Friday, January 31, 2020


   With the whole Impeachment farce rapidly disintegrating, it was only a matter of time before Liberals nationwide would resume having mental breakdowns and Trump Derangement Syndrome would again rise to the surface. TDS has been recorded since 2016 in the US, though psychologists and medical doctors are at a loss to explain the phenomenon. It mostly strikes Liberals, though a few RINOs occasionally are afflicted. When TDS strikes, a seemingly typical Liberal suddenly shifts from their normal snide, passive-aggressive demeanor to inexplicably insane and often violent antics. TDS has resulted in people losing their jobs, ending up in hospitals or jails, and even occasionally committing an unintentional suicide. 

    Today an obese Feminist member of the NYC Metro Area's Arts and Croissants crowd had a TDS attack which nearly came to a violent end.

   Hannah Roemhild, a opera-singer from Connecticut and veteran of several women's marches, reportedly went berserk at Breakers Palm Beach Resort. It's not clear what triggered the TDS attack; but Roemhild ran screaming from the lounge, shouting anti-Trump slogans. She jumped on the roof of her rental car, dancing, stripping off clothes, and yelling incoherently. Police arrived, Roemhild jumped into the car and sped off in the direction of Mar-a-Lago. 

  Roemhild reached the President's home, ignored warnings to stop and crashed through two security checkpoints, nearly killing two guards in the process. The Secret Service opened fire on the car; at which point, Roemhild slammed the car into reverse and sped towards the airport. Deterred by police roadblocks, she then fled to a nearby motel and, according to WSVN-7 Miami, tried to break into a room there. Police surrounded the hysterical female, who was dragged away while shouting anti-Trump slogans and making obscene gestures at the shocked onlookers. 

  Palm Beach Police said that a second woman was taken into custody at the same time, but as of this writing we have no details. Roemhild was reportedly taken to the local police hospital to undergo drug-tests and a psychiatric evaluation. 

  A sad reminder that we never know where and when TDS will strike. But expect more such incidents as Impeachment continues to fail and Trump gains more and more support before the 2020 Elections. 

  As for President Trump, neither he nor Melania were in any danger. They were both in Washington today, and are planning to leave tonight for a weekend in Florida. While Democrats in the Senate and their followers on the street were engaging in all of this zaniness, Trump was on the job. He authorized a a new action plan to fight the Opioid Epidemic in rural areas; an Executive Order expanding resources to fight human trafficking; tightened immigration vetting processes; and imposed quarantines to prevent the spread of the Wuhan Virus. These are the kinds of things that people like Roemhild, Pelosi, and other Feminist/Left-Wing Whackos would like to stop---by force or fraud, if necessary. 


Wednesday, January 29, 2020


    CNN blowhard Don Lemon has once again made a complete fool of himself; this time spending nearly ten minutes of airtime laughing like a drunken sot while some stupid pundits heaped insults on Trump voters and supporters. 

   The background to this disgraceful spectacle followed a recent hit-piece on the President authored by arch-RINO John Bolton. Lemon was interviewing Wajahat Ali and Rick Wilson about some silly allegations made by some NPR reporter, when Wilson (pictured right) went on a (NSFW) rampage, which sent Lemon into spasms of laughter.  The Whacko Left Wing and 'Never-Trump' RINO Republicans are good buddies these days. 

   Wilson---who himself looks like he probably started in political activism during the Eisenhower Administration---ironically started in about "the credulous Boomer rube demo who supports Donald Trump". Ali then chimed in: "They think us elitists is dumb and Trump's the smart one. You elitists with your geography, and yer maps and yer spelling and your reading!Only them thar elitists know where Ukraine is! Yuk-yuk-yuk."

   "Elitists" the two bozos continued in mock-redneck voices, "You sit sippin' your lattes, looking at lines on a map! We got no use for that thar book-larnin'!" Throughout this, Lemon had his head down on his desk laughing so hard that he teared up. Well, in fairness, these two pundits are funnier than most actual Liberal comedians. But this was supposed to be a news program. 

    Speaking of intelligence, it's interesting that the latest poll on media confidence shows that 13% of the population trusts the media a great deal while 28% trust them most of the time. I'm certain that it's only a coincidence that these numbers closely parallel the rates of functional and total illiteracy in the United States. And, it wouldn't hurt to read again our article just previous to this one, which illustrates quite pointedly the character of those Elites who are oh-so-superior to Trump and his supporters. That guy thought he was smarter than Trump too, and now he's in jail. 

