Tuesday, July 28, 2020


    So this weekend Americans took a brief respite from COVID panic and hysteria while the Whacko Left Wing took to the streets again for a few days of mayhem. The so-called 'protests' spread arson, murder, and looting but not the flu virus according to our best and brightest. Only Free Enterprise is contaminating the public health system---to the point where we must all wear masks to help us break the chains of freedom. 

   Anyone who is remotely aware and hasn't completely sacrificed their reason for political expediency understands that the COVID hysteria and the fake race-riots are part and parcel of the same movement: a full-fledged coup against Constitutional government. Conservatives must keep ever before their eyes the fact that none of the events of 2020 are designed to destroy the economy, culture, and government. The goal is to replace them with an authoritarian regime. The gangsters known as Black Lives Matter, for example, are nothing but a front organization: controlled by those with a vested interest in the coup. BLM is largely a creation of the Corporate Media and Academia Incorporated, who work for the same interests. 


     The ostensible leadership of Black Lives Matter is vested in handful of sexual perverts and low-level street agitators who've had practically no accomplishments of any mention their entire lives. BLM is run by three women: Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza, and Patrisse Cullors. Tometi is the daughter of African immigrants and a former Domestic Violence caseworker. Garza is a Lesbian who has never held a job outside of 'activism.' Cullors is also a Lesbian who teaches art and social justice classes at some obscure Community College in Arizona. BLM's propaganda outreach is lead by DeRay McKesson, a homosexual and one of the ringleaders of the 2014 Ferguson Riots. He hosts a podcast on Youtube. 

   All of these idiots have been wined, dined, and celebrated by America's White Liberal establishment and BLM is a cause celebre among them. It's all the rage among the American in-crowd to support Black Lives Matter.  It hasn't seemed to occur to anybody that their leadership can't even run their own lives, let alone national social policy. We all see on television the spectacle of Corporate America bowing to BLM's demands. In reality, however, it's BLM who bows to Corporate America. 

   A few minutes on a search engine reveals that fact clearly. BLM's major donors are hardly a grass-roots bunch. Democracy Alliance, Solidaire, the Ford Foundation, and the Open Society Foundation are the cash sources behind the whole movement. 

  Democracy Alliance was founded in Phoenix in 2005 by George Soros; homosexual activist and Quark Software CEO, Tim Gill; and Progressive Insurance CEO Peter Lewis. Tom Steyer, another billionaire hedge-fund manager is a prominent member. So is Rob McKay, heir to the Taco Bell chain; Nick Hanauer, one of the founders of Amazon; Patricia Stryker of Big Pharma's Stryker Corporation; Susan Buell of North Face Clothing; Drummond Pike of Equilibrium Capital Group; Agribusiness magnate Scott Wallace of Pioneer Hybrid; among many others. 

  Solidaire was founded in 2012 by Hunt Oil heiress Leah Hunt-Hendrix. "Solidaire's mission is to organize philanthropists to address the deep, systemic causes of injustice and inequality by consolidating their efforts and collaborating in their giving. Solidaire has a rapid response protocol enabling members to meet the immediate needs of activists on the ground, such as bailing front-line activists out of jail when they are arrested during protests." This is the organization that is providing the rioters with logistical support. 

  The Ford Foundation is currently run by homosexual activist Darren Walker. Walker is a former corporate lawyer and investment banker. He also sits on the Board of the Arcus Foundation whose stated mission is  "to ensure that LGBT people and our fellow apes thrive in a world where social and environmental justice are a reality." (Let that view of humanity sink in). Arcus, incidentally, is run by Jon Stryker of the aforementioned Stryker Corporation. 

 Ford announced support for BLM in 2016, with a goal of raising $100 million by 2022. Their partner organizations included in this endeavor are the NoVo Foundation, headed by Peter Buffett, the son of Warren Buffett. Peter's wife Jennifer is a Radical Feminist and also connected with Democracy Alliance. Peter's dad Warren---as we saw in the last article---is connected with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was also noted in that article that Allan Golston, head of the Board of Directors at Stryker Corporation, is an official for operations at Gates' club. Isn't it interesting how so many of the same people keep turning up wherever and wherever there's a 'crisis' going on? 

  Well, you can sneer all you want to, Hipster-Boy. But logic ought to tell you that if we really had a Free Market, corporations funding people to overthrow Capitalism might not be such a good idea. However, in Crony-Capitalism---where Big Government just becomes another player, it makes sense. And all of the folks we've mentioned here today have the time, money, political connections, and most of all, the incentive to try and pull it off. Take, for example the DC-based Hill-Snowden Foundation: another of Ford's partners. It's run by the heirs of Arthur Hill. Here's a syllabus from one of their webinars, taken from their own website: 
  "The purpose of this webinar was to help provide a landscape analysis of domestic policy changes and the impact on vulnerable and targeted communities in the Trump era.  While the policy agenda is becoming clearer, there is still a lot of anxiety and uncertainty and it is our hope that this session will try to provide some insights into some of the major policy changes on the horizon, the current and potential impact the Trump era is having in communities, where are prospects for folks fighting back effectively and building power, and what are the most necessary things to do in this environment."

