Monday, December 19, 2016


    After six weeks of withstanding intimidation, harassment, death threats, doxxing, and attempted bribery, the Electoral College did what it always has and confirmed the legally elected President. The final step in all of these arcane processes is for the US Senate to certify the Electoral College results. Fortunately, Senators are typically better-protected than State Electors.

     The Anarchists and their confederates are likely not finished yet. They're already plotting various social disturbances and other crimes up to and including Inauguration Day.

     None of these theatrics will deter Trump from being sworn in, however. It is really time for most of us to begin focusing on the policies and composition of the new administration. Geopolitically, Obama has become utterly irrelevant---as this week's incident in the South China Sea amply proved. On domestic issues likewise, Obama can really do little more than sign or veto legislation passed during the interim Congress.

     Is the Left finished, as we all hope? Sadly, not. The reality is that the Cultural Marxists have become so deeply entrenched in most American sociopolitical institutions that rooting them out is going to be a long and arduous process. If Trump intends to keep his promise about draining the cesspool, this is a project that will occupy much of his entire first term.

      While the new administration needs to clean up corruption, America's social infrastructure is also in desperate need of rebuilding. 30+ years of dumbed-down schools, drug proliferation, radical feminism and homosexual activism have exacted a brutal toll on American social psychology. The government can do some proactive things to reverse these trends as Putin has in Russia; but the speed of their successes will depend upon how deeply the cultural rot has effected us nationally. At this level, the Cultural Marxists are going to be very obstructive; and this is where many of us will have to do our part to encourage needed reforms.

     Economic and physical infrastructure has been so long neglected that this is going to be a major focus of government spending programs. Cleaning up the corruption at high levels may offset much of these expenses; but we are literally talking trillions of dollars in damage that has to be rectified immediately. America's system of river navigation and flood control is on the verge of collapse; and most of our bridges and dams are well past their warranties. Our rail system and public transportation is obsolete; our space program nonexistent; our power grids badly outdated; drinking water contaminated. This is to say nothing of our chaotic airports and healthcare system.

     The Cultural Marxists and their Neocon RINO Republican enablers have brought us to this point. The Trump Administration is going to be a pivotal one and will ultimately determine whether we sink into rogue-nation Third-World status (as we largely already have); or rejoin the Community of Nations and become a net contributor to the world again. Trump deserves a chance and his election may give us, as a society, a chance again.

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