Thursday, August 31, 2023


       While news in the Western Hemisphere continues to be depressing, the news from the Dark Continent of Africa keeps getting better. After a pro-Democracy coup in Niger and the accession of Egypt and Ethiopia to the BRICS Alliance, another military intervention occurred in the oil-rich republic of Gabon. There was jubilation in the city streets as the Gabonese commanders announced that the ruling elite which had ruled the nation since 1957 on behalf of Western interests had been deposed. 

    The news must have come as another shock to the Great Reset fanatics after three other OPEC nations joined the BRICS, and Gabon became the seventh African country since 2021 to eject its puppet-government and reject Western Cultural Imperialism. The provisional government has already demanded that all foreign troops (mostly from France) leave the country, and banned French President Macron as an undesirable alien. 

   Foreign NGOs are likely the next to be ejected. The Gates Foundation, in conjunction with Big Pharma, has been using Gabon (among other African nations) as testing-grounds for various experimental vaccines. The former Gabonese Government was highly aggressive in promoting the dangerous and untested COVID vaxxes. Beyond this, these NGOs have also imposed feminism, legal abortion, and homo 'equality' on the country. This, too, may soon becoming to an end.

   Despite its extensive mineral wealth, two-thirds of Gabon's citizens earn less than $10 per day; half of that number live at bare levels of sustenance and nearly a tenth of the populace don't even have that. About one-sixth of the country is illiterate; and infant mortality rates are high. Such are the blessings of American Exceptionalism; witness the high poverty rate, declining literacy rates, and high infant mortality and infertility rates that Corporate rule has brought to our own country.

   Sadly, unlike our African brothers, the American people seem to have lost the will to resist a long time ago. Drugs, the degrading and dispiriting educational and employment atmosphere, a stupefying media culture: all of these have taken its toll rendering our men effete, coarse, and degenerate. Africans are seeing that their own future will end like our present if they continue on their current trajectory. 

   Will the rest of the African Continent follow suit? A few regimes are doubling-down; but the general trend seems inevitable. The inability of Western hegemons to exert either their military or economic wills have exposed their inherent weakness and emboldened those determined to fight for their liberties. The Great Reset crowd underestimated radically the human will for freedom and dignity. While their hold on the English-speaking world is firm, their visions of global conquest are slipping daily.



Tuesday, August 29, 2023


     Here in the Land of the Ameroboob, it shouldn't be any secret that our major cities are in advanced stages of decline, and a few on the verge of collapse. In spite of the rampant crime, the fleeing businesses, the failing schools, the homeless encampments taking over whole neighborhoods, most Americans remain in blissful ignorance that anything is out of the ordinary. The economic overlords who are actually running the United States, however, are not ignorant of the fact. In fact, they're mostly responsible for it. 

   For the last three years at least, we've documented here that the Oligarchs driving the Great Reset have followed a deliberate and intentional policy to let the old cities collapse so they can "build back better" with Smart Cities which they firmly control. The response to such stories was predictable.

From the Left:

 And from the Right:


     And so, this last week when Americans were focused on consigning their offspring to another nine months of public school horrors and the opening of the NFL Season, it's not surprising that few noticed (or cared to notice) a story about the first proposed American Smart City outside the vastated city of San Francisco

    "A group of venture capitalists, tech investors and other Silicon Valley elites led by a Goldman Sachs banker plans to build a futuristic megacity in rural Solano County, California, the New York Times reported on Friday. The paper named some of the individuals behind a massive land buy for the project...The buys span 50,000 acres and are worth a total of $800 million, NYT revealed. The eventual goal, according to a survey sent to Solano County residents last week and seen by the San Francisco Standard, was to establish a development with tens of thousands of new homes, a large solar energy farm, orchards with over a million new trees, and over 10,000 acres of new parks and open space.” They forgot to add, of course, contact tracing, ubiquitous public surveillance, and other forms of control. 

   It's hardly a coincidence that Solano County would be the first locality chosen; it is close to San Francisco and Oakland---both cities on the verge of open collapse. The plans have been underway for a long time; as early as 2021, the Tech Lords were working on a proposal for a hostile takeover in Northern Nevada. The people behind the Solano County project include:

  Jan Sramek, an executive with Goldman-Sachs (WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner);

  Reid Hoffman, (WEF member), founder of LinkedIn;

 Marc Andreessen, a 'venture capitalist' who's funnelled billions into mostly media enterprises;

 Michael Moritz (WEF Agenda Contributor) another 'venture capitalist;'

 Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Steve Jobs of Apple (WEF Partner) head of NGO the Emerson Collective;

 Patrick Collison, Tech Lord, executive of Sequoia Capital (WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner);

 John Collison, brother of the above;

 Nat Friedman, board member of biotech NGO, the Arc Institute and transhumanist/AI research institute, Midjourney.

    Just go on believing, though, that we'll vote our way out of this; that it can't happen here; and that these moneyed Oligarchs don't really mean what they say about the Great Reset. There have been major land purchases by these same kinds of people, such as the Gates Foundation's purchase of 25,000 acres near Phoenix for a proposed 'smart city' last year, with other Oligarchs putting together similar plans. They're already moving on to Phase II while most Americans seem intent upon simply phasing out. 



Monday, August 28, 2023


       A few months ago, we posed a question to Christian Conservatives which got no answers other than from one who agreed with the point we were making. The article then concerned the policy of some State Governors---most notably Texas Governor Greg Abbott---of loading legal immigrants onto chartered buses, deporting them hundreds or thousands of miles with no provisions, and then dumping them with no notice onto other cities' streets. It seems too that these cities are being chosen specifically for the problems that a sudden influx of refugees would cause; for example New York---which has a shortage of available shelter-space; or Martha's Vineyard, which is a small town of about 15,000 people. 

