Saturday, December 31, 2016


    At year's end, people typically make predictions on the coming year or reflect on the year just passed. This year has seen both positives and negatives. The fight for Civilization, Freedom, and Faith has seen some tremendous gains.

    On the positive side of things, we've seen Britain break from the EU. We've seen the Jihadist threat from ISIS and Al-Qaeda getting very well handled by Allied forces. Russian humanitarian assistance to Syria, Iraq, Donbas, and North Korea have prevented some serious disasters; Chinese economic and technological gains have created numerous jobs and raised living standards in many parts of Asia and Africa. A growing global network on the Internet has been exposing crimes and corruption in high places; most notably thanks to Julian Assange.

    Here on the homefront we weathered an extremely divisive political year. What the incoming Trump Administration is going to do remains to be seen; but the challenges facing us domestically are formidable. The last time our country faced these kinds of problems was 1980---a period of economic decline; our nation still divided from Vietnam and Watergate; the Communists via the former Soviet Union gaining ground internationally; the Iranian Hostage Crisis; energy shortages---the incumbent President Carter then even spoke openly of a national malaise.

    It is difficult to compare 2016 with 1980. Reagan and Trump both had populist-conservative message and both had backgrounds in the media; but Reagan had a lot more political experience. Still, Donald Trump is largely a product of the 1980s; but it's an open question of how closely his politics parallel Reagan's.

    The most interesting aspect of 2016 vs. 1980 is that Reagan had much more material to work with. Our current national crisis is different than previous ones in that our problems today are cultural and spiritual ones which cannot be solved by political means alone. The Government can do some proactive things and encourage solutions to our problems; but the ultimate solution today is going to have to come from within.

     For the last three decades, Americans by-and-large have allowed the Cultural Marxists--- and increasingly, the Radical Right to define our culture. The breakdown of the family; our worse-than-useless public education system; and our equally worthless mass-media have led to a society suffering from a malaise far worse than President Carter spoke of. We've rested on the laurels of our forefathers while our economy has imploded; our infrastructure near collapse; and our international prestige in decline.

     To put this perspective consider that, in 2016, almost half of Americans are functionally or wholly illiterate; drug addiction and drug-deaths are outpacing homicides. The recent CDC reports show that almost 2/5 of Americans are morbidly obese; suicide rates are up; and we have infant mortality rates near 3rd-world levels---which doesn't include abortion rates which are also off the charts. And all the while, schools, media, and politicians tell us that we are still exceptional; and that these things are simply the new normal.

     These things are all symptomatic of a culture that has lost faith; faith in itself as well as religious faith. The problem facing us in 2017 is how to restore that faith.

Friday, December 30, 2016


   As 2016 is about to close, what better way to cap off a year like this one with a very politically-incorrect action film from the 1980s? The 1980s were the last time we saw a social and political pushback against Cultural Marxism---back then it was often reflected in Hollywood films (unlike today).

     Particularly we saw this trend in action films; which, although primarily directed at male audiences, had a strong attraction for women of the more traditional sort. Our feature this week is therefore fitting for a (presumed) re-introduction of common American values. This weekend we recommend an action-packed feature from 1987, The Black Cobra. It starred Fred Williamson and Eva Grimaldi.

     The Black Cobra was interesting because it was something of a remake of a Sylvester Stallone film produced about two years earlier. However, this is one the rare instances where the remake was actually better, in a lot of people's opinion. Except for the similar plot, the remake was really a lot more realistic---with believable characters and situations, for example. The remake was also a lot less 'glitzy'; without the usual extreme special effects or irritating pop-music.

      The storyline centers around a tough, maverick Chicago police detective, Robert Malone (played by Fred Williamson). The city is being plagued by a series of violent crimes, carried out by a weird gang of left-wing anarchist-types. A fashion photographer, Elys Trumbo (played by Eva Grimaldi) witnesses them in the act of a murder. Malone is assigned to protect her and bring the gang to justice.

     Unlike the earlier Stallone version, Williamson's character is not a superman. Malone, we learn in the film, actually has a past. As a child, he witnessed his parents' murder and he seems to be a driven---sometimes abrasive--- personality determined to fight crime and wipe out the memory. In one scene, one of the Police Captains tells him that nobody in the upper ranks likes him. Malone replies, "I don't like myself sometimes. It's all a matter of opinion."

    His driven personality leads into the romantic angle of the film in which Eva Grimaldi gives a great, though underrated performance. As the photographer Elys, she's only to Malone another witness needing protection. Elys' character actually displays a fairly good concept of feminine romantic psychology. She's at first curious about Malone; then she grows fond of him, interested and empathetic. She doesn't try to win Malone through her sex appeal (which is considerable); but gradually softens him with her caring and understanding heart. Her character is really a charming display of traditional femininity---open and understanding; willing to trust and be vulnerable.

      This type of relationship depicts actual dynamics as to what is commonly taught in the so-called Manosphere: and even worse for them, this is an interracial relationship to boot. One of the other aspects of this film is that the leader of the criminal gang is about as close to a Red-Pill 'Alpha' type as ever depicted on film. He's a tall, rather handsome character who flashes a charming, boyish smile---usually right before he kills somebody. In one scene he confronts Elys and says smiling, "What's the matter, little girl? Don't like the sight of blood?" One can imagine a modern Red Pill speaking exactly like that.

    All of his followers look up to him too, as an Alpha leader---this portrayal really illustrates what people just a generation ago actually thought of such characters.

      Like any film starring Fred Williamson, there are plenty of fist and gunfights; and a good car-chase or two. This is another difference from the Stallone version: the fight scenes actually look realistic. Malone is not a one-man army; but he gets the job done when and where it counts.

     As of this writing, The Black Cobra is available free on Youtube. The film actually spawned an impressive three sequels---quite a feat for a remake---which are sometimes included in DVD sets.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


    The outgoing president today whipped up some further anti-Russian hysteria today by fanning the fake news of Russian interference in the election. He imposed a series of sanctions on Russia to make the fake news appear more official. To this end, he was joined by the usual chorus of RINOs: the senile Senator John McCain, and the corrupt Lindsay Graham and Paul Ryan.

     After the US military fled Iraq in 2014, Senator Graham predicted that ISIS would take over the Middle East and become a superpower. He even went so far as issue paranoid public statements to the effect that ISIS would be invading South Carolina. After the Russians intervened in Syria, Graham was forced to eat crow and has hated Putin ever since. Ryan's largest donors are Wall Street investment firms who benefit from sanctions and some corporations who've excluded from doing business in Russia. Ryan's various PACs control about $97 million from special interests. He has a personal net worth of around $8 million----impressive considering that his salary as House Speaker is only a little over $220,000.

