Monday, October 31, 2016


      Game Cult leader Roosh Valizadeh, in the process of promoting one of his new books, published an article today explaining how practicing the hedonistic Game Philosophy puts men on the pathway to spiritual truth.

      "Many other men have also had a similar pathway as myself, whereby promiscuous sex was a device for understanding the world and deciding on behaviors that are more sustainable to the male soul." he pontificates, "While not every man gains wisdom during the stage in his life where he wants to sow his royal oats, many do; and they use that wisdom to devise solutions that can solve our modern problems. I do not regret at all engaging in shallow sex with many dozens of women throughout the world, because it has developed my thinking into what it is now, even though the sex itself wasn't very memorable and didn't give me much except momentary pleasure. From my current vantage point, it really does feel like it was all pre-determined, as if I was supposed to participate in shallow intimacy to gain understanding, but that would imply some sort of Divine Providence."

         This passage is such a striking illustration of why the Game/Red Pill Cult is such a dangerous and perverse movement. Valizadeh shows us plainly that there is nothing spiritual about Game.

         What we read is the worst elements of the male nature, which is what the Game Cult holds up as an idealized form of masculinity. We see narcissism as the most pronounced negative trait here. There's no sense of remorse or repentance for the women he may have hurt; no sense of reliance on a Higher Power; no sense of a need for salvation---things that characterize traditional religions. Instead, all that Valizdeh and the Game Cult offer is an evolutionary phase from a sexual Alpha to a spiritual Alpha.

        Given that the Game Philosophy is heavily rooted in the pseudoscience of Evolutionary Psychology, Valizdeh was bound to come to this kind of conclusion. In fact, his theory is very similar to Feminist Neo-Paganism, wherein the New Age Superwoman eventually ages into the Wise Old Crone. Note that Valizdeh actually believes that manipulating, seducing---and even forcing---women into shallow sexual encounters gives him the "wisdom to devise solutions that can solve our modern problems"! This is narcissism to the point of delusions of grandeur; but for a manly Alpha leader, it is a perfectly reasonable conclusion.

          To underscore that point even further, Valizdeh links to one of his earlier articles outlining The Five Paths to Realizing Truth. In Game, everything in life is reducible to a formula like this. The Five Paths are:

          1. Being a Player who sleeps with a large number of women.
          2. Living in a Totalitarian Society.
          3. Being Persecuted by the Establishment.
          4. Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle.
          5. Travelling off the Beaten Path.

          All of which, combined, sound characteristically cultish. Cult leaders are notorious for collecting harems; teaching that the outside world is oppressive and out to get them; and avoiding contact with mainstream society as much as possible. Valizdeh even tells us afterwards that the three things obstructing the path to truth are holding a steady job; engaging in collective entertainment; and getting a classical education: in short, avoiding everything that gives a man a useful social purpose.

            Valizdeh concludes, predictably, by telling his disciples that buying his book will provide them with the secret knowledge needed to defend themselves against Establishment attacks. But in reality, there is no secret formula for any such thing. Christ already showed us the way.

          In the Gospel of Saint Matthew the Apostle, a story was related that Christ was tempted by Satan, who tried to induce Him to submit to various tests. Christ defeated the devil by the phrase "Be gone, Satan. It is written that we should love God and serve only Him." One defeats the powers of earthly evils in the same way: by committing oneself to do right in the Eyes of God.

            How does one then find the spiritual path? St. Matthew walked with Christ; Valizdeh and the Game Cultists seduce women and cultivate other antisocial behaviors. St. Matthew was a publican who became a saint; Valizdeh and the Game Cults are cads who became reprobates. To those seeking a spiritual path, it will be found at the feet of the King of Kings; and not on the blog called The Return of Kings.


    Allied news sources reported today significant gains on both fronts after heavy fighting this weekend. After successfully repelling another ISIS feint against Ramadi, the Battle of Mosul resumed. Units of the Iraqi Army broke through ISIS defensive lines at the axis of the Southern and Eastern Quadrants and drove the terrorist forces out of Mosul's Al-Karama District. This is the first Allied incursion into the Mosul city limits.

     Al-Karama is on the eastern bank of the Tigris River. Allied troops are fighting their way up the river valley to effect a junction with the forces now inside Mosul. Progress up the river is slow, ISIS heavily mined the area before retreating. Col. Kemel Hassan, commanding Iraqi military engineers told the press that his unit has cleared 50 tons of explosives from newly-liberated areas. He noted that the ISIS thugs are even leaving booby-traps designed to kill returning civilians.

      "ISIS has planted a number of bombs in toys and other objects attractive to children." he stated. "They use these toys because they know that the Peshmerga (Kurdish auxiliaries fighting with the Allies) will not touch them, but children will. A toy, a playing card, an abandoned watch---these have all been used as detonators to spark the curiosity of returning civilians who would be maimed or murdered in the explosion."

      It was also reported that an Iraqi airstrike destroyed ISIS headquarters in southern Mosul, killing their top commander in the district. Allied intelligence also reported that one of the most hideous of ISIS' leaders, Abu Wasbeh, was confirmed killed six weeks ago by a civilian sniper. Wasbeh was the ISIS commander responsible for recruiting children as suicide bombers. His successor was among those killed in this morning's air-raid on ISIS' HQ.

     Tensions also flared again between Allied forces and the Pentagon when advancing Iraqi troops captured an ISIS ammo dump and discovered US-made weapons---including Stinger and TOW missiles there. The LGBTQ-friendly USAF was also witnessed air-dropping weapons and other supplies accidentally on ISIS positions outside of Mosul. Shiite Militia General Hassan Abdulhadi, whose forces operate near the Pentagon's 'No-Fly Zone', said that the Militias are near their wits-ends with Beltway interference in the war.

     "The Coalition fighter jets don't target the terrorist convoys moving back and forth between here an Raqqa. Their attacks are not even effective; they just want to pose as partners in this operation. The Western media reports about US participation in the battle are just propaganda for Washington." he stated.

     Matters came to a head on Sunday when Allied officers launched a formal protest to the Pentagon that continual electronic traffic from the US base was jamming military communications. While our brave men and women in uniform are sending selfies of themselves twerking in the desert, men are actually trying to win a war.

        On the Western Front, Al-Qaeda forces trapped in Eastern Aleppo launched an estimated 16,000 man assault against the Hezbollah militia in a desperate attempt to break the Allied siege. The terrorists launched chemical weapons and attacked in waves, but Hezbollah stood its ground until reinforced by Syrian regulars. Al-Qaeda losses were heavy; Syrian commanders believe that the terrorists suffered nearly 2,000 casualties, while Hezbollah was cited for valor.