    The case we cited then was about immigrants being dumped in Philadelphia. With no provisions and no notice for the City to prepare, dozens of people who spoke little to no English were left in the November Winter weather in a high-crime area at 6 AM---three hours before government offices typically even open--- two days before Thanksgiving. Since then, Abbott has managed to exceed even this brutality by dumping hundreds in the sub-freezing snow of Denver; and even on Kamala Harris' front lawn on Christmas. Earlier this month, a toddler died of unknown causes on a bus en route to Chicago. 

    However, Abbott's managed to crown all of his crimes by busing people to Los Angeles. He's up to ten busloads now, but the last two deserve especial mention. The ninth shipment of human cargo was timed to arrive as the well-publicized hurricane struck the city with high winds, flooding, and heavy rains. As the City--- which like New York has a severe housing shortage---began to clean up, a tenth bus arrived with 39 refugees, 21 of whom were children. 

   Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said: “It is evil to endanger the lives of vulnerable migrants by sending a bus with families and toddlers on board to a city that at the time was under an unprecedented tropical storm warning, As I stood with state and local leaders warning Angelenos to stay safe and brace themselves for the worst of the coming storm, the Governor of Texas sent families and toddlers straight for us on a path through extreme weather conditions. If anybody understands the danger of hurricanes and thunderstorms, it’s the Governor of Texas – who has to deal with this threat on an annual basis. This is a despicable act beyond politics."

    So, I think that it's not out of place to ask again: would any Conservative who prates ad nauseum about Christian values care to defend Abbott's treatment of these migrants (most of whom BTW came from predominately Christian nations themselves) on anything like Christian grounds? 

     From a political standpoint, if what Abbott is doing was being done in any other country than the exceptional United States, it would be called what it actually is: Ethnic Cleansing. Abbott's bosses in the Bush Machine exempted US officials (for obvious reasons) from being indicted for crimes like that internationally, though they freely employ it against other world leaders on the flimsiest of pretexts. However, this doesn't preclude Congress from convening a Tribunal; and here we have a far more egregious abuse of power and blatant disregard for human rights than the ridiculous 'Jan 6th Insurrection' farce. 

    The leadership of the Republican Party needs to deal with this. They either need to come up with a moral justification for it, or bring Abbott and his cohorts before a Senate Tribunal on charges of Crimes Against Humanity. They can't have it both ways. It's likely that they'll do nothing, though, as their disregard for human life seems to extend to even so-called 'Moderates.' 

   Of course, I think that we all realize by now that the Republican Party is simply Controlled Opposition---which is probably the reason why the Democrats likewise have taken no action to stop these deportations and likely won't. They cynically understand that the more that so-called 'Conservatives' behave like Nazi barbarians, the better the Left looks to its constituents. Immigrants are much like the native-born in this respect: both groups are simply considered expendable pawns by the so-called 'Elite'; useful tools to be pitted against one another for purposes of political theater. 


Saturday, August 26, 2023


      At the close of the last article, the long-awaited Courtroom Drama of the Century was beginning to unfold in the Prozac Nation as the President-in-Exile appeared in Atlanta to submit to the Humiliation Ritual obligatorily imposed upon American citizens who fall into the clutches of our so-called 'Justice System.' I knew that the Whacko Left Wing and the Media were salivating like jackals over the release of the mugshot. So I thought I'd try an experiment. With all of the news-feeds and videos I get, I wondered how long I could go without seeing it?

     I actually made it five hours, though it has to be admitted that time included about a two-hour nap. Then on Friday Morning, this story came out:

     "TRUMP MUGSHOT TURNED INTO MERCH: Shortly after the Fulton County’s Sheriff’s Office released the mugshot on Thursday, marking the first time such a picture has been taken of a former or sitting US president, Donald Trump Jr. posted a message on X (formerly Twitter) announcing new t-shirts, mugs, and posters featuring the former US president’s mugshot along with bold red and white text reading ‘Free Trump’.  A t-shirt costs $29.99, a mug is being sold for $15.99, and a mugshot poster is priced at $19.99...Meanwhile, many Trump supporters on Etsy and other online marketplaces have also jumped on the bandwagon and started selling all kinds of merchandise featuring the mugshot – even thongs."

    Yep---that's American all over! Never mind that political opposition is being jailed in the United States---the big question is: how do we make a quick buck off it? Oh, and thongs too: we can't leave the national obsession with sex out of the equation. Get in on the ground floor quick, everybody! Let's make a new strain of legal pot with the picture on the package too. Maybe Bud Light can make a comeback with the pic on a beer can. 

    I'm surprised that Getty hasn't already grabbed the image and started charging royalty fees. 

   After the ordeal, Trump incredibly said: 
“I think the people of our country don’t get enough credit for how smart they are. And I’m not sure I would have said this 10 years ago. But they get it.” 

   I know: I had to go back and read that one too. It's true though, he really said it. I realize that the stress of the political persecution Trump's been under is taking a toll; and also that politicians have to say things pandering to the crowd to get elected once in awhile: I can live with that. But seriously: Trump would be in the White House now instead of the Atlanta Jail if he didn't live in a nation of Mental Midgets and Moral Pygmies. Granted, there's a large segment of our population who consider character traits like venality, mendacity, treachery, and cunning as being smart; but I don't think that's what the President-in-Exile meant. 

