Thursday, May 10, 2018


   In the early days of the Manosphere---when that genre was still about fighting for men's rights; against feminism; and ending the 'gender wars'---a commenter began appearing on several sites under the name 'A. Guy Maligned.' As time went on, Guy became disgusted with the increasing misogyny and Game/PUA schmaltz taking over the movement. Then, he hit upon a stroke of real genius.

     Guy started his own blog titled What Women Never Hear. It filled a badly-needed gap on the Internet. Guy understood that many women today lacked the kind of male mentoring that previous generations of girls got from their fathers. He also understood that women wanted this kind of input from men. This was a need that only an elderly, happily-married paternal type like Guy could provide. The blog was very successful at changing women's attitudes in a positive way. This is something that most of the Manosphere had given up upon completely.

      Today, we learned from his son that 'Sir Guy' (as he called himself on WWNH in overt defiance of the Red Pill sneering at 'White Knights') had passed away recently. I'm not certain what his age was, but he was well into his 80's. He had been a career officer in the US Navy. If I recall correctly, he saw service during the Vietnam War. 

       Sir Guy not only taught women how to be ladies again; by extension, he promoted gentlemanly behavior in men. His articles were meant to be positive solutions to gender issues. On a personal note, I can recall this incident. An ex-girlfriend of mine---with whom I was still on good terms---was engaged to marry another man and complained that he was continually postponing marriage. I referred her to Sir Guy; and she followed his advice. They were married three months later. 

        Guy's blog also had an influence on this blog. A lot of social issues---particularly on relationship and men's issues---were derived from concepts originally presented on WWNH. Our affiliated blog, The Pacific Coast Men's Journal, is modeled on Sir Guy's format (except that it is geared to men's issues). 

        I would encourage other bloggers interested in helping to continue Sir Guy's work to read about it and what they can do to help at 


  1. I really have to toast Sir Guy, Nightwind. He was such a treasure, a good friend, but he was also a man in his late 80's who had women just falling at his feet left and right, so, so many of us falling in love with him from afar. It always made me smile. He has now left behind a lot of broken hearts, but broken in the best way, blessed to have known him.

    1. Thank you. Just before I learned of Sir Guy's passing, I'd written an article on another site about James Weidmann, the Game/PUA blogger who writes 'Chateau Heartiste'. I concluded by pointing out that Weidmann is now in his 50's; bitter, resentful, with no meaningful relationships in his life. "That" I wrote, "is where his philosophy has gotten him."

      Contrast that to Sir Guy; who taught living by principle and complimentarian duties of each gender. He ended in his 80's with a legion of female fans---but also a wife who wasn't going to let him go! And a family, as well. Young men should look closely at the contrasts and decide from these two examples where they want to end up.