Sunday, July 23, 2017


     This has been another banner fortnight for bringing out the Alibi-Towels and Victim-Cards in the Prozac Nation. A number of habitual troublemakers and social parasites have been in the news lately, all blaming everyone but themselves for their notoriety.

          At the top of the list, we find Red Pill Cultist Matt Forney. Forney is a notorious internet troll, advocate of PUA and outright violence against women. He regularly turns up on catalogs of people affiliated with extremist movements; but wrote an infuriated article on Return of Kings that he was included on a profile of extremists published by the ADL.  Forney claims that the ADL article is a 'hit list' designed to silence himself and his confederates by triggering unhinged Leftists (of course, we all know that the Red Pills never engage in that kind of behavior). Forney claims that the ADL lied about him being part of the Alt-Right. Yet his author bio on Return of Kings states, "Matt's work has also been featured at Reaxxion, Taki's Magazine,, Red Ice, Alternative Right, and other sites."

         Forney portrays himself as a neo-masculinist manly Alpha leader and role model for young men. It doesn't strike us overly manly to fear retaliation from Americans while living abroad in Budapest, though. And while on the subject of media trolls:

            Kurt Eichenwald, writer for the Moonie-affiliated fake-news outlet Newsweek, is complaining that he is the victim of Right-Wing trolls. Actually, Eichenwald and Newsweek were forced to settle an out-of-court libel suit brought by former Sputnik reporter Bill Moran. The amount was undisclosed, but Eichenwald was forced to remove the libelous stories and disassociate his name from Newsweek.

            When Moran exposed Eichenwald's fake news stories about 'Russiagate', Eichenwald tried to bribe his silence with a position at Newsweek. When Moran refused, Eichenwald launched a smear campaign against him accusing of being a Russian agent. Just a suggestion: but we don't think it would hurt following this judgment for the FBI to have a close look at Mr. Eichenwald's business activities.

           Diana Orrock, Chairwoman of the Nevada GOP, tweeted a link to an article on the troll-site Medium written by a Left-Wing moonbat who wished death on Senator John McCain in some of the most vicious language imaginable. Orrock tweeted 'Amen' to the link. McCain, incidentally, has always identified as a Christian; so Orreck's endorsement of his death hardly seems consistent with the Spirit of Christ.

           After a public outcry led by Senator McCain's daughter Meghan, Orreck apologized but claimed on CNN that "people were reading things into her endorsement of the Medium article."  She even said that she only agreed with the 'sentiment' of the article. Part of that article reads: "Let me make myself clear: I sincerely, genuinely hope that Arizona Senator John McCain's heart stops beating and that he is pronounced dead by a qualified medical professional very soon." Let's hope those are mild sentiments enough!

          There were other political hypocrites active as well; among the most prominent is Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. Murray made something of a political career out of promoting completely unproven accusations of homosexual child-molestation by long-dead Catholic priests. This week, a fourth man came forward accusing Murray of homosexually raping him while a legal minor. This accusation looks especially bad for Murray, because the Portland Police (where the incident happened) announced that they actually had a case-file on this; unsealed it and forwarded it to the Court.

             Murray has denied all accusations, and predictably claims that he is the victim of a 'right-wing anti-gay witch-hunt' allegedly done for the ostensible purpose of securing a Republican victory in this year's Seattle mayoral election. This is a bit far-fetched, considering that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein actually outpolled Trump in Seattle in 2016; and that Seattle hasn't had a Republican mayor since 1969.

         But gays aren't the only ones playing victim. Serpent-faced career criminal-turned-celebrity Jeremy Meeks was over in England lately, where the social media was abuzz with his new romantic relationship with British socialite Chloe Green. There were pictures and interviews with Meeks and Green galore; except for one problem. Meeks is a married father of two.

        Mrs. Meeks filed for divorce after reading all the lurid details in the press; and Jeremy was quite offended by this. "He kept apologizing, not for the affair, but for the way I learned about it." Mrs. Meeks told Metro UK, "The first I learned of it was when I was checking my phone and somebody sent me a picture of him kissing that woman."