    But really all we have to do is look at US cities. Forbes Magazine recently the most Conservative and most Liberal US cities. Let's compare #1's, as listed on Areavibes.

Most Conservative: Mesa, Arizona. Pop. 500,000.
Cost of living: 5% lower than US average.
Crime: 9% lower than US average.
Unemployment: 8% lower than US average. Mesa's largest employers are the Mesa Public Schools, Banner Health, and Boeing.

Most Liberal: San Francisco, California. Pop. 850,000.
Cost of living: 106% higher than US average.
Crime: 141% higher than US average. 
Unemployment: 7% lower than US average. SF's largest employers are the City of San Francisco, University of California-SF, and the Unified School District of San Francisco. Wells-Fargo Bank, at #4, is the only private company in the city's Top Five. 

  It doesn't seem like all that superior education that Liberals claim to have helped them very much. Maybe instead of yukking it up with a pair of Deep State mental midgets, Lemon and CNN should do an analysis of why Conservative-run cities actually function while Liberal ones are disaster areas. 

  While we're at it, let's look at how well CNN's home city of Atlanta fares. Atlanta is about 70% Democrat and currently has a Democrat mayor who recently endorsed Joe Biden and declared Atlanta a sanctuary city. Atlanta has a population of 457,000. 

Cost of living: 8% higher than the US average.
Crime: 110% higher than the US average.
Unemployment: 45% higher than the US average. 

  But fortunately for Don Lemon, Atlanta also ranks as #3 'gay-friendly' city; which, to a homosexual millionaire like himself, compensates for the drawbacks. After all, Lemon isn't like us dumb rubes who work for a living and believe that Biology has anything to do with gender. Just watch CNN, take your Valium, and we can go back to being a happy world once again while the Elites laugh all the way to the bank. 


Tuesday, January 28, 2020


   One of the most positive things that the Trump Administration's Justice Department has been doing is draining the Swamp and putting once-untouchable self-styled 'Elites' in jail where they've belonged for a long time. Academia is one of the most corrupt and fouled sectors of the Swamp. From Headstart to Postgraduate levels, American public education has been a cesspool of corruption---operating with practically no public oversight---willing to sell out to the highest bidders while failing to educate the youth in anything other than Political Correctness, anti-Americanism, and the Art of the Graft. 

   Today, the FBI announced that it had bagged a big Swamp Rat at Harvard

   Dr. Charles Lieber, one of the highest-ranking professors at the formerly-prestigious school was arrested for selling classified information to the Chinese. Specifically, Lieber conveniently forgot to tell the NIH---from whom he was receiving fat research grants---that China was also paying him over $200,000 in cash and perks; along with a $1.5 million 'research grant' of their own. One of the conditions of receiving these particular federal grants, which involved sensitive nanotechnology studies, was that the research was secret. A research assistant at Boston College working on the same programs was also indicted, but had already escaped back to China. As it happened, this assistant is a Chinese national on a J-1 student visa sponsored by Lieber. The good professor also conveniently forgot to mention to ICE that she was a Lieutenant in Chinese Military Intelligence, among her other skills.

   According to the FBI, Harvard University itself was unaware of Lieber's activities. That may well be true, given the uncharacteristic rigor with which the University responded.

  "The charges brought by the U.S. government against Professor Lieber are extremely serious. Harvard is cooperating with federal authorities, including the National Institutes of Health, and is initiating its own review of the alleged misconduct.  Professor Lieber has been placed on indefinite administrative leave and will not be allowed on campus. He will not be able to participate in his teaching or research roles." a Harvard Press Release said. This is what happens in Academia when one of its own is caught stealing---from the wrong people. 

   Well, at least taxpayers in China got their monies' worth. But I wonder how much American taxpayers ended up getting fleeced in this whole fiasco; not to mention how much nanotechnology American manufacturers lost to Chinese competitors. At any rate, Lieber's going to be changing his lab coat for a black-and-white striped suit and missing the Boston Cocktail Circuit for the foreseeable future. 

Monday, January 27, 2020


    I suppose that we've all heard that NBA star Kobe Bryant died yesterday in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. He was 41 years old; and nine others died in the crash including Bryant's 13 year-old daughter and another family. In the interests of full disclosure, I never followed the NBA that much; but Bryant was like Michael Jordan or Wilt Chamberlain: a household name. 

