Sunday, May 31, 2020


     If there were any reliable scholars left in American Academia, the first half of this year would be a textbook case study on mob psychology. Or possibly on both political incompetence or journalistic ineptitude, depending on one's field of specialty. As for myself, I live in a predominantly pro-Trump area so things have been quiet here. Yesterday, after doing laundry, I searched through my late Granny's recipe box and made a delicious casserole before settling down and watching the riots on Youtube. It may be a guy thing; but there's something satisfying about enjoying a good dinner, a cold beer, and a nice cigar while looking down from your perch on idiots beating each other up. 

   I mean, we are exactly 26 days away from an obscure Church holiday called the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. I learned as a mere stripling from my ever-watchful nuns in school that this holiday marks the midpoint of the year. And, as a side note, that the herb St. John's Wort is at the peak of it's potency when gathered on that night: especially if there's a Full Moon---which in June is known as the Strawberry Moon. But this is all lore from an unenlightened era before the End of History and more sophisticated thinking came about, probably too containing subtle racist overtones...etc.

  This year has seen so far some incredible spectacles. First, people swept like locusts over stores, stripping them of toilet paper, bottled water, and other items that wouldn't help anybody in the least during an Influenza Epidemic. Then these same nitwits begged for martial law and stayed cooped up at home for two months while the Middle Class more or less disintegrated. And then an unarmed Black man who was remembered as a gentle giant got himself arrested in Minneapolis for passing counterfeit money. and died while in police custody. Even though the incident hasn't even been investigated, Ameroboobs were outraged after the disturbing images went through social media. And thus, the economic enterprises which managed to survive the curfews, lockdowns, and other official persecution are getting burned to the ground on behalf of someone whom none of these protesters ever knew in real life. 


    Careful, there, Bro...actually telling the truth can get you into a lot of trouble these days. When I saw the video and heard the suspect saying, "I can't breathe!" I wondered myself how he managed to speak without respiration. But, as seen during the hoardings and the lockdowns, Americans these days want action instead of thinking. 

   In fact, Hennepin County Medical Examiner, Dr. Andrew Baker, announced yesterday that there there is no evidence that the suspect was asphyxiated. Which means that all of these riots are for nothing; and that once again Americans have made themselves an international laughing-stock. 

   “The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death,” the medical examiner reported. That story seems to have slipped past much of the MSM, however. It should be noted that Dr. Baker holds a nonpartisan office and is regarded as one of the top Forensic Pathologists in the United States. From what I've seen so far, he's about the only top government official in the Twin Cities who has any idea of what he's doing. 

   As far as Minneapolis itself goes, the mayor seems to be sulking in a Safe Space after the hurtful words coming from President Trump, who---to the Whacko Left's great horror---is saying that the City should actually consider using some kind of force to defend itself. The leadership, such as it is in Minneapolis, isn't exactly the sort to strike much fear into anybody other than the NPCs who voted them into office in the first place. 

   Seriously, those pictures look like they were taken at Carl the Cuck's Family Reunion. Minnesota needs some robust leadership right now and these three clowns don't appear at all up for the job. It took a foreign news service (no surprise) to ask these dorks if just maybe the policies of these idiots was a contributing cause. There are around 40-80 or so million of nonessential Americans who've been bullied, humiliated, shamed and impoverished by people like Walz, Frey, and Arradondo for the last three months---it could be that a fair measure of this violence could be directed at them. It does seem as though government, media outlets, and big box stores have been targeted a little more than usual. 

  It's going to take some time afterwards to sift out all of the underlying causes here; but, regardless the Elites aren't going to let a good crisis go to waste. That's true especially of crises that they instigated in the first place, of which this is probably one. Maybe they figure we need a good Summer of Rage before starting a Second Pandemic? The Elites can have a lot of fun getting the people to shelter in place and burn it all down, man: at alternate times. Heck, they could even time these things to fiscal quarters so that they can short-sell on the Stock Market and cash in personally too.

  Of course, all of this kind of speculation will get dismissed as tin-foil-hat level, pants-on-fire conspiracy stuff with subtle undertones of racism influenced by Bronze-Age bigots and Dead White Males. The best we can do right now is to remember that some things never change, and those things are what make Reality---not the crisis of the moment. The teachings of St. John the Baptist, beach trips with the Fair One, the Strawberry Moon, herbs that flower on schedule, and our Grandmothers' casseroles... these are the things that have actual permanence. 