    Graham, too, is not exactly financially disinterested in Russia sanctions. His largest donor, Scana Corporation, is a competitor in foreign markets with Russian energy companies. Two of his other top five donors are defense contractors; and another is a top corporate law firm representing DC lobbyists.

    Obama's motives, though, are more likely political ones. Since November 9th, the Democrats have tried every sleazy tactic that their imaginations could suggest to de-legitimize Trump's election; and this is simply the latest. Ever since the Radical Left hijacked the Democratic Party in 1972, this has been their standard procedure. They used Watergate against Nixon; Iran-Contra against Reagan; and claimed voter fraud twice against Bush Junior. Even after their first failed attempt to seize the DNC in 1968, the Left retaliated by sabotaging the Democrat leaders: first, the incumbent Lyndon Johnson and then the nominee, Hubert Humphrey. Obama is a product of that very same group of perennial Leftist malcontents.

      The second reason behind the anti-Russia hysteria is to discredit pre-emptively any revelations of Obama Administration crimes in Syria, which, as we've predicted, will start coming to light as the Civil War terminates in Allied victory. Just a few days ago, Obama signed into law a Bill establishing a new bureaucracy that will disseminate disinformation against news coming from Russia and other powers allied with them. Not surprisingly, RINOs McCain, Graham, and Ryan backed this legislation as well.

      Their schemes ultimately, though, will fail. Russia has become an international force for freedom and justice and the US Neocon/Liberal Establishment is wholly discredited. Obama and the Democrats have essentially shot their last bolt. Three weeks from now, they will be out of power; hopefully along with their failed policies.


    In a recent article, we wrote about ongoing Manosphere harassment of Jews  in the small resort village of Whitefish, Montana. Red Pill blogger Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer is leading the anti-Semitic charge, and organizing a gang of Skinheads and MRAs to conduct an armed march in Whitefish next January.

   Yesterday, leaders of the State of Montana including the governor, attorney-general, both US Senators, and Montana's Congressman issued a joint, bipartisan statement against the planned march. Here is the text of this document, which is remarkable for its decisive and principled language---not heard from American politicians in a long time:

    "As we close out this year and look towards the future, we as Montana's elected leaders are focused on the values that reflect our true character. Therefore, we condemn attacks on our religious freedom manifesting in a group of Anti-Semites. We stand firmly together to send a clear message that ignorance, hatred, and threats of violence are unacceptable and have no place in the town of Whitefish, or in any other community in Montana, or across this nation. We say to those who seek to publicize Anti-Semitic views that they shall find no safe haven here. We offer our full support to the Jewish Community, Montana families, businesses, faith organizations, and to law enforcement officers as they ensure the safety of all our communities. We will address these threats directly and forcefully, putting our political differences aside to stand up for what's right. That's the Montana way, and the American way.

    "Rest assured that any demonstration or threat of intimidation against Montana's religious liberty will not be tolerated. It takes all Montanans working together to eradicate religious intolerance. We are encouraged that so many Montanans from a variety of religious backgrounds have joined us in condemning this extremist ideology. God bless the great State of Montana and the United States of America."

    Anglin's reaction was predictable: like most bullies he played the victim-card when called out; along with considerable chest-thumping proclaiming that he had somehow exposed some Jewish plot to take over Montana. His article today, though, discreetly omits the fact that the letter's author was Congressman Ryan Zinke---who has been nominated by Donald Trump to serve as US Interior Secretary.

    This does put Anglin in a rather awkward, considering that he was among the forefront of Manosphere loudmouths trying to steer the Trump Campaign towards the Extreme Right. Zinke is not exactly a RINO politically. He is a native of Whitefish, Montana; a geologist by education and a former US Navy SEAL who was best known during the recent election for attacking Clinton's position on abortion during several pro-Trump speeches. Some anecdotes of Zinke's personal life indicate that this is not the first time he's stood up to punks and thugs of the Anglin sort.

      As the document itself; the wording seems to indicate that Montana authorities are planning to deal with any trouble in Whitefish rather severely. Hopefully, the authorities' actions will match their rhetoric for once. The type of negative attention that Anglin is pushing on Whitefish can economically break a community like this; one which is almost wholly dependent on the tourist and hospitality industries. Zinke knows this by experience and thankfully has taken a stand.

                                      Rep. Ryan Zinke; Good Men Doing Good Things

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


    The reality that Donald Trump intends to be an elected president representing a united country is finally sinking into the Manosphere's thick skulls. Trump is not really going to be 'a god-emperor ascending to his cherry-blossom throne', turning the Alphas loose to commit ethnic cleansing and subjugating women. The realization of this fact---along with the realization that the Red Pills were completely irrelevant to Trump's election; and that they were out-Gamed by the Corporate Media---is not setting well with the manly Alpha leaders.

     With Trump's inauguration drawing nearer, the Red Pills have begun fighting among themselves in their frustration. A number of them are desperately trying to backpedal and eat their own words; others are trying to slink away; while the more fanatical ones are kicking up quite a fuss.

     The current fracas started when Mike Cernovich, of the Red-Pill blog Danger and Play, decided to organize an event celebrating Trump's victory, and invited popular writer Milo Yiannopoulos to deliver the keynote address. Cernovich made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate any neo-Nazi shenanigans at this event, which has thrown the Red Pill Cult into a frenzy; starting with one of Cernovich's own henchmen, a minor Red Pill writer who calls himself Baked Alaska.

     Baked Alaska---whose real name is Tim Treadstone---launched a social media diatribe against Cernovich, which has been taken up among a number of other Red Pills. Treadstone was exposed as an unsavory character early in the Trump campaign. But he's exactly the sort who seems to be welcomed in Red Pill/Manosphere circles; and became part of Mike Cernovich's team.

      Cernovich has since fired Treadstone over his actions; those interested can read Cernovich's statement at his website. Cernovich actually was well within his rights as employer to terminate Treadstone for this kind of gross insubordination---but it does rather call into question why he would have hired someone like Treadstone in the first place.

      At this point, we're not going to speculate on Cernovich's motives; but he does say something that is instructive: "I've always been clear that if you hate people, then you're not welcome around me. A toxic mindset is not only self-destructive, it poisons the people around you. No groups are off limits from subjects are off limits. Goofing around, even in an edgy or controversial sort of way, isn't the same as goose-stepping. Thus I have a lot of tolerance for goofing off online and don't take much seriously. I don't get triggered or freak out easily. But we all have lines, and Tim crossed them."

