Sunday, August 30, 2020


    In yet another well-timed and well-orchestrated outburst of street violence, Antifa, BLM, and other social dregs were shipped into the Nation's Capitol this weekend. Bear in mind that few or none of these rioters 'peaceful protesters' are, as the Corporate Media claims, mainstream Americans coming together in love. A brief background check on rioters arrested in Portland, for example, shows that almost all of them had prior arrests for mostly petty crimes; shoplifting, theft, DUI, drugs, assaults, etc. About 2/3 of the suspects were homeless bums; a majority of the others were not even from Portland and the few who were locals were living with relatives and have never held steady employment in their entire lives. 

   Corporate looters and political action front-groups are financially backing these uprisings while insurrectionist mayors and governors---as well as police officials--- do nothing to stop them. The character of this Rebellion is much different than that of 1861-65. Unlike the Southern Aristocracy, the postmodern Elites are employing asymmetric warfare. Their goal is not to defeat the United States and set up an independent government; the new Rebels desire to take the Nation over wholesale and rebuilt---knowing that the average Ameroboob won't resist any of their usurpation. 

   The situation in Washington is extremely dangerous right now. My fear is that these vermin intend to attack the White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court and create direct showdown with the Trump Administration. My suspicion all along is that the Elites are trying to force the President into taking military action; after which they then plan to employ the traitors, Fifth Columnists, and opportunists still inside the Beltway Swamp to mutiny. This is why, I believe, the President hasn't taken direct action. He knows that this Coup is afoot and how grave the situation really is. There are Republican Senators, Congressmen, and Judges who know this as well---and are in the same situation. The President instead has been using the cover of the upcoming Elections to plea for American patriots to put pressure on their local governments. 

   For those who sneer that it can't happen here, it wouldn't be the first time in the last two centuries that some degenerate and his gang of thugs have taken over a world power with a march on the Capitol.

  We even had a test-run of this last June with the short-lived Chaz Republic in Seattle. The former president of that experiment, Solomon Simone---who seems to have disappeared---was deeply connected to Corporate Media mogul and Israeli National, Lyor Cohen  and Corporate Media attorney and CEO Todd Moscowitz.  Simone also received a fat payoff from Seattle's bull-dyke DNC operative mayor, Jenny Durkan. That whole disgraceful episode in our nation's history was nothing but an effort from the Elites to gauge public reaction to an outright seizure of the government. And that, of course, met with just as much non-resistance as gubernatorial seizures of State Governments has. 

   The Sun reported this morning that some thug was already haranguing the rabble with threats of burning down the White House and murdering police. The scum in the crowd---their eyes dancing at the thought of looted national treasures and committing unspeakable perversions on the Trump women---are whipped into a frenzy. Tonight and tomorrow are perilous days for the Republic. The DC Mayor, a hateful Feminist named Muriel Bowser, is another Corporate shill, and a rabid anti-Trump fanatic. So far, she has resisted defunding the police; but that is likely because she is freely using them to suppress civil rights within her jurisdiction.  Bowser is very unlikely to stop any attacks against the President. 

   What's been especially troubling is rhetoric coming from the Insurgents political leadership recently. Barack Obama said at the DNC: "To the young people who led us this summer, telling us we need to be better -- in so many ways, you are this country's dreams fulfilled... the Commander-in-Chief doesn't use the men and women of our military as political props to deploy against peaceful protesters on our own soil. They understand that political opponents aren't "un-American" just because they disagree with you; that a free press isn't the "enemy" but the way we hold officials accountable; that our ability to work together to solve big problems like a pandemic depends on a fidelity to facts and science and logic and not just making stuff up. None of this should be controversial."

     Aside from this statement being some very sick psychological projection, Obama seems to be encouraging both the rioters to continue on as well as calling upon his shills in the Pentagon not to follow the President in defending the Constitution. Pelosi said of the attacks on Portland Federal Buildings in July: "Unidentified stormtroopers. Unmarked cars. Kidnapping protesters and causing severe injuries in response to graffiti. These are not the actions of a democratic republic. Trump & his stormtroopers must be stopped...First Amendment speech should never be met with one-sided violence from federal agents acting as Trump’s secret police, especially when unidentified. This is disgraceful behavior we would expect from a banana republic — not the government of the United States."

Pelosi's remarks are very much in the same vein: she is essentially accusing the Trump Administration of behaving in a tyrannical and unconstitutional fashion: basically is giving the rioters a cover of justification for their own terrorist acts. Along with her stupid comments about fumigating the White House, Pelosi also seems to be hoping for some violent action after being humiliated during the botched impeachment attempts in January. Just today, the stupid mayor of Portland screamed at a press conference:  "What America needs is for Trump to be stopped so we can come back together as one America while recognizing that we must to demand that all people, every color from every political persuasion, pull together and hold accountable in stopping racism and violence."

   Fortunately, the US Secret Service is well-armed, well-trained, and will fight to protect the President; and the White House itself doubtless has enough supplies to feed an army for a long time. But I can't imagine a worse scenario than Washington besieged, and we can't deny that the rioters and the Elites funding them are out for blood. Within the last few weeks they've been gunning down Trump supporters in the streets, attacking Republican officials, and randomly intimidating White Americans with orders to bow and kneel before them. There should be no doubt that Trump and his Administration aren't the only ones whom they intend to fumigate. 


cially when unidentified. This is disgraceful behavior we would expect from a banana republic — not the government of the United States.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


   As we're writing this, the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin has joined the national nervous breakdown following the shooting of a local dirtbag. Said dirtbag was barely into the Emergency Room when rioting and arson broke out. It really is amazing how rapidly these things materialize. A suspicious mind might conclude that orchestration is involved. At any rate, at least one church discovered to its mortification that appeasement doesn't work.  

