Saturday, February 26, 2022


      As of this writing, Russian Military forces intervened on behalf of the newly-independent republics of Donetsk and Lughansk to secure those nations' borders. The Davos-backed Regime in Ukraine has, since it seized power in 2014, attempted through all manner of brutal means to subdue the Freedom Fighters of those regions who refused to recognize the coup's legitimacy and maintain their independence. The Russian forces eviscerated Ukraine's aggressive capabilities and that has emboldened other Ukrainian patriots to rise up against the Regime. 

    That is a much different picture than what is being depicted by the Corporate Media. That includes the Controlled Opposition who are clutching their bow-ties and wistfully looking back at the glorious Bush Era where the Pentagon simply beat down any nation which dared defy Wall Street. (Of course, they conveniently forget that Russia whipped Bush soundly when that Administration tried a similar stunt in the Republic of Georgia in 2007). The Tech Lords, meanwhile, have begun implementing measures to close down discussion, much as they did during the Scamdemic and the Electoral Hijacking of 2020. The 'Russian Invasion of Ukraine' is just as much of a propaganda meme now as the 'Baseless Allegations of Widespread Voter Fraud'  was a year or so ago. 


    Mainstream Conservatives are partially correct when they say that Afghanistan, Ukraine, and (very soon to be) Taiwan are connected events. They err though when they claim that the geopolitical losses of these regions represent the Junta's Foreign Policy weakness. Biden and his camarilla are following a definite plan and program and it's not about 'weakening' America abroad, but about strengthening their own power base domestically. 

    When the Bush and Clinton Administrations surrendered our economic base to large supranational mega-corporations a familiar pattern took place. There were massive mergers and outsourcing. The targets of these predatory corporate takeovers saw mass layoffs---millions reduced to unceremonious poverty while a select few escaped with golden parachutes. Stockholders were fleeced of their life savings while inside traders sold short and then gobbled up other viable stocks at bargain prices. Then these corporate leaders would consolidate their power base and move on to new conquests. 

   This is the same process that the Corporate interests which installed the Junta are doing in foreign policy. The benefits derived from occupying Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Taiwan have been largely rendered superfluous with the wholesale hostile takeover of the United States. The Elites are cutting these 'subsidiaries' loose while consolidating their own power base in the Anglosphere. The subjugation of the world is further down the road in their plans. 

   While the US and UK have been somewhat relaxing their repressive lockdown restrictions, there have been no condemnations of the ongoing brutality in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and much of Europe. Instead, they can use the pretext of Chinese and Russian 'threats' to send our military into those countries to prop up those regimes which are being racked by protests. It also enables them to force those countries to embargo Russian goods, which are in turn sold by Wall Street interests at inflated prices. 

   And since there is really no meaningful resistance in the US, the same Corporate Robber Barons can continue massive (and artificial) price inflation here while their paid parrots in the press scapegoat Russia. This way Ameroboobs can screech in outrage at all the supposed suffering in Afghanistan and Ukraine while ignoring what they see outside their own windows.

      In short, all of the Ukraine hysteria is simply that---another national panic attack being used as a cover for further wealth transfers and power grabs. And Americans will buy into it like they always do. Enough marijuana and fentanyl can make us feel exceptional whether we really are or not. 


Tuesday, February 22, 2022


     We haven't written much about the situation in Ukraine lately; mostly because it's been serving as a distraction to the widespread revolts against the Great Reset occurring throughout the rest of the West. But today, Russia---the major country holding what's left of our civilization together---moved to liberate the Republics of Lughansk and Donetsk from the NWO jackboot. Vladimir Putin formally signed a declaration recognizing these countries' independence, and allowed peacekeeping forces into the region. Celebrations broke out across the region.

      In 2014, a Soros-backed Color Revolution toppled the elected Ukrainian Government and Western Corporate vultures swooped in immediately. They initiated a series of repressive measures which led to a revolt in the provinces of Crimea, Lughansk, and Donetsk---which the Elites coveted because of their port facilities and manufacturing base. Crimea was able to invoke an old Soviet-era treaty allowing it to be re-annexed to Russia. The other two states managed to liberate themselves but were subjected to continual harassment from the puppet regime in Kiev. Russia sent considerable humanitarian aid during the last eight years, but recent provocations in the region have given the two new States the military protection they've needed. 

     Several fake Conservatives like Senator Cruz---who along with GOP Senators Cotton, Barasso, and Johnson was recently exposed for taking massive bribes from Ukrainian lobbies---were complaining loudly about Biden's "weakness in the face of our enemies." None of these yahoos have proposed sanctions against tyrannical regimes like Canada, Australia, or New Zealand though. Those on the Right still speaking of a Red Wave are grasping at shadows until they deal with people like these. 

    There were also some hopeful signs around the West today. The news from Ukraine overshadowed a major win for the protesters in Britain. Reeling under a series of protests and scandals, Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed to lift all Scamdemic restrictions in the UK effective immediately. Johnson is certainly no friend of Liberty and likely Realpolitik was behind his decision, but it was a major victory for the British people nonetheless. England is in the geographic vector between the uprisings in Europe and those in their Commonwealth and the British people are suffering from worse inflation than we're seeing here; rising crime, and foot-dragging on implementing BREXIT. On top of this, the Old Bat in Buckingham is reportedly near to giving up the ghost, and her heirs aren't exactly more popular than Johnson is right now. The Elites probably thought it best to cut their losses and not exasperate the British people any further. 