  If anyone wants to gauge the intellectual capacity of most Americans; just look at the leaders they elect, the pundits they listen to, the entertainment media they patronize, or the fact that they believe that Artificial Intelligence is a necessity for daily life. We're talking about a population where most people are stupid enough to believe that there are more than two genders; that masks that can't stop dust-particles are capable of stopping viruses; that hot Summers are caused by lawn mowers; and that corporate crooks who made billions off fleecing and exploiting people are 'woke' social philanthropists who deeply care about the future of humanity.

  We don't even need anecdotal evidence to prove this: studies have shown that many---if not most Americans---can't find their own State on a map; don't know how food is produced, and can't read material as complicated as a restaurant menu or a bus schedule

    It's not only in the intellectual sphere where Americans lack intelligence; we probably lead every other nation on the Earth in terms of moral stupidity. 
Recently, there was a good article by Bill Donahue of The Catholic League, titled Incivility is the New Normal. Foreign readers who want a good synopsis of what daily life in an average American city is like can get an accurate depiction of it there. If anything, Donahue understates the situation. 

   "The word has spread fast—we can do pretty much what we want and the penalties for infringing on the rights of others are minimal. We have created a culture of incivility, indeed lawlessness. It is not so much narcissism that we are breeding as it is selfishness. When self-absorption  is celebrated, appeals to the common good fall on deaf ears," he writes. This is the unspoken reason behind why spectacles like the Trump Indictment happen. Trump ran an Administration actually committed to draining the Swamp and holding the corrupt accountable. That's not going to go over well in a culture where many benefit from the Swamp and are personally corrupt. 

   Trump, it appears, misses this point; and actually Donahue too drew the wrong conclusion from it, saying: "The ruling class, as I point out in my book, War on Virtue: How the Ruling Class is Killing the American Dream, no longer believes in holding people accountable for their behavior, and they certainly don’t believe in promoting virtue."

  The reason that the Ruling Class behaves like this is because they are a reflection of what they represent. That is the Third Rail Topic of most sociopolitical dialogue today. Our Constitutional System isn't failing: it's working perfectly. Most commentators simply have it backward: it's the American people who are failing the System: not the other way around. The people running the System today are there because they are the most cunning and ruthless members of a degraded society with no Moral Code to guide it and where human beings are expendable means to ends. 

   The Trump Drama should be a wake-up call to Americans; sadly, though, it likely won't be. Expect more of this in the future as our lack of national character keep us circling the drain in a whirlpool of selfishness and reprisals. 

Thursday, August 24, 2023


     The 15th Annual BRICS Summit, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, was to everyone outside the Western Corporate Media's sphere of influence a major success. Some have even called it a turning-point against the Neoliberal hegemony which has dictated global affairs since the 21st Century began. The major shift was the inclusion of six more member states: four of which are OPEC Nations (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, and Egypt). This move likely will spell the downfall of the so-called 'Petrodollar' and greatly shift the locus of world petroleum power to Russia. In fact, Russia announced that the small, oil-rich state of Abkhazia may soon hold a plebiscite to join its expanding Federation. Just as a reminder, only a few years ago, the US was on a path towards energy independence; but Orange Man Bad and now we'll be forced to depend upon the tender mercies of the woke Energy Cartels as they transition (us peons, not themselves) toward 'Green Energy.' 

   The other new members were Argentina and Ethiopia, both heavily endorsed by China. The two nations are already part of China's New Silk Road project, a trade system which Xi Jinping describes as based upon "win-win cooperation." It's actually a sophisticated barter system where China trades its sophisticated technology and infrastructure development to poorer nations in exchange for resources---especially agricultural---which China needs. Argentina and Ethiopia are major beef producers and the Chinese completed a new railway transport system from Ethiopia to a state-of-the-art port which they also constructed in neighboring Djibouti. Again, just as a friendly reminder, only a few years ago, China was opening up to create an American agricultural boom; but again Orange Man Bad and the Scamdemic LARP, so now we're paying hyperinflated prices while Big Ag scoops up distressed farmland at bargain prices and lectures the rest of us on eating more synthetic foods. Oh well, at least marijuana's back to being the leading American cash-crop again. Just today, the Junta even showed its support for Big Ag by refusing to prosecute any more environmental pollution caused by Corporate farms. (We're certain though that USDA regulations will be strictly enforced upon small farmers, however.) 


     During the Summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proudly announced that his nation had become the 4th world power to execute a successful mission to the Moon. The US, of course, has been falling rapidly behind Russia, China, and India on space exploration and technology. This was another issue which the Trump administration tried to address, including expanding educational opportunities within our highly scientifically-deficient public schools. Today, only billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are allowed the luxury of space exploration. In fact, the Junta today brought suit in federal court against Musk's SpaceX company for its lack of workplace diversity

    Many pundits believed that this year's Summit would seek to establish a new currency in alternative to the US Dollar, though that doesn't seem to be on the table. The most important thing that came from BRICS is more a determined policy to bypass the Dollar by accepting trade payments in the national currencies of the various members---which has the double-effect of bypassing the Dollar while strengthening the economic sovereignty of BRICS trading partners. At the end of WW2, the Allied Powers agreed to tie their currencies to the fixed rate of the US Dollar---which then was backed by gold. In the 1970s, the US unilaterally terminated this agreement, abandoning the Gold Standard, and opening the door for High Finance to engage in monetary speculation, which in subsequent decades has led to a global system of Dollar Hegemony. We've seen this used extensively by the US Deep State in imposing economic sanctions against nations which insist upon maintaining their sovereignty. 

