Monday, July 31, 2017


     Since its establishment last March, the White House Commission on the Opioid Crisis has been working on an official report which was sent to President Trump today. The findings were more severe than many originally believed: they were bad enough that the Commission's top recommendation is declare a National Health Emergency.

      Statics from 2016 found that Opioid overdoses kill an average of 91 Americans per day. The Commission found that this number is averaging 142 per day already for 2017. This is over 4,000 casualties per month; and if the current numbers hold, nearly as many Americans this year will die from Opioid Narcosis as were killed during the entirety of the Vietnam War.

      The report also didn't mince words about the culpability of Big Pharma in this epidemic. They noted that Opioid prescription rates and the rates of addiction are directly proportional. Two-thirds of Opioid deaths are from commercially manufactured narcotics--- Fentanyl, Percodan, and Oxycodone---along with the synthetic street-drug Heroin. "We have an enormous problem that is not beginning on street-corners; but often in the doctor's office and hospitals." the report read.

       In its natural state, Opium is not (relatively speaking) an especially dangerous substance. It has strong medicinal properties as a sedative, pain-killer, and curative for respiratory diseases. But when concentrated into these synthetic compounds, it is extremely dangerous.

         One of the reasons that Opioids are particularly prone to causing death by overdose is because they gradually build tolerance while not alleviating the addiction. For example, regular use of Heroin builds a need for stronger and stronger doses with continued use. Opioid addicts will literally go insane if deprived of the drug and will not stop even at murder to obtain it. Last week a doctor in Indiana was gunned down by an addict for refusing to write an Opioid prescription.

         Opioid addiction also causes long-term physical damage, especially to the respiratory and digestive organs. In the latter, internal hemorrhaging is not uncommon. Opioid overdose is not a pleasant way to die. It generally results in pulmonary-respiratory collapse wherein the victim literally suffocates from the inside out. The drug Naloxone is an antidote for Opioid poisoning, and the Commission recommended funding for all EMT units and police departments to have access to it in an emergency.

         The Commission called upon President Trump to declare a national emergency under the Public Health Service Act or the Stafford Act. The former of these was signed into law by President Roosevelt in 1944 and would give the Federal Government greater powers of coordination with states to fight the epidemic. The latter would extend Federal powers to states similar to those in disaster relief situations.

        This is an example of why we really needed to end the rule of the Deep State. Until Trump's Administration, government at every level was in complete denial about this problem. Now it's become a legitimate national crisis. The casualty rate is bad enough; but often what's not told in statistics are the numbers of collateral victims. Thefts and assaults committed to sustain the habit; families hurt by an addicted relative; the taxpayer cost in social welfare programs; diseases spread by addicts' lifestyles; and the general drain of community livability standards---none of this can be calculated.

         But Big Pharma does a lot of calculating---all the way to the bank. And the cash they flood into political campaigns will ensure that Congress will never act. Hence the need for Trump to follow the Commission's recommendation and declare a State of Emergency.


Sunday, July 30, 2017


     With everybody inside the Beltway under criticism over the Obamacare vote, the denizens of the Deep State decided it was time to distract public attention once again with a favorite bogeyman: North Korea. The Moonies and Gay-Rights' activists in both the Corporate Media and State Department are outraged at some more of President Kim's actions.

       Well, not officially these actions. While being a strong heterosexual male is considered quite scandalous among effete Western elites, this 'enlightened' attitude hasn't been widely accepted by the masses. Thus it's deemed expedient to make the country out to be some military threat to the United States.

          North Korea test-fired a missile this weekend, which they claim has the capability of reaching our largely-undefended mainland. The Media naturally took them at their word; although they routinely dismiss everything else North Korea says. The RINOs Tillerson and Haley rushed to call an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, though no one has the slightest idea what actually happened over there.

           President Trump also flew off the handle and fired some angry Tweets at China, as though they had any responsibility for this. This was a serious blunder on Trump's part: less than two weeks after the Chinese Politburo took the unprecedented steps of lifting two long-standing agricultural embargoes, claiming that "China is doing nothing but taking advantage of us" is hardly a smart move. Especially with another Sino-US Economic Summit approaching.

            China has in fact, offered to mediate a peace settlement on the Peninsula. Xi Jinping called for a 'Dual-Track Solution' under which both North and South Korea begin mutual demilitarization. But Trump is caught between both the Deep-State Left and the Neocons: neither of which want peace in Korea unless at the expense of North Korea's sovereignty. For all his other faults, Kim Jong-Un is a patriot---and he's going to do what he has to do to secure his country.

            The Chinese are not about to serve as proxies of US financial and political interests. An editorial in the Chinese press today stated that Trump's remarks were those of "a green-horn president wholly ignorant of the situation on the Korean Peninsula." Unfortunately they have a valid point: Trump is basically echoing the sentiments of pop-culture pundits who know nothing about Korea themselves. These people imagine that it is still 1952 and the quality of our military then:

      Is what it is now:

      What Trump needs to do is do what he does best: go against the PC tide and do what is in the US interest. China has a sensible proposal for peace. Recent history has shown that every time we've worked with China, we've gotten mutually beneficial results. Trying to go against ends up like Obama's 'Asian Pivot'. We can't afford many more of those kinds of disasters.


Saturday, July 29, 2017


     Last week we saw some progress in the Pro-Life movements after the State Legislatures in Missouri and Texas passed legislation restricting the Abortionists' activities in their respective states.

      Missouri's new law strengthened state jurisdiction over municipalities discriminating against pro-life options at public clinics. St. Louis---a city with a number of homosexuals in local government---declared itself an abortion sanctuary city earlier this year. The perverts in the city government unilaterally declared abortion mills protected under Anti-Discrimination Laws. They also were forcing parochial schools to provide abortion referral services and forced landlords to rent to abortionists. The new law overturns these policies.

