Monday, April 29, 2024


      On Saturday night, just days after signing into law an extensive expansion of Domestic Espionage and a plan to seize social media outlet Tik-Tok, the Beltway Elites rented the entire Washington DC Hilton Hotel Complex for a gala bash---the theme of which was, Celebrating the First Amendment. This, of course, was the White House Correspondents Dinner, an event where the Media Scum gather to praise themselves and celebrate their cozy relationship with the Corporate and Political Power Base. To his credit, President Trump never participated in these absurd displays, but Orange Man Bad, and now it's back to business-as-usual. 

    According to the website of British-based Cornucopia Events, which organized the dinner, the cost of attendance was about $95,000 US Dollars. Their Corporate Clients List reads about like an index of WEF Strategic Partners. In case anybody's interested, here is the itinerary:

And the menu:

     Bear in mind that this is all against the back-drop of mass-layoffs, reducing thousands more Americans to poverty. We have to consider too that these media figures were partying with an Administration which is persecuting Julian Assange, encouraging blacklisting of dissidents, and supporting regimes like Ukraine, which has no press freedom to speak of, and Israel which has murdered around 200 journalists and recently banned Al-Jazeera in the country. They did hypocritically mention a couple of American journalists imprisoned in Russia and Syria to highlight the supposed risks involved in their jobs and to promote the illusion of a free and courageous press in this country. The 'journalists' jailed in Russia and Syria actually were convicted of Espionage, by the way. 

    The Guest List included numerous celebrities, since in our age of Infotainment there's barely any difference between journalism, comedy, and drama any more. Besides the usual crop of media jack-puddings, numerous political figures were lounging about.  Lest anyone think that it was not a bipartisan affair, Fox News was represented along with the others. GOP luminaries like New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu and Congressmen Ken Buck, Mike Turner, Darrel Issa, and Mike McCaul were invitees. The Trump Campaign was represented by Chris LaCivita, one of his top campaign strategists, and Reince Priebus, Trump's former Chief-of-Staff and former RNC Chair. This isn't to say that Conservatives had no criticism of the event: they were quite aghast at Senator John Fetterman's choice of attire, but at least Bruce Jenner was tastefully dressed. Nobody can ever accuse our side of not having its priorities in order!

    Now, in our postmodern dystopia the criticism of shams like this bring down the predictable response which is inevitably something like: "You're just jealous because you weren't important enough to invite!" Well, not really. I'm fairly confident that I can make better Buttermilk Green Goddess Dressing and Smoked Paprika Rubbed Filets at home (that is, until the Oligarchs make things like cream and beef impossible for us peasants to obtain). In reality, I would have no problem with highly successful people who got where they are through hard work and innovation having huge parties with their friends in 5-Star hotels. However, that's not what we're looking at here. 

   What we're looking at in this case is a bunch of frauds---people who got where they are through influence-peddling, blackmail, and just about every form of connivance other than actual merit to secure and hold their positions. Even the keynote speaker got his place through massive voter fraud and intimidation of opponents. The whole event was a fraud, because we're facing greater threats to a Free Press today than any time in the last century, at least. A few decades ago, none of these people would have achieved any kind of success and wouldn't be let near an event like this unless they were hired as servants. To make it all worse, they utterly despise everyone outside of their clique as inferiors when in reality their own owners and handlers consider them nothing more than expendable pawns in the power-plays going on behind the scenes.

   Basically what the White House Correspondents Dinner amounts to is more glorified version of the Academy Awards or Grammys. In our system of Inverted Totalitarianism, creating the illusion of power and success is more important than actually achieving it or delivering on it. The Mass-Media is an integral part of such a system, not only for disseminating propaganda and creating distraction, but for concentrating the 'narrative' and shaping opinions to the Oligarchy's own interests and benefit. The Oligarchs can find one stooge to do this as easily as another because neither intelligence nor ability is required for such a task. 


      We've profiled here before the kinds of unmitigated degenerates and lowlifes who orchestrate Beltway High Society. They are an even worse class of people than the scum whom they use as their front-men. The tragedy is that too many Americans buy into this scam, knowing fully what it is, and the kinds of people who run it.



Sunday, April 28, 2024


      Last week, police in New York City caught up with the perpetrator of at least some recent random attacks on women. Daquan Armstead, aged 31, of the Lower East Side Manhattan, reportedly was rather amazed that the authorities should take his past-time of walking up to ladies and punching them in the head so seriously“It's different with men,” Armstead allegedly told cops, the DA’s office confirmed. “They don't test you like women do. You have to check women sometimes.” 


    Those who follow the near-cult like activities of a certain faction of the Manosphere probably recognize at once that statements about women testing men and having to check women sometimes are stock-phrases regularly used by the groups loosely defined as 'Red Pills': PUAs, MGTOW, Game-Planners, Alt-RINOs, etc. So where do we suppose that Amstead picked up such ideas? 