    Breaking this economic stranglehold has been one of the main goals of the BRICS countries and the nearly three dozen nations petitioning to join. Exasperated by American/NWO economic and military bullying and cultural imperialism; the BRICS offers an opportunity for nations to escape the dubious blessings of 'American Exceptionalism.' The Chinese already operate several independent banks extending credit to developing nations as an alternative to the WEF/NWO-controlled IMF or World Bank. 

      "The changes that have taken place in BRICS economies over the past decade have done much to transform the shape of the global economy. However, the new wave of protectionism and the subsequent impact of unilateral measures that are incompatible with WTO rules undermine global economic growth and development," said South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

      “Some country, obsessed with maintaining its hegemony, has gone out of its way to cripple the emerging and developing countries. The Cold War mentality is still haunting our world, and the geopolitical situation is getting tense. Development should not be a privilege reserved for a few but a right for all countries. I am glad to see the growing enthusiasm of developing countries about participating in BRICS cooperation. And quite a number of them have applied to join … we need to accelerate the Brics expansion process to bring more countries into the Brics family," said Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    We are against any hegemony, the notion of exceptionalism promoted by some nations, and the policy of neocolonialism derived from that claim. We believe in the formation of a multipolar world order, truly just and based on international law,” stated Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

    Can anybody argue with their goals? I live in the US and even I want to be free of the US Deep State and the rotten society that upholds it. These nations are moving forward on a path expanding their sovereignty and prosperity. What headlines are driving the US Corporate Media today? Well, we learned that officials apparently ignored the Maui Wildfire until it devastated the whole island and now greedy developers are swooping in to buy the prime real estate. We learned that our already testosterone-deprived generation of young men are increasingly sterilizing themselves. We learned that the Oligarchs in Davos seriously are floating the idea of ending electoral democracy (not that it's actually existed in the Anglosphere for a long time, but that's beside the point). And ooo! ooo! When are the Trump mugshots coming out? We can't wait!

    The BRICS Summit has given us a glimpse of the future contrasted with the decadent shadows of what was within many of our lifetimes the Civilization which the world aspired to emulate. If the Western world doesn't pull its collective heads out of its lethargic and self-righteous stupor soon, "Go East, Young Man," will be the slogan of the future. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2023


      After a week of watching an entire major island burn to the ground and flooding in Los Angeles, we here in the Prozac Nation are busily gathering legal pot and fattening junk foods for the next major national drama. Not though that this drama would be about demanding infrastructure upgrades that prevent things like fire and flood. No, instead we're gearing up for the formal prosecution of the President-in-Exile (because here in free America we don't engage in political witch-hunts). The last time an official this highly placed was criminally charged was in 1803, when Vice-President Aaron Burr was charged with treason. Of course, Burr did do things like plot with wealthy business interests to steal the Louisiana Purchase from the US Government and set himself up as king of the new territory---as well as killing Alexander Hamilton under the pretext of a duel. Today, Burr's actions would be considered good business practice while protesting an obviously stolen election amounts to treasonable activity. 

    Instead today let's talk about good men doing good things---this month Africa has been a hotbed of resistance to the Great Reset thugs and the movement is spreading across the continent. This weekend we'll probably see some major news with the BRICS Conference scheduled to get underway in Johannesburg. We'll have more to say about that in upcoming posts. 

   In West Africa, the impoverished but mineral-rich Saharan nation of Niger is rebuilding its new government despite threats from the Beltway and economic sanctions designed to starve the populace into submission. It's reliably estimated that around 85% of Nigeriens support the change in leadership. The Beltway sent longtime Deep-State provocateur Victoria Nuland to the capital of Niamey, but she was snubbed by high-ranking officials and sent packing. Late last week, the Pentagon quietly began withdrawing occupation forces from Niger. While this is certainly a positive development, it does speak volumes about the Warlords' confidence in our brave xhes in uniform that they fear a conflict with the Nigerien military. 

   Instead, the Oligarchy has been threatening proxy action led by the Gates Foundation-owned country of Nigeria, which has laid down deadlines---all of which have been ignored. Given that the Organization of African States is balking at a military intervention---and several of their own members standing in solidarity with Niger---the unspoken concern seems to be that ordering military action might well result in their militaries coming for them instead. 

    Meanwhile, in East Africa, Uganda---which has been a target of the Oligarchy's rage for years because of its resistance to implementing homo 'equality' laws as well as largely going against the Official Narrative during the Scamdemic---took the decisive step of ejecting the last foreign NGO from the country. That nest of vipers, hypocritically called the UN Human Rights Office, pulled out on August 4th. The UNHRO is currently headed by a rather colorless career EU/UN bureaucrat but is heavily infiltrated with members of the dangerous Moonie Cult and US Deep State spooks. 

    Exasperated by these continual acts of defiance, the World Bank resorted to the filthy---but unfortunately common---tactic of economic sanctions to force Uganda into compliance. The World Bank is headed by Indian-American Ajay Banga, a former functionary in the Obama Administration, member of the WEF's International Business Council, and former executive with WEF Top 100 Strategic Partners, Mastercard and Dow Chemical. 

   Uganda, however, is standing firm. The last near-decade of Western Neoliberal Imperialist pressure has shown that Africa can stand on it's own two feet, according to Ugandan President Yoweri Musaveni. "Our country will develop with or without loans," Musaveni said. They really underestimate all Africans. We do not need pressure from anybody to know how to solve problems in our society. They are our problems.

