Monday, April 15, 2024


     After the Iranian Military's show-of-force this weekend, Neocon warhawks mostly have been slinking away from their previous hardline rhetoric and trying to shift public attention back to other issues. People might start asking embarrassing questions about the pathetic state of our own military and especially the continual failures of our over-priced privatized military equipment and incompetent intelligence services. Also noticeably absent were any stories about taxes---today being the April 15th IRS Filing Deadline. With the GOP in control of Congress and fighting to borrow another trillion or so from BlackRock to fund expanding Domestic Espionage and Corporate Welfare, the Establishment Republicans evidently thought that this too would be sensitive issue.

  Today, most of the stories from the Controlled Opposition focused on one of the kangaroo courts investigating the President-in-Exile and promoting the GOP's new woke position on Abortion. Of the Trump Trials little need be said. The Republicans have done nothing to address these abuses of the Legal System, other than to encourage more billionaires to donate to Legal Defense Funds. Besides, with Americans' obsession with sex scandals, these trials are good free publicity and drives up media revenue. Only a decade or so ago, Tort Reform was actually a major Conservative campaign issue. Tort Reform was about instituting badly-needed reforms to bring our wholly dysfunctional Legal System under some kind of control and restore its original intents and purposes. Conservatives soon found that they too could profit from the System, and it has been a long time since I've heard any political figures seriously discussing Tort Reform during a campaign or anywhere else. 

    The Trump Inquisitions coincide this week with the recent death of former NFL star, O.J. Simpson. Simpson was a national icon, who like many American men of achievement, ended up dying in poverty and opprobrium. In 1994, Simpson was accused---on rather slender evidence---of murdering his wife who'd cuckolded him and was living with her bad-boy lover. The Media Scum billed this as The Trial of the Century. The commercialization, sensationalism, and exploitation of that trial hasn't been equaled since, though certainly not for lack of effort on the Media's part. 

   Thinking back thirty years ago brought up some painful memories. That whole affair was a display of Trash Culture written in bold letters. One literally couldn't escape it. It was the subject of every headline, every talk-radio and TV newscast, and gossip anywhere one went. Judges, lawyers, witnesses all became overnight celebrities. Not having an opinion on the Simpson Case was greeted with as much social horror as not wearing a mask during the Scamdemic---arguably even moreso. There were even a few local talk-shows which billed themselves as O.J.-Free Zones so that people could talk about actual issues. 

  The big day finally came when the Jury had to make a decision. At the time, the Media Rats were actually lobbying the State of California to repeal certain laws so that they could film Simpson's execution on live TV (pay-per-view, no doubt). To the Media's dismay, the Jury took a half an hour to acquit Simpson of all charges. The Media's fury over this decision was milked for cash selling outrage over the supposed 'Miscarriage of Justice' for several more months. 

  As for O.J. Simpson, he was put in Double Jeopardy and bankrupted at a sham Civil Trial, was blacklisted everywhere, and ended up in prison after being reduced to burglary before finally dying in obscurity. Meanwhile, the Media Moguls and the Lawyers got rich, famous, and lived lives of luxury. 


    O.J. Simpson's fate is a metaphor for the state of Postmodern American Society. Simpson was an example of what happens to American men who take the whole mythos of lifting yourself by your bootstraps, and being the best you can be too seriously. In many ways, the Trump Trials are part of the same train set in motion with the Simpson Trial. America today is a Mediocrity and not a Meritocracy and so men and women who actually achieve things have to be cut down to size occasionally as human sacrifices so that everyone can feel secure in their illusions that nobody is really better than they are. Trash Culture justifies all of this with the lie that no one is above the Law; what they actually mean by that statement is that nobody is above the gutter-level of Postmodern Society and its representatives posing as defenders of some solemn principle of Justice. 

   Thankfully, God has spared me much personal interaction with the Court System and even though any cases I was involved in were over soon and resolved in my favor, I always felt like taking a bath afterwards. The sight of these judges in their black robes on their thrones with their gavels and armed guards; forcing people to rise for them and bow to them and address them with fawning titles like Your Honor all the while holding people's actual interests dependent upon their arbitrary wills and the supposedly learned arguments of bullying and belligerent attorneys never struck me as especially compatible with a democratic society. Even in criminal cases where the guilty party deserves punishment, the ceremonies, the pomposity, and the showmanship of the whole procedure is simply appalling.

  It's doubtful that in today's political and social climate that Tort Reform is going to make any kind of a comeback anytime soon. These legal farces make too much money and create too many useful distractions for the ruling Elite. Legal Reform wouldn't help anybody in actual power, since controlling the System works for their benefit. 



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