Friday, April 19, 2024


    Last night around 8-9 PM on the West Coast, newsfeeds suddenly were blazing with stories about an Israeli attack on Iran. CNN apparently started this with the usual unnamed sources and questionable websites providing footage. The Controlled Opposition's news-sites and blogs were screaming with headlines like "Israel Strikes Terrorist Iran!" and salivating eagerly over the prospect of another major war in the Middle East. 

    As it turns out, none of this was true. Iran's Media itself wasn't reporting any such attack and actually neither was Israel's. This morning, Iranian authorities said that some drones of unknown origin were sighted in a restricted airspace and shot down and the Biden/Harris Junta's Foreign Office said that nothing had happened (though they were 'monitoring the situation.') There were, though, last night video clips and reporters from who-knows-where saying that attacks were going on. However, on Social Media actual people in Iran were saying that there were a number of military jets aloft but nothing else out of the ordinary was happening. 

   The Media Hyenas seem to be slinking away from the story and pretending that they never reported anything. What very likely happened was that they were primed by their Corporate Masters to have stories and coverage prepared for an Israeli attack and somebody jumped the gun. 

  This isn't the first time that this has happened. In 2016 with tensions in the South China Sea mounting, the Media mistook a US military flight for an outbreak of war between China and the Philippines. Facebook and other media outlets posted Stand With the Philippines memes (amazing how they had these prepared and all ready to go) which they quickly had to remove. It has happened repeatedly during the Ukraine conflict: most notoriously circulated photos supposedly of displaced Ukrainians which turned out to be pictures of Seattle and Portland bum jungles. 

   Once again, this goes to show how controlled Western Media really is, and how little credibility their stories or opinion-pieces really have. Always check anything they say---not with equally fake fact-checkers---but with sources from abroad as well.

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