      The State Attorney-General also has new powers to prosecute abortion laws. The Senate granted this new authority after Left-Wing local prosecutors vowed not to enforce them. The State now can intervene in cases of such negligence.

      Missouri will also place stricter requirements on the disposal of fetal tissue and restrict abortion referrals to certain medical professionals. Alternatives to abortion will now be mandatory in cases of pregnancy counseling and abortion as a medical necessity will need approval from the Department of Health.

       In Texas, the Senate passed a Bill banning elective abortions from insurance coverage. This covers all insurance: private, government, and Obamacare programs. The Bill does not prohibit supplemental plans for abortion, which must be purchased separately.

       Sponsors of the Bill noted that forcing insurance subscribers to subsidize such procedures was itself an immoral act. The new measure has reportedly widespread support in the state.

      Both of these measures are movements in the right direction. The moves brought predictable howls of outrage from the Whacko Left. It is always interesting to note how death-centered Western Liberalism really is. Abortion, euthanasia, population-control, feminism, homosexuality, etc.: everything in their world-view is anti-life. This extends even to foreign policy, where Liberals either engage in or tacitly support ethnic cleansing of populations and cultures. Organized religions, with their doctrines of Eternal Life, are especially repugnant to them.

       If we still had a sane and moral society, laws like these wouldn't even be controversial. This proves that we've still a long way to go in draining the cultural swamp.



Friday, July 28, 2017


     The news was reported today that Reince Priebus is out as White House Chief-of-Staff. The recent personnel changes have the Corporate Media carrying on like a bunch of cannibals dancing around a stewpot. They are wringing their hands, cheerfully predicting the imminent downfall of the Trump Administration.

      Conservatives, though, should not become discouraged over this media hysteria. This is the same Corporate Media which was seeking impeachment grounds against Trump before he was even inaugurated; and has since even encouraged overthrowing the Government.  That must be kept in perspective: we are not dealing with honest and objective reporting.

      The second thing to bear in mind is that these kinds of shake-ups were actually fairly predictable. Trump ran as an outsider---without backing from the Deep State. When Obama was elected, Hilary Clinton simply got him a list of appointees already prepared by the DNC. Bush did much the same from the RNC; but Trump has had to choose people from outside the Political-Insider System. In other words, Trump lacks a Deep State from which to draw help.

       That's why---despite the Media innuendoes---it's hardly scandalous that Trump's family and close friends are in advisory positions. That there would be many personnel replacements during Trump's first year is inevitable, given the circumstances. Trump is establishing a new model of government operation where leadership is based on merit and the kind of political intriguing that we're accustomed to seeing is eliminated in favor of efficiency. In other words, he's using the CEO model of administration instead of the more recent Boss-of-the-Political-Machine model.

        There's nothing wrong with Trump's approach: in fact other US Presidents did much the same thing. In a free-market, Representative Republic, there isn't that much essentially different from running a government than there is in running a corporation.

         Flynn, Spicer, Priebus, and the different appointees who've withdrawn their nominations: absolutely none of this is worth losing any sleep over. Let's focus instead on the positive achievements of this Administration---of which there have been plenty.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


      Manosphere cultist and general Internet bully, Dalrock, is having an online meltdown of sorts after he and his trolls were completely owned and humiliated by the Rev. Doug Wilson. Dalrock is up to his third anti-Wilson post in the last four days---this time accusing Wilson of latent homosexuality. He even goes so far as to attack C.S. Lewis, claiming that Lewis' writings have led Wilson into heresy.

      Claiming that Lewis corrupted theology is almost as bad as Dalrock's confederate Vox Day, who claims that Conservatism was corrupted by William F. Buckley.

      The problem for Dalrock and the Manosphere 'Alt-Christians' is that Wilson's argument struck them at their weakest point. Their theology is not based in Christian love; it is based on the false philosophy of Game; and it is inevitable that domestic abuse will result. Not necessarily physical abuse (though some Manosphereans advocate it), but psychological and spiritual abuse as well.

       Game, and its concomitants in Pick-Up Artistry and the Dark Triad, is premised on manipulating women into submission. Now, in Christianity, a woman's submission is freely and lovingly given in return for loving and responsible male headship. But Dalrock's main contention with Wilson hinges against that very thing. Dalrock argues that a husband can and should compel submission from his wife. He recommends the ruthless and manipulative Game tactics to achieve this end. If a man is free to compel a relationship with a woman, there is no logical outcome except domestic abuse.

        Dalrock and the other Game-Cultists believe that women are incapable of anything but rebellion and never act out of love or faith. If that premise is true, then force and fear is a man's only recourse in dealing with women. Worse still, the cultists also believe that men who respect their wives as spiritual equals are actually living in sin:

        "The much more pervasive sin of men is the same sin as Adam in the Garden, listening to their wives when they should be listening to God."

        Because in their cultish interpretation of the Genesis story, Adam and Eve sinned in two different ways---resulting in two different types of Original Sin. Eve, they argue, rebelled against the Divine Command and chose Satan over God, then she seduced the innocent Adam into disobedience. And so, they argue, women will ever be like Eve---hence the man's divine duty is to keep the 'female nature' under control. How else can this lead to anything but abuse?

        So contrary to Dalrock's tantrums, Wilson was not engaging in hyperbole by referring to this ilk as 'wife-beaters'. And Dalrock's critique of C.S. Lewis is too ridiculous in and of itself for serious rebuttal. No doubt the hysterics will get worse; as fanatics can't stand the light of truth.



      The CPC official news outlet The Global Times reported this morning that, upon recommendation of the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Hollywood trash-culture pop-star Justin Bieber has been banned from China as an undesirable alien. Bieber shares this dubious distinction with George Soros and the Dalai Lama.

