Wednesday, August 26, 2020


   As we're writing this, the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin has joined the national nervous breakdown following the shooting of a local dirtbag. Said dirtbag was barely into the Emergency Room when rioting and arson broke out. It really is amazing how rapidly these things materialize. A suspicious mind might conclude that orchestration is involved. At any rate, at least one church discovered to its mortification that appeasement doesn't work.  

   "Neighbors stood on sidewalks and watched buildings burn without knowing whether the families who lived in apartments above the businesses had escaped safely." one news source noted. Of course, somebody from the crowds could have tried to help; but taking risks to save lives or property is passe these days. The thugs are on their fourth night of wanton destruction with police and National Guard standing idly by. The Corporate Media has been trying to spin the story as "violent confrontations between protesters and police," but the foreign press is showing a more accurate picture: police in armored vehicles fleeing from the fight and an entire Corrections Center stormed and burned to the ground. 

   Kenosha's not a very large city (about 100,000 population), so a few more days of this kind of mayhem will probably wipe out the economic and residential base completely. That will enable the Corporate looters to swoop in and buy up the land for pennies on the dollar. Contractors like Halliburton will make billions on the clean-up and rebuilding. These riots are part of the Coup and the financial and political rewards come in the aftermath. 

   "Two months after people sought to “dismantle” the oppressive capitalistic system, businesses are rebuilding.  But in the midst of this rebuilding, a trend can be seen; most of the rebuilding is being done by big companies like Speedway and Target. Small businesses have remained torched up and boarded. And most small businesses are waiting for assistance from the state in order to rebuild." noted the American Experiment about the situation in Minneapolis. So why are small businesses waiting for State assistance? Don't the Insurance Cartels cover the losses?

  HG Legal Resources notes on their website that "insurance is not always obliged to pay for the types of losses sustained in a riot. For example, some businesses may not have protection against theft (a common occurrence during riots). Depending on how one's injuries are sustained, property insurance may not be liable if the injury suffered was not one against which the property owner could have taken measures to protect the injured party. Some policies may even include explicit exceptions for damages suffered due to civil unrest. Others may have high deductibles that make it impossible for the property owner or injured person to become whole again, particularly after the devastation that widespread rioting may cause to a community." 

   The Minneapolis Star-Tribune said on August 6th that, "In some cases, owners let their policies lapse when COVID-19 struck and the state ordered them to close, erasing the source of income they needed to pay their premiums. Others bought bare-bones coverage because that was all they could afford. Insurance agents said it typically costs 25% to 50% more to buy enough coverage to pay the actual cost of rebuilding vs. policies that cover a property’s current value. Older buildings are usually worth far less than they cost to replace. A bigger problem is availability. Insurers often won’t cover older structures because they have not been updated with new roofs, plumbing or electrical systems." 

  In a June interview with the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, Insurance broker Brian Hayes stated: 

   "Even if an owner is insured for the full cost of replacement, there could still be a difference between what the insurer considers the cost of rebuilding and what contractors actually charge. Such a dispute may require legal arbitration. And some high-risk, first-time business owners who did not qualify for traditional commercial insurance may find their policies are carried under “excess lines,” or special insurance pools bound by out-of-state rules. For them, coverage related to social unrest can be harder to navigate."

  Broker Thomas Fierst told the interviewers that: "Expenses related to boarding up a property may not be covered at all. In fact, store owners who covered their properties in protective plywood are about to learn that repairs for the holes they hammered in will not be reimbursed.

You intentionally did that. It’s not accidental."

  T.J. Patton of the Minnesota Department of Commerce said: "most insurance policies have exclusions that prevent operators from recouping losses related to the coronavirus pandemic. Interruptions due to riot or civil unrest may be covered, but that presents a key question: Will insurers reimburse lost payroll and other expenses if a store had closed due to the pandemic but was planning to reopen? If recent sales were close to zero, how do you reimburse nothing?"

   To summarize all of this, it's what we tried to warn people about. The Insurance Cartels don't intend to pay off; the Elites timed these riots to coincide with 'Reopening'; their ultimate goal all along has been to destroy small and midsize business and rebuild the economic system on a foundation of Big Capital and Big Government. 

