Thursday, May 28, 2020


    Before we get into today's update on the Nation's collective nervous breakdown, a special mention needs to go out to Bishop Robert Francis Vasa of the Santa Rosa Diocese and to Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick. Both of these leaders in California have moved to defy the Newsom Regime and the petty local despots. The Most Reverend Vasa announced that all churches within his jurisdiction could reopen regardless of local ordinances. This area is the northern third of the California Coast.

   Sheriff Essick stated that neither he nor his deputies would enforce the Regime's edicts within the borders of Sonoma County, joining his patriotic counterparts in Lake, Modoc, Mendocino, and Riverside Counties in the resistance. “Many of my constituents are being absolutely crushed by these health orders,” Essick told KSRO,“...We have not had a lot of transparency from our Public Health department. As a policymaker, I can’t make decisions if I can’t get this information.”

   For about the past month or so, the Media Swine have been trying to tie any form of opposition to the Rebellion to racism---which, in postmodern America is actually considered worse than treason or trying to overthrow the government. In Andrew Cuomo's Red Republic of New York, a woman innocently walking her dog was intimidated by a Black man and has been publicly disgraced for feeling afraid. In Georgia, a Black man was murdered by two White hoodlums---this grabbed national headlines even though White murder victims are rarely noted. 

   In Minneapolis this week, a Black man died in police custody under very suspicious circumstances. Suddenly, none of the rent-a-mobs who stayed silent while their creepy governor, Tim Walz, suspended Civil Liberties for nearly two months erupted into well-organized outrage; helping speed the destruction of many businesses which had only been open for a week. 

  If something about all of this sudden focus on Racism dovetailing with the faux-reopening sounds suspicious: it should. Look at the difference in Media coverage between the anti-lockdown protests and the Minneapolis Riots. The former were depicted as Right-Wing extremists endangering public safety and the latter are depicted as justifiably angry. And the Media been pumping out fake news about rising COVID numbers recently as well---especially in States moving towards 'reopening.' If one suspects---as I do---that a 'Second Outbreak' is being planned as we speak---these events certainly seem calculated to prime the NPCs for it. 

  Here the peaceful protesters, less than an hour ago are burning down a police station. Last night, the brave souls wiped out an Auto Zone, taking a few hundred people's livelihoods with it.

  A Target store was looted yesterday afternoon, I'm sure that Governor Walz appreciates that the looters seem to be wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

This morning a cutie-pie at WCCO displayed a burned apartment complex:

(OK, there had to be one bright spot in the whole gloomy scenario 😉)

   Another interesting thing is that we've seen more than one occasion lately where people have been beaten up for not wearing masks, or otherwise opposing lockdowns. Only a month ago, a Black man was hauled off a public bus and beaten by White Philadelphia cops for not wearing a mask and there were no riots. I wonder what Rosa Parks would say?

   In Birmingham three weeks ago, a cop brutally slammed a Black woman to the floor for refusing to wear a mask in a public store. Where were the demonstrators then? Just two days ago, a woman without a mask was harassed and driven out of a Staten Island grocery store by maddened shoppers. Where are all the pink-hatted femihags who tear out into the streets on the slightest pretext?

  So, yes, it appears that these riots are orchestrated. And in Minneapolis, it seems that the police have made little effort to stop these events, which ought to send up more red-flags to critical thinkers. We'll see how it plays out, but this event ought to be viewed with a lot of skepticism. 


  1. About the woman walking her dog. I've seen that video. She looks like the agressor in that incident to me.

    Also, if you watch it, look how she treats the dog.

    She struck me as being above any criticism. The man was bird watching, and her dog was scaring the birds. He asked her to leash her dog, and she went rabid on him.

  2. I was surprised (and encouraged!) to see that the Sheriffs in a few CA counties - including Riverside, where I live! - have refused to enforce Newsom's insane and unconstitutional lockdown orders! To be frank, I have part-time work as an independent contractor and also as an essential worker (sanitizing in various grocery stores, augmenting their own work force), so I have not felt ALL the negative effects of this draconian lockdown (thank God!); but I also don't read the local papers or watch TV news, so I was really unaware that the Sheriff in OUR county was (or seems to be!) so enlightened!! YEA!