Thursday, May 28, 2020


    Before we get into today's update on the Nation's collective nervous breakdown, a special mention needs to go out to Bishop Robert Francis Vasa of the Santa Rosa Diocese and to Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick. Both of these leaders in California have moved to defy the Newsom Regime and the petty local despots. The Most Reverend Vasa announced that all churches within his jurisdiction could reopen regardless of local ordinances. This area is the northern third of the California Coast.

   Sheriff Essick stated that neither he nor his deputies would enforce the Regime's edicts within the borders of Sonoma County, joining his patriotic counterparts in Lake, Modoc, Mendocino, and Riverside Counties in the resistance. “Many of my constituents are being absolutely crushed by these health orders,” Essick told KSRO,“...We have not had a lot of transparency from our Public Health department. As a policymaker, I can’t make decisions if I can’t get this information.”

   For about the past month or so, the Media Swine have been trying to tie any form of opposition to the Rebellion to racism---which, in postmodern America is actually considered worse than treason or trying to overthrow the government. In Andrew Cuomo's Red Republic of New York, a woman innocently walking her dog was intimidated by a Black man and has been publicly disgraced for feeling afraid. In Georgia, a Black man was murdered by two White hoodlums---this grabbed national headlines even though White murder victims are rarely noted. 

   In Minneapolis this week, a Black man died in police custody under very suspicious circumstances. Suddenly, none of the rent-a-mobs who stayed silent while their creepy governor, Tim Walz, suspended Civil Liberties for nearly two months erupted into well-organized outrage; helping speed the destruction of many businesses which had only been open for a week. 

  If something about all of this sudden focus on Racism dovetailing with the faux-reopening sounds suspicious: it should. Look at the difference in Media coverage between the anti-lockdown protests and the Minneapolis Riots. The former were depicted as Right-Wing extremists endangering public safety and the latter are depicted as justifiably angry. And the Media been pumping out fake news about rising COVID numbers recently as well---especially in States moving towards 'reopening.' If one suspects---as I do---that a 'Second Outbreak' is being planned as we speak---these events certainly seem calculated to prime the NPCs for it. 

  Here the peaceful protesters, less than an hour ago are burning down a police station. Last night, the brave souls wiped out an Auto Zone, taking a few hundred people's livelihoods with it.

  A Target store was looted yesterday afternoon, I'm sure that Governor Walz appreciates that the looters seem to be wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

This morning a cutie-pie at WCCO displayed a burned apartment complex:

(OK, there had to be one bright spot in the whole gloomy scenario 😉)

   Another interesting thing is that we've seen more than one occasion lately where people have been beaten up for not wearing masks, or otherwise opposing lockdowns. Only a month ago, a Black man was hauled off a public bus and beaten by White Philadelphia cops for not wearing a mask and there were no riots. I wonder what Rosa Parks would say?

   In Birmingham three weeks ago, a cop brutally slammed a Black woman to the floor for refusing to wear a mask in a public store. Where were the demonstrators then? Just two days ago, a woman without a mask was harassed and driven out of a Staten Island grocery store by maddened shoppers. Where are all the pink-hatted femihags who tear out into the streets on the slightest pretext?

  So, yes, it appears that these riots are orchestrated. And in Minneapolis, it seems that the police have made little effort to stop these events, which ought to send up more red-flags to critical thinkers. We'll see how it plays out, but this event ought to be viewed with a lot of skepticism. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


    After an exhaustive weekend of breaking as many restrictions as possible, I awoke to the news this morning that the Elites had a new low even for them. Apparently, Twitter has put their fake fact-checkers onto the President's account. The majority of these so-called 'fact-checkers' work for non-profits funded by dirtbags like George Soros and Jeff Bezos. Most of their employees are stereotypical fork-bearded, beanie-wearing pyjama-boys with Asperger's Syndrome. The NPC's read these sites religiously because they can quote them and sound intelligent. 