        All we can add to this story is that if Meeks committed his crimes with the same level of stupidity that he committed adultery, it's no wonder that he was always getting caught. And we're sure that it was 'all the cops' fault' afterwards too.

        Finally, there is disgraced White House spokesman, Sean Spicer. The Corporate Media has been putting out a lot of fake news about Spicer's downfall; but what simply happened was this: President Trump had reprimanded Spicer on several occasions for distorting the White House's position on various issues. Spicer's fat ego was closed to these warnings; so Trump announced a new Communications Director to keep people like Spicer under control. Spicer thought himself too important to be fired so he threatened to resign unless Trump changed his mind. Trump called his bluff and now Spicer is out; greatly humbled and mortified.

         So Spicer has been squawking to anyone who'll listen that he was the victim of internal political intrigue---not a victim of his own continual insubordination to the President. Unfortunately, though, he's liable to find plenty of employment opportunities in the anti-Trump Corporate Media.

        And so it goes---victims on top of victims. Hopefully as American cultural attitudes shift again we'll see less and less of this kind of thing over time.




  1. Thanks for the chuckle. Everyone's a victim, drives me crazy, especially when what people are really victims of is their own stupidity. One thing that has traditionally been so awesome about real men is that they take responsibility and teach the rest of us how to follow suit. Ironically,that's also where genuine power lives.

    1. You're welcome, and all of that is true. Our culture has put such a premium on victimhood some have learned to escape consequences by claiming it. Part of the maturity of masculine men is knowing that accepting responsibility is the first step towards change and self-improvement.

  2. This just in from the department of "words that don't mean what you think they mean". . . .

    The term "red pill" simply denotes a state of activated political awareness. To say that somebody is "red-pilled" simply means that they are politically "woke". For example, the publisher of the present blog definitely appears to be a red pill person.

    If you look around, you will find that the term "red pill" has gone mainstream.

    1. Thanks for the response. We've linked your new blog, BTW---it looks like it has some great potential.

      I agree that the term 'Red Pill' has gone mainstream; but it's also been co-opted by a segment of the 'Manosphere' who are constricting its meaning. 'A state of activated political (and social) awareness' is a positive thing. But these writers have turned the term 'taking the Red Pill' into something similar to a cultish conversion experience. By extension, this means (to them) adopting the Game/PUA/Dark Triad philosophies---often converged with heavy doses of gender and racial Supremacist writings; advocacy of violence and harassment; and extremist revisionism of Conservatism, traditional religion, and rejection of many traditional American values.

      The danger here is that people might conflate being 'Red Pilled'---rejecting the Cultural Marxist narrative---with the positions of these extremists (which really seems to be a sort of Cultural Fascism).

  3. You've got the chronological order reversed. The "manospheric" meaning of "red pill" is part of the legacy discourse, and has been around for the last few years. However, it is precisely THAT meaning which is now being overwhelmed and superceded by the growth of mainstream usage. Everybody and his Aunt Sally is saying "red pill" these days, and douchenozzles like Matt Forney (formerly Ferdinand Bardamu) have lost their control of it. Trust me, "red pill" belongs to everybody now, and I say "hurrah for that"!

    1. Oh, and while we are on the subject of "manosphere", that too is an outdated concept. The growth of popular anti-feminism (especially since Gamergate) has dwarfed that particular "sphere" to the point where is just another political sub-ecosystem among many. The "three sphere" model of Feminist Sector/Activated Non-feminist sector/Middle mass is, I find, a more useful high-altitude mapping and ought to be promoted as the foundation of our planning and public rhetoric at large.

    2. Thank you and those are all good points. Manosphere denizens of the Forney type are taking to calling themselves 'Alt-Christian' which might be a better term for their cult than 'Red Pill'.

      I'm not sure that the Manosphere per se is an outdated concept: there's still a sizable portion of it dedicated to mundane issues like male self-improvement, relationships, etc. I agree though that it is basically dead as an anti-feminist or men's rights movement. That's why I'm glad to that some veteran MRAs like you, Eivind Berge, and Rookh Kshatriya moving to a higher level of discourse. Which is really bringing the MRM back to its original purpose.