Wednesday, May 30, 2018


     In the 2018 midterm elections, the California Senate race is shaping up to be a really interesting race. The Media Jackals have been diverting as much of the attention from the race as possible, because---quite frankly---incumbent Diane Feinstein is much more vulnerable than she looks on paper.

     What has the DNC and their media parrots rattled is reflected in the polls. Feinstein is currently polling at 31% according to the LA Times/USC Poll and at 38% according to Emerson. That's a huge lead over Democrat Primary opponents and potential GOP rivals. But---and this is important---Feinstein's numbers are about where Hillary Clinton's were in 2016; and like Clinton, Feinstein seems to have plateaued. 

     An Alt-RINO infiltrator named Patrick Little was being propped up by the Liberal Media early on. A rabid anti-Semite and Red-Pill Cultist, Little was ejected from the GOP and since then, his numbers (which were probably exaggerated by the Media anyway) have collapsed. He will not be the Republican nominee. The California GOP deserves a round of applause for standing on principle.

     The Liberals' ploy to sabotage the Republicans with a stalking horse having been foiled; the Media is trying to downplay the opposition by claiming that California is a Democrat 'safe seat'. The facts, however, seem to indicate otherwise. 

     The top three Republican candidates are James Bradley (19%); Erin Cruz (13%); and the ubiquitous Roque Fuentes (8%). Total the numbers of these three and it's clear that a strong, popular candidate is quite capable of unseating Senator Feinstein. The Media pundits scoff and say that Feinstein will pick up the votes of other Democratic candidates and Independents. They said this about Hillary Clinton, too. Feinstein has exactly the same liabilities that Clinton had: an inability to win independents and an inability to win over the Far Left in her own party. It's likely that Feinstein's poll numbers will remain static unless the GOP somehow self-destructs. 

     So, yes: California is in play for the first time since the 1980's and the DNC knows it. If any Conservatives remain skeptical and say that California is "a solid blue state" let's just look at the 2016 Electoral Map, broken down by county:

     Hillary Clinton won California by a margin of 61-32 percent. Already we see that the combined GOP Senate numbers are higher than President Trump's total vote percentage in 2016. What this means is simply that the Trump Agenda is gaining, not losing, support in California. And against a "hold-your-nose-and-vote-for-me" candidate like Senator Feinstein, this is a huge advantage. 

      So, national Republicans shouldn't be tempted to throw California under the bus. We can well imagine the blow to the Democrats' hopes if they lose Feinstein's seat. 

     Let's make it happen, shall we? MCalGA!  

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


       There's some interesting news out of Paris, where we see another example of good men doing good things. In this particular case, an toddler strayed out onto his parents' 4-story apartment balcony. Somehow, he crawled onto the neighbors' balcony. There, he slipped and was hanging by his fingers. His parents heard his cries, but couldn't reach him.

       The child's cries reached the streets below, and that's when 22 year-old Mamadou Gassama sprang into action.

       It took Gassama a mere 30 seconds to scale the building, four stories (about 50 feet) up. He took the child while balancing on a ledge, and returned him to his parents. 

      As it happens, Gassama is an undocumented alien from Mali. But today, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo recommended that he be rewarded with full French citizenship---which the French Immigration Bureau promptly granted. He's become something of a celebrity, with the French Media dubbing him The Spiderman of Paris. 

      This story is such an interesting contrast of true manhood in action vs. the petty carping going on in much of the so-called Manosphere. Nobody had to tell Gassama how to be a man; he simply was one. Even moreso: he is a Black African, whom most of these 'Alphas'
consider to be their inferiors. 

      Thus it isn't surprising that nobody among the Red Pills had a peep to say about Gassama; though (as usual) they were busy trashing other men and encouraging mistreatment of women. Maybe we'd see a lot less of feminist misandry on the Internet if men like Mamadou Gassama got more attention than the blowhards posing as 'Alphas.'


Monday, May 28, 2018


     The Media Hyenas always beat the drum for tighter gun laws every time a violent criminal commits some murderous act. But they dutifully sweep under the rug the growing number of armed citizens and policemen who stop crime with weapons. The pro-2nd Amendment Trump Administration has, I believe, created an atmosphere whereby Americans---including the police--- are no longer afraid to fight back. The Left, which held power for so long, was always the defenders and protectors of the criminal class. It's that whole birds of a feather concept.

     So this weekend in Holly Hill, Florida (a suburb of Daytona) Heriberto Feliciano was closing up his Little Caesar's Pizza store when a thug wearing a hideous demon mask forced his way in and attacked Feliciano with a club. The scum hit the clerk in the head and shoulders with such force that the club broke---knocking Feliciano to the ground. He then pulled out a pair of scissors, but---Feliciano pulled out his concealed handgun. Mr. Demon-Mask got fairly well ventilated "four or five shots", according to CBS-47 News. 

     The thug died en route to the hospital and Feliciano is recovering at home from his injuries. Police officials told CBS-47 that the attacker's identity is currently unknown, but was likely a transient. This is the same class of people infesting our city streets whom the Liberals assure us pose no threat to society---unlike law-abiding gun owners. 