   What Twitter actually did wrong, in my opinion, amounted to a personal insult against the President. By doing this, they put the Nation's Chief Executive on the same status as trolls like Vox Day. Actually, until now, I think that Twitter has done a fairly good job of resisting political pressure---which has been intense during the last four years---to censor the President. It may not be coincidental here that Twitter's headquarters are in San Francisco and---with California now practically under martial law---Newsom, Pelosi, and creepy SF Mayor Breed might have dropped a few hints that there could be consequences if the Bluebird didn't start playing ball. Whatever: it's just the Liberals once again being themselves. 

  Meanwhile, we're now entering the third month of the fake 'Crisis' and few Rebel leaders are allegedly easing restrictions while others, like the aforementioned Gavin Newsom, continue to double-down. In Chicago this weekend, Lori Lightfoot the city's "first openly gay mayor" turned armed thugs loose against area churches. Governor Pritzker of that same state has proclaimed a near-infinite 'State of Emergency' which---fortunately---the Trump Administration finally has intervened to curtail. At this point, neither Pritzker nor his evil Attorney-General Kwame Raoul have issued any plans or policies for reopening. Both of these two clowns have said that Illinois will remain under absolutist rule "until a vaccine is developed."

   Illinois businesses are among the hardest hit. VanHaus LLC, a rental real-estate firm started 12 years ago from scratch, stated recently that it is almost $50,000 underwater from property taxes and mortgages. The stories flooding in from that State are sad to read. An especially interesting one was from Jan Munday, owner of Weekdays at Munday's, a daycare in DuPage County. 

  “My center is family child care. The governor took and suspended all of our licenses throughout the state. No one is working on their normal license. Those of us working right now were given an essential workers license, meaning any child you care for has to be the child of an essential worker. Right now, I’m only allowed to have six children, period."

  Now this is quite revealing. In Pritzker's Red Utopia, so-called "non-essential" citizens are prohibited access to daycare. As Ayn Rand said, "Ideas have consequences." What many Americans don't seem to realize is that getting labelled "nonessential" by your government means a lot more than one thinks that it does. It expresses a fundamental attitude towards an entire sociopolitical class. All one has to do is consult a thesaurus to see what those attitudes are. 

    This is how the scum on the Left view the Middle Class. The destruction of the American Middle Class that we're witnessing now is not exactly a concept unknown to the Left. Don't think for one minute that the Left isn't celebrating every time a small or midsize business goes down. This isn't true in all cases however. The Chicago Tribune noted last week that the essential legal Marijuana industry has raked in almost $40 million a month since February. A heavy dope supply; homosexual dictators closing churches; the Middle Class declared parasites and liquidated while the Proletariat (service workers) are hailed as heroes---what more could a Communist want? 

 It's coming down to the wire, everybody. The American people had better start putting down the pot-pipes and the Happy-Pills and pulling their brains out of their shoes because we're about to wake up in a New Normal that people like Pritzker, Raoul, and Lightfoot have designed for us. That's not the kind of world any sane person would want to live in. 

Saturday, May 23, 2020


    As we enter into the final week of May, we are going into the last week (supposedly) of reopenings. Now as we've also pointed out, most of these reopenings are completely fake; with the various scumbags in power only allowing partial and conditional activities. The Ameroboobs aren't questioning this any more than they questioned the original closures. 

   The Bolsheviks and the Mad Scientists advising them spout about maintaining 'social distancing' of at least 6 feet. Has anybody heard even one reason ever given as to why 6 feet distances make any difference? Why not 3 feet, or 10 feet? Let's see what the CDC has to say:

  "COVID-19 is a new disease and we are still learning how it spreads. The virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to mainly spread from close contact (i.e., within about 6 feet) with a person who is currently sick with COVID-19."

  In other words, these jokers have no idea how it actually spreads; and 6 feet is just an arbitrary number. It should be noted that when the COVID was first discovered in bats, it was being transmitted to pigs in the Chinese Agricultural collectives. Dr. Fauci, among other Americans helped research its properties at the Wuhan Laboratory. They concluded then that the virus posed no threat of transmission to humans. The hog farmers in China with infected herds never came down with the disease. What's obvious is that this virus mutated in some way after 2018. 

  "The virus likely spreads primarily through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, similar to how influenza and other respiratory infections spread. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs."  the CDC explains. Which also explains the hysteria about wearing masks---which only a few weeks ago weren't recommended by the CDC. 