         It is reported that Allied missile batteries and a unit of the elite Desert Eagles commandoes are moving into Aleppo, fueling speculation that the Allies are soon to launch a decisive offensive against Al-Qaeda in the near future.

                                                   ISIS Headquarters Going Up in Smoke

                                               Meanwhile, Our Brave Heroes in Action

Sunday, October 30, 2016


     It's a common trait of cults to isolate its followers by demonizing the outside world and forming isolated enclaves where their leaders can spew their nonsense and censor opposing views. In the old days, their disciples would pack up their Conestoga Wagons and shuffle off to compounds, awaiting the Apocalypse that never happened. These days, they carve out safe spaces on the Internet.

      Frustrated that their continued trolling attempts in social media have been blocked by user policies, the Manosphere's Game Cult has been creating alternative sites which they claim are free from the Cultural Narrative and which they boast will actually replace current social media outlets. Of course, in these new venues, only those who've taken the Red Pill may decide what is politically-correct and what is not. To that end, Game Cult leader Vox Day has engineered several unsuccessful enterprises. Among them are Castalia House Publishing, which allows Red Pills to promote their publications free of industry standards and Infogalactic, which allows the Gamers to skew encyclopedic knowledge to suit their own beliefs.

      Today, Vox was promoting Gab, another site that no one outside of Alt-Right extremists have ever heard of. This site is supposedly going to overthrow Twitter; which has irked many Red Pills by banning them for trolling, harassment, and other violations. As proof of Gab's supposed superiority over Twitter, Vox triumphantly highlights today that Gab's users are free to indulge in racism and Jew-baiting with no fear of backlash.

       "Imagine a world without fear." Vox rhapsodizes, "Imagine speaking without self-censorship or cowering before the thought police."

       Actually, the Nazis figured this out long before their Manosphere descendants-in-spirit did. The Nazis created a Ministry of Propaganda and Culture precisely so that their views could be promoted without fear of censorship. To accomplish this, they had to create a thought police of their own; but, like the Red Pills, they had Truth on their side, so it's not really censorship, right?

       Vox presents two memes which show us how the new Red Pill-driven media would look, which say:

       "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" and "All hail the Trumpening and the election of the God-Emperor Trump! MAGA!" The last phrase referring to a bit of evo-psych flummery recently published by Vox' confederate, Mike Cernovich (at Castalia House, of course).

        There are some who argue that these Red Pill safe spaces may not be a bad thing. They argue that these cyber enclaves will keep these trolls out of mainstream venues where they can do no harm to anyone else. If only that were true. Most likely, these enclaves will work as incubators for the Game Cult's perverse doctrines---adding reinforcement to the ideologies promoted on their blog sites. Unwary readers who don't realize that Castalia House, Infogalactic, and Gab may not realize the cultish interests behind the information they present. Much like the unwary now often mistake the pseudo-Christianity of the Game Cult for the real thing.

       Like the Moonies, Scientologists, Satanists, and others; the Game Cult needs to camouflage its message to gain converts and keep its real agenda discreetly out of sight. Likewise, it needs to discredit or block opposing views that counter their falsehoods. That's what's really behind these so-called 'alternative mediums'. As always, see who's feeding the information before making a decision.


Saturday, October 29, 2016


     While we here have not endorsed anyone for US President; we feel that it is abundantly clear that under no circumstances should Hilary Clinton become the next president. The intrepid Julian Assange and others, through their researches have proven that everything negative we've suspected about the Clinton Machine had a basis in fact. The Clintons are under investigation yet again; with an FEC investigation very likely on the way. And there is still questions surrounding the still-unsolved murder of Seth Rich.

      Which really leaves Donald Trump as the last man standing, so to speak. Yes, there are other candidates. But Jill Stein (Green Party) and Darrell Castle (Constitution Party) are on the ballot in less than half the states. The Libertarian Party duo of Gary Johnson and William Weld are hardly appealing alternatives to Trump. On many social issues they are closer to Hilary Clinton than to traditional libertarians; and Johnson has proven himself repeatedly to be an utter ignoramus on geopolitical issues.

      Nonetheless, The Donald is not without considerable flaws; some so critical in many Conservative minds that resistance has grown with our own ranks. Collectively, it is called the Never-Trump Movement, although there are really roughly four main factions of them:

        1. The Old Guard. These are the Reaganite Republicans who see Trump as the antithesis to Reagan's example. They typically are rightly concerned with Trump's appeal to the extremist Alt-Right and his rejection of the 'Big Tent' approach. They also point to Trump's seeming disdain for Constitutional procedure, which was a hallmark of Reagan's Administration.

         2. The Traditionalists, or 'Social Conservatives' as they are known in the media. This group is justifiably concerned with Trump's lack of regard for traditionalist social issues. As we've mentioned here, there's an eerily cultish aspect to the Alt-Right, which is not liable to set well with Conservatives concerned with upholding America's traditionally Christian values.

           3. The Conspiritorialists. Glenn Beck is fairly representative of this group. They hold, rightly, that Trump's past behavior and speeches are at a concerning level of variance with what he says today. With several variations, they commonly believe that Trump is a Stalking Horse candidate whose motives are in tandem with the corrupt Elite.

            4. The RINOs. While we have some sympathy for the first three groups; the Republican Establishment gets no pity from us at all. They complain about Trump's base today---when for decades they willingly cultivated and exploited them, giving them nothing in return. This is a group that was probably Republican because they hadn't the same opportunities for power and graft with the Democrats. The Bush Family and media figures like Karl Rove and Michael Medved are examples of RINOs.

            Yet here we reach a conundrum. Those who cannot back Trump as a matter of principle cannot reasonably back Clinton either. We think that there are two courses of action really open to us here.

            1. Should Trump get elected, spend the next four years fighting the Alt-Right and promoting traditionalist values in the run-up to 2020.

             2. In any case, use your vote to elect Conservative Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and local officials. They are the first line of defense stopping extremist Beltway policies---whether coming from the Far Left or the Far Right.

             That is probably the best course of action to take on November 8th. Don't be put off by worries of 'how Trump will govern.' The Government is more than a president. If the 2016 election has taught us anything; it's that lack of self-government produces candidates like Trump and Clinton. Let's make 2016 a turning-point that it doesn't happen again.



