Friday, July 14, 2017


     President Trump and French President Macron, both political newcomers leading major powers, left the G-20 together for a summit of their own in Paris. The two leaders have been discussing further issues of mutual interest; most notably trade, Middle Eastern policy, and France's position in the EU and NATO.

      The French people, though, have found themselves quite captivated by First Lady Melania Trump. The European Press has been following her closely; from some of her charitable activities to what her outfit-of-the-day is. Melania's elegance and femininity resonates with Europeans who've been disgusted with American womanhood: personified most recently by the likes of Hillary Clinton and Michele Obama.

          As Americans are predominantly descended from European stock, there has always been a measure of rivalry among the Fair Sex for which are the trend-setters. Europe has held the lead for some time; witness the fact that Melania herself was born in Yugoslavia. In a way, Melania seems to be setting a welcome trend. There hasn't been a higher-than-usual interest in European women among American men since Melania became First Lady. There has though been a growing trend among American women to emulate Melania's traits.

          Melania's popularity is obviously perplexing the Corporate Media and the Cultural Marxists who've been writing and tweeting snotty remarks about both Mrs. Trump and the French First Lady, Brigitte Macron. It's been these perverts and radical feminists who've been responsible for cultivating negative trends among American women for the last three decades.

          Americans by and large have forgotten that there was a time when European men actually used to come to America---drawn by the beauty of American women. Melania's reception in Paris is reminiscent of the days when a glamorous First Lady's visit was anticipated by the Parisians:

            Only a few years before Mrs. Kennedy became the Talk of Paris, a Philadelphia girl turned Hollywood starlet was romanced and married to the dashing Crown Prince of Monaco:


         Despite both Feminist and Red Pill mythologies, American women are rediscovering the fact that there is actual value in Femininity. Hating men, competing with men, scorning men as inferiors: none of these attitudes are qualities attractive to normal people of either sex. Feminists hate femininity of envy and neurotic misandry; Red Pills despise it because they can't earn a valuable female and also because of their latent homosexual tendencies.

            Draining the Swamp---from a cultural standpoint---means rejecting the phony philosophies of these self-styled Cultural Elites and doing what's always worked instead. Melania is leading by example: and, as an American immigrant, she's perfectly positioned to rebuild that connection that American and European women always had.  


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  1. LOL! I have been in absolute fashion heaven, thanks to the first lady. It's amazing how such things can lift your spirits. She wore a red dress the other day and I suddenly forgot all about the world's troubles. She's done a great job bringing some fun back into our lives.