  Now the Social Engineers are not only requiring distancing, but mask-wearing as well. It's interesting that there are no recommendations whatsoever about the types of masks employed. During the outbreak of H1N1, the National Center for Health Research, wrote the following:

  "Facemasks, which refer to disposable masks like the ones health workers occasionally wear, are designed to block large particle droplets, splashes, and sprays from reaching the wearer’s mouth and nose. They are intended to be used once (for whatever period of time) and then discarded. Facemasks do not form a tight seal around the nose and mouth and so they can’t protect you from very small particles in the air transmitted by coughs or sneezes (such as virus particles that can be breathed in by the user)."

   In other words, most of the masks people are currently sporting in public are completely useless. What about the vaunted N-95 masks?

 "Unlike facemasks, respirators form a tight seal to the face. Respirators typically refer to CDC-certified N95 or higher filtering face pieces (meaning that they filter out 95% of airborne particles). They are primarily manufactured for use in construction and industrial jobs that expose workers to dust and small airborne particles. In order for respirators to be effective, they must be fitted properly according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Respirators are harder than facemasks to breathe through for extended periods of time and can cause skin irritation. CDC guidelines do not suggest respirators for children or people with facial hair."

  These are little better since (1) not all of them are OSHA-certified or are worn improperly; and (2) they aren't intended for long-term use. Speaking from experience here, I can point out that they are about as comfortable as military gas-masks, feel like you're trying to breathe through a cheesecloth after just a few hours, and absolute torture in hot weather. They're even worse outside in the rain. 

     The same political and academic charlatans who are pushing this nonsense are the same crowd who've been telling us that there are no gender differences but all men are potential rapists. They tell us that Global Warming is man-made; but can't predict the path of an ordinary windstorm. They told us that ISIS would be capable of attacking the US unless we overthrew the people who were actually fighting them. They've told us that gun control would stop mass shootings; that the 21-drinking age would stop DUI fatalities; that residual tobacco smoke is deadly but marijuana is harmless. All we have to do as good citizens is to pay our taxes, put up with 'inconveniences' and keep our mouths shut---because by sacrificing our liberties now we're securing an earthy paradise for our great-great grandchildren. 

   When will Americans stop believing these absurdities? All of this codswallop about the post-COVID society "changing our lives forever" is such an obvious smokescreen for ulterior motives that even a few moments of serious thought should dispel it. The Mad Scientists tell us that we can't return to ''fully normal" until a vaccine is discovered (which of course will be mandatory). They also have been blathering about a potential second outbreak of a stronger version and claim some disease among the children is a mutation of COVID-19. 

   While I'm not an anti-vaxxer, even Common Sense should tell anybody that an immunization for a virus that they can't define, don't know how is spread, and is potentially highly mutable either will not work at all or will cause a pandemic itself. The reason that vaccinations work against Polio, Smallpox, Measles, etc., is because these viruses have static properties which scientists have learned how to counter. Flu shots are not 100% effective because Influenza can mutate---although not radically. COVID-19 is apparently radically mutable---meaning that it can change form if met with antibodies. The earlier tests run by Dr. Fauci and his Chinese friends on the infected swine seem to confirm this thesis, however. 

   Speaking for myself, though, I doubt that a vaccine will be produced---and even if we get one it will only be a harmless placebo. The only protection it will actually provide is against political, social, and economic ostracism. 

  And that has been part of the scheme all along. Pundits are already planning for reshaping the Post-COVID World. The fact is that there is no 'Post-COVID World'. Just ask yourself---now that Bin Laden and Caliph Baghdadi are dead and Al-Qaeda and ISIS have been reduced to about the size of street gangs---how many temporary post 9/11 measures have been rescinded? 

  But in Postmodern America, where the mantra is "never let a good crisis go to waste," many will care as little about this as they did about 9/11. The Smart Boys and the Wise Guys know that nowadays principles are for suckers and that COVID restrictions equal a ground-floor opportunity. New Normals might bring poverty and slavery for most of us, but the guys who know how to work the system and make themselves acceptable to the Elites go laughing all the way to the bank. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


   At this particular phase of the Plan-demic (midway through Week 10), we're seeing fake 'reopenings' in most states. A lot of businesses aren't going to survive these frauds any more than they survived the lockdowns. Basically, small businesses have expended the 60-day supply of Federal bailout money and are opening with little or no capital, a lot of outstanding bills, heavy restrictions on their operations, and swarms of collaborators and secret police who will employ heavy-handed measures to enforce whatever edicts the various Commissars hand down. 