     There's been an ongoing debate in the United States for the last several years about the escalating wave of violence and what to do about it. But recently, there has been an increase in the number of people, like Feliciano, who have stopped attacks---even terrorist and attempted mass-murder attacks---simply by fighting back. It's really Newton's Law applied to Sociology: an irresistible force will continue in motion until stopped by a greater force. 

     However much Liberals want to promote the Opiate of 'nonviolent resistance', Newton's Law remains true. Nonviolence and passive resistance only works against opponents who believe in civilized behavior and fair play. People like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King could win concessions from governments like Britain and the US have. Their tactics never would have worked in Bolshevist Russia or Nazi Germany. We know from history that there were early peaceful protests and demonstrations against these regimes: and also that the demonstrators never came out of those assemblies alive. 

      The principle here is that there is no way to compromise with evil except meeting it with force. What Liberals fail to understand about evil is that it is always irrational. Feliciano's desire to live and the unknown thug's desire to kill him is not a mere philosophical difference in metaphysical ethics. The failure to understand the irrationality of evil is how the Liberal and Neocon Deep Statists got away with as many crimes as they did for so long; and also why under their administrations evil so frequently triumphed among the general population. 

     It's simply nonsense too to speak---as the Liberals do---about America's 'gun culture' as the problem. It's a problem of evil, and countries without such a culture are just as susceptible as we are. Norway doesn't have much of a gun culture, yet Anders Brevik committed a mass-murder there which (proportionate to population) was as devastating on Norway as 9/11 was in America. China has a strong anti-gun culture; yet they are plagued with narcotics-related violence and Jihadist terror attacks just as we are. 

      The right of self-defense is a fundamental right---a right that has been recognized in Western jurisprudence since even prehistoric times. The Liberals need to come out of their safe spaces and realize that, as President Reagan said, "All men are not angels."  And as most Western religions teach us, even some angels fell into sin and became devils. The good angels defend us from the devils; likewise it takes good men to defend us from the evil men. While it is so that all men are created equal and all have the potential for good, not all men choose to exercise that potential. Thus, "the wages of sin is death" both on the physical and spiritual planes. 



Sunday, May 27, 2018


    Shortly before embarking on the Memorial Day Recess, President Trump signed a full pardon exonerating the late American athlete, Jack Johnson. Johnson was known as The Galveston Giant and was US Heavyweight Boxing Champion from 1908-1915. Johnson---like a few modern Black celebrities---was the target of a racially-motivated 'sexual harassment' campaign. 

    In recent years, a grass-roots effort was initiated to clear Johnson's name. Trump's act finally accomplished a project stalled for a decade by the Deep State hypocrites. The story got very little attention in the Corporate Media. I accidentally came across at Yahoo while checking e-mails. Now, I haven't read anything from Yahoo News in a long time. As I started into this article, I remembered why. It started thus:

     "There is a particular irony in the fact that it took Donald Trump, hardly a champion for the rights of African-Americans and other racial minorities, to be the one who pardoned former heavyweight champion Jack Johnson..."

     I could only get as far as that. This is exactly why I stopped reading Yahoo News: it's nothing but the lowest and sleaziest grade of faux journalism. Yahoo News not only promulgates a mixture of snide innuendo and outright lies; it does so in the most obnoxious and snarky manner. The paragraph above is fairly typical of their gutter-level non-standards. It was written by a dunce named Kevin Iole who, like many modern pundits, is a sportscaster with no journalistic experience. Incidentally, his incompetence has garnered for Iole a net worth of about $1.6 million. 

     It should be noted that our first African-American President, Barack Obama refused to grant Johnson a pardon. He did so on the advice of our first African-American Attorney-General, Eric Holder. They did so because of the objections of Hillary Clinton. Part of the sex scandal concocted against Johnson was domestic violence---which in 1912 meant for a Black man to cohabit with a White woman. To the Democrats these days, committing heterosexuality is worse than being a racist.

     (The photo above is Johnson and his wife, Lucille. This is the same woman whom he allegedly 'violated' in 1912. Sex scandals then were about as phony as they are now.)

     It's also not widely reported that Republican Senator John McCain and Republican Congressman Peter King were the principal sponsors in Congress lobbying for Jack Johnson's rehabilitation. But as the 2018 Election Cycle starts revving up, we'll no doubt hear an endless litany of the 'Trump-is-a-racist' schmaltz from the likes of Kevin Iole and others. If the Media jackals would expend as much time actually reading any of the Administration's Press Releases as they do dreaming up canards, they would see that the Trump Administration has aggressively enforced Civil Rights Laws and worked to the benefit of minorities. 