     October 29th marks six months that our blog has been in operation; hopefully assisting in some meaningful way to reverse the threats to our civilization and culture, and hopefully living up to the points made in our first article.

      Many bloggers have since linked to our blog and articles and several articles have been remarkably widely viewed from all across the globe. We look forward to another six months' public service and thank everyone for their patronage of this site.

      In this article, we are going to post synopses of our Top Ten articles (actually 11 since there was a tie for 10th place). The rankings come from the number of page-views recorded for each. We'll include the date of publication, if anyone wishes to reference them in the Archives here.

       One of the interesting features of this survey was that one topic was predominant: exposure of the Internet cult known as Game, or the Red Pill Philosophy. This group has infiltrated the Men's Rights Movement, the political Conservative movement, several churches---and has become quite prominent in media, pop culture, and especially in Internet and social networking venues.

        One reason why this topic was widely read, we believe, is because there are very few sites which cover this cult from a Traditionalist or Conservative perspective. There are many sites critical of the Red Pills; however most of these are Feminist or Leftist politically and socially. What the numbers illustrate is that there is keen interest in Conservative, Christian, and Traditionalist circles on this topic. Hopefully, these numbers will inspire others to challenge the Game/Red Pill narrative as well.

          Here then, are the most popular posts---chosen by our readers:

1. The Red Pills and Domestic Violence (July 26th). This article was written in response to a Game Cult attack on Christian blogger Mary Kassian. Mary had advised one of her female commenters that submission to domestic violence and abuse was not Biblical; and the Gamers argued the contrary.

2. Obama's Proxies in the Philippines (May 26th). An article exposing Obama's rigging of the Filipino Presidential elections in favor of Rodrigo Duterte: a savage killer and anti-Catholic bigot. Since this article was published, Obama and Duterte have had a falling out. Sadly, however, our predictions for the future of the Filipino people are coming true.

3. The Dallas Shooting (July 8th). A short and pointed article that was widely linked on other blogs; written the day after the brutal ambush and murder of 12 Dallas police officers. The article's point was to illustrate that our societal abandonment of male guidance is correlated to these violent incidents.

4. The Ministry of Propaganda (May 12th). This article concerned a Bill proposed in Congress to create a new Federal bureaucracy designed to counter alleged 'anti-government propaganda' by setting up government-controlled internet sites. The Bill is still pending.

5. Red Pill Redux (July 26th). This was the sequel to #1. The Gamers further attacked Mary Kassian and this article addressed their new controversies.

6. The Red Pill Cult Again Endorses Domestic Violence (October 6th) The Red Pill/Game Cult has made a practice of attacking other Christian blogs under the pretense of supporting 'Biblical headship'; or the Christian family paradigm. They were at it again this month; again arguing that domestic violence was Biblically-based.

7. What's Wrong With This Picture? (May 11th). This was another short, but pointed article; the first of several we've written exposing Corporate Media yellow journalism and lack of credibility in the current crisis with North Korea.

8. The Red Pills and Sexual Politics (August 2nd). This article examined and debunked the Game Cult myth of so-called 'Sexual Market Value'; a concept which, sadly, has gone mainstream. We exposed the origin of the doctrine, which was originally rooted in Marxism.

9. Vox Throws Tantrum Over Infogalactic Reviews (October 19th). On October 10th, Game Cult blogger Vox Day announced the launch of a new site called Infogalactic, which he boasted would replace Wikipedia as the Internet's premier online encyclopedia. Outside of the Manosphere, Infogalactic was received mostly with degrading silence or hooted down with derision on Technology and Science-Fiction blogs. Vox experienced something of an online meltdown; lashing out at his critics. The tantrums were continuing as recently as yesterday.

10. (tie) The Real O'Nothings (May 31st). An article exposing that the Cultural Marxists' much-ballyhooed Catholic-bashing, pro-homosexual television series, The Real O'Neals, has been a ratings and commercial flop: mostly hanging on due to ABC's willingness to subsidize it for political correctness' sake. The show's online approval rating hovers between a pathetic 60-70% (equivalent approximately to a 2-star movie rating). When this article was published, there was talk of cancelling the show because advertisers were losing money. In spite of that, ABC has brought it back for another season.

10. (tie) Red Pills, Red States, and the Red Nightmare (June 7th). The Game Cult, which promotes racialist theories as well as religious heresies, circulated an article published by Vox Day claiming that "your skin color is your uniform'' a phrase that Vox has repeated several times since. This article exposed that Game Cult racial theories are simply Marxist class-struggle theories which have been modified; and debunked the myth that racial segregation actually preserves civilization.


Friday, October 28, 2016


     A masculine archetype that sadly has disappeared from Postmodern Culture was once a defining icon throughout the English-speaking world: that was the hero who operated outside the Letter of the Law, but upheld nonetheless the Spirit of the Law. From the Robin Hood of Mediaeval English folklore to the Dirty Harry of Hollywood's late Golden Age---there was always a character who stood out: an enemy of the untouchable, corrupt elite; a friend to friendless: the one those in trouble turned to when in need.

      An era dominated by political correctness and moral relativism can only look with horror upon men once looked up to as heroes. So for this weekend's entertainment selection, we're going to showcase that archetype in a character who even claimed the mantle of Robin Hood: The Saint.

       The Saint aired on the BBC from 1962-1969 and on Independent US networks, featuring the exploits of adventurer Simon Templar. The show was based on a very popular British novel series of the mid 20th Century by author Leslie Charteris. Charteris was in fact, a co-producer of the television series after semi-retiring from writing. It's believed by many---and not without good reason---that The Saint was a character modeled largely upon Charteris' own experiences. At any rate, Charteris clearly identified with the character: the novels and sometimes the opening series narration had a brief moral message of sorts related to the story, and sometimes during the dialogue. In his early novel, The Avenging Saint (1930), Templar rescues a damsel-in-distress and escapes with her on a boat. The two have a conversation in which Templar says:

      "Yes, they say that I'm mad. But in reality, I'm mad enough that I still believe in romance. I couldn't stand the thought of living in a sickly world where everything is this hoary shade of gray; and there is no right and wrong any longer. Give me instead the heroes of old; who thought nothing of bopping the ungodly one on the beezer; and afterwards celebrating lustily with their comrades over a job well done."

        And true to that ideal, Templar takes down a dazzling array of villains: corrupt politicians and evil financial oligarchs; Nazis and Communists; organized crime bosses and a host of other unsavories. His nemesis---like many other such characters---was the police who never quite understood that they and Templar were working on the same side.