   A few places are opening without restrictions. Governor Mike Dunleavy of Alaska---a State which saw a grand total of 10 deaths related to COVID-19---announced yesterday that the State would be fully open tomorrow without restrictions. It's estimated by some analysts, based on preliminary figures, that 15% of Alaskan restaurants and at least that many stores in other retail sectors have already collapsed. A survey from Alaska's Chamber of Commerce  estimated that over half of State businesses had seen revenue decline by at least 51%. The estimated total loss for the State during the March-May 2020 period is between $2-4.1 billion. This seems a very high price to pay: and while I'm happy that Governor Dunleavy has set the State free again, I wouldn't want the damage he's caused to innocent lives on my conscience. 

  Alaska is a State with a low population and isn't facing severe restrictions any longer, but we can extrapolate from their figures as to what the Rebellion is going to cost the country at large. Today we already had the announcement that retail chain Pier One Imports has crashed after 58 years in business, taking 540 stores with them. 

   The last two weeks have seen the downfalls of several long-established enterprises. JC Penney filed for bankruptcy and ended up being delisted on Wall Street. And, as we've predicted, the box-stores are moving in for the kill. We should also mention the fall of several theater and movie chains:

   AMC, the largest theater chain in the US, a company founded in 1920, has closed permanently and is also about to be swallowed up by the too-big-to-fail boys. 661 US cinemas are gone with them.

   Regal Theaters, the 2nd largest chain, is not far behind, and expected by analysts to be in bankruptcy soon. 564 locations could be closed. 

   Cinemark, the 3rd largest with 346 theaters, so far has been solvent, but has been closing a number of locations recently.

    There have been many fatalities among privately-owned theaters, including a few historic locales.

  Among the casualties in the restaurant industry this week was a 55-store chain with affiliates in Seattle and California called Specialty's Cafe and Bakery. After 33 years of building, it has folded for good. Seattle also lost a landmark restaurant, The Brooklyn, open for 30 years will not reopen. 

   Los Angeles has lost Stan's Doughnuts, family-owned since 1965. Swingers, a late-night spot which was very popular during the 1990s folded last week. In San Francisco, analysts believe that half of the city's restaurants will not survive. Literally dozens have already gone down. Santa Barbara has lost Chuck's Waterfront Grill and The Endless Summer---two longstanding hangouts on the beach. 

  Souplantation, founded in San Diego in 1978 and grown into a large chain has closed; and with them all 97 of their outlets. Troy's Family Restaurant, family-owned since 1973 and Primavera Ristorante, family-owned since 1989 are both gone in San Diego among many others which have been building for decades. Thank you, Governor Newsom. 

  Portland has lost 11 restaurants and Oregon's famous World of Speed automotive museum is also unable to stay in business.

  There are many other "nonessential" economic sectors being hit by these restrictions. The Corporate Media is by-and-large ignoring all of this wave of destruction and instead yukking it up over President Trump's promotion of Hydroxychloroquine---which many doctors believe actually is effective against COVID. The Whacko Left Wing is in general though delighted with stories of business closures. The average Leftist is neurotically stimulated by failure and scandal among those better than themselves and their leaders are clearly enjoying the helplessness of the productive citizens now at their mercy.

   If any readers are victims of this Jacobin insanity, remember first and foremost that you and your circumstances are two different things. Economic failure at the hands of political psychopaths doesn't make you a 'loser' (despite whatever the MSM tells you) any more than losing your livelihood through a flood or an earthquake does. Remember that you're not alone, and also the words of the late Pope John which have inspired myself during tough times:

   If you have older friends or family, it is wise to talk to them too---as they've seen hard times and overcome them. If at all possible, join a protest movement in your State and speak out at relevant public gatherings. 

  Some on the Right have also given into despair---this is understandable, but it's not too late to take a stand. Yes, agreed---we're in deep trouble right now. But reflect in our history and consider how many other dirtbags have tried to bring us down (from within and without) and have failed. 