   "Neighbors stood on sidewalks and watched buildings burn without knowing whether the families who lived in apartments above the businesses had escaped safely." one news source noted. Of course, somebody from the crowds could have tried to help; but taking risks to save lives or property is passe these days. The thugs are on their fourth night of wanton destruction with police and National Guard standing idly by. The Corporate Media has been trying to spin the story as "violent confrontations between protesters and police," but the foreign press is showing a more accurate picture: police in armored vehicles fleeing from the fight and an entire Corrections Center stormed and burned to the ground. 

   Kenosha's not a very large city (about 100,000 population), so a few more days of this kind of mayhem will probably wipe out the economic and residential base completely. That will enable the Corporate looters to swoop in and buy up the land for pennies on the dollar. Contractors like Halliburton will make billions on the clean-up and rebuilding. These riots are part of the Coup and the financial and political rewards come in the aftermath. 

   "Two months after people sought to “dismantle” the oppressive capitalistic system, businesses are rebuilding.  But in the midst of this rebuilding, a trend can be seen; most of the rebuilding is being done by big companies like Speedway and Target. Small businesses have remained torched up and boarded. And most small businesses are waiting for assistance from the state in order to rebuild." noted the American Experiment about the situation in Minneapolis. So why are small businesses waiting for State assistance? Don't the Insurance Cartels cover the losses?

  HG Legal Resources notes on their website that "insurance is not always obliged to pay for the types of losses sustained in a riot. For example, some businesses may not have protection against theft (a common occurrence during riots). Depending on how one's injuries are sustained, property insurance may not be liable if the injury suffered was not one against which the property owner could have taken measures to protect the injured party. Some policies may even include explicit exceptions for damages suffered due to civil unrest. Others may have high deductibles that make it impossible for the property owner or injured person to become whole again, particularly after the devastation that widespread rioting may cause to a community." 

   The Minneapolis Star-Tribune said on August 6th that, "In some cases, owners let their policies lapse when COVID-19 struck and the state ordered them to close, erasing the source of income they needed to pay their premiums. Others bought bare-bones coverage because that was all they could afford. Insurance agents said it typically costs 25% to 50% more to buy enough coverage to pay the actual cost of rebuilding vs. policies that cover a property’s current value. Older buildings are usually worth far less than they cost to replace. A bigger problem is availability. Insurers often won’t cover older structures because they have not been updated with new roofs, plumbing or electrical systems." 

  In a June interview with the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, Insurance broker Brian Hayes stated: 

   "Even if an owner is insured for the full cost of replacement, there could still be a difference between what the insurer considers the cost of rebuilding and what contractors actually charge. Such a dispute may require legal arbitration. And some high-risk, first-time business owners who did not qualify for traditional commercial insurance may find their policies are carried under “excess lines,” or special insurance pools bound by out-of-state rules. For them, coverage related to social unrest can be harder to navigate."

  Broker Thomas Fierst told the interviewers that: "Expenses related to boarding up a property may not be covered at all. In fact, store owners who covered their properties in protective plywood are about to learn that repairs for the holes they hammered in will not be reimbursed.

You intentionally did that. It’s not accidental."

  T.J. Patton of the Minnesota Department of Commerce said: "most insurance policies have exclusions that prevent operators from recouping losses related to the coronavirus pandemic. Interruptions due to riot or civil unrest may be covered, but that presents a key question: Will insurers reimburse lost payroll and other expenses if a store had closed due to the pandemic but was planning to reopen? If recent sales were close to zero, how do you reimburse nothing?"

   To summarize all of this, it's what we tried to warn people about. The Insurance Cartels don't intend to pay off; the Elites timed these riots to coincide with 'Reopening'; their ultimate goal all along has been to destroy small and midsize business and rebuild the economic system on a foundation of Big Capital and Big Government. 

     Urban renewal schemes play a big part in the Insurgents' vision for a post-Constitutional America. Practically all of the think-tanks and front-foundations backing the Coup have been working on such plans for a long time. The Corporate Media has been pushing them gradually into their 'New Normal' narratives. It's never been intended that we would 'return to normal' and, as the Rebellion drags on, the long-planned New Order is being introduced into the public consciousness. Michael Bloomberg's City Lab issued a position paper giving a rough outline of how the narrative is framed. Bloomberg purchased this organization a month before the COVID 'crisis' broke out. 

    "Today, it’s Trump’s anti-urban, anti-city policies that are on the downswing; his hollow threats to deploy federal troops to “dominate the streets,” rebuffed by mayors across the country, have only served to further weaken his already dysfunctional administration." clucks one City Lab pundit, "We are seeing the coming together of a political force that can spark a new urban agenda and much more. Front-line service workers, our true heroes, are demanding — and deserve —  higher wages and job protections. The growing ranks of unemployed and under-employed are demanding — and deserve — an expanded social safety net, universal health care coverage and better schools. Black Lives Matter is demanding — and requires — real police reform that redirects funding from policing per se to initiatives that reduce violence and promote social stability by strengthening the fabric of disadvantaged communities. That will also require much-needed investments that at long last address the root causes of concentrated poverty and of systemic racial and economic inequality. This coalescing movement represents a political force that is stronger and more potent than anything we have seen in decades."

   But a more secret group is called Sidewalk Labs, and is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google and Youtube. The CEO of Sidewalk Labs is David Doctoroff---who used to be CEO of Bloomberg and a crony of Michael Bloomberg during his term as New York Mayor. That alone should tell us about what Doctoroff's ideals about urban reorganization would look like. Climate-change kook and Bloomberg acolyte Rohit Aggarwala also sits on the Board; as does Craig Nevill-Manning, a New Zealand national who pioneered Google's online merchandising network. 