    In Canada, sadly, the situation has gone from bad to worse. Trudeau's dictatorship was upheld by his token Parliament in spite the Conservatives and the Liberal Bloc Quebec Party joining hands to stop it. Predictably, Trudeau and his henchmen are thirsting for revenge and one of his subsequent acts of tyranny has been to black out all reporting or depictions of protests on social media. On top of his new censorship powers, the Regime is also imposing harsher travel restrictions and there are rumors---and probably very likely true ones---that political leaders who've sided with protesters will be proscribed. 

   Canada now is a de facto dictatorship. Trudeau literally has the same degree of power in Canada that Stalin had in the Soviet Union. Unlike Stalin, Trudeau actually answers to the Financial Oligarchy, but he'll carry out their will to the letter. 

   Despite some local rollbacks in the US, the Junta here also extended its so-called 'Emergency Powers.' The rollbacks here are really insignificant since Corporate America imposes them anyway and the American people's will to resist has been completely sapped. It's so bad here that even the Liberal bastion of Seattle announced that Loyalty Vaxx Passports would no longer be required to enter establishments---and business owners still want to continue them voluntarily! The conduct of Americans throughout this whole Scamdemic will be one of the most disgraceful chapters in our history. Our men especially are just an international embarrassment

   But despite the setbacks, the gains in East Ukraine and Britain portend positive things. The forces behind the Great Reset are losing ground. The Elites miscalculated believing that the West was as easily cowed as Americans, and they have a only a tenuous geopolitical hold. 


Sunday, February 20, 2022


       Following the events of Bloody Saturday in Ottawa, huge and significant demonstrations erupted in Quebec, Edmonton, and especially Toronto. The Great Reset's brutality has apparently been drawing people into the resistance instead of intimidating them. Despite what the jackals in the MSM say, we still don't know the number of casualties that the Regime inflicted on innocent Canadians. One of the things that Trudeau proved to the Canadian people---and hopefully elsewhere---is that these NWO bastards mean exactly what they say and that looking the other way at what they intend to do is not a real option any longer if we intend to remain free. 

     Trudeau's repressive tactics are only an extension of the brutality he's practiced against Canadians for the last two years. He's authorized the building of internment camps; ordered his goons to raid churches; sponsored censorship---including outright book-burnings; admitted to using psyops against the people; and expanded powers of domestic espionage. It's not exactly been a secret where his Regime was heading. As the French media reported shortly before the slaughter began:

   "Others were defiant. 'I'm not leaving,' said Johnny Rowe at the start of the day. 'There's nothing to go back to,' he told AFP. 'Everybody here, myself included, has had their lives destroyed by what's happened in the past two years.'"

   An interesting incident has also leaked out around the MSM filters concerning deposed Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly, who was certainly no friend of the protesters and was a vocal supporter of the Regime. We all remember him...

    Sloly deserves a bit of charity now, as we're learning that he was forced out after objecting to the measures that Trudeau intended to deploy. He was replaced by a cutthroat named Steve Bell, but this affair around Sloly brings up some interesting questions. In the first place, it proves definitively that the Trudeau Regime was planning this massacre at least a week before the Emergency Act was invoked. Bell, slamming his fist on the podium like a Soviet-era Commissar, announced upon taking over that "you'll see a very different response" to the protests. Which also proves that the police that Bell intended to deploy were from outside Ottawa. 

    While he was Ottawa Police Chief, Sloly was in front of the press nearly every day complaining that he needed reinforcements. He was reprimanding his own officers nearly every day for supporting the demonstrators. There were video clips of police and protesters shaking hands and off-duty police joining the crowds. Sloly once ordered all of the towing companies with city contracts to remove the blockades and was refused. How does it happen that within 24 hours, they managed to have pro-Regime forces arrive by the busload and tow-trucks on standby?

   I'm certain that Ottawa Police are well-trained, equipped, and prepared, but this group that committed Bloody Saturday were obviously better equipped, disciplined and more efficient than a typical city police force---especially one that seemed rather divided politically. The scum whom Bell turned loose on the crowds actually had spotters and snipers positioned on rooftops, radioing maneuvers to squads on the ground. 

   Recall that operatives of the Biden-led Junta here have been withdrawing private security contractors---whose existence we have the RINOs Bush and Cheney to thank for---from Afghanistan and Ukraine within the last few months. They've also been stoking fears of "insurrection" in this country. Just before Trudeau received permission from his bosses in Davos to crack down in Canada, two of the Junta's agents promised him "full US support." Where do we suppose that these contractors might have gone? The whole operation carried out on Bloody Saturday has the definite look of people with considerable experience at doing what they did. 

  Suspicion that foreign agents were involved has been growing, because no one seems to know exactly who these enforcers were or where they came from. Unlike the Ottawa Police, they didn't interact or speak to the protesters. In fact, the Ottawa Police were moved to the rear to handle detainees---many of whom, it's being reported, have escaped. People present in Ottawa have also noted that these enforcers carried no distinguishing identification as to their origins, or even their names. Likewise, a viral video surfaced today of transport planes with foreign markings at the North Bay Air Force Base, just a three-hour bus trip to Ottawa. 

      The online trolls and apologists for the Regime were quick to start sneering---despite the fact that the aircraft had no snow on them and fresh tire-tracks around them even though it had snowed only the night before. An interesting side-note about the North Bay Air Base comes from Wikipedia itself: "North Bay's air force base is the centre for the air defence of the entire country, and works in concert with the United States via NORAD... It is also home to the 1 Air Force, Detachment 2 of the United States Air Force."

    Before these same trolls start scoffing any further, let's not forget that in 2002 the fake Conservative George Bush agreed with then Prime Minister Jean Chretien (one of Trudeau's political mentors) to allow mutual deployment of troops on each others' soil in case of 'national emergency.' Once again, we see a great example of how hypocritical Republican policies enabled the Left. This pliant tendency of both American and Canadian Conservatives to look the other way and go-along-to-get-along in their dealings with these globalist fanatics has carried a very high price tag. 