      But the Media will never report these things. After all, they both created the myth of the sexually-uncontrollable Black man and the myth of 'sexual harassment'. It started in the early 90's when President Bush appointed a Conservative Black man with a White wife to the Supreme Court. Judge Clarence Thomas referred to the Media coverage then as "a high-tech lynching" and the Media has been lynching prominent Blacks ever since. After Thomas, 'superstar' O.J. Simpson was accused of murdering his White ex-wife. Although it took a jury less than an hour to acquit Simpson, his reputation was destroyed. Following this was Mike Tyson---accused of 'raping' a woman by performing oral sex on her. Then there was basketball star Kobe Bryant. In the 2016 Election, the 'inclusive' Left-Wing Media launched a sexual smear-campaign against Dr. Ben Carson. Today, Bill Cosby is being lynched after a bunch of middle-aged white women just now remembered that they were 'raped' 20 or so years ago. 

      The Media do this for profit. The majority of the people who follow the Mainstream Media are lower-class, uneducated Whites---the same group who form the backbone of the Democrat voter base. They enjoy watching powerful Black men (especially ones with White girlfriends or wives) brought down and trashed. The upper and middle-class White Liberals enjoy it too; it's vicarious action compensating for their sexual frustrations and perversions. 
And, of course, the Media moguls like it because it translates to high ratings and a big cash flow. They have never been the friend of Blacks or any other American minorities. 


Wednesday, May 23, 2018


      Yesterday, President and Mrs. Trump visited the 11th Annual Campaign for Life Gala at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. Also in attendance were White House Official Kelly Anne Conway, Congressman Steve Scalise, and Senators Steve Daines and Roger Wicker. Former model Kathy Ireland---now a mother of three and outspoken abortion foe---served as moderator and hostess.

      President Trump gave the Keynote Address, which was about 30 minutes long. Trump is the first sitting President to have attended. 

      "When I ran for office, I pledged to stand for life. That's exactly what I've done...One of my first acts as President was to reinstate the 'Mexico City Policy' which prohibits US tax dollars from funding abortion practices overseas...then a few months later...we signed the legislation overturning the rule that forced States to fund abortion providers with tax dollars."

     At this point, we should remark that less than two years ago, the Obama Administration and thuggish State AG's like Washington's Bob Ferguson were not only funding these corrupt institutions, they were actively trying to stamp out medical and charitable organizations who refused to provide abortion-related materials. What a difference this Administration has made! Trump continued:

     "And today we are making another historic announcement. For decades, American taxpayers have been forced, wrongfully, to subsidize the abortion industry through 'Title X' federal funding. So today, we have kept another promise. My Administration has proposed a new rule to prohibit Title X funding from going to any clinic which performs abortions."

      This announcement drew a thunderous applause from the crowd. If this goes through, this will be one of the most significant blows to the abortion racketeers yet. To understand fully its importance, we need to comprehend its historical context.

     When Roe vs. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court, the Court's only ruling was that abortion was a constitutionally protected right and that governmental entities could not prohibit it. Nowhere in that decision did the Court make a new law or mandate taxpayer funding for abortion---or, for that matter, even impose upon private clinics and insurance providers any obligation to fund it. The Whacko Left immediately began demanding these things; but the Ford Administration took the position that it was essentially an elective surgery and therefore not covered by any social welfare necessity. This is where those exemptive clauses in various laws about "in cases of rape or to save the life of the mother" came about. There was even at the time a short-lived debate in many States as to whether 'no-fault' abortion should be legalized, or whether both father and mother had to consent.

     The 1976 Election of Jimmy Carter brought the issue to a head. Carter was in favor of full federal support for abortions. Title X had been introduced in 1965, but passed under the Nixon Administration. It was designed to have federally-funded clinics for low-income persons. Carter began the policy of covertly funding abortions by contracting out to abortion-mills like Planned Parenthood. The abortion-funding debate split the Democratic Party back then and was responsible for the loss of practically the entire Conservative wing of the Party.

     By stripping federal Title X funding for abortion-mills, the Trump Administration is going to end this policy which was aimed first and foremost at destroying the familial integrity of lower-income Americans. 

     Trump then announced support for the 20-week Abortion Bill which would end late-term abortions. The Bill passed the House, but is currently stalled in the Senate by Democrats and Swamp-RINOs. Personally, I would rather see a Bill banning abortion at any stage in a pregnancy, but under Roe vs. Wade, that currently isn't doable. Trump pointed out the little-known fact, that the US is one of only seven countries in the world which allow elective abortions after 20 weeks. If the public knew that in general, they would see how extreme our laws currently are. 

     The whole of the President's speech may be viewed on the website of the Susan B. Anthony List, who hosted this event, and which is included in our Blogroll here. 

     Marjorie Dannenfelser, chairwoman of SBA-List and former head of the Pro-Life Coalition during the Trump Campaign summed up it well:

     "The Trump Administration has made unprecedented gains for life. With President Trump leading the charge and pro-life grass-roots activists energized by his agenda, we are closer than ever to ending the injustice of abortion and restoring a society which protects every mother and child."

     I would like to attend next year's gala, and hear that it will be the final one because pro-life objectives have been achieved. Wouldn't you?