  Can one make an agenda any clearer than that? It's completely oblivious to the fact that prior to the disasters that BLM and their cohorts caused in 2020; Black unemployment and crime rates were going down under Trump while entreprenuerial and educational opportunities were expanding. Instead, it focuses on how to fight back and build power; i.e. maintain the status quo even if that means going back to the race riots we saw so often under Bush and Obama. 

  Last but certainly not least, we meet again those ubiquitous global gadflies in the Open Society Foundation. George Soros' group has pumped about $300 million in hard cash to BLM; the amount of 'soft money' no one knows. It's widely suspected (though not yet proven) that OSF operatives engage in activities like transporting insurgents to riot sites; recruiting and agitation; supplying insurgents with weapons and passing along intelligence. Soros brings a lot of experience to the table. The tactical parallels between the so-called 'Floyd Riots' and the Ukraine 'Maidan' are especially pronounced. It's certainly no secret that Soros and OSF are deeply involved in everything BLM does (if not controlling them outright). 

   OSF's President is Patrick Gaspard, a major crony of former President Obama and of current NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, to whom he serves as an advisor. He headed the DNC Executive Committee from 2011-2013 and, prior to that, was a policy advisor on Obama's White House Staff. Gregory Meeks, a New York Democratic Congressman said of Gaspard:   “He’s a low key, behind-the-scenes, no-fingerprints kind of guy. I need something, I call Patrick. And if he calls, it’s a big deal. He’s close to the president.” This is quite an influential figure considering that he was born in the Congo to Haitian immigrants and---as far as I was able to determine---never became a US citizen. 

  The actual payout branch grant-disbursements for OSF is handled by a subsidiary, The Foundation to Promote Open Society, headed by the Big Weenie himself and his family. The major donors to OSF are all front-groups controlled by the Soros Family. Individual and Corporate donors make donations to various groups which then pool them in one of these entities; which in turn pass them up to OSF. Thus there's nearly no transparency in this complex web (Don't get any ideas---it's illegal for you to do it). Now, I wouldn't want to suggest without sufficient proof that Soros is engaged in money-laundering; but let's just say I think that the IRS and FBI maybe ought to examine this rather unusual system of fund-raising. 

  Well, Stacy: it wouldn't matter if social justice actually was their goal. Even in the earlier era of the Robber Barons, Carnegie and Rockefeller did a lot to promote better education, relief for the poor, and many other good works---in fact, they did even better than most state or religious programs were doing. But that's not what's going on with people like Bill Gates and George Soros. Men like Carnegie and Rockefeller had the goal of improving society; men like Gates and Soros have the goal of replacing society. (BTW, you have beautiful eyes). 

   It goes back to what Christ taught when He said, "By their fruits you shall know them." Real philanthropists do things like filling a need in a community. The fake philanthropists do things like burning communities down and poisoning people's minds with Marxist claptrap. Black Lives Matter is fake---a front for another agenda, and a very evil agenda at that. Americans are supporting a cause that they don't really understand; nor the depths and ulterior motives of what's moving it. Really being 'woke' means rejecting BLM and exposing the powers moving it. 




  1. God made man in his own image.
    The people tearing down statues (they give flimsy excuses for doing it) - are they so adamant to destroy statues because they wish to destroy a likeness of God's image?

    Off topic - yes, but I am curious about your thoughts on this train of thought are.

    1. I had to think about that one. They certainly also want people to cover their faces and lower their heads in their presence. I think what you're suggesting might be true, but on a deep subconscious level for many of them. God represents Ultimate Good, and they have a hatred for all good things. Most of the people whom we honor with monuments have done good things that benefited mankind; by extension they've done the Will of God. The fact that we (culturally speaking) honor the earthly success of one for doing the Heavenly Will of the Other drives them insane.

      You'll note that they've been painting huge portraits of the thug George Floyd everywhere. That's the same thing they do in communist dictatorships where the portraits of their leaders are everywhere---always in giant contrast to the people and always in the center of the artwork. This is done symbolically to portray their leaders as a replacement for God. The way the Left typically think is in terms of replacing Culture; not reforming it or anything positive.

      The message I think that they're sending with both the cultural iconoclasm and the mandatory masks (at least on a symbolic level) is that we are not God's Children, but simply all part of some nebulous 'community'.

  2. Read John Font's book on American Sovereignty. He discusses the Transnationalist movement. The Democracy alliance is transnationalist. They have no sympathy with Antifa or BLM. They are following Soros' lead. They think they are injuring the president because he is looking to dismantle Transnationalism.
    Transnationalism is an entirely logical notion that if the global industrialists had only one set of global rules all over th world instead of many hundreds of different sets of rules for each state nation or province that things would all be so much better and more profitable.
    And they want to abandon national sovereignty to favor wealthy global industrialists.
    And the political globalists want on that money train.
    The academics think it'll usher in a new utopia.
    Even the NFL's recent insanity is all in defense of Transnationalism. Anything to injure Trump.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation, it sounds like Font's thesis is spot on. BLM and Antifa are just useful idiots in the whole scheme. The Elites probably plan to conscript some of them into their 'new model police' but once they've served their purpose, they'll be suppressed like Hitler purged the SA. The overall goal is to overthrow Trump and with him the Constitution, but once they've achieved that the Transnationalists, as Font calls them, will 'restore order' as their first priority.