    Treaties aside, at this point Canada's Military has no excuse not to intervene. It could be argued plausibly that Chretien intended to be able to call upon US help if Canadian forces were overwhelmed by foreign invaders; that's well and good, but by no construction of this agreement could it be argued reasonably that Canada's Armed Forces are supposed to stand down while US-backed mercenaries cut down Canadian citizens in the streets of their capital. The Military needs to act and act now, or any new post-Trudeau government is seriously going to have to evaluate the Military's actual purpose. 


Saturday, February 19, 2022


     In 1970, Canadian singer Neil Young---who's since become a fawning apologist for a New World Order led by financial Oligarchs headquartered in the Swiss Alps---wrote a protest song which, with a little modification, describes the scenes from his homeland today:

                     "Tin Soldiers and Justin's coming...

                      We're finally on our own,

                       This morning I heard the drumming,

                       More dead in Ottawa."

     Friday, after closing Parliament for 'national security reasons' and ordering the press from the nation's capital, the Oligarchy's Director of Canadian Operations,  Prime Minister turned his hired goon squads loose on crowds of demonstrators. Canadian nationals were cut down with cavalry charges, beaten with clubs and rifle-butts, gassed, and subjected to other inhumane treatments. The number of dead and wounded are unknown; it is also unknown how many protesters were dragged away in chains to secret prison locations. 

    We've seen the Great Reset's thugs operating this way in Australia, New Zealand, and much of Europe. Now it's happening here, in North America, will the full blessings (and probably secret assistance) of Trudeau's American counterparts in Washington. That includes American Neocons who've been clutching their bow-ties throughout these atrocities and pretending that they "stand with Canadian truckers." Interesting that lists of financial donors to the Freedom Convoy just got hacked and released---and there doesn't seem to be any prominent American Republican figures on that list. I'll bet that a list of their recent Futures' purchases on stocks impacted by the protests would look a lot different though. 

     I don't claim the Gift of Prophecy or any special revelations, but my intuition tells me that a lot of cries have been reaching Heaven lately, and that God is not very pleased with America's collective indifference to all of it. I suspect that our continual collective bowing and submission to self-proclaimed earthly gods who act in defiance of all Human Rights and Natural Laws is not being well-received either. Whether one is religious or not; the bottom line here is that when it comes time to reap what we've sown, it's going to hurt. It's going to hurt a lot. 

    As for Canada, the situation is not over yet. Trudeau has significant opposition from both the Parliament and the Provincial leaders---which incidentally crosses party lines. These latest acts of tyranny have put Canada at a crossroads. The time for these leaders to act is now, because---and make no mistake about this---if Trudeau and his camarilla feel that they have the upper hand, the vengeance that they will exact on the Canadian people will be ten times more ruthless than today was. What hopefully will happen is that these leaders can bring about the intervention of Canada's Military to remove the Dictatorship, suppress the foreign mercenaries, pardon the protesters, and call for new (and fair) elections. Otherwise, the peaceful protests are going to turn to guerrilla warfare, and we're already seeing incidents which show popular inclinations in that direction

    "Shortly after midnight Thursday, police attempted to inspect the Coastal GasLink (CGL) construction site near Houston, where they say approximately 20 people, some armed with axes, had been reported to be attacking security guards and smashing their vehicle windows." 

   As well as this story which we mentioned yesterday:

    "Savage Arms, a firearm manufacturer just north of Peterborough, Ont., says that a weekend theft of more than 2,000 firearms in the city involves its products. In an email to Global News Peterborough sent around 10:30 a.m. Monday, Savage Arms president/CEO Al Kasper says the theft of a truck and trailer carrying firearms early Sunday involved a shipping partner of the company based in Lakefield, the village located about 15 kilometres north of the city."

   These do not sound like the actions of a people who are going to submit to the yoke of Trudeau's despotism passively. 

    Canada's decision time is now. They need to make a decision whether they will remain a self-governing nation of free men who decide policy with ballots; or whether they will become a vassal-state of a Supranational Oligarchy whose will is upheld with bayonets. 




Friday, February 18, 2022


      So Americans this week completed a month-long observation of pointless events: first the Academy Awards, then the Super Bowl, and finally Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is another day which is difficult to comprehend the actual purpose any more. Given our rates of divorces, abortions, testosterone deficiency, and gender dysphoria a holiday for romantic heterosexual love seems a bit pointless. Americans however are a people who like their illusions. We've actually reached a point where we're issuing travel advisories for own cities, but don't let anyone tell us that we aren't an exceptional people. Drug use, violent behavior from criminals and vagrants may be rampant at places like Metro-Sound Transit, but at least Mask Mandates are strictly enforced. 

      One place where transit has become much easier today is Israel, where the Knesset has announced the termination of its Loyalty Vaxx Passport plan. It was an unexpected move, but was strongly encouraged after a massive protest---where Palestinian Moslems, Arab Christians, and Orthodox Jews converged on Jerusalem. The tyrannical lockdown Regime of the mad Benjamin Netanyahu had managed to achieve what other Israeli politicians couldn't---it united people with historic grievances against a common enemy. Netanyahu was voted out of office and his successor had promised to lift restrictions but later reneged on his promises. The Israeli people made it abundantly clear that they'd had enough. 