Tuesday, May 22, 2018


     Vox Day has been taking a few short intervals from releasing his jealous rage against Jordan Peterson and Jonah Goldberg to shore up his failing foray into comics. So with great fanfare this week, the publishing-front Arkhaven released its first issue The Crackdown.

      Right off the bat, you notice something familiar about RINO-Girl's arm:

     Lest we suppose this was unintentional, the promotional on Amazon reads in part: "How is a group of superhumans based in Europe going to establish global justice?"

     Maybe with pseudoscience:

     At any rate, Vox got to appear on The Alex Jones Show ---a media outlet which promotes the Sandy Hook Massacre as a hoax--- and got their endorsement for the new series. And Vox tells his disciples: "Alex is right: the Left is panicking over Arkhaven's flagship series." Actually, nobody is panicking over it. Mostly, outside of Vox' cult, it's mostly being ignored. The website Comic Book Round-Up, which tracks all of the bestselling new releases, doesn't even mention it.

     Looking at the work itself, it suffers from a number of problems. There is very little dialogue and the comic itself seems much shorter than most produced by other publishers. The artwork ranges from mediocre to terrible:

     And it's actually not all that clear what the title has to do with the plot. This is another one that you'll get to pick up in the 'clearance section' of your local retailer's in about a week.

     While there's plenty of need for better comics, this stuff out of the Game/Red Pill Cult isn't going to provide it. In fact, if the Whacko Left was going to produce a comic that was a parody of the Right, it would look just like this Arkhaven material. Even down to giving the hero a Vox Day haircut. 



Sunday, May 20, 2018


   It's been awhile since we lasted checked in on the misadventures of Andrew Anglin, a Red Pill cultist who edited the now-defunct The Daily Stormer. Attorneys on behalf of the Gersch Family and Jewish residents of Whitefish, Montana sued Anglin after a Christmas-time orgy of internet terror was unleashed against them at Anglin's instigation. Like most of these self-appointed manly Alpha leaders do when threatened with the consequences of their behavior,  Anglin ran away and went into hiding.

     After a year of running, the Plaintiffs' attorneys filed a motion demanding that Anglin present himself for trial or accept a Summary Judgment. Anglin's attorney finally appeared and argued a few technical points that were thrown out. However, the judge did not dismiss one objection---the most important one involved in this case---that suing Anglin was an unconstitutional violation of his 1st Amendment rights. 

     Anglin's attorney Marc Randazza summed it up this way: "It is distasteful, but the 1st Amendment tolerates distasteful content. He has a right to express himself politically, to express himself socially, and to call people to action. If we are to reject free speech because it comes from an unorthodox group, we do violence to the very underpinnings of our liberty. Nazis are unorthodox in America; yet the rule of law must govern."

     But earlier this week, Montana Attorney-General Tim Fox filed a Motion of Intervention in the case, arguing that Montana's Anti-Intimidation Law is not prohibited by the 1st Amendment. Judge Jeremiah Lynch agreed, and Anglin's Objection was dismissed. Formal trial is now set for some time around the New Year; although Anglin retains a right to appeal. 

      The Free Speech aspect of this case has generated considerable controversy. However, Randazza's argument has a major flaw in it. His argument would make sense if a governmental agency prohibited Anglin from speaking. But that isn't what this case is about. In this case, Anglin's words inflicted intentional harm on a specific family; and that family is seeking monetary damages for what Anglin organized and encouraged. 

       If a husband is accompanying his wife on a public sidewalk and some human sewer-rat accosts her with insulting language and lewd comments, the husband is well within his rights to close his opponent's mouth with his fist. The cad has a 'right to free speech' but he also has to accept the consequences of such speech. It's an old maxim in America that 'with rights come responsibilities.' This is why we have laws against libel, defamation, slander, etc. 

      In our egocentric and narcissistic era, many Americans do not realize that Rights are not unilateral. One person's exercise of his rights doesn't negate the rights of others. This is one of the most important---but most often overlooked---differences between Liberals and Conservatives. Liberals fully believe, for example, that we all must forfeit our right to privacy in public restrooms because some tiny fringe demands the right to use whichever gender's facilities it pleases. Alt-RINOs like Anglin believe that no one has the right to personal privacy and security at the expense of his right to attack them at will. 

      It will be interesting to follow and see how this case develops. Anglin is also facing two other unrelated federal lawsuits. 



Friday, May 18, 2018


     Once again, America is going into a weekend followed by a massacre committed by an alienated, radicalized male. Actually, there were three such incidents this week; but the intervention of police officers thwarted two of them. In Santa Fe, Texas today, sadly, a local scumbag managed to kill 10 people and seriously wound dozens of others before being captured. 

     As also per usual, we know very little about the victims, but the shooter is the subject of non-stop media attention. The hypocrites in the media always ask 'why?' after these incidents and then act as though their sensationalism of such crimes has absolutely nothing to do with it. 

     Herein lies part of the reason and part of the solution to this ongoing problem. Men are by nature afraid of insignificance and we live in a culture that demeans men. Most men can compensate for this in some way---usually by becoming proficient and socially useful at something and ignoring the anti-male booing chorus in the media. 