      "While Justin Bieber is a talented singer, he is also a controversial foreign singer. To maintain order in the Chinese market and purity in the Chinese performance environment, it is not suitable to allow in badly-behaved entertainers from abroad." a statement from the Culture Ministry read.

     China's decision has brought predictable howls of outrage from the perverts in the US Corporate Media. They are quite indignant that China recently lifted embargoes on genuinely useful things like rice and beef; but won't permit them to export cultural rot. To be fair to China, though, this is largely Bieber's own fault. When he performed in China in 2013, his drunken off-stage antics---including scuffles with security guards and nearly falling off the Great Wall caused a scandal there. Bieber has also had encounters with US authorities; as well as an embarrassing incident in Mexico where he was thrown out of an archaeological site for urinating on Mayan artifacts. His pants reportedly fell down during the ensuing scuffle with Mexican police.

      Wang Wenwen, editor of The Global Times, stated that: "In today's China, youth are obsessed with celebrities like everywhere else in the world. Continual exposure to celebrity culture harms some young people's behaviors and values. Young people may not be capable of making intelligent choices about which celebrities they follow or imitate."

       In a free society like ours, parents and teachers should be the ones doing what Wang suggests. We don't need a Ministry of Culture in America. Here it always was the responsibility of parents and other community leaders to exert pressure on the Mass Media and them accountable for the material they put out. One lesson that the American people need to re-learn during the Trump Era is that the Media works for us---not the other way around.

      Of course, the Cultural Marxists in the Media Cartels immediately scream about 'censorship' and 'artistic freedom'. But while we have a Constitutional Right to free speech and expression, that by no means entitles moneyed media monopolies to behave as a de facto Culture Ministry and impose upon society whatever they wish. Americans have to exercise control over these things, as they used to do. Hollywood responds to consumer pressure; and it's parents and communities who ultimately hold the purse-strings over celebrities' and media-moguls' bloated salaries.

      Thus, it's completely understandable that China would endeavor to protect its culture. And Americans should really take to heart Wang's further statement that "If these celebrities really 'love their fans and hate to disappoint them' as Bieber says, they had better watch their words and deeds in their own countries as well as China."

        Truer words were never spoken, and it's a sad symbol of the times when Chinese Communists have to lecture Americans on using their freedoms responsibly.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017


       The so-called Manosphere has given rise to a cultish, anti-Christian movement steeped in the Game, PUA, and Dark Triad philosophies. The writers among the sectaries have taken to calling themselves 'Alt-Christian' lately. Now logically anything that would be an alternative to Christ is---on the authority of no less than St. John the Apostle---the spirit of antichrist.

       The leaders of this movement---who fake being men's rights advocates and fake being Conservatives---circumvent this intellectual difficulty by faking Christianity. They claim to be the vanguard of a movement to restore and reform Christianity, which they claim has been 'cucked'; 'converged'; or otherwise co-opted by SJWs and Feminists. Part of this is effected by taking the most extreme definitions of Liberalism and Feminism possible and juxtaposing their own radicalism against it. By their definitions women like Sarah Palin and Mary Kassian are 'feminists' and the Vatican and Southern Baptist Convention full of SJWs.

       Dalrock---a blogger who's one of the main ringleaders of this cult---routinely attacks other prominent Christian leaders as converged so as to lure unsuspecting souls away from faith into his heretical movement. His latest target is Pastor Doug Wilson---a Protestant minister with a large following, especially among Christian Conservatives. Wilson recently wrote an article titled 'The 21 Theses of Submission in Marriage'.  While it might be a bit of a stretch to use the term theses, it's overall sound marriage advice and doctrinally in line with Christian positions on the subject.

      But Dalrock takes issue with Wilson on two points: one is Wilson's suggestion that "when male leaders are tyrants, fools, and scoundrels, godly women will have as much objection to it as godly men do" and that such women have a perfect right to do something about it. Dalrock's second objection is that Wilson dares suggest that male feminists and sexually libertine men had any part in imposing Feminism on Western Culture. Dalrock claims that this opinion "doesn't even pass the laugh test" and snorts that things like Feminist policy in the Military couldn't be the work of men. As if Barack Obama, Ash Carter, John Kerry, and General McMaster had absolutely nothing to do with it.

       Dalrock's religion is essentially a Male Supremacy cult. In the comments section to his article against Wilson, he makes this astonishing statement: "{A wife's} Submission is, as we are told, something special. It is a matter of the heart and faith...the husband's obligation to love, however, is different, as the heart and faith aren't involved."

         No, readers, this is not a typographical error. Dalrock actually said that.

         Roughly this is the same type of 'biblical' interpretation that was preached in the Antebellum South about the relationship between slave and master. And women are not much above chattel slaves in the Game Cult's scheme of things. The shame and disgrace here is that our slaveholding forefathers at least have the mitigating factor of living in an unenlightened era. Our generation, though, should know better.

         After Dalrock's minions launched a troll storm on Wilson's blog, Wilson responded with a good rebuttal to the outraged cultists. "It is a mistake of the highest order to think that the opposite of cowardly male coyness is to stand on the recliner in one's man-cave beating one's chest. That is not how Christ loved the Church either."

         Stung by this rebuke, Dalrock flew into a rage and wrote an ill-thought-out piece accusing Pastor Wilson of intellectual dishonesty: among many other projections.

          Some of the older generations of theologians believed that the 1st Epistle of St. John was the first Catechism of the Church. It wouldn't hurt people listening to the Dalrock-types to re-read that book in its entirety. St. John has a lot to say about distinguishing false teachers from the true ones; and by the Apostle's standards, it's Dalrock---not Wilson---who comes up short.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017


      Despite the efforts of President Trump and Pope Francis, the battle to save the life of British infant Charlie Gard has failed and the boy's parents given up the legal battle. President Trump made an attempt to bring the child and his family to the US for an experimental medical treatment. Amoral British judges were blocking the treatment to push their pro-euthanasia agendas.

