realization that Civilization is a sham, and coming to grips with the reality of death. If he'd paid more attention in Church, he'd have learned that wiser men than himself went that route and ended up writing Scripture like Ecclesiastes to warn young men away from it. 

   Like the Far Left---with whom the Red Pills have more in common than with Conservatives---Clarey doesn't deny the notion of Original Sin, but teaches his followers to embrace it. He states:

   "There is, however, one major difference between the "The Church of the Saint Red Pill" and all other major religions. And it's also the reason why more and more men will replace their traditional religions (if any) with the red pill - practicality. The message of the red pill is infinitely more practical to young men today because it addresses the thing they want the most - women.  Cheapened as you might find this, it is true.  Men, above all other things, want women. It's why the lions share of material you'll hear in the red pill community is about women.  It's why the majority of time, effort, and resources in the red pill is about marriage, dating, sex, and love.  And whereas you can barely get a traditional church congregant to stay awake for a 15 minute sermon about salvation or Christ, you can get thousands of men to fully-tune in for 4 hour podcast extravaganzas on how to get a date with a woman.  It's no shock that while membership in churches are declining, the red pill community is growing exponentially because the message the "red pill religion" conveys addresses the most important issue young (and old) men have in their lives - women."

   How is this any different from Feminist claims that men think with their penises and are incapable of thinking of anything but sex? The only material difference is that the Red Pills hold that stereotype up as a role model whereas Feminists use it to depreciate masculinity. Either way, it reflects a very low opinion of men. The Red Pill, like other cults, tend to attract men with low self-esteem. No man who's confident around women is going to waste 4 hours of his life listening to some PUA on the Internet telling how to think and how to behave.

     "But if there's anything I've learned about humans it is that we need two things in life - vice and religion." he opines, "Take the time to resurface from your consumption of the Red Pill religion to occasionally contemplate traditional religion, even if they are stuck in the dark ages, forcing you to attend a physical church, when Podcast Pastor could make it so much more convenient."

    Here we see that the Red Pill offers vice as virtue. And, in typical cultish fashion, Clarey advises those religiously inclined to turn to the Echo Chamber of the Internet. 'Podcast Pastor' he explains as follows:

   "And it is also no coincidence that I'm a podcaster who came up with the idea of "podcast pastor."  But how I came up with the idea of podcast pastor was NOT having the epiphany that the internet has obsoleted traditional means by which to convey information, and I could profit off of it by turning churches digital.  It was realizing instead that the "Red Pill" community operated nearly identically to a church, and in a sense I already had a congregation.  It would merely be applying the same skills I learned having an online presence to that of a digital church. For example, like a church I have a "congregation."  You can call them "readers," "subscribers," "listeners," "followers," "fans," etc., but the thousands of people who tune in regularly to my podcasts or read my posts effectively form a congregation.  And other online personalities or "Red Pill Pastors" have their own congregations.  Rich CooperTerrence PoppRooshRollo TomassiDonovan Sharpe, all have "congregations" unto themselves, congregants who tune in regularly to hear their message." (N.B., the portion that we put in bold type). 

   Readers of blogs are not a congregation any more than a popular author of pulp fiction has a congregation among those who buy his books. The only authors who ever made such claims were cult leaders themselves, like L. Ron Hubbard. People don't form religious congregations to be entertained or informed as bloggers' or vloggers' audiences do. They congregate to learn (or be reminded of) their duties to God and to their fellow-man. But Clarey doesn't mince words that is in fact the Red Pills' very objective when he says: "You are introduced to truth through the red pill. This requires a (roughly) decade-long journey undoing all the lies and propaganda you've been fed to simply get back to square one, and reorganize your life so you make the most of the remainder of your life on this planet.  Your decisions are based in truth and reality, they become more effective, and you start to have success in life." Can there be any clearer admission that the Red Pill is a cult than this?

   It's difficult to argue that the Red Pill is a 'truth leading to success in life' when so many of its adherents have come to very bad ends. Red Pills are notorious for being thrown off the Internet, losing their jobs, getting thrown in jail, being held up to public ridicule: generally just being failures. This is evidently true of Clarey himself whose 'highly successful Youtube podcasts' generate less income on average than a welfare recipient in most states. Even many on the Alt-Right are disgusted with his incompetence as an author; I can't imagine that his Consulting business is in very high demand with these drawbacks. In short, Captain Capitalism is just another Internet blowhard who's trying to make himself important and significant by tearing down things like Religion, Tradition and Civilization. This is another characteristic of cults: they only tear down established beliefs but can build nothing on their own. 

   We on the Right need to be wary of these poseurs. No matter how they disguise themselves they are wolves in sheep's clothing, ever ready to sacrifice any cause for their own gain.


Sunday, July 7, 2019


   Wow---when we predicted less than a week ago that the DOJ Steamroller was about to come down a few American 'Elites' in a White Slavery crackdown, we had no idea it would happen this soon. It's now been confirmed, however, that one of the most hitherto-untouchable figures in that web is in jail in New York City and will appear before a Federal Judge on Monday to face unspecified charges. 

  According to The Daily Beast---admittedly not among the most reliable news sources---claimed that these charges are both related to sex-trafficking of minors. That's probably fairly close to the truth; but we'll have more details tomorrow when the indictment is actually unsealed.

   Epstein is a Wall Street Robber Baron who raked in billions during the 1980s and 1990s with shady hedge-fund schemes. He also was a notorious tax dodger. He has moved among the American 'Elite' for some time. His known associates include Former President Clinton---who has traveled with Epstein on his private jet more than two dozen times---and several Hollywood figures, members of the degenerate British Royalty, and leading fake-news purveyors like George Stepanopoulous and Katie Couric. 

  President Trump also knew Jeffrey Epstein; and Labor Secretary Alex Acosta---then a federal prosecutor---tried unsuccessfully to shut down Epstein's operations about a decade ago. The Corporate Media undoubtedly is going to try and concoct some fake scandal involving Trump---though why logically Trump would indict someone who could implicate him in criminal activity is something they won't explain. Nor will they explain why Clinton and Obama never reined in Epstein although they were fully aware of his activities. The reason is quite clear: Epstein has been a major donor to leading Democrats for quite some time now. Even the pro-Elite New York Intelligencer was forced to confess today that:

    "You should also check out New York Magazine’s contemporary reporting on the investigation into Epstein.Although, be advised: Reading about Jeffrey Epstein for longer than 45 minutes may lead one to conclude that 4-chan posts about “Pizzagate” paint a more accurate picture of the American ruling class than, say, all those uplifting speeches at John McCain’s funeral."

  The fact is that Trump banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago for life after Epstein allegedly tried to force the teenage daughter of one of the guests during a party. Federal investigators have seized all of Epstein's flight logs to his private island, and Trump (unlike Bill Clinton) isn't listed in any of them. But don't expect the Media to mention any of these minor details. 

  We'll know more tomorrow after the Indictment is unsealed: but we'll wager in the meantime that a lot of the self-appointed American 'Elite' are going to be making a number of sudden 'vacations' out of the country within the next few days.