   Sidewalk Labs has led a few experiments to construct ideal cities. Until recently, they were designing a neighborhood near Toronto, Canada called Quayside which ran into political opposition. Their largest current project is called NEOM, which is a proposed model city in Saudi Arabia. According to the NEOM website, 

  "NEOM is a bold and audacious dream. It is a vision of what a New Future might look like (in fact, NEOM means, “new future”). It’s an attempt to do something that’s never been done before and it comes at a time when the world needs fresh thinking and new solutions. NEOM is being built on the Red Sea in northwest Saudi Arabia as a living laboratory – a place where entrepreneurship and innovation will chart the course for this New Future. NEOM will be a destination, a home for people who dream big and want to be part of building a new model for sustainable living, working and prospering."

  A living laboratory---with human guinea pigs. There's nothing wrong with modernizing cities, of course. But what the Elites propose to do in Saudi Arabia and here as well is a very top-down system of complete lifestyle regimentation. Sidewalk Labs publishes a manifesto---with the rather ominous title The Yellow Book. According to Wikipedia, "the company proposes to expand its scope to include the power to levy taxes, control public services such as schools, roads, and public transportation, continuously track the current and past locations of all members of the community, and to redesign the criminal justice system. The book also describes a social credit system to manipulate human behavior similar to the one used in China." So it addresses issues proposed by COVID despots (contact tracing) and Black Lives Matter (defunding the police). Bear in mind that the Yellow Book was published in 2017 right after the Trump Administration came into power. This plot has been going on for a long time and these riots are deliberately being employed to destroy urban infrastructure. 

   If anyone still doubts this, consider that the Yellow Book "also includes the potential real estate profitability of such investments, containing theoretical proposals for communities in Detroit, Denver, and Alameda County (Oakland area)." All three of these cities have been devastated by riots---but there's no reason that Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Kenosha couldn't be rebuilt according to Wall Street/Silicon Valley specifications too. Bear in mind too that the aforementioned David Doctoroff formerly served on the Board of Oak Hill Capital Partners---a multi-billion dollar financial trust with extensive commercial real estate holdings in major cities. 

   It ought to be obvious by now that no amount of Ameroboob denial, compromise, appeasement, or evasion is going to work against these scum. These people, like Lucifer, want to overthrow God Himself and own you; mind, body, and soul. They are madmen, of course; but going along with them when you know what they are is an even worse disgrace.




Sunday, August 23, 2020


    So this week, a video surfaced and went viral in some Conservative circles. It features a fellow named Carlos Zapata of Shasta County, California who apparently owns a business there; and his denunciation of the local tyrants and policies made national news. Now, the bureaucracy in Shasta County is a typical collection of insignificant time-servers such as used to occupy offices behind the Iron Curtain for decades. They don't know anything about taking initiative and are at a complete loss in a crisis without a higher-level Party Commissar telling them what to do. In spite of Zapata's speech---and he was joined by dozens of other infuriated citizens in protest---the best that their Health Services' Director could muster in response was to say: "Our local health officer has not made any restrictions over and above what the state of California has, so we are doing all that we can to keep the county as open as possible...We are one of roughly 20 counties that still are not on the (state) monitoring Shasta County is open; it is, again, in the category of most open counties in California." 

   In other words, Shasta County is deferring any action pending the decision of the nutcases in Sacramento. Governor Newsom doesn't care anything about Shasta County---or anybody else in the State, for that matter. He appears to be a genuine mental case who's neurotically stimulated by inciting fear and chaos in others and is unlikely to reverse his course now that he's tasted human suffering.

   While this is typical Liberal behavior, it speaks volumes that Conservatives have to go all the way down to a Board meeting of some tiny California County to find a voice that even remotely speaks for them. That is really a shame. 

   As for Zapata's speech, it really fell into two parts. In first, he didn't really say much more than we or other pundits say---but it needed to be said. In the second part of his speech, Zapata alluded to potentially violent action that might arise out of public frustration. The Mainstream Media slime all pounced on that part of the address to portray Conservatives as violent crackpots. This in spite of the fact that the MSM has been egging on the violent thugs in Antifa and BLM for the past three months.  

   What's concerning to me is Zapata's statements about a mass rising-up of long-suffering American males. That's not because I'm afraid they'll do it, but because I know good and well that they won't---and all of these kinds of threats are just hollow boasting. 

    Zapata told the Board that, "Right now we're being peaceful, and you better be happy we're good citizens, that we're peaceful citizens, but it's not gonna be peaceful much longer. And this isn’t a threat — I’m not a criminal, I've never been a criminal but I’m telling you real good citizens are going to turn into real concerned and revolutionary citizens real soon...And nobody else is gonna say that. I’m probably the only person that has the balls to say what I’m saying right now!

  "We’re building and we're organizing and we’ll work with law enforcement or without law enforcement, but you won’t stop us when the time comes because our families are starving! And if it has to be war against our own citizens, it will happen, and there's a million people like me, and you won't stop us!"

      Now to be clear, nobody's laughing at the plight of the oppressed citizens of Occupied Shasta County. But this notion that millions of American men are going to rise up against the Elite is something I've been hearing for the last 30 or so years. I'll believe it when I see it---heck, I'll even join in. But I've never seen the emasculated modern American male do much of anything other than what he's told. Where I live, 90% of them can't even muster the courage to enter a store without a mask, for Heaven's sake. That's even after the local police have said that they won't enforce the Mask Order. 

    Zapata says that six of his acquaintances have been driven to suicide by Newsom's regulations. In six months, he himself has been labelled a nonessential; had his business illegally closed; been called an White Oppressor who deserves to suffer anyway; had the government allow 'reopenings' with numerous conditions; saw people all across Shasta County reduced to poverty; but---you Elites better watch out, or we're going to get really mad! Is it any wonder that nobody takes this kind of babble seriously?