        Hope was lost for the Gards when Dr. Michio Hirano, the American neurosurgeon involved, announced that tests had revealed that the child's condition had radically deteriorated during the legal battle. Had he been able to come to the US earlier, Dr. Hirano may have saved him, but the intervening time has rendered Charlie Gard's condition irreversible.

         No doubt to the delight of Left-Wing whackos on both sides of the Atlantic, Charlie Gard will be taken off life-support within the next few days.

        President Trump hasn't yet issued a statement, but Pope Francis urged prayer for the Gard family and that the Church reach out to them with aid and consolation. Like Trump, Francis was personally involved in the case and made an appeal to the EU. British Catholics had organized a petition directly to Queen Elizabeth, which presented to her Court at Buckingham Palace. President Trump also confronted British Prime Minister May at the G-20 Summit and offered US assistance.

          Charlie Gard was suffering from a rare condition called Mitochondrial Depletion Syndrome, which effects infants. Globally, there are only about two dozen cases annually. Dr. Hirano is one of the world's few experts on MDS. There are no doctors capable of treating it in Britain.

         Father Francesco Giordano, of Human Rights International told CNA News that we need to begin a new dialogue on medical ethics and called socialized medicine into question. With the Obamacare Repeal Debate in full swing, it's a sure bet that the Corporate Media and their chums in Big Pharma will never let the Gard Case be discussed publically.

         The problem with Socialized Medicine isn't simply the horrendous amount of fraud, such as HHS and the Justice Department have been uncovering. Even in efficiently managed systems like Europe has, Socialized Medicine eventually degenerates into a cost-benefit paradigm rather than a care-based model. Ultimately, in such systems medical bureaucrats make the final decisions---not about the level of care---but about the cost-effectiveness of treatments and allocations of taxpayer resources. In theory, Socialized Medicine might actually work in a theocratic country like Iran where doctors are subject to ecclesiastical oversight. But in a secularist system, cases like the Gards' are inevitable.

           Part of the tragedy too is that the Gards raised charitable funds to pay for private care in the US. This shows the falsity of the Left-Wing argument that private healthcare is unavailable to the poor. But even in the Free Market, doctors must be bound by ethics and their ultimate duty. It used to be the case that doctors donated services occasionally until greedy trial lawyers, predatory insurance cartels, and power-mad bureaucrats ended that along with the era of House Calls.

         Father Giordano also pointed out the deeper problem of a 'Euthanasia Mentality' where human beings are treated as expendable. The idea has long been promoted by the same people who promote Abortion and Population Control. It is rooted in selfish desire of many to enjoy limited resources by prohibiting others from using them. The rational course, though, is to use technology to accommodate larger populations. In spite of being officially an Atheist country, China has come to realize this. They've abandoned their population controls and euthanasia and have begun investing in new technologies to deal with their high population. And the new policy has worked much better for China already.

        So, barring Divine Intervention, this sad episode in human history will come to a tragic end. But maybe Charlie Gard will not have died in vain. His parents plan to use the monies raised to found a research fund to cure MDS. Maybe it will cause a new discussion over the future of medicine in post-BREXIT Britain, as well as within the EU and the US as well.



Sunday, July 23, 2017


     This has been another banner fortnight for bringing out the Alibi-Towels and Victim-Cards in the Prozac Nation. A number of habitual troublemakers and social parasites have been in the news lately, all blaming everyone but themselves for their notoriety.

          At the top of the list, we find Red Pill Cultist Matt Forney. Forney is a notorious internet troll, advocate of PUA and outright violence against women. He regularly turns up on catalogs of people affiliated with extremist movements; but wrote an infuriated article on Return of Kings that he was included on a profile of extremists published by the ADL.  Forney claims that the ADL article is a 'hit list' designed to silence himself and his confederates by triggering unhinged Leftists (of course, we all know that the Red Pills never engage in that kind of behavior). Forney claims that the ADL lied about him being part of the Alt-Right. Yet his author bio on Return of Kings states, "Matt's work has also been featured at Reaxxion, Taki's Magazine,, Red Ice, Alternative Right, and other sites."

         Forney portrays himself as a neo-masculinist manly Alpha leader and role model for young men. It doesn't strike us overly manly to fear retaliation from Americans while living abroad in Budapest, though. And while on the subject of media trolls:

            Kurt Eichenwald, writer for the Moonie-affiliated fake-news outlet Newsweek, is complaining that he is the victim of Right-Wing trolls. Actually, Eichenwald and Newsweek were forced to settle an out-of-court libel suit brought by former Sputnik reporter Bill Moran. The amount was undisclosed, but Eichenwald was forced to remove the libelous stories and disassociate his name from Newsweek.

            When Moran exposed Eichenwald's fake news stories about 'Russiagate', Eichenwald tried to bribe his silence with a position at Newsweek. When Moran refused, Eichenwald launched a smear campaign against him accusing of being a Russian agent. Just a suggestion: but we don't think it would hurt following this judgment for the FBI to have a close look at Mr. Eichenwald's business activities.

           Diana Orrock, Chairwoman of the Nevada GOP, tweeted a link to an article on the troll-site Medium written by a Left-Wing moonbat who wished death on Senator John McCain in some of the most vicious language imaginable. Orrock tweeted 'Amen' to the link. McCain, incidentally, has always identified as a Christian; so Orreck's endorsement of his death hardly seems consistent with the Spirit of Christ.

           After a public outcry led by Senator McCain's daughter Meghan, Orreck apologized but claimed on CNN that "people were reading things into her endorsement of the Medium article."  She even said that she only agreed with the 'sentiment' of the article. Part of that article reads: "Let me make myself clear: I sincerely, genuinely hope that Arizona Senator John McCain's heart stops beating and that he is pronounced dead by a qualified medical professional very soon." Let's hope those are mild sentiments enough!