    It could very well be because a number of these characters have been getting attention lately from top media figures. A few years ago, a number of Red Pill blogs collapsed after exposures of corruption and various acts of violence connected with their readership began occurring on a regular basis. Since the beginning of this decade, a few of the old-school diehards like Vox Day and Rollo Tomassi and new crop of grifters raised on their poisonous ideologies have re-emerged on social media and video programs. Despite, by their own admissions, being hostile to traditional Conservatism, they've been embraced by our new and very woke breed of Conservatives. Andrew Tate, Steve Sailer, Doug Wilson, the late Gonzalo Lira (aka Coach Red Pill), Douglas Mackey (aka Ricky Vaughn) have all been praised by Tucker Carlson---who should know better---while a few other cretins like Jack Murphy and Anthime Gionet (aka Baked Alaska, among other aliases) have been turning up on allegedly Christian and Conservative websites and white-washed of all of their foul deeds and words. 

   While the Red Pill philosophy recognizes a difference between genders, it rejects the traditional ideals of Compensation and Complimentarianism, and advocates instead a degraded and debased form of Male Supremacy which, if one analyzes it, is really nothing more than Radical Feminist anti-male stereotypes inverted by the Red Pills into a system of virtues. 

     Daquan Armstead isn't receiving the same martyr status among the Red Pills themselves as they usually bequeath upon violent actors within their movement. There are a number of White Supremacists in the Red Pill Cult too, and they tend to be a bit squeamish about praising a Black man, no matter how sympathetic he is to their beliefs. Likewise, the skunks in the Corporate Media have been downplaying Armstead's probable connection to the Red Pills for the same racialist reasons. Radicalized non-White males don't fit the Official Narrative. Racialist narratives and counter-narratives are, like the so-called 'Gender Wars,' part of the Strategy of Tension, and must follow a close script. 

    However, minus the White Supremacist nonsense, the Red Pill actually has a sizable following among American Black men. The reason for this is because our culture is highly anti-male and men of all races are marginalized and depreciated. American men are relegated to spending their most productive years in an atmosphere of chronic ennui of under-and unemployment and presented with a generally hopeless future. Suicides and addictions are rampant among American men of all races, and there are few to no positive outlets for us. 

    Some of the more vulnerable men seek a scapegoat; and the Red Pill Philosophy preys upon such vulnerabilities at a man's deepest source: his innate fear of insignificance both economically and sexually. The latent homosexuality and 'prosperity gospels' of the Red Pills scapegoat American women---who, by and large, are themselves victims of the same Strategy of Tension, although it manifests itself differently in Feminine Psychology. 

    Specimens like Daquan Armstead are not symptomatic of our society's failure to deal with mental illness, as the Corporate Media claims. He's a specimen of society's failure to live up to its supposed goals of freedom for every individual to live up to his highest potential. Characters like these are exactly what's produced in a society where 10% of the population holds 100% of the wealth and power. Mediaeval Europe---which had a similar balance of social power---was also characterized by outbreaks of random violence, sexual perversion, and mass-hysteria as well as widespread substance abuse. 

   'Taking the Red Pill' doesn't cure anything: it merely changes the symptoms. The root of America's problems is essentially a spiritual one: where people have forgotten the basic principle of our nation's founding that we are all equal under the authority of our Creator, and instead pursue selfishness and self-aggrandizement at the expense of others.  



Saturday, April 27, 2024


     It's amazing how in our Postmodern dystopia the narrative changes as quickly the weather does. (Amazingly, too, most Ameroboobs think that humans control the weather, but dismiss as a conspiracy kook anyone who suggests that humans control the narrative, but we digress). Our Woke Conservatives now have abandoned their opposition to campus speech-codes and enforced ideology. Of course, for decades, the Right was content to look the other way while American scholars faced reverse discrimination, black-listing, ideological purges, but when certain interest groups start throwing cash around, the Party of Principle conveniently forgets where it put its moral compass. 

    Likewise, the supposedly 'Liberal' Academic Mafia which only recently was virtue-signalling about divesting in Israel and supporting the Palestinians has jumped on board has jumped on board with the anti-Palestinian hysteria and conducted some of the most suppression of campus protests since the Vietnam War. Of course, the whole 'divestment' scheme was a fake to begin with. Israeli companies simply 'divested' by outsourcing Israeli jobs to Palestine where they had a de facto slave-labor market and reaped huge profits, laughing up their sleeves at the simpletons who thought that they were making a statement against the Zionist apartheid regime.

    Randi Weingarten, a self-proclaimed Zionist and gauleiter of the American Federation of Teachers, took to Elon Musk's site to throw the Academic Mafia's full weight behind the Uniparty's moves to quell the 1st Amendment. Not a peep though or any concern over the fact that 85% of Gaza's schools have been destroyed and 261 teachers and 95 college professors have been murdered by the Israeli Regime since October 7th; but who cares? At least American Academia's positions are safe. 