    What we need to stop the Coup is not this kind of showboating. What we need urgently is pressure being put on the Republican Leadership to assert themselves and start taking charge. Many State Legislatures have the power to convene Emergency or Special Sessions and legally depose the dictatorships running their states. US Senators and Congressmen both can put pressure on their home States and start supporting President Trump against the RINO Fifth Columnists. Activists can begin recall petitions, and initiate cases in State and Federal Courts. Sheriffs, police, and even National Guard can refuse to carry out the enforcement of Criminal Orders. Many of us can fight back by disseminating counter-propaganda, or we can refuse to obey their illegal edicts, or we can even sabotage their activities with forms of passive resistance. 

   Right now, American patriots have a huge vacuum of leadership; the President himself is surrounded by the Enemy is own camp. We need to buy our leaders time---time to form trustworthy alliances and formulate a counter-attack. Civilian violence---or even the threat of it---right now would be a disastrous move for our cause. We can still win, but it will take patience and---above all, courage. Resistance is paramount now and the sheep are being separated from the goats. 


Wednesday, August 19, 2020


    Ever since Big Pharma and Insurgent Governments announced in July that we were experiencing a 'Second Wave' of COVID cases (even though the First Wave never really materialized), there's been some---albeit outside the official narrative---skepticism about what we are being told. For example, how an influenza virus could be transmissible in Summertime heat. Or, how when we supposedly had a nationwide shortage of COVID testing equipment, all of these new cases suddenly were being detected? Or, how social gatherings were spreading the contagion but nationwide race-riots were not? Or, how mandatory masks were supposed to prevent anything when cotton doesn't have virus filtration capabilities? Or, where all of the corpses from these supposed COVID fatalities actually go after death? And so on. 

  But at least a few local news services are still bothering to question the narrative. WTSP-10 in Tampa reported that "Over the weekend, Florida made international headlines when it reported a shocking number of positive COVID-19 test results: More than 15,000 in a single day. But it turns out that report contained numbers gathered over several days by a single laboratory. More than 7,000 of the 15,000 positive cases reported have been traced to GENETWORx in Richmond, Virginia. The company, which is Florida’s fourth-largest processor of tests, said in a statement it looks like the Florida Department of Health reported in a single day, lab results that had been collected over the course of four to five days."

   Of course, we have no way of knowing how many of these were really 'new cases.' Fox-35 in Orlando reported in July that Florida's system of data collection is radically flawed. And then of course there's the matter of these fly-by-night testing laboratories that RINO Governor DeSantis shovels millions of taxpayer dollars into to get the results he hopes for. GENETWORx is a good example. Until recently, GENETWORx was a Beltway-area pregnancy testing lab with 14 employees. Then, in March, it jumped on the ground-floor opportunity to become a COVID testing facility and hired 400 more workers off the street to meet the lucrative demand. The company itself has a bit of a shady history. In 2018, they were sued by a third-party billing agency for Breach of Contract. The CEO of GENETWORx, William Miller was formerly CEO of AIBiotech, a company which closed in 2018 after numerous lawsuits and Federal investigations. 

    GENETWORx has been involved in questionable COVID-related dealings in Florida too. They have a $10 million contract with another dubious collection of 'Frontline Heroes', CDR Maguire, which itself was exposed recently for turning over its Florida operations to a doctor whose license was suspended for running an Opioid pill-mill. CDR Maguire is owned by an opportunistic blackguard named Carlos Duart. Duart 'supported' President Trump until the Rebellion broke out and now openly has switched sides. His record of political donations indicate that Duart financially supports any candidate who is in a position of winning and can reward him with favors. Naturally, CDR Maguire pretends it had no knowledge of this malpracticing doctor's activites---despite the fact that the Tampa Bay Times noted that "CDR Maguire Executive Vice President Tina Vidal, previously worked at a different company where Pantaleon {the disgraced physician} was on the board of directors."  CDR Maguire rakes in $26, 252 per day from the State of Florida alone. The company was part of a $400 million scheme to sell M-95 masks to the State, but has never delivered. 

    These embarrassing scandal follows another major story which broke last May exposing the State's $11 million contract to a COVID testing company headed by a convicted swindler. The Scam-demic has proven not only a power-grab but a big cash-grab as well. One has to wonder how many other States are having scams like these ongoing. Probably several: the motive behind all of this COVID hysteria is to keep the game going; an attitude that is bound to foster crime. 

   Long-time readers here know that stamping out corruption in Healthcare has been a major focus of the Trump Administration's swamp-draining efforts. Just this week alone, another member of Big Pharma was indicted for bilking Medicare in a kickback scheme. Stories of this kind have happened on a weekly---and often daily---basis since 2017; yet the MSM mostly ignores them. Trump has put so many fraudsters in jail and recovered so many ill-gotten gains from Big Pharma that it was inevitable that that particular gang of Corporate crooks would be among the leading forces trying to overthrow the elected Government.

   According to the watchdog website Open Secrets, Big Pharma not only is assisting the Conspirators, they have hired an army of revolving-door lobbyists ---from fired Trump officials to long-time swampy bureaucrats and staffers--- to grab lucrative Federal handouts. Thus it is, while Ameroboobs are worrying about people in the supermarket not wearing masks, the Pharmaceutical Cartels, a few small-time operators, several small-time crooks, and a pack of scummy lobbyists are fleecing them for every last dime they can extract from the Federal and State Treasuries and laughing up their sleeves at the simpletons. 



Tuesday, August 18, 2020


     We haven't been giving the 2020 Election much coverage lately. The US is in the middle of an active coup d'etat that began in February after the failed attempt at Impeachment. The Enemy has proven without qualification that they intend to seize power at whatever the cost. In several US States, they are already setting up local regimes which rule by decree under the pretense of a National Health Emergency---which doesn't exist in reality. There may not even be Elections this year. The Insurgency has met with so little organized resistance that they might well feel emboldened to take down the legal government by force.

     Whatever their plans, the Elites wish to keep up the illusion of a democracy; so on Monday, the criminal enterprise known as the Democratic National Committee began its so-called Nominating Convention in Milwaukee. The MSM is entirely on the same propaganda page. 