   Ugandan Emissary to the upcoming BRICS Conference Paul Amoru stated in an interview that "a multipolar world structure gives African countries the freedom to relate and to build new partnerships as they pleased." In a pointed snub to the would-be architects of the New World Order, Amoru added: "Ultimately, no one can stop the formation of a new multipolar world, he noted, so other nations must realign their expectations and accept it."

   Our political landscape would certainly be a lot more interesting (not to mention worthy of participating in) if we actually had leaders like Niger and Uganda have produced. If the American people actually had any sense of shame left, it would be a national disgrace to realize that we've actually fallen behind Africa as a world beacon of Liberty, sound government, and a commitment to upholding Human Rights. No doubt as the BRICS Conference progresses, the distinction will become ever more apparent. Sadly, though, the Ameroboob is likely to learn nothing and continue to sink further into Bulimia, addiction, and apathy. 


Sunday, August 20, 2023


      Yesterday, among the recommended channels I keep getting from Youtube, one vlog popped up titled The Male Loneliness Epidemic. The subject interested me, and the hostess was very cute😇 so I decided to hear what she had to say. I don't know much about her but she does have a large subscription base. From what she said, I get the impression that her politics are Left/Progressive: but to my amazement, this girl gets it.

   She actually covers much of what we've spoken of here: the commodification of relationships; the rise of the Red Pill/Alt Right, etc. On this last issue, she was especially prescient: "Twelve year-old white boys on Twitch are not being pulled into Fascism because of some Machiavellian desire to preserve and expand their privileges. It's because the Right talks to them and the Left doesn't." "It's all systemic issues and societal factors until the Left talks about men, then it's 'pull yourselves up by your bootstraps.'" And that's just a couple of the highlights. 

   All of which is true, and it's especially refreshing hearing it from a Leftist perspective. It's encouraging because it shows that younger women like this are waking up to the lie that they've been fed all of their lives. She likely grew up after the Clinton Co-Presidency's "Gender Wars" and where Feminist supremacy and toxic masculinity devolved into a New Normal. The Wall Street Oligarchs pulling the wires on the Clinton Administration of course cared nothing for women's rights anymore than the ones pulling the current Junta's wires do. In fact, radical Feminism served it's purpose by alienating and weakening men, eroding families, and depressing wages; and so it was quickly discarded in favor of the Homo Agenda once the Biden/Harris Junta was installed as the National Government. 

  Younger women like these are beginning to see through the Lie that is postmodern America. Growing up in a world where the State promoted 'female empowerment' and 'believe all women' and 'bring-your-daughters-to work days,' they came to maturity in a culture which suddenly found them as expendable as it had men before. Those of us who grew up in the 80s well recall that the Corporate bosses and politicians once praised the indispensability of the American working man. 

   Then, a few years later when the same wealthy business interests could outsource jobs to low-wage foreign labor pools and found that women could fill the new service and tech economy at 75% of what they paid men, all of us unemployed and unemployable men were tossed aside like so much garbage. Today's women are experiencing much the same thing. The Corporate interests are discarding them in favor of the Homo Agenda, by their own admission, because homosexuals and transsexuals have fewer familial concerns and tend to support their own communities. Thus, an 'LGBTQ-friendly' corporation has by definition a more loyal workforce.

   The bottom line here is something that the hostess actually observed: "Because feeling alienated under Capitalism apparently isn't a thing." The Corporate Cartels are not worried in the least about the quality of life of citizens or workers, a point that we and others have made here before about exactly what kind of sham 'democracy' we really live under. FYI, for anyone concerned about 'homo equality' that group will get discarded too; once these Corporate Oligarchs have perfected AI, robotics, and transhumanist technologies to the point that they don't need human workers so much. 

   "Don't get me wrong: the Republican Party will do nothing to help any of this" she quite truthfully asserts, "but the Right is, at least rhetorically, offering men something other than nothing or the eternal HR department...a lot of men simply feel that they have no purpose."

   That sums up the problem perfectly. As the late blogger Sir Guy said at his site What Women Never Hear pointed out that a man's greatest innate fear is insignificance. We've created a dysfunctional culture where insignificance is imposed on men from birth and wonder why they drop out, take drugs, or end in suicides; if not being lured into the cultish claws of charlatans a la Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, Vox Day, Doug Wilson, Rollo Tomassi, ad nauseum. 

  It's really a hopeful sign that an increasing number of young women are seeing through the hypocrisy of Neoliberalism without embracing the other extreme of Alt-RINO neofascism. Women aren't by nature community leaders, however their innate abilities as the future of the human race instinctively knows when a given society is headed on a dangerous course. 

  Check out her video on the link above, it's worth watching. 


Friday, August 18, 2023


    In yet another story discreetly glossed over by the Corporate Media, the once-prestigious University of Chicago became the first of 16 'elite' American universities to fork over its share of one the largest class-action lawsuits against Academia Inc in history. The lawsuit focused on a now-defunct shady cartel known as the 568 Presidents Group, which was named for Section 568 of a Clinton-Era Law, the Improving America's School Act of 1994. The ostensible purpose of that Act was to promote diversity and was one of the cornerstones and is one of the cornerstones of the Leftist/Corporate takeovers of Academia.

   Section 568 of the law grew out of an Antitrust Act enforcement begun late in the Reagan Administration---the last presidential administration to take on corruption in Academia. At that time, 57 schools were charged with price-fixing tuition and  financial aid thresholds to suppress competition in enrollment. The new act codified the settlement of the Antitrust Case making it illegal for two or more institutions to award financial aid solely on the basis of need; employ the same standards for determining need; use a common application form; and engage in data-sharing of admissions standards. As is typical of Postmodern Academia, the institutional leadership soon figured out a system for circumventing the law; outsourcing criteria to an 'independent' front-company which they actually controlled. 