   Unfortunately, many on the American Left have a spectator sport of their own: which is bringing down powerful Black men. Around the turn of the Century, Bryant was falsely accused during a Feminist witch-hunt and was one of the few men in this predicament to escape with his life, fortune, and career intact. 

  Now I'm certain that we all realize that American Liberals are mostly a bunch of racists; ergo they're constantly projecting racist motives upon everybody else. This hypocrisy is worst of all among Academia; but the Media is a close second---despite the number of tokens and Toms they hire to perform for the entertainment of White Liberals. This tendency really manifests itself as soon as some prominent Black man succeeds and becomes too uppity for Liberal tastes; then it's #BelievetheWomen time and old-fashioned lynchings often seem more merciful in comparison. 

  Since the beginning of the Trump Era, support for Conservatives among Black men has been growing; which in turn has caused Liberals in the Media to lose it more often and drop their masks. This really showed in their coverage of Kobe Bryant's death. Clip-haired MSNBC newswoman Allison Morris suffered a real Freudian Slip, explaining that Bryant was "perfectly cast for the Los Angeles Niggers...ooops! I-I- mean the Los Angeles Lakers!"


   MSNBC went into full damage-control mode denying (no doubt after some rapid audio editing) that such a thing was even said. However, as we have seen before,  that such sentiments are not all that uncommon among the Media Left. Usually, the Elites restrict expressing their attitudes towards our duskier brothers to private conversations during exclusive cocktail parties and $20,000-a-plate fundraisers. Occasionally, though, the Amphetamines run out and they explode in public.

   Meanwhile, over in England---where the virtue-signalling is even more obnoxious and condescending than here---the BBC choked in the clutch and really made themselves look especially stupid. The quality of the BBC has really declined during the last few years: no doubt occasioned by mass-depression over Brexit, the Trump victory, and the scandals involving the buffoons in Buckingham Palace. While reporting the news of Kobe Bryant's death last night, the network ran some clips of Kobe in NBA action. The only problem was that the clips presented were of NBA star LeBron James. 

    Oh well. After all, they all look alike to White Liberals, don't they?

   And nasty Feminist Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez---who was a teenager when Kobe Bryant was falsely accused of rape---got thrown off of Twitter. Even though Kobe Bryant was fully exonerated during a fair trial, the Feminists have never forgiven him for proving his innocence. 

  The Washington Post, caught between pandering to Feminists and pretending to care about the Bryant Tragedy, quickly invented some story about personal information being leaked, or something. The bottom line here is that the Corporate Media is, overall, spiraling downward faster than the Elites can control the damage. It ought to be obvious by now that the English-speaking Mass Media is in need of a thorough overhaul before their credibility sinks into complete oblivion.

Friday, January 24, 2020


     The American Media hyenas are once again seized with a bad case of Epidemic Fever. Whenever ratings get bad, the American press often casts about for some new, exotic disease to fan fears of a global pandemic. Sadly, in today's America, mass-hysteria is not very difficult to induce among the general public. 

     A few days ago, a type of pneumonia caused by an unidentified virus began being detected in hospitals in and near Wuhan, China and was responsible for several fatalities. To its credit, the Chinese Government reacted rapidly. Medical experts from all over China went to the scene. 

   The main problem that China faced however, is that Chinese New Year is tomorrow (January 25th). Just like our holidays here, people travel. President Xi took the decisive though controversial step of placing Wuhan---a city the size of Los Angeles---under Quarantine. This has never happened in China's recent history, and the CPC newspaper, The Global Times published an editorial appealing to Wuhan's citizens to patriotism and understanding.

   The other threat that China faces from such a drastic step is the threat of panic: especially with Soros-instigated unrest in Hong Kong and elsewhere. This doesn't seem to have happened in China so far; although Xinhua News reported yesterday that China's largest retailer, Alibaba, issued a directive warning its franchises against profiteering on respiratory masks, which have been in short supply since the breakout. 

    It's kind of shameful when we consider that reactions to emergencies in America usually happen the opposite way. Instead of appealing to people's better natures, our media fans panic; instead of the relative calm as in Wuhan, we get looting and violent rampages; our businesses turn into Black Markets and gouge consumers for the last possible dime. And Chinese politicians take decisive action while ours posture and pontificate while doing nothing of any substance. 

   As the Global Times' op-ed makes clear, the Quarantine decision was taken to keep the virus from spreading all over China and beyond on account of the holidays. But the US Corporate Media and numerous conspiracy theorists (which sadly today amount to nearly the same thing) have painted the whole thing in Apocalyptic terms. The reality is that China already turning the tide against the outbreak. 