         Fortunately, Templar always outwitted both sides of the law and lived quite well on the percentages he took from his various enterprises. Templar in this way represents another lost masculine archetype: regardless of the often violent nature of the battles he fought, he was always a perfect gentleman. Our forefathers believed that culture and education mattered more than brute force and manipulation in making a man, and the warrior (or in this case a modern knight-errant) was no exception. Chivalry---a concept sneered at by the self-appointed Manly Alpha Leaders of the Red Pill Manosphere---was a definite aspect of Templar's character. The White Knight, a term used by Manospherians in derision was worn by men like Templar as a badge of honor.

         Though The Saint was more popular in England than the US, the character nonetheless spawned numerous Americanized imitators in our own media. As Leslie Charteris once famously said, when asked if The Saint was a good role model for men with its 'quaint notions' of the classical chivalric romantic ideal:

         "I am an absurd idealist. But I believe that this must all come true. For unless it comes true, the world will be laid desolate. And I believe that it can come true. I believe that, by the Grace of God, men will awake soon and be men again; and that color and laughter and splendid living will return to a bleak civilization. But that will only come true because a few men believe in it, and fight for it, and fight in its name against everything that sneers and snarls at that ideal."

        This is the reason we have these Friday Features: one can learn more about what it means to be a man in one paragraph than everything written in the Manosphere combined.

         The Saint is best watched on DVD. Better still, invite your favorite local Red Pill or Male Feminist over to watch with you. But be warned: like Templar's religious namesake, you might witness a conversion to manhood before it's all over. It's happened before to a lot of men.


Thursday, October 27, 2016


       An interesting phenomenon here in the Prozac Nation is our culture's schizophrenic attitudes towards sexuality---heterosexuality in particular. The Cultural Elites will ruthlessly attack anyone who objects to allowing children near homosexual adults, and just as viciously persecute anyone suspected of engaging in any remotely heterosexual activities.

        As if on cue today, the Corporate Media brought back memories of "a high-tech lynching" carried out in the early 1990s against then-Supreme Court nominee, Clarence Thomas. The Thomas Confirmation Hearings were notable for being one of the first instances of Trash Culture and tabloid-level sleaze played out as an actual political drama.

        So today, we had yet another female victim come forward during a politically-volatile season who suddenly remembered that Justice Thomas 'groped' her 17 years ago. Thomas denied the allegations to an outraged mob---all of whom happen to work for the press.

        Why is the Corporate Media going after Justice Thomas? (Other than, of course, that they hate him for being a Conservative). The answer goes back to the 3rd Debate. Donald Trump was asked a set-up question by the shill Chris Wallace about whether he would accept the election results. Trump left the question open-ended, but The Corporate Media pounced on the story within minutes (almost as if it had been orchestrated) and ran pointless headlines for the next several days howling that Trump might actually contest the election.

          What happened the last time we had a contested election (2000)? It was decided by the Supreme Court.

           The Court is currently composed of eight members since Justice Antonin Scalia died under very mysterious circumstances in Texas last February. With the Conservative Scalia conveniently out of the way and Thomas compromised, the remaining seven Justices would give a huge advantage to the Clinton Machine in any electoral dispute.

         Probably this what these 'allegations' amount to; an attempt to stack the Court in Clinton's favor. Even the somnambulant American public should be aware by now that the Clinton Machine is a criminal enterprise that would stop at nothing for power and profit. Of course, the Ameroboobs should be, but whether they actually are or not is another matter.

        When a sitting Supreme Court Justice suddenly dies in some remote location, with no autopsy or coroner's inquest and the body is cremated over the Justice's own wishes---and the Elites all say in unison that not a bit of that is even slightly suspicious---such people will swallow gullibly any innuendo of impropriety directed at another Justice. We've effectively become an Idiocracy where politics is a national soap-opera and elections are like (also rigged) sporting events.

         So the latest scandal is a repeat of what Thomas called 25 years ago "nothing but a circus and a national disgrace." And so it's been ever since.



Wednesday, October 26, 2016


     It's a noteworthy social phenomenon that the power of cults seems to be strongest wherever a community has a high percentage of drug addicts and homosexuals. So it is not surprising that Satanic cults have a significant public presence in the Pacific Northwest. Especially in Portland, Oregon (4th worst drug addiction rate and 9th per capita homosexual population) and Seattle, Washington (#1 in both categories). In both these once-great cities, a Satanic cult called the Temple of Satan has been actively trying to establish Satanist recruiting in elementary schools---with the full blessing of local politicians and media, incidentally.

       When we consider that both Portland's former mayor and Oregon's top DNC fundraiser were indicted for sexual relations with underage boys; and that Seattle has professed Communists on their City Council, we have an excellent gauge as to the general character of both cities. 

         In spite of these advantages, however, the Satanists were frustrated in their attempts to launch pilot after-school programs in two schools. In Portland, a protest staged on October 19th forced the Sacramento Elementary School Administration and their cultic confederates to postpone indefinitely opening the Satanic after-school club. Around two hundred protestors---mostly from Portland's ethnic Indochinese and Latin American communities---organized a demonstration and prayer vigil outside the school. The ultra-PC Portland leadership was a bit flummoxed over this dilemma---how to attack Christians without offending ethnic groups was a conundrum they couldn't overcome.

        Meanwhile, in the Seattle area, the cult's plot to plant its operatives at Mount Vernon Elementary School was blocked after the school board there announced that there would be no openings for new groups until mid-2017. Frustrated in their designs, the cult shifted its target to Port Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma. Bishop Michael Doss---who is Black---has organized a dozen local church leaders and families in Tacoma's largely black neighborhoods to defeat the Satanist proposal. Bishop Doss is encouraging parents to homeschool and set up church-based alternative schooling if the Satanist plan is approved.

           Anti-Immigrant and anti-Black elements in the Alt-Right, take note. It's the 'Third World Refuse' and ' Ghetto Dindus'  whom you despise that are standing up to the native-born White Liberals who see nothing wrong with giving Satanic cults access to children under 12. Think about this fact very carefully.

         Satanic cult leader Lilith Starr of Seattle angrily told Q-13 News that it simply isn't fair that Christians get to have after-school events while Satanists are excluded. Starr elaborated on the dangers of exposing impressionable children to concepts like Divine Love and redemption, or the Ten Commandments.