     The reopenings (in most states) aren't for real and the Elites are already floating the idea of a 'Second Outbreak' and have supposedly discovered viral mutations---neither of which they have any proof for. A few others are suggesting rotating lockdowns---all of which proves that they have no real intention of relinquishing their power. However, the 'reopening' an opportunity to organize a real resistance to turn back their plots. 

Monday, May 18, 2020


   Many good articles and videos have come about recently as a growing number of Americans begin to see the 'pandemic emergency' for what it really is. What is going on is an open rebellion against the United States as an institution. This is very likely going to get worse despite all of the fake 'reopenings.' We'll have more to say about that as the 'Crisis' drags on---and we are now into the 10th Week of this national disgrace. 

   So there was a really good article yesterday at the blog Freedom Through Empowerment which featured a video of a fellow fed up with conditions in his home state. The article though, made excellent points in its own right. The writer understands the gravity of the situation that we're in right now. 

  She writes:"The negative effects of shutting down the largest economy in the world will play out for years to come.  The least we can do now is stop the bleeding by ending the shutdown.  Contact your governor and local representatives of course, but pro lockdown cultural narrative set by the MSM and most of the left must be overcome too and the only way to do that is by having uncomfortable conversations with friends, family and neighbors." 

  The negative economic impacts of which she speaks is one of the principle aims of the Rebellion. It's very important that Conservatives understand this fundamental point: their goal is not to destroy the US economy, but to replace it. The Middle Class, at all levels, is the target of this attack. The shutdowns and lockdowns were all directed at small and midsize business from the beginning; and these phony 'reopenings' with all their restrictions and conditions are aimed at them too. 

  Just as an example, there was a story in New York Newsday today in their Foods Section about the devastation that the thugs Cuomo and DeBlasio have ravaged on the restaurant industry. Communist pigs like these two want central distribution of foodstuffs: in fact, the neurotic ex-NYC mayor Bloomberg is in charge of implementing 'reopening' in New York. Bloomberg was notorious for imposing his phobias about food and tobacco upon the citizens of New York City---and now he has the entire state to release his mental illnesses. At any rate, economists project that at least 25% of NYC's restaurants will not survive; and the Middle Class is taking overall about a $2.6 billion loss so far. 

  The Paris Cafe---an upscale spot in the NYC Financial District since 1873---is permanently closed as of last week.  Another historic gathering place---the Gem Spa---which has been around since the 1920's is dead. Bloomberg and DeBlasio had an especial hatred for this place which had lately become a counter-culture hangout and often persecuted the owners pre-COVID. As a trivia note, this was the cafe where the famous New York Egg Cream was invented. 

  The Irish Cottage---family owned since 1960; the Gotham Bar & Grill---family owned since 1984; the Lucky Strike Bistro---since 1988: these are just a few of the better-known NYC spots that have died. The article lists about two dozen others that have been building service and reputation for 10-20 years. Now this, of course, is happening elsewhere too; but not being reported by anybody. 

  As for the big box stores and supermarket consortia, they are experiencing none of these evils. They were all allowed to remain open and their profits have been huge. The too-big-to-fail boys haven't been touched and are in fact poised to move into the void left by their destroyed competitors. 

  Tricia notes that:  "Government enforced poverty, shattered lives, increased spousal and child abuse, sky rocketing suicide and addiction rates, the scandalous trampling of civil liberties; this is THE issue of our time and more of us have to start acting like it is." I'm glad that she mentioned the human toll, which I've heard about anecdotally but these are issues covered up by the MSM. If we move into the kind of Socialism that the Elites plan for us, these things will get much, much worse. Under the pre-Trump Deep State, the statistics were already starting to climb. And what we learned after the USSR collapsed was that all of these evils were rife throughout Soviet society. 

  One important thing that has been noticeable under lockdown is that narcotics overdoses have jumped up an estimated 15%. This is because the Rebel Regimes have been prioritizing (alleged) COVID cases over other illnesses. The same mad scientists who've been encouraging governmental Crimes Against Humanity have been espousing forced euthanasia in hospitals. That this is the issue of our time ought to be obvious. When businesses can be declared nonessential in the economy and persons can be deemed superfluous in the medical system, it doesn't take much imagination to see where this is going. "All roads lead to Auschwitz" as the saying used to go.