      In Canada, however, the situation remains fluid. The jackals in both the Canadian and American Media have been trying desperately to black out the size and scope of the Resistance. Acting on orders from his bosses in the Oligarchy, the tyrant Trudeau invoked emergency decrees allowing High Finance to seize dissidents' assets. The Regime today ordered the abduction and detention of some of the Freedom Convoy's leaders, as well as bringing in armed thugs---no doubt hired from foreign 'security services corporations'--- and foreign hackers. In spite of these brutal tactics, it has been reported that further convoys are heading into Ottawa. An especially ominous story surfaced in Ontario with the report from Savage Arms in Peterborough that approximately 2,000 rifles---all of the same caliber and with magazines included---were stolen, Given Peterborough's proximity to Ottawa and the number of foreign provocateurs lurking about, this theft can't mean anything other than trouble. We must be on our guard now against false flag operations and Trudeau is certainly not above executing one.

     The situation in Canada has opened many people's eyes---admittedly eyes which should have been seeing it before---to the real character of the Great Reset and its stooges. Trudeau and people like him are ruthless, cold-blooded killers and gangsters. What they want from the people is either their submission or their deaths, and they don't care which. The most hopeful outcome at this point is that the Regime is either removed by the politicians sympathetic to the Resistance or that there are enough patriotic Canadians left in the Military High Command to remove it. The worst fear is that Ottawa could end like Tiananmen Square once Trudeau's hired thugs get the nod to start gunning people down. 

     Canada's Military is headed by General Wayne Eyre, who is native of Saskatchewan---a Province which has sided consistently with the Freedom Fighters. The problem is Canada's historic connection to the British Commonwealth---and the British Royal Family actually has considerable control over their military's actions. The Mountbattens are wholly on the side of the Great Reset. Eyre is going to have decide fairly soon whether the Canadian Armed Forces will stand for Canada's Rights as a sovereign country or as a vassalage of vested foreign interests. 

      In France, a Freedom Convoy was turned away by a 'large police presence' on Monday; yesterday they returned, joined by farmers with tractors and bulldozers. The farmers also rather pointedly brought a massive wagonload of manure which they dumped and burned in front of the French Congress. 

       Good men doing good things around the world, Too bad that American men aren't joining in. 

Sunday, February 13, 2022


      Blogger InsantyBytes had an interesting article yesterday about some debates going over the Theory of Evolution. I'd intended to write a post on that subject, but then realized that today was an unofficial American holiday: Super Bowl Sunday. The events carried out in this annual testimony to human vice is one of the strongest real-time arguments against human evolution. A spectacle of semi-literate ghetto trash who are paid millions to squawk about how oppressed they are; promoted by 'woke' virtue-signalling corporations and gambling syndicates; halftime shows that resemble more a Satanic cult ritual than actual entertainment; the cheating, controversy, and politics going on behind the scenes---all of this being applauded by a bunch of Incels stuffing their faces with beer and junk food surrounded by their appropriately vaxxed and masked-up counterparts---none of this speaks especially well for 600 centuries since we allegedly came up from the ape. 

     That's enough about America for now. Tomorrow, our bold countrymen will wake up with bad hangovers and constipation, down their prescription psych-dope, mask up, get their Loyalty Vaxx Certificates ready and head off to their low-wage jobs, take their orders from clipped-haired, mean-faced female executives so they can pay the increasingly high cost for the privilege of having a home, car, food, and electricity. Not to worry though, we'll all be saved by a Red Wave come November.

     Meanwhile, the rest of the Anglosphere is fighting for its Rights. I'd hoped for some updates from Canada, but reports of events from there are conflicting. The Freedom Fighters took a 4th Border Crossing at Surrey, British Columbia yesterday. There have been scuffles with the 'police' there at the Detroit River crossing. It's not clear who is in control of these strategic points; nor is clear whether or not these police enforcers are actually Canadians. The Elites have at their disposal several rent-a-thug outfits like Wackenhut, Blackwater, and Halliburton whose services are available to desperate NWO henchmen like Trudeau. 

     Australia today saw a massive protest in Canberra. The hyenas in the paid press have been portraying the demonstrations there as the work of a few disgruntled extremists. Well, we'll let our readers be the judge:

    Estimates of the crowd's size range from 50-150 thousand, from actual participants circumventing Australia's heavy information blackout. So far the Regime has shown little signs of lifting the Great Reset's jackboot. Both that country and neighboring New Zealand have been scenes of extreme police brutality and judicial tyranny and protesters there face substantial risks for simply speaking out. The situation in these countries is so bad that even the Chinese Media has expressed indignation at their tactics. By comparison, China's handling of the 'protests' in Hong Kong were rather mild. 

    In Britain, protests swept the nation yesterday against both the oppressive mandates and against widespread price-gouging and Corporate looting that is reducing the average Briton into poverty. The beleaguered and scandal-ridden Regime of the Mountbatten Family and their puppet Boris Johnson responded with an attempt to pass restrictions against protests which was defeated in Parliament on Wednesday. The British Media is also tightly controlled, but it is believed that the numbers turning out to protest was well into six figures despite a Winter storm in Manchester. 

   Terrible weather conditions, police brutality, media ridicule: none of these are stopping men of other Anglosphere nations from standing up for their freedoms. Fortunately for the American Deep State, Big Pharma and their trained seals in the Mass Media have kept the population here well-supplied with dope and manufactured fear, so their positions are fairly safe. 

Saturday, February 12, 2022


   Everywhere outside of the U.S., momentum is growing in Western nations to reject the Great Reset. All eyes are on Europe right now, where a massive multi-national demonstration is about to happen in Brussels this weekend. All countries in Europe have been experiencing stiff resistance. In Finland, week-long protests led the Government there to issue an unspecified 'State of Emergency'. Just in case, however, the Finnish Parliament voted rather discreetly to lift all Scamdemic restrictions as their neighbors in Sweden, Denmark, and Belarus have done. Rumblings of discontent from the Basque Region have also spurred the Spanish Government to begin a few rollbacks.

