Thursday, July 27, 2017


      Manosphere cultist and general Internet bully, Dalrock, is having an online meltdown of sorts after he and his trolls were completely owned and humiliated by the Rev. Doug Wilson. Dalrock is up to his third anti-Wilson post in the last four days---this time accusing Wilson of latent homosexuality. He even goes so far as to attack C.S. Lewis, claiming that Lewis' writings have led Wilson into heresy.

      Claiming that Lewis corrupted theology is almost as bad as Dalrock's confederate Vox Day, who claims that Conservatism was corrupted by William F. Buckley.

      The problem for Dalrock and the Manosphere 'Alt-Christians' is that Wilson's argument struck them at their weakest point. Their theology is not based in Christian love; it is based on the false philosophy of Game; and it is inevitable that domestic abuse will result. Not necessarily physical abuse (though some Manosphereans advocate it), but psychological and spiritual abuse as well.

       Game, and its concomitants in Pick-Up Artistry and the Dark Triad, is premised on manipulating women into submission. Now, in Christianity, a woman's submission is freely and lovingly given in return for loving and responsible male headship. But Dalrock's main contention with Wilson hinges against that very thing. Dalrock argues that a husband can and should compel submission from his wife. He recommends the ruthless and manipulative Game tactics to achieve this end. If a man is free to compel a relationship with a woman, there is no logical outcome except domestic abuse.

        Dalrock and the other Game-Cultists believe that women are incapable of anything but rebellion and never act out of love or faith. If that premise is true, then force and fear is a man's only recourse in dealing with women. Worse still, the cultists also believe that men who respect their wives as spiritual equals are actually living in sin:

        "The much more pervasive sin of men is the same sin as Adam in the Garden, listening to their wives when they should be listening to God."

        Because in their cultish interpretation of the Genesis story, Adam and Eve sinned in two different ways---resulting in two different types of Original Sin. Eve, they argue, rebelled against the Divine Command and chose Satan over God, then she seduced the innocent Adam into disobedience. And so, they argue, women will ever be like Eve---hence the man's divine duty is to keep the 'female nature' under control. How else can this lead to anything but abuse?

        So contrary to Dalrock's tantrums, Wilson was not engaging in hyperbole by referring to this ilk as 'wife-beaters'. And Dalrock's critique of C.S. Lewis is too ridiculous in and of itself for serious rebuttal. No doubt the hysterics will get worse; as fanatics can't stand the light of truth.



  1. Having followed the whole fuss, I wrote a piece in favor of Pastor Wilson,in appreciation of his efforts. I linked to your other post,also.

  2. Sometimes it would seem like Dalrock would stumble onto a halfway decent idea... and then just run with it way past acceptability and sanity. Like the recent posts that the Bible doesn't show men pursuing women which is just not true if you've read any of it. (And you can see me and some others arguing with cane and others in the comments)