          There were other political hypocrites active as well; among the most prominent is Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. Murray made something of a political career out of promoting completely unproven accusations of homosexual child-molestation by long-dead Catholic priests. This week, a fourth man came forward accusing Murray of homosexually raping him while a legal minor. This accusation looks especially bad for Murray, because the Portland Police (where the incident happened) announced that they actually had a case-file on this; unsealed it and forwarded it to the Court.

             Murray has denied all accusations, and predictably claims that he is the victim of a 'right-wing anti-gay witch-hunt' allegedly done for the ostensible purpose of securing a Republican victory in this year's Seattle mayoral election. This is a bit far-fetched, considering that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein actually outpolled Trump in Seattle in 2016; and that Seattle hasn't had a Republican mayor since 1969.

         But gays aren't the only ones playing victim. Serpent-faced career criminal-turned-celebrity Jeremy Meeks was over in England lately, where the social media was abuzz with his new romantic relationship with British socialite Chloe Green. There were pictures and interviews with Meeks and Green galore; except for one problem. Meeks is a married father of two.

        Mrs. Meeks filed for divorce after reading all the lurid details in the press; and Jeremy was quite offended by this. "He kept apologizing, not for the affair, but for the way I learned about it." Mrs. Meeks told Metro UK, "The first I learned of it was when I was checking my phone and somebody sent me a picture of him kissing that woman."

        All we can add to this story is that if Meeks committed his crimes with the same level of stupidity that he committed adultery, it's no wonder that he was always getting caught. And we're sure that it was 'all the cops' fault' afterwards too.

        Finally, there is disgraced White House spokesman, Sean Spicer. The Corporate Media has been putting out a lot of fake news about Spicer's downfall; but what simply happened was this: President Trump had reprimanded Spicer on several occasions for distorting the White House's position on various issues. Spicer's fat ego was closed to these warnings; so Trump announced a new Communications Director to keep people like Spicer under control. Spicer thought himself too important to be fired so he threatened to resign unless Trump changed his mind. Trump called his bluff and now Spicer is out; greatly humbled and mortified.

         So Spicer has been squawking to anyone who'll listen that he was the victim of internal political intrigue---not a victim of his own continual insubordination to the President. Unfortunately, though, he's liable to find plenty of employment opportunities in the anti-Trump Corporate Media.

        And so it goes---victims on top of victims. Hopefully as American cultural attitudes shift again we'll see less and less of this kind of thing over time.



Saturday, July 22, 2017


     In a rare case of Justice Department intervention in a military case, Federal District Judge Gonzalo Curiel ordered the Pentagon to quash the conviction of Navy Petty Officer James Rich and re-open the case. Petty Officer Rich, a highly-decorated sailor, was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison for the alleged rape of a 3 year-old girl.

     His conviction occurred in 2014, during the height of the Obama Administration's drive to get sexual misconduct convictions against military men. Two other military sexual assault and rape convictions from that year have been overturned since Trump took office.

     Judge Curiel ruled that new evidence had come to light that Petty Officer Rich's Constitutional Rights were violated. He also called into question whether testimony in the case was tainted. Rich was convicted, incidentally, on the testimony of the 3 year-old alleged victim---who may well have been coached by prosecutors. Also, character references from Rich's superiors were illegally excluded from the trial.

     The Justice Department may well have intervened in this case because the last overturned Naval conviction implicated the current Navy Judge Advocate General with malfeasance. A signed Affidavit by a retired Admiral and other ex-Navy officers accused JAG Admiral James Crawford of intimidating Courts-Martial members to secure convictions for political purposes. In spite of these allegations, RINO Defense Secretary James Mattis hasn't removed or even punished Admiral Crawford in any way.

      Justice was done in this case, however. Judge Curiel's decision to order a new investigation minus the quashed evidence is putting Pentagon Swamp on notice that they had better start cleaning up their act or civilian courts may be forced to intervene. That's clearly something that the Pentagon doesn't want.

       As an interesting side note, Judge Curiel was also the 'Mexican Judge' in the Trump University Case referenced by then-candidate Trump in 2016.

Friday, July 21, 2017


       Less than 24 hours after American fake-news outlets pronounced the first US-China Economic Summit a 'failure'; Chinese officials announced today that they are lifting a near two-decade long ban on American rice imports.

       "This is a tremendous leap forward to selling US rice in China." said Brian King, chairman of USA Rice, a rice-growers association, "Today's announcement ends a decade of effort by the American rice industry to open the world's largest rice importer. President Trump's focus on reducing our trade deficit with China put the rice industry back in the spotlight; and USDA Secretary Perdue told us he'd get this done and he did. We are thankful for the Administrations commitment---from the President on down---to American rice farmers and marketers."

       When the Clinton Administration entered the WTO, China offered to purchase American rice, on the condition that our rice met their country's import health and safety protocols. The Bush and Obama Administrations did nothing about the protocols; except to file complaints with the WTO which China ignored. Trump and Perdue solved the problem in less than a week by allowing Chinese inspectors to deal directly with the rice industry; bypassing the hapless bureaucrats.

      Rice industry spokesmen said that they are already producing a plan to upgrade mills and facilities to meet Chinese import standards. The jobs and opportunities created by this move are enormous. Chinese demand for rice is so high that it could consume the current US annual rice output in less than a month.

       The US was once a major rice exporter, both to Asia and the Middle East but has been stagnated recently because of Deep State trade embargoes with Arab countries and crumbling US infrastructure. Opening China to the US rice market can't help but expand and revive the industry.