  In the Anglosphere, though, leaders are doubling-down. The Far-Left Government in New Zealand is turning its thugs loose on protesters. New Zealand had a year-long head-start on becoming a police state after some deranged Red Pill committed a mass-shooting at a mosque in 2019. New Zealand is what the US will look like after the Junta finishes purging our military and police forces. 

    In Canada, however, a viral video shows Federal stormtroopers being turned away after a local crowd formed a human chain and began singing hymns. The Freedom Fighters captured a third key border crossing at Emerson, Manitoba. The impotent Ottawa mayor called on tow-truck companies contracted by the City to begin removing vehicles, and was refused. The same happened at Windsor, Ontario where the Liberators continue to hold the bridge spanning the Detroit River. 

   Here in the Land of the Ameroboob, however, the go-along-to-get-along attitude is still predominant. The Junta's forced Loyalty Vaxx Mandate plan has met with a few court defeats, but Corporate America and State Governments are going ahead and enforcing them anyway. Paid pundits have been telling us to that the Corporate bosses are planning to maximize profits by blaming the Canadians stoking fears of inflation because of supply shortages from Canada. Higher prices and lowered working conditions are a good way to punish the few of us who at least applaud freedom movements abroad. 

   A pair of perverts who serve in ministerial functions for the Junta are encouraging whatever is left of pro-Regime forces in Canada to suppress the Revolt. This, of course, is a veiled threat that America's Corporate overlords are about to order military intervention of some kind---all for national security reasons. or at least that is what we'll be told. The Junta has also been sowing ideas through the Media Jackals that "right-wing extremists" may be planning something in the US this weekend. This is a perfect situation for a False-Flag event and Americans need to be on guard against any 'incidents' that might happen.

  American truckers, unlike their Canadian counterparts, are a wholly emasculated and dispirited group: hence the chances of some similar uprising here are next to nothing. Independent truckers were largely displaced by the Scamdemic restrictions---the US has actually had a truckers' shortage for nearly two years---and the same Corporate interests controlling the American economy also run most of the shipping industry. Like most other American workers, truck drivers are considered expendable by the Elites. Ever since Americans began accepting outsourcing, downsizing, price inflation, and corporate mergers as New Normals, the rights of workers and the Free Enterprise system have all but evaporated here. 

   The difference between what's happening abroad an what is not happening here was made blatantly obvious during the crises of 2020. Americans reacted the same way they've reacted to every power-grab and wealth-transfer of the previous three decades: every man for himself. This is obvious when one sees the sense of community and solidarity among Canadians and Europeans---an aspect of American culture that is completely lacking. At the very beginning of the Scamdemic, the storekeepers of many European communities met and agreed to informal rationing so that everyone could have a supply of goods which might meet with shortages. In America, there was mass-hoarding and price-gouging.

    Self-government only works when we have a population that is basically intelligent, moral, and self-confident. That was America 40 years ago but not today. This is why we won't have the kinds of mass-uprisings here that we see in the rest of the West. Whatever 'opinion polls' and other nonsense say, the American ruling class is simply a reflection of all of the collective vices that it represents. Nothing is going to change here until public attitudes change.

Thursday, February 10, 2022


     After a period of silence, the Junta actually spoke on the events occurring in Canada yesterday. Jan Psaki, the person in charge of feeding stories to the Mainstream Media, stated that the Canadian protests "had nothing to do with the vaccines" without elaborating further. Today's news-feed elaborated, though:

    MSNBC: "Joy Reid Explains American Right-Wing Co-opting of Canadian Trucker Movement"

     Vice: "Lowlights of the Anti-Vax Truckers Convoy that Took Over Canada's Capital"

     Salon: "Is this January 6 for the Great White North?"

    The Washington Post: "Canada Must Confront the Toxic Freedom Convoy Head-On"

    The Conversation: "Whose Freedom is the Freedom Convoy Fighting For?---Not Everyone's"

   The Seattle Times: "Significant Element from US Involved in Self-Described Freedom Convoy"

    And the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning that American 'Right-Wing Elements' might be planning events on Super Bowl Sunday. What sacrilege! Disrupting the Super Bowl---in the same week as the Oscar Ceremonies and the homo holiday formerly known as Valentine's Day no less---this is all doubtless too stressing for the average Ameroboob. 

     Yesterday, the Parliament in Alberta voted to lift all restrictions and mandates effective today. The scandal-ridden Premier of Manitoba and the far-Left Premier of Quebec are waffling but agreed to turn the decisions over to their legislatures. In fact, the Liberal Party of Quebec denounced the Trudeau Regime today and demanded that the Insurgents' voices be heard. The Freedom Fighters moved into Windsor, Ontario and have taken possession of the largest Point of Entry with the US---across the river from Detroit. 

    It also escaped the Corporate Media's attention that Canada's Parliament voted to end Public Health Surveillance.  This was a secret police force installed by the Trudeau Regime and its activities were little known even to most Canadians. Police in large numbers have been siding with the Freedom Fighters. Trudeau, Ontario Premier Ford and Ottawa Police Commissar Peter Sloly have been funnelling whatever loyalist elements they scrape up across the Dominion into Ottawa to prop up Trudeau---who has evidently already fled the Capital. 

    Probably over half of Americans neither know nor care where Canada is even located; and probably an even greater percentage have conditioned reflex actions whenever the term 'Right Wing Extremist' is whispered in the Media; so it's not surprising that the Elites would frame the narrative in this way. Canada is a large country geographically but sparsely populated; and I suspect that the Elites may be about to employ 'national security' and the 'threat of a Right-Wing State' as a pretext for military intervention. Canadians need to be on guard against this possibility and hopefully Canada's Military is preparing for a potential guerrilla war against an Occupation Force in case it happens. 