  If anybody thinks this is just hyperbole and that it can't happen here; consider how many people have deceived themselves into believing that Abortion isn't really murder and go from there. "Oh, but that's different!" No it isn't, and you know that it's not. 

  Political Correctness and the passive acceptance of it have led us to where we are. Look at the sheer number of lies we've been fed---and accepted---over the last three decades. Just during the last Administration, we were forced to accept Global Warming and Homo Equality---why is surprising that COVID junk-science is believed? We saw private medicine absorbed into Obamacare---why is surprising now that Healthcare is being weaponized by politicians? We accepted Obama's Domestic Spying---now we're talking about contact tracing. Obama put invasive policies into 'airport security' for the 'privilege' of travelling---now despots are demanding we wear masks for the 'privilege' of going outside. Obama told us that Syria was a threat to world peace---no wonder people believe that COVID will kill millions. And Obama just built upon Bush Administration lies, as Bush built upon Clinton's. 

  "I honestly think there are a lot more of us out there who feel this way than those who don’t, but we’ve been conditioned to think this position is wrong and immoral and so we self censure.  This has to stop.  Now."

  Exactly, Tricia. If it doesn't stop soon, it's going to be too late. 


Friday, May 15, 2020


   May is typically a festive month with no shortage of holidays. If you're looking reason to celebrate during these gloomy times, there is something that can be done. While going through the news today, I learned something new: that May 15th is International Nylon Stockings Day. 

  This festive occasion falls on a Friday, so of course it extends into the weekend. Since we have a lot of female readers and followers here, we thought it best to remind all of you not to forget your civic holiday duties.

   And for male readers who have a damsel or a sister at home, we would encourage you to relate this information to the Fair One; stressing the importance of how we must all do our part during these trying times to keep public spirits high. This suggestion includes family men with daughters old enough to participate as well.

   So please feel free to share this article. With the Rainbow Left Wing and Low-T RINOs running up the score right now, Western men are in desperate need of inspiration. Ladies around the world can help turn the tide.

   Just remember that in the old Soviet Union, nylon stockings were about $50/pair on the Black Market. In a Soros/Gates/Inslee kind of world, we'd all be wearing those Chairman Mao suits---men and women alike in their brave new world of equality. So, ladies, throw away those disgusting pink hats and the Che t-shirts; break out the make-up kits and the high heels and get busy! 

A Public Service Announcement from the Night Wind & Co.


Thursday, May 14, 2020


  Wow---great news going into the weekend. This morning, by a 4-3 vote, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court declared that the policies of would-be dictator Tony Evers and his camarilla were unconstitutional and nullified all of them. 

   Wisconsinites were swift to do what liberated peoples have always done; rejected Communism with contempt as soon as the fear of police persecution was gone. 

   Governor Evers--- a pusillanimous little twerp who's spent most of his career in Wisconsin's Public Education bureaucracy---had set up a commission of three female doctors, headed by Dr. Andrea Palm, a former operative in the Obama Administration. Dr. Palm essentially drafted orders and Evers signed off on them: what a cuck. 

  "We are the Wild West!" Evers squawked to the Corporate Media,“There are no restrictions at all across the state of Wisconsin! There is nothing compelling people to do anything other than having chaos here! Today, Republican legislators convinced four members of the state Supreme Court to throw the state into chaos! They have provided no plan! We're going to have 72 counties doing their own thing! I can't believe there's a state in the nation with this type of chaos!"


  President Trump issued a statement congratulating the State on its liberation from tyranny. "The Great State of Wisconsin, home to Tom Tiffany’s big Congressional Victory on Tuesday, was just given another win. Its Democrat Governor was forced by the courts to let the State Open. The people want to get on with their lives. The place is bustling!"

A few Left-Wing enclaves in Wisconsin, mostly around Madison and Milwaukee, have vowed to keep Evers' restrictions in place, but it's doubtful that they can do much. Racine, for example, voted its support for Evers, but the County Sheriff has already said that he wouldn't enforce them.

The Court's decision not only struck down Evers' decrees, it flatly ruled that the Regime had no legal authority to impose them in the first place. This means, from a legal standpoint, that Evers and his Machine can be held both criminally and civilly liable for actions taken under the Occupation. Anyone arrested for violating these orders must be released and exonerated; anyone fined must be compensated---this is only the first layer of the legal onion peeled back.