    Not to be outdone, the Israeli Secret Police reminded American citizens that the recent bipartisan legislation signed into law by the Biden/Harris Junta expanding domestic espionage will be put to good use and that Americans who have nothing to hide will have nothing to fear:

This is no issue for our Woke Republicans who now embrace Affirmative Action; nor does it bother the Liberal Democrats too much, who never pass up an opportunity to rage against 'Christian influence' in government or accuse candidates of 'Russian Collusion,' but look the other way when foreign agents working for a cultish regime commit outright against outright acts of bribery against members of their own party

    Never ones to let a good crisis go to waste, Republican Congressmen are blaming the anti-genocide protests on China. The House Ways and Means Committee passed a resolution demanding that the IRS investigate possible ties of some of the protesters to Chinese-linked organizations. Yes: this is the same GOP which only a few years ago punished the IRS for targeting groups based on their ideology, saying then that: "It is improper for the IRS to single out groups for different treatment based upon their names or their ideological positions. An entitlement to a tax exemption should be based upon the activities of an organization and whether or not they fulfill the requirements of the law---not the policy positions adopted by the members of the group nor the name they choose to reflect those views. There is no excuse for this conduct." 

    That was then, this is now. It is indeed interesting how all of these Republicans who were always howling about 'Cancel Culture' and speech codes on campuses are suddenly in favor of it, just like these University Administrators who practiced reverse discrimination for decades in the name of 'celebrating diversity' are willing to suppress protests against a genocidal, apartheid regime. 

  Also interesting is how all of those mobs who protested over the death of a fentanyl addict in Minneapolis a few years ago have been so quiet, and no demands from the MSM about police brutality or celebrations of Summers of Love. Police aren't taking a knee with the protesters any more, which shouldn't be surprising considering that the same interests who funded the Floyd Riots are the same ones funding the pro-Zionist 'narrative.'  Of course, the Republicans did nothing in response then either, except to  clutch their bowties and never have said anything while innocent police officers were judicially railroaded and thrown into dungeons and left to rot by a kangaroo-court. 

   All of this proves again that neither the American people nor their own government is really in control, but that moneyed interests dictate policy. This is why elections are a complete farce: nothing but a show other than to maintain the illusion that people really are in control of their Government, and that politicians really do have any power to make or enforce independent decisions. For that matter, it also shows us that the beliefs that academia fosters freedom and independent thought, and that the legal system pursues justice, are illusions too. 

Friday, April 26, 2024


    With all major institutions in America---including both political parties---now firmly under the control of New World Order neurotics and ignoramuses, the upcoming elections take on less meaning or relevance than they already had. The only real debate between the two factions now is which will implement the Great Reset fastest and to what extent. The Liberals, who want to take Civilization back to the level of the prehistoric apes; or the Conservatives who only want to go back as far the Caveman: those are what our 'choices' essentially come down to. Bear in mind that this only effects us of the common herd; the Oligarchs fancy that they will be above it all, like some kind of futuristic version of Mt. Olympus without even the more traditional Olympians' charm and godlike attributes. At least in pagan times, the gods inspired awe and reverence; the Top 10% of our new Global Order evoke nothing but disgust and contempt.


     This depressing state of affairs doesn't mean, however, that we should follow the examples of most of our countrymen and drift off into a state of blissful ignorance and self-absorption. That strategy only empowers and emboldens the Enemies of Liberty in pursuit of their wicked schemes. Those who follow that line of reasoning believe that they are 'buying time' when in reality their non-resistance and passivity is only accelerating the inevitable which they hope to avoid. 

    Also, as we're seeing currently at American Universities---and what we previously saw during the Scamdemic Tyranny in Australia, the Truckers Protests in Canada, and the January 6th show-trials---peaceful protest isn't especially effective either. Orchestrated Protests, like the BLM mayhem during 2020 are entirely different. Protests not sanctioned by the Elites only end up with brutality and crackdowns, and calls from neo-Fascists posing as Conservatives for even further thuggery in the name of restoring law and order. A lot of well-meaning people only end up in jail and the apathetic and effete populace never give them any support or change their positions because of that.

   It likewise shouldn't be forgotten that suppressing dissent is not the end goal of the authoritarians, but the beginning. The next phase of the program looks like Palestine. Don't imagine for one moment that there aren't many of both Liberals and Conservatives who wouldn't be delighted to see the same things happening here. 

   While Totalitarianism now seems inevitable in the US and its satellite states, I don't now---nor ever have---believed that the Great Reset will succeed. For a time, the forces behind it might seize Absolute Power in this region of the world, but in historical time, I don't bet upon it lasting any longer than the previous Thousand-Year Reich did during the last century.

      The people and organizations behind the Great Reset radically have miscalculated their own superiority. Their faith in Scientism, their contempt for the masses, and the relative success they've had in scheming to take over entire nations and economic systems have inflated their egos to sense of invincibility. While these characteristics superficially appear as their greatest strength today, they will prove to be their downfall in the future. They have concentrated so much power in so few hands, insulated themselves from all reasonable advice or criticism, and had to weaken their subject populations to a great degree to keep down effective opposition that they are defenseless any other world power which may decide to try conclusions with them. An example of this was their humiliating defeat at the hands of the Yemeni Freedom Fighters who've choked off the Red Sea shipping lanes from the Global Commercial Conglomerates, while all our vaunted military might has failed to stop them. On paper, Yemen is by no means an economic or military powerhouse, imagine what a well-equipped and better-organized national power could do against the Oligarchs.

    Of course, even Yemen is better-positioned and better-organized to take on the Global Elites than any dissident group in the United States is, so a confrontational situation, the ballyhooed 'Civil War 2.0' largely fomented by Alt-RINO keyboard warriors is no option either. Any such attempt will end in disaster, and probably provoke a greater expansion of the Police State than 'peaceful protests' have. 