   The aforementioned U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued an advisory on Monday to forestall any potential sympathy for Canadian Freedom Fighters that may arise on American soil. Specifically ominous are their loosely-veiled allusions to "foreign crises:" 

  "The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories...introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors. These threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence...The primary terrorism-related threat to the United States continues to stem from lone offenders or small cells of individuals who are motivated by a range of foreign and/or domestic grievances often cultivated through the consumption of certain online content...For example, there is widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19...Malign foreign powers have and continue to amplify these false or misleading narratives in efforts to damage the United States."

   The current head of DHS is Alejandro Mayorkis, a former Corporate lawyer and prominent Obama Administration bureaucrat. Mayorkis was the architect of the disastrous DACA program and was tied to the shady Clinton Foundation's activities in Haiti. In 2015, Mayorkis was caught redhanded officially criticized for doling out contracts to his DNC cronies.  No action was ever taken against him, however; and inside the Deep State, such activities are usually recommendations for promotion. Mayorkis was also involved in previous Scamdemic 'responses' (the Ebola and Zika Virus 'pandemics' that were also supposed to wipe out humanity). Lobbying from Bush-connected politicians and RINO support secured Mayorkis' nomination to his current position. Such is the character of the man denouncing others as "domestic threat actors."

     The reality right now is that the Great Reset gangsters need Canada but their appointed managers can't hold on to it. It doesn't look especially likely that any government that takes over when Trudeau falls is going to be one sympathetic to the NWO agenda. This is an entirely populist movement and even realpolitik types within the Canadian Government are seeing the handwriting on the wall and are going to be a lot more circumspect in the future about whose interests they actually serve. This is going to put the Junta in a position where the US is the only force capable of holding their satrapy in Canada. NATO is in no position to help: this weekend, a massive demonstration is converging on the EU Headquarters in Brussels. AUKUS is in no position to help because of an uprising that is gathering momentum in New Zealand. If only the American people would get it together enough to follow the same trends, the Great Reset forces would collapse. Sadly, that doesn't seem to show much sign of happening; so the future still hangs in the balance. 


Tuesday, February 8, 2022


      The hyenas in the Mainstream Media have continued their blackout of the Canadian protests---which despite impotent threats from the Trudeau Regime---are gaining momentum and scoring victories. The Controlled Opposition Press even featured a few posturing American Republican politicians---not one of whom has spoken in defense of the January 6 protesters here---claiming that they support the Canadian Freedom Fighters. I think that we all know that if, in the unlikely event that Americans ever found the courage to move against our government, these same Republicans would be all for deploying the military to beat them down with as much force as necessary. Like Republican Senator Lindsey 'Shoot-Them-All-Down' Graham wanted to do. These people are fakes of the worst kind.

      American Conservatives are tedious to talk about, so we can see what real patriots are accomplishing North of the Border. There were demonstrations in every major Canadian city this weekend and are ongoing. Here are some stories coming out. In Enfield, Nova Scotia sailors and longshoremen from the Eastern ports came out in force to support convoys headed for the Capitol. CTV News reports: "Hundreds of Maritimers lined highways, packed parking lots and showed their support on Thursday for the rally of truckers headed to Ottawa in protest of Canada-wide COVID-19 mandates.Truck drivers from as far away as Newfoundland and Labrador converged in Enfield, N.S., early Thursday morning to receive a sendoff from hundreds who braved the cold. 'This is a country which today has come together in unity to stand for freedom. We are going to Ottawa to end the mandates and get our rights back so people can go to work again,' said Martin Broadmann, president of Truckers United."

      From the Western Standard Online, we learn that the Canadian Indians have joined with the Freedom Fighters: "'First Nations, Hutterite communities, and Canadian veterans are coming together to show support for the Freedom Convoy', says Dave MacKenzie, owner of Canadian Trucking Magazine.The Kanyen’kehà:ka (Mohawk) First Nations and the Mi’kmaq Nation participated in convoy celebrations. The tribes were set up near convoy routes in Manitoba and were offering to smudge drivers who wanted to participate."

     Quebec---one of the most repressive states on Earth---was bracing for a major movement onto the capitol, Quebec City. The Canadian Mainstream Media tried first to incite dire threats of a massive response; and then when policemen began allowing convoys to enter with no resistance, the Press tried to downplay the support the Freedom Fighters received from the public. In fact, the protests gained more attention than the annual Quebec Carnival which happened the same weekend; and several locals joined the convoy.

     In a surprise move, Quebec Premier Francois Legault met with protesters and actually agreed to some of their terms. The Freedom Fighters agreed not to occupy the city, but would return for recurring protests until all demands are met. 

    Alberta is governed by a wishy-washy Neocon who variously has supported and cracked down on the patriots. Fed up with his vacillation, the Alberta Legislature has convened an Emergency Session to move to end the Mandates. It likely will succeed because the people of Alberta are overwhelmingly opposed to the Regime. The local press reported that "Another convoy descends on Edmonton to show local support for protesters in Ottawa. About 1,000 to 2,000 people now in Edmonton for convoy, with several hundred more possibly on way, according to police."

    British Columbia and Ontario---the two provinces most heavily under the thumb of US interests---have redoubled their efforts to stave off the inevitable. The Elites imported Antifa and BLM from the US to scuffle with the patriots in Vancouver. The government has brought in extra police to lift the Siege of Ottawa---now entering its 10th day. The Ottawa Police gradually have been defecting to the Freedom Fighters and unable to enforce any of Premier Doug Ford's so-called 'Emergency Decrees.'