   This is another reason why I feel suspicious about the Election. Joseph Biden is a 77-year old New Deal Democrat who hasn't done anything in the policy-realm since 2008. The DNC selected him as Obama's Vice-President to keep the latter's populist tendencies from getting too far off course. In 1988, Biden suffered two attacks of Apoplexy in the brain which he barely survived. He was told at the time that he stood less than a 50% chance of full recovery and that the surgeries ran a high risk of impairing long-term brain functionality. Biden has shown several manifestations of this impairment since; and some have questioned his fitness for the Presidency. Kamala Harris has no other qualification for office other than identifying as Black; though like Barack Obama, she is actually a Mulatto. She is part of the SF Bay Area political machine which has dominated California politics for decades. 

    American Liberals are not known for being mental giants, but even they must see that this is essentially a 'throwaway ticket,' like the Mondale and Dukakis campaigns of the 1980s. Biden and Harris would do more damage to the Democratic Party if they actually won and tried to govern the country. The DNC has to realize this; which makes one suspicious that they have some other trick up their sleeves. They're even holding some kind of 'virtual convention' no doubt like those ridiculous cardboard audiences at baseball games.

     About the only noteworthy thing about the Convention is that four RINOs are scheduled to give speeches there and tell us all 'Orange Man Bad'. All of these jerks are Swamp-RINOs and actively working with the movers of the Coup. 

     Christine Todd Whitman: former Governor of NJ and a never-Trumper. She supported Clinton in 2016. Whitman served as Bush Junior's EPA director, but resigned because she felt that he was too Conservative. (In reality, she was fired for covering up pollution damage from the 9/11 attacks).  Whitman has worked as a 'Revolving Door' lobbyist---a position which Trump has been trying to abolish. She actively supported homo 'marriage' under Obama and has been actively involved in the coup against Trump saying on CNN recently that 

   "Trump is unfit for office and I urge other Republicans to pressure him to step down."

    Meg Whitman (no biological relation) is a billionaire deeply connected with Big Media (Jeffery Katzeberg, Disney, DreamWorks), Big Pharma (Proctor & Gamble), Big Finance (Goldman-Sachs,  Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers) and Big Tech (Ebay, Hewlitt-Packard). 

    In 2016, Whitman supported Governor Chris Christie for president. When Christie withdrew and supported Trump, she denounced him and said that such an endorsement "would be to endorse a candidacy that I believe has exploited anger, grievance, xenophobia and racial division".  She then bolted from the Party and both financed and supported fellow Deep Statist Hillary Clinton, praising Clinton's umm..."commitment to America's bedrock national values" She has worked with the DNC in nearly every scheme to overthrow the Trump Administration ever since. Christie, meanwhile, went on to work for the Trump Administration and crafted the President's widely successful programs to fight the Opioid Crisis. 

   Susan Molinari is another Swamp RINO with extensive ties to Beltway lobbyists, Big Tech, and a member of the shady Atlantic Council, which has been aptly described as "a powerful, extreme militarist influence network and think-tank, staffed with military, CIA, and their attendant politicians; and CEOs from strategic industries, like oil and media. It has strong connections to NATO, and is central in the military-industrial complex;" in other words, feeding intelligence to the anti-Trump Deep State elements into the Pentagon, CIA, State Department, etc. 

   Of John Kasich. not much need be said. He is still bitter over his defeat by President Trump in the 2016 GOP Primaries and seems to have dedicated his life to getting revenge. Kasich was the former Governor of Ohio and his hand-picked successor Mike Dewine was the first State Governor to institute the oppressive COVID lockdowns and has been ruling more or less dictatorially ever since. Kasich has a near-Vox Day level of jealousy against all who've proven more successful than himself, so he's a perfect emotional symbol for most Liberals. 

  None of these people are Conservatives; so beware of attempts from the Media Jackals to paint them as such. The Insurgents are going to create a narrative of the Convention as some sort of Summer of Love where everybody came together to demand change. The truth is that the Democrats opted for a 'virtual convention' not because of the COVID hysteria, but because they feared BLM, Antifa, and other gangs would appear and expose the Left's real constituency. 

  There it is: three Elitists and one embittered wannabe Elitist. That's the Democrats' idea of 'unity.' I doubt that the Convention will amount to much; it's really only a sideshow in a much bigger plot against the Legitimate Government. It seems to me to be part of a backup plan in case they're forced into playing fair. That doesn't seem likely to happen since most Republican leaders have proven themselves about courageous as Kasich or as venal as Molinari. The only thing that we Conservatives can take away from the Convention is another object lesson as to the kinds of scum who'll take over the country if we don't succeed in beating back the wider Rebellion. 


Thursday, August 13, 2020


     There was an article published recently in The Conversation; an online outlet for the Academic Mafia to disseminate their propaganda. It's a nonprofit heavily funded by Big Pharma and various interest groups. An interesting bit of trivia about The Conversation is that it has the dubious distinction of being the first media outlet to introduce so-called 'fact-checking'. The company is headquartered in Australia; it's American editor is Beth Daley. Beth Daley was formerly employed by InsideClimate News, which was exposed in 2015 by The National Review for its network of cronyism and conflicts of interest. 

    The article in question caught the attention of blogger Adrienne and vlogger Davey Crocko; both of whom first acquainted us with it. The article is written by a Medical Ethics professor at Western Michigan University named Parker Crutchfield. He advocates---in all seriousness---developing a pill that will induce morality. Morality, of course, in this context is Crutchfield's definition of it. He doesn't ever in the article actually define morality, but jumps in with both feet and spells out an agenda:

  "My research in Bioethics focuses on questions like how to induce those who are noncooperative to get on board with doing what’s best for the public good. To me, it seems the problem of coronavirus defectors could be solved by moral enhancement: like receiving a vaccine to beef up your immune system, people could take a substance to boost their cooperative, pro-social behavior. Could a psychoactive pill be the solution to the pandemic?...Moral enhancement is the use of substances to make you more moral. The psychoactive substances act on your ability to reason about what the right thing to do is, or your ability to be empathetic or altruistic or cooperative."