   What we should be doing from our side is strengthening our community networks of like-minded people and engaging in passive resistance whenever possible. Disengage, disunite, disconnect from the Elite's power-base as much as one can. Never volunteer to help them. Pay attention to their actions and speeches only to expose them. Historically, these events will be no more than a forest fire; and one day the trees will be green again and the Elites forgotten. 




Tuesday, April 23, 2024


     So, this weekend while Americans nationwide were doing their part to buoy our sagging economy by setting sales records at legal Marijuana dispensaries, our new 'Woke' Republican Party was doing its part as well. Mar-a-Lago was again the scene of another gala billionaires bash---this time featuring wealthy homo 'equality' activists. The US Congress was unusually busy too: House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell were shaking hands and cutting deals with Hakeem Jefferies and Chuck Schumer to subsidize Wall Street's growing hegemony against our so-called 'enemies' and to expand the Police/Surveillance State

    As an interesting side-note, Russia---the main target of all of this---has actually spent less on its entire defense budget during the last two years than the US and NATO has on Ukraine alone and Russia is still winning. The Russians---despite American Media propaganda---haven't been on the verge of collapse through all of this: they still maintain an Expeditionary Force in Syria, conduct joint military drills with friendly nations and have even signed some new defense pacts with several countries. The purpose of Russia's invasion of Ukraine was to secure its borders and to protect Russian citizens---something our Congress didn't bother to address for our country. Russia also has been investing heavily in internal infrastructure (a problem here which our Congress also ignored) with the help of China---another of the new Axis of Evil whom we're working overtime to 'contain.' Even though the smart boys in the RNC insist that "we can't win on social issues" Russia has suppressed the Homo 'Equality' movement, has a strong anti-drug policy, and there is currently legislation aiming to restrict---if not outright ban---legal abortion in Russia. President Putin, who supports all of these initiatives, was re-elected in March with 88% of the popular vote.


    The American Left, too, isn't happy with this state of affairs. After decades of Democrat virtue-signalling about world peace---and especially emphasizing Standing with Palestine' even the hardcore Marxists have become wholly exasperated with the Left's volte-face. Not only have Congressional Democrats---including the so-called 'Squad'---been shoveling as much cash as possible into the hands of the Military-Industrial Complex, Democrat Governors and the supposedly Leftist titans of Academia have been carrying out a series of suppressive acts against pro-Palestinian demonstrators at levels not seen since the Vietnam War. Strangely enough, groups like Antifa have been unusually quiet during these demonstrations. Antifa, and groups like them are heavily funded by the same Oligarchs who support the militarization and regimentation agendas of the Great Reset, so we're not likely to see any fake Summers of Love or 'Chaz Zones' any time soon. 

    That hasn't stopped the fake Conservatives---who only a few months ago were howling about Cancel Culture and woke university administrations singling out Conservative activists---from complaining that protest suppression isn't draconian enough. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton---who has stuffed his own pockets with lots of both Ukrainian Neo-Nazi and Zionist Cult lobbying cash---stated on Elon Musk's mouthpiece recently that protesters should be thrown off bridges and flayed alive. Cotton not only comes across as a psychopath every time he opens his mouth, he's teamed up with fellow Zionist shill Tom Hawley to call for the Biden/Harris Junta to deploy stormtroopers our brave xhes in uniform to American universities to crush protests. 

  “The nascent pogroms at Columbia have to stop TODAY, before our Jewish brethren sit for Passover Seder tonight! If Eric Adams won’t send the NYPD and Kathy Hochul won’t send the National Guard, Joe Biden has a duty to take charge and break up these mobs!” Cotton shrieked. “Eisenhower sent the 101st to Little Rock! It’s time for Biden to call out the National Guard at our universities to protect Jewish Americans!” Hawley chimed in, neglecting to mention that Eisenhower's actions were in defense of Constitutional Rights---not to curtail them. 


    Ah...shades of Tienanmen Trudeau and the Canadian Truckers---how Conservative can we get these days? Legal Abortion, homo 'equality,' and Cancel Culture, and subservience to the Corporate Deep State---what's next for the Republicans?

   To answer that question, Lanny Davis---a scummy lawyer and Beltway lobbyist who served both the Clinton and Bush families dutifully between big stints for Wall Street and Government Contractors---has penned an article at the Neocon outlet Real Clear Politics which is making the rounds among the Controlled Opposition's Media outlets. Davis advocates outright for a Uniparty headed by the Biden/Harris Junta.

   "Now it’s time for him {Biden} to make U.S. history by announcing, prior to the Democratic Party nominating convention, that he will name a bipartisan Cabinet and policy advisers and work with congressional Republican conservative leaders as well as progressive Democrats to find common ground on the issues Americans care about most, starting with border security, inflation, criminal justice, climate change, and support for democracy and the rule of law." Davis opines. "Those who voted for Nikki Haley {WEF Young Global Leader} or preferred other non-Trump candidates in the early GOP primaries would give President Biden another look if he were able to show them that he represents a dramatic break from the hyper-partisanship of our times.As many of these conservative anti-Trump Republicans and independents tell me in my travels, despite their serious concerns about Trump’s anti-democratic views and support for Vladmir Putin and other autocrats, they won’t vote for Biden’s reelection because they consider him to ideologically liberal and, worse, too partisan.”