Hopefully, what will follow next in Wisconsin is Evers' impeachment and subsequent trial. The Elites cannot be allowed to get away with what they've done. They must be taught that there are consequences for violating our Rights.


    In a late-breaking development today, WXII-TV in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is reporting that the FBI has raided the offices of Senator Richard Burr in connection with an Insider Trading Scandal. It's been alleged that Burr and an unknown number of other US Senators made some significant Stock Market trades after a private briefing shortly before the COVID Panic struck. 

   It's probably no coincidence that Burr's home-state has been one of the most repressive of the COVID conspirators' regimes. Governor Roy Cooper ordered mass-arrests of protesters last week and extended the statewide lockdown until May 22nd. Unfortunately, he hasn't been the only one cracking down on dissidents. In Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that he would send his thugs into any county that disobeyed his edicts. “There is no consequence the state could impose that is greater than the harm that you will do to your own community,” the Governor stated rather ominously. However, there is a part of me that believes that Pritzker is seriously considering what consequences he could impose. 

   Pritzker said that "I don’t have sympathy for those so intent on disregarding science and logic, so afraid to tell their constituents what they may not want to hear — that they put more people's lives at risk. Local law enforcement and the Illinois State Police can and will take action." The Governor's rage is specifically directed at Madison County, which voted on Monday to nullify his orders. It's hard to say whether Pritzker will have the Iron Will to send stormtroopers into the area. But he and others like him seem intent on forcing a showdown. 

   These fake 'reopenings' that Occupation leaders are proposing are for show; as these police crackdowns and threats make clear. A recent report on Cincinnati station WLWT gives us the actual realities for reopened businesses. What's actually happening here is that most Federal programs subsidizing small businesses expire within 60 days. These restrictions are designed to allow businesses to reopen, but not under such conditions that they can actually recover financially. It's especially interesting to note that none of these people seem to be talking about any long-range plans beyond their silly 'phasing-in' schemes. What is worrisome, however, are the number of pundits who've been talking about the ways that they wish to see society change. 

   Among these changes proposed are mandatory vaccinations along with 'isolation communities' for nonconformists. Dr. Robert Levin and other mad scientists are already experimenting with such a program in California. So-called 'contact tracing' seems to factor in all these schemes. What that actually amounts to is domestic surveillance. But that became a New Normal a long time ago. Clinton, Bush, and Obama all did it, and nobody cared. Bush Sr. said that we needed it to fight the drug war. Clinton expanded it to fight the drug war and other federal crimes under the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1997. The latter was vastly expanded by Bush Jr. under the Patriot Act of 2002. Then, we supposedly needed it to fight terrorism. Obama, as Edward Snowden revealed, made domestic spying fairly universal---including through Obamacare. If we get through this 'Crisis', we---as a people---are going to have to do some serious soul-searching about our collective attitudes that took us to this place. 

   New York is also experimenting with such a scheme. The vile dictator Andrew Cuomo has put this project under the management of arch-Deep Statist, Michael Bloomberg. Cuomo said this, which should make us all pause and reflect:

  "Tracing is not hard on an individual basis -- the problem is the massive scale and with an operation that has never existed before. We need our contact tracing program to come up to scale to meet what we're doing with testing as soon as possible, and we are working with Mike Bloomberg now to build an army of tracers to meet the state's demand so we can begin this operation immediately."

  That's right, everybody. An army of tracers. Who serve under the command of Field Marshal Bloomberg, Governor Newsom also mentioned the need for a large number of police spies; and we've already mentioned that these blockheads have organized call centers and phone apps for informants. Now where would all these states hire these private armies contact tracers? 

   What is our national unemployment rate right now again? 

   As Leon Trotsky predicted: "In the United States, through the science of publicity and advertising, you have means for winning the support of your middle class that were beyond the reach of the soviets of backward Russia with its vast majority of pauperized and illiterate peasants. This, in addition to your technical equipment and your wealth, is the greatest asset of your coming communist revolution." 

  And today we stand at a crossroads whether we remain free or plunge into outright Communism. Trotsky's prediction in 1934 couldn't manifest itself because of the character of our people. Whether or not we still have the character to overcome remains to be seen.