       But don't look for the Corporate Media to announce positive developments. The headline writers today are hoping that a White House spokesman's resignation is a sign that the Administration is collapsing. Collapsing like our rice industry was until today.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


      As a direct consequence of President Trump's participation at the G-20 Summit earlier this month, two major foreign policy achievements came to fruition today---involving Russia and China, respectively.

      The first win was the announcement that the CIA black-budget operations in Syria are terminated. The US will no longer arm and train terrorists---or, as Obama called them, moderate rebels. Russia welcomed the move.

      Obama and his Deep-State henchmen wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on this stupid and counter- productive program. Besides the fact that they were responsible for protracting the war, they also destabilized much of the region as these weapons often ended up on the Black Market. The growing realization by Trump that he had been lied to about the character of the Syrian government is reflected in the move.

        Russia and Syria weren't the only countries relieved by Trump's decision. Relations with Turkey and Iraq were also strained by the policy. The arrogant Obama made the situation even worse by treating Turkey and Iraq as though they were US vassalages who had to support the policy however detrimental to their own interests. Hopefully, the next move will be restoration of diplomatic ties with Syria and an end to the embargo.

         The second diplomatic success came with the conclusion of the first Comprehensive Economic Dialogue (CED). This was a bilateral summit set up by the US and China and the G-20. The CED will hold regular meetings to work out long-standing issues between the two countries. The US was represented by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Ross. Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Yang represented his country.

        Lu Kang, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said today, "The most significant achievement of the economic dialogue is acknowledging a common direction for Sino-US economic cooperation. Both sides regard win-win cooperation as the underlying principle in developing stronger bilateral ties."

        Both sides agreed that the Trade Deficit was a major problem. China indicated interest in importing more American goods---especially in technology and agriculture. Many of these commodities are restricted by US export laws. The two countries agreed to a draft proposal for a Comprehensive Economic Plan.

         The Summit was held in Washington; but the boorish behavior of the American Media led both sides to cancel the press conference scheduled afterwards. The Media has been putting out fake-news about the summit, and their coverage and conduct was universally criticized by the Chinese press. America's media is truly becoming an international embarrassment.

        Similarly, the Media was howling outrage over the new Syrian Policy. But time will prove all these Deep State dunces wrong and today was a major forward step in draining the diplomatic swamp.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


       The Anti-Defamation League published a good article recently exposing provocateurs undermining American Conservatism. The article was quite balanced in its approach: pointing out especially that the so-called 'Alt-Right' is a movement distinct from traditional Conservatism. "Overt racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, misogyny, and anti-Moslem bigotry" : extremist ideas long banned from Conservative discourse have been thrust into the mainstream, the article notes. They correctly point out as well that these groups "reject mainstream Conservatism and its followers, to whom they often refer as 'cucks'".

       So Vox Day---who boasts that he coined the 'Cuckservative' canard---threw an online tantrum over the ADL article for profiling him and several of his confederates.

        "I do not post misogynistic diatribes here or anywhere else" Vox protests, "And it is a shameless lie to say that I do."

         Is he being serious here? A unabashed advocate of the misogynist theory of Game, Vox has praised Jihadists for their treatment of women. Vox believes firmly in pseudoscientific notions like hypergamy. Here's a specimen of Vox' non-misogynist diatribes:

       "A few acid-burned faces is a small price to pay for lasting marriages, stable families, legitimate children...homogenous societies, and demographic stability." or this gem, "If left up to women, they will kill their societies rather than forego the pleasures of Alpha-chasing." Or another real beauty: "It is surely educational to learn that raping and killing a woman is demonstrably more attractive to women than behaving like a gentleman...It is an established, empirical fact."

        Even more laughably, Vox goes on to state that he is not a White Supremacist. Besides his constant Jew-baiting and references to Dindus, Coalburners, and Mudsharks; Vox was expelled from the Science Fiction Writers Association for publically saying to a Black female critic: "self-defense laws have been put in place to let Whites defend their lives and property from half-savages like her." Vox has also praised Anders Brievik as a hero.

       "Conservatives and Independents must now choose for what and with whom they will stand" Vox once asserted, "a diverse USA, globalism, and the Left; or a White America, nationalism and the Alt-Right. There are no other meaningful options."

      How could the ADL possibly have seen misogyny or White Supremacy in any of that?

       The ADL article also mentioned two other prominent Red Pill cultists: Andrew Anglin and Matt Forney. Like Vox; these two have fled the United States to Europe and are now feeding the extremism of the European Far Right to Americans as some kind of New Conservatism.

       America, though, was founded largely by peoples escaping the crackpot ideologies that come out of European political cesspools. Anarchism, Jacobinism, Monarchism, Bonapartism, Communism, Socialism, Naziism, Fascism, these are the 'ideals' that have come out of Europe---and the EU today is supposed to be the crowning success of all these failed theories. America alone stood for self-government; and however one slices it, the so-called Alt-Right does not.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017


      President Trump's second attempt an Obamacare repeal failed today. The Corporate Media's 'healthcare experts', led by people like John Bonifield, are dancing around like a bunch of cannibals around a stewpot; predicting Trump's imminent downfall; fake polling numbers, etc. In reality, Conservatives shouldn't be too alarmed: this is how republics function and another bill is already in the works.

      But did this story from last Thursday make it to your local news? On the eve of a vote to repeal Obamacare this came from a US Department of Justice Press Release:

       "Attorney-General Jeff Sessions and HHS Secretary Tom Price, MD, announced today the largest ever healthcare fraud enforcement action ever undertaken by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, involving 412 charged Defendants across 41 federal jurisdictions, including 115 doctors, nurses, and other licensed healthcare professionals for their alleged participation in healthcare fraud schemes involving approximately $1.3 billion in false billings. Of those charged, over 120 Defendants, including doctors, were charged for their roles in prescribing and distributing Opioids and other dangerous narcotics. 30 State Medicaid Fraud Control Units also participated in today's arrests. In addition, HHS has initiated suspension actions against 295 providers, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists."