     A good example of this is police officer Mark Dallas of Dixon, Illinois. Yesterday, when a punk who'd been expelled from Dixon High School (incidentally, the alma mater of former President Reagan); Officer Dallas intervened and stopped another potential shooting rampage at the risk of his own life. In articles about him, some of the Media Jackals put the word heroic in scare-quotes. Of course this is the same media that encourages riots every time a police-involved shooting happens, and which supports anti-police gangs like Antifa and 'Black Lives Matter.'  

     Some men, however, internalize this constant negativity, and decide to go down fighting and take as many as what they see as 'oppressors' with them. This is a man's heroic instinct perverted. Such an attitude makes sense to a soldier at the Alamo, but makes no sense at all in gunning down a group of teenage girls in an art class. The difference here being that the soldiers' motives are altruistic and patriotic; as Christ taught us, "There is no greater love than one who lays down his life for his friends." The shooters' motives are always selfish: to make a name for themselves and feel significant. 

     There is where the Media's culpability in these tragedies lie. Every horrific mass-murder brings in high ratings and high ratings translate to advertising dollars. It's like Realty-TV; a diversion for degenerates who also have little or no meaning in their lives. And out on the fringes are a few alienated, isolated, and angry men who watch and think of how they can be the next Dimitrios Pagourtzis and be part of the grand LARPing adventure too; or be a hero to the INCELs; or strike a blow against Trump; or whatever. 

      After the Beslan School Massacre in 2004, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law certain press restrictions prohibiting the Russian Media from publishing the killers' photos, names, manifestoes, or motives---thus depriving these types of killers of the notoriety they seek. He also, by Executive Order, instituted a take-no-prisoners policy to deprive them of the kinds of courtroom dramas we see in the West. And it's worked: mass-killings in Russia have almost ceased since Putin's policies were enacted. If Santa Fe had happened in Russia, for example, we'd have heard in the news that a gunman attacked and killed 10 people at the Santa Fe High School, and that the killer was captured, tried by court-martial, and shot by a firing squad. Not much incentive in that for other unbalanced individuals to want to follow such examples. 

       Even though the Corporate Media screams for repealing the 2nd Amendment after each of these incidents; they would fly into a rage at any suggestion of curtailing the 1st Amendment. It's probably a moot point, since it is highly doubtful that anything like Putin's policy could be enacted here. Which means that the Media needs to restrain itself. 

      The Media, however, isn't likely to do that; so they need to be restrained by public opinion. 

      Recently, it was reported how the parties affected by the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 formed a group to combat the Conspiracy Theories and subsequent online harassment they've endured. Among other things, they've boycotted sponsors and initiated lawsuits against such fake news. Wouldn't it be a good thing if some similar group of survivors stood up to the Corporate Media in this way? It's just a suggestion, but one that activists may want to consider.     

Monday, May 14, 2018


      Today was 'Mother's Day' a holiday first proclaimed by President Wilson in 1914 although it had been informally observed for some time. President Trump issued a public panegyric on his own mother's virtues; but the media hyenas immediately launched a smear campaign because he didn't mention Melania. Maybe that's because Melania is his wife and not his mother; but considering how many in the MSM suffer from Gender Identity Disorder, it's understandable that a normal relationship of any kind should confuse them. 

      It's also noteworthy that the Alt-RINOs in the Manosphere had little or no mention of Mother's Day. This is because they have a universal contempt for women in general and generally believe that mothers' only social utility are as incubators. Dalrock---one of the ringleaders of the Red Pill Cult---took Conservative columnist Kevin Williamson to task for daring to suggest that husbands ever abandon their families. He says:

     "The fiction that what we are witnessing is men abandoning their families---and not women ejecting fathers from the home---is the very foundation of Conservative support for the destruction of traditional marriage. Lost in all of this are the millions of innocent children who grow up without their fathers because Mom wanted freedom to bang other men; and cowardly men like Kevin Williamson couldn't bear to speak of, or even think about the truth of the matter."

       As usual, Dalrock misunderstood Williamson's point: blinded as he typically is by Red Pill fanaticism. Conservatives believe that fathers/husbands have some responsibility for protecting women and supporting children. Williamson is obviously not talking about Feminist women who don't think they need a man; he's talking about men who bring life into the world with a girl and yet want to shirk the responsibility. 

      And then there's Dalrock's bizarre assertion that it's Conservatives who are undermining traditional marriage. It's still amazing to us that nobody seems to see that the Red Pills are the natural confederates of the political Left; and therefore are the foes of freedom and civilization. Indeed, his commenters spent most of Mother's Day unleashing their bile on the Family, Church, and the Country. Some 'representatives of the Right'....

       The other striking thing about these hypocrites is that they all endorse Game/PUA tactics when dealing with women; and yet they throw up their hands in pious horror at Williamson's criticism of the so-called Sexual Revolution. Their whole philosophy is built around male sexual libertinism---which they try and pretend was socially normative in the past. It's a parallel with Feminist 'herstory' revisionism. 

