Tuesday, July 25, 2017


      Despite the efforts of President Trump and Pope Francis, the battle to save the life of British infant Charlie Gard has failed and the boy's parents given up the legal battle. President Trump made an attempt to bring the child and his family to the US for an experimental medical treatment. Amoral British judges were blocking the treatment to push their pro-euthanasia agendas.

        Hope was lost for the Gards when Dr. Michio Hirano, the American neurosurgeon involved, announced that tests had revealed that the child's condition had radically deteriorated during the legal battle. Had he been able to come to the US earlier, Dr. Hirano may have saved him, but the intervening time has rendered Charlie Gard's condition irreversible.

         No doubt to the delight of Left-Wing whackos on both sides of the Atlantic, Charlie Gard will be taken off life-support within the next few days.

        President Trump hasn't yet issued a statement, but Pope Francis urged prayer for the Gard family and that the Church reach out to them with aid and consolation. Like Trump, Francis was personally involved in the case and made an appeal to the EU. British Catholics had organized a petition directly to Queen Elizabeth, which presented to her Court at Buckingham Palace. President Trump also confronted British Prime Minister May at the G-20 Summit and offered US assistance.

          Charlie Gard was suffering from a rare condition called Mitochondrial Depletion Syndrome, which effects infants. Globally, there are only about two dozen cases annually. Dr. Hirano is one of the world's few experts on MDS. There are no doctors capable of treating it in Britain.

         Father Francesco Giordano, of Human Rights International told CNA News that we need to begin a new dialogue on medical ethics and called socialized medicine into question. With the Obamacare Repeal Debate in full swing, it's a sure bet that the Corporate Media and their chums in Big Pharma will never let the Gard Case be discussed publically.

         The problem with Socialized Medicine isn't simply the horrendous amount of fraud, such as HHS and the Justice Department have been uncovering. Even in efficiently managed systems like Europe has, Socialized Medicine eventually degenerates into a cost-benefit paradigm rather than a care-based model. Ultimately, in such systems medical bureaucrats make the final decisions---not about the level of care---but about the cost-effectiveness of treatments and allocations of taxpayer resources. In theory, Socialized Medicine might actually work in a theocratic country like Iran where doctors are subject to ecclesiastical oversight. But in a secularist system, cases like the Gards' are inevitable.

           Part of the tragedy too is that the Gards raised charitable funds to pay for private care in the US. This shows the falsity of the Left-Wing argument that private healthcare is unavailable to the poor. But even in the Free Market, doctors must be bound by ethics and their ultimate duty. It used to be the case that doctors donated services occasionally until greedy trial lawyers, predatory insurance cartels, and power-mad bureaucrats ended that along with the era of House Calls.

         Father Giordano also pointed out the deeper problem of a 'Euthanasia Mentality' where human beings are treated as expendable. The idea has long been promoted by the same people who promote Abortion and Population Control. It is rooted in selfish desire of many to enjoy limited resources by prohibiting others from using them. The rational course, though, is to use technology to accommodate larger populations. In spite of being officially an Atheist country, China has come to realize this. They've abandoned their population controls and euthanasia and have begun investing in new technologies to deal with their high population. And the new policy has worked much better for China already.

        So, barring Divine Intervention, this sad episode in human history will come to a tragic end. But maybe Charlie Gard will not have died in vain. His parents plan to use the monies raised to found a research fund to cure MDS. Maybe it will cause a new discussion over the future of medicine in post-BREXIT Britain, as well as within the EU and the US as well.




  1. It's tragic and so sad for the family, but I'm really grateful. His little life opened some eyes to the truth of socialized medicine and so many people responded, even President Trump.

    1. It really did open a lot of people's eyes, especially in Europe. The Pope's intervention has even started some debate in the EU Congress and within the Vatican as well. Some Cardinals who were advocates of socialized medicine are rethinking their positions.

      In Britain too this has really caused demands for reform. It's a shame that our own media is largely ignoring the story; both because they don't want certain conclusions drawn about Obamacare and because it reflects favorably on Trump and Pope Francis.