Saturday, August 8, 2020


     Catholic author and activist John Horvat has been one of the few American thinkers these days standing up to the coup and arguing for sanity. Lately, he's posted two back-to-back articles which are excellent analyses of the underlying social causes of our present crisis. The first, published today, is titled This is the Sure Cure for Coronaphobia and examines the psychology of fear driving the mass panic. Yesterday's post, The COVID Crisis has Turned Society into a Tower of Babel, explains the failure of technology to free Man from the Law of God. 

    Technology itself is not a bad thing. The progress Civilization has made since the Industrial Revolution has raised the standard of living immensely over all previous generations. But Technology doesn't free us from the Laws of Nature, or of Nature's God. In fact, one of the catalysts of our tremendous scientific output has been precisely because scientists learned to work with Natural Law instead of against it. Mediaeval alchemists would try to effect changes in Nature by turning lead into gold; or concocting herbal preparations that they imagined would enable them to fly, etc. Mankind learned that new elements could be created by working with the principles of the atom; and that flight is both possible and safe so long as the laws of gravity and aerodynamics are employed. 

   Technology also doesn't cure human wickedness; and our forefathers of the early-to-mid 20th Century learned this lesson the hard way. By the mid-1940s, we awoke to the realization that mass-destruction was possible for the first time in history. The scenes of horrors revealed with the liberation of Nazi death camps forced free peoples to take their liberty much more seriously.

     By the 1950s, technological advances in both missiles and atomic technology had put mankind in a position where---for the first time---he could both travel into outer space or turn the Earth into a dead planet with by the same technological means. One nuclear plant could provide economical power to a city of millions; and one nuclear bomb could destroy it. Mankind finally realized that war came at way too high a price; and that the days of the great land and sea battles were over with. 

   With the end of the Cold War and the rise of the American Deep State, these attitudes became passe. The Elites realized that America was the lone superpower; and with their poisonous doctrines of American Exceptionalism and a Pax Americana, they leveraged our technological prowess into building a police-state at home and neocolonialism abroad. Horvat notes this one essay when he says, "The logical progression of a civilization without God is for us to declare ourselves gods. We can engineer our own bodies and change the nature of things. Indeed, this idea of becoming gods is the thesis of a bestselling book, “Homo Deus,” in which author Yuval Noah Harari claims we have conquered nature and will now try to turn ourselves into gods."

  Yuval Noah Harari is not a name known to many Conservatives; but he's one of the behind-the-scenes players in the Insurgency. Among the power-brokers in the scheme, certain Academics serve as the ideologues who egg on the money-men and their political stooges in the commission of their crimes. 

   Harari has all of the necessary qualifications to be considered a great philosopher among the Whacko Left: he's not American, he's homosexual, a vegan, and generally a New Age fruitcake. He went to Oxford on a Rothschild-funded scholarship and converted to a fringe Buddhist cult called the Vipassana. Like many of his type, he hovers around fashionable think-tanks like the sleazy Berggruen Institute, which is another bunch heavily involved in Deep State/Insurgent activities. 

   Harari has published three bestselling books on social history that received rave reviews in spite of the fact that most professional Anthropologists considered them quite stupid. The first of these appeared in 2014 under the title of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg claim it as one of their "ten favorite books."

  According to a Wikipedia summary, "Harari's main argument is that Sapiens came to dominate the world because it is the only animal that can cooperate flexibly in large numbers. He argues that prehistoric Sapiens were a key cause of the extinction of other human species such as the Neanderthals, along with numerous other megafauna. He further argues that the ability of Sapiens to cooperate in large numbers arises from its unique capacity to believe in things existing purely in the imagination, such as gods, nations, money. and human rights. He argues that these beliefs give rise to discrimination – whether that be racial, sexual or political and it is potentially impossible to have a completely unbiased society. Harari claims that all large-scale human cooperation systems – including religions, political structures trade networks and legal institutions – owe their emergence to Sapiens' distinctive cognitive capacity for fiction."

   Such is the premise of this book. The premises are all wrong: first of all, other animals cooperate flexibly in large groups---any flock, herd, or pack has to in order to survive. Secondly, assuming that our allegedly prehistoric ape-like ancestors were able to invent institutions before they had the intelligence to discover fire or invent the wheel is absurd on the face of it. If human beings originally were animals as the Evolutionists claim, then we would have lived by instinct until we were able to reason: and there is no instinct functioning on the level of imagination.

   But the point of his thesis is of course to pander to vested interests and a public already sated with junk science. In 2016, he published the second in the series, mentioned by Horvat: Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. The book builds on the premise outlined in the previous work, but dives more deeply into Postmodernism. The Elites of course believe that we are at a transitional phase of human evolution, which they are leading. This is one of their many delusions that 'scholars' like Harari feed into. 

   In Homo Deus, Harari claims that Secular Humanism "a form of religion that worships humankind instead of a god. It puts humankind and its desires as a top priority in the world, in which humans themselves are framed as the dominant beings. Humanists believe that ethics and values are derived internally within each individual, rather than from an external source," meaning of course that all human values are relative and subjective. Then with that typical Liberal acumen for preaching equality while praising the superiority of the Elite, a reviewer notes that "Technological developments have threatened the continued ability of humans to give meaning to their lives; Harari suggests the possilibity of the replacement of humankind with the super-man, or "homo deus" (human god) endowed with abilities such as eternal life."