     True; and giving Cernovich the benefit of the doubt here, it's commendable that he's woken up to the difference between jocular banter and supremacist propaganda. We'll add to this another lesson: You don't play footsie with fanatics and expect them to respect your boundaries.

      You see, Cernovich, there really are wicked people in this world; and they don't care one way or other whom they use and how they use them to further their goals. That's what the Red Pill philosophy of 'Game' is all about---exploiting others for selfish goals. This is one reason why Nazis are attracted to the Red Pill Cult, as well as dysfunctional individuals like Tim Treadstone.

      We can all hope that, as we enter 2017, that we'll see the Red Pill movement finally implode.




Tuesday, December 27, 2016


     The numbers are officially in for the 2016 US Christmas season, which were at all-time highs. Not the sales receipts, or the numbers of those travelling home; but 2016 is the most violent Christmas ever recorded in the Prozac Nation.

    It was somewhat ironic, given that Obama had been feeding unsubstantiated rumors of Christmas terrorist attacks to the Corporate Media for weeks. And then, in the end, Americans managed to commit all the chaos and mayhem without any outside help. The numbers were strongly augmented by a wave of violence in shopping malls on Monday, hitting a dozen states and resulting in many injuries and arrests.

    In Elizabeth, NJ hysterical Ameroboobs stampeded through a mall after a false report of gunshots, injured 10 people, and pushed police to the ground who were attempting to enter and investigate. A similar incident happened in North Carolina after a fight broke out in a food court.

    Brawls involving several hundred people erupted in Fort Worth, Texas; Aurora, Illinois; Denver, Colorado; Tempe, Arizona; Manchester, Connecticut; and Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Police were forced to dispel a crowd with pepper-spray and rubber-bullets in a Cleveland area mall, while other violent incidents were reported in New York City and Memphis.

    There were also several homicides during the weekend---Chicago reported its deadliest weekend ever with 11 dead and 60 wounded. Some police departments also reported a spike in suicides and traffic fatalities.

     What is the cause behind all this mayhem? The Corporate Media is scapegoating social networking sites; though as we've pointed out here recently, there's been quite a dearth of positive and uplifting Christmas stories in the American press vis-à-vis their foreign counterparts. Some right-wing bloggers and websites have noted that the rioters are predominantly minorities---but such is the demographics of many US cities.

      The one thing that stands out is one we've seen almost without fail in cases of mass violence: they are predominantly young males. In a culture where masculinity is demeaned and ostracized; male role models are depreciated and fathers are absent; opportunities for men restricted and corruption and nepotism is rewarded---then these kinds of scenes are inevitable.

      Just as it is inevitable that a boy will react violently against an abusive father, it is inevitable that boys will react against an abusive father-substitute in paternal absence. This substitute can take many forms: the Church, the State, the Police, or society at large. The effete white boys burning flags on elite college campuses and the black militants shooting police officers share this common hatred. And the phenomenon has no political orientation unique to it: Neo-Nazis and Red Pills on the Right follow the same dynamic, as do groups as politically opposite as militant homosexuals and Wahhabi Jihadists.

     Those Cultural Marxists and Postmodernists who've argued that things like the traditional family and traditional religious cultural values are simply "artificial social constructs" have been teaching an illusion. Nature will take its course, every time. And what we're witnessing here is human nature bereft of the civilizing influences of family, faith, and respect for community.

Monday, December 26, 2016


     The 2016 Election has proven---and in fact continues to prove---the complete degeneracy and corruption of those who shaped policy and public opinion for the last few decades. We had another example yesterday from one Hussam Ayloush, the Los Angeles director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Ayloush said via Twitter that:

    "I am sad about the crashed Russian military jet. The TU-154 could have carried up to 180 military personnel instead of just 92!"

    Ha-ha. Humor worthy of that other Left-Wing icon, Stephan Colbert. In fact, the Russian plane was carrying a military band and a group of humanitarian aid workers; but we can well understand Alyloush's glee. In 2015, Senator Ted Cruz presented evidence that CAIR was connected to the Wahhabi-run Moslem Brotherhood and Hamas terror-organizations. Both groups are supporters of the Jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

    In spite of these connections, however, CAIR has had representatives at the White House during both the Bush and Obama Administrations. They've actually helped shape US anti-terror policy---including writing the 'Rules of Engagement' for police and military forces. CAIR was largely responsible for placing Moslem chaplains in the military and removing Christian ones.

    As for Ayloush himself, he is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post. That publication states in its author biography that Ayloush is "a life-long civil rights and human rights activist, and a community organizer. He is Executive Officer of the Los Angeles office of CAIR; and a second-term elected board member of the California Democratic Party. He also serves on the board of the Moslem-American Homeland Security Congress."

    Unsurprisingly, Ayloush is also a graduate of American taxpayer-funded public universities.

    In the effete US of the 21st Century, people like this become community leaders; policy advisors to the White House; published authors and pundits; and leaders of political parties. It's no wonder we're falling behind other nations across the board.


     Another Christmas has passed worldwide, and in our last few articles we've been highlighting how cultures with the true spirit of Christmas have been celebrating. In fact, the readers should check out China's Xinhua News, which has a series of photos from all across the globe of Christmas celebrations---unlike the Corporate Media which focuses on negativity and political correctness even on the holiest of holidays.

     However, as we've also contrasted in recent articles, our Postmodern dystopia here in the Prozac Nation frequently lives down to the Corporate Media's annual expectations. Whackos on the Left publically made scenes in front of the Trump family and bullied communities into removing Christmas displays. Whackos on the Right were organizing Skinhead marches against Jewish girls and doxxing them online. And so on.

     And the so-called Cultural Elites have been busy too; for example, praising the murder of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. On Christmas Day, the Elites gave us another display of their character. Drexel University Political Science Professor George Ciccariello-Maher took to Twitter to fantasize about the genocide of the White race. This professor said and meant literal genocide. He later clarified his remarks by praising the ethnic cleansing of Whites which occurred during the 1803 Haitian Revolution.

     What kind of sick mind reflects warmly on mass-murder on Christmas Day? In today's America it qualifies one to be a published author, tenured professor at an elite university, and an oft-quoted political pundit. A self-described Communist, Maher is also a huge admirer of Venezuela's political system and believes that Hugo Chavez established the model society for the West.

      The fact that Maher himself is a white man---who has publically referred to White Devils, and advocated abolishing the White race---illustrates clearly that the man is an obvious neurotic. He even claimed after the Charleston mass-shooting of a Black church that the killer "simply put into practice what most White Americans would do;" another obvious psychological projection.