         "Our groups are organized to give students the tools they need to make their own decisions." Starr protested to the credulous Seattle media, "Christians use fear tactics to make children believe in the God of the Bible. They teach that kids are sinners and worthless and going to burn in Hell for eternity."

          That our postmodern culture takes people like Lilith Starr seriously is a testimony to how low we've really sunk as a society. But fortunately there are a few Americans left whose minds haven't been crippled by drugs, the mass media, and the public schools---people who recognize the danger of Satanic cults. An online petition can be found here:

         Please sign and support movements against these cults.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016


    In the Postmodern United States, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is---despite the best efforts of vested interests--- still enshrined in the Constitution. In spite of this, it is almost unheard of here in the Prozac Nation that any Corporate Media outlet ever publishes anything in defense of the Second Amendment. Of course, when US Media figures call for gun control, they never mean disarming themselves. The most notorious example being California---where the media is specifically exempt from California's extremely strict firearms laws.

      So imagine the surprise of actually seeing an editorial today encouraging people to buy and use firearms for their own protection. Even more surprising was the fact that it appeared in China's The Global Times---which is not only a state-run media outlet; it is the official news outlet of the CPC: China's ruling party. The editorial was so popular, it actually scored among the top Twitter feeds today.

     The story covered a demonstration in Philadelphia last weekend where about 2,000  Chinese-Americans staged a protest---many of whom were armed. Apparently there has been a wave of anti-Chinese violence in Philadelphia and elsewhere, especially from American Blacks. It appears that some socially conscious rap musician---a thug from Compton calling himself 'YG'---has been encouraging young Blacks to target Chinese people and businesses. 

     But instead of imitating the American Media and demanding tougher gun laws, the editors at The Global Times recommend:

     "Chinese in the US are increasingly aware that they may need to defend themselves. This awareness should be encouraged...Law Enforcement should always be called when appropriate, but keeping yourself safe is a basic personal responsibility. In the US this potentially does mean keeping and learning how to use a firearm."

       Imagine an American news editor actually saying that. And even moreso, criticizing the rest of the media for not saying it:

        "There should be more awareness and discussion in China about the situation in foreign countries. The Chinese Media should be reporting on these issues extensively. The understanding that you might need a gun to protect yourself or your family or your livelihood in some parts of the US is nonexistent. Chinese moving to the US shouldn't be under any illusions: You might need to have a gun and use it someday. If that isn't part of your calculation when considering moving to the US; then you are being irresponsible and putting yourself at risk. The simple fact is that a good portion of the US population has guns; including many criminals. Ignoring that fact doesn't make it go away."

      The article also cites instances of Chinese-Americans successfully protecting themselves with firearms.

        What this article really reveals, however, is the sad fact that a Chinese reporter sitting in an office in Beijing is more grounded in reality than most of the so-called 'journalists' who were actually born and educated here in the US. And add to that the fact that the Corporate Media has gotten so bad here that, not only do we have to turn to foreign sources for actual news, even their Op-Ed pages do a better job than ours.

        So, saluting our friends in China, we conclude by recommending to those in the market for a reliable self-defense weapon, the Norinco CF-98 9mm automatic. Proudly made in China, it's the export version the standard Chinese police handgun. Like most Chinese weapons, it's not fancy but it is efficient. Purchasing a Norinco not only takes a bite out of crime; it takes a bite out of the Corporate Media too.


    The Manosphere's Game Cult teaches its disciples many anti-Christian heresies while painting it as 'new' or 'revealed' Christian 'truths'. The Cult calls their conversion experience "taking the Red Pill", an allusion to a scene in the 90s B-Grade film, The Matrix. In that film, a red-colored narcotic allowed its imbiber to 'see the truth' behind an artificially-created social façade. The Gamers apply the metaphor to all their social theories. The result is that anything that contradicts Game is seen by them as part of the Cultural Narrative, a falsehood imposed on society to cover up the 'Truth'. This is, of course, simply re-designed Marxist social theory.

       The Gamers are importing this mindset into Christianity, and preaching a plethora of new doctrines that thousands of years of Christian scholarship has somehow missed. One such teaching appeared today on the Game Cult blog, Chateau Heartiste.

        In an article titled, Comment of the Week: Jesus Found a People, Heartiste highlights two spiritual insights from a pair of his disciples who inform us that the white races of NW Europe are God's Chosen peoples.

         "The NW European White man's unique idolization of truth-seeking preconfigured his relationship with Christianity." Heartiste affirms. "Religions are as likely to emerge from, or seek out, the genetic substrate of a people, as a people are to be changed by the moral code and tenets of their new religion. Mutually reinforcing feedback loops intensify the attraction between a race and a religion."

          This is somewhat at variance with the New Testament, where St. John the Apostle informs us that "But as many as received Him, to those He gave power to become the Sons of God; to those who believe in His Name. Those were born not of a bloodline, nor through the desires of the flesh, nor through the will of man, but instead by the Will of God." To underscore this point, St. Luke also records that the first converts were from the Middle East, Greece, and Eastern Africa---where the most ancient Christian communities survive to this day. It also seems to have escaped Heartiste's attention that the Vatican is not in Northwestern Europe; and that the largest population of Christians happens to be in Latin America, with the second largest in Eastern Europe and Russia.

         "Unique idolization of truth-seeking" seems a bit of a strange choice of words, given that the Bible is rather hostile towards idolatry. And this includes racial idolatry.

        What the Game Cult is actually preaching is not some new, advanced philosophy; but a social atavism to pre-Christian thought. It is a well-known fact that human civilization in its infancy was characterized by racialism, tribalism, and idolatry. The Cross of Christ represented a unifying force welcoming all peoples everywhere to aspire to ideals higher than those of the material senses. To the Game Cult, the Cross is barely more spiritually significant than a totem pole; a boundary marker delineating the spiritual territory of a certain clan.

         What Heartiste actually means when he claims that religions seek out the genetic substrate of a people is that the Holy Spirit touches only those who, by purely human definitions, are inherently superior to others. This is a logical extension of the Game Cult theory of the Alpha Male, who becomes a superior man after taking the Red Pill. It is an idea antithetical to Christianity to say the least.

         Taking the Red Pill doesn't open anyone's eyes to the Truth. Instead, it blinds those who swallow it to everything other than what its metaphorical pushers want them to believe. In this respect, the symbol of a narcotic agent is an apt one for the Game Cult's version of truth. It has the same effect of dumbing-down and creating dependence that most other narcotics have.   