    Well, scratch a modern academic and usually you find a crook. Imagining that today's Academia will police itself is like turning a city police department over to an organized crime syndicate. The $13.5 million that Chicago was obliged to shell out is, of course, a pittance to the bloated budgets that these enterprises maintain; but if there's one thing that hurts a school administrator's ego worse than anything is being told that they are wrong---and it's worse when it costs them money in any amount. 

    The 'elite' colleges named are: Brown University; Cal Tech; University of Chicago; Columbia University; Cornell; DartmouthDuke University; Emory; Georgetown University; MIT; Northwestern; Notre Dame; University of Pennsylvania; Rice; Vanderbilt; and Yale. All of them have significant ties to the US Deep State and are funded in varying degrees by the notorious woke Great Reset front-group, Open Philanthropy

   "The lawsuit claimed that these schools had participated in an alleged “price-fixing cartel,” aimed at diminishing competition in the realm of financial aid. This alleged cartel was accused of artificially inflating the net cost of attendance for financially aided students, while favoring wealthier applicants." This is really the most important point that came out of this case. The whole impetus behind lowering the standards to accommodate all of these phony 'diversity' and 'inclusion' programs was a complete scam: it was about lowering standards so that more of the so-called 'elites' had access to them. The result of the whole scam was to marginalize Middle Class non-minorities. The power-base was made more secure by these programs, not less. 

   Unfortunately, when Whacko Left Wing activists get exposed as dupes and chumps they tend to double-down instead of wising-up. They protest and scream even harder for the same policies which entrench the established Class and discriminate against themselves. This is the whole secret behind why the Great Reset Oligarchs all favor 'woke' policies. In private, they laugh in their sleeves over this faux-progressive nonsense; but they promote it because it creates a massive pool of useful idiots (who never learn from their mistakes) for them to draw upon whenever they feel the need to pretend that they have popular support. 

  Much like the recent Court decisions on abortion and affirmative-action, this decision is a minor nuisance to the Oligarchs and won't change their behavior to any significant degree. But to those who actually take notice of the depths of the Swamp, it's a further indication of how pervasive corruption our Culture really is, and the degree to which moneyed interests pull the strings. 


Wednesday, August 16, 2023


      Well, the Whacko Left Wing is dancing with giddy excitement and the Right is clutching its collective bow-ties over the indictment of the President-in-Exile and various others targeted for the upcoming Great Purge. There's not much that we can say, because our enemies have already said it:

    One of the major problems that the American political Right seems to have is a complete inability to believe that the Deep Statists actually mean what they say. Their second greatest problem is believing it even after the Deep Statists start putting their plans into action. Even at this late date, it doesn't seem to have sunk into Conservatives' heads that 2020 was not an election year, but a Color Revolution. That year, we had de facto Martial Law; staged riots in all major cities; national monuments were destroyed; local police agencies were disbanded; and widespread censorship against anyone who questioned that the 'election' was anything but a coup was employed. Since that time, we've seen purges at all levels of government; changing of national symbols; increased militarization of domestic law enforcement; politically-motivated show trials. step-by-step adoption of Great Reset policies; and now, the jailing of political opponents. 

   I don't really know what to say, other than "I told you so," which isn't overly helpful but in hindsight was (or would have been) a lot more useful than listening to the paid pundits popping off about 'Red Waves' and other such nonsense. The next question which arises is "What do we do?" I don't know what to say about that either. I suppose that we could make a long list of what should have been done to have prevented us from getting to this point; or what we could do to solve our problems if we had the power to do it, but I'm afraid that our words don't carry a lot of weight against those of the stakeholders organizing a New World Order. 



Monday, August 14, 2023


      During the course of a day, I receive several news-feeds. It's mostly local news from various sources around the nation, but when an issue is big enough to make national news, that's reported too. The hot headline---beginning about the middle of last week until this morning concerned a Social Media influencer called Lil Tay. Her real name is Tay Tian and she's from Atlanta.

     I'm not exactly sure who Lil Tay influences: she's 14 years old and according to one article produces "profanity-laced music videos featuring her holding large sums of cash." I get the impression that she's sort of the female antipode to Andrew Tate: both are rather unattractive mediocrities who seem to appeal to the Inferiority Complexes of the young American underclass. "You too can be an Alpha Male or an It Girl---and these days of course one doesn't even need to born male or female!

   So, the news that's engrossed the nation---rivalling the Maui Wildfires in search engine hits---was that a report hit last week announcing that Lil Tay was dead. The next day, Lil Tay reported that her social media accounts had been hacked and that she was alive. This led to a furious online rage-fest between Lil Tay's adoring fans thankful that their goddess was yet among the living to give them further hope and inspiration; and some angry (and probably envious) trolls who insisted that the whole story was a cheap publicity stunt. Things got so heated that, on Sunday, Lord Zuckerberg descended from his Hawaiian throne to issue a Proclamation that Lil Tay's account had indeed been hacked; and that his loyal subjects needed to go back to giving 'likes' because his advertising base was starting to complain. 

    At this point, I'm certain that most readers are beginning to wonder why anybody with an IQ above Bevis and Butthead's should care about this story. We could always fall back on the standard Ameroboob reason: "Everyone else is talking about it!" There actually is a point to it, however. I wanted to juxtapose this 'news story' against one that has received next to no public attention released by the Biden/Harris Junta about the same time

    "Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows an alarming spike in deaths for the 0-24 age group. The CDC data reveals a sharp uptick of 44.8% in excess mortality in the 0-24 age range beginning in early 2021."