     Things have now reached the point where Trudeau's own security detail have begun to defect to the Freedom Fighters. The whereabouts of the nominal Canadian Head-of-State are still unknown---but probably will be known soon since as his former chief of personal security has been appointed by the Ottawa protesters as sort of an interim Justice Minister. It's becoming apparent that the Freedom Fighters are fairly close to dissolving the Canadian Government and appointing a Provisional Government. 

     There still have been no remarks from the leaders of the US Junta on the situation in Canada; although Biden held a prayer breakfast this weekend where he and Mitch McConnell were yukking it up together and praising their cooperation and friendship.  The MSM discreetly ignored that display of mutual back-slapping but it was highly illustrative how 'representative' our Government really is. Canada understands but we have a long, long way to go. 

Saturday, February 5, 2022


     So, while American 'Conservatives' are busily planning Super Bowl parties for their masked-up and fully-vaxxed friends, Canadian patriots are braving subzero temperatures and official harassment to reclaim their Rights. What began as a convoy of delivery trucks on strike has turned into a juggernaut that may well bring the Regime to its knees. 

    It's already beginning to happen in parts of the Dominion. On Thursday, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced that all Mandates in the Province will be ending effective Monday. Despite a significant police resistance, the Freedom Fighters in neighboring Alberta reached the U.S. Border yesterday and closed it in the town of Coutts. Hundreds of the town residents---including the mayor---turned out to cheer the protesters. Police roadblocks leading to Coutts were pushed down by local farmers to clear the way.

   This morning, the protesters moved into Edmonton, Alberta's capitol, and at last report were converging on the legislative buildings. Police had intended to blockade the streets but were again foiled by locals who lined the streets "in the thousands" to cheer the trucks as they began moving into town. In British Columbia, where the protests originated, pro-Regime Premier John Horgan has been redoubling his efforts to suppress the protests. 

     Nonetheless, the protestors plan demonstrations there this weekend. The mayors of Vancouver and Victoria---the two Canadian cities most firmly lodged under American interests' thumbs---have been howling their woes to the Corporate Media. Victoria's mayor Lisa Helps huffed, “This kind of behaviour is unacceptable. My request is that this weekend’s protests respect the values of our city and do not promote hate or put our already struggling and much-loved local businesses at further risk;” while Vancouver's Kennedy Stewart snorted: "My message to the convoy is this: Vancouver doesn’t want you here. Make your point and then go home.” It remains to be seen whether or not these two Pelosi-clones actually can back up any of their threats. The Media in B.C. is totally controlled by the Establishment  and any official reports should be met with skepticism.

   Meanwhile, the whereabouts of Canada's nominal Head-of-State remains unknown. Trudeau did emerge briefly from hiding this week to issue a statement that he would "not yet" call for the intervention of the Canadian Military. This was in response to Ottawa's Police Kommissar demanding that he get help from the armed forces to "defend" the besieged capitol. There are numerous reports that the Ottawa Police are not exactly going out of their ways to stop the Freedom Fighters; and a few police personnel have suffered official reprisals for publicly voicing support for them. 

  There are also reports that Trudeau actually already has contacted the Military but was refused their support. If this is true, this is a positive sign that the Regime may be nearing its end. One concern that has been noteworthy is the conspicuous silence from our own Junta about these developments on our Northern Border. There have been no statements of any kind from the so-called Biden-Harris Administration, although they certainly must be aware of the situation. Both countries are NATO members and NORAD partners and Canada is the leading producer of US oil imports. The fact that nothing is coming from the Beltway has a decidedly ominous silence to it. It's also noteworthy that business as usual seems to be prevailing on Wall Street despite the fact that Canadian economic interests are heavily represented there. It seems as though both Biden and Trudeau are awaiting instructions from the Oligarchs before taking action. 

      It doesn't ultimately come down to either Biden's or Trudeau's decisions, it's going to be their economic overlords who decide what to do in the end. The Elites, accustomed as they are to dealing with submissive Americans and compliant foreign governments, probably 
had not expected much popular resistance. Canada is a country where it was probably least expected. But the Oligarchs cannot continue to ignore it. Their grip upon Europe is already slipping and the fall of Canada would embolden the Freedom Fighters there. The Great Reset demands global obedience. 

    Aside from a few smear-campaigns in the American Media, the Canadian Uprising is not getting much attention either. The Elites here have little to fear from Americans rising up; however they are making an obvious effort to control the narrative about Canada. My suspicion is that they're plotting some type of foreign intervention and are building up a justification for it. There may also be a false flag of some type being planned---it's known that Antifa and BLM vermin from the US have been appearing and committing acts of sabotage against the protesters. According to some rumors, some Antifa operatives were scattering caltrops on the roads in Ontario but were caught and beaten by local residents. 

   Because of the tight Media control and the American Eltes' own silence, it's been difficult to get reliable information---which is probably how the Regime intends it. The bottom line is to be especially suspicious of any official story that comes out. Canada's two largest Media outlets---Thompson-Reuters and the CBC---are entirely pro-Regime. In fact, Thompson-Reuters is a major US Government contractor, as well as a significant Beltway lobbyist and a supporter of shady DNC-connected NGOs . The CBC has a virtual monopoly on broadcast media and is owned by the Federal Government and funded through a shady NGO with ties to the British Royal Family.  The CBC blacked out significant coverage to promote the Scamdemic. Neither are reliable sources for much of anything: that there is a large protest and the weather is cold as about as far as their credibility extends. 