       To its credit, Drexel University actually issued a public statement on Christmas Day, disavowing and denouncing Maher's remarks and indicating that he would be summoned before University Administration "to discuss the matter in detail." Hopefully, Drexel will take some concrete action; but the fact that they have tolerated Maher for so long, given him a public venue, and paid him a fat salary for so long speaks very ill of Drexel's commitment to the public good. Drexel Law Professor David Cohen was also in the news this year, calling for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

      Incidentally, the price tag to attend Drexel starts out at a hefty $52,000 per year. The price is high considering that Forbes Magazine ranks Drexel a dismal #338 on their annual list of 500 Top US Colleges. In the past, Drexel was one of America's most elite universities and has a fair number of distinguished alumni. However, since the 21st Century began, Drexel has produced few graduates of any note. A green-energy entrepreneur; a writer of Asian cookbooks; and a sex columnist are all that Drexel has managed to produce in roughly 20 years.

      And with faculty like Maher, it's no wonder.




Sunday, December 25, 2016


     The heroic Edward Snowden, now a refugee in Russia, sent out a Christmas Day appeal to his followers on Twitter. Remembering the kindness shown him in China when he first escaped the clutches of the vindictive Obama, Snowden asked for charitable assistance for the refugee families in Hong Kong who'd helped him in his flight.

    A Filipino and a Sri Lankan family both sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong before he was granted asylum in Russia. The families are currently seeking asylum in Canada as China is bound by treaty with their native countries not to accept them as permanent refugees.

     Their Canadian attorney, Robert Tibbo, has been suffering bureaucratic stonewalling on this project---doubtless because of US pressure on Canada. Tibbo's clients not only aided Snowden, but Tibbo himself gave Snowden legal advice. But the cases suddenly became reactivated, about a month after Trump's election.

     Tibbo explained that his clients are nearly destitute in Hong Kong, being unable legally to work or apply for government assistance. Again we see the brutality of the American elites. Over and over again, they have displayed a ruthless savagery toward all who oppose them---even if it means starvation and death.

     Those who would like to make a Christmas (or New Years) contribution to Snowden's fellow-freedom fighters can find more information here:


    At the beginning of the Battle of Mosul in October, Allied Forces liberated Bartella, a Mosul suburb which, prior to the civil war, was the largest Christian city in Iraq. Christians of Bartella celebrated their first Christmas Eve Mass since 2013 last night.

     There were a little over 100 people present at Mar Shimoni Cathedral, mostly survivors of ISIS' reign, along with a few of the returned refugees and their families. Nafal Hamadi, the provincial governor, and Iraqi General Abdulghani Assadi were also in attendance, as were a few soldiers of the Christian Brigade attached to Hezbollah.

     "I can never describe our happiness and everything," a female congregant told an Al-Manar News reporter, "We feel like life returned to us." The reporter learned that the woman's house had been destroyed by ISIS, but some of her family brought her to Bartella from a refugee camp. The local priest also arranged for a bus from the camp to bring refugees who wished to attend.

     Al-Manar stated that ISIS thugs had caused extensive damage to the church building, which they had converted for some of their own sinister uses. Before evacuating Bartella, the fiends set the building on fire. A group of volunteers worked to restore the church in time for Christmas.

     "We are sending the message that we are staying in this country and that these are our roots and our origins." Father Jacob Saadi, the priest at Mar Shimoni told the press.

      Iraq is home to one of the world's most ancient Christian communities. The first missionaries to the area were led by St. Thomas the Apostle who built the first church and founded Christian schools there sometime during the mid-1st Century.

      Though now liberated from ISIS, there is tremendous rebuilding work that needs to be done in Bartella and in Iraq in general. The Christian population of Iraq has suffered terribly since a US-backed 'regime change' overthrew Saddam Hussein in 2003. Not only were Christians ethnically cleansed by ISIS, but the Bush/Obama Occupation often turned a blind eye to local anti-Christian pogroms and persecutions. A government that considers Christmas greetings to be a form of harassment is unlikely to care much about what happens to Christians.

       But for the first time in over a decade, Iraqi Christians are seeing hope. With the imminent disappearance of both the Wahhabi Jihadists and the effete Obama Administration from Iraqi soil, there is reason to believe that Iraq will rise again as a regional power. Iraqi Christianity certainly didn't survive for 21 centuries because it was composed of weaklings.
                                       Christmas Returns to Mosul                                         



Saturday, December 24, 2016


    There's nothing like Postmodern America at Christmastime. Earlier this week, we saw a gang of out-of-state Soros-funded bullies forcing down a Nativity Scene in the village of Gig Harbor, Washington. On Christmas Eve, a group of out-of-state Manosphere bullies are going after some Jewish girls in the village of Whitefish, Montana.

    Andrew Anglin, a Red Pill Cult blogger, is celebrating Christmas Eve by ordering his disciples to attack a woman named Tanya Gersh, who criticized the negative publicity that a property owned by Nazi leader Richard Spencer's family was causing the town. Whitefish is a tourist spot catering to the ski industry, but Spencer uses his family's property as an address of record. Needless to say, this has become a public nuisance for the community.

     Tanya Gersh, who is Jewish, suggested to the Spencer Family that they sell the property; which in turn excited outrage among the Red Pills. Anglin---on Christmas Eve no less---published on his blog The Daily Stormer contact information and encouraged his disciples to troll Mrs. Gersh, her family, her business, organizations with which she's affiliated, etc. Anglin went even further and identified allegedly 'Jewish-owned businesses' in Whitefish as well.

      Anglin even threatened yesterday to organize an armed march in Whitefish, bussing in 200 Skinheads for the purpose. For those unfamiliar with The Daily Stormer blog, Anglin frequently runs a meme with Anne Frank's face photo-shopped on a lampshade. He has been praised by other Manosphere bloggers---most notably Vox Day and Roosh Valizdeh as a defender of Christian moral values.

     My intuition though tells me though that Jesus doesn't approve of such behavior; especially considering that His Mother was a Jewish girl who was often harassed by religious hypocrites.

       The story has gained enough notoriety that the Israeli Media is commenting on it.  Which brings up an interesting idea. 

      Instead of going to Whitefish and terrorizing a half-dozen Jewish families protected by the Flathead County Sheriff's Department, why not go straight on to Tel Aviv, and pit your Alpha skills against the Israeli Defense Force? Show the world what manly Alpha leaders you really are. I'm certain that Netanyahu and his Merry Men would be much more of an interesting challenge for a real Alpha-type. 

      But likely the Red Pills won't go quite that far. Talk is cheap, but it's the one thing they do best.