   The latest update from the Chinese National Health Commissariat states that they have confirmed 830 cases so far; 25 people have died and 34 others have been treated and released from Wuhan hospitals. While this is a serious situation, it doesn't exactly sound like a global pandemic. Less than a dozen cases have been found outside of China; including two in the United States. The ones in the US were found because China gave our authorities a list of persons who'd recently traveled here from Wuhan.

  The World Health Organization declared after an emergency meeting that: "We are not declaring a public health emergency of international concern....Make no mistake, though, this is an emergency in China. But it has not yet become a global health emergency." 

  The fact that some victims have already been cured and that WHO has already determined that the virus is a mutated pathogen that jumped from an animal shows that the scientists are close to stopping this virus already. Some unconfirmed reports suggest that the virus may have originated in infected snakes. This could be so since snake meat and snake eggs are eaten in parts of China; and various parts of the serpent are employed in traditional Chinese folk-medicine. 

  Virology is a complicated and esoteric science. While we don't know everything about these pernicious organisms, the specialists in this field know more than most of us. Specialists, incidentally, don't include the American Media. For those concerned about the Emergency in China, there are many scientists monitoring the situation, and we should pay attention to them and not hired blowhards on CNN and MSNBC who are often tied to Big Pharma. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020


   Yesterday's news that Dalrock---one of the ringleaders of the Red Pill Cult---announced that his blog was closing has sent several of his acolytes into a seriously Blue Funk. As of this writing, there are about 250 of these lost souls pining away because they no longer have anyone telling them what to think and do. Dalrock hasn't deleted his site, as threatened; but today said that the sheer pathos among his flock has led him to reconsider archiving it. This isn't really surprising given an ego as massive as Dalrock's. Hearing hymns and praises to himself has been the hallmark of his blog during the last decade. 

  There are several pingbacks at his site leading to the blogsites of his lesser-known imitators. The most sycophantic of them all was written by another high-profile Game Cultist, Rollo Tomassi at the blog The Rational Male. His entire article, Exit Dalrock, reads like the lamentations of a woman whose boyfriend just terminated a long romance. 

    "I am so depressed!" Tomassi wails from the outset, "We've been together for ten years!" "I've been talking to him, trying to get a reason for his decision!" "The Blogosphere is dead and meaningless without him!" Boo-hoo-hoo, etc. 

   The histrionics aside, the Blogosphere is not dead. The fact is that Red Pill blogs are withering and dying because they don't really offer anything to men. In its heyday a few years ago, the Manosphere was a resource for Men's Rights and other issues that men actually care about. In the last few years, it's become nothing but a sludge-pit of confidence-men, bullies who abuse women, and overall a herd of racist pigs. They promote some of the most utterly absurd pseudosciences,  as well as the most idiotic conspiracy theories  imaginable. 

   All this is bad enough; but what drives normal men (and women) away from them is that it is painfully obvious that they conflate pointless violence with masculinity.  They encourage senseless violence openly; and they boast of their bloody fantasies. Even though they talk tough behind a keyboard, when called out and confronted they behave like utter poltroons. In spite of these debilities, none of them entertain the slightest doubt that they are smarter and better than other men; coveted by the most 'high-value' women and the continual targets of other men's envy. In other words, blogs like Dalrock's are disappearing because more and more men are awakening to the fact that they are mostly the work of arrogant and pretentious crackpots who talk like perverts and psychopaths, and are very likely on the local police's watchlist. 

   A man's instincts tell him that these are people to avoid; and that hobnobbing with them can't possibly lead to any good end. The way for young men who are insecure about their masculinity isn't to take some stupid 'Red Pill.' Pick a hero you admire and study him and try to imitate his virtues. That's how men have always done it, without fiddle and farce. 


Wednesday, January 22, 2020


    There was some great news posted today in the Manosphere. The Red Pill Cult has lost yet another of its linchpin blogs:

     Dalrock, one the most pernicious sewers on the Internet, is no more. During the last decade, Dalrock was one of the leading voices teaching and inciting men to avoid the Church; abuse women; and harass enemies of the Cult. He accomplished all of this under a cloak of fake Christianity which promoted the false doctrines of Evolutionary Psychology and Game. 

