Sunday, May 3, 2020


   Things aren't going well for the States in rebellion against the Constitution. This is usually the case with Left-Wing authoritarian regimes. It doesn't take long for them to descend into poverty and chaos. 

   As President Trump's May 1st deadline came and went, there have been stories from all over the country of businesses reopening and the Commissars impotent to stop them. There have been a growing number of brave and patriotic Sheriffs and local officials defying their respective regimes. In Arizona, the Sheriffs of Pinal, Mohave, Gila, and Cochise Counties have stopped enforcing RINO Governor Ducey's illegal orders. In Washington State, Franklin County Sheriff J.D. Raymond joined Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney in standing up to the maniacal Jay Inslee. These two counties contain about 1/5 of the State's population. 

   In California, Yuba, Modoc, and Sutter County Executives nullified the Bolshevist Governor Newsom's mandates and are opening businesses again. The El Dorado County Sheriff has announced that he will no longer enforce Newsom's 'Emergency Orders.' 

  These men should all be applauded as heroes; but the swine in the Media are working desperately to turn the momentum back to the COVID Insurgents. The Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post recently ran a snotty op-ed  by some angry Feminist complaining about these Sheriffs. The author, one Zoe Nemerever, teaches 'Political Science' at the UC-San Diego: one of the institutions of higher learning implicated in the recent Admissions Scandal. 

  Zoe Nemerever is a typical example of how a Swamp-Creature evolves. Born into one of the richest suburbs of Seattle, Miss Zoe has spent most of her adult life in political activism of one sort or another. Her first foray into the System was working as an Intern at the National Abortion Rights League (NARAL) while still in High School. In her 3rd year of college, she interned at the Soros-funded Human Rights Campaign in Washington DC. Another Summer later, she interned for Whacko Left-Wing Democrat Congresswoman Susan Davis. And, upon entering Graduate School, she worked on the UCSD Staff of Students for Barack Obama. Today she's a PhD Candidate and already publishing articles for The Washington Post. So, we can all assume that it's rather unlikely that anything she writes will contradict the Elites' Politically-Correct narrative. 

   In a way, I actually feel sorry for young women like this. She's been groomed almost since puberty to be an 'insider.' She's grown up entirely in a world of making the right connections, knowing the right people, going to the right schools, and knowing how to pull the right strings. She's never really seen Reality. 

   In contrast, a man like Sheriff Fortney whom she looks down upon, is risking his position by standing up to a very mentally unstable Governor and his fanatical and vicious Attorney-General. That's reality---where Principle is tried in the fire of Crisis. Also reality is the Narcotics Epidemic. Just before the COVID 'Crisis' Sheriff Fortney led a sweep through a dope-infested section of Snohomish County: picking off over 50 criminal scum and taking several pounds of Meth, Cocaine, and Opioids off the street. At the same time, six addicts who were found during the sweep were assisted by Fortney's men into Drug Rehabilitation Facilities. 

  Meanwhile, drug overdose deaths have surged nationwide 15% since the fake 'Crisis' tied up valuable resources to deal with the millions of deaths that the Elites assured us were impending. Men like Fortney understand this, because they've seen firsthand where social policies like those advocated by the UCSD Political Science Department actually lead. And, unlike these Elites, they actually do something about it. 

  But the Whacko Left Wing will hear nothing of this. They're writing the script to portray anyone who opposes their power-grabs as Right-Wing extremists. Most of this is all fake news. Note the 'Shutterstock' imprint on this photo, which yesterday was circulated throughout the MSM as a real photo from a North Carolina protest:

   In other words, it's just a photo that some Media Jackal bought from a stock-image firm---taken from Heaven-knows-where---and palmed it off on the public as genuine. In a similar vein are photos like this one:

  Described in the Associated Press as "members of a Michigan Militia." Yet, we're not told who these people are, what organization they belong to---nothing. They're just like those supposed nurses blocking protests in previous photos: they pop up out of nowhere and vanish into thin air again. None of this actually surprising any more. Conservatives shouldn't allow themselves to get distracted by spectacles like these; because the probability is that it's being faked anyway. 

  The Left is resorting to these desperate tactics now, because they realize that people are seeing through their lies---and that there's a good chance that many of them will be held to account for their crimes. We need to push even harder now to regain our liberties. 



  1. Wow... they pop out of nowhere, then vanish into thin air.

    Who are these people...

    As usual, the media does not investigate, they merely exploit occurrences to enforce a narrative.

    1. A few posts back, I posted a story from Twitter where some girl caught the Media faking one of the nurses' counter-protests red-handed. These Militia guys could just be fakes too. The rifle the guy has in the second picture is a brand-new H&K model with some add-ons. They retail for about $7,000 out-of-the-box. It just seems a little peculiar that all of these Militia guys are carrying such expensive equipment---you know, like the guns they use in Hollywood movies?

    2. Damn. You have a keen eye.

      I am going to start picking apart these people more too.

      Something very off about all this.

      Did you hear the report that there are 21 million fewer cell phones in use in China - implying that 21 million people died in china?

  2. Keep on keeping on, NW!! Your posts are riveting, disturbing - but also inspiring! I'm pledged to fight this Left-Wing/Communist scourge with my last breath!!