    Pope Francis announced yesterday that around $7 million dollars in humanitarian aid would be dispatched from the Vatican this Christmas to the beleaguered Donbas region. This sum is a part of a larger fund which will be distributed later in 2017. The Papal Christmas present is expected to reach 2 million people.

    Donbas is the common name of two independent countries: the Republic of Lughansk and the Donetsk Republic. Both are states created by Ukrainian patriots who seceded from the central regime in Kiev after a 2014 US-backed putsch overthrew the legal Ukrainian government.

    Pope Francis launched the relief project for Donbas last April throughout all European dioceses. The Pope learned from refugees the hardships that the newly-independent countries were facing; largely because of US/EU sanctions imposed by the brutal Obama. The Donbas Region is second only to Syria as a destination for Russian humanitarian aid as well. The Vatican stated that the overall plan will eventually encompass necessities such as food, housing, medicine, and hygiene on a reliable basis.

   "The Holy Father's 'Initiative for Ukraine' is intended to show the love and care of the Catholic Church to the war-weary population." reported the organizers of the plan "The Papal assistance should be their rays of joy; and instill hope that their brothers and sisters in Europe have not forgotten them."

    The Pope understands; and sees the bigger picture unlike the servile European presidents who bow slavishly to the Beltway and turn a blind eye to the sufferings of their fellow-man. Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and John Kerry have been especially ruthless with their use of economic sanctions and trade embargoes as a political weapon. And worse still is the complicity of the US Corporate Media in these crimes---who diligently keep the humanitarian disasters our government has caused out of public sight.

     In fact, the Media Cartels are quick even to criticize relief efforts to Donbas. Russia has sent over 2,000 tons of aid to the region---which is always denounced by the MSM as a 'pretext for invasion' or with similar yellow-journalist smear-tactics. But this kind of behavior is to be expected in today's Corporate Media; where outlets like The New York Daily News praise the assassination of Russian diplomats, or Daily Kos, which gloats over the prospect of low-income Trump voters losing public assistance. The so-called Cultural Elite in the US has proven itself time and again to behave more callously than the most primitive savages.

       Christian leaders like Pope Francis and President Putin, however, are standing up for the values that American Elites once displayed. Because of their efforts, untold millions have not only been saved, but given hope for the future as well.
      The Papal Nuncio to Donbas, Archbishop Guggerati,  stated to the press that the Pope is considering a future visit to Donbas, possibly some time in 2017.


Friday, December 23, 2016


      Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to review the film we'd intended to this week. However, thanks to a link from a regular reader, we instead have the text of the Presidential Christmas Message delivered via radio to the American people on December 24th, 1950. President Harry Truman's words are just as relevant now as they were then.

      Here is the speech in its entirety:

 { "My fellow-Americans: across this country, and in many parts of the world, men, women, and children are preparing to celebrate the Birthday of Christ. Never before has it seemed that a Christmas was so important. I'm not thinking of turkey dinners and stacks of gifts. I mean the quiet, reverent celebration of faith, hope, and love: born in a manger in Bethlehem.

    {"Across all the continents of the world, peace-loving peoples are feeling apprehension, and loneliness, and fear. Many have forgotten the humble surroundings of the Nativity; and how---from a straw-littered stable---shown a Light, which for nearly 20 centuries has given men strength, comfort, and peace. Peace of mind. At this Christmastime, we should renew our faith in God.

    {"We celebrate the Hour in which God came to man. It is fitting that we should turn to Him.

    {"Many of us are fortunate enough to celebrate Christmas at our own fireside. But there are many others who are away from their homes and loved ones on this day. Thousands of our boys are on the cold and dreary battlefields of Korea. But all of us: at home, at war, wherever we may be are within reach of God's Love and Power. We can all pray. All of us should pray. We should ask the fulfillment of God's Will. We should ask for courage, for wisdom, for the quietness of soul which comes alone to those who place their lives in His Hands.

    {"We should pray for a peace that is based on righteousness. Our land is already in the midst of a crusade of prayer. On the last Sunday of the old year, there will be special services devoted to a revival of faith in God. I call upon all of you to enlist in this common cause. I call upon all of you no matter what your spiritual allegiance may be.

    {"We're all joined in the fight against the tyranny of Communism. Communism is godless. Democracy has its foundation in Faith: faith in oneself, faith in one's neighbors, faith in God. Democracy's most powerful weapon is not a gun, a tank, or a bomb: it is Faith. Faith in the brotherhood and dignity of man under God.

     {"Let us pray at this Christmastime for the courage, the wisdom, and the humility to carry on in this Faith."}

     It is actually amazing to reflect that 66 years later, two generations of Americans have grown up hearing nothing other than neo-Communism being taught in public schools and colleges; and have never heard a US President calling upon Americans to pray and renew their faith in God at Christmastime. Older generations probably never imagined that the first quarter of the 21st Century would witness the re-emergence of Communism, Anarchism, and Naziism within our own borders during an election year.

     But Truman was right: Faith is the foundation of freedom. This Christmastime of 2016, we should heed his message of 1950; though Truman is but a dead white male to our so-called Cultural Elites, he "being dead, yet speaks." This is the time today---as it was then---to renew that Faith, and go forward with courage, wisdom, and humility.


Thursday, December 22, 2016


      There was a time in the United States when Christmas was a season of people coming together in fellowship, with the top leaders of our country setting the example with displays of national unity. Of course, times have radically changed.

       For example, the President-Elect's daughter Ivanka was travelling with her young children today when a pair of homosexuals went berserk on the airplane and caused an incident. Homosexuals are frequently prone to jealous and resentful outbursts against attractive females with children; and the sight of the famous Ivanka was too much. One of the perverts was dragged kicking and screaming off the plane, while the other celebrated the deed on social media in front of shocked passengers.

      But a few generations ago, the family of the president wasn't forgotten by grateful citizens. In 1923, a group of high school and college students collaborated with electrical engineering societies on a project that became an annual tradition---lighting of the White House Christmas Tree.

     Mrs. Grace Coolidge, the First Lady, organized the ceremony. Charitable organizations---in which the Coolidge Family were very involved were present---and a carol-singing was held on the North Portico of the White House. The only change was that President Coolidge insisted that the tree be placed on a lot adjacent to the White House so that the event could be enjoyed and shared by the community.

     In 1923, electrical technology was still fairly primitive, but the engineers solved the problem of powering the tree by installing a system of batteries. The President pushed a button and a new tradition was born.

     President Coolidge was a modest man by nature, and eschewed pomp and ceremony. He left the grounds to the festive citizens of Washington and his entourage retired to White House for a private Christmas celebration, though a photographer captured the Christmas Carol event on the Portico.