        Well, I don't have a degree in Journalism, but it seems to me that breaking up a multi-billion dollar fraud with over 400 arrests of prominent citizens and nearly 300 corrupt healthcare providers shut down might actually rate a headline, at least. But not to the Denizens of the Deep State, who'd rather sweep such stories under the rug lest the public actually suspect that Obamacare is a failed system.

        Sessions stated: "Too many trusted medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists have chosen to violate their oaths and put greed ahead of their patients. Amazingly, some have even turned their practices into multimillion dollar criminal enterprises. They seem oblivious to the disastrous consequences of their greed. Their actions not only enrich themselves at the expense of taxpayers but also feed addictions and cause addictions to start. The consequences are real: emergency rooms, jail cells, futures lost, and graveyards."

        But aren't the Deep State media pundits all telling us that repealing Obamacare will hurt the most vulnerable among us? Secretary Price of HHS added this:

        "The United States is home to the world's best medical professionals, but their ability to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare is jeopardized every time a criminal commits healthcare fraud. That is why this Administration is committed to bringing these criminals to justice, as President Trump demonstrated in his 2017 budget request for an additional $70 million investment in the Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Control Program."

       But don't the Deep State media pundits tell us that Trump is selfishly cutting these programs to benefit the rich? $70 million invested for a $1.3 billion return sounds like a good deal---whatever one might think of government spending.

        The Corporate Media, though, with its connections to the DNC and Big Pharma has a vested interest in keeping the Obamacare scam going. As long as this is so, stories like these never come to public attention.

Monday, July 17, 2017


      In their tireless efforts to emulate all of the slimy tactics of the Far Left, the so-called Alt-Right have started what they've called book bombing. Basically this tactic is a variation of what the Left does: having their minions order a certain book en masse to inflate sales volumes and make the author appear more popular (and actually be much richer) than he would be on a less-manipulated economic playing field.

       Red Pill cult leaders Vox Day and Dalrock have been out in the lead encouraging their gullible and ever-obedient disciples to 'book bomb' a writing titled The LawDog Files. Of course, this book is published by Castalia House, a shady Red Pill front-company run by Vox Day.

       If the book is anywhere nearly as badly written as Law Dog's blog, it's not surprising that nobody other than Castalia House would touch it. Herein lies part of the problem.

       The publishing industry is indeed in need of serious reform. Nepotism, ghost-writing, gaming the statistics, trolling/bribing literary critics: these are problems which the industry in general is struggling with. However, contrary to Alt-Right propaganda, it is not impossible to get works published---even material that doesn't fit the PC narrative. There publishing houses that cater specifically to Conservative and Christian audiences; and even some of the 'mainstream' companies will publish Conservative authors with a large following. And it certainly doesn't cure the industry's ills by adding even more ills into the system.  

      These Alt-Right/Red Pill writers---most of whose writing is so bad that no reputable publisher would accept it---do what they always do and adopt the unethical means of the Left in pursuit of their own ends. We've seen supposed Conservatives acting exactly like Liberals far too often. 'Book Bombing', doxxing critics, planting fake reviews, setting up shill-publishers, trolling competitors: these are what Liberals do. Conservatism doesn't need fakery like this because its truth stands on its own merits.

        The Right is not about 'Trash Culture' like the so-called Alt-Right promotes. Conservatism gained and grew during the mid-to-late 20th Century because we had leaders like Buckley, Reagan, Goldwater, and others who always took the high road. In fact these types took special effort to distance the Movement from kooks and crackpots---unlike the Liberals who'd take anyone with a 'cause'.

        Liberalism always appeals to the lowest common societal denominator; and thus it employs tactics which such a demographic would applaud. The Left does this because its leaders have a such an abjectly low opinion of humanity that they don't think that we  deserve anything better. Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign was a textbook example of this kind of hubris.

        Conservatism, by contrast, appeals to people's better natures and their sense of fair play. The key to Buckley's and Reagan's success was that they talked to us like educated and principled adults. They presumed that their audiences weren't stupid or immoral. The Alt-Right, however, has exactly the same social attitudes as Liberals---they believe that everyone other than themselves are fools who have to be forced or tricked into doing whatever is supposedly for their own good.

        We Conservatives need not only to condemn unethical tactics like 'book bombing' on the Left; but especially have no part of it when crackpots do it in the name of the Right. All that these clowns on the Alt-Right are proving is that the Left has no monopoly on unscrupulous and vulgar behavior.

        But if we want to appeal to the mainstream, we must keep the extremists where they belong---on the fringes.


Sunday, July 16, 2017


      While largely blacked out by the US Corporate Media, the British media has been reporting that President Trump intervened in the Charlie Gard Case during a meeting with British PM May at the recent G-20 Summit. The President allegedly solicited a brief meeting with May at the Summit to address this very issue.

     We haven't written about the Gard Case here as of yet; but the story has been covered on many Conservative blogs. Charlie Gard is an infant, diagnosed with a fatal disease and currently on life-support in a British hospital. His parents wish to take him to the US for an experimental treatment, but an arrogant British judge has been blocking their attempts over some Eurocrat so-called Death With Dignity statute. Pope Francis brought the case to world attention and---according to some sources---spoke to President Trump about it as well.

      This vile British barrister, according to Metro UK News, is digging in his heels and snorting about Yankees and Romanists not telling him what to do. A typical Leftist hypocrite.

      But there are positive signs on the horizon. The Pope's activism has prompted 37 EU parliamentarians to sign an open letter to PM May; and group led by Father Patrick Mahoney gathered at Buckingham Palace to present a request for intervention by the Queen. And Trump's pressure on London is also bearing fruit: the British announced that there is a loophole in their laws which may allow officials to circumvent the Court if the Americans provide evidence that our treatments have a 'reasonable chance of success'. So it is quite likely that the Gards will be able to come here, after all this red tape is sorted out. This is a sad specimen of what 50 years of Socialism does to a country's leadership. It's seriously doubtful whether Disraeli, Lloyd George, or Churchill would have spent much time debating with foolish bureaucrats over this.