    So there we are. Both parties need to throw their respective bases under the bus and rally behind a strongman who represents the interests of the Deep State. The Left has already been doing that for a long time: now, Davis argues, it's time for Republicans to follow suit---which they also appear to be doing already to a great extent.


     If anybody hasn't seen where this is all leading before, it's impossible that they don't see it now. Since 2021, we have stated clearly here that the short-term objective of the ruling class was the establishment of a One-Party State. How much more do the Elites have to do or say to make this more obvious? This weekend marked a turning-point on their Long March to bring about this goal. Let's not forget what John Kerry said shortly before Biden/Harris seized power: “And yes, the Great Reset will happen...and I think it will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine.” Unfortunately though, the imaginations of most Americans will probably continue on in drugs and distraction. 

Sunday, April 21, 2024


     This week here in the Prozac Nation was so event-filled that one article can hardly sum it all up. Americans took time out from their rapt attention of wall-to-wall news coverage of the sex scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, Donald Trump, and P. Diddy to participate in what's become one of the biggest annual holidays in the US. Readers outside of the United States may not know about the significance of the unofficial holiday celebrated here on April 20th. Marijuana stores across the land have blowout sales, in some places surpassing holidays like Christmas and Easter in importance. Between the anesthetics and the softcore pornography which passes in America as news, Americans blissfully can ignore things like Congress expanding the powers of the Surveillance State and supposedly 'Liberal' universities crushing protests with police and expulsions for the first time since the Vietnam War

   Naturally, Americans also routinely ignore society's losers, including children, who just fall through the cracks in our system. Another such sad story was reported this morning by WCPO-9 in Cincinnati. 5-year old Kinsleigh Welty died in the hospital this morning after suffering about a year and a half of horrific state-supervised abuse. The three dirtbags who tortured the toddler were taken into custody after local police finally got around to conducting an investigation. As is typical in such cases, the so-called Child Welfare officials remain untouchable. WCPO reported that "Scripps News Indianapolis has reached out to DCS over the past few days for comments, but a law that took effect in 2019 prevents the agency from releasing records on a child’s death until after the criminal case is resolved."



    The people responsible for this deserve to die---which they would if we still had a functional legal system. That includes the Administrative Judges, the social workers, and their supervisors. It is (or was) an established legal principle in every civilized society that those who are accessories to crimes, those who sway another to commit a crime or provide the means of its commission are equally guilty. These kinds of crimes are not uncommon, although no media outlets except local ones typically report them, and even then they never follow up and investigate gross negligence or outright complicity of State Agencies. Unfortunately, too, the American Political Class is more interested in dreaming up barbaric punishments for their political opponents: delivering justice to the killers of children, not so much. 

    We shouldn't be surprised at any of this. A culture where both political parties consider late-term abortion a sacred civil right; a culture which considers the murderers of children as victims; a nation where infant mortality rates have sunk to the bottom of developed nations and nobody bats an eye; a culture whose Congress appropriates American tax dollars to fund genocidal regimes that murder children and then celebrate it merely as 'collateral damage'; a culture where self-sterilization has become a social trend---such a culture is not going to be overly interested in the welfare of children, despite its continual Virtue-Signalling to the contrary. As political pundit Bill Maher recently summed up America's predominant attitude towards such things: "There [are] 8 billion people in the world, I’m sorry, we won’t miss you.”

    Realistically speaking, decades now of parental neglect, the pervasive abuse of children in our schools, social systems, and hospitals have impacted younger Americans in ways that the social damage is likely irreversible. A few publicity stunts from grandstanding politicians  isn't going to address the fundamental problem. The fundamental problem is that Americans have, by and large, have become too self-absorbed and wrapped up in the self-gratification and self-promotion of the present to care about things like future generations. Americans today typically have nothing but contempt for the past and no concern for the future. We live in a narcissistic culture as one social critic described it: 

  "The modern parent's attempt to make children feel loved and wanted does not conceal an underlying coolness---the remoteness of those who have little to pass on to the next generation and who, in any case, give priority to their own right of self-fulfillment...The belief that society has no future, while it rests upon a certain realism about the dangers ahead, today also incorporates a narcissistic inability to identify with posterity or to feel oneself as part of an historical stream. The weakening of social ties, which originates in the prevailing state of social warfare, at the same time reflects a narcissistic defense against dependence. A warlike society tends to produce men and women who are at heart antisocial...It reflects the conviction---as much a projection of inner anxieties as a perception of the way things are---that envy and exploitation dominate even the most intimate relationships." To put this in some perspective, this observation was written in 1978 It's not as though Americans weren't aware of the problem---not to mention actively engaging in it---for at least 40 years, despite 'Conservative' propagandists assuring us that the situation only started under Biden, only happens in 'Blue States,' and that voting in Neocons will fix everything overnight.