   Given what a nation of drug-addicts America is, it's really surprising that Big Pharma hadn't thought of a "Goodness Pill" before. 

      Reading through Crutchfield's article, what he's actually talking about in medical terms, is administering Barbiturates to those who don't buy into the COVID Scam or other Deep State plots. Barbiturates have an opposite effect on the human brain as Amphetamines---which are the main types of psych-dope that Big Pharma pushes on the public. In the old days, they were known as 'downers' on the street and as 'Depressants' in the pharmacy. Their use in psychiatric medicine is to counter the effects of things like anxiety, insomnia, some types of seizures, etc. Street use is fairly uncommon these days, but has an effect that is relaxing, sleep-inducing, and mildly lowering inhibitions. They are highly addictive and can be lethal if overdosed. The most common prescription Barbiturates today are Benzos, or Benzodizepines. Psychologists opposed to their use formerly referred to them as Sedative-Hypnotics.

    Crutchfield's argument is entirely flawed because it is based wholly upon assumptions. Without defining anything, he simply presumes that the official COVID narrative is the truth and that 'society' (i.e. the Government) has a 'moral' (i.e. expedient) duty to suppress dissent enforce cooperation with that narrative. He doesn't seem to care what means are used---so convinced is he of the moral superiority of his position. He even refers to opponents of the narrative as 'defectors' even though his side is on that of the Insurrection. 

    Obviously, he can't morally justify any of what he's advocating. In fact, drugging people into submission to an ideology was one of the charges brought against the defendants in the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial. It was also a common treatment administered by Soviet psychologists on those deemed too outspoken in their dislike of Communism. (Soviet psychologists deemed that opposition to Communism was a mental illness, since it was presumably a self-evident truth). Apparently, in his studies of Bioethics, Crutchfield missed some of that history. 

    There really is no such thing as a chemical which can induce morality. Philosophers believe that morality is either an instinct derived from God (or Nature); or that is wholly an environmental construct; or that it is wholly subjective and individualized. Whatever position one takes, a chemical can't create morality since the chemical's actions on the brain---by definition---would depend upon the moral standards of the chemist. In reality, a synthetic chemical can only influence moods or---in extreme cases like hallucinogenics---distort perceptions. Administration of such substances involuntarily interferes with a person's free will. And since Free Will plays a part in forming one's standards of morality, no synthetic chemicals can change those standards.

   Some might argue: 'What about the free-will of hardcore addicts?' The addicts generally know that what they are doing is wrong; but their need for the drug often overrides their desire to do anything to correct it. This is one of the reasons why there is such a deep tie-in between drug use and the Occult. A lot of users turn to the Occult to rationalize their addictions, 

  The only way that Crutchfield's theory could 'work' is to form a pattern of addiction in the 'defectors' so severe that those unfortunates would comply with the Deep State just to feed their cravings for the drug. It's noteworthy that Crutchfield states: "The scenario in which the government forces an immunity booster upon everyone is plausible. And the military has been forcing enhancements like vaccines and 'uppers' upon soldiers for a long time."  In fact, this has considerable historical precedent. It's just not a precedent that civilized nations are inclined to want to follow.

    Big Pharma is a major player behind the Insurrection, and they hope that they can do for Americans what they once did for Germany. We'll see only what the Deep State wants us to see; we'll hear only what they want us to hear; we'll say only what they want us to say. The mandatory face mask is symbolic on an occult psychological level of the muzzle; mad-scientist Fauci wants googles too (symbolic of the blindfold); no doubt earmuffs will be next. I wonder if all those who laughed a decade ago at the suggestion that Obamacare would become a means of control are laughing now?

   At the beginning of the article, The Conversation issues a Disclosure Statement. "Parker Crutchfield does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment." Whether that's true or not, the University that signs his paychecks certainly benefits from Big Pharma. According the website 'The Best Schools': 

   "In 2011, Ronda E. Stryker and William D. Johnston gifted Western Michigan University with a record-setting donation in excess $100 million. Initially an anonymous donation, the truth eventually emerged that the two wealthy alumni were behind the donation. Ronda Stryker is one of three grandchildren of Homer Stryker, the founder of multi-billion dollar medical device company, Stryker Corp. William D. Johnston, Stryker's husband, is a trustee of the university... the donation was made with the goal of opening the new medical school, so named the Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine."

   Now, where have we heard the name 'Stryker' before? Oh yes...we had occasion to mention them in connection with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and as one of the fine folks behind Black Lives Matter. 

   Homer Stryker was a WMU graduate and earned a teaching certificate. He joined the Army and served his country in World War I before working in that profession. Upon returning from Europe, he worked his way through medical school---including a colorful career as a baseball pitcher. After graduation, he was a distinguished orthopedic surgeon. When not at the hospital, Stryker had a home lab and workshop and designed several inventions related to orthopedic practices. During World War 2, he made his fortune by inventing the Stryker Saw, an electric saw which could cut through a plaster cast without touching the skin. This invention is still in use today. 

   Although Homer Stryker was a great American and a benefactor to humanity, after his death in 1980, his fortune passed into the hands of his parasitic and useless grandchildren who've employed their power and money to every evil scheme that their imaginations could suggest. They've turned the once-venerable Stryker Corporation into a blot on society. Ronda Stryker's sister Patricia is one of Colorado dictator Jared Polis' inner circle of ruling elites. Her brother Jon Stryker is a homosexual and one of the ringleaders of the Gay Mafia. The Corporation was a huge lobbyist for Obamacare; and since the passage of that law, has used its government largesse to prey mercilessly upon its smaller competitors.

