Friday, July 17, 2020


     Back in the days when your author was a mere beardless youth, our home was next door to a wizened old veteran of many wars and his amiable French-born wife. French women are renown cooks and the scent of various cookies fresh from the oven often enticed a venturesome lad like myself over for an afternoon snack often punctuated with stories from the Nestor of his adventures in Europe and Africa. He served in WW1, WW2 and did a brief stint in the French Foreign Legion between the two events. This was, of course, in a day and age when kids weren't taught to fear their neighbors.

   I still have displayed in my house a hand-carved Taureg totem that he gave me before passing away. There were also a lot of good stories about the Rough Riders, with whom his own father fought during the war with Spain. Now, in the Second World War he spent much time in Nazi POW camp after an aircraft from which he'd parachuted missed the Drop-Zone and he landed right in the middle of a German Infantry Regiment's camp. "War isn't always like they show it in the movies." he used to say. 

  I recall a story he told that while in the POW camp, there were a group of three other prisoners whom everyone hated. These three collaborated with the Nazis for special privileges. At any rate, after D-Day, the camp was forced to move because the Allied troops were advancing. He told me that the prisoners were put on trucks and just before they left, the Commandant had the three collaborators taken out to the woods and shot. They'd served their purpose, and the Nazi New World Order had no further use for them. 

  The Nazis' imitators in 2020 have about the same attitudes. Their only real 'friends' are other ideological fanatics and arch-criminals like themselves. They look down on the general population as their inferiors and only value us in terms of our usefulness to their own ends. Let's take a look at the case of one of the Wall Street wire-pullers of whom we spoke yesterday, Mr. Daniel Snyder.

   Dan Snyder is a billionaire Media Mogul who was once the youngest CEO to get a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. He learned the Game very well from his older mentors too; and started a Holding Company along with a partner, former DNC Chairman and Treasurer Robert Strauss.  (A 'holding company' is one of those polite terms for legalized looters who engage in hostile takeovers of struggling companies). 

  In 1999, Snyder decided on a big acquisition for his empire. The owner of the NFL's Washington Redskins---a colorful character named Jack Kent Cooke---had died and his estate was in serious dispute. Cooke had five wives and three children plus a few business associates who wanted a piece of the pie. Snyder was able to pull together some of his corporate cronies and lawyers who bagged the prize for $800 million. This not only included the team and all licensing rights, but direct ownership of Robert F. Kennedy Stadium. One of his partners in the takeover, billionaire Frederick Smith head of Federal Express. Smith's share bought him the right to efface Kennedy's name from the stadium and rename it Fedex Field. (BLM didn't start the whole idea of tearing down cultural heroes after all).  Smith is a politically-connected RINO who was a Skull-and-Bones frat brother of George Bush Jr at Yale. Snyder once had 200 feet of old-growth trees clearcut on Federal property because they "blocked his view of the Potomac River." He never bothered getting permission to do this, however; and after that was disclosed in the local press, the DC officials fined him $100. 

  As an NFL team owner, Snyder bowed down to every politically-correct policy imposed by the League. In fact, he was one of the originators of tying the NFL to Breast Cancer publicity forcing players to wear pink, etc. The PC mob pressured him for a long time to change the 'offensive' team logo. 

   Snyder resisted doing this because his popularity with the fans had never been very high, and was constantly declining. Most Redskins' fans opposed changing the name. But now, with the Coup in full swing and quarantines liable to reduce live fan participation anyway, Snyder decided to run with the herd. He announced just Monday that the Redskins---as they'd been known since 1937---would retire Chief Zee and their logo and change the team's name. 

  So Dan Snyder's now a woke hero to the Whacko Left Wing, right? Wrong. Less than a week after Snyder caved to the Insurgents, the Washington Post brought forth those dreaded allegations of sexual misconduct against Snyder and the ex-Redskins.

 “The allegations raised by {Emily} Applegate and others — running from 2006 to 2019 — span most of Snyder’s tenure as owner and fall into two categories: unwelcome overtures or comments of a sexual nature, and exhortations to wear revealing clothing and flirt with clients to close sales deals.”

  Oh, the horror. The rest of these assertions---made by a total of 14 women (but no doubt others are coming forward)---are the standard stuff we've all heard out of the Left's Legal Factory. Suspicion of heterosexuality and flirting is as bad as suspicion of racism or spreading the COVID virus in today's social paranoia. Snyder hasn't even responded to these stories; and it wouldn't make any difference if he did. Cancel Culture is already demanding that the NFL force Snyder out of football. 

  I don't feel much sympathy for Snyder, but he's a great object lesson for all of the RINOs and moderates who think that appeasing the Insurgents are going to put you in their good graces. Snyder---just like the WW2 collaborators mentioned above---outlived his usefulness. The Left got what they wanted: the 83 year-old cultural symbol that was the Washington Redskins is gone. Now Snyder's expendable and the team could be expropriated. That goes for his buddy Wright, too, (assuming that he's not behind some of this) who'll lose the rights to FedEx Field. You play footsie with the Devil and you usually lose. 

   Maybe Snyder and Wright will come away from this experience sadder but wiser men. I don't know. One thing that's for certain: appeasing fanatics and bullies never works. Ever.


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  1. Amen. Giving in to hateful bullies will only make things worse.