    These numbers don't even count the 35 States where Freedom of Choice can cover infanticide up to as late as the hour of birth in some jurisdictions. It also doesn't take into account our soaring rates of infant mortality. Suicides and narcotics overdoses account for a high percentage of the official numbers while many suspect that environmental toxins and side-effects of the Loyalty Vaxx are contributing factors. We've noted here before that even the Pentagon has stated that 4/5 of this age group are unfit for military service due to poor mental and physical health. We've also noted that the same age group has experienced significant increases in infertility. So, one should suppose that Lil Tay should count herself fortunate to have made it to 14, because a lot of others in Exceptional America do not. Worse still, it doesn't appear as if the general public much cares. 

    If these conditions were happening anyplace other than the US or its overseas satrapies, nobody would be hesitating to call this genocide. There's plenty of evidence to suggest that certain interests willfully have participated in what amounts to what a former War Crimes prosecutor and Dead White Male called "a nationwide, Government-organized system of cruelty and injustice in violation of every moral and legal principle known to all civilized nations." 

   Before the Rent-a-Skeptic crowd chimes in with the usual hooting over such a suggestion, consider that even if our leadership isn't following a conscious plan, they are certainly abetting it, because it is impossible that they are ignorant of it. The numbers we have been citing here are from the United States Government's own admissions. And to return to the Nuremberg prosecutor's statement above: "The principle of Criminal Law in every civilized nation holds in common that any person who sways another to commit murder; any person who furnishes the weapons to commit murder; any person who is an accessory to guilty."

   On top of this we have the further admissions of certain more powerful 'influencers'---the woke Corporatists---who claim that depopulation is a desirable social goal. Our effete and degenerated Society simply accepts these old ideas repackaged with new more sensitive and inclusive trappings. We don't have a dictatorship; we have 'managed democracy'. We don't commit genocide; we are enacting 'population control.' No one is planning concentration camps; we build back better with smart cities. We don't have propaganda or censorship; we have 'consensus' and 'deplatforming.' Indoctrination isn't a thing anymore; it's public education. We don't have Fascism; we have 'stakeholder capitalism.' We don't have a Master Race, we have 'strategic planners' and instead of a New Order we have a Great Reset.

   The Enlightened Despot of the Postmodern Age has learned that it's more efficient and cost-effective to buy allegiance than to enforce it. Ameroboobs define themselves as free because they are allowed to participate in elections where the outcomes give them favors but has no real effect upon policy. We can choose between 500 TV channels, 100 strains of legal marijuana, get free dope from the pharmacy, have no-fault divorce and legal abortions, the right to engage in homosexual acts---how dare anyone suggest that this isn't the freest and greatest country on God's Green Earth? 

  And, after all, since the Clinton Co-Presidency we've all learned that it takes a village to raise a child. So what if a large number don't survive infancy and the cruelty and psychological torture of their formative years? So what if they grow up into amoral and apathetic physical and emotional cripples? Blame society and vote for the other party: that'll fix things!

   It seems sad to contemplate that as recently as my grandparents' time, a war was fought to stop a genocide going on. Their own grandparents fought a war to end the inhumanity of chattel slavery. Many in my parents' generation protested the Vietnam War as a senseless waste of young lives. But today? We tolerate all those things with complete indifference. 



Thursday, August 10, 2023


       The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. was one of the first federal institutions established by our government after independence as a repository for all copyrighted works within the US.  The Founding Fathers put a high value upon literacy and learning, which they believed (correctly) was at the basis of a free society. During the War of 1812, on the order of King Charles' ancestor, the Library was burned by the British. The Library was rebuilt, and Thomas Jefferson donated his own extensive private library to the cause. 

     Monarchs and other dictators don't like independent thinking, however, and the modern Anglosphere has gone to extensive lengths to turn their respective populations into neurotics and ignoramuses who will better both tolerate and even defend the venality and stupidity of their leaders. A case in point was reported in the news today when the Library of Congress was forced to issue a public apology to some mediocre author for using "a non-preferred pronoun." 

     That would be depressing enough, but a recent poll conducted in Britain set the cultural bar at an entirely new low. We rarely issue 'trigger warnings' but readers are really going to have to brace themselves for this one

     "A survey conducted in the United Kingdom has shown that more than one-third of respondents did not know that transgender women were born biologically male...The poll, which comes from Scottish-based analysis group Murray Blackburn Mackenzie (MBM), showed that 35% of people sampled were of the belief that a transgender woman was someone who was born as a female, or did not know what the term meant." Not surprisingly, the poll showed that the Millennial and Gen Z ages---the demographics most supportive of the LGBTQ Agenda---were the least knowledgeable on the subject. 

    This study was conducted in Britain: one can only imagine what American numbers would look like. There are times when one doesn't even know what to say, or why even bother. I've written several articles on this subject explaining the science and philosophy behind why this lifestyle is dangerous to a society and how media propaganda and agenda-driven academics are behind it. Then you learn that a plurality of those fanatically defending 'trans rights' don't even know what a transsexual is. 

    What do polls like this prove? Simply that decades of absentee parenting, failed schools, and drug abuse have taken their inevitable toll. Can the situation be reversed? It doesn't look promising. As bad as most of us knew that it was, a poll like this shows that it's actually worse. It shows that a major percentage of our people can be stampeded---like cattle---to anywhere that the social engineers and enemies of Liberty care to send them. Under such conditions, appeals to faith or reason is more or less futile. 