   Should the current plot to overthrow the Established Government be successful, the Stryker Family is going to be among those actually running your government, with cornballs like Parker Crutchfield among those dictating National Health Policy at the Strykers' orders. Want to live in that kind of world? I'll stand with the Constitution, and the Strykers and Crutchfield can shove their Happy Pills up their anuses. 




Tuesday, August 11, 2020


     Since the beginning of this site, one of our main emphases has been the fact that ideological fanatics and international crooks form the greatest threat to Western Civilization and the freedoms and standards we've won over several millennia. Fanning paranoia over a relatively routine influenza outbreak and inciting cross-country riots has enabled these criminals to take control of entire states and to threaten the very seat of national power. 

      In our last article, we had occasion to mention another of the shady organizations driving this Insurrection: the Berggruen Institute. We've exposed similar groups like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the slimy gangs behind Black Lives Matter. As a rule, Conservatives don't realize the power these kinds of groups wield on the Left. Our think tanks operate much differently. Conservative policy institutes typically take donations from individuals and use the money to promote candidates who reflect our ideals. These Leftist think-tanks are bankrolled by vested financial interests and staffed by politically influential people. Their goal is universally to assist Corporate looters and political despots to facilitate their monopolization of power and profit. 

    The Berggruen Institute was founded in 2010 by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, a German national who made a fortune on Wall Street through his trust corporation, Bergguen Holdings. This company has massive real estate contracts both here and in Europe. They control 31 trade schools---mostly focusing on training for jobs in Big Pharma. They also own Fusion Transport---one of the largest trucking companies in the US; as well as Transport Labor Holding Company, the largest American trucking and shipping facilitators. They own Sierra Air Conditioning, the largest air conditioning supplier in Nevada; the IMS Group, an international furniture manufacturer; Phenomenon Consulting, which works with Hollywood; and Global Supply Chain Finance, an international accounting firm. In India, they practically control the car-rental and taxi services nationwide; as well as the largest construction equipment rental service. In Turkey, they own 24 mineral mines. This is fairly typical of the financial cartels backing Leftist interests in the US. 

     Nicolas Berggruen himself is a real weirdo. Despite being a real-estate mogul, he prefers to rent condos in various cities where he conducts business. He never married; instead he paid a sperm-bank and two surrogate mothers to give him two kids and is a single father. Berggruen is widely suspected in Europe of being both a homosexual and a drug addict. He was a major donor to Barack Obama and to Chuck Schumer while on Wall Street. 

    The Berggruen Institute's policy statement is as follows: "We live in a time of great transformations. From Capitalism to Democracy to the Global Order, our institutions are faltering. The very meaning of the human is fragmenting. The Bergguen Institute was established in 2010 to give foundational ideas about how to reshape political and social institutions in the face of these great transformations. We work across cultures, disciplines, and political boundaries, engaging our great thinkers to develop and promote long-term answers to the most challenging questions of the 21st Century."

   Some of these great thinkers sit on Berggruen's Board of Directors. Of its 17 members, 8 are active CEOs of financial trusts, 3 are former heads-of-state, and 2 are university bureaucrats. Media figures Arianna Huffington and Geoffrey Cowan sit on the Board; as does WHO bureaucrat Ray Chambers. The Chairman of the Board is former Pakistani Prime Minister and former CitiBank official, Shaukat Aziz. Aziz is widely hated in his home country; mostly for opening the Pakistani economy to global cartels at the expense of domestic industry. He was also suspected---not without good reason---of being a tool of US interests. One historian stated that "By the 1990s, Aziz had established many notable contacts within the United States administration... Aziz had substantial access to the US Treasury, World Bank, and many other world financial institutions. Aziz worked closely with the United States in order to finance U.S. war games and operations. Aziz knew the volumes of secretive methods of transferring funds in and out of South Asia, particularly clandestine financing of nuclear weapons programs." I'll bet that guy has a lot of "long-term answers to the most challenging questions of the 21st Century." 

   Berggruen is divided into two subsections, its 'philosophic and cultural' arm which awards a million-dollar annual prize to "honor a living thinker whose ideas are of basic importance for contemporary life". Last year, the prize went to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. This branch also runs a deal with Jeff Bezos for exclusive member op-eds in The Washington Post. The Cultural and Philosophic Division is led by MSM gadfly, Nathan Gardels. Gardels is a long-standing member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a Media Fellow at the WEF (Davos). During the 1980s, Gardels lived in the Soviet Union, allegedly doing 'research'. 

   Much more of a social menace is the Berggruen Governance Center, the other division. This group is headed by Berggruen himself and is subdivided into five sections working with various projects:

   1. The Future of Capitalism

   2. The Future of Democracy

   3. Geopolitics and Globalization

   4. The Berggruen China Center

   5. The Transformation of the Human

    The Future of Capitalism projects are overseen by Yakov Feygin, In May, he published an article which illustrates his ignorance of Economics more than anything else. Basically, he argued that the International Monetary Fund should take over much of the duties of the Federal Reserve Board to lessen the US Dollar's international economic power. The reason why this should happen? Well, because the Dollar represents classism. Feygin's stated goal at the Institute is establish a global currency.

   The Future of Democracy projects are led by Dawn Nakagawa, a career political activist. There are three projects they are working on. One is designing a strategy for creating social cohesion. This is chaired by a British Lord named Anthony Giddens---a former advisor to Tony Blair. Giddens is a radical sociology professor, a climate-change crank, and the author of several books pontificating upon how he believes society should be run. Most of his writings are gobbledygook and psychobabble, but his basic belief is that the Elites have an obligation to reorganize society through 'innovative means'---and basically dupe the public into thinking that it's all for their own good. 