Monday, October 24, 2016


     The Clinton Machine's continued cheating, unethical behavior, suspicious activities, and collusion with both foreign and domestic financial and media oligarchs has, as we have stated, disqualified Hilary Clinton categorically for the office of US President. There are no grounds on any civilized principles of Justice or Ethics that admit Clinton's fitness to hold any public office.

      The Democratic Party, likewise, has proven itself to have evolved into a criminal enterprise. This gang is longer deserving of the respect of the American public---assuming that we haven't become collectively as corrupt as they are. The Democratic primaries began with Hilary Clinton under investigation by Congress and the FBI---an investigation which was terminated after a suspicious meeting between former president Bill Clinton and US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch. Hilary Clinton won the Democratic nomination, despite trailing Senator Bernard Sanders in national polls. Leaked internal documents from the DNC showed essentially that Clinton and DNC officials stole the nomination from Sanders. The alleged source of these leaks, DNC staffer Seth Rich (a Sanders supporter), was gunned down on his front steps by a still-unknown assailant.

       Now, James O'Keefe a conservative political activist, has released three videotapes made during a clandestine infiltration of two pro-Clinton political action groups run by Scott Foval and Bob Creamer, two long-time Clinton henchmen. Foval confesses in earlier videos to committing numerous federal crimes; such as conspiracy to incite violence, racketeering, and conspiracy to commit voter fraud. His associate, Bob Creamer, who was formerly in federal prison after being indicted on 16 counts of bank fraud and tax evasion. Creamer became a lobbyist on his release, and worked on the Obamacare project. Creamer's PAC coordinated Foval's crimes with the DNC---another violation of federal law. It is illegal under federal election laws for a campaign or political party to collude directly with a PAC.

        The first two releases proved conclusively that Foval and Creamer engaged in these illegal activities in another illegal coordination with the DNC. But today's video release has Creamer confessing to O'Keefe that his crimes were directly instigated by Hilary Clinton.

          "In the end, it was the candidate Hilary Clinton, the future President of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground," Creamer boasted, referring to a duck motif that appeared at anti-Trump protests. "So, by God, we got ducks on the ground!"

         O'Keefe has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, and Donald Trump has vowed to sue the liable parties in federal court.

        It is of interest to note, too, that the violent protests erupting at Trump and Cruz rallies during the primaries were attributed widely to operatives of the Sanders Campaign. Sanders always denied any involvement in these outrages. In light of the O'Keefe videos, and the confirmed duplicities against Sanders committed by the Clinton Campaign; it may be worth investigating whether or not Foval, Creamer, and Clinton were intentionally using these incidents---which they provoked---to smear Senator Sanders. Not only were Sanders supporters cheated; it appears that the Clintons used them as unwitting dupes and proxies as well.

         Trump stated during the Second Debate that he would investigate the Clintons and put this whole rats'-nest of gangsters in jail where they belong. If a President Trump keeps that promise alone, he will have had a successful presidency and done the United States a great public service.



      The Battle of Mosul has reached the end of its first week with an impressive string of victories for the Allies---in spite of Obama's continued interference and blundering. Allied forces in the Northern Quadrant reached the Mosul City Limits after several days of heavy fighting. Allied progress was slowed after the ISIS thugs set fire to a sulfur mine and adjacent chemical plant, filling the skies with toxic fumes.

        In the Southern Quadrant, Allied troops fighting their way up the Tigris River Valley liberated nine more Mosul suburbs on Sunday. Troops are said to be within two miles of the Mosul City Limits. Iraqi Army officials reported light casualties but confirmed that around 300 ISIS soldiers were confirmed killed in Sunday's fighting.

     In the Western Quadrant, Kurdish Militias are said to be within four miles of the Mosul border. The Kurds repelled a heavy ISIS counter-attack on Saturday, led by suicide car-bombers hitting the Kurdish positions from three directions. Three Kurds were wounded; none killed, and ISIS fell back into the city, sustaining about 50 casualties on the battlefield and about a dozen more from civilian snipers. Today, a successful Iraqi airstrike destroyed the ISIS headquarters in the strategic suburb of Tel Keppe, killing the ISIS commanders. ISIS retreated from Tel Keppe, leaving the Kurds in possession of the town. There have been no recent reports from the Eastern Quadrant.

      During the weekend, ISIS activated a sleeper-cell in Kirkuk, Iraq as a diversionary tactic. Iraqi paramilitary police in Kirkuk put down the uprising though not before ISIS murdered several civilians. Kirkuk was also the scene of several embarrassments for our Gay-Friendly, Gender-Neutral Pentagon which mostly has been slumming around the battlefield pretending to be contributing something. The inept CENTCOM commander, General Stanley Votel immediately ordered a 'Coalition' airstrike on ISIS in Kirkuk; which successfully bombed an Iraqi funeral procession, killing 20 innocent civilians and wounding 45 others. The Pentagon denied responsibility; but Obama quietly sent Defense Secretary Ash Carter to Baghdad to smooth things over with the infuriated Iraqi government.

      The arrogant Carter had plenty of explaining to do. On Saturday, the Pentagon reported that a US soldier had been killed by an IED outside Mosul. But this contradicted an earlier report from eyewitnesses who claimed that the soldier was guarding an ISIS convoy escaping Mosul when he was shot by a sniper. The Kurds also captured some spy drones belonging to ISIS---which were US-made Raven drones. The Pentagon hasn't explained how ISIS came to have such equipment. The Pentagon did, however, give the Corporate Media a briefing on its new gender-neutral speech codes.

      In other war news, Syria's elite Desert Eagles commando units ambushed an ISIS convoy attempting to smuggle oil out of Swedia Province. The oil tankers were destroyed and several ISIS soldiers and smugglers were killed or captured. 


Sunday, October 23, 2016


     The Iranian leadership, whatever its other shortcomings, is never hesitant about speaking their minds bluntly without regard to the political correctness of what they see as the truth. The top Iranian civil and religious leaders spoke to the press on Sunday, giving their perspectives on the November US Presidential Elections.

      President Hassan Rouhani stated that, for the American people, it was a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.

     "The lack of ethical standards in the US was made clear in the presidential debates." Rouhani said. "We have seen the way that the candidates speak to, accuse, and mock one another; and this is the American democracy and election? A huge industrial country which claims 200 years of freedom and democracy presents a deplorable lack of morality among its chosen representatives."

     The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Said Ali Khamenei, also issued a statement to interviewers.