     Urban renewal schemes play a big part in the Insurgents' vision for a post-Constitutional America. Practically all of the think-tanks and front-foundations backing the Coup have been working on such plans for a long time. The Corporate Media has been pushing them gradually into their 'New Normal' narratives. It's never been intended that we would 'return to normal' and, as the Rebellion drags on, the long-planned New Order is being introduced into the public consciousness. Michael Bloomberg's City Lab issued a position paper giving a rough outline of how the narrative is framed. Bloomberg purchased this organization a month before the COVID 'crisis' broke out. 

    "Today, it’s Trump’s anti-urban, anti-city policies that are on the downswing; his hollow threats to deploy federal troops to “dominate the streets,” rebuffed by mayors across the country, have only served to further weaken his already dysfunctional administration." clucks one City Lab pundit, "We are seeing the coming together of a political force that can spark a new urban agenda and much more. Front-line service workers, our true heroes, are demanding — and deserve —  higher wages and job protections. The growing ranks of unemployed and under-employed are demanding — and deserve — an expanded social safety net, universal health care coverage and better schools. Black Lives Matter is demanding — and requires — real police reform that redirects funding from policing per se to initiatives that reduce violence and promote social stability by strengthening the fabric of disadvantaged communities. That will also require much-needed investments that at long last address the root causes of concentrated poverty and of systemic racial and economic inequality. This coalescing movement represents a political force that is stronger and more potent than anything we have seen in decades."

   But a more secret group is called Sidewalk Labs, and is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google and Youtube. The CEO of Sidewalk Labs is David Doctoroff---who used to be CEO of Bloomberg and a crony of Michael Bloomberg during his term as New York Mayor. That alone should tell us about what Doctoroff's ideals about urban reorganization would look like. Climate-change kook and Bloomberg acolyte Rohit Aggarwala also sits on the Board; as does Craig Nevill-Manning, a New Zealand national who pioneered Google's online merchandising network. 

   Sidewalk Labs has led a few experiments to construct ideal cities. Until recently, they were designing a neighborhood near Toronto, Canada called Quayside which ran into political opposition. Their largest current project is called NEOM, which is a proposed model city in Saudi Arabia. According to the NEOM website, 

  "NEOM is a bold and audacious dream. It is a vision of what a New Future might look like (in fact, NEOM means, “new future”). It’s an attempt to do something that’s never been done before and it comes at a time when the world needs fresh thinking and new solutions. NEOM is being built on the Red Sea in northwest Saudi Arabia as a living laboratory – a place where entrepreneurship and innovation will chart the course for this New Future. NEOM will be a destination, a home for people who dream big and want to be part of building a new model for sustainable living, working and prospering."

  A living laboratory---with human guinea pigs. There's nothing wrong with modernizing cities, of course. But what the Elites propose to do in Saudi Arabia and here as well is a very top-down system of complete lifestyle regimentation. Sidewalk Labs publishes a manifesto---with the rather ominous title The Yellow Book. According to Wikipedia, "the company proposes to expand its scope to include the power to levy taxes, control public services such as schools, roads, and public transportation, continuously track the current and past locations of all members of the community, and to redesign the criminal justice system. The book also describes a social credit system to manipulate human behavior similar to the one used in China." So it addresses issues proposed by COVID despots (contact tracing) and Black Lives Matter (defunding the police). Bear in mind that the Yellow Book was published in 2017 right after the Trump Administration came into power. This plot has been going on for a long time and these riots are deliberately being employed to destroy urban infrastructure. 

   If anyone still doubts this, consider that the Yellow Book "also includes the potential real estate profitability of such investments, containing theoretical proposals for communities in Detroit, Denver, and Alameda County (Oakland area)." All three of these cities have been devastated by riots---but there's no reason that Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Kenosha couldn't be rebuilt according to Wall Street/Silicon Valley specifications too. Bear in mind too that the aforementioned David Doctoroff formerly served on the Board of Oak Hill Capital Partners---a multi-billion dollar financial trust with extensive commercial real estate holdings in major cities. 

   It ought to be obvious by now that no amount of Ameroboob denial, compromise, appeasement, or evasion is going to work against these scum. These people, like Lucifer, want to overthrow God Himself and own you; mind, body, and soul. They are madmen, of course; but going along with them when you know what they are is an even worse disgrace.




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