      The story also illustrates what kind of fundamental change has happened in the White House. Whatever happens to Charlie Gard, President Trump deserves credit for this kind of humanitarian intervention. Recall that just a decade or so ago, we had the Terry Schiavo Case which was very similar. That case ended tragically after a villainous judge ordered Schiavo cold-bloodedly murdered in the most inhumane fashion. Though former Pope John Paul II also spoke out, the RINO Bush Brothers---President Junior and Governor Jeb---turned a blind eye to the horrid proceedings.

       Not so President Trump. And his actions should a warning to ghoulish Leftists as to how he will act if another Schiavo Case comes up in the US. It illustrates once again that ending the reign of the Deep State effects everyone on a personal level.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


      The US Center for Disease Control recently issued an updated medical guideline for what constitutes a normal level of male testosterone. The new levels were slightly lower than previous guidelines; and the whackos in the Red Pill Cult have spun out of this change one of the most ridiculous of their theories yet. The story was picked up on two of the worst Red Pill sites: The Daily Stormer and Chateau Heartiste. Both sites are run by angry, bitter little men whose ravings are a continual source of embarrassment for real Conservatives.

      "The chemical castration of the Western male is about to be kicked up another level." pontificates the Stormer, "It's a transparent attempt to feminize men and normalize being a low-T faggot! We could start seeing men with healthy testosterone labeled 'pathological' because their levels are too high compared to the new standard!"

       And likely not a single one of the Red Pills doubts that their levels are too high. Now, of course, this argument is entirely absurd---the US Government isn't monitoring men's testosterone levels. The Government currently can't even control drugs in their own hospitals from being abused---how are they going to control male testosterone levels?

        And, the Chateau, citing the Stormer article, adds this brilliant insight: "Our Government is evil. It wants to pathologize masculine men and normalize fat women." This is the same CDC, incidentally, which just a few months ago called obesity in American women an "epidemic". Heartiste goes on in his apocalyptic strain:

       "There is a Western-wide War on Men, because the effete low-T globohomo taintlickers who have somehow wormed their ways into power at laugh at the plebs assaulted by Diversity from behind their gated communities know...THEY KNOW...that testosterone is the elixir of the god-emperors, and a million god-emperors whose veins flow with the power of T and whose hearts are opened to the ethereal channels of connection to their mighty warrior ancestors through their shared high T heritage are the ONLY FOE WITH THE FORCE OF WILL to oust the degenerate elite from their plush sanctums...Reclaim your rightful place in the pantheon of powerful White Men as heir to a noble race of warrior-poets."

        Incredibly, there are actually people who buy into this kind of psychobabble. But if either of these two jugheads had bothered to look at the CDC website before spouting off, they would have learned that guidelines were adjusted from research gathered during an ongoing project to find a cure for Hypogonadism. That's a medical condition that causes low testosterone. In other words, so far from forcing men to accept low-T as a new normal; the CDC is trying to cure men who suffer from it.

       Besides that, these Red Pill bobbleheads are also wrong in believing that homosexuality is caused by low testosterone. It's actually a purely psychological condition---something everyone else has known for the last century or so. 

       But this is kind of thing that Conservatives must do their best to oppose. These extremists are just as great a threat to our cause as the RINOs and Neocons. 



Friday, July 14, 2017


     President Trump and French President Macron, both political newcomers leading major powers, left the G-20 together for a summit of their own in Paris. The two leaders have been discussing further issues of mutual interest; most notably trade, Middle Eastern policy, and France's position in the EU and NATO.

      The French people, though, have found themselves quite captivated by First Lady Melania Trump. The European Press has been following her closely; from some of her charitable activities to what her outfit-of-the-day is. Melania's elegance and femininity resonates with Europeans who've been disgusted with American womanhood: personified most recently by the likes of Hillary Clinton and Michele Obama.

          As Americans are predominantly descended from European stock, there has always been a measure of rivalry among the Fair Sex for which are the trend-setters. Europe has held the lead for some time; witness the fact that Melania herself was born in Yugoslavia. In a way, Melania seems to be setting a welcome trend. There hasn't been a higher-than-usual interest in European women among American men since Melania became First Lady. There has though been a growing trend among American women to emulate Melania's traits.

          Melania's popularity is obviously perplexing the Corporate Media and the Cultural Marxists who've been writing and tweeting snotty remarks about both Mrs. Trump and the French First Lady, Brigitte Macron. It's been these perverts and radical feminists who've been responsible for cultivating negative trends among American women for the last three decades.

          Americans by and large have forgotten that there was a time when European men actually used to come to America---drawn by the beauty of American women. Melania's reception in Paris is reminiscent of the days when a glamorous First Lady's visit was anticipated by the Parisians:

            Only a few years before Mrs. Kennedy became the Talk of Paris, a Philadelphia girl turned Hollywood starlet was romanced and married to the dashing Crown Prince of Monaco:


         Despite both Feminist and Red Pill mythologies, American women are rediscovering the fact that there is actual value in Femininity. Hating men, competing with men, scorning men as inferiors: none of these attitudes are qualities attractive to normal people of either sex. Feminists hate femininity of envy and neurotic misandry; Red Pills despise it because they can't earn a valuable female and also because of their latent homosexual tendencies.

            Draining the Swamp---from a cultural standpoint---means rejecting the phony philosophies of these self-styled Cultural Elites and doing what's always worked instead. Melania is leading by example: and, as an American immigrant, she's perfectly positioned to rebuild that connection that American and European women always had.