    The reality of the situation, in blunt terms, is that Kayleigh Welty and others like her---in fact, children in general---are worth nothing to our society. We, as a culture, need to start coming to grips with that fact and stop pretending that the attitude doesn't exist, though given the current state of America's moral leadership it's highly doubtful that we will. 


Friday, April 19, 2024


    Last night around 8-9 PM on the West Coast, newsfeeds suddenly were blazing with stories about an Israeli attack on Iran. CNN apparently started this with the usual unnamed sources and questionable websites providing footage. The Controlled Opposition's news-sites and blogs were screaming with headlines like "Israel Strikes Terrorist Iran!" and salivating eagerly over the prospect of another major war in the Middle East. 

    As it turns out, none of this was true. Iran's Media itself wasn't reporting any such attack and actually neither was Israel's. This morning, Iranian authorities said that some drones of unknown origin were sighted in a restricted airspace and shot down and the Biden/Harris Junta's Foreign Office said that nothing had happened (though they were 'monitoring the situation.') There were, though, last night video clips and reporters from who-knows-where saying that attacks were going on. However, on Social Media actual people in Iran were saying that there were a number of military jets aloft but nothing else out of the ordinary was happening. 

   The Media Hyenas seem to be slinking away from the story and pretending that they never reported anything. What very likely happened was that they were primed by their Corporate Masters to have stories and coverage prepared for an Israeli attack and somebody jumped the gun. 

  This isn't the first time that this has happened. In 2016 with tensions in the South China Sea mounting, the Media mistook a US military flight for an outbreak of war between China and the Philippines. Facebook and other media outlets posted Stand With the Philippines memes (amazing how they had these prepared and all ready to go) which they quickly had to remove. It has happened repeatedly during the Ukraine conflict: most notoriously circulated photos supposedly of displaced Ukrainians which turned out to be pictures of Seattle and Portland bum jungles. 

   Once again, this goes to show how controlled Western Media really is, and how little credibility their stories or opinion-pieces really have. Always check anything they say---not with equally fake fact-checkers---but with sources from abroad as well.

Thursday, April 18, 2024


    The Corporate Media and their RINO-run satellite networks are gnashing their teeth after fiscal reports proved once again that the expert's prognostications were completely wrong---in fact, so wrong that even fudging the numbers didn't help. The imminent collapse of the Chinese economy---which the Elite Media Punditocracy has been predicting since the Obama Administration---again failed to materialize and China reported a First Quarter growth-rate nearly double what the United States could accomplish. Our anemic 2.7% increase itself was offset by mass-layoffs and skyrocketing price inflation. The layoffs have been reflected in the rising numbers of industrial fires, explosions, accidents, broken supply-chains etc. in the US while Corporate Robber Barons and their stakeholders are raking in higher profit-margins. 

   The Administration previous to Xi Jinping's Presidency embarked on a program to invest in building the Chinese economy by turning high profit-margins back into infrastructure and economic development (like we did in this country through most of the 20th Century). Such a plan would be unthinkable in America today where the sense of both betterment of the nation and concern for the future are inconsequential. In fact, in America today, the only class actually planning for the future are the very Financial and Commercial Oligarchs: and their future plans revolve around how they can perpetuate their own wealth and power. 

   Since the American public by and large has become a downtrodden and dispirited race which seethes with envy, those in power need to divert attention from their own crimes and failures onto a convenient scapegoat. China's economic success makes a perfect foil. Instead of seeing our society for what we really are---the despised subjects of a smug, self-appointed Elite---American egotism and narcissism finds it easier to believe that they are being cheated by some external forces over which they have no direct control. Thus, the Official Narrative is that, no matter what happens, it's all China's fault. 

   For example, the US Congress---which seems these days to have little else to do other than hold Hearings---interviewed US airline executives who were complaining of 'unfair competition' from China. In 2022, to virtue-signal that they stood with Ukraine, US airlines stopped flying over Russian airspace. China still does; ergo their Trans-Pacific flights are less expensive and quicker (not to mention having far better travel accommodations). It's all China's fault for offering a better service at a better price. 

   Likewise, in Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds, who is angling for the GOP Vice-Presidential nomination (because it has to go to a woman or 'person of color') signed a bill aimed at seizing Chinese-owned farmland and prohibiting China from buying any more. Now it's true that China owned only about 265 acres in Iowa, and Governor Reynolds discreetly grandfathered in the 200,000 acres of Canadian-owned farmland and is pushing a Bill to protect German-owned Bayer AG (parent company of Monsanto and WEF Strategic Partner) from liability for using pesticides banned in the EU. But China, not Big Ag, is the real national security threat, or so we're told. 


       The list could go on. Congress' 'China Threat of the Week' is the surge in Fentanyl deaths. Highly reliable sources with absolutely no vested interest and decades of intensive and objective research into China are the types feeding information to the Congressional Committee which is co-chaired by Mike Gallagher, an anti-China fanatic, and Raja Krishnamoorthi, a protege of Obama who was notoriously hostile to China. 

