Thursday, April 18, 2024


    The Corporate Media and their RINO-run satellite networks are gnashing their teeth after fiscal reports proved once again that the expert's prognostications were completely wrong---in fact, so wrong that even fudging the numbers didn't help. The imminent collapse of the Chinese economy---which the Elite Media Punditocracy has been predicting since the Obama Administration---again failed to materialize and China reported a First Quarter growth-rate nearly double what the United States could accomplish. Our anemic 2.7% increase itself was offset by mass-layoffs and skyrocketing price inflation. The layoffs have been reflected in the rising numbers of industrial fires, explosions, accidents, broken supply-chains etc. in the US while Corporate Robber Barons and their stakeholders are raking in higher profit-margins. 

   The Administration previous to Xi Jinping's Presidency embarked on a program to invest in building the Chinese economy by turning high profit-margins back into infrastructure and economic development (like we did in this country through most of the 20th Century). Such a plan would be unthinkable in America today where the sense of both betterment of the nation and concern for the future are inconsequential. In fact, in America today, the only class actually planning for the future are the very Financial and Commercial Oligarchs: and their future plans revolve around how they can perpetuate their own wealth and power. 

   Since the American public by and large has become a downtrodden and dispirited race which seethes with envy, those in power need to divert attention from their own crimes and failures onto a convenient scapegoat. China's economic success makes a perfect foil. Instead of seeing our society for what we really are---the despised subjects of a smug, self-appointed Elite---American egotism and narcissism finds it easier to believe that they are being cheated by some external forces over which they have no direct control. Thus, the Official Narrative is that, no matter what happens, it's all China's fault. 

   For example, the US Congress---which seems these days to have little else to do other than hold Hearings---interviewed US airline executives who were complaining of 'unfair competition' from China. In 2022, to virtue-signal that they stood with Ukraine, US airlines stopped flying over Russian airspace. China still does; ergo their Trans-Pacific flights are less expensive and quicker (not to mention having far better travel accommodations). It's all China's fault for offering a better service at a better price. 

   Likewise, in Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds, who is angling for the GOP Vice-Presidential nomination (because it has to go to a woman or 'person of color') signed a bill aimed at seizing Chinese-owned farmland and prohibiting China from buying any more. Now it's true that China owned only about 265 acres in Iowa, and Governor Reynolds discreetly grandfathered in the 200,000 acres of Canadian-owned farmland and is pushing a Bill to protect German-owned Bayer AG (parent company of Monsanto and WEF Strategic Partner) from liability for using pesticides banned in the EU. But China, not Big Ag, is the real national security threat, or so we're told. 


       The list could go on. Congress' 'China Threat of the Week' is the surge in Fentanyl deaths. Highly reliable sources with absolutely no vested interest and decades of intensive and objective research into China are the types feeding information to the Congressional Committee which is co-chaired by Mike Gallagher, an anti-China fanatic, and Raja Krishnamoorthi, a protege of Obama who was notoriously hostile to China. 

    Opioid deaths were going down for the first three years of the Trump Administration. Trump had a joint Opioid Task Force working in cooperation with the Chinese Government. But Americans chose instead to panic over an influenza outbreak and Trump's policies have since been scrapped. Opioid deaths have begun to skyrocket again and, of course, this is all China's fault too

   "The fentanyl crisis in the US is entirely self-inflicted, stemming from a prevalent domestic culture of prescription painkiller abuse. Americans, representing only 5 percent of the global population, consume a staggering 80 percent of the world's opiates. Various factors, such as pharmaceutical companies' aggressive marketing tactics, doctors' excessive prescribing practices and the negative impact of marijuana legalization have all fueled the relentless growth of the drug market and ultimately led to the crisis of abuse.

   "Behind the US fentanyl crisis are deep-seated problems with drug regulation, the healthcare system and health education. Yet, in the face of the escalating abuse of fentanyl, US politicians have chosen to shift blame to China, instead of doing something that can be really helpful, such as decreasing domestic drug demand, enhancing prescription drug controls and improving drug education. The current approach not only fails to address the problem, but it may also divert domestic attention away from the issue, and that may be the real purpose of those politicians," said an editorial in the Chinese Media.

   In an election year, of course, no American politician is going to say anything like that. Demanding that the American public take responsibility for its own actions and exposing Big Pharma's and the Prison-Industrial Complex' cynical involvement in the Opioid Crisis would be political (if not literal) suicide for any public figure to state the truth so openly. 

     The Opioid Crisis---and for that matter everything else currently blamed on China---is completely of our own making. If America completely decoupled from China tomorrow, it wouldn't change the Opioid Crisis one iota---any more than shooting down derelict weather balloons had the slightest effect on national security. Experience from the 9/11 Attacks to the Scamdemic have shown (or should have shown us) that our liberties are in extreme danger whenever a national Panic Attack is underway. 




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