   It's really a sobering thought to consider that our 'Elites' actually buy into this baloney. Technology has nothing to do with people's "ability to give meaning to their lives." Actually, there's no proof that the majority of mankind believes that life has no meaning; but if it has, it's because of the decline of religion in society and no relation to technology at all. But the belief in evolving into a super-race with god-like powers sounds like something that Vox Day would have dreamed up. 

  This belief that humanity has reached the apex of Civilization is not even a new idea. It was a prevalent belief in 2nd Century Rome. It was also a common belief during the Early Middle Ages and even in the period between the Napoleonic Wars and World War 1. This is nothing but babble promulgated to flatter the Elites and to deceive the public. "The last chapter suggests the possibility that humans are algorithms, and as such Homo sapiens may not be dominant in a universe where big data becomes a paradigm." One can see why Harari's writings appeal to scum like Bill Gates. 

  Needless to say, Harari doesn't believe in human Free Will. In a 2018 interview with The Guardian, he stated that:  "it has become dangerous in a world of a data economy, where, in reality, there is no such thing, and governments and corporations are coming to know the individual better than they know themselves. If governments and corporations succeed in hacking the human animal, the easiest people to manipulate will be those who believe in free will...Humans certainly have a will – but it isn’t free. You cannot decide what desires you have... Every choice depends on a lot of biological, social and personal conditions that you cannot determine for yourself. I can choose what to eat, whom to marry and whom to vote for, but these choices are determined in part by my genes, my biochemistry, my gender, my family background, my national culture, etc – and I didn’t choose which genes or family to have."

    The above passage really highlights why philosophers like Harari are positive dangers to society. He is literally saying that Governments and Corporations---and by extension, their leadership---knows the individual better than he knows himself. And if Free Will is nothing but an illusion, then the individual's logical course of action is to submit to his leaders. Those who exercise their Free Will are simply being manipulated; we can well imagine what sort of treatment is in store for those who don't conform.

   Homo Deus was a bestseller and listed in Time Magazine's Top Ten books of 2017. 

  Harari's most recent tome came out in 2018 and is titled, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. It too was a bestseller, with Bill Gates even writing a glowing promotion for it in The New York Times.

  "In an increasingly complex world, how can any of us have enough information to make educated decisions? It’s tempting to turn to experts, but how do you know they’re not just following the herd? “The problem of groupthink and individual ignorance besets not just ordinary voters and customers,” he writes, “but also presidents and C.E.O.s.” That rang true to me from my experience at both Microsoft and the Gates Foundation. I have to be careful not to fool myself into thinking things are better — or worse — than they actually are.

 "What does Harari think we should do about all this? Sprinkled throughout is some practical advice, including a three-prong strategy for fighting terrorism and a few tips for dealing with fake news. But his big idea boils down to this: Meditate. Of course he isn’t suggesting that the world’s problems will vanish if enough of us start sitting in the lotus position and chanting om. But he does insist that life in the 21st century demands mindfulness — getting to know ourselves better and seeing how we contribute to suffering in our own lives. This is easy to mock, but as someone who’s taking a course on mindfulness and meditation, I found it compelling."

   Harari is, of course, a big promoter of the Planned-emic scam; and in a recent article with The Financial Times, he argues that citizens can be spared a police state by choosing the more efficient means of simply complying with Insurgent propaganda. "People need to trust science, to trust the public authorities, and to trust the media," he says, and expects to be taken seriously. 

   There we have it: the views of who think that the Bible is offensive and dangerous: the brains behind the coup against the Constitution and President Trump. Just imagine these nutjobs in control of the United States---a superpower at their disposal to use any way they see fit. Men who think themselves gods and humanity an 'algorithm;' men who 'meditate' and listen to voices in their own heads; men who believe that Free Will is a myth and that they are not responsible for their own actions. Men who believe with Harari that "a new class of people might emerge---the useless class. People who are not just unemployed, but unemployable... Dealing with this new social class will be a central challenge for humanity in the coming decades." Those who are 'nonessential' workers today will be the 'useless' ones of tomorrow---and ominously--- a problem to be dealt with. If these clowns succeed with their revolt, we're going to have an even bigger problem to deal with. 






  1. Bravo!
    ...and 1-outta-1 bites-the-dust.
    Just wait,
    evil o'bomba.
    Bill Gates.
    George Sorrows.
    Your trillions cannot save thee from
    the Abyss o'Misery, fools. Only One.
    Jeeee-sis!!! Yet, are you willing
    to lissen N repent ..???
    Pray 4 them.
    May be a chance
    at the Last Moment, NW.

  2. I’m going to put my free will to good use and not read Harari’s books.

    "a new class of people might emerge---the useless class. People who are not just unemployed, but unemployable... Dealing with this new social class will be a central challenge for humanity in the coming decades."

    They’re already here and the Left’s method of dealing with them is to pander to them and continue to throw money at them. That is, as long as they continue to vote in Leftists. Our challenge is how to undo 50 years of Leftist policy which created this class in the first place.