    Opioid deaths were going down for the first three years of the Trump Administration. Trump had a joint Opioid Task Force working in cooperation with the Chinese Government. But Americans chose instead to panic over an influenza outbreak and Trump's policies have since been scrapped. Opioid deaths have begun to skyrocket again and, of course, this is all China's fault too

   "The fentanyl crisis in the US is entirely self-inflicted, stemming from a prevalent domestic culture of prescription painkiller abuse. Americans, representing only 5 percent of the global population, consume a staggering 80 percent of the world's opiates. Various factors, such as pharmaceutical companies' aggressive marketing tactics, doctors' excessive prescribing practices and the negative impact of marijuana legalization have all fueled the relentless growth of the drug market and ultimately led to the crisis of abuse.

   "Behind the US fentanyl crisis are deep-seated problems with drug regulation, the healthcare system and health education. Yet, in the face of the escalating abuse of fentanyl, US politicians have chosen to shift blame to China, instead of doing something that can be really helpful, such as decreasing domestic drug demand, enhancing prescription drug controls and improving drug education. The current approach not only fails to address the problem, but it may also divert domestic attention away from the issue, and that may be the real purpose of those politicians," said an editorial in the Chinese Media.

   In an election year, of course, no American politician is going to say anything like that. Demanding that the American public take responsibility for its own actions and exposing Big Pharma's and the Prison-Industrial Complex' cynical involvement in the Opioid Crisis would be political (if not literal) suicide for any public figure to state the truth so openly. 

     The Opioid Crisis---and for that matter everything else currently blamed on China---is completely of our own making. If America completely decoupled from China tomorrow, it wouldn't change the Opioid Crisis one iota---any more than shooting down derelict weather balloons had the slightest effect on national security. Experience from the 9/11 Attacks to the Scamdemic have shown (or should have shown us) that our liberties are in extreme danger whenever a national Panic Attack is underway. 




Monday, April 15, 2024


     After the Iranian Military's show-of-force this weekend, Neocon warhawks mostly have been slinking away from their previous hardline rhetoric and trying to shift public attention back to other issues. People might start asking embarrassing questions about the pathetic state of our own military and especially the continual failures of our over-priced privatized military equipment and incompetent intelligence services. Also noticeably absent were any stories about taxes---today being the April 15th IRS Filing Deadline. With the GOP in control of Congress and fighting to borrow another trillion or so from BlackRock to fund expanding Domestic Espionage and Corporate Welfare, the Establishment Republicans evidently thought that this too would be sensitive issue.

  Today, most of the stories from the Controlled Opposition focused on one of the kangaroo courts investigating the President-in-Exile and promoting the GOP's new woke position on Abortion. Of the Trump Trials little need be said. The Republicans have done nothing to address these abuses of the Legal System, other than to encourage more billionaires to donate to Legal Defense Funds. Besides, with Americans' obsession with sex scandals, these trials are good free publicity and drives up media revenue. Only a decade or so ago, Tort Reform was actually a major Conservative campaign issue. Tort Reform was about instituting badly-needed reforms to bring our wholly dysfunctional Legal System under some kind of control and restore its original intents and purposes. Conservatives soon found that they too could profit from the System, and it has been a long time since I've heard any political figures seriously discussing Tort Reform during a campaign or anywhere else. 

    The Trump Inquisitions coincide this week with the recent death of former NFL star, O.J. Simpson. Simpson was a national icon, who like many American men of achievement, ended up dying in poverty and opprobrium. In 1994, Simpson was accused---on rather slender evidence---of murdering his wife who'd cuckolded him and was living with her bad-boy lover. The Media Scum billed this as The Trial of the Century. The commercialization, sensationalism, and exploitation of that trial hasn't been equaled since, though certainly not for lack of effort on the Media's part. 

   Thinking back thirty years ago brought up some painful memories. That whole affair was a display of Trash Culture written in bold letters. One literally couldn't escape it. It was the subject of every headline, every talk-radio and TV newscast, and gossip anywhere one went. Judges, lawyers, witnesses all became overnight celebrities. Not having an opinion on the Simpson Case was greeted with as much social horror as not wearing a mask during the Scamdemic---arguably even moreso. There were even a few local talk-shows which billed themselves as O.J.-Free Zones so that people could talk about actual issues. 

  The big day finally came when the Jury had to make a decision. At the time, the Media Rats were actually lobbying the State of California to repeal certain laws so that they could film Simpson's execution on live TV (pay-per-view, no doubt). To the Media's dismay, the Jury took a half an hour to acquit Simpson of all charges. The Media's fury over this decision was milked for cash selling outrage over the supposed 'Miscarriage of Justice' for several more months. 

  As for O.J. Simpson, he was put in Double Jeopardy and bankrupted at a sham Civil Trial, was blacklisted everywhere, and ended up in prison after being reduced to burglary before finally dying in obscurity. Meanwhile, the Media Moguls and the Lawyers got rich, famous, and lived lives of luxury. 


    O.J. Simpson's fate is a metaphor for the state of Postmodern American Society. Simpson was an example of what happens to American men who take the whole mythos of lifting yourself by your bootstraps, and being the best you can be too seriously. In many ways, the Trump Trials are part of the same train set in motion with the Simpson Trial. America today is a Mediocrity and not a Meritocracy and so men and women who actually achieve things have to be cut down to size occasionally as human sacrifices so that everyone can feel secure in their illusions that nobody is really better than they are. Trash Culture justifies all of this with the lie that no one is above the Law; what they actually mean by that statement is that nobody is above the gutter-level of Postmodern Society and its representatives posing as defenders of some solemn principle of Justice. 