        The President made a surprise visit to the Veterans' Hospital on Christmas Day, while the First Lady sent 500 Christmas packages to the Salvation Army to assist needy DC families.

        The 1923 event was such a success that it drew visitors almost immediately. In 1925, the news broadcast the ceremony over radio for the first time. President Coolidge greeted a group of Boy Scouts who had come to witness the new electrical technology (as well as the new marvels of radio). This was, of course, in an era before the Scouts became a grooming-stable for homosexuals. Thus, the President said:

       "There is a time for play as well as a time for work. But even in play, it is possible to cultivate the art of well-doing. Games are useful to train the eye, the hand and the muscles, and bring the body more under the control of the mind. When this is done, instead of being a waste of time, play becomes a means of education. It is in all these ways that boys and girls are learning to be men and women; to be respectful of their parents, to be patriotic to their country, and to be reverent to God. It is because of this great chance that American boys and girls have in all these directions that to them, more than to the youth of any other country, there should be a Merry Christmas."

      The youth that Coolidge addressed on the radio in 1925 would later prove their mettle as adults: this was the generation that would overcome the Great Depression, World War II, and the Cold War. Then-future President Ronald Reagan once stated that the Coolidge Administration left a lasting impression on him and that, in many ways, Coolidge served as a role model during his own term in office. Certainly they weren't the types who went into hysterical rages on public airlines against mothers and children at Christmas.





    The once-great city of Santa Monica, California made headlines last year after a US Federal Court upheld the city's ban on Nativity Scenes. Nativity Scenes are becoming increasingly rare sights here in the Prozac Nation. Lawsuits and harassment from radical anti-Christians have made such displays a source of controversy even in communities that want them.

     Every December, the American Corporate Media has headlines of even the smallest towns being forced to bend to Political Correctness. This year, the so-called Freedom From Religion Foundation, with much encouragement from the Seattle-area media, went after and successfully removed an annual Nativity Scene in the small village of Gig Harbor, Washington. The town of 7,000 was hardly a match for the George Soros-funded FFRF and metro media pressure.

      But in the small village of Lintou, in Shanxi Province, China, a Nativity Scene is being welcomed as a symbol of hope for the struggling village. Shanxi was first visited by Christian missionaries in the early 1700s and Lintou was a village populated almost entirely by Catholics. Around 1910, Lintou erected the beautiful Immaculate Conception Church---which is still the center of worship in the village.

       However, like many villages in China, Lintou has suffered from a demographic shift. For economic reasons, young people have moved into the cities, living Lintou mostly a city of the elderly. But with the arrival of a new priest: 29 year-old Father Bosco Han Bo, hope is beginning to dawn in Lintou again. Father Han hopes to make this Christmas the center of a project to revitalize Lintou---with a Nativity Scene at the center of his plan.

       The Nativity Scene has attracted nationwide attention in China because of its artistic merit and the community effort involved in it. China's official Party news outlet, The Global Times, visited Lintou and praised the Nativity Scene in an article titled The True Meaning of Christmas.

       "Villagers used to put up the Nativity Scene inside the church, but Father Han decided to install it in the open air, right in the center of town. His first thought was to construct the Holy Family out of straw, but the villagers insisted that it look real. The young priest listened to his flock. He drove to town and bought some mannequins and made a Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph out of them. The villagers were impressed."

      The article goes on mention that a large celebration is planned in Lintou for Christmas, and the villagers who have emigrated are returning with their children for festivities including carols, prayers, food and a bonfire. "For certain, the children will know the story of the Nativity by heart while most of their peers in the cities know only Santa Claus." the Global Times said.

      So, when we compare Christmas in Lintou to Christmas in Gig Harbor, Americans should be hanging their heads in humiliated shame that the Communist Party of China is not only not removing Nativity Scenes but praising them in their official news organs---while Nativity Scenes in America are subject to witch-hunts not seen in China since the Maoist Era.

      What a testimony, too, to the cultural rot that's infested the US that the Seattle media applauds the events in Gig Harbor, while the state-run Chinese media actually understands what Christmas is all about.

      But leaving the bleak and gloomy nature of America's War on Christmas, Chinese Christians have reason to look forward to the future. A report submitted to the CPC Politburo earlier outlined and recommended a new policy of expanding religious freedoms in China---which has the endorsement of President Xi Jinping. Pope Francis has also been working to restore Vatican relations with the Chinese government all throughout 2016.

      At least it looks like Christmas in Lintou this year will be one worth remembering.

Good Men Doing Good Things

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


    Today in the Prozac Nation, the Austin Travis County Integral Care Center in Austin, Texas became the latest in a collection of public entities to clamp down on free speech and ban employees from saying Merry Christmas in front of patients. This kind of reactionary policy is something of a New Normal in the effete Postmodern United States; today it was also reported that the University of Virginia has a petition going to ban the phrase. The Cultural Marxists have been attempting to ban Christmas in general for some time, under the pretense of being inclusive; in spite of the obvious contradiction involved.

     Not so in the SE Asian country of Malaysia. In that predominantly Moslem country, the Supreme Islamic religious leader decreed that the term Merry Christmas in no way violated Islamic cultural norms.

     Dr. Zulkifli Al-Bakri, the Islamic Mufti of the Malaysian Federation stated that use of the term is not forbidden to Moslems and wholly permissible when used to celebrate the holidays of non-Islamic faiths.

      "It's no more than merely a greeting to express one's happiness and enjoyment upon seeing the happiness of others celebrating." the Mufti said, "As long as communications with other religions do not glorify non-Moslems, wishing someone a 'Merry Christmas' is permissible."

     The Mufti cited the 2007 decision of an Islamic Ecclesiastical court which ruled in favor of a group of Egyptian scholars who sent Christmas greetings to then-Pope Benedict. The Mufti's decision came in response to a legal challenge by an activist from a Moslem group, seeking to ban the term Merry Christmas in Malaysia on the grounds that it was offensive to Moslems.

     Does this sound familiar? Once again, it is uptight, drugged-out, native-born American Liberals---offended and outraged at 'seeing the happiness of others celebrating'---who are the ones shutting down Christmas cheer and not Moslems from abroad. The Grand Mufti of Malaysia has no problem with Moslems saying Merry Christmas in hospitals in schools; the overpaid and hysterical bureaucrats running such institutions in America, do.

     So, nobody is going to get sued or harassed in Malaysia any time soon for celebrating Christmas. Maybe Americans can take a lesson in inclusiveness from the Mufti.