      "The ongoing election campaigns in America and the issues raised by the two candidates constitute a clear and evident example of the consequences of the lack of spirituality and faith among those in power." the Ayatollah noted. "During the coming weeks, one of those two candidates---whose remarks and behaviors you observe---will become the President of country which has enormous power and wealth; the world's largest nuclear arsenal; and the largest media network in the world."

      Now most Americans' reflexive reaction would be to bristle at these comments; and admittedly Iran's own electoral process and interpretation of democracy is not above criticism itself. But consider for a moment this: Didn't these two men just say exactly what many Americans are saying and thinking? Sad to say, the Ayatollahs' impressions of the character of our leadership is essentially correct.

       More shameful still, the Iranian leaders are also correct about the lack of faith, spirituality, and ethics driving our policies. Iran may be the world leader of Shiite Moslems, but the US is seen to be the largest Christian nation in the world.  We Americans should collectively hang our heads in disgraced shame over the fact that Islamic leaders have to expose our failure to live up to Christian social principles. The Iranian Constitution even recognizes Christians as a protected religious minority, with applicable anti-discrimination laws and right of conscience in commerce. In contrast, American Christians can lose their businesses and suffer social persecution for exercising these same rights.

        Iran's leaders are only saying what our own so-called 'Elites' should have been saying months ago. Regardless of who wins November's elections, the 2016 campaigns really ought to provoke some deep national soul-searching about where we are headed as a nation. Whether the American people have it within themselves to do so, though, is another matter.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


      It seems that the Red Pill/Game Cult's alternative to Wikipedia, Infogalactic, is getting off to shaky start. Outside of Manosphere blogs, Infogalatic has been ignored mostly; and roundly panned where it hasn't. To the Alpha ego, this is a most uncomfortable state of affairs. On the Game Cult blog Alpha Game Plan, Infogalatic's leader, Vox Day explains how he valiantly thwarted an attempted infiltration by a so-called 'Gamma Male'. Recall, in context, that the Red Pills claim to be defenders of men's rights.

     To the Gamers, though, all men are not created equal. In their paradigms, Alphas are the Ubermenschen with a descending order of subhuman males designated as Betas, Gammas, Omegas, and various others: culminating at the very bottom with women, blacks, and Jews. So when Vox was recently solicited for a position on Infogalactic, his "fairly sensitive Gamma radar" led him to detect an Untouchable after the prospective employee contacted him after being ignored for over a week.

       Vox explains to the readers that contacting him was 'understandable' but trying to scrub thousands of pirated Wikipedia articles is a time-consuming undertaking.

       Vox replied as follows: "First you need to lose the attitude if you want to work with us. I had three hours of sleep last night, because in addition to launching Infogalactic eight days ago, I just edited and published two books this week, one of which is currently on the Top 250 at Amazon. If you can't deal with the fact that the big dogs on this project are insanely busy, then you won't fit in. There simply isn't space for divas and egos on the team. Answering the 100s of e-mails I get every day is something I do when I can get to it. It's not the top priority."

        That passage is certainly a telling display of Alpha humility; especially coming from someone complaining loudly just a few days ago about the "Wikipedia rules-mongering where the spirit of the law is defeated by...the expert Wikipedian."

       It's also quite that, in the last eight days, Vox managed to publish at least two dozen blog posts, troll the websites of Infogalactic's critics, and even engage in a lengthy text battle with offended prospective employee---the bulk of which text Vox detailed for his disciples today. And, as that weren't enough, he doxxed the guy on Vox Populi, putting out his web address so that he could be tormented by the Red Pills' notorious troll armies.

      Vox defends all this by warning his disciples that they must always be on guard against 'Gammas', like his unfortunate prospective employee. "I would have let it go." Vox wails, "But the Gamma concerned simply couldn't resist taking it public. Gammas...not only sabotage others, they tend to sabotage initial impression about him proved to be correct. In spades."

      This coming again from someone who asserted recently that "Wikipedia maintains 531 thought police to enforce the Narrative."

     "This is why it is best to avoid having Gammas on your team. You have absolutely no idea what will set them off, but you can rest assured that something will trigger their insecurities at some point along the way, usually to disruptive effect."

     Which statement is psychological projection, or nothing ever was. What Vox has illustrated most clearly here is that he is an extreme narcissist, a bully, and given to fits of petty vindictiveness. In fact, his attitude comes much closer to the so-called Gamma Archetype that he despises.

       Most importantly, though, he's given us yet another insight into the moving spirit behind Infogalactic. This is why cultists like the Red Pills always have to hide behind ruses: they always claim to be purifying some venue they wish to co-opt: e.g., the Men's Rights Movement, Christianity, the Conservative Movement, and now, Wikipedia. In every case, they've proven themselves more fanatically politically-correct and intolerant of opposition than the 'corrupted' institutions ever were. Infogalatic won't be any different.

Friday, October 21, 2016


     Today, many Americans are obliged to blush with shame when they think of the postmodern US Navy. From Naval poltroonery in front of the Iranian Coast Guard to the Fat Leonard Scandal to Obama's complete emasculation of this once-proud institution, we tend today to find it hard to believe that the Navy once prided itself on turning boys into men.

      But our culture is not much on promoting manhood these days. Between the repulsive Male Feminists and the Manosphere poseurs, it's rare to find a specimen tough enough to tame the seas and take on the forces of evil at the same time. So we look to the past and find a specimen of what kinds of men the Navy once produced. Men like Dan Adams, the hero of this week's entertainment recommendation, Coronado 9.

      Coronado 9 was produced by Revue Studios and ran on independent stations from 1960-1961. Dan Adams was a former Naval Intelligence Officer turned private investigator, who lived in the Coronado Marina District in San Diego. This area is one of the wealthiest areas of San Diego, and Adams had a yacht there. A tough, burly man of means---Adams was anything but a posturing Alpha as we're presented in the Manosphere. One of the most highly-rated episodes involves Adams risking his life to set a troubled and fallen woman on the right path.

        Most episodes of Coronado 9 involve Adams trying to help others through situations where the police can't get involved. In one, for example, he helps reconcile an old Navy friend with his wife, who's had an affair and is being blackmailed. Another has him help a Chinese family whose daughter has strayed into the underworld. And others in a similar vein.

       What makes Coronado 9 especially fascinating is that the producers seem to have made it a point to stress the gritty realism of a real man with a tough job over the flashier tried-and-true formula plots that came to characterize private-detective shows. Adams had no inside police contact, no partner, and we never see his office. Though he doesn't have a love interest, Adams character is noteworthy for its deferential, often chivalric, attitudes towards women. Thus, in spite of his wealth, political connections, and imposing masculine presence; Adams really comes across as a normal man under the surface. He was a character with whom men could relate, he thought and acted as most men of the period would have done in the same circumstances.

