Friday, April 12, 2024


     Since the Putsch of November 2020, the Republican Party is increasingly shedding all pretense of being representative of Conservative, traditional, or working-class Americans and coming out of the closet, so to speak, and openly embracing what it really has been ever since the Neocons hijacked the Reagan Revolution in 1988. They are really only the Reactionary Left: a Big Government, Pro-Corporate, anti-populist cabal who laugh at all of the American Ideals that they pretend to espouse.

    The Trump Campaign followed up with it's solid commitment to the Abortion Racketeers yesterday, vowing to veto any Legislation (as if it actually would happen) banning abortion nationwide, and roundly criticized what he called 'hardliners' on the issue saying: "They should study the 10th Amendment and States’ Rights. When they do, they should proudly get on with helping Republicans to WIN ELECTIONS, rather than making it impossible for them to do so!”

   I would guess that if the Republicans called for a Federal Government program like Food Stamps for buying marijuana, that would win a lot of votes for Republicans. The Democrats won a lot of votes in cities by offering free cellphones---maybe our side should try that too. Winning and owning those Libtards is all that matters, right?

  To no one's great surprise, the Controlled Opposition wing of the Corporate Media has been fawning all over the new direction of the Party and mocking all of us losers who just don't want to win. The swine at Breitbart, whose shady billionaire owner Robert Mercer was one of the attendees at the April 6th Mar-a-Lago fundraiser, published an interview with arch-Neocon Chris Sununu claiming that Trump's brilliant strategy is going to be a "bigger issue for the Democrats" on the rather convoluted logic that Biden will have to defend his enshrinement of abortion as national right whereas, supposedly Trump's 'States' Rights' approach is going to win support. It doesn't seem to have dawned on dopes like Sununu or Mercer that the pro-abortion gang would be perfectly happy with Biden's position and would like to see it imposed on States. Does anybody remember how well that 'States' Rights' position worked out with homo 'equality?'

  The National Review likewise touted the issue as a great campaign strategy and urged the GOP of Arizona to come up with a slick marketing idea to sell to voters: “This is a big problem for Republicans in that we know that a law like this is profoundly unpopular,” NR's Senior Editorial Writer Michael Dougherty said. “We know that the ballot-initiative strategy that pro-choicers have been deploying has been very successful.And they’ve usually been very successful at doing, in a sense, what Roe v. Wade did, which is providing legal abortion in many more circumstances than popular opinion probably would do explicitly, but underneath, you know, a kind of euphemistic slogan or set of rules that people can agree to. . . .” Dougherty went on to say that "What Republicans need is a real alternative. They need to rally behind an alternative and argue for an alternative. And they need to unite around it as a party {nota bene} and talk about it and why it’s preferable to what Democrats are going to put on the statewide ballot.”

    National Review is published by E. Garrett Bewkes IV, a flaming homosexual and major donor to the pro-'homo equality' Log Cabin Republicans. The Trumps are holding another fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans at Mar-a-Lago next week: so think that we all can guess what the next issue they intend to sell us out will be. 

      In retrospect, this shift in 'Conservative' positions was probably only a matter of time. A political movement which has been cheering on the mass-murder of children in Palestine for the last seven months was bound to have no issue with the murder of American children either---provided that it only happens in Blue States. 

    Americans like to virtue-signal about how we care more about the welfare of children than any other people on the planet: which is a hoax like most other virtue-signalling. In reality, America probably treats its children worse than any other developed country. Children are considered property---or commodities---in our culture. This underlies the whole premise behind the Abortion Racket: that an foetus is the property of its mother to dispose of as she wishes. That it is a nascent human life is not even considered. That is the calculus that goes into the whole 'abortion debate' summarized.

   If a child manages to be born, his status as property doesn't change. In the larger social scheme, children are worth nothing to the Corporate State, since they produce nothing. Many families only see them as a drain on their resources as well; but we have day-cares, public schools, a welfare-industrial complex, and many other industries to whom children represent a statistical income. Most more stable societies have social means to begin transitioning children to adulthood during their mid-teens, the predatory American system drags out the exploitation to milk every dime they can out of childhood well into a person's mid-20s. 

   None of the institutions listed above exist for the welfare of children at all. To schools, for example, they simply represent numbers for how much a School District is going to get paid for warehousing children and young adults for 6-8 hours a day. It always comes down cost-effectiveness with these Corporate Elites. For those among them who, unlike the aforementioned Mr. Bewkes actually reproduce offspring, those children are groomed, cultivated, and educated to take over The System in the future. The spawn of us, the Great Unwashed, simply represent a potential future labor-pool of human capital or cannon-fodder for their endless wars or police actions. 

   What we have adduced here is not some tin-foil hat Conspiracy Theory, it's common knowledge. For the last several decades, American parents were well aware of these abuses---many of them experienced them themselves---but chose to put their own selfish interests above the needs of those children who were dependent on them. This is a problem that we've brought upon ourselves. The recent Republican sell-outs simply are putting into National Policy what so-called 'Conservatives' and so-called 'Christians' have been practicing in their private lives all along. The fact that human life, both in Gaza and in the Abortion Issue, are simply considered tools to be exploited cynically in campaign issues speaks for itself. 

   All of this underscores two important points: first, that people themselves currently over their government; and secondly, that their own selfishness and apathy are the reason why we haven't. There is no 'political solution' to our declining nation: owning the Libtards in November isn't going to accomplish anything. At root, our problems are spiritual: not political, economic, or social. We need to return to the character that made America a great nation once; but as long as we persist in Denial, nothing will change. 



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  1. yes, and all of this is the result of feminism; the rule by women and treasonous homosexuals who support feminism in exchange for female approval of the gay lifestyle.