       This Mother's Day coincided with the anniversary of the first apparition at Fatima. It should remind us---whether Catholic or not---that Mary has long been the spiritual archetype of Motherhood. The Gamers in Dalrock's comment section actually tried arguing that the Church promotes Feminism: showing that they are anti-Christian as well as anti-Conservative. They rarely ever talk about Mary at all; because if they tried applying their pseudo-philosophies to Mary, the blasphemy and heresy intrinsic in their doctrines would be completely transparent. Try applying their 'ironclad rules' that all women are hypergamous, incapable of love, and need to be 'gamed' into submission to the Incarnation story and the appalling impiousness of their cult is self-evident. 

      The Whacko Left believes that fathers are irrelevant and the Whacko Right believes that mothers are irrelevant. The Conservatives believe that both are necessary for the family; and that the family is the bedrock of Civilization. And that's why both political extremes want to tear the family apart. 




Saturday, May 12, 2018


    The Republican Party of California held it's annual convention last weekend. One of the top races is choosing a candidate to challenge incumbent Democrat Diane Feinstein for US Senate this year. But the Republican candidate leading the polls was not in attendance. Why? Because the Party leadership barred him from participating. 

     Patrick Little is not a Conservative. He is a Right-Wing extremist running as a Republican as cover for his far-out views. 

     Little is 33 years old, another Red Pill radicalized during military service for Obama's Pentagon. He works as an IT engineer: a profession filled with the Far-Right (Andrew Anglin used to boast that 1/3 of his donations were from Silicon Valley). Little's campaign slogan is "Liberate the US from the Jewish Oligarchy." Little favors a quota system against hiring Jews and is a Holocaust denier. 

     The polls show Little's support at 18% which is troubling enough, but especially so since it puts him ahead with a plurality in a crowded field of candidates. Then, the California GOP took a step---rare for politicians---of acting on principle and disavowing support for Little.

      "Mr. Little has never been an active member of our party." GOP spokesman Matt Fleming told The Los Angeles Times, "But in the strongest terms possible, we condemn anti-Semitism and any other form of religious bigotry."

      Little responded by calling the State GOP a bunch of 'Zionist stooges'. Red Pill and Alt-RINO blogs predictably exploded with outrage. And just as predictably, the Media outside of Southern California swept the story under the rug.

      But this action was significant. Conservatism is a policy of principle, and the California Republicans acted on principle. The William F. Buckley approach is the correct one: if we can't win without candidates as bad as the Left, then we don't deserve to win at all. A Feinstein victory can't hurt our cause as badly as a Little victory can. 

       However, there is no reason to concede to Feinstein. California has a number of exceptional candidates for Senate. It's a matter of unifying behind one of these and defeating Little in the primary. Then it's on to defeating Feinstein who currently has only a 39% poll rating. That's about Hillary Clinton's numbers in the 2016 presidential race. 

      Let's put California back in play for our side. If you're active in GOP politics, get behind a candidate who can knock out Little first and Feinstein second. It's doable and the California GOP deserves our support.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


    There's been a lot of arm-flapping from the Whacko Left and the RINOs over President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal, or the JCPOA as it's official called. Former President Obama has been leading the dissenting voices and predicting dire consequences. 

      What will really be the consequences of withdrawing from JCPOA? Probably not much. It was really no surprise, since Trump's 2016 Campaign Platform had doing this as one of his objectives. The main thing that Iran gained from America under JCPOA was unfreezing of their assets in the US. The Ayatollahs have already collected the money. As for the sanctions---they won't have much effect on either the US or Iranian economy. We never had nearly the level of trade with Iran that they have with Europe. 

       In fact, aside from a rather picturesque US-flag burning in the Iranian Congress, Iran has expressed less outrage over this than the American Left has. Certainly there have been the perfunctory remarks about the Great Satan, but Iranian officials in Europe have been saying that they're glad that the US is gone---calling us an obstruction. 

       The Iranians actually have a good point. While the other members of JCPOA have implemented all their conditions, US-Iranian relations haven't changed much. The US has argued---without proof---that Iran is secretly building atomic weapons. Iran has argued---with a lot of proof---that the majority of concessions that former Secretary of State John Kerry agreed to have never been fulfilled. 

       Obama forgets to tell us that. He also forgets that he was against JCPOA until it was a fait accompli. Then he jumped on the bandwagon and pretended---for the sake of his 'legacy' that he had achieved some monumental foreign policy coup. JCPOA was really accomplished through the diplomatic efforts of China. China and Russia were already trading with Iran---the diplomatic coup was bringing Britain and the EU on board. Once that happened, Obama horned in to take credit. 

       Smarting over this blow to his legacy and cognizant of being exposed for the poseur he was during the whole JCPOA debate, Obama has been fuming that Trump has "isolated America" and "sabotaged American credibility ." As if Trump hasn't done us a favor by getting out of a treaty we had no business with in the first place; or as if Obama didn't double-cross every country he engaged with. 