   Thankfully, God has spared me much personal interaction with the Court System and even though any cases I was involved in were over soon and resolved in my favor, I always felt like taking a bath afterwards. The sight of these judges in their black robes on their thrones with their gavels and armed guards; forcing people to rise for them and bow to them and address them with fawning titles like Your Honor all the while holding people's actual interests dependent upon their arbitrary wills and the supposedly learned arguments of bullying and belligerent attorneys never struck me as especially compatible with a democratic society. Even in criminal cases where the guilty party deserves punishment, the ceremonies, the pomposity, and the showmanship of the whole procedure is simply appalling.

  It's doubtful that in today's political and social climate that Tort Reform is going to make any kind of a comeback anytime soon. These legal farces make too much money and create too many useful distractions for the ruling Elite. Legal Reform wouldn't help anybody in actual power, since controlling the System works for their benefit. 



Sunday, April 14, 2024


      On Saturday, the American Media found itself briefly distracted by the news that hundreds of Iranian ballistic warheads were raining down upon Israel. Iran launched the attack after continued provocations from the Zionist Regime---the last being bombing Iranian officials in a diplomatic compound in a neutral country. Iran is a country that hasn't embraced the End of History and the Pax Americana and still believes in quaint ideals like International Law and National Sovereignty, and doesn't even accept highly evolved Western principles like gay marriage, abortion-on-demand or legal marijuana; and so both ours and the Israeli Deep States envisioned that some kind of response was forthcoming. 

   So the response came last night, with a swarm of drones and a series of ballistic missiles directed at key Zionist military and strategic installations from all four points of the compass. Within around 20 minutes of the attack's end, the Pentagon and the servile Corporate Media was reporting that "99% of the incoming weapons were destroyed." They somehow knew this despite Israeli Secret Police rounding up reporters and isolating them in press-pools away from the scenes; and of course, fact-checkers were deployed immediately to dismiss Iranian claims to the contrary and to 'debunk' (or censor) on-the-scene videos that were leaked showing actual damage. As usual, the Media let such claims go with no further comment or questioning and moved on to the Top Five major news stories for Sunday:

   The Controlled Opposition has promoted the same narrative, although crafting the message to portray Biden as an impotent weenie who secretly sympathizes with Iran. The President-in-Exile even proclaimed on Social Media that Iran would never have dared do such a thing if he were president---in spite of the fact that they actually did

   So what's wrong with the Official Narrative? First, it seems rather peculiar that only seven months ago an Arab Militia with home-made rockets was able to break through Israel's 'Iron Dome' and inflict what the Media called "Israel's 9/11" while a sophisticated missile system launched from a developed country had a 99% failure rate; and that only minor damage was caused. And of course, the only casualty was a child who just happened to be near a strategic military installation at night while none of the targeted military personnel were even inconvenienced. 

  Secondly, the US Media is utterly subservient to the Military-Industrial Complex and has been ever since they allowed themselves to be corralled like sheep and spoon-fed official Pentagon Press Releases during Bush Sr.'s phony Gulf War in the early 1990s. Today, many---if not most---American Media outlets are owned outright by conglomerates who have extensive US Government contracts, including many with the Pentagon. Almost all of these major netwoks---including so-called 'Conservative' outlets routinely hire Corporate lobbyists, marketing experts, and other Deep State insiders whom they palm off on a credulous public as "defense analysts" or "security experts." 

   To be honest, despite its tendency to peacocking and exaggeration, I tend to believe that the Iranian Media is a lot more credible. At least they probably actually believe what they're writing and aren't simply hirelings who'll say anything for the right price. For example, when President Ibraham Raisi stated in a Press Release that:

   "Following the instructions of Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and with the support of the proud nation and the powerful armed forces of Islamic Iran, I emphasize that any new adventure against the interests of the Iranian nation will be responded with a heavier and regrettable response from the Islamic Republic of Iran... if the Zionist regime or its supporters show perverse behavior, they will receive a decisive and far more violent response,"

   we are not reading the words of someone who believes that a recent military operation was a stupendous failure. President Raisi can say this because he knows that Iran succeeded and that both the Biden and Netanyahu Regime's slinking away from Saturday Night's attack is only further proof that it did, in fact, succeed. The same goes for all of the Neocon warhawks who seem uncharacteristically subdued and eager to move on to the next distraction. It probably should be noted that Iran's current ruling party dominated the 2024 Parliamentary Elections (yes, contrary to popular belief, they do have elections in Iran and women and religious minorities have a right to vote). This is in stark contrast to Exceptional America where current Congressional approval ratings are barely breaking double-digits

   What will be the long-term effects of Iran's operation? In the short run, it probably will be swept under the rug. In the long-term, it's likely to keep the Zionist fanatics in Israel and the International Bully in the Beltway from goading the Iranians even further. Bullies and hoodlums get their way by instilling fear in their victims, and when their victims display courage, they back away.