                                    Christmas in Kuala Lumpur. Nobody 'offended' here.


    As sort of an unintended follow-up from yesterday's post; a group of self-described Manly Alpha Leaders among the Manosphere's Red-Pill Cult collectively decided to get into the Christmas Spirit and---to use their own words---word-rape a female blogger who dared criticize one of their writings. The guilty Gamers (so far) are Roosh Valizdeh, Quintus Curtius, and Vox Day, with a number of their fawning acolytes tagging along.

      They've all ganged up for this burst of Alpha outrage on Donna Zuckerberg, sister of the CEO of Facebook. The Red Pills have had a long-standing dislike for Facebook and social media in general; since the owners of these sites are routinely obliged to discipline them for their continual spamming, doxxing, trolling, harassment, and other obnoxious behaviors.

     Donna Zuckerberg wrote a few articles recently expressing some concern about the increasing Nazi rhetoric coming out of the Red Pill Cult, a specimen of which reads:

     "Why have so many White male leaders of communities and websites that used to focus on sex and gender shifted in recent months to Anti-Semitism, White Nationalism, and complaining about the (Jewish) media? In part it is because these men were always grossly bigoted and racist. The outspokenness of the Alt-Right empowered other men to share Anti-Semitic views which they otherwise might have been quiet about. But the Alt-Right was getting a lot of attention. And attention is what these men crave."

      What she said here was a little too close to the truth for the Manospherians, who unleashed a torrent of abuse on her. Roosh and Vox are actually gloating over several of Donna's Twitter posts complaining about the deluge of Anti-Semitic spam, including a few where her face is photo-shopped on a lampshade. 

       Males who engage in this kind of behavior are simply punks. They aren't leaders of men, they are poltroons who pose as leaders. The only reason that they get much attention is because Feminism and Cultural Marxism have so culturally depreciated masculinity that hoods like these can pass themselves off as real men and get away with it. 

        Quintus Curtius, an intellectual pygmy who really started the whole gang-bang against Donna Zuckerberg, wrote a rant under the guise of a rebuttal; the gist of which was that he is more of a man than Donna is. "I am a 48 year old man who has more scars than you will ever have!" he exults to her, "I fought more battles than you will ever fight! While you were mincing around the halls of Princeton, I was leading Marines on Okinawa and East Asia..." and other rather unmasculine braggadocio. As a side note, one wonders what battles Quintus was leading Marines into these regions. Considering that the last battle the Marines fought on Okinawa was in 1945 and the last they fought in SE Asia was in 1974; Quintus seems a bit young to have participated in these. 

        Vox Day gleefully quotes an extract from Roosh's article, showing us all the deep spirituality and masculine courage these two boast of having. Addressed to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, these cowards actually boast that they've somehow gotten to him through his sister:

       "If Mark Zuckerberg is reading this right now, and there's a good chance that he is because his sister bit off more than she could chew, I want him to know that she is now our 'house ho'. Mark, we have raped your sister's mind with our ideas and our vigor. We have so burrowed a hole into her head that not a day goes by without her thinking of our ideology, our arguments, and our words. You can do your worst on Facebook, and hide reality to your heart's content, but you cannot begin to stop us from wounding your own family. What goes around comes around---you've manipulated the minds of millions of people who use Facebook---censoring the truth from them, and now we own the mind of your sister."

        As sinister as this sounds, it's doubtful that Zuckerberg is too worried. Quintus, Vox, and Roosh don't even own their own minds anymore, let alone owning anybody else's. They exhibit such advanced stages of psychological dysfunction with screeds like these, one has to doubt that they actually have it together enough to do more than bluster---like the Internet version of a street bum shouting abuse at random pedestrians.

       The civilized way to handle criticism is by debate: but the Gamers can't defend any of their positions through logical argument. So they take the thug's way of force and intimidation---the very things they project on Mark Zuckerberg.




Tuesday, December 20, 2016


   With Christmas just five days away and an Election officially settled most cultures would be alive with the Spirit of Christ's message. Not so in Postmodern America. Here, where the Seven Deadly Sins are often mistaken for civic virtues; the closer we come to the commemorative day of Christ's Advent the less Christian our culture becomes. The Christmas Season in America begins on Black Friday---basically little more than a Wall-Street sponsored riot---and ends on New Years Eve---basically little more than a Wall-Street sponsored drunken orgy.

      A series of posts today really captured the essence of Xmas-America. Blogger and commenter Insanity Bytes critiqued an editorial which appeared in the Washington Post. The Post, once a great newspaper but now a sleazy tabloid, published a piece titled Our Culture Celebrates the Purity of the Virgin Mary: As a Rape Victim, that Hurts Me. One can more or less surmise the tone of the article from its title. Written by a feminist pastor from a very Left-leaning denomination, the whole thesis revolves around redefining Mary's image to make less 'patriarchal' and offensive.

       It really does take a significant degree of narcissism to complain, as this author seems to imply, that Mary's example is too high a bar for women to emulate. But the 'pastor' misses the whole point. In spirituality we cannot be God and very few can be saints. Yet their attributes are examples that we should follow. Among the Cultural Marxists and their Anarchist camp-followers, the idea that anyone should actually achieve excellence in anything, including spirituality causes them to recoil in horror and wounded pride.

        Not far behind the Left, the Far Right chimed in. Manosphere Red Pill Cult blogger Chateau Heartiste published the first of an upcoming series of articles calling for another civil war. Heartiste's article was praised and widely circulated by other Game Cultists, even though it's arguably one of the stupidest theories that Heartiste has ever suggested. He introduces the article---which is largely a hotchpotch of vulgarity and crackpot-level historical revisionism---by announcing:

      "The best way to think about America, now and historically, is as the battleground between rival White factions, with nonwhites and women as shock-troops ordered to exploit White men's racial guilt and their white knightery. One faction---the Runaway Universalist (RU) Whites---is engaged in biological warfare against the F*** You (FU) Whites, via open borders to the third world."

       To most rational people, the above statement indicates mainly that Heartiste is a full-blown neurotic, and a crypto-Nazi to boot. "The psychological level of the RU Whites' anti-White subversion propaganda was amplified by a tacit alliance between various nonwhite and Middle East/North African-White tribes, most notably the Jews."

       Ethnic Cleansing and Internecine Warfare: about as far from Christianity as one can get; but a prime example of how the Red Pills would spread Christmas Cheer.

       Sadder still, the Cultural Elites are even worse than the extremists. An article in the New York Daily News written by Gersh Kuntzman---who once claimed to have suffered PTSD from visiting a rifle range---praised the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey as a heroic statement against the Russian Government.