       As for weakening America's negotiating position, North Korea thought so little of it that they repatriated some American criminals held in their prisons as a goodwill gesture today.  

        Trump did say during the campaign that---while he would scrap JCPOA---he was open to negotiating a new treaty. The fact that he's going through with a planned summit with the North Koreans may bode for a future bilateral peace with Iran. 

        That would be the best outcome by far. Much more meaningful an accomplishment than any of Obama's follies. 


   In the early days of the Manosphere---when that genre was still about fighting for men's rights; against feminism; and ending the 'gender wars'---a commenter began appearing on several sites under the name 'A. Guy Maligned.' As time went on, Guy became disgusted with the increasing misogyny and Game/PUA schmaltz taking over the movement. Then, he hit upon a stroke of real genius.

     Guy started his own blog titled What Women Never Hear. It filled a badly-needed gap on the Internet. Guy understood that many women today lacked the kind of male mentoring that previous generations of girls got from their fathers. He also understood that women wanted this kind of input from men. This was a need that only an elderly, happily-married paternal type like Guy could provide. The blog was very successful at changing women's attitudes in a positive way. This is something that most of the Manosphere had given up upon completely.

      Today, we learned from his son that 'Sir Guy' (as he called himself on WWNH in overt defiance of the Red Pill sneering at 'White Knights') had passed away recently. I'm not certain what his age was, but he was well into his 80's. He had been a career officer in the US Navy. If I recall correctly, he saw service during the Vietnam War. 

       Sir Guy not only taught women how to be ladies again; by extension, he promoted gentlemanly behavior in men. His articles were meant to be positive solutions to gender issues. On a personal note, I can recall this incident. An ex-girlfriend of mine---with whom I was still on good terms---was engaged to marry another man and complained that he was continually postponing marriage. I referred her to Sir Guy; and she followed his advice. They were married three months later. 

        Guy's blog also had an influence on this blog. A lot of social issues---particularly on relationship and men's issues---were derived from concepts originally presented on WWNH. Our affiliated blog, The Pacific Coast Men's Journal, is modeled on Sir Guy's format (except that it is geared to men's issues). 

        I would encourage other bloggers interested in helping to continue Sir Guy's work to read about it and what they can do to help at 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


     There was an interesting article on Adrienne's blog today about an ongoing problem in certain Conservative circles: anti-Catholicism. It seems that some yahoo calling himself 'Wild Bill' Finlay posted a rhetorical question on Facebook: Should basic Bible knowledge be required to become Pope? The evident purpose of this meme was to elicit a throng of Catholic-bashing comments, which it did. 

     Well, to answer Finlay's question we'll mention a brief point. Finlay lists his theological training as Montana Bible College in Bozeman, Montana. Pope Francis' include San Jose University (Argentina); the Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel (Argentina); Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology (Dublin, Ireland); St. George Graduate School of Theology (Frankfurt, Germany). I think that we can safely assume that Francis had some basic Bible knowledge far above that of Finlay's.

      But that aside, the commentary on Finlay's page often descended into gutter-level Catholic-bashing on par with some of the 19th Century Know-Nothing Party's anti-Irish propaganda. And 'Wild Bill' didn't criticize any of it. Instead, he took a writer named Allison Lombardi to task for daring to stand up to these bigots. 

     "OK, Allison," he wrote rather ominously, "You pulled a pin on a grenade, now get ready for the blast!"

     "I'm not sure what you mean by that."  she replied.

     "If you want to defend the Catholic Faith, you better be prepared to get hammered with a lot of questions about some really questionable Catholic Doctrines. False religion is a serious threat to this be prepared to have some battles on here...hopefully it will remain civil..."

      Regular readers here will note that this is a very common rhetorical tactic frequently employed by Manosphere Red Pill types like Dalrock, Vox Day, Rollo Tomassi, etc. There's actually a term for it: the Delphi Technique. Basically it's a device for achieving a desired consensus by triangulating a group discussion. Finlay throws out a topic; gets the desired response, then turns the discussion against a single critic. And note too the hints of violence that are subtly planted in that brief exchange.

       Besides that, for all his pretensions of being a theological expert, most of "the really questionable Catholic Doctrines" brought up by his readers are explained in the Catholic Catechism; which most of us read around age 12 before Confirmation. 

       Finlay garnered a lot of publicity and support in the Summer of 2017 when he was detained and deported from Canada as an undesirable alien. He was scheduled to speak at a political rally and "peaceful protest."  The fact that Canadian authorities stopped him at the airport and seized his computer for forensic analysis tends to make us a bit suspicious that a simple 'hate crime' was not their motivation, as Wild Bill strongly suggested.

       And there's reason to suspect that there's latent violence behind Finlay's activism, judging by the company he keeps. He's done public appearances with the psychologically-unbalanced Rev. James Manning. Manning believes that homosexuals should be executed by stoning and that Starbucks adulterates its coffee to induce homosexuality in its consumers. Manning praised ISIS once for destroying cultural artifacts on the grounds that ancient statues of Middle Eastern deities promotes idolatry. 