    Dalrock hasn't given us a reason for throwing up the sponge as of this writing; but I suspect that it has something to do with the decline of the Red Pill Cult's power and influence in general. Within the last five years, several of the bastions of the movement have collapsed: The Spearhead, The University of Man, Return of Kings, The Daily Stormer, Alpha Game Plan, Chateau Heartiste, the Red Pill Subreddit are deader than door-nails. All of the would-be 'Alphas' running these propaganda outlets fancied himself the future czar of the Cult. But it didn't work out---as repeated exposure to the truth has deterred many men from falling victim to their falsehoods and has led many others to find a way out and free their minds. 

    Thanks are due to all Christian and Conservative bloggers, vloggers, and pundits who helped bring down the Beast. There's still plenty of work to be done; but 2020 is off to a great start. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


   Manosphere cultist Vox Day has been having a difficult time lately bestirring his Legal Legion of Evil. They're now two weeks behind on serving Vox' critics; they still can't find out who called the police on Owen Benjamin; and even their smarmy doxxing tactics have ended up hitting the wrong targets. 

   This isn't the first time that the LLoE has botched things. They suffered a humiliating defeat in 2017 when Vox went after Andrew Torba and Gab---also for allowing people to laugh at him and his cultists online. Vox apparently had so little confidence in them to begin with that he tried to play the Victim Card and pretend that Torba was coming after him. 

   On September 7th, 2017, Vox popped off that:

  But then, on the 13th:

  What was the outcome of all of this?

   Well, it seems that the case was judicially dissolved last August because nobody had taken any action upon it in nearly two years! And, we see from the above record that the LLoE Member referenced in the last screenshot is one Mr. Jack G.B. Ternan, Esq. of Plano, Texas. 

   Vox pretty clearly indicates that Ternan is part of his LLoE. On September 16th, 2017, Vox said:

   And on September 21st:

   However, as we examined Mr. Ternan's history a little, a strange fact emerged. It seems that his own political leanings and activities are diametrically opposite of those that Vox preaches to his followers. Ternan ran as a Democrat in an unsuccessful 2012 bid for a Texas House Seat. According to Open Secrets, he's quite a significant donor to Liberal and Feminist causes:

    Now of course Mr. Ternan is free to support whatever political causes that he pleases; that's not the point. The point here is that Vox hired for an attorney the very type of man he routinely denounces as SJW Converged while presenting to the dupes donating to his legal fund that Ternan was fully on-board with the principles of his Legal Legion of Evil. And for that matter; since Vox has been carrying on about Tortious Interference, Defamation, and Harm to Reputation lately, I wonder what harm Vox may be doing to Ternan's reputation among his Liberal colleagues? One simply can't imagine that a lawyer identified with Teddy Spaghetti's 'Alt-Right Legal Strike Force' would be all that welcome at too many Brunch With Bernie events. If Ternan's business has been a little slow lately and he's wondering why, it might not hurt for him to look into what some ex-client has been saying about him. 

   And Mr. Ternan might also be a good candidate for certain vloggers and other online reporters to interview and get his side of the story. For my own part, it simply looks like Vox has been caught in yet another hoax. 


Monday, January 20, 2020


    In our postmodern Liberal dystopia, we all know that any type of normal heterosexual behavior is roundly shamed---outside of a few very circumscribed politically-correct circumstances. No flirting---and certainly no sex in school or workplace. No age differences allowed. No thinking about the opposite sex is permitted; and, in cases of people under 18 it can bring in the full weight of the legal system. According to Feminists, all heterosexual sex is really rape and abuse; according to certain Manosphere dorks; no heterosexual sex is really sex unless there's rape and abuse. 

   Now, it's a totally different matter when it comes to homosexuals. They're allowed to flaunt their perversions in public in front of everyone---regardless of age or sensibilities. Schools and workplaces encourage homo relationships; in fact people can lose jobs or scholarships simply by objecting to any of this. And of course, the Media portrays it all as a noble and glamorous lifestyle and always keeps the violence, the physical and mental diseases, and the moral degradation associated with it scrupulously out of sight. 

   Back in the Dark Ages of the 1980's, a couple of Lesbian hags named Catherine Wood and Gwendolyn Graham murdered (at least) 12 elderly patients while working as nurses' aides at the now-defunct Alpine Manor Nursing Home in Walker, Michigan. They committed these crimes as part of a homosexual love-pact. Such things are not unusual within the LGBTQ Community. The Columbine shooters and numerous other serial killers have done the same things. Wood and Graham were convicted for 5 of the killings in 1987. 