       "As Vladimir Putin's man in Turkey, Karloff was the public face of that murderous dictator's war crimes around the globe and of oppression at home," this effete New York degenerate says of the Christian President of Russia, "I, for one, am shedding no tears for Andrei Karloff!"

       Kuntzman not only prances in sadistic glee over a murder that was denounced worldwide, he almost sets a record for telling the most lies in a single paragraph: "Karloff's job in Turkey was to ease tensions over Russia's atrocities in Syria (lie) and its incursions inside Turkey itself (lie)---meaning that his job was to enable and normalize Vladimir Putin (lie). Given that role, he wasn't a diplomat but a soldier (lie), and his death is the same whether it came on the battlefield outside Aleppo or in an art gallery in Ankara (lie)."

        These three articles really sum up what Christmas has come to mean in America. But it wasn't always like this. For the next few days, we'll be running some articles related to the Christmas Season, because it's obvious that the Ameroboobs need a remedial course on the subject.


Monday, December 19, 2016


    After six weeks of withstanding intimidation, harassment, death threats, doxxing, and attempted bribery, the Electoral College did what it always has and confirmed the legally elected President. The final step in all of these arcane processes is for the US Senate to certify the Electoral College results. Fortunately, Senators are typically better-protected than State Electors.

     The Anarchists and their confederates are likely not finished yet. They're already plotting various social disturbances and other crimes up to and including Inauguration Day.

     None of these theatrics will deter Trump from being sworn in, however. It is really time for most of us to begin focusing on the policies and composition of the new administration. Geopolitically, Obama has become utterly irrelevant---as this week's incident in the South China Sea amply proved. On domestic issues likewise, Obama can really do little more than sign or veto legislation passed during the interim Congress.

     Is the Left finished, as we all hope? Sadly, not. The reality is that the Cultural Marxists have become so deeply entrenched in most American sociopolitical institutions that rooting them out is going to be a long and arduous process. If Trump intends to keep his promise about draining the cesspool, this is a project that will occupy much of his entire first term.

      While the new administration needs to clean up corruption, America's social infrastructure is also in desperate need of rebuilding. 30+ years of dumbed-down schools, drug proliferation, radical feminism and homosexual activism have exacted a brutal toll on American social psychology. The government can do some proactive things to reverse these trends as Putin has in Russia; but the speed of their successes will depend upon how deeply the cultural rot has effected us nationally. At this level, the Cultural Marxists are going to be very obstructive; and this is where many of us will have to do our part to encourage needed reforms.

     Economic and physical infrastructure has been so long neglected that this is going to be a major focus of government spending programs. Cleaning up the corruption at high levels may offset much of these expenses; but we are literally talking trillions of dollars in damage that has to be rectified immediately. America's system of river navigation and flood control is on the verge of collapse; and most of our bridges and dams are well past their warranties. Our rail system and public transportation is obsolete; our space program nonexistent; our power grids badly outdated; drinking water contaminated. This is to say nothing of our chaotic airports and healthcare system.

     The Cultural Marxists and their Neocon RINO Republican enablers have brought us to this point. The Trump Administration is going to be a pivotal one and will ultimately determine whether we sink into rogue-nation Third-World status (as we largely already have); or rejoin the Community of Nations and become a net contributor to the world again. Trump deserves a chance and his election may give us, as a society, a chance again.


     How many of us still remember Obama's Pivot to Asia? This was a foreign policy shift that occurred largely after Obama's disastrous failures in the Middle East and his restarting the Cold War with Russia through his sheer incompetence and arrogance. The Pivot to Asia wasn't much different and ended just as ignobly as the others: leaving China the dominant power in the Pacific.

     Obama had nearly pushed China to the very brink of WW3 with his continual provocations in the South China Sea in June. Six months later, his once-swaggering Pentagon saber-rattlers are obliged to bow before the Chinese Dragon and beg with their rumps in the air for the return of a deep-sea drone.

     A Chinese patrol boat captured the drone on Thursday after the captain's suspicions were raised about its purposes. The drone was allegedly part of a NOAA research project carried out from Subic Bay in The Philippines, according to Captain Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon. Chinese suspicions were further raised when Filipino Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana publically stated that he had never been informed of the US deploying undersea drones from Subic Bay.

      China determined that they would return the drone after their Military Intelligence had an opportunity to inspect it further. This led to an angry outburst from the Obama Administration and from Senate RINOs. "This brazen provocation fits the pattern of increasingly unstable Chinese behavior," thundered Senator McCain, "And this behavior will continue until met with a strong and determined US response!"

      Definitely harsh words over a device that the Pentagon claims is commercially available for around $150,000 and, according to them, was part of a non-classified project to map ocean currents. Nonetheless, the effete Peter Cook of the Pentagon press corps told the Corporate Media that: "Using appropriate government-to-government channels, the Department of Defense has called upon China to return an unmanned underwater vehicle that China unlawfully seized and return it in compliance with international law." So much for the 'robust response' McCain had called for.

      This isn't the first time that China has intercepted and inspected an underwater drone, but it is the first time that the Pentagon and Corporate Media have raised a public outcry over it. This fact was noted by Li Je, a Chinese military spokesman, who added that "the drone that we seized on Thursday is newer and more advanced than the oceanographic drones we have encountered before; and might carry sensitive information just collected in the South China Sea. This is why the US is so nervous and employed the media to hype it up this time. The US is aware that such spying activity is inappropriate."

        This incident illustrates why we need professional men in the military and intelligence fields again. As if China was really going to be fooled by spy drone disguised as a research vessel! Our Pentagon apparently believes that no military in history has ever disguised spy equipment as a scientific apparatus before. The fact that there were more drones in the area and that the Chinese seized this one in particular indicates that they were probably monitoring it for some time. 

        Song Zhongping, a military analyst who comments for China's Phoenix TV, stated that  drones of this type easily can be altered for espionage purposes. "For military purposes, the drone can gather hydrological intelligence about salinity, temperature, and the ocean currents. More importantly, it can also gather military intelligence about the movement of submarines."

       Thus concludes (hopefully) Obama's Pivot to Asia. In six months, Obama has managed to be snubbed at Pacific conferences; driven Japan to seek reconciliation with Russia; can't control a vassal he installed in The Philippines; saw the South Korean government overthrown; driven former allies into China's orbit; caused riots on Okinawa; and now is obliged to grovel in front of China after blundering a routine security operation.

       And the Corporate Media is more concerned that Trump misspelled a word commenting on the whole affair. We could use some professionals in the media again, too.

                                              "Time to Flush the Obama Navy"