      Adams is a character type which sadly has disappeared from the media altogether, and from our culture at large in general. It is sad to see so many men today---especially young men---grasping at whatever straws they can to project an image as a man. Nobody had to tell a man like Adams what a man should be: he simply was one. The downfall of our military has a lot to do with this. Such men were not infrequently molded by military experience in the mid-20th Century. The Culture of Masculinity, which our current Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has sworn to destroy, instilled in young men self-discipline, the value of teamwork and personal initiative, and responsibility. It pushed young men beyond what they thought were their limits into the pursuit of duties; and for ideals greater than themselves. Mabus and his cohorts have given us a military remarkable for its PTSD, depression, criminality, and suicides among military males.

         Coronado 9 is a refreshing escape from the banality of postmodern masculinity and a great example of what it looks like in actual practice. Adams takes on a myriad of problems, and is as able with his mind as with his hands. The series is occasionally on free sites, but as of this writing is not. Yet the DVD has all episodes and well worth the investment.



      The 3rd and final presidential debate is now over; although unlike the previous two, the questions arising from it have surfaced the following. There were two things of importance that came out of the debate, which should be addressed:

       1. Moderator Chris Wallace threw an obvious set-up question at Trump at the end, and;

       2. Trump has alleged that Wallace fed Clinton the questions in advance.

       Would Chris Wallace have an interest in doing such unethical things? Let us first take a look at Wallace himself. He earns $1.5 million annually from Fox News, a subsidiary of News Corp---the sixth largest media donor to the Clinton Foundation. News Corp is also heavily invested in and with the Wahhabi regimes running Saudi Arabia and the UAE; also big donors to the Clintons. Wallace is a registered Democrat, and publically boasts that his party affiliation 'gives him access.' He capitalizes on the fact that he is the son of legendary journalist Mike Wallace. Few know, however, that Chris Wallace's parents divorced when he was an infant; and his mother took up with Mike Wallace's boss, CBS executive Bill Leonard. By his own admission, Leonard's rather dubious ethics shaped young Chris' career, and he didn't even know Mike Wallace until he was 14.

       So let us not pretend that this 'debate' was any more objective than the others. Less than five minutes after the debate ended, the entire Corporate Media---as if on cue, pounced on the final question about accepting the election results. Given the Clinton Machine's well-documented history of cheating one logically has to question why this particular issue is of such grave concern to them.

       Trump gave no evidence that Clinton was fed the questions, but in light of the media coordination attacking Trump over a set-up question, it's not outside the realm of possibility that was Trump says is so. Polls are showing that a sizable plurality of Americans believe that the elections are not going to be fairly counted. Given the lack of voter transparency here, no independent monitoring of election, and the ease and lack of enforcement for voter fraud---very likely it will not be fair.

       We so far have not endorsed any candidate, but it is becoming increasingly clear that Hilary Clinton is completely disqualified to hold the presidential office. The extensive corruption that characterizes the entire Clinton Machine shows complete contempt for due process. Trump, Johnson, or Stein would be compelled to hold their policies up to the scrutiny of Congress, the States, and the Supreme Court. Clinton has proven that she will never hesitate to employ any means that bypasses either the written or moral law.

       We are told to vote our consciences, but it would seem at this point that there is no moral justification for voting Clinton this November. To do so would be to validate and reward crime and injustice. Voters on the political Left have the option of a protest vote for Stein or a write-in vote for Sanders---or more especially supporting Liberals for Congress. For Conservatives, Trump or Johnson is available, and they too should pay attention to the local and congressional races. That is voting one's conscience in this election.


Thursday, October 20, 2016


   In yesterday's developments in the Battle of Mosul, Iraqi commando units breached ISIS defenses and took the town of Qaraqosh in the Mosul suburbs. Prior to the ISIS takeover, Qaraqosh was home to Iraq's largest Christian population, with seven historic churches in the town.

     It is unknown at this point what damage the Terrorists have caused in Qaraqosh, but the news of the town's liberation caused a celebration at the Erbil Displaced Persons' Camp. Erbil houses Iraqi Christians who fled from Qaraqosh and Mosul. Christians gathered around the makeshift Erbil Church where they offered prayers of thanksgiving, sang hymns, and displayed candles.

     Iraqi journalist Hazim Cardoni, himself a Christian participated in the ceremonies. "Today is a happy moment." he reported in Iran's Tasnim News, "There is no doubt that our land will be liberated and we thank God, Jesus Christ, and the Virgin Mary that our prayers have been answered."

     Iraqi commandos are clearing Qaraqosh of ISIS booby-traps and pockets of Terrorist resistance. The fanatics are using human shields and suicide bombs, but Allied commanders claim that the Terrorist counterattacks have been successfully repelled.

     "We have surrounded the entire district," said Iraqi General Riyadh Tawfiq, commander of the Qaraqosh Sector, "There has been some resistance, some fighting, they are sending car bombs against us, but it will not help them."

       Meanwhile, the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon, whose forces are part of the 'Coalition', commented through its spokesman Jeff Davis that "The battle for Mosul is a very ugly fight. We have known for weeks now that civilians have been forcibly detained." Seriously, the Pentagon has known this 'for weeks'. Yet, the Obama Administration pressured the Iraqi Government to delay operations against Mosul 'for several weeks'. Many foreign analysts believe that Obama intentionally delayed the Battle of Mosul until October to score political points for Democratic candidates in the November elections.

      At any rate, Obama's policies have benefitted ISIS and allowed such a number of them to escape that the Russian Defense Ministry issued a formal protest yesterday.

      In other war news, Allied forces are reportedly pushing back ISIS defensive positions in the Tigris River Valley Sector. Civilian partisans inside Mosul have reportedly attacked and burned down one the buildings employed as a headquarters for ISIS commanders. A unconfirmed report states that ISIS' Chief of Police in Mosul was shot and killed by a civilian sniper. There have been no reports from the Northern Sectors today.

       In Syria, nearly 1,000 Al-Qaeda surrendered to Allied forces in the rural districts of Damascus, and several hundred surrendered in Aleppo. Al-Qaeda forces in Aleppo are trapped in the Northeast Quadrant and believed to be running short of supplies and ammunition.

                                   Iraqi Christians Celebrate the Liberation of Qaraqosh