   We must give the Canadian Freedom Fighters as much help and support as we can in their battle to return Canada to self-government. I realize that, in America today, we're not even in much of a position to help ourselves, but whatever we can do is needed now. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2022


    Late last year, the smug, self-appointed Elites and their puppet-regimes in Western new and more restrictive measures on their way to imposing a 'Great Reset' upon our common Civilization and traditions. They had been building up to this for a long time. The hysteria generated by an influenza outbreak in China---probably engineered and leaked by Fauci and his henchmen---facilitated the hostile takeover of several national governments and economies. A series of protests in Europe have snowballed into a near open revolt to the point where even the WEF pests were forced to postpone their annual strategy meeting in Davos, Switzerland over security concerns. 

   The English-speaking world: the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and Israel form the major political and economic bloc upon which the Resetters' schemes rest. A common language and massive wealth concentrations--- along with weak and compliant populations long propagandized and degraded into submission---made the Anglosphere the logical leaders of the New Order. 

   By the end of January however, the revolt which began in Europe has apparently begun breaking out in parts of the Anglosphere itself. The MSM has been engaging in widespread disinformation and conducting blackouts of these stories as much as possible.

   In Britain itself, where corruption and privilege are even more deeply entrenched than the US, the exasperated public which brought on BREXIT are moving to replace the scandal-ridden quasi-dictatorship of Boris Johnson. Whistleblowers have been coming forward to pinpoint Johnson and his Royal overlords has having degenerate celebrations while imposing restrictions upon everybody else. Now, in effete America, these occurrences don't even raise so much as public attention; but the British people are taking notice. The Johnson/Mountbatten Regime has been forced to relax some of its restrictions: and there is even a small, but growing movement to establish a republican government in the UK.

   Canada, though, has been the country where the revolt has really gathered some significant steam. What began as small truckers' strike has grown into a major movement which is rapidly grinding down the Dominion's power to stop it. The protesters have moved into Ottawa and the nominal Canadian Head-of-State, Justin Trudeau, has apparently gone into hiding. The governors of Alberta and Quebec have been intimidated sufficiently to begin relaxing restrictions, but the revolt is growing. The protesters are moving to blockade border crossings with the US. The week, the Canadian paramilitary forces set up roadblocks, but today it was revealed that local farmers have joined with tractors and bulldozers and begun plowing the barricades down. Bear in mind that this is happening in spite of the harsh Canadian winters. Does anybody else recall how American Conservative pundits were bloviating in 2020 about how we'd see truckers' strikes in the US if the election was stolen? The red-blooded American male is too busy choosing what color mask he should wear to care. 

    It's hard to say how this will play out in Canada. The leader of the Controlled Opposition was forced to resign today; there have been calls by the Elites for various repressive measures to be imposed and governments have responded with their usual brutality in some localities, but in others, the local police seem to be in sympathy with the protesters. The wild-card in the whole issue comes down to whether or not the Canadian Military will intervene. In 2002, the arch-RINO George Bush Jr. approved a plan that would allow American and Canadian militaries to operate on each others' soil in the "event of civil unrest." The Trudeau-led Junta is not popular in Canada, despite winning an obviously rigged election in 2021. Even many of the supporters of the Regime are frustrated with Trudeau's weak response. 

  The Canadian situation is posing a serious problem for the Elites. The problem is that occupation of Canada would spread forces thin for their apparent plans to deploy troops to stabilize Europe. Not that the US Military wouldn't obediently do it if ordered, but the Oligarchy risks losing the EU if forced to intervene in Canada. Canada is a much higher priority in their schemes.  

  Inspired by events in Canada, a similar movement has started in Australia. A smaller but determined convoy moved into Canberra this weekend which was joined by thousands of locals. The stated goal of this group was to occupy the Parliamentary grounds until the Parliament reconvenes on February 13th. The Governor of Victoria province---Dan Andrews---who is a Jay Inslee or Marc Rutte-level psychopath---has responded with characteristic brutality. 

   Protesters have been beaten and gassed, along with having their assets seized. The Australian Government has stood out from the rest of the Anglosphere by its sheer barbarism and contempt for human rights. Australia is a model state for the future Great Reset, in fact, many of their leaders---including Andrews---have direct financial and political ties to the WEF. Their Military and Secret Police forces have long ago undergone the kinds of ideological purges that we're currently seeing in the Pentagon and US Federal police agencies. Despite the fact that Australia's Government is universally hated by the general public, the so-called 'security forces' are completely loyal to the Regime. Like the Nazi SS and Gestapo previously, they've made peaceful and democratic change in Australia nearly impossible.

   Australia provides a blueprint of the trajectory that the US is currently riding, except here we don't even have protests unless they are in favor of the Color Revolution: backed and supported by the Elites themselves. The Oligarchs here rely upon the Ameroboobs' ability to stay wilfully ignorant and upon their complete indifference to the welfare of anyone but themselves. We've reached a point here in the US where the population is so degraded that it often supports policies which contradict even their stated goals. 

  Take for example the upcoming Supreme Court nomination. Polls show that a supposed majority of Americans don't believe that candidates should be chosen on the basis of their race or gender; yet Biden said several times during the 2020 campaign that he intended to do exactly that. This same 'majority' has also willingly tolerated Affirmative-Action and race quotas everywhere else for decades. The passive-aggressive so-called 'Conservative opposition' is pontificating against the policy: in spite of the fact that Republican leaders have already promised to do whatever the Junta wants. Seeing real heroes and patriots in action in Europe, Canada, and Australia---risking their lives and livelihoods to fight for freedom should make Americans blush with shame.

   Unfortunately, Americans' sense of shame vanished along with their courage a long time ago. We've a lot longer way to go than simply voting and calling ourselves free.