    It also highlights the need that the rest of us have to concentrate on our own communities, build networks of like-minded people, and disengage ourselves from the so-called 'mainstream' as much as we can. A cattle stampede will trample whatever is in its way, or push it over the cliff ahead of them. We have to make sure that we don't share the same fate. 






Wednesday, August 9, 2023


   We haven't been writing as much about Ukraine here as we did about the Russian Expedition to Syria a few years ago. The reason hasn't anything to do with anti-Russian cancel culture, which was just as bad in 2016 as it is now. As in Syria, we see the Russians accomplishing good things in Ukraine and standing up to the scourge of Western Neoliberalism. Now, as then, Russia is the last line of defense against the forces which would overthrow our common Civilization and heritage.

   The reason that we haven't written as much about Ukraine, to be honest, is that it's become too repetitive. The Western Corporate-Controlled Media is fomenting the very same lies from the very same front-groups hired by the very same financial interests for the very same reasons that they did about Syria in 2016. Russia has been "losing the war" now for 18 straight months---despite liberating four provinces (which joined the Russian Federation) and securing Crimea. Russia has been "running out material and men"---even though just yesterday the Beltway was fuming about Russian joint military maneuvers with China (5,000 miles away from the frontlines). Russia's economy is "on the verge of collapse"---though somehow Russia managed to airlift over 100 tons of humanitarian aid to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria last February. And we're all still waiting for that vaunted Ukro counteroffensive which hasn't materialized anymore than the ISIS one was supposed to in 2016. So on, and so on: it's simply one lie on top another and we've heard them all before. 

     A specimen of this kind of disinformation came across the news-feeds the other day. This story has been blown all over the internet and been reported in a few MSM outlets, but it's completely typical.

    "Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned 5G towers in the Russian Federation amid concerns the technology is medically unsafe and has caused the deaths of school children near St. Petersburg...In mid-July, the Russian president met with many telecom executives and health experts to discuss the dangers inherent in the proliferation of 5G tech. He showed them images of dead children; one’s brain had liquified. He informed them he intended to enforce a moratorium on 5G research and demolish all towers in the Russian Federation.

   "His mandate wasn’t well-received by the Telecom executives. MTS Vice President of 5G Infrastructure Borya Vlasov said the absence of 5G would put Russia at a technological disadvantage, adding that Russia needed 5G to strengthen a once-thriving economy now faltering thanks to Putin’s actions in Ukraine. Putin spread images of the dead and sick children on a conference table, reportedly saying, 'What about them? What has your 5G done to them?'

   “'We can’t blame 5G for this. Our comrades in the West agree that 5G is safe,' Vlasov said. Putin ordered the security agent beside him to shoot Vlasov squarely between the eyes. Without hesitation, the agent drew his Makarov pistol and put a bullet in Vlasov’s forehead in full view of 15 people. A week later, the Engineer Troops of the Russian Federation began decommissioning 5G cellular towers in Moscow. As of this writing, Russia has eliminated all its 5G towers."

    In fact, Russia has been upgrading its telecommunication systems to 5G. When Wall Street ordered its government in Washington and its colonies to embargo Russia in 2022, Russia turned to China and India for technological assistance. There have been stories in both the Chinese and Indian Media confirming this. We've been unable to find any evidence that any such person as Borya Vlaslov ever existed, let alone worked for the Russian Government. 

   However, we have been able to trace the source of the story. It comes from a website called Real Raw News which is run by a middle-aged Incel living in Texas named Michael Tuffin. Tuffin posts under the alias 'Michael Baxter' and has a documented history of promoting Q-Anon and Alien Agenda baloney.

     Tuffin is so extreme that he was even banned from Gab---a notorious hotbed of Alt-Rino and White Supremacist crackpots. Besides reporting the ludicrous claims of Q Anon as factual news, Tuffin is also a big promoter of the Planet Nibiru Theory. 'Nibiru' was the name of a planet found on ancient Sumerian texts. It was actually the Sumerian name for Jupiter; but some nonetheless concluded that it was really another planet in our solar system that astronomers won't tell us about. It's much like Owen Benjamin's theories about Tartaria, which he based upon the name appearing in mediaeval maps (the same maps which showed Dark Africa because it was believed by the settled science then that the Sun couldn't shine at the Equator). Such is the MSM's desperation to find any anti-Russian smears that will stick---even from sources like this. Meanwhile, they have the shameless gall enough to label Russian news as 'propaganda' and ban it wherever they can.

    The same is true of these "on-the-ground" sources in Ukraine. They are evocative of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which practically was the entire news source for the MSM during the Syrian Civil War. Based in London, financed by a Soros-backed organization, SOHR was headed by a former Syrian Army officer who had escaped from jail after being convicted of embezzlement and espionage. His information came from the Al-Qaeda Syrian Front, which discreetly changed its name to Al-Nusra to gain Western gullibility credibility. These yo-yos reporting from Ukraine are of the same stripe: neo-nazis, former ISIS and Al-Qaeda mercenaries, Soros-backed Deep State operatives: that's all that is really left of the Ukrainian Military---most of whom surrendered or defected to Russia a long time ago. 

   President Trump was correct when he called our Media "a national disgrace" because that's what it really is. If the American public still had a capacity for feeling shame or enough dignity left to resent the lies peddled to them on a regular basis, they would demand much-needed Media reform. But that's not likely to happen since Big Pharma, Big Ag, and High Finance control most of the Media's revenues; and they sell enough drugs, adulterated foods, and wield enough financial power to keep the populace drugged-up, dumbed-down, and complaint.