   Concurrent with that project is a proposed reform of Social Media. The mission statement is self-explanatory: "How can we change the incentives for platforms in order to dampen its negative effects and heal the divisions? How can we harness technology to create a new democratic culture?" This project is chaired by Neocon author and anti-Trump ideologue, Francis Fukuyama. Fukuyama recently said in an interview that Joe Biden was "the right man for the job" of US President. 

   The aforementioned Nathan Gardels and former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti co-chair a project with the ominous-sounding title of Redesigning Democratic Institutions. Monti is a consultant to the EU, a member of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. He's also worked as an International Consultant to Goldman-Sachs and the European Investment Bank. A British Baron, a neocon pundit, and a Euro-Elitist: this is the band of folks who are going to reform Democracy...

    The Institute's third focus group on Geopolitics and Globalization is probably the most dangerous of them all. This group is also known as The 21st Century Council has been set up to become a sort of shadow-version of the G20. Nicole Grunwald Silver---a vicious feminist who previously worked for the Clinton Foundation---is the Project Manager for this gang. An example of their clout can be read in a published demand to the G-20 for implementation of their COVID Scam policies. Note the members listed in this article.

  The Council's Mission Statement explains: "The G-20 has emerged at the formal governmental level as an embryonic institution of global governance that reflects the radical shifts underway in geopolitics. At the informal level, however, no such non-state organization that reflects these new realities has yet been established that can forge a global network of personal relationships, seek to influence policy decisions and help shape public opinion through moral suasion and the voice of reason and experience. To some extent, groups like the Bilderberg Conference or the Trilateral Commission did this for an earlier era, but are now outdated."

   For those who want to sneer about 'conspiracy theories' can there be any clearer statement of Berggruen's goals and intentions than this? As if to underscore the point, the founders of this abominable society don't even disguise how they intend to implement their programs: "What should distinguish this group from others like the InterAction Council, The Elders, the Club of Madrid or the Trilateral Commission would not only be that it seeks the participation of key Chinese figures of influence. Rather than address a host of ills as single issues, this group would address the relevant concerns in an integrative way that focuses on the structures of good governance. The group will also have an action-orientation. It will seek to accomplish what it proposes." {nota bene}

   This is representative of the New Breed of Think-Tank: one that doesn't stop at whispering in leaders' ears to give them inside information for temporary unfair advantages. These guys are out to impose their wills whatever the cost. 

   And it should be noted that---despite all of their pretenses about 'social justice'---no American ever elected these nitwits to do anything whatsoever on our behalf. Where does this Kraut Berggruen get off pushing his way into our country and throwing his weight around? Who's ever heard of him outside of Wall Street and the Deep State? Just like his comrade Soros, this would-be Kaiser needs to be bundled up with his foreign friends by ICE and shipped back overseas as Undesirable Aliens. 

  As if all of this weren't bad enough, the Berggruen China Center is a more recent collaboration between the Institute and the Communist Party of China. "The program brings together Chinese philosophers, scientists in artificial intelligence, robotics and life sciences, legal scholars as well as science fiction writers and artists to explore ways frontier technologies impact and reshape how we view humanity, the nature of life and examine their impact on human society and our relationships with machines and other beings." Yes! Yes! Because the Chinese have such a higher respect for Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness than we Americans do! 

  This is the kind of thing that makes me believe that Berggruen is a drug addict. Nobody in their right mind could be this addled without chemicals.

  But Berggruen's Transformation of the Human projects are about the epitome of sick minds. The program is headed by a mad scientist from Canada named Tobias Rees.  "The Transformations of the Human program is designed as a philosophical study and artistic exploration of the manifold ways in which artificial intelligence and biotechnology challenge our established conceptions of what it means to be human. By placing philosophers and artists in key research sites to foster dialogue with technologists, the aim of the program is to render AI and Biotech visible as unusually potent experimental sites for reformulating our vocabulary for thinking about ourselves. The Transformations of the Human program ambition is to feed our findings back into the production of both artificial intelligence and biotech and to thereby contribute to both human and non-human flourishing."

    This mission statement doesn't even make sense, but that hasn't stopped the thugs in Silicon Valley from taking it and running with it. Rees is so utterly deluded that he actually writes that: "If we fail to embrace these differences today, and if we fail to recognize that radically new things are occurring, and fail to recognize the radically new as opportunities and responsibilities, we run the risk of leaving the definition of the world we live in to the conservative forces that stubbornly continue to try to frame our changing world in the terms of the old one. And that is a certain recipe for disaster." This is the language of a man who hates humanity. Rees is sort of a passive-aggressive version of the cinematic mad scientists who wanted to destroy the world. He doesn't want to destroy it, he wants to subordinate mankind to machinery.

    Only this time, it's for real. "When Covid-19 began to spread from bats to palm civets to pangolins to humans, we realized that we were witnessing a philosophical and poetic event," Rees rhapsodized in Art Forum Magazine last June, "A dramatic undoing, one in which humans are becoming undifferentiated from the microbial world we live in...To us, Covid-19 has been an opening––an invitation to rethink the human and technology in terms of the nonhuman. What new, alternative concept of the human, of nature, of technology would—could—emerge from Covid-19?

   "Most governments chose the opposite path: They seek to protect the human from nature; they shed not-self from self by closing their borders and by claiming that the virus comes from the bodies of foreigners—from the bodies of those who are 'too' close to nature, who live too close to animals, who are themselves more animal than human."

    What a sick man. In fact, the whole Berggruen Institute is a collection of sickos. Yet, if Constitutional Government is allowed to fall into the United States, these are whack-jobs that are going to be advising the New Order. If anybody doubts that, consider that they are the ones advising the Insurgents now. And it's not unheard-of that psychos like these haven't come to power before. 

     Just keep pretending that it can't happen here; and that's the best way to ensure that it will. Our enemies are determined not only to take our liberty, but our humanity as well. We've got to be just as determined to keep it.