        Finlay is also a close associate of the Rev. Terry Jones whose great claim-to-fame was holding public book-burnings of the Koran and other Islamic literature. (I guess this is belated retaliation for the Moslem burning of the Alexandrian Library in the 7th Century). Jones shares with Finlay expulsion from a foreign country: in 2009, he was deported from Germany for running afoul of German anti-cult laws. Finlay, Manning, and Jones were all close to the late Rev. Fred Phelps. The four together could make a Mount Rushmore of Fanaticism. 

        We don't need kooks and charlatans like these in the Conservative Movement. They alienate people and give others a false impression of what we stand for and represent. 

UPDATE: Since writing this article, Adrienne also uncovered today Finlay's connection with a multi-level-marketing 'patriot' site. That supports our suspicion about him employing the Delphi Technique. The Delphi Technique is studied and used by many engaged in marketing and sales professions. 



Friday, May 4, 2018


     The track team at Holmdel High School in New Jersey had a problem. Some loser was "on a daily basis" defecating on their field. Unlike the progressive cities here on the West Coast, Eastern cities don't consider public urination and defecation a human right. 

      So, to their credit, the Holmdel Track & Field Team took some initiative. With the help of the local police, they set up surveillance cameras and took turns arriving the field during the wee hours of the morning to apprehend the miscreant. And today, their efforts paid off. Police arrested 42 year-old Thomas Tramaglini of Matawan and charged him with Lewdness, Littering, and Defecating in Public.

      And it turns out that Tramaglini is the School Superintendent of the nearby Kenilworth School District. 

     Tramaglini was nominated for this $147,000 position in December 2015. His salary is about four times higher than the median income of Kenilworth. In 2013, at his previous position, he was awarded the Outstanding Educator Award by the New Jersey Teachers' Union. 

     Kenilworth Board of Education Chairman Gregg David said upon the hiring: "Dr. Tramaglini has an impressive background with great experience; he has a commitment to student achievement while achieving superior standards of academic excellence." Yes, well, according to Areavibes, Kenilworth's students' test-scores stand currently at 34% below average for New Jersey and 42% below average for the United States as a whole. 

      No worries, though. After Tramaglini was arrested, Kenilworth officials put him on a paid leave of absence. That's right: he still draws his bloated salary while in jail and beyond. 

      Tramaglini's case is another example of why we need swamp draining in the public schools---and soon. The fact that obvious mental cases like Tramaglini can rise to such prominence in our schools is a national  disgrace. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


     May Day in the United States used to be a fun day; especially for kids. I can remember in school making May Baskets and building maypoles. Most towns used to have a May Day parade and a May Day pageant where young beauties competed to be the 'May Queen'. It was the unofficial start of Summer in many localities. 

     These days, though, May Day is a time for Anarchists, Bolsheviks, Communists, LaRouchites, and every other political malcontent to take over the streets and behave like the violent drug-addicts that most of them are. The Whacko Left dominates these spectacles, although in recent years the Alt-RINOs have been joining in the May Day Mayhem.

     Since this is the first day of the month, the protesters usually get going in the afternoon. They have to cash their welfare checks and pick up their psychiatric drugs in the morning; before confronting the police and demanding overthrow of the government. Usually too these protests target or disrupt local businesses. The same businesses whose exorbitant tax burdens subsidize these parasites. 

      This year, it appears that Paris, France had the worst riots. But that may be because the French police actually arrest rioters and try to stop them from destroying property. In most of the Left-Wing cities of the US Pacific Coast, it's really difficult for protesters to get thrown in jail. That way, the Corporate Media can report that all the demonstrations were peaceful no matter how many personal injuries or property damage actually happened. 

       Rather than meditate on these gloomy occurrences, however, we should examine how these extremists have ruined nearly holiday in this country and how we can take them back. President Trump has given us a good start by proclaiming May 1st Loyalty Day, reviving a long-forgotten American tradition.

         Loyalty Day was enacted by Congress in 1955 and proclaimed by President Eisenhower on May 1st of that year. Here is what President Trump had to say:

        "On Loyalty Day, we reflect with humility and gratitude upon the freedom we hold dear, and we reaffirm our allegiance to our Nation and its founding principles. We cherish our system of self-government whereby each American is free to exercise his God-given and inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We honor and defend our Constitution, which constrains the power of our government and allows us freely to exercise these rights. We recognize the great responsibility that accompanies a free people, and vow to protect our hard-won liberties." 

        But you wouldn't know these words were ever spoken if you were watching the Corporate Media. They would, however, stick a microphone into the face of any black-clad, semi-literate sans-culotte spouting off about American 'oppression'. 

         And therein lies how we can take our holidays back. Ignore the Mainstream Media. Put up Christmas and Easter decorations and stand on your rights to free speech. Do things that honor Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Abe Lincoln. Kick the homos out of St. Valentine's and St. Patrick's days. We can and should follow Trump's lead and start pushing back.