   Despite being denied parole 8 times previously, and over the objections of both the victims' families and several psychiatrists, Wood was released from prison. The conditions of her parole require that she cannot work in assisted care---but that only lasts until her parole expires in 2021. 

   There were all sorts of strange anomalies in the decision to release Wood. Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker---in whose jurisdiction the murder case was originally tried---wasn't even notified of the parole hearing, and only learned about it when it was reported on the local news. The same was true of the victims' families. They tried to file appeals---which were buried in bureaucratic red tape. 

    Wood has relocated to live with a sister in Ft. Mill, South Carolina. Bryan Zachary of the Ft. Mill Police told the media that he had not been notified of Wood's relocation and in case,  “We do not have the official responsibility for that.” The Homeowners Association at Wood's new residence wasn't notified either. 

   “'It seems like it should be something that would be useful information,' said Tom Carter, the homeowners association president. While the sex offender registry shows 57 sex offenders living in Fort Mill, there is no list of serial killers. The homeowners association president said he plans to reach out to board and the board’s attorney.
  “'I don’t know what our options are, if any. We have a neighborhood Facebook page. That might be something that we could put that information out on, but on the other hand, that may be judged as harassment,' Carter said. 'That is a little concerning, but 30 years is a long time, too, so people do change, I guess,” he continued. 'I’m not going to make a rash judgment, but it’s good to be aware of it.'”
   One can almost hear Zachary's and Carter's teeth chattering at the prospect of being labelled a "homophobe," which in America today is worse than being convicted for a serial-killing spree. In fact, I have a strong suspicion that this was the impetus behind this whole 'legal' farce to begin with. The pinhead on the judicial bench who signed off on Wood's parole is a RINO named J. Joseph Rossi. Rossi was a strong supporter of Mitt Romney and was appointed by Bush Junior in 2002 to serve as a Federal Prosecutor. Obama replaced him in 2010, and in 2016 Rossi was elected Judge of the 17th Michigan Circuit Court.

  "She will not become a menace to society or public safety."  the judge opined, "A condition of her parole is that she can not find work in a nursing home or with children. For Ms. Wood’s part, she has maintained her good behavior and composure, despite the legal process keeping her in limbo for over a year. She has conducted herself appropriately during court appearances, giving further credence to the (parole) board’s recommendation.”

  It's interesting to note that behind all of this smoothing-over of Wood's past is that one of the objections raised in the previous eight parole denials was the testimony of Michigan Attorney-General Dana Nessel, who summed up their findings in a formal objection filed with the Parole Board in 2019:

 “Repeatedly, the parole board determined Ms. Wood to be a threat to the public. I am not sufficiently persuaded that Ms. Wood does not remain a threat to the public or that she has demonstrated true remorse for the many helpless, vulnerable victims she ruthlessly murdered while in her care. She continues to be a threat to the public and it is incumbent upon me as the state’s chief law enforcement officer to do everything possible to protect our state’s residents from those who endanger them." Nessel, incidentally, is a homosexual herself, and based this statement on the findings of psychiatrists who---for obvious reasons---left the whole question of the connection between Wood's proclivity for violence and her "sexual orientation" out of the equation. While I've had more than a few disputes with Nessel's policies before; I believe that, given the circumstances, her opinion here was thoroughly unbiased and objective. Sadly, Nessel is really the only party involved in all of this who could speak out and not be accused by the NPC's of being "homophobic." 

  Regardless of whatever happens next, I think that we can all rest assured that no heterosexual convicted of the same crimes would have been treated like this. In fact, heterosexual men are usually treated even worse---even when they're exonerated of far lesser crimes. It just goes to show how the last 30 years have corrupted our culture---when the Rights of average citizens evaporate in front of a powerful special interest. 


Sunday, January 19, 2020


  Things have been stirring up in Virginia this weekend. January 20th is a day known in that State as Lobby Day; when citizens gather near the State Capitol to hear political speeches on various issues. This year, a group called the Virginia Citizens' Defense League is holding a rally some stupid new gun laws backed by the Democrat Governor. Ordinarily, few people in the other 49 states would even have known about this event; but this week, the FBI brought down a trio of based and Red Pilled knotheads who were plotting some mayhem at the event. 

   The FBI alerted Virginia authorities; but instead of beefing up security as most governors would do, Governor Ralph Northam had a panic attack. Aping his illustrious predecessor in Richmond--- Jefferson Davis--- Northam has practically put Richmond under martial law. He's asked the FAA for flight restrictions, imposed gun-carry regulations, declared a State Emergency and said and done all kinds of strange things. 

    Now the DNC never lets a good crisis go to waste and their trained seals in the MSM have jumped on the story. Along with their usual anti-gun propaganda, they've been promoting and fanning some of the most ridiculous Conspiracy Theories in hopes of starting  fear of a 'Second Charlottesville'. 

   For the DNC, it's a propaganda win either way. If violence happens, they can exploit it to bash Trump and the 2nd Amendment. If nothing happens then they can praise Northam's draconian policies as 'getting tough on gun nuts.' In reality, it's just another Media Circus that likely will be forgotten as the next Fake News Cycle pops up. 

   I rather doubt that much of anything noteworthy will happen tomorrow---unless some Liberal whacko can't buy any drugs and has a TDS attack. Early estimates are that over 10,000 pro-2nd Amendment demonstrators will show up---that number will far exceed the number of anti-gun counter-protesters. The Media's no doubt hoping that fears will keep numbers down. Northam and his Rainbow-Pride Attorney-General have been urging people not to show up at the rally. 

   There are others online too who believe that a False-Flag incident may happen tomorrow. While I don't doubt that they are amoral enough to do something like that, Northam and his confederates don't seem to have the intelligence to pull off anything that complicated. 

    Tomorrow's a federal holiday; so if you have the day off, go do something fun. 


Friday, January 17, 2020


   Cult leader Owen Benjamin apparently is being tormented day and night trying to figure who sent the police on their recent visit to his compound. Readers might recall that the Kitsap County Sheriff dropped by for a welfare check after Owen started spazzing out and making threats on his livestream. Likely, posting pics of his wife with a black eye hasn't helped matters.

   Between spouting some really goofy Conspiracy Theories, Owen has recently been emphasizing "I dindu nuffin'" on his podcasts. He even assured his followers that his belief in a Flat Earth means he's more emotionally stable; and the fact that he breast-fed until the age of seven gave him superior health and intelligence. 

 Despite all of this, his obsession with the police visit came to the fore yesterday. Now he thinks he knows who called on him---Gamma Trolls, of course. Owen was boasting on-stream that he had secret method for catching Gammas. According to him, a Gamma can't resist bragging, so they go to places like Reddit and take credit for doing it. 

   "On their stupid little chats---and we've got VFM and Bears everywhere---guys, you think that on your little Discords and your little Reddits that we don't have people reading that stuff? That's how you catch people, you idiots!"

   Apparently they haven't been very attentive lately, because today their Grand Pooh-Bah Vox Day was beside himself with rage over some e-mails he'd received mocking his recent screw-ups. Vox posted two of them, holding them up as examples of 'Gamma Behavior'. What the Supreme Dark Lord completely missed was that the whole thing was a gag. How do we know this? Because it's been openly announced on Reddit for the last week!

   It seems like all of those cultists who have eyes everywhere were really asleep at the switch on this one. Vox and his VFM really got stung on this one. They're still over on Vox Populi raging through the comments like it was a serious story. I guess that shouldn't be surprising considering the kinds of cornballs who actively promote this Alpha-Gamma nonsense:

    Believe it or not, this is what's being sold to people as an alternative to Liberalism and Feminism. This same bunch laughs at 'Cuckservatives' and 'Churchians' as ineffective. So far, they haven't been effective at much but making fools of themselves and getting hooted off the Internet. But that's not a bad thing; it leaves the door open for real Conservatives to do the job that needs to be done. 

Thursday, January 16, 2020


   Antonio Brown, another notorious piece of NFL flotsam, was in the news (again) recently after a viral video of himself acting like ghetto trash near his Hollywood home. Basically, he threw one of his 'baby-mommas' out of the house and smart-mouthed the police, calling them 'little man' and 'fish head' and throwing penis-shaped candies at them. Prior to this incident, he tweeted as a New Year's Resolution that he "was swearing off White Women" ----much to the benefit of half the American gene pool. 

  But this is what the NFL considers high-quality talent. This jughead is a graduate by the way of Central Michigan University---unbelievable as it seems, he was even too dumb to get into Florida State and that's really saying a lot. At any rate, this multimillionaire celebrity learned well there. During the confrontation and after he howled about how there was no justice for the Black Man in America today. 

  Needless to say, this isn't the only incident in which Brown has been conspicuous. Today the Miami Police severed their public-relations ties with Brown though it took three domestic violence reports before they finally did. His agent and his attorney both quit too. Brown responded with this tweet:

   Brown's lawyer was representing him after what the Miami Herald rather tepidly termed "a string outlandish behavior." This included a "2018 lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County that alleges Brown caused $15,000 worth of damages to a Sunny Isles Beach condominium." The media lives out the little detail that---in this case---Brown destroyed furniture and hurled it down from 14 stories at a woman with an infant. "It seems these days as if Antonio Brown can't catch a break," the Herald's sportswriter lamented. 

   Brown's latest antics, along with the dozen or so NFL thugs jailed so far this season reminded me that the new XFL is opening in just a few weeks. For those of us who've really missed football because it disgusts us too much these days, the XFL looks very promising. Kickoff is at 11 AM Saturday, February 8th and will be televised on ABC and Fox affiliates. 


   This new league is the brainchild of veteran sports promoter Vince McMahon. Conservatives here might remember that McMahon's wife Linda---to whom he's been faithfully married for 54 years---was a GOP Senate contender and former head of the US Small Business Administration under President Trump. In 2019, she resigned to work full-time on the Trump 2020 Campaign.

   The XFL is basically a modernized, high-tech version of traditional fan/community centered football. It appeals both to older fans who miss what the game once was; and to younger fans for its innovation and sheer fun. An interesting innovation of McMahon's was to cap ticket prices to make going to games affordable and family-friendly. Most of all, it's going to make football fun again---something we haven't had in a long time.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020


   Many people are under the impression that when Liberals take over a government, they drive away businesses and discourage entrepreneurship. We know from experience here on the West Coast that such an assumption is not necessarily the case. While some industries leave or go out of business; the door is opened for new, more progressive enterprises. Industries like marijuana growing; prescription drug manufacturing; gay bars; diversity enforcement agencies; trial lawyers and bail bondsmen all have seen explosive growth rates under Liberalism.

   Our once-great neighbor to the North---Canada---went down the tubes a long time ago. The country is a really big reason why we in America really need to upgrade our military and strengthen our borders; Canada's become so hopelessly weak that it's a sitting-duck for any power that desires to take it down. If they actually had anything worth taking anymore, it probably would have happened by now. 

  Now, Canada is already a significant exporter of narcotics, white slavery, and even terrorists to the United States. But one company in Calgary has come up with an exciting new development---they're now renting sex dolls. And the company---Natrl Dolls---has been doing so well that they're expanding to Vancouver where they're sure to tap into the massive market of perverts inhabiting America's Pacific Northwest. 

   For readers who don't regularly read Manosphere/Red Pill blogs, an explanation might be necessary. While technology---especially in plastics---has improved the umm...'quality' of sex dolls considerably, the cost is still prohibitive to many of these would-be Alphas; especially considering that most of them don't have actual jobs. The State-run Canadian Media pointed out that renting these ersatz ladies costs about 1/10 as much as buying one. It's even cheaper than conventional prostitution. It's actually quite the perfect set-up for most Red Pills: they can simultaneously use a woman for sex while never having to come in contact with an actual female! And best of all (from their perspective) it's cheap. 


    I wonder if these things are made in China? 😒 

    The owner of the rental service---who apparently was too ashamed to give his name to the press and spoke to the CBC on condition of anonymity---explained "The company will show up in a discreet car with a box that looks like it holds musical equipment. The staff follow the instructions left for them on the booking website — whether that includes dropping off the box for you to set up or setting the scene for you. They will put on makeup and spritz a bit of perfume tailored to each doll's personality."

   Yes---lest anyone think that those who rent these dolls are simply shallow, these things have umm...'personalities' too. 

  "Beyond just the physical features, like different bodies and hair and even elf ears, each doll comes with its own story and personality." Anonymous Owner explained, "Ariana, for example, is a 26-year-old bikini model from Venezuela, while Bella comes from an Icelandic clan of mushroom forest elves where women are forbidden from refusing sex to their lovers."

   And mostly importantly of all, Natrl Dolls shares Canada's commitment to diversity:
"Cameron, the sole male of the bunch, is pretty much up for anything, and while he's not as popular as the women,  he's been kept pretty busy."

   Is it just me, or does it seem like Trump wants to build a wall on the wrong border? 

  Anyway, these jokers